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Grasshopper mower engine problem
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NEBRASKA -- I have a 60inch Grasshopper Mower that has 130 hours on it. I had the dealer pick it up to adjust and replace blades, and while they had to do an oil change. I got it back after being gone for about 7-10 days. When I went to start and run it, it just could not get up to speed. I did get it down to the fuel barrel, (approx 100ft) I was not sure that it was going to make it. It finally revved up and I started mowing. About 5 minutes into mowing and it sound like all the nuts and bolts were loose and I immediately took it back to the garage and I was not sure that it was going to make it. The mower went back to the dealer where it has been for two months. They tore into the engine and said that the bottom bearing was up in top with the other bearing and they were beating against each other. I asked about the engine being under warranty and they said that Kubota is very difficult to deal with and would not stand behind it. Since then they sent it off to another dealer who has said that it was run with to thin of oil or ran out of oil.

This machine ran perfectly before I sent it in. Has any one out there had any problems. I am hoping for the best, but it sounds like I am going to be stuck with replacing an engine. If that happens I will never buy another one!
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Anonymous on 07/07/2007:
Have you contacted the manufacturer? Just because the dealer says they are difficult to deal with doesn't mean it's true. If the engine is covered by warranty they need to take care of it.
Taeko on 07/10/2007:
No, I have not contacted Grasshopper direct. Was waiting to see what happens locally. Ironically I received a customer satisfactory survey from Grasshopper today. So will be filling it out and sending it to them shortly.
harty59 on 07/24/2007:
I think you will be surprised by the fine people in Moundridge, Kansas at Grasshopper. I just bought a 15 year old unit and they sent me everything I asked for within 3 days. Every dealer in central Kansas has told me good things about the manufacturer response to issues. Here are their numbers from
Phone (620) 345-8621
Fax (620) 345-2301

Postal Mail
The Grasshopper Company
One Grasshopper Trail
PO Box 637
Moundridge, KS 67107 USA
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Customer service
Posted by on
LIVE OAK, FLORIDA -- I am a Grasshopper dealer and have been for 12 years. I can personally tell you yhat Grasshopper Company has never dropped the ball on customer service. You may have a dealer that is not holding up his end of the service but it will not be the company.
That said It would be nice to know the circumstances of your problems with the 727. You commented that it broke in half, where did it actually break, what caused it to break.
Have you contacted the factory direct or just the dealer.
It would be nice to know more about your situation before you bash one of the most reliable and best servicing manufactures in the outdoor power equipment business.
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User Replies:
Ponie on 04/08/2006:
John, perhaps it would be better if you posted to the original complaint which, if I did my 'copy & paste' correctly, would be: Maybe you can help the person who wrote the complaint.
nitro8566 on 05/23/2007:
I just purchased a 2007 727K2 and it has been broke down twice now with only 19 hours on it. The second time I used it one of the lines going to the oil cooler got a hole in it and blew oil all over the place. The dealer came the next day and replaced both lines, he felt the lines were cut too short. Now the bearings in both rear wheels blew out, I mean there isn't anything left! The wheels are riding on the axle. I have the model 25 metal grass catcher on it and I am wondering if the weight is to much for the design of the wheels. The design has changed from the 725 model. The reason I got a grasshopper is because my brother has had two for several years and hasn't had any trouble. Has anyone else out there had a similar problem? I E-mailed Grasshopper two days ago but haven't heard back yet. The dealer is coming in a day or two to replace the bearings.
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