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Management Behavior And Tactics To Extort Money From Customers
Posted by on
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- After purchasing a round trip ticket at the San Francisco Greyhound Bus Terminal I proceeded to the staging area, and door number stated by ticket agent and printed on my ticket. I got in line behind an older woman who had been waiting in line for about 20 minutes. It was 10 minutes before departure when I got behind waiting to board when announced or the door opened. Three to four other people got behind me, also going to the same destination, needing the same bus. Had the same door number to wait and time to depart. at the departure time for our door, the next door opened and began taking customers waiting in front of the door.

One gentlemen in my line went and asked the ticket taker if that bus was the one to take to get to the destination we all were going in the other line. He said NO stay in that line, they will board you soon. We all waiting for another 20 minutes and in the mean time another gentlemen went and asked two other greyhound staff members outside what was going on. He was told they had to get the bags off the bus first and then would board us. That did not happen. One by one those in the line with me, left and three of us ended up at the ticket counter to see what was going on. We were told that we were in the wrong line, missed our connection and would have to pay an additional bus fee (more than the original ticket!!) in order to board the next bus leaving the station.

When we protested this, the ticket agents (two at the beginning) said it was up to us to be in the correct line. That if we couldn't figure out this, then we were not paying attention, not really in line, at the wrong door, etc. We explained that NO we had been in line and what should have been an apology and an alternative if possible for the misdirection or mis-ticketing those of us at the gate printed on our ticket, they began a long and embittered, defiant attitude including threats that if the tape proved we were lying, it would cost even more money to ride the next bus, or maybe we couldn't get another ticket, period, that day.

A female ticket agent grabbed a customers ticket and proceeded to the back of the ticketing area and disappeared to "check the film". 10 minutes later, she returned as a young man who also missed the connection was arguing with another agent, and she began to ask if I had seen what happened in the loading ramp at the departure time listed. I said I did not know what she meant, she said that if I did not see what happened then I was lying and would need to buy another ticket, This did not stop there. When requesting a supervisor, (the next bus was leaving in 20 minutes) and the females name, was told supervisor left and we had already talked to him (he did not say he was a supervisor) and she would not give her last name and walked off stating as she was leaving with hand in the air, you won't be getting a ticket at all or it's going to cost you a lot more.

The man who was a the Ticket Agent/Supervisor again began telling us we were wrong, owed more money if we wanted to go anywhere and after getting what I thought was his supervisors number, answered my phone call, put me on hold and left the phone on hold and busy for over an hour. I was told by security there was no other way to contact greyhound personnel except through these people. I had to be at work, was now unable to get to my destination at all, and had to call family to take me the 64 miles there and back when done. The other young man in line was going much farther, out of state, and had no other funds to purchase another ticket, one man left, the older women got in line to purchase her ticket again, in order to leave San Francisco. I did get her name and address as well as the young man's. And, if the female ticket agent was correct when stating they could check film/tapes then it is on tape exactly what happened.

The ticket agent I purchased my ticket from can testify to this outrageous, unprofessional, unethical and unlawful business practices done with deliberate and purposeful actions to extort additional monies from it's customers who are powerless to find any other alternative or solution.
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Worst Decision in My Life
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NATIONWIDE -- My young granddaughter who is disabled decided to travel what was supposed to be a 30 hour trip from Salt Lake City to Arkansas, two days after her arrival time she still has not reached her destination due to bus re-routes late buses, or no bus showing at all. After having to spend the night in the depot due to a no show bus, she has become ill, has run out of funds for food, and is told her destination is still eight to ten hours by bus away when the next one finally leaves.

Greyhound has become the worse company in the U.S. for customer service and satisfaction. I think they should be shut down until their services are re vamped and improved drastically
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Mental and Physical Suffering
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- December 13, 2012, I Anthony Ray Northington purchased a round trip bus ticket. This ticket was purchased in Louisville, Kentucky at the Bus Terminal Downtown. My family called me From Metro Atlanta area. This emergency situation; was based on "Life and Death." My niece was in the intensive care unit battling one of her many "Sickle Cell Anemia" crisis.

Knowing that my mother's sister,(Clara [snip]) passed away at the age of 36 years; also my sister, Robbie Denise [snip] passed away at this tender age. Sickle Cell Anemia is one type of anemia. Anemia is a condition in which your blood has a lower than normal number of red blood cells.


Too Whom This May Concern:

Niko [snip] is currently in stable condition in "The Intensive Care Unit at Northside Hospital Atlanta. M. s [snip] admitted on 12/11/2012. Her family members were encouraged to come to be with this patient. In her time of need, family member Anthony [snip] arrived on 12/13/2012 and has been visiting everyday.


Michele [snip] RN, BA CCRN
Northiside Hospital
ICU Clinician/Quality
1000 Johnson Ferry Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30342


Maintained for Entire June July August 2012 calendar
quarter GPA 3.25 - 3.59 awarded to
presented by

Michael [snip]
--------------------------- -------------------------
President Dean Of Academic Affairs
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User Replies:

DebtorBasher on 2012-12-24:
I'm sorry your Niece is going through this.
Your title mentions you being thrown out in the rain from the Greyhound Bus Terminal...but you didn't mention any of what happened in your review.
clutzycook on 2012-12-24:
I couldn't really follow this. Were you requesting a refund of a pre purchased ticket or were you trying to purchase a ticket to get to your niece and were "thrown out" after requesting a special family emergency rate? And what does your GPA and honors awards have to do with the situation?
Alain on 2012-12-24:
Perhaps Greyhound's corporate office can help you: 214-849-8100
jktshff1 on 2012-12-24:
What was the problem?
At Your Service on 2012-12-24:
I've got to agree with many of the other posts. I'm not sure what the complaint, if any, was about.
leet60 on 2012-12-25:
I am also not clear as to the entire issue. I am aware that many greyhound bus terminals no longer have open "waiting areas" on a 24 hour basis. The terminals are often closed and locked when there is not passenger service being provided, especially at night.
trmn8r on 2012-12-25:
There are no details provided, other than in the subject line.

I was kicked out of the terminal in NYC on New Year's Day once, because it closed at 1am or something like that. It reopened at 7am. It was a long 6 hours in the bitter cold. As mentioned above, closing bus terminals when there is no service is standard practice.
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People don't know what they are talking about because they didn't speak English
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Hi my name is Denise and I was waiting for the Grey Hound bus at the Orlando station and the employees didn't know what they were doing because of lack of understanding English. I was coming to N. Miami, FL and the lady who was supposedly the supervisor didn't speak good English. She kept all out for the bus that is going to Miami come to gate 9. The lines were extremely long and they had to search the people one by one and when you get ready to be searched and she looked at my ticket and she said "I said Miami, not Miami North" I kept trying to repeatedly saying that is the same thing whether I go to Miami North or as she kept saying Miami. She was trying to acknowledge that if you are going to the airport station because there is a bus terminal at the airport as well as North Miami and all she knew of is Miami, not realizing that Miami is made up of many communities. She caused us to leave an our late plus luggage was placed on wrong bus because of all the confusion of continueously moving us from one line to the other because she was not aware of the similarities. I was thinking about trying to take a trip on Grey Hound since this was my first time since I was a kid until that happened.
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Schedule Not Kept
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- Bus was to leave Sacramento at 4pm Oct 17 2012 Left at 430 as driver explained he was waiting for a package. There was no traffic as it was a weekday. But by leaving 30 minutes late I missed the 545 pm bus from Oakland to San Jose. We arrived at Oakland at 549 (and was supposed to arrive at 530pm)=which was 4 minutes too late to make connection. Next bus was at 930pm/Meaning we had to wait from 549 pm till 930pm. Got to San Jose at 1045pm instead of 7pm..Called cust complaint dept at Greyhound today the 18th. Rep took down my complaint and said according to the computer that the bus left Sacramento on time at 4pm and arrived at 530 pm on time in Oakland..Somehow the bus driver was able to change the times he departed Sacramento and arrived in Oakland. I was not the only passenger that had to wait 3 hours and 45 minutes for next bus. Do not like to be called a liar..Can not count on Greyhound to keep to their schedules...
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User Replies:

melissa253 on 2012-10-18:
You were cutting it very very close by booking the time that you did. Next time give yourself more time in case something goes wrong.
trmn8r on 2012-10-18:
I agree with the first reply - a 15 minute window for a bus connection seems tight. A train would be fine, but a bus I'm not so sure.

The crux of your complaint IMO, other than they inexplicably poor record keeping of Greyhound, is the policy surrounding delaying departure because of a package. What was that package? A heart for transplant, a case of beer? Maybe it was so important it justified waiting, but you probably will never know. Travelling by bus is a tough way to go.
leet60 on 2012-10-19:
I rode a Greyhound from Tennessee to New Mexico about two years ago. Enroute the bus made a stop on the interstate (50 miles in either direction from a city) for a food stop at McDonalds. The driver informed the passengers there would be a 20 minute stop over. I did not leave the bus. The driver stood at the door after getting a meal and looked at his watch constantly. At EXACTLY 20 minutes he closed the door and began to drive away. There were 3 passengers running for the bus and screaming to stop - the passengers on the bus were also telling the driver there were 3 he was leaving behind. His reply "It's not my fault if they can't tell time", and he drove on stranding these passengers in the middle of nowhere.

Since this incident, I would NEVER travel Greyhound again.
MRM on 2012-10-19:
Wow! Leet! That is unbelievable!
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Lost Luggage
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MANHATTEN, NEW YORK -- On 1/4/2012 the bus driver let a passenger take my luggage from under the bus. I on the bus in New Britain CT. I put my luggage under the bus. There were 2 stops in CT before arriving in New York. When I got off the bus to get my luggage it was gone. I let the bus driver know. He told me to fill out a lost luggage claim form which I did. I've called Greyhound numerous times describing the luggage, what's in it, where I was coming from, where I was going. Each time being told something different. It's been over 3 months and Greyhound still has not located my luggage. It had my name, phone number and address on it. I feel the bus driver let a passenger take it at one of the stops.
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LARAMIE, WYOMING -- Twice my daughter has tried to ride Greyhound from Laramie, WY, and both times they have turned her away and told her the bus was full and she would have to catch the next one, even though she had bought her ticket way in advance. They also said she cannot get refunded for the money she spent. And the later bus was at 3:30 am. Yesterday, when it happened, I had already driven 2 hours to Rock Springs to pick her and her boyfriend up, when she called and said they had over-booked, and would have to catch the early morning bus. She is on spring break, and can only spend a couple days at home, so I ended up driving another 3 hours to pick them up and bring them back home. Like everyone else, they work hard for their money, and Greyhound doesn't give a crap about stealing their money, and telling them in a sense, "too bad". It's just not right.
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User Replies:

Skye on 2012-03-15:
She can request her refund on line at:

Skye on 2012-03-15:
Actually, she must request her refund in writing. She must also include some information on her ticket, in order for them to process her refund.
ticia232 on 2012-03-15:
Greyhound works on a first come, first on the bus basis. I know because I was a person who didn't make it onto the bus. I asked about other options since the bus they changed my ticket to one that had a stop and wouldn't make it to my town until almost 20 hours later, and the rep told me that if I lined up early enough for the next bus to my town I could get on it. I did get on it with no problems.
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Service dogs
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I wanted to visit my daughter and was going to take the Greyhound but then found out that Greyhound is trying to play doctor and would not let me take my dog Skipper. They said that even tho I have a prescription from my doctor stating that Skipper is my emotional support service dog that they did not recognize that as a medical need. Now Greyhound does accpet service dogs, they just do not recognize emotional as a service dog. He is a small dog and would not have used up any extra space but that is beside the point. My doctor prescribed him to me and that should be enough. Please somehow get this taken care of if not for me for others in my situation. I was going to be gone for several weeks but cannot do it without my companion.
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User Replies:

Skye on 2012-03-14:
Since your doctor prescribed this dog for your emotional well being, why not just ask him for a letter, which is what Greyhound is requesting, in order for you to travel with Skipper.

They are not trying to keep Skipper and you apart, they just want proof he is considered a service dog, by your doctor.

It's not personal, it's business, and if they just want proper proof, in order to accommodate you.
raven2010 on 2012-03-14:
I thought the ADA laws prohibit companies from requesting proof----I am under the assumption if you tell them it is a service animal they must drop the issue.
jktshff1 on 2012-03-14:
Crystal can step in here. They are in violation of ADA laws
trmn8r on 2012-03-14:
I do not believe they are not in violation of a law - Karen checked into this for me.

I checked American Airlines. Service animal for passenger with disabilities: verbal statement suffices.

Service animal for emotional or psychiatric support: statement on letterhead of qualified mental health professional, etc etc required.
No less than 5 requirements, and ALL must be met.

I assume if AA does this, it applies to other forms of transportation as well.
jktshff1 on 2012-03-15:
Does the ADA apply to emotonial or psychiatric problems?
FoDaddy19 on 2012-03-15:
There's a difference between legitimate working service dogs, like a seeing eye dog for example, and an emotional support animal. The emotional support animal isn't afforded the same "rights" as a working service dog. ADA rules, IIRC do not apply to to emotional support animals.
Buddy01 on 2012-03-15:
trmn8r, ADA does not apply to AA. The ACAA applies.
*Brenda* on 2012-03-15:
CrazyRedHead that isn't your business. Animals are very therapeutic and you shouldn't judge.
trmn8r on 2012-03-15:
Here you go, from the ADA:

"Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA."


It's pretty much common sense that people could easily abuse this if there weren't some documentation required. Look at the nitwits carrying dogs in carry-alls in food stores because Buffy can't stay at home alone.

Agree the whatever emotional need the OP has is none of anyone's business or pertinent.
Starlord on 2012-03-15:
We recently received notice that the ADA had changed some things about service animals. Emotional support dogs are no longer listed as service dogs by the DOJ, which administers the ADA. Also, exotic animals, such as monkeys, pot-bellied pigs etc are no longer service animals.
CrystalSword on 2012-03-15:
Looks to me like its all been said very well, if the lady can get enough proof that they'd be unable to handle the trip without the dog, then I say to allow it. I was a basket case for a full month after losing Bearbear, but he was a hearing assist dog. Munchie is helping some, she now responds to the doorbell or knock on the door, but doesn't help me out in public like Bearbear did. Ibitz is now responding to the door, by looking in that direction when she's on my lap, she's still a baby, just 11 weeks old now. Until she has ALL her shots, she can't go with us, she'll probably also be spayed before she starts making the rounds much with us. We are trying to socialize her right now....as a puppy, she bites, but is getting better, when we do take her anyplace, she travels in her plastic crate. Munchie was a biter as a puppy, but she stopped that long before we took her anyplace. Little dogs are notorious for biting unless trained properly. Walmart DOES allow emotional support dogs now...but they draw the line at "comfort" dogs....and there is a huge difference.
Nohandle on 2012-03-15:
What's sad to me is other than seeing eye dogs it took a good long while for other types of assist animals to be recognized. Seizures, hearing assistance and the like. Some balked at being asked for identification so some stores just gave up on it. That's when some folks just started taking Fido everywhere and dared anyone to say anything. Come one and all.

One doctor's office locally actually had a sign for a short while *No Animals Allowed*. When I inquired I was told people were bringing their pets along for the appointment. Hello? This was a doctor's office. Give me a break.
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Posted by on
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- Had a great trip from Jacksonville, Fla. to Ashland KY. Left Ashland, KY happy, all the way to Charleston WVA. Changed drivers from Charleston, WVA. to Columbia South Carolina. It was a trip from hell. For 8 hours we froze to death, and asked the driver several times to turn on the heat, he ignored our plea. We did not get a break for 8 hours, no stop for eating, stretching our legs, or using other ficilities. I am diabetic, and without water, I could not take my meds. I have trouble with the mesh implant, and on Antibiotics, 4 times a day until the 25th of January I could not take them either. Now my Doctor, had to call in the same prescription for 10 more days. When we changed drivers in Columbia South Carolina, that's when we began relaxing again, with the sweetest driver, during the whole trip to Jacksonville, Fl. I have always tried to avoid this driver in the past, he is worse this year than 4 years ago, a lot worse now.

Thank You for listening.

Sincerely Yours,
Katherine Jones

Left Jax, Fl. going to Ashland, KY 1/11/2012 - returned to Jax from Ashland, KY 1/25/2012
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User Replies:

jones.kenneth01 on 2012-01-28:
I think it's wrong to have the bus driver's name removed, he should be removed from service.
Sparticus on 2012-01-28:
Unfortunately site rules don't permit the posting of personal names/information of other people. However I think you specified enough information that Greyhound could easily identify the driver internally if they want to take action on this.
Anonymous on 2012-01-28:
jones.kenneth01: You should contact Greyhound directly about this.

clutzycook on 2012-01-28:
Yes, let Greyhound know about this driver. Additionally, if I were you, I'd be sure to stash a few bottles of water in my bag on my next bus trip. Thank goodness the TSA isn't patrolling the bus stations yet!
DebtorBasher on 2012-01-28:
Admin would allow first names only of another person, but not lastnames.
jones.kenneth01 on 2012-01-28:
Good advice; thank you, and I will be flying from now on in the future.
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The company that left us stranded in Atlantic City!
Posted by on
On 8/26/11 I purchased a round trip ticket from Greyhound Lines Inc. knowing that I my trip coming back was paid already. However, on Friday, the day I was to return home, which was a beautiful day, and hearing about the storm coming on Saturday, Me and my friend decided to leave early Friday morning, just to fine out that Greyhound service was closed, and not coming to pick up any customers. I always believe in Greyhound. This really made me see just what this company feel about their customer. I had to turn around and purchase a ticket from Academy which I might be using as my new travel company on getting to Atlantic City.

I had to pay another $35.00. On Friday this company didn't have a problem getting into Atlantic City.
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User Replies:

trmn8r on 2011-08-29:
A lot of things closed almost a day before the hurricane was expected. I don't know why that is. It sounds like Greyhound was the same.

It may be because they expected heavy traffic from people leaving the shore, and didn't want their buses stuck out there. Have you inquired why they chose to close down a day earlier than the storm?
bcd on 2011-08-29:
The employees needed that day [prior to arrival of the storm] to evacuate their families and secure their property.
At Your Service on 2011-08-29:
I can't say I disagree with Greyhound. Some things are just more important.
Ben There on 2011-08-30:
It is possible that the buses the OP needed were part of a route originating in Virginia or the Carolina's so they got cancelled earlier on. Also, sometimes scheduled bus service is cancelled ahead of a storm so cities can charter the buses to assist the elderly and those without a car with evacuation.

Next time you find yourself in a city that might be hit by a bad storm, check with your bus or airline as soon as possible to see what schedules will be affected. I know in this case many cancellations were done ahead of time.
rszic on 2011-08-30:
It is not how they feel about the customer, but the safety of their employees. If you expect them to put customers ahead of their safety you are wrong.
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