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Dishonest service
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CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA -- Last Sunday I came downstairs to the parking garage and found I had a flat tire. I removed the flat, and replaced it with the spare. When examining the flat tire, I found a nail in it.

Since I didn't want to drive far on the donut spare, I took it to the nearest tire place which happens to be Goodyear. I should have known not to go there as I've had trouble with this company in the past.

I should note my tires are all in good condition. They are only about 3 years old and have 26,000 miles on them. I get them regularly rotated every 6 months. They have lots of tread left.

When I arrived at Goodyear and asked them to repair the flat, I was told by the manager that my tires were "bad" and they couldn't repair it. When I said that the tires only had 26,000 miles on them and how could they possibly be bad, he pointed to a light scratch on the side of the rubber tire and said it was too damaged to repair, and I'd have to buy new tires.

This man is a liar. I took my tire and went to Sears Auto instead. I specifically asked both the mechanic and manager at Sears if there was anything that would prevent the tire from being repaired. They both responded "No. These tires are in find condition."

Since this is the 2nd negative experience I've had with Goodyear (two different locations), I would highly recommend everyone avoid them if possible!
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Pomona Guy on 07/27/2007:
I used to be a Goodyear customer in Diamond Bar before they sold out to Winston Tires. They treated me pretty well. Now I am a Firestone customer over here. But what I have noticed is that the service will vary from store to store. Everyone needs to find a good place to go (and not just the cheapest place) and stick with them. Good luck and keep going to Sears then.
PLM1973 on 07/27/2007:
Oops. Should be "fine" condition, not "find."
Starlord on 07/27/2007:
We have been dealing with Purcell's Western Tire since we got our minivan from my MIL, because that is where she had it serviced all the time. At first, I was upset because of a misunderstanding. They had us bring the van back (at no charge) and re-ran the diagnostic. The test showed the catalytic converter functioning at a lower level that normal, but no indication of any other problem. We were told to drive it until it got worse, because just replacing about a $1,000 converter system would not reveal what was causing the problem, and it would probably have to be replaced again, PLUS whatever was causing the problem. I agree that the service will vary from one location to another, and even from one employee to another. If your Goodyear dealer is part of a chain, like Purcell's, then you have two points of contact to make a complaint, and that is the corporate offices of Goodyear and the chain's offices. Good luck. I was a tire man at one time, and would never tell anyone their tires needed replaced unless they really did, and a small scratch on a sidewall does not qualify.
JC on 06/13/2011:
Tires ran for an extended period of tire under inflated should not be repaired. As for going to Sears, did they replace the tire?

I guess not since you did not mention it in your post.
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Avoid this place!
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WOODBURY, MINNESOTA -- Avoid this place!
On a wheel rotation service they broke the hub-caps, loosened a front fender cover which scraped the tire causing me a flat tire the next day. Refused to replace or refund for the damage. Also on a transmission "Solenoid Pack. Pan Gasket and Hoses" replacement they estimated it at $700-$800. I went with the Chrysler Dealer and it cost me $ 332 ($418-468 difference!).
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poppapia on 03/06/2007:
At last, a consumer who actually shopped around to find a better deal! Kudos to you for saving a significant amount of money.
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Not backing their product
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LONDON, OHIO -- I had an oil change 6 weeks ago. Driving down the road, oil light comes on, car dies. Call a tow truck. The driver says " Look the seal on your oil filter is on the outside of the filter'. Honda informs me it's not covered in my warranty I should contact Goodyear. Goodyear informs me it's not their problem. The repair on my car is going to be over $9,000. Who's fault is it ?
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adzidek on 02/22/2007:
Whoever did the oil change is at fault. Take pictures and a statement from the tow driver. Get a written quote from a reputable repair shop. Document EVERYTHING. The next few weeks will be unpleasant for you, but if you take the necessary precautions, you'll blow 'em out of the water in small claims.
Sparticus on 02/22/2007:
Going to have to agree with adzidek. The dealer is not responsible for poor maintenance done by a 3rd party. This is partly why I always go back to my dealer for any maintenance, even if it costs a few bucks more. You may want to seek some legal assistance/advice... this is a costly repair. Might be worth spending a few hundred on a lawyer.
*Brenda* on 02/22/2007:
So, Goodyear was the one who did the oil change? And they put the seal on wrong? It's their fault then! Yeah, I would say at least get one of those free consultations with a lawyer because the small claims limit in Ohio is $3,000.00.

What was Goodyear's excuse for putting the ring on wrong?
Anonymous on 02/22/2007:
Regardless of who is to blame I would like to know why it will cost $9,000 to repair. A new engine certainly isn't going to cost that much. Did you mean $900?
MRM on 02/22/2007:
I love changing my own car oil and oil filter knowing that everything has been done correctly. I own a 1988 Jeep Cherokee for 20 years now and the engine still purrrs like a kitten.
Anonymous on 02/22/2007:
Without a doubt, Goodyear has the liability here.
Anonymous on 02/22/2007:
Regardless, it's going to be tough to prove and get anything out of them.
Anonymous on 02/22/2007:
I agree with PWP. After driving for six weeks after the change it's going to be very tough to prove in court.
Anonymous on 02/23/2007:
Actually it is very easy to prove.
Anonymous on 02/23/2007:
I agree with dealerdirect it will be very easy to prove and I wish you the best. Don't let them get away with it!
PF Jr. on 03/06/2007:
Update. Acura 2003. When you call 'roadside service' they have 'their' tow truck pick the car up. I never dreamed I'd have to take pictures of an oil filter. It states in my warranty that minor things can be done by an outside service. Oh no they can't ! I was also promised a loaner if anythign should happen to my car. I bought the car in Columbus. Roadside towed it to Dayton ( which I had no choice ). Dayton informs me I didn't buy the car their so they can't give me a loaner. No matter who pays to have the car fixed, it has to be fixed at an Acura dealership. I did get a lawyer. Now it's the waiting game. Thanks for everyone's comments.
PF Jr. on 03/06/2007:
The new engine quote from Acura was $7920. I put $9,000. because of the price of a rental.
BURGGURL on 04/04/2007:
the manufacturer and the dealer cannot warranty repairs made by a third party. We did not have a loaner car available when your vehicle was towed in. We did not charge you the full price of your inspection, and our technician graciously met with you and your people to provide as much information as he could, again, without compensation, and we stored your car for an extended time at no charge as well. My dealership stands behind everything we do, there is simply no reason not to, and the fact that you included us as part of your problem offends me.
BURGGURL on 04/04/2007:
Just a note...A bit of information was left out of the previous blog. Honda/Acura and Acura of dayton cannot stand behind it because the oil service was not completed at a Honda or Acura dealer, and the parts were not Honda/Acura parts. The manufacturer and the dealer cannot guarantee a repair using parts and labor that did not come from them. That would be the same as expecting Sony to warranty a television repair completed by Panasonic, using RCA parts. The damage had already occurred before the car even came to my dealership, and it had never been here prior to this. We are more than willing to stand behind everything we do!
PF Jr. on 05/05/2007:
Acura of Dayton told me the diagnosis would be $89. I hired a consultant. We met him at Acura of Dayton. He tells me it is Goodyears fault. The next day Dayton Acura calls and says they want my car out ASAP. I have it towed home. The next day I get a call saying I have an outstanding balance. OK how much ...$214. I ask them to mail me a bill. They don't mail bills they only fax. The fax came the next day. Now the bill is $314. I called and ask how $ 89. became $214 then $314. The explanation was " Well an oil change & the cost of the mechanic. " Ended up he said he really hadn't informed me of that and the bill was $139.89. Also knowing there was a problem, they crushed the original oil filter which was part of my evidence. As you can see by the last 2 emails Acura of Dayton are very arrogant. No I have never been to your dealership prior to this nor will I ever again.
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Anonymous on 07/24/2006:
What company quoted the 500 dollars. They sound like a class act that deserves a my3cents Shout out!!! :-}
Anonymous on 07/25/2006:
I agree with awspie and I applaud your decision to get a sound option. Good Job!
Anonymous on 07/25/2006:
Anonymous on 07/25/2006:
Wise consumers always get a second opinion on auto repairs.
Skye on 07/25/2006:
I think you may want to change from "compliment" to complaint.
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friendly and honest
Posted by on
NORTH CAROLINA -- There is a good year automotive store in wake county and its the best place to take your car. my car breaks down at least once a month and they always check my car to find out what's wrong with it for free, then give me very good prices for fixing my car. I always take my car there because I know they won't try and trick me because I'm a girl like T&D Auto did.
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