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Great Clips
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NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I went to the Great Clips at 3710 Hillboro Pike, Nashville TN on Thursday June 23 between 2 and 3pm. My ticket number was 65145 (on my receipt). I wasn't super excited getting up out of the chair at the store, but when I got home I saw the carnage on my head. Worst haircut of my life. It was an inch shorter than I requested on top and too long in the back. Normally, I could live with this, but it was so uneven and patchy everywhere that it looked like I got my hair cut by dodging knives at the circus. There were several tufts of hair at the front that were half an inch longer than the surrounding regions. A divet on the upper right side of my head looked like an eroded crater on a hairy moon. I paid $13, but I've had better $5 haircuts from a Chinese immigrant working without a shop. Yes, that's how low my standards are. I've never previously gone back to have a haricut re-done, but this was unbearable. Distrusting the Great Clips on Hillboro Pike, I drove to the one at 4311 Harding Road. My ticket number was 34097. They fixed it as best they could, and were somewhat apologetic about the other place, but I still had to pay another $14.
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Anonymous on 06/23/2011:
Wow, that sounds terrible. Does GC have mirrors? Do they also have the hand held mirrors and swivel you around so you can see the back too? I can't imagine not noticing a chop job like you described til I got home.

I wonder if you had gone back to the same location and requested to speak to someone in charge if they would have had a different stylist fix it for free?
Venice09 on 06/23/2011:
That's a great description of your horrible haircut! It really adds value to this review. They should have fixed it for free, but I can understand not wanting to go back to the same place. I'm sorry you're out the money, but this review is very helpful. Do you know the name of the stylist?

I hope your hair grows back quickly so you can get a better cut.
Anonymous on 06/23/2011:
As a former asst. manager of a salon I have seen this same situation many times. You can contact the manager of the first salon and explain to her what happened, she may give you a refund because you should not have had to pay for it twice.

It is always best to try to work it out at the salon that provided the service, as other salons in the chain are under no obligation to help you and may refer you back to the original salon.

Managers themselves will usually fix your hair at no cost if you ask them to try to fix it. If you receive no satisfactory resolution the last resort is contacting their corporate office.

Kudos to the other salon for having the great customer oriented attitude in trying to help you.
Venice09 on 06/23/2011:
Good advice, ript.
Kasey S. on 06/24/2011:
Sorry to hear about your experience during your recent visit to one of our salons. I can definitely understand how you would be hesitant to return to the salon where you received your poor haircut, but all of our services are guaranteed. I would suggest stopping back into the original salon and letting them know that you had to get your haircut fixed at another location. If you have any further questions, you can always contact our corporate office at or at 800-473-2825.

Kasey S.
Great Clips
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Drunk Hair Stylist gives Bad Haircut
Posted by on
COPPELL -- I went to Great Clips at Coppell Crossing to get my hair cut on Tuesday at 4pm.
Hair Stylist:Sylvia

I said, I want triple 0 on the sides and a half inch on top.
She said, We don’t have triple 0. I said she could use the clippers to trim the neck. She asked the other woman if that was OK.

She started on the sides. I smelled alcohol. She was using the clippers to trim the neck on the top of my head. My hair was over 2 inches long. I asked her about that. She said, that she knew what she was doing. She kept using them till they started jamming. Then she started using the regular clippers.
She asked again. How long do you want it on top. I said, a half inch. She was barely cutting it. I knew there was a problem. The picture on the license didn’t look like the woman who was cutting my hair. It said the license expired 5/05.
She started taking the cover off, like she was through. I said, “That is not even.” The right side was ½ inch lower than the other. She put the cover back on. Trimmed a little bit and took the cover off. I said, “It’s still not even.” It was obvious! She was closing one eye and looking at it. She couldn’t see the problem. She did a little more work.
She took the cover off. I said, That is more than a half inch on top. She said, No. That’s a half inch. I said “OK, I’m not going to argue about it.” I paid her, and left her a tip.

I drove to school. People where looking at me strange. In class, people where laughing and making fun of me. My hair is not even. It is 1.5 inches on one side. ½ inch on the other.
This is the worst haircut I have ever gotten. I am wearing a baseball cap.

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User Replies:
chris75056_1 on 04/06/2005:
You actually allowed her to cut your hair AFTER you smelled the alcohol? Sorry, but you should be wearing a dunce hat instead of a baseball cap. I really hope you said something to the manager...?
Anonymous on 04/06/2005:
Let this be a joke. Please let this be a joke. This is truly pathetic if it's true. Why would you let someone who's drunk cut your hair in the first place.
tander on 04/06/2005:
You gave her a tip? I hope I read that wrong.
tpatteso on 04/07/2005:
Too funny!
Anonymous on 04/07/2005:
You are the leading candidate for SHMUCK of the YEAR! You sit there and watch this drunk 'butcher' your hair then tip them? You could have let someone else fix it. Hide your lunch money and check your back for "kick me notes". You drove to school? Some mechanic will be going on a 'cruise' very soon.
madcrunk on 04/07/2005:
"In class, people where laughing and making fun of me"...all I have to say is: 'HEH-HEEEHHHH!!'
TXRoadTrip on 04/07/2005:
Did you talk to the manager or the Corporate office?
Anonymous on 04/08/2005:
She got a bad haircut by a drunk, tax. The manager probably watched. If this is a guy he should have gone to a barber shop anyway. It WILL grow back!!!
AZJEM on 04/09/2005:
when you made the first negative excuse for not doing the job, that would have been the first clue to get out? Since you stayed, paid and even left a tip you really can't go complaining now. Just go somewhere else and have them fix it. Most good places will do that as it looks better for them in the long run.
Anonymous on 04/09/2005:
Ahem, stop using my replies to FORM your replies. Give us a review. I post mine Monday.
AZJEM on 04/17/2005:
Don't worry zzzzrrrrroooookkkk, don't flatter yourself into thinking I would even think of writing from your (letters?) I really wanted to use your phrase "piece of schmuck" but you sounded way to intellegent for my kind of wrting. Don't worry I'll never steal any of your ideas. haaaahaaaahaa---aaahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaa I just cannot stop laughing over that thought
Anonymous on 04/17/2005:
Very mature post Yjem. Now open a "can" of Colt 45 and light up another a Camel, dude.
AZJEM on 04/18/2005:
my housekeeper will open up a good bottle of wine for me, and the only thing that gets lit up is the sets of candles I have all around. So you can go ahead and enjoy our brown bag of beer and smelly camel toe cigs all you want.
Anonymous on 04/18/2005:
Housekeeper, huh? Candles? It's not good to date the HELP. Nevermind. Everybody needs SOMEBODY. Let me know how the Boone's Farm tasted.
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