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Rude Sales Clerk
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Rating: 1/51

GOODYEAR, ARIZONA -- Never in all 66 and 67 years have I encountered a sales clerk with such a condescending attitude. Totally rude in his response to our wishes and enunciated every word as if we didn't understand him the first time. I would have thought it was our ages, but the clerk was older than us!! Resenting giving ANY stars. Zero is more like it. I will NEVER darken their door again.

A Scam
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- I was sold a hunk of plastic to put into my shoe to help support my arch. I was sold their biggest one first for $200. After a couple days my foot hurt so bad it was worse than before I stopped in. They have a no return policy. But they will sell you a smaller one. I got relief by buying the most expensive $35 shoe insert from Sports Authority. In my opinion the only reason anyone should set foot in the Good Feet store is to see how a thief stays in business.

Run Away From This store...
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Rating: 1/51

NEWTONVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS -- Very, very bad experience. Dealt with the store owner. Very apparent to me he wanted to make a sale and had no interest in what I wanted or what was best for me. Bad-mouthed doctors and podiatrists "they don't know anything about arches". The shoes he was selling me did not fit well...kept going up in size. In the store they felt OK...but when I walked in them for a felt like I was walking in boats. Think wearing your mother's shoes. He threw orthotics in the shoes as I was trying them on. Tried telling him I only wanted the shoes not the orthotics. He said it would make my feet feel so much better. Gave NO instructions on how to use the orthotics.

I read the paper for the hard plastic one but have absolutely NO IDEA what to do with the rubbery ones. I wore the orthotics according to the instructions on the sheet. Day 3 I got a shooting pain from my for through my foot, up my calf and into my hip. I have spent 6 months in physical therapy to successfully 'cure' hip pain. After 3 short days it had returned worse than it was to begin with. I called the store and spoke to the same owner who SOLD me the product. He told me I did not give it enough time to work. Really? I told him I did not want something that hurt me and wanted to return all that I had bought... He told me to come back... I went back, he was not there.

The clerk said he was the only one who could help me but there were no refunds or exchanges. That was the first I had heard it was a final sale. I wound never have bought these if I knew it was a 'final sale'. At no point was I told it was a final sale. The owner said it was printed on my receipt but that was after I had been charged!!! I told the owner that I wanted to return everything for a full refund...he said no I could have a store credit. Why would I want an 850 store credit if I never plan to darken their door again? I have contacted the Massachusetts attorney general's consumer protection department, as well Good Feet corporate offices. Hopefully I can get a refund!!

Yes and No
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Rating: 1/51

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI -- First, the negative: I agree that the sales tactics are inexcusable. If you have a product that works, you don't need to over-charge or try to force people into buying something $1,000 for a piece of plastic. Oh excuse me, 3 pieces of plastic - no! What happened to the days when you asked a client about their needs and budget and showed them something suitable?

Like other reviewers I was pushed and prodded not to leave the store without a purchase. My mistake - I should have walked out but I left with a basic arch support and was charged $220 for it. Pretty sure I could have had one custom made for that price. And I agree, the sales people don't pay attention to what you actually say. How can every patient be treated the same when all our problems are different? He kept asking me as I walked in the supports - doesn't that feel better? No, it just feels weird. I never had pain walking in the first place. My problem was waking at night with painful shin, foot and toe cramps.

Now the positive, and I hope to help others who may have the same problem that I had. Those cramps would wake me at night and be very painful. So, after some googling, I found that drinking plenty of water plus an arch support would help. After two nights in a row of these cramps, I wore my arch support all day and drank enough water. No cramps.

I was thrilled - but my point is, you can get a basic arch support elsewhere cheaper without all the strong-arm sales techniques. I won't ever go to the Good Feet Store again. Shop around and avoid the Good Feet Store. And if you have the same type of cramps that I had - drink lots of water and wear your arch support - but buy it from someone else.

Good Feet = Unethical Practices
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Rating: 1/51

LEXINBGTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I was in a lot of pain and it was still 3 weeks before I could see my orthopedic doctor. I went into the store and was sold 2 pair of inserts plus a pair of black inserts. I was given a schedule on how to use them. After 3 weeks my foot problem was not any better in fact my good foot was now hurting. My doctor said that these were too hard and not to wear them. She said unfortunately Good Feet takes advantage of people and people on fixed incomes spend a lot of money and then cannot return them. She said that she wishes someone would picket them.

The following Saturday, I went into the store and the owner was not there that sold them to me. Another women working there wanted to change the inserts but I said, "no, I want my money back" and that they were hurting me. She took them back and signed my receipt and told me a check would be sent for $211.00 and that was less the $20.00 restocking fee which I agreed to.

A week later the owner called me and said that he was not going to take them back and that they were mutilated. "come in and we will talk." I said no and that I want my money back. My doctor said that they were hurting my feet. "Have her write me a letter," he said. It was within the 30-day return policy. I was angry and was not nice to him on the phone I will admit. Within a week he left a message and said, "I put a check in the mail." When I got the check It was for only half the amount. He said he would not pay me back for the sales tax because it was already paid to the state.

In Massachusetts, it is a state law the sales tax has to be returned if you have a a sales receipt to the customer. I printed off a copy and brought the check and all of my paperwork to him. I showed him the receipt with his sales clerk signature on it along with the amount to be refunded and he asked me, "Who it was?" I said, "you don't even know who your employees are? Do you think I forged this?" "Okay what do I have to do to get rid of you?" I told him I wanted my money back. Please do not solicit this store. Go to CVS and buy their inserts which I have done. They have given me much relief for a fraction of the cost.

My Personal Experience
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Rating: 5/51

CLACKAMAS, OREGON -- I recently started having pretty severe pain in my feet from plantar fasciitis. Out of pain I found myself in The Good Feet store hoping to find some relief. The sales person was very polished at his job and I recognized that I was being pulled in to an expert sales pitch. The entire in store experience felt very choreographed to me. They have a
policy of no refunds. The price tag was shocking at $1000! I asked which of the 3 inserts would be most helpful to me as I could not afford spending $1000 (each insert cost about $300). The skilled sales person insisted I need all 3 to ensure relief.

Out of my pain and desperation I went along with it. I started wearing these things and then went online to read reviews. I saw negative and positive reviews. The negative ones fueled my fear that I had once again been duped
by a salesperson that was more clever than me. I continued wearing them as instructed. They hurt my feet and feel as if 2 balls are pushing on the front of my arches. I continued wearing them anyway. Doubting that these would work. In addition to wearing these I also do exercises to stretch the tendon in my feet.

It has been about 6 weeks and my feet feel about 90% better. These things took time for my feet to adjust to them but for me they work. However, I did not need 3 inserts. I don't even wear one of them. I wear The Strengthener and The Relaxer. In the end I no longer feel I was duped and I have the relief I was seeking when I walked into their store. I am able to increase my hours at work so I can make more money so I can pay for these expensive inserts. It was worth it. For me.

Shoddy product/ shady sales tactics
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Rating: 1/51

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I bought 3 step shoe supports for my bad ankles. I told the sales person I had anterior ankle impingement. She recommended arch supports. The support system cost $600 dollars and they have no returns. I wore inserts as instructed. I was in so much pain I took them off after 6 hours. I called the store but the manager was on vacation. They gave me Columbus OH #.

Called and spoke to Gwen. She explained how I should wear them. Told her I followed instructions. She then said I didn't wear them long enough. After I told her I was seeing my Ortho doctor to see if they were OK to wear, Gwen told me I could get in store credit. Went to store where I purchased. They tried to say I had not worn them correctly, then hadn't worn them long enough. I showed them a note from my doctor. They tried to say that doctors don't always know about these things.

I asked for credit. I asked for manager. Manager was on vacation. Finally they agreed to give me store credit (after 2 staff went in the back room and talked). They told me I would get credit but didn't give me any kind of paper... Receipt, or card with credit. I demanded something in writing. After 15 minutes I finally asked another staff person why it was taking so long to get verification of store credit. Apparently they couldn't find the proper paperwork for this.

I was finally given a sale invoice slip hand written saying I had store credit. Also, they couldn't access my file because the manager was not there. I felt they blamed me for the issues, harassed. It shouldn't take 45 minutes to get store credit and customers should not be made to feel at fault for dissatisfaction with the product.

These Inserts Helped My Disabled Knee/foot
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Rating: 4/51

URBANDALE, IOWA -- I had received a new knee replacement after several major knee cartilage injuries. I lost 20% of my knee extension and despite all the PT there was just no way I would ever physically be right again. I also suffer from major arthritis in my right foot. After receiving a pair of orthotics from my podiatrist, I was still suffering from leg pain and cramps. My knee would go out without warning and down I would go. I'm 56 so not a spring chicken anymore. Well my mom asked me if I had tried the Good Feet store and I told her no but I would certainly check them out.

When I arrived I had a great sales woman who was very knowledgeable and helpful. She told me of the 3 step insert plan, but didn't pressure me to buy all three. I ended up getting the 2 necessary inserts. She even set up a payment plan so I didn't have to pay for them all at once. I have been wearing the inserts since day one. I am a Bio Lab Tech and a Federal employee. Only a few more years to retirement. All I can say is these inserts have strengthened my bad leg and I walk a lot straighter than I used to. When my knee is tired and tries to go out- the inserts regain my balance, catch me and I have not had another fall since I bought them.

So my personal experience has been very positive. Because of these inserts I will be able to keep working until my retirement age at 60. I can't brag enough on how these inserts have been a life saver for me. I won't have to go out on disability at this point and am so happy about that. So thank-you Good Feet for helping me be able to get better on the right leg/foot, and even though the inserts are expensive I would highly recommend others to try them.

I think the most important thing before going into a Good Feet store is to know for sure what type of correction you need. If the staff is not friendly, try another store. In my experience this store and staff are top notch! Thanks Good Feet for helping me to get to retirement, and thanks mom for telling me about Good Feet!!

What They DON'T Tell You
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Rating: 2/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Before you decide arch supports are your answer, look at the heels of your shoes. They tell a story. If your heels wear heavily to the outside, you have a supination issue. A good indication of this is if standing barefoot, your ankle rolls to the outside. You may even have ankle pain instead of foot pain. Pronation is the opposite, where your shoe heels wear to the inside and your ankles roll to the inside.

THE GOOD FEET STORE HAS NO INSOLES THAT ADDRESS THIS! If you have supination and you buy their insoles and it builds the arch up, it aggravates your problem. You're better served by Googling those issues as you may have them and look at what's offered in products to address it. The Good Feet Store employee may even argue about your issue with you. Stick to your guns, they likely have no idea what supination or pronation is.

Note also that if you purchase from The Good Feet Store, your receipt will say "ALL SALES ARE FINAL." My only saving grace was having figured out my supination problem and then confronting them about having no product to address it. Even then, they took a 30% restocking fee.

Their products may do some people some good, but folks, educate yourselves before you make a purchase from them. Also note that their products are seriously expensive for what you get. Consider what the insoles they show you likely cost to produce, and don't be afraid to try to haggle them down.

No Refunds and Incompetent
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Rating: 1/51

KAYSVILLE, UTAH -- I have had a life-long problem with my ankles. They roll inward -- a condition called pronation. After seeing TV ads for Good Feet Stores, I decided to try it out. I went to the store in Kaysville, Utah. A very pleasant young lady made an impression of my feet using an inkpad. As she worked to "diagnose" my problem, I asked what kind of training she had for the job. She replied that "It was mostly on-the-job," and she actually had no professional training.

She finished the footprints and then recommended arch supports. There were two grades to choose from. A LIFETIME guarantee, for $1000. For that price, supports would be replaced for 50% discount if they wore out. The second level was a 30-day guarantee for about $350. Replacement after 30 days would not have a discount.

She was honest, however, and told me there would be no refund if I was not satisfied. However, they would give in-store credit if I was not satisfied. I could use the credit to buy some of their New Balance Shoes. I was dumb enough to pay for the 30-day job. It took only a few hours to realize I had made a BIG mistake. I did return and used my "credit" to purchase a nice pair of shoes for me and another pair for my daughter.

Later, I paid a visit to a podiatrist. He told me my problem was NOT my arches. I needed only moderate arch support, which I could get by going to Walmart and using one of Dr. Scholl's machines. What I really needed was an ANKLE BRACE. My health insurance covered all but a $40 co-pay for the doctor and $35 for the brace.

The doctor also advised that it looked like I would need a brace only on my right ankle. He suggested I try only one of the braces and see what happened. He was right. I now wear a brace only on my right ankle and Dr. Scholl's insole number 410 ($45). I failed to check reviews before visiting the Good Feet Fraud Store. The moral of the story: Do your homework!

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