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Misleading Sales Agents....
Posted by Wootang on 11/05/2004
TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA -- Exact Same thing happened to me.

I went with a friend. I specifically said I didn't want to be in a contract. The girl said sure, No Problem. Then handed me a contract to sign. The way she sold the deal, I could quit anytime with a 30 day notice. Turns out there is a $50 fee to terminate and you have to provide written proof you are moving. This is a misleading business practice and borderlines on fraud. Stay Clear of any gym that wants to trick you. And if you ask for no contract, and they say you have to sign one. Read it carefully. Beware battling them though for payments owed. You may get your credit rating ruined over a gym contract.

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Posted by Notenufftoyz4u on 2004-11-09:
You stated that you didnt want to be in a contract then why did you sign one? You signed it-you owe the money-end of discussion.
Posted by coimbfs on 2005-10-16:
ah!!! The same thing happened to me at a Gold's Gym in Alabama. They told me I could cancel at any time, just pay the $50 fee. They forgot to tell me that I have to proof that I had medical conditions or that I was relocating... It's awful how they do it. I thought it was only the way the Alabama branch did business. It looks like, however, it is a common practice in all Gold's Gym.
Posted by mama3385 on 2006-09-24:
I had the same problem when my husband and I moved from utah to texas. I called the gym company and they gave me the run around. I complained to the Better Business Burea and the company said they were not going to do anything. so I called my prepaid legal lawyer and the lawyer sent them a letter threatning to sue and the gym company refunded my money,apologized and canceled my membership in good standing. If you need some help go to this website. www.prepaidlegal.com/hub/jasondickens.
Posted by mama3385 on 2006-09-24:
Correction on webpage www.prepaidlegal.com/hub/jasondickens
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Lack of continuity
Posted by Why688 on 05/27/2006
KENNESAW, GEORGIA -- I go (or rather used to go) to Gold's in Kennesaw because it's a mile from my house. The facility is hot with broken equipment and now features no music on the weekends. It's wierd to me that when I go to this same gym any other week day the Gold's Gym channel music is on the speakers, but for the last three weekends the only music comes from a single t.v. that's hanging fifteen feet off the floor.
Today when I brought this to their attention I received little info or help. Of course they (one male and one female) had no idea why the music doesnt work on weekends so I asked for a corporate phone number. THEY WOULDN'T GIVE ME ONE. The female said that she would put my request on the maintenance log, and if I wanted to talk to someone that I should come back Monday when the G.M. Steven is in.
According to those two, this location is the corporate headquarters. What corp. H.Q. has broken a treadmill and three broken elliptical machines for a month? And now this gym features no music and poor quality employees on weekends.
To me that's exactly like going to another nationally recognized business and getting poor service.
If you went to a McDonalds ,for example, and had an employee tell you that the shake machine doesn't work on weekends but she would be happy to put your request on the maintenance log, what would you do?
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Posted by Doc J on 2006-05-28:
Egads, no music? "Ipod" or headphone radio. Treadmill broken? Run in the great outdoors. Poor quality trainers? Team up with a fitness buddy or buddies. Works well for the Marines at their "corporate headquarters" at MCRD Parris Island. Seriously, fitness clubs garner tons of complaints.
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Poor Mgmt Practices at Gold's Gym, Needham Mass.
Posted by Eastie on 01/24/2005
NEEDHAM, MASSACHUSETTS -- I was a member for a few years at the Gold's Gym franchise located in Needham, Mass. I went to the gym faithfully, and enjoyed working out there. I'm one of those who just went into the gym, worked my butt off in a workout, minded my own business, then left to go about my day. I'd been a member for years already when one day one of the people who manages the front surprised me by coming up to me. His attitude was cagey and evasive, and he said some unnamed person had complained about a "smelly t-shirt" I'd been wearing at some point one day. Thinking it bizarre and harmless, I nodded and went about my business, and he didn't speak to me again. I didn't think much of it because I shower every day and always wear fresh workout clothes to every workout. Also, I'd maintained the same level of hygiene as I'd always had, for years to that point, and no one had ever said anything to me before. Anyway, a few months go by. Then, one Monday morning last year, before work, I'm in their yoga room by myself doing a yoga workout. During my time in there, no one came in, I was totally alone. I estimate I was in there 7:45 to 8:15 or 8:20am, with the next class not scheduled until 9:00. I left, showered, and went off to work, not thinking anything of it.

The next day, I head in for a workout in the afternoon. One of the kids at the front desk stops me for a moment. I should say that though I'd had only a little interaction with him, I admit I didn't care for him too much, and I felt that something about me rubbed him the wrong way, though I've no idea what. He stops me and tells me, a paying customer, that I can no longer use the yoga room. I ask why not; his reply, in front of people at the front desk was, "the stench". He then told me that the previous day, the 9:00 yoga class had to move their class outside due to the odor I'd allegedly left behind when doing my yoga workout.

I'd thought about this. I'd always maintained the same level of hygiene, and had never had a problem at all. Why all of a sudden? And, I've been around my share of people who smelled quite bad, as we all have, I'm sure. To smell up a room so bad that people can't stand to be in there 40-45 minutes after you've left, you've really, really got to have poor hygiene, as in not washing for a month or so. If my hygiene really were that bad, I couldn't function at my job or in society! I thought about it, and decided that if that was the reputation I was getting, deserved or not, I could no longer pay to go to that gym. I can only think that the yoga room were so unclean that any small amount of body odor that I or anyone else had, got trapped in the filth in the room and got magnified. I'll also reiterate that no one was in the room when I worked out in there, and no one even poked their head in while I was there. How were they so sure it was me?

The next night, I went to the gym, canceled my membership, and went straight to another gym. I've been a member there for months now, the people are a lot friendlier and I've even taken some classes and taken up a great yoga practice there. I sweat quite a bit, as does everyone else, and absolutely no one has said anything to me. I've maintained the same hygiene levels as always. I can only think that I rubbed someone the wrong way at Gold's, though Lord knows how, and they cooked up some bizarre thing to get rid of me.

Another thing about Gold's---in the few months before I left, they actually came out with a rule banning nudity around the locker room!! Good luck enforcing that one! What's that about? And these of course were same-gender locker rooms.

Overall, I found most of the staff (there were a couple good ones) growing colder not just to me but to other clientele. They for some reason seemed quite stuck-up, and condescending. The place just seemed....like it had gotten weird, like I and some others there weren't good enough for some reason. I'd never felt that way at any gym I'd been to, I always just worked out, went about my business quietly and that was it. No problems. This place, I don't know what got into them. I didn't bother saying anything to the management there, because I knew they'd back up their employees, I was only one member, and who could maintain a straight face while talking about something so bizarre and embarrassing, whether true or not? Anyway, I don't know if other Gold's franchises are like this, but I'd recommend not joining the Gold's in Needham and instead seeking alternate gym arrangements.
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Posted by speedy06 on 2005-01-24:
It is sad that you were treated in such a horrible manner. Just from reading your post, you seem like a nice person, who did not deserve this abuse. As you said, probably underlying personality conflicts is the real reason for way in which you were embarrased in front of others. Wish you lots of happiness in your new gym.
Posted by Beefcake on 2006-03-13:
I've worked at a few health clubs in my time. It was always a difficult situation when someone has body odor and the only person that doesn't smell it is the person that has it. We've had members clean out an entire cardio room because they smell so bad and nobody ever says anything to the person because they feel bad. It sounds as if the management tollerated the smell until someone complained too much. I'm not saying it's right but it is difficult to approach someone about their body odor. I have written a few very tasteful letters to members about the problem (no one knew I wrote the letters) and the member didn't come back. It's a touchy subject....it does not excuse the way the situation was handled and I'm not sure how to handle it.
Posted by Eastie on 2006-05-31:
Hi 'Beefcake'...great name! I hear totally what you're saying, and agree. However, assuming I did have that problem, I saw no attempts to handle it in a delicate or even private manner. Honestly the office staff seemed more interested in humiliating me, in front of other customers and staff, rather than addressing the "problem". And I also reiterate, I go to another gym now since that occurred (nearly 2 yrs ago), plus have been to a variety of yoga studios. Especially at the yoga places, I'm in close physical proximity to several people in "hot room" situations. If I truly had a body odor problem, I'm absolutely certain that others would've noticed it and commented to me on it by now. Certainly the yoga instructors I've had would've said something, as class comfort is a top priority, plus they on the whole tend to be a lot better at dealing with people than the (mostly) rude clowns at the Needham Gold's. I can appreciate such a situation being delicate to handle, but again, I didn't even see an attempt at being delicate. As I said in my earlier post, I also witness/overheard situations where staff gossiped and made fun of other members. I absolutely do not need any of that nonsense from people at a gym where I'm paying good money to be a member.
Posted by Beefcake on 2006-07-12:
Eastie....there is no doubt they handled your situation wrong. If you did rub management the wrong way, they could have just refunded your unused portion and left it at that. Why they didn't do that, we'll never know. Most Gold's are independently owned and operated and the owner's are rarely on site. The one I work out at, the owner is always there taking care of any problem that might arise. It's nice to have choices....Good luck with the new club.
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Posted by Trawley on 04/30/2004
Gold's Gym, stole my money by cashing a check for a canceled service/product.

Initially they owed me $1,009.92. Then my bank added NSF charges, and vendors were adding their charges.

They owe me over 1,050.00.

No one returns calls or emails.

Piss poor customer service.

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Posted by ejack053824 on 2004-04-30:
Ummm...ever heard of small claims court? Make it happen!
Posted by wearecruisers on 2004-05-01:
You give them a check and then you get mad at them for cashing it. Have you ever heard of putting a "stop payment" on a check.
Posted by ibecrazy2004 on 2004-05-01:
Sounds like someone is not telling the whole story.
Posted by cableguy on 2004-05-03:
Stop payment is a beautiful thing. It would have cost you 20 bucks and you wouldn't have the hassle......
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Very Upset I Didn't Know That Golds Gym Can Be Involved in My Private Life
Posted by Yasser_sharaf on 07/27/2013
HURGHADA, ARKANSAS -- I am member since 01/01/2013 with member no. 1279.

I love and prefer your gym, its great and I feel good when I am there and its my gym and always recommended to all my friends and relatives and was helping the sales by give them my contact to be all together and I already brought my cousin with me but I found that I can't be there anymore.!!!

My membership for one year and was a payment promotion on three payment times, every three months,, and before the second payment I tried to pay it but I found out the sales department don't want taking and every time they say to me later!! You can play anytime, and then!! The sales manager told me we can't accept you anymore here cause I had private problem with one of my neighbor and we went to to make police report with her and the problem with totally outside the Gym and Gold`s gym was not involved at all in this problem!!

But the sales manager and his name Amr [snip] refused to renew my membership and the reason that problem & the second party in the problem asked him to do that & in same time she still a member in Gold`s Gym!!!

I was so wondering why gold`s Gym involved in that problem!?
And how come any member can control who can be a member and who not!

I am really upset from the manager attitude and the branch policy.

I was believe your company so professional and have rules and one policy in all over the world, not every branch running the branch by their rules, or friendship too.!

So I still waiting the manager call since few days till now and no answer from his side, so I want to know I have to find new Gym!?? cause there is many gym and they are good competitor and less money.

yasser Sharaf
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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-07-27:
This was written by an attorney? I would really like to see all the facts from both sides. This looks like a great story.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-07-28:
As an proclaimed attorney, I assume you can identify whether any discrimination or other action outside the terms and service occurred, and act accordindly. Identifying yourself as an attorney will simply put Gold's on notice that you may be filing some kind of legal action.
Posted by CU on 2013-07-28:
If someone else can make any sense out of this, please publish a comment explaining the post.
Posted by BigAl on 2013-07-28:
CU> What we have here is one side of a story. This is my take: The Op had a confrontation with his neighbor that had some form of violence associated with it. It seems the neighbor is a female and the OP a male. The police were involved. The neighbor who was a member of Golds Gym was upset that the OP was now a member of the gym and voiced her concern with being around the OP while at Golds. Golds decided that they rather have the neighbor as a member than the OP. The OP feels that whatever happens outside the gym should have no influence on their decision. My take on this may be totally wrong but I bet it is close. To answer the OPs question ( "I have to find new gym?") Yes you do.
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Cancellation Fee
Posted by Shif_12345 on 07/05/2013
MOORHEAD CITY, NORTH CAROLINA -- My wife had joined Gold's Gym in the beginning of the year, but for one reason or another quit going. After four months of non-use and a $35 monthly charge I asked her to cancel her membership because we were paying for a service that she had not used for many months. My surprise was that there was a $200 cancellation fee! So for a service I had just paid $140 to not use, I was asked to pay an additional $200 to not use it again. I explained my position to the person I was told had the authority to waive the cancellation fee, he simply stated that he was unable to and did not have the authority to do so, and that he knew of no one who had the authority to waive the fee. Any business has the ability to waive a contract and I found the lack of empathy and inept customer service to be poor. I explained any future membership for any member of my family would be unlikely due to this poor customer service--he said that was unfortunate.

I would recommend staying away from a membership especially if you are joining as a "New Year's Resolution" because it will be costly to quit--they expect a 3 year contract to be signed with a $200 cancellation fee if New Year's doesn't quite go the way you want it to.
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Posted by jonthethird on 2013-07-06:
Did you read the agreement before signing on? If the contract called for a 3 year agreement, then you have agreed to pay for 3 years.
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Over Charging
Posted by Gardianangel on 05/15/2013
I lived out my contract. Paid for it in full. Now they won't let me cancel my contract even tho it has been filled. I have to send them a certified letter and pay a additional three months to stop membership. Can anyone help? This is so wrong.
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Contract Obligation
Posted by Rawhedrex on 11/30/2012
OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- I belonged to a small neighborhood fitness center. One of the members bought it from the original owner several months ago. Equipment began falling into disrepair. Apparently whatever custodial attention it got ended with the new ownership.

On Oct. 31st, there was a notice on the door it was closing immediately and the membership list had been sold to another fitness business.
I received a phone call today from the other center telling me I owed two months fees; for Nov. and due to a "notice of termination" period, Dec. This center claimed I had been notified by surface or email. I do not open junk email and I am absolutely certain I received no notification in my by-name mail. I do not open unsolicited surface mail, so if I did receive notice by surface mail, it went to the trash.
My question is if I am obligated to give notification of termination within a specified amount of time, isn't the first fitness center obligated legally to extend the same courtesy to me?

Am I obligated to honor such a contract if my name was given to another fitness center without my permission or prior notification?

I paid the fees today. I am filing complaints with the state attorney general's and Better Business Bureau's offices and I have contacted a local television station's consumer action reporter.

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Posted by madconsumer on 2012-12-01:
read thru your contract, and find the section, or lack of section, that outlines how the contract can be sold to another group. if it lacks the clause, i say fight it, and call a lawyer.
Posted by leet60 on 2012-12-01:
It will depend largely on the terms of your original contract agreement. If it is specified that they are allowed to sell the agreement to another company then the charges are valid. Additionally, you should review the terms carefully for the method of notification you agreed to for such a sale to determine if they followed those caveats.
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Golds Gym- Deceptive Practices
Posted by Sinastis on 05/14/2012
MAGNOLIA, TEXAS -- Just wanted everyone to know what problems we are having with Gold’s Gym, so it doesn’t happen to anyone else. I am just going to say beware of Golds Gym. We are signed up in Conroe, TX. So anyway we were happy with the Gym after signing up. Then my wife suggested I sign up with a personal trainer. So I talked to their personal trainer. I told him I would like to sign up for a month, 2 times a week. I told him I had to wait till my tax return comes. So when my tax return came I talked to him again and he said if I do the 8 sessions I can get it for $320, plus with other fees it would come out to $370. So I did it, we had to go to the computer, he said I needed to sign on the computer pad, to say that I agree with the 8 sessions, another signature to debit the amount, and then lastly my initials saying that the 8 was none refundable. So ok, that’s it I am signed up for 8 sessions, that was on 2/16/2012. So, nothing was said about a contract so I wasn’t thinking anything about it. On 4/18/2012, I checked my March statement, which became available on 4/16/2012. I was charged 320 on 3/16/2012, so then I checked online banking and again charged 320 on 4/16/2012. What the hell. I called up the gym and asked for a manager. I was told he wasn’t there. So I talked with the sales manager. I told him I bought 8 sessions on 2/16/2012, and I was being charged monthly. He told me to wait. So I waited and then he said I signed a contract. I told him NO, I signed up for 8 sessions. He said I signed a contract for 8 sessions a month for a year. I said no I didn’t I was told only 8 sessions and that the personnal trainer had clicked off the reoccurring monthly charges, so I’d only be charged for that month. So, me and my wife went in to Gold’s Gym in Conroe, TX to see if the manager was really there or not. He wasn’t, talked to the same sales manager, and he said the same thing, that I signed up for a year. I again stated I only signed up for month, and that I didn’t have any contract. So, he disappeared and went to the printer. He gave me 2 pieces of paper, it was a contract with my signature. This is the FIRST TIME I ever saw this document. So anyway we left. I called the next day from work, and got their manager. He said I signed a contract but would talk to corporate about it. I got a call the same day from saying that they couldn’t do anything about it because I signed a contract. I told him that the first time I saw a contract or even knew anything about a contract was on 4/18/2012 when we went in on the day we first complained. We requested they called the personal trainer to see what he said. They absolutely refused, saying he no longer works for the company and they can’t contact him. There is something going on when they won’t call the person that signed me up. So, now, I’m going through the BBB, which they are no help. They just relay the email’s between us and them back and forth, that’s it. Everything is at a stand still. So all I can do is warn everyone else. They are cheats and liers. Stay away from GOLDS GYM. CHEATS all CHEATS

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Posted by Cwazychicken on 2012-05-14:
Gyms tend to do this a lot. Did you read the whole contract or just trust their word? always look at everything you sign so they cant sneak things into the contract that you may not be aware of.
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Billing issues
Posted by Buzesanc32 on 10/05/2011
I purchased a trial membership in Gold's Gym, Arlington, VA in March 2008 and paid by credit card. I cancelled the btrial membership in August of 2008 and subsequently credit charges ceased. My last payment to the Gold's Gym was August 25, 2008. I used Gold's Gym facilities 2 times only in March 2008. Sometime in 2010 the relevant credit card expired, no additional charge for Gold's gym appeared before the expiration of the credit card with which I made original payment. on August 2, 2011 I received a letter from Gold's Gym claiming that I owed an additional $32.99 in charges. on August 16, 2011 First Credit services, Inc. sent me a correspondence indicating that I was indebted to Gold's in the amount of $57.99. I contacted Gold's by phone and was told by one Lisa Johnson, a Gold's employee that in fact I owed "hundreds of dollars" and that my payment of $57.99 would not be sufficient to eliminate my "debt". On September 30, 2011 I received a new letter from First Credit Services indicating that I owed Gold's Gym $267.92. All the correspondence actually asked for new credit card information, savings or checking account numbers noting that Gold's had tried to run the charge described in their correspondence of August 2, 2011 through the credit card I had paid my 2008 invoices with. They are aggressive on the collection effort which may or may not be based on some cancellation fee that Gold's gym never invoiced me for. On the other hand since this was a "trial membership" a cancellation fee would be poor business practice. The telephonic claim of much larger additional debt may be a collection scare tactic, an employee mistake, or part of a scam to collect additional charges since 2008. Is a complaint to the Virginia State Police Economic Crimes Unit a consideration? Many people suggested that we should get together for a class action lawsuit.
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Posted by lexophiliac on 2011-10-06:
I would suggest you find out what the cancellation policy in place at the time of your membership was before proceeding with filing a legal complaint against Gold's Gym. If you still have a copy of your contract it should be stated there, or you may be able to find the information on their website. I would also ask Gold's why you had not received any notice regarding the charges in 2008 and are only now being notified in 2011.
Posted by Kris10 on 2011-10-06:
OP, the statute of limitations may have run out if you received no notice of these charges in a timely manner. Check with your local laws to find out.
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