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Poor customer Service
By -

DEL MAR, CALIFORNIA -- Stay away from Jitterbug cell phones, marketed by Great Call, Inc. of Del Mar, CA. Their Customer Service representatives are purposeful liars.

The Jitterbug Customer Service Dept. has lied to me from the day I called them to order a phone on July 7, 2007. I asked to have a phone with a Florida area code, because I would soon be moving from New Hampshire to Florida. I was told "no problem." I also signed up for a year's service in advance, and my credit card was charged $675.00.

Three days later, I received the phone by FED EX, but it had a NH area code. I called the company and was told that it was a mistake, just send it back with a pre-paid UPS shipping label that they would e-mail to me (I failed to notice that it was UPS ground mail.) I mailed the phone back and waited for my replacement. After 7 days, I called again and was told that they never sent replacement phones, they wait for your old phone to be returned and then they re-program it.

I yelled that I was getting ready to move to Florida and needed a phone ASAP. So, they agreed to FED EX it, but then they (3 reps on a conference call) said "Oh, we can't guarantee you a Florida area code". They offered me an 866 area code "in case the 904 area code lines are all used up". I told them that didn't make sense -- I wanted a 904 code.

I waited 3 days, but the phone never came. So, I called and cancelled and asked for a refund. I was told I would get a refund as soon as the phone was returned to them. I checked the tracking label and found that the phone had already been received. Customer service said the phone had been misplaced, but they would get right on the task of my refund.

A week later, they still had not credited by card. I spoke to another customer rep. who said she would straighten it out and call back.

Three days later I called again, and this rep. said it would take 21 days to get my card credited for the year of service I paid.

I have spent 1 month trying to sort this out and I have spoken to 14 customer service reps. They will tell you anything to get you off the phone but they do not deliver. STAY AWAY.

Great Jitterbug Rip off Seniors and now trying 911 service
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- The minute counter on the Jitterbug J phone does not work, so seniors go over their minutes and get ripped off. Then I called the other day and the customer service representative told me if I am being robbed, or have a heart attack I should call Great Call instead of 911 with a new service they are going to have. If they can not fix the minute counter how can I trust them with a 911 service ? And, if I am having a heart attack, are not I losing time calling the drug abusers, and gang members at the Great Call call centers ?

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