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Bait and switch scam artists
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- First, GoRenter sends certified letters at leisure to old addresses with the full intent on no delivery. When asked why they do this, they respond, "That's how we do business." Great ethics. Secondly, they only work 20 hours per week. No one ever answers the phone and it takes them 7-10 days to return calls. When you stop in to the office, no one is ever there.

Tertiary, they conveniently never receive notification from the HOA if it is not in their favor. They will deny any resolution from the HOA until after they have billed you for landscaping services that are never performed. The worse part is, they have judges on their side. The landlord/tenant judges are VERY partial to plaintiff's/Home owners. Simply query the local court records and you'll discover that they evict every tenant that has rented from them. Avoid them like the swine flu.

Lease-Purchase Contract
By -

MARICOPA, ARIZONA -- We entered into a rent-to-own agreement with them in May 2006. Since then, they have harassed us with inspections of the property every 3 months. Our contract states they can enter to inspect twice a year. Furthermore, we have started financing of the house to purchase, and now they are nit picking us to terminate the contract on fabricated statements. If they find a way to do this, we will lose the $5000 we put down - and we will have to find somewhere else to live.

In the last 2 weeks, they have said that we didn't pay rent or HOA fees. I have had to incur the cost of copies of cancelled checks to prove payment. Paid for them to send us 4 certified letters (at $35 each). And they are charging us $600 for late fees that didn't occur- since we made our payments and they didn't post them to our account until they received the copies of the cancelled checks.

Now, we have 5 yorkies, and on Wednesday, 9-26-07, I had a discussion with them with them claiming we had 5 rottweilers. I thought that was settled when I offered them pictures of the dogs we have. Today, 9-29-07, I rec'd yet another certified letter from them stating that they are terminating our contract and would like us to move based on the fact that I now have a pit bull. I have never owned either a rottweiler or a pit bull.

These people are just scared that we are actually going to fulfill the contract and purchase the house, and they are going to lose their monthly service fees. If they succeed in getting us thrown out on the street, the previous owner gets to keep all of the money we have paid into it (to date, approx $17,000) and they can turn around and sucker someone else into this same contract, then turn around and keep doing this over and over again. I would advise anyone to seriously reconsider entering into a contract with Home America or They just want your money - they don't really want you to have the house of your dreams.

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