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Goodyear Viva 2 Tires for Toyota Sienna are dangerous!!!
By -

PISCATAWAY, NEW JERSEY -- I had two new year tires from Walmart of Goodyear Viva 2 brand. I also purchased the road hazard policy from Walmart for accidental damage coverage of Tires. I drove few hundred miles on the tires this month of January 2010. One of the tires blew out due to nail in sidewall of tire and steel lining showing out of treads on the tire. I went back to Walmart and they refused to replace the tire.

They had a ridiculous statement of uneven wear on tire, so they cannot replace the tire even though I had the road insurance policy with Walmart. This was third tire on Goodyear Viva 2 in last two years. The Walmart manager and his two associates ** started arguing with me back and forth on this tire. The tire was of extreme poor quality.

Rip Off Artists
By -

91606, CALIFORNIA -- My friend and I both went to the Goodyear in North Hollywood on Laurel Canyon for some car repairs. She asked for an oil change on her car, and I asked for a battery for mine. They started by telling her that in addition to an oil change, she needs a transmission flush, a brake system flush, a new serpentine belt, a new cabin air filter and 4 new tires. She informed them that she has just had a full 30,000 mile service performed a few months earlier in which the transmission and brake flush were completed, but they continued to insist that it hadn't been done since she purchased the car (It's a 2005 Toyota Matrix with 44,000 miles on it).

Finally, she asked them for pricing. We didn't get very far because they quoted $71.95 for the cabin air filter not including installation costs. I stopped him there asking for an explanation of how an air filter could cost $71.95 and his explanation was, "We use quality parts." I asked him, "Are you serious? It's 16 inches of cardboard." He just stared at me blankly. So, I turned to my friend and said, "We can buy that at Wal Mart for $20." To which he replied, "Maybe you could find it for $40." So, I said, "Okay, fine, lets say it's $40, that's still $32 of mark up. You think that's acceptable?" Again, he just stared at me blankly.

And the cost of the battery? $148.00. I told them to keep it. After telling them to do the oil change (AND NOTHING ELSE) and leaving, we received several phone calls trying to sell us the additional unnecessary services. Meanwhile, we went over to Napa around the corner and picked up the filter for $20 and the battery for $92. These people are rip off artists. They try to sell services that are unnecessary and mark parts up 50% and more.

The Work I Wanted Done Was Not Done And I Paid $798.28
By -

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- I took my car to the Good year on Gratiot Ave. in Detroit on 3-29-07 to check the oil pressure. A guy name ** said that I needed an oil pump and an oil change, "Well", I said, "Fine lets get it done." He said he can do it in about an hour. I said, "Fine, I'll be back to pick up my car when it's done." I say about three days later the oil light was on and the car was still doing the same thing when I took the car in the very first day to get it repaired, and I told ** the guy at the front desk that my truck wasn't fixed and I wanted answers why it wasn't fixed. He told me that he who fix my car was at the doctors office, come back in about another hour, so I said I'll be back.

When I gotten back in that hour the manager was there. I said fine everything is going to be OK. Boy was I wrong. He got so angry cursing and yelling at me and my husband saying the car is fix and we kept telling him it's not fix. So my husband and I said that we need our citizens of Detroit and Michigan to see what people do when the poor is trying to better themselves by getting their car so we can get work for our families so we can try to make it in our GOD'S world, but we have people like these people that I'm reporting taking advantage of people that's trying to get on our feets.

We know that they didn't fix because we have proof from other auto professionals that look at our car saying and pictures they did touch nothing the car is still the same the way we took there. We are so upset because we spent a lot of money for nothing all we want is our money back, because we had to take our car to someone else to get it fix so my husband can go to work to provide for his family, and guess what we told the guy about our problem, he felt real bad about it he recommend that we should go and report to you and Michigan Department of State of Automotive.

I really hope that you guys can really help us solving this matter for me and my family and also help others that's taking their cars there also. We must put a stop to these people that supposed to be professionals but they're not. There are just to abusive people hard working money and their families and they don't care. I would love to talk to you on camera to spread this important message to the citizens of Michigan. Please help us get this message out, we all supposed to be brothers and sisters in GOD'S EYES, so lets start working together and live righteous and this world would be a better place to live. I thank you so much for listening to your viewer of Detroit, please help.

Very Noisy Tires
By -

Purchased vehicle with 21000 miles with Goodyear Fortera hl on it. Noticed very noisy sound from front end when driving slower mph. And really much more on black top pavement. Had the wheel wells undercoated helped some but these tires for being not even half on warranty are not good. Have had them rotated every 3000 miles with oil change hoping to get right mix to eliminate the problem but this does not help. Would not recommend to anyone looking for a tire that is road quite. Also just looking at the tire tread wear for 28000 miles now does not look good either. Will have depth trend check done. Will be sending complaint too Goodyear.

Lied To By Manager About Rebate
By -

LITCHFIELD PARK, ARIZONA -- In doing research on tires for my 2005 Pontiac Vibe, the reports said either Furtuna or Goodyear Tires. The Goodyear Tires had a rebate that implied $80 back per tire if using Goodyear Credit. I confirmed with the manager that the rebate would be $80 per tire for a total of $360. So I went ahead and spent $691 for the tires and the extended warranty expecting the rebate of $360. When I got the rebate check of $80 I called and was told no and was put on terminal hold for a supervisor. The Goodyear store is at Indian School and Dysart in Goodyear AZ. I will never buy a Goodyear tire again because I was lied to directly by one of the managers at the store.

Mom's experience with Goodyear
By -

Mom was advised to get her tires replaced and decided to check out the company that she originally bought them from - Goodyear. I just got off the phone with her... she told me how it went and what happened. She went in and explained that she had been advised to get her tires replaced and that this is where she had bought them from. Now Mom is one for being polite. And that was pretty much how she spoke to the employee who helped her. She was very polite. She even made a point of saying how much she liked the brand and model that they had purchased before.

I'm not sure what the employee originally said to her, but during her wait (it did take some time) he updated her that they were "working on it". What "working on it" meant - that man was going out of his way to get her a good discount. Mom didn't even have to ask him to do this. He went out of his way - including calling higher-ups, to get Mom a good price. The end result: I believe the per-tire price ended up being somewhere between 1/3 to 1/2 off. So Mom got the tires she liked replaced at a really flippin' awesome price. =)

Blow Out on Steer Tire of 43 foot Monaco Executive Motorhome
By -

We had a left from 295 X 22.5 Marathon LHS Steer tire blow out with catastrophic failure of the tire. We picked up as much of the tire fragments as we could find, took pictures of the remaining tire, wheel, fender and other damage, marks in the road and where the marks started and where the motor home came to a rest. We turned all the pieces and copies of the photos into a Goodyear company store along with estimates to repair the damage, etc. The company store then in turn submitted the information to Corporate in Akron, OH.

A short time later we received a call from Goodyear's adjuster, who said they were issuing a check for the costs of the tire replacement and the damage to the motor home. So, I think that we were treated very well. I think that the key is to supply all the information that you can, tire fragments, photos, date codes, proof of purchase date, etc. You can't just say a tire blew out, without the evidence of what took place and expect a company to roll over and pay on just your word: to many people are should we say not on the truthful side, so companies have to follow guide lines to protect themselves.

We had a similar experience with a Bridgestone tire on a car hauler trailer a couple of years previous to to the steer tire failure and followed the same steps and received payment for all the damage to the tire, trailer, etc. If you follow the few steps that we took, I think that you will be paid what you are due. Give the companies information and help in processing your claim for reimbursement!

Goodyear Viva 2 Trash
By -

So Goodyear has done it now, they have hired an overseas company to make their Wal-mart tires. I have first hand experience as that says 3/4 of them are junk. I bought a set of Goodyear's three weeks ago and they have left me stranded 3 different times. They blow out quick as well as vibrate and make a nice whap whap whap sound until they do. Goodyear will not offer a warranty and Wal-mart will not honor theirs all over the country. They will not honor mine yet on the 3rd tire because they think its my driving causing it.

I've got news for them, they are going to have to prove I'm driving in my sleep. Take the tire or have it inserted as a suppository because the Goodyear Viva 2 is the worst tire I have ever seen. I'm going to go in tomorrow and try to get cash back because I won't let them to mount another Chinese junk on my car. Ever.

Wal Mart Goodyear Viva 2 Tires

I drive 50k miles a year doing courier work in 2002 Chevy prizm, have used Goodyear Viva 2's from Wal Mart getting 66k miles out of them with excellent service and only one repairable flat. Also have them on a 2001 Toyota Prius. Much better tire than stock OEM Bridgestones RE92's that would only last 12-16k miles. Goodyear's should go 30-35k+.

Goodyear is a hell
By -

TOPEKA, KANSAS -- Suppose you have or have not a coupon - if you don't have a coupon, their service is inferior to all other places and price much higher. If you do have a coupon, they will hate you and damage at least double the coupon value. Therefore any Goodyear is a hell. Especially the one at here: 420 Southwest Croix Street, Topeka KS 66611
Telephone: 785.266.3862.

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