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Fraudulently Billing My Checking Account
By -

ST. GEORGE, UTAH -- I happened to be checking my account online and noticed there were charges made that I wasn't aware of. I called my bank to notify them of this, and asked them if they had a phone number available for this company. They said NO. I then did research on my own, and found their company's phone number online through RIP-OFF REPORTS. I called them immediately and explained to them they had been taking money out of my checking account that I was not aware of.

They asked me for my debit card number and I told them I do not give anyone that personal information over the phone, unless I give it to them myself. They then asked me what the last four digits of my card number was, because they said they had to look it up on their accounts. I gave it to them. They then asked me for the first four digits of my account number and I gave it to them. I didn't give them any more information. They asked me if I was?? I told them No, I was not that person and that I didn't even know that person. I then demanded they reverse these charges back into my account.

The first rep. told me he couldn't do anything. Then he hung up on me. I then called back and thankfully got another rep. and explained the situation to him. HE said he could reverse one of the charges back, but not the other two. I then asked him why, and he told me that the amount for $3.97 was for shipping and handling of a cd software, and I told him I never received anything from their company, but he still said he couldn't reverse the charges. I then found an e-mail or the president of the company online and e-mailed him. His assistant called me back and I explained the situation to her.

Customer Service then told me that they would reverse all three charges back to my account. They did reverse the $29.95 back , but I am still waiting on the other two charges for $3.97. I also found out that they had been trying to debit my card again for $29.95, but my card was declined. I didn't even know this, until I spoke to this assistant. So people beware! Some companies get a hold of your credit card information and start fraudulently taking money from you without you realizing what they're doing. So check your accounts regularly and dispute anything that you do not recognize.

Need An Address Or Phone Number
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I am looking for an address and/or a phone number to Grant Search Assistant. Supposedly they are in Las Vegas, NV. They are charging my credit card and I have no idea for what. If anyone has any info on them please contact me asap. I never ordered anything from them and I certainly didn't authorize any charges to my card.

Rip off company
By -

This company has been billing my credit card for 1 year. In that year I have called them, they do not know who I am, changed credit card numbers, stopped service of the card. They continue to bill me. I talk to my credit card company every month and they credit me back. They are in George, UT.

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Grant Search Assistant Rating:
3 reviews & complaints.
Contact Information:
Grant Search Assistant
Federal Grant Retrieval Software, 2620 S Maryland
Las Vegas, NV 89109
866-370-7270 (ph)
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