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Don't Pay Cash to the Grand
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280 BEACH,BLVD, MISSISSIPPI -- I had a trip to the Grand Casino Hotel and Resort we first had the trip booked for a week day trip but we didn't have enough people to make the trip so we re-booked 10-30 we sent this person a flier talk to them until the 28th Friday on the 29th she called and ask me what time we were going to arrive I told we don't do in until tomorrow. at that time I knew we had lost $1260 she said that she was trying to find us rooms I called back and (KG) can you help us with the rooms and she said no it wasn't responsibility.

If you plan a trip to Biloix take a credit card and stay away from (KG) and the Grand Casino Hotel and Resort especially if you have a non-profit.
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tnchuck100 on 01/04/2011:
Read it 3 times. Still confused. Paid $1260 cash for rooms they did not have? Or did you pay for the rooms and then tried to change the dates to something they could not accommodate? This review is very unclear.
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LAKE BUENA VISTA, FLORIDA -- Last nite my family and I had dinner at the grand flordian hotel at disney world specially, Narcoossee's. It was our first day in Florida and we were looking forward to a exceptional dinner. when it came time for dessert my daughter and grandaughter ordered cheesecake, my wife ordered an ice cream. I ordered a cappuccino. I have had it there before and it has alway excellent. when I ordered the cappuccino I rquested cinnamon on top and told the waitress "not chocolate" she answered"we don't have chocolate" when the cappuccino was served it had chocolate on the top. I have been allergic to chocolate since I was a young boy and I would become extremely ill for 3-5 days so I am very cautious about foods with chocolate. my daughter tasted the cup and said it was chocolate. I alerted the waitress to this and she said it was cinnamon. when she brought the desserts I told her we were leaving and did not want the desserts. the manager(rebecca) spoke to me and did not charge for the cup and the desserts. I have dined there each time I come to Disney, but I do not think I will dine there again.
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