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Lack of information, and hidden fees when signed up
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LOS ANGELES,CA, CALIFORNIA -- When me and my boyfriend wanted to try the "free 7 days trial" we were told we can cancel it anytime if after 7 days we decided not to keep it. So due to busy schedule we cancel the membership, and ** (the guy I did the paper work with) said he's going to put our membership on hold for three months and when we're more comfortable with our schedule we can always call back in August to let them know if I want to continue or not, we can cancel anytime without any obligation. I thought that was a good plan. Later I found out I'm being charged $7 a month for every month my membership is on hold. I didn't care it was only $7.

Then in beginning of July my back statement said I was being charged by Gold's Gym and so did my boyfriend's. We tried to call and speak to Henry but the receptionist kept saying we have to come in for that. I was disappointed in them for false information and trust with my credit card, and that is the main reason of me really wanted to cancel at this point. So we went to the gym to cancel the membership and Henry didn't know what to do the manager just told him to put us on the 30 days notice so we won't get charged. And so I let the charge of July go through, didn't want to argue with them since I can't get the money back anyway.

So thought everything was settled and before leaving we asked them "So we're not going to be charged anymore after this month?" and we were told NO. Now this month is August my bank statement said me and my boyfriend are being charged again. I called them and all the manager said was I can't tell who's telling the truth who's not, I can only according to paper work, and here it says your last due date is 08/01. WHAT THE EFF is that?? This is the reason why I would NEVER come back to ANY of their gyms, and would make sure everyone I know who wants to go to the gym hear this story.

And after all what I hate the most about this place is their way of telling us about the membership, the way they work, their communication with their clients. I don't know what to call these people, liars, not honest enough, or not trustworthy ????? But if you think you're getting some type of deal, discount, or anything sounds good to your ears, IT'S NOT!!! Double check, triple check, Please for your own good. I am a victim and this is a true story of my first GG's experience and I am above PISSED!!!

Bad Service
By -

MISSOULA, MONTANTA -- I have been a member of different Gold's Gym locations for about twelve years and in my opinion I have never dealt with a more incompetent group of people than management and ownership at the Missoula, Montana location. I cancelled my membership in October giving thirty days notice to the manager in writing. Apparently that notice was lost as my membership was not cancelled even though I had opened a new membership at a different Gold's in another state.

So I realized I was being charged for two different gyms and called the manager. I explained the situation and she said she didn't know anything about me giving notice. I told her I gave it to the other manager and that perhaps he had misplaced it. I asked to speak to the owner and was told he would call me. She also said she would cancel my membership and I asked her to send me notification of cancellation to my e-mail which she agreed to do.

Two weeks later I still hadn't heard back from her. No e-mail confirmation, no call from the owner and no call back from her despite leaving two voicemails at her office number. I finally got a hold of her only to be told that she lost my e-mail address and she was just waiting for me to call back (despite leaving my hone number on the two voicemails. She went on to say that were not going to refund my overcharges and that I should feel lucky that they cancelled my membership without notice (again, I had given notice back in October). She also told me that I would never see a cent and then hung up on me.

As mentioned earlier I have been a member of Golds Gym for a long time and I have never been treated like this. I was not surprised when I googled Gold's Gym Missoula for user reviews and found out all the reviews were really bad and that all had the same complaints about billing practices.

I have never had an experience like this with any Gold's Gym or other gym for that matter. I travel a lot and have used gyms all over North America and this is by far the worst I have ever dealt with. I would strongly suggest to anyone looking for a gym in Missoula, Montana that in my opinion, they should look at the YMCA or any other gym and save yourself a tremendous amount of unnecessary grief and stress.

By -

NEED TO READ THIS. I am an employee of Golds so let me help you understand. Golds is an OK place to work while going to school but if you are looking for a career go elsewhere. BILLING seems to be a big complaint on here so let me tell you why all of you are getting know where when changing credit cards. Some of the employee like the front desk and management get a bonus for collecting money that is past dues.

So do you really like they are in a hurry to fix your credit card? The only person in the gym making any money is the GM and the sales staff. The Operations Manager, the front desk and the kids club employee could all be on welfare. While the GM and the Sales staff are racking in the money some making 100,000 dollars a year the Operations manager and the other staff is making min wage or just a little higher. So, of course they are trying to pick up a little extra any time they can.

As to cancelling your memberships let me explain why you are having a hard time. When a gym has x amount of people ending their memberships the GM loses part of his bonus. So, of course they will drag it out as long as possible. Do not get upset at the Front Desk employees or the Operations manager for trying to make a little more money after all they have kids to feed. If you want to get pissed get pissed at the GM or Golds corp.

After all those are the ones that not only screw over there employees but they are the ones that have caused this problems. You cannot crap on your employees and expect them to be full of smiles everyday and pass up on being able to feed there kids.

To Everyone Who Hates Gold's Gym!
By -

CEDAR CITY, UTAH -- This message is to everyone who is totally against Gold's Gym. There are SO many people out there who complain about Gold's and how they "screw people over". People walk into the gym with this idea in their heads that they are sort of interested in joining.

But when the salesman gets to the price, the potential buyer gives every excuse in the book not to make a commitment to develop a healthier lifestyle. They have problems with the contract, and problems with the price. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Fitness is a lifetime commitment anyway! People who are really serious about changing their life and getting serious about their fitness have NO problem committing to a year or two. The people that get mad about it are the ones that are setting themselves up for failure.

To all these people who talk about getting screwed over: Don't sign something you don't read, then blame the person who is doing their job! I talk to SO many people during the day at my job, at the gym, that waste my time. We don't sell memberships. We sell fitness. We sell a healthier lifestyle. Why are people so against this just because us (as salesmen) get a commission as reward for giving someone the opportunity to better their life?!

Have you ever noticed that the people who sign up, use the gym, and get results are the ones that NEVER get "Screwed" by Gold's Gym? It's only the ones who aren't serious about it in the first place. Don't go into the gym semi-interested in joining. Go in there ready to hit it hard; ready to get healthy.

Gold's Gym has been around for over FORTY years. Obviously we're not in the business of screwing people over. We change lives. Flakes and lazy people look for reasons to blame us for their failures. Wake up and make the commitment to do something about your health. And as for the price being too high?? Eighty cents a day is too much?! Twenty Seven dollars a month is too much to prolong your life and get rid of depression, and skeletal problems?

People spend thousands of dollars for a quick fix like a boob job, or a nose job. Yet 27 dollars a day is too much to keep yourself out of the hospital and lower your prescription bills? Ha-ha. I'm just glad that I'm one of the smart ones that knows the importance of working out and keeping fit. My health is worth hundreds and more a month to me. But that's just me. ;-)

Payment Of Services After Contract Ends
By -

OREM, UTAH -- I was hopeful about my experience with Gold's Gym when I first signed my contract. During the 2 years that I had my contract, the gym was accommodating and resourceful regarding the workouts I needed to do. However upon the contracts end, I found that it's easier to run a marathon than to get out clean. When I signed the contract, I specifically asked the representative if there was anything that needed to be done to end the contract properly. He told me that when the time ran out I wouldn't have to do anything, and the contract would end. I found out (in the end) that the contract is “built” to automatically renew, by a 30 day month to month sub contract.

The only way to avoid this is to actually check mark a certain box in the contract before you sign it that states (exactly word for word including bold and caps) “This agreement is NON-RENEWABLE if this box is checked.” Most people looking at this see the non-renewable but don't see the other text.

In not checking the box the contract will auto renew. I also have a “feeling” that the majority of people don't want an automatic renewal when they sign the contract at the beginning otherwise they would just simply sign a longer contract, right? Normally if people want to continue, they'll just simply sign another contract at the end. Unfortunately, that's not the way it's written in gold's gym's contract.

My contract ended Jan 5, 2009. I just got a notice in the mail on March 18th, 2009 (2 and a half months later) that I now owe gold's $298.92 including taxes and fees. My monthly charge was $50.99. I had automatic withdraw, and nothing says in my bank that someone tried to charge my account.

No fees were assessed to or from my bank, no one called me, no one mailed a letter… until March 18th. Now I owe almost three hundred dollars. What's worse, I haven't used their facility since December. I wished I'd known then I wouldn't have been running in the cold, wet & snowy weather during the winter.

Bottom line, the person who wrote the Gold's gym contract did this to manipulate your decision for the future with auto renewal, and with the way that it's written in the contract; very few people will notice it. If you ONLY just sign and date where you need to, be prepared to have a contract that doesn't end, along with your insanity.

Company Response 03/31/2009:

We actually include the AUTO-RENEWAL in an effort to help our members. Most people, if not everyone, aren't ready or don't want to sign a whole new 2 or 3 year contract when their original contract runs out. Instead of saying, "OK, your contract is up - you must either cancel or sign up for another 2 or 3 years," we let the membership roll into a month-to-month status.

The contract itself is one page and the language is as clear as can be. No confusing jargon, no double-talk, no hidden crap. It takes about 15 minutes to completely read and understand it.

We have no reason or impetus to manipulate our members into staying with us. We're the biggest and best gym in the state. We try to put out an incredible product and hope that people want to stay with us. Most of them do. We have no reason to cajole or trick anyone into retaining a membership with us - that's just poor customer service and flat out wrong.

What the original sales person originally told this customer was exactly right - the contract ended on January 5th, 2009 without this customer needing to do anything. Many, many of our members enjoy the flexibility that the month-to-month option of that the auto-renewal affords them. At any time they can call our corporate office, fax or email a cancellation form, and end their membership. We see it as a great benefit to our members.

Customer Service Unlikely
By -

GILBERT, ARIZONA -- I used to love Gold's Gym... No nonsense type of place to just go work-out and not be bothered or have to wait for machines. NOT ANYMORE! I have been trying to cancel my membership since Oct '08 and am still getting charged. We moved out of state and needed to cancel as the closest Gold's Gym is 45 minutes away from our new location. I spoke with one manager and he said just to call on Nov 18th to cancel and it won't be a problem that we are out of state, and we can fax info and we will not be charged, since it would be exactly one year from the start of our membership.

So I call on November 18th and what do you know... He's no longer there. So I speak to the new GM named Ray and he says "Let me call member services and make sure it can be cancelled. Call me back though because I get busy and forget." I call him back the next day and leave a message. I call him back the day after and leave a message. He finally calls me back and he tells me "Yes it can be cancelled. Fill out this form and send it right back to me and you will only be charged one more month." I say "Fine" and send it over within 15 minutes. He lets me know he received and tells me not to worry it will be taken care of.

So now it is January and I check my statement online and sure enough... There is another charge from Gold's Gym. My husband calls this time and he is told that our year is up in June and we will be charged until then! Are you kidding me??? Can no one do their job? So now I am disputing the charges. My husband is calling member services because they apparently don't know what to do and letting everyone know to not use this gym!! I looked on their website and there is no information for anyone higher up and you can only fill out a form with your concerns/comments... This is asinine!

Rude Staff/Unethical Behavior
By -

I have a few issues with Gold's Gym.... One is that if your card is not valid for any reason, Gold's will not tell you. For example, my bank canceled my card and issued me a new one weeks later due to fraud alert. I was not notified by the bank until weeks later. When I went in to use Gold's gym, I swiped my card and was allowed in. This was the time at which Gold's should have notified me that my payment was not up to date.

Instead, they sent me a threatening and rude letter from a credit bureau that I was to pay plus a penalty for missing a payment. Gold's tried to ruin my credit and collect unauthorized fees when all they would have had to have done is alerted me when I swiped my card and allowed me to enter a new credit card on the spot.

2) Rude receptionists. I was gratified to read all of these reviews about Gold's as I thought I was reading too much into their rude behavior. I don't know what it is but there is something terribly narcissistic about the staff there. Usually in such establishments, the receptionists are polite and friendly, but at Gold's they are narcissists. I noticed, for example, that if you say "hello" to them they will not even look up, but will grunt some response and then ignore you in the gym as if they think you "want" them by virtue of a greeting. They are so offended at being acknowledged by another.

However, if you ignore the receptionists and walk right past them, they will fall all over themselves greeting you as they can't believe you wouldn't want anything to do with them. They want fawning adulation. They have a jock mentality but are really jokes. They think they are God's gift, but hello, YOU WORK AT A GYM! YOU ARE A RECEPTIONIST! Not exactly a job which requires much skill, training, or background. Any meathead off the street could do it.

I hate Gold's because of the terrible customer service and the poor social skills of its staff. They are rude and act as though going out of their way to deal with patrons is beneath them. It's nice to know other people feel this way too... I won't take it personally anymore... And will go in, work out, and leave, dismissing the dolts who populate that place.

How They Operate
By -

When joining a health club, always question all the "facts" the salesperson relays to you and review all the paperwork placed in front of you. It is best to do your homework before you go. Review the company's website completely. Look for membership specials, locations, amenities. Type the company's name plus the words "sucks" into your search engine and see what comes up. You don't want to be shocked when you get there. Chances are if you do all this before you show up you will know more about the company than the salesperson.

For the most part, health club sales people are poorly trained and know little about what they are selling. You need to do your research. Your benefits from the health club come from your own knowledge of exercise or from working with a personal trainer.

You always have a 3 day right of rescission when joining a health club. So if you decide that you made a poor purchasing decision within your 3 day window go back to the club and cancel. The key to this...make sure you leave with a copy of all cancellation paperwork.

A common health club occurrence -- the rep tells you that he will take care of it and does not. (Remember, most of the time the sales rep and management team is paid off commission. Losing your membership is money out of their pocket. This provides an attractive reason NOT to cancel your membership.) Or you file the paperwork and it gets lost. If you do not have a copy of it, you will continue to pay for the length of the contract.

Websites have shown to be a great tool in remedying problems with companies. For instance, Comcast is now monitoring to improve their extremely POOR customer service. It is a shame that the company must do so this way, but consumers found that this was the only way to get through to the company -- through bashing the company on a public forum. The Website Forum method (such as this) and contacting the Better Business Bureau have shown good results. To place yourself in front of the health club industry join and let your voice be heard.

File a complaint with the BBB
By -

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA -- Summary Line: I was misled into a year membership contract after a 1 week gym trial. They said they needed my credit card number to charge $1 for the trial period Complaint. Description: Please review the following paperwork disputing my charges with Gold Gym. The sales people clearly mislead me into a contract when I was only joining for a 1 WEEK free trial at the cost of $1 on this account and then automatically signed me into a year contract, re-billing my account monthly for $49.99 for a YEAR membership.

At the time I worked in Hollywood and was looking for a corporate membership deal for my employees at Cerrell Associates, I did not want a personal membership as I do not live near that gym. My employees were given the opportunity to check out the gym and I was told if I got 5 or more employees to join the cost to each employee would be a $25 monthly fee. As the employees went to the gym to check it out and join, they were told that the monthly fee would be put on MY PERSONAL credit card, and that was not the deal I agreed to. I was totally mislead and treated with complete disrespect and rude behavior by the sales people and manager.

Resolution Sought: I would like to officially cancel my account so that I DO NOT receive any additional monthly charges for this gym. They clearly mislead me into a contract when I was only joining for a 1 WEEK free trial at the cost of $1 on this account and then automatically signed me into a year contract, re-billing my account monthly for $49.99 from January 1st - April 1st for a total a total of $175.43 charges that I would like to be issued credit for. If I am locked into the year membership $599.88.

By -

KILLEEN, TEXAS -- My husband and I came in feb 06 to sign up for membership. The first thing we asked if my husband was to get orders to deploy or pcs will this affect our contract. They stated it won't be a problem bring the orders in from the army. They put me as primary person knowing I don't have a job and I was a full-time student. They also stated it does not matter they will freeze the acct with the orders. That day came when my husband got deployed to Irag I brought in the order on 12/28/06. The person who took my orders stated it will take 30 days to freeze it for free. Gold's gym took out the money when my acct was supposed to freeze and customer service stated they never received any orders from the killeen business. I called again after talking to the manager in killeen about the situation then they changed the story stating it was deny due to me being the primary person on it. The orders does not pertain to us because my son and I did not get orders to go to Irag only my husband and since he was an add on they can't freeze my acct. When a customer service representative called me back and stated she is willing to do me a favor since my contract won't be until feb of 08 she will break the contract. Killeen manager stated to her they only sell 1 year contract and what was on the screen is not right. I requested to get a copy of my original contract but they stated it will take a few weeks for me to get it. They also mentioned that since the order don't pertain to me they can freeze my acct for $10.00 a month and have to pay for it up front. I believe they are taking advantage of our military people saying one thing to get us into a contract then when duty calls they back off. I am tired of business here in killeen taking advantage of our military families and especially when your spouses gets deployed.

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