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Rating: 1/51

PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA -- I had bought a recliner love seat. I also bought a extended warranty. After a week of having it the front of the cover was coming out. I called the store and they came out and fix it. At that time I told the guy that my seat was not reclining right. He said ok and took pictures and told me he would turn it after about 2 weeks. I call back. They claim nothing was turned in so I had them came out. He looked. Said someone who be in touch. Then the back stitch came out so I called them again and they said they would take care of it when they picked up the love seat.

After a week of having it they bring it back and the first night I went to recline the seat back and it broke so I call them back on May 23 and the lady said she will order the part she thinks I need. # weeks later no part so I call her and she claims it has not came in. Wow with the power we have now and 2 weeks later it is not here. I ask her to talk to someone else and she gives me a Cathy **. What a joke that is.

I called her when I first start having problems and about 6 months later no callback. I left her a new message guess I will see if she calls me back. I won't hold my breath. So now I am still waiting after 7 months. I have called and wrote letters to Grand Furniture but they don't seem to care. Beware.

Grand Furniture Gallery - Beware - Do not send money to this company.
By -

CARY, NORTH CAROLINA -- Grand Furniture Gallery owes me $1,171.00 and does not respond to my inquiries. There was a pricing error on the part of Grand Furniture for an order I placed. I was asked to send in an additional $604.55 (thank goodness I didn't) to which I responded that I wanted a refund. Was promised a refund within 7-10 business days on 10/13/10. Since then I have made several phone calls, they never answer their phone and I have sent several e-mails that also go unanswered. Here is the text, copied and pasted from the original e-mails.

Grand Furniture: It has come to our attention that there it was a pricing error on the DFD649 Group C. The individual pricing is correct for the pieces but the group is priced at $1869.00 and with the 5% discount brings the total to $1775.55. The pricing was with one side chair and one arm chair for the total of $1171.00. The remaining balance on the order is $604.55. Let me know if you wish to continue with this order. We do apologize for this error and inconvenience and wish to retain your business, but we can not process this order as shown.

Me: I am very disappointed to hear this. We have been looking for a dining set for months and kept coming back to this one. While I realize that the price presented online was in error, it was not my error and it was on the site for a while apparently, as we have been searching on your site for well over a month.

I find it poor customer service for you not to sell it to us for this price, being that it was your error. We will go else where for our furniture purchase, so please refund my money. I will expect to receive my refund within 5 days, as that was your policy in receiving the check for the purchase. I believe I have a right to the same policy. Please respond to this e-mail so that I know you received it and that I will be receiving my refund shortly.

Grand Furniture: I meant to email you on Monday to apologize for this error. It is just that the furniture cost us more than the amount you paid for the furniture. This is the reason that we contacted you to let you know. The updated price we gave you is very low to try to compensate for the error. I realize you are upset and if you still desire a refund. We will mail this to you and it usually takes 7 to 10 business days. Thanks again.

Me: Absolutely I want a refund. I realize that the price was in error, but not my error, and any other store you shop in honors the posted price. I told you Friday that I wanted a refund, can't believe it has not been processed yet. Also, your company stipulates that a check must be received within 5 days, which I honored, so I should not have to wait 7-10 business days for my refund. I should have the same policy afforded to me. Please send my refund ASAP. Grand Furniture: response on 10/13/10 - We will take care of this for you.

I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, to which Grand Furniture Gallery has not responded. Now I have to file through the court system, as they refuse to respond to me in any manner at all. Do not send any money to Grand Furniture Gallery. They are not a reliable, legitimate business.

Grand Furniture is out for my BLOOD!
By -

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- In July of 2010, I was involuntarily discharged from the military (through no fault of my own). I've had an account with Grand furniture since 2006. Not once, was I ever late on my payments. Now, I am unemployed and struggling. I am a single mother of two infants and a Veteran of the Armed Forces. I called Grand Furniture and told them my situation. They told me they understood my situation and that I could make whatever payments I could until I could find a job. I was living off a VERY small unemployment check and could barely afford to feed my kids and myself. I was hurting!

Then, one day, I received this crazy COURT ORDER from them. Let's just say, I didn't expect it. Especially since they said I would not be in any legal trouble as long as I made some kind of payments. So, I went to court, still unemployed, and tried to explain that to their Reps. The two ladies said to call my account manager and work something out. I called and called and called and left a few messages for her and got no reply for weeks. Then, I go to check my bank account balance and found out that they had a freeze on my accounts. WTF!!!! It's bad enough that I barely have any money!!!

I have other creditors that I owe money to and not once have they ordered me to go to court or freeze my accounts. They ACTUALLY work with me. They are compassionate towards Veterans and they understand that most people are having a hard time in this economy. But not GRAND FURNITURE OF VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. They are seriously after my blood. I just found out that they are going to put a lien against my house. You got to be kidding me!!!

What's next, are they going to request that they take my kidneys and heart as well? So, if you plan to do any business with them, think again. Go with another company that actually has good furniture and understanding people. I plan to go to court to file a complaint against them for taking my unemployment and make them pay me back for that. By FEDERAL LAW, they are not supposed to touch that money. Also, I am going to the local news channels and papers as well.

Poor Professionalism and Management
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Rating: 1/51

NEWPORT NEWS VA, VIRGINIA -- We recently purchased a home and we paid off Grand Furniture along with several other accounts we had. I had a payoff letter in the amount of $1169.95. I phoned Grand Furniture to make sure they received the payoff check. Their response was yes. ALMOST 2 months later, we received a phone call stating that they have not received payment. My response was I contacted them and they told me they received the check. Then she changed it from we haven't received the check to we received the check, but cannot process it. My payoff letter was through 08/16.

The "so called" Manager, ** told me that we owed and additional $52.00 because from the 10th of August until Grand received the check on the 14th the payoff amount changed and she was very nasty with me and told me she has lost enough money on my account (I am assuming that she was talking about the finance charges because we paid off early) and we had to pay the $52 dollars. I told her that Grand Furniture gave me the payoff letter so it is not our fault that your employees does not know the proper procedures. She said "You still owe on your account" and I will not cash the $1169.95 check until we pay the additional $52.00. Then she hung up the phone on me.

I was stunned! And upset. We paid off several accounts we had upon purchasing our home, and Grand is the only company that is refusing to cash a $1169.95 for $52.00 DOLLARS. $52.00 DOLLARS!!! I contacted my realtor and the attorney and they told us that she is holding the check, so our account will not show satisfactory. My husband phoned her after I told him what happen and ** did not come to the phone. They left him on hold. What the Heck kind of company does that?

Customer Service
By -

I placed an order with Grand Furniture Gallery on December 31, 2009, for a set of six Dining Room Chairs. Although my account was charged right away, I heard nothing from the company for over a month. When I called there is no live person to speak with. After leaving a message, I received a return call and was told that the delivery time is a minimum of six weeks. This time came and went with no contact. I placed another call. This time I got a call back that my chairs was with the shipping company.

In about a week I got a call from the trucking company that my purchase would be delivered between 8:00 and 9:00 pm on a Friday night. I called the company and explained that I live in a condo and could not receive a delivery before 9:00 am or after 5:00 and only on week days and not on week-ends. I told them however that if the delivery was already on the truck they can park across the street and I would find a way to get my chairs to my apartment.

I waited another 2 weeks and called again. This time to the delivery company, and was told that they had received the wrong front legs for my chair and is awaiting the replacement via UPS. I waited another month, when I called again I was told that my chairs would be delivered at 3:00 pm. This was abut 1:30 pm on April 11, 2010. This was over 4 months.

Without a call or any contact they were going to just deliver my purchase when I am at work over 20 miles away. By this time I really did not care anymore I just wanted my chairs. When I discussed the cost of the delivery which was much higher that indicated in the agreement with the driver, he was very rude. The chairs are beautiful, but I will think twice before I shop with this company again.

Grand Furniture Gallery is the worst company I have ever used
By -

CARY, NORTH CAROLINA -- His is the WORST COMPANY EVER. They charge your account before they even give you a shipping date. As a matter of fact they never actually even gave us a shipping date. We waited almost two months for our furniture and we live only an hour away. We were told we would have our furniture in two weeks. That came and went and when we called we were told two more weeks.

Two weeks later and still no word on our furniture. We called and left a dozen messages with no return calls. When we finally got a hold of the owner he told us he had never said anything about a shipping date though we had spoken to him two times previously and each time we were told "It will be there this weekend." He called us liars and said there was nothing he could do but wait for the shipping company and that he would call us and let us know.

Guess what, that never happened either. Long story short it was literally two months before we had our product and this was only after having to call the BBB, consumer protection, and our bank because he illegally charged our account and never provided any type of time line on a delivery or that we would actually ever receive it. It was a complete mess the employees were incompetent and rude and have no business dealing with customers. I would never recommend this place and I would NEVER shop here again.

Company Response 02/17/2010:

While we estimate 5 to 12 weeks delivery timeframe, Ms. Lovern received her sofa in 11 weeks and we delivered personally so that she would have for Christmas, as the delivery company would not be in her area until after Christmas. After receiving her delivery, Ms. Lovern contacted her bank to state this was a fraudulent charge, thus we held her Loveseat until this was resolved.

Company Response 07/20/2010:

[snip - no names please] (SherryQ) ordered a BMC table for $236 from us. We order furniture direct from the manufacturer and ship to our customers. We were told by the manufacturer, BMC, that the table had shipped, which we told the customer. However, the manufacturer inadvertently canceled the order in their system because the table was discontinued and their customer service reps did not notify us, thus we thought the table had shipped to [snip]. Upon hearing from [snip] that she had not received her table, we contacted the manufacturer who discovered the mistake. We told [snip] this and gave her the contact information at BMC to verify what we were told and that we would issue her a refund. [snip] was rude and stated "I'm going to contest the charge on my credit card and complain about you on every review website possible. This is ridiculous." Thus we responded on our policy, which she did not like.

Worst, unprofessional company I have ever not dealt with
By -

I ordered a child's vanity on April 14th 2011. It has now been almost 6 months and still no vanity. I have tried continuously to contact this company by phone messages, E-mails, certified mail and through the BBB. I have yet to get any response from this company. Grand furniture gallery keeps their customers hostage by taking only checks or money orders up front, this way there is no possible way to cancel your order when you don't receive your order. This is not only a very unprofessional but also a very uncaring company. I urge everyone who is thinking about using this company, PLEASE DON'T. YOU WILL REGRET IT.

The Worst Furniture Company
By -

I have been dealing with this company since January and have found dealing with this company absolutely impossible. They will not return phone calls or emails. They have had my money and will not contact me about delivering the furniture. I contacted the BBB and have been told that they have a rating of "F". I think everyone should know this before doing business with them. I am now having to contact a lawyer to find resolution. I would be happy to share all my emails I have had with this company to warn you what you may be in for when dealing with them. All I can say is buyer beware.

Will Not Even Give Me the Courtesy of a Call
By -

2474 WALNUT STREET, CARY, NORTH CAROLINA -- I ordered a curio cabinet and have tried to talk to this company on the phone leaving numerous messages asking them to call me. I waited 14 weeks and they have sent the wrong curio and now I must wait longer. I have lost all faith that I will get any answer from this company and am afraid that I have lost my money. The e mail replies have been rude stating I was going into a rage when I was just trying to get a telephone call. I am hoping this company will resolve it issues with its service. I am retired and cannot afford to lose money.

Grand Furniture Gallery Is NOT GRAND!!
By -

CARY, NORTH CAROLINA -- I ordered my daughter's book shelf on July 17th. It is now October 19th and I have paid for the item in full (not including delivery). I have emailed and called numerous times regarding the estimated shipping date and I have not heard back from anyone. Every time I call I get an answering service. I can't even talk to a REAL person!

I am very upset about how this company does business! I am a pretty reasonable person and would be OK with this time frame if I could actually talk to someone from this company and they would inform me about what is going on. I am at the point where I just want my money back and then be able to wash my hands of this ridiculous furniture store! I can't believe they are still in business! I will be contacting the BBB!!

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