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Great Spa Escapes - Refund Information
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I was able to reach someone at the gift card issuer - InComm
Here are the instructions for a refund
1. Copy of front and back of gift card
2. Type on a sheet of paper the following
a. First and Last name
b. phone number
c. email address
d. mailing address
e. amount of gift card
f. 16 digit card number on back of card..starts out 589

Fax the copy of card and the above items to 404-935-0879. I received an email within 15 minutes of sending the fax that my card was approved for a Visa gift card exchange and instructions on where to send the card back to.
InComm Attn: Robin Farrow
250 Williams Street Suite M100
Atlanta, GA 30303
Send the fax first so that you get the approval information to send with the card. Good luck!

Impossible to use this gift card
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I have a $50.00 gift card to Great Spa Escapes it is impossible to attain any information as to a local location to use this card at!!! the 1-800 number is nothing more than a rouse to attain your personal information and to solicate you to purchase promotional items. UGH they were rude when I was only interested in being assisted to a location. I was hung up on 3 times and the forth call was directed to an 800 number to assist with this information and after speaking the name four times each time a response of nothing like I was saying I hung up!!!! What a shame that the person giving me this gift card was taken for their money
Thank you

Gift card scam
By -

For Christmas, I received a gift card from Great Spa Escapes. It was difficult to use. I did use most of it in March. In April, I attempted to use the balance. The 800 number was disconnected and the web site does not exist any longer. I am glad I never gave them my credit card number which I would have done when I went to use it the second time.

Call and resolved
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The third party distributor is handling request for refunds on these cards. To see if your card verifies you will need to inquire at 678-528-7680. This is a recorded message follow the directions give and fax to InComm the required documentation. Within the same day I received an email back regarding my gift card had qualified for refund with directions on how to receive and exchanged gift card replacement.

This was very pain less and was quick. I have all the trust in the process and will be taken care of.

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I am glad I found someone else who tried using the above service without success. I also received a gift card for Christmas and kept putting off using it because I just got busy doing other things. This was a few months ago. Tonight, I decided to go on their website to go ahead and use this card, but it no longer exists! I know that my husband will be very disappointed as he bought me this. Be aware of getting gift cards at wholesale stores! You just never know what may happen.

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