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Complete Lack of Concern For Passengers
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My daughter stood out in the rain in New York City with many other passengers waiting for a Greyhound Bus that never arrived. The pick-up time was eight o'clock at night and she arrived at seven. She was finally forced to leave at eleven thirty because the other passengers left and she was alone on the street. The pick-up location has no enclosed shelter just full exposure to the weather and everyone was caught in a rain storm. She tried contacting Greyhound through different numbers to determine if the bus was in an accident. Greyhound has no numbers to tell passengers if one of their buses is going to arrive or not.

They have plenty of phone numbers when it comes to services that require payment from you. The bus drivers that maintain these routes should at the very least be given phone numbers of designated passengers to let them know the bus will not arrive. Clearly Greyhound is not interested in putting their passengers first. My daughter has very little time off of work to visit her family. Rescheduling is very difficult at best. From what I understand there is no cash refund on her bus ticket. Greyhound gets what they want and my daughter gets nothing, another indication of profits over people.

My friends and family want to know what happen to the bus and why you have poor passenger communication. Based on other complaints I have read you appear to be a company that has very poor customer relations. I want my daughter to have a cash refund so she can reschedule a home visit in the future from a transportation service of her choice. The following information is about her pick-up location and reference number on her ticket. I want this matter investigated. I will be filing my complaint to other websites so potential passengers can be warned ahead of time of you total lack of regard for your passengers.

Attendant very rude said my son missed short bus
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Rating: 1/51

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- My son was stranded in Hollister Branson Mo. I need to get him a bus ticket to come home. So I called to Chattanooga Bus Station and got ticket prices, they where booked for two buses 16 hours and 23 hours but he said there is a third bus which runs 19 hours. I said it doesn't show one for today. I said it does for tomorrow. He said no its runs then my husband bought the ticket. The man asked three times "do you want to pay extra for refundable ticket?" He said "no he is there waiting. In fact he has been there all weekend. We tried to buy online, and it wouldn't work." Because he wasn't card holder I had to pay cash.

At Branson the bus is Jefferson line that takes you to Greyhound in Little Rock and it at a Spirit shop that right beside pizza shop same area seats are there. The attendant told my son the bus should be there soon. He kept asking "is this it?" The other two loads to Little Rock left at 2 and his was suppose to leave at 2:30. At 3:00 a bus came in attendant said "there." The bus driver told him "no son. wrong bus. I am going the other way."

He went in and attendant which is owner dad didn't know how to use computer and the bus driver had to go behind counter and seen that the bus was cancel. 25 seats were not booked so that why other bus so booked up. He said there was a mistake in system where Greyhound and Jefferson line crossed up so the bus never showed. So he sits there another day man at spirit said "I will make ticket for tomorrow."

Now this is where it gets good because Jefferson line changed it for tomorrow. Greyhound would not let him ride. They consider him missing bus and he was right there whole time. I called and very rude customer service I went thru 20 or so people that just kept passing the line. "Yes it will be fine." Oh yes then when I told them next day they made mistake. "Oh no it won't work." Finally I had a rude supervisor. He was yelling and screaming at me. I said "why are you yelling and screaming?" He said "to talk you won't shut up and let me tell you what to do." "Ok what can I do?" He said "go buy another ticket." I said "what is your name?"

He told me that his name was Mr. ** said I would have to pay for another ticket or go to Chattanooga and see if they would replace it. Chattanooga attendant man was so rude. He said "I told your husband to buy refundable ticket he wouldn't." I said "look he was there" and Spirit shop going to let him ride tomorrow but Greyhound won't let him board. He said "you have to buy another ticket." He said "I am not redoing ticket because your son can't get on the short bus. Is he retarded?" I was so mad I hang up.

So I called Spirit and talked to the owner which said it was his dad fault and he would take care of it. He also said to stay in good standing with Greyhound. He doesn't want to tell them it was his dad fault. So he said "I will take care of it" and he did finally good customer service. Then the phone rang and it was Chattanooga Greyhound man said "you lied. you are a liar. your son was at pizza shop and he missed the bus yesterday. I am trying to get Jefferson Line not to reissue ticket. You are a liar." I said "it was there fault they fixed it." I said "they don't want Greyhound to know what happen." I said "stop yelling at me and calling me a liar." He said "I am going to try to stop this."

So I waited all night not knowing when and if he was arriving. The man wouldn't tell me if he was on bus or what time he was arriving. I waited all night and then finally he came in. He said it was a horrific ordeal and I just can't believe how rude customer service and Chattanooga Tn. Greyhound has been. I will say that we have used Knoxville before and it was not like this. But that was over five years ago.

Management Behavior And Tactics To Extort Money From Customers
By -

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- After purchasing a round trip ticket at the San Francisco Greyhound Bus Terminal I proceeded to the staging area, and door number stated by ticket agent and printed on my ticket. I got in line behind an older woman who had been waiting in line for about 20 minutes. It was 10 minutes before departure when I got behind waiting to board when announced or the door opened. Three to four other people got behind me, also going to the same destination, needing the same bus. Had the same door number to wait and time to depart. At the departure time for our door, the next door opened and began taking customers waiting in front of the door.

One gentlemen in my line went and asked the ticket taker if that bus was the one to take to get to the destination we all were going in the other line. He said "NO stay in that line, they will board you soon." We all waiting for another 20 minutes and in the meantime another gentlemen went and asked two other Greyhound staff members outside what was going on. He was told they had to get the bags off the bus first and then would board us. That did not happen.

One by one those in the line with me, left and three of us ended up at the ticket counter to see what was going on. We were told that we were in the wrong line, missed our connection and would have to pay an additional bus fee (more than the original ticket!!) in order to board the next bus leaving the station.

When we protested this, the ticket agents (two at the beginning) said it was up to us to be in the correct line. That if we couldn't figure out this, then we were not paying attention, not really in line, at the wrong door, etc. We explained that NO we had been in line and what should have been an apology and an alternative if possible for the misdirection or mis-ticketing those of us at the gate printed on our ticket. They began a long and embittered, defiant attitude including threats that if the tape proved we were lying, it would cost even more money to ride the next bus, or maybe we couldn't get another ticket, period, that day.

A female ticket agent grabbed a customer's ticket and proceeded to the back of the ticketing area and disappeared to "check the film". 10 minutes later, she returned as a young man who also missed the connection was arguing with another agent, and she began to ask if I had seen what happened in the loading ramp at the departure time listed. I said I did not know what she meant. She said that if I did not see what happened then I was lying and would need to buy another ticket. This did not stop there.

When requesting a supervisor, (the next bus was leaving in 20 minutes) and the female's name, was told supervisor left and we had already talked to him. (He did not say he was a supervisor.) And she would not give her last name and walked off stating as she was leaving with hand in the air, "you won't be getting a ticket at all or it's going to cost you a lot more."

The man who was a the Ticket Agent/Supervisor again began telling us we were wrong, owed more money if we wanted to go anywhere and after getting what I thought was his supervisors number, answered my phone call, put me on hold and left the phone on hold and busy for over an hour. I was told by security there was no other way to contact Greyhound personnel except through these people. I had to be at work, was now unable to get to my destination at all, and had to call family to take me the 64 miles there and back when done.

The other young man in line was going much farther, out of state, and had no other funds to purchase another ticket. One man left, the older women got in line to purchase her ticket again, in order to leave San Francisco. I did get her name and address as well as the young man's. And, if the female ticket agent was correct when stating they could check film/tapes then it is on tape exactly what happened.

The ticket agent I purchased my ticket from can testify to this outrageous, unprofessional, unethical and unlawful business practices done with deliberate and purposeful actions to extort additional monies from its customers who are powerless to find any other alternative or solution.

Corporate Policies
By -

SHREVEPORT -- I recently planned a 7 month backpacking trip through South America, however, I had to cancel my trip when the first leg of my journey on the Greyhound bus turned out to be a horrible experience. Greyhound lost my backpack and my wallet was stolen while on the bus. Greyhound's corporate policy is that a bag is not considered lost for 24 to 48 hours after it was due to arrive at the destination.

I found out that they regularly take bags off of the bus that a consumer is riding upon to make room for their Express Package shipments. It is almost impossible to reach a live person with Greyhound and when their employees don't care about providing service at any level, then why should we, the consumers use their bus service?

Here is the tale: Monday, May 12, 2008. How Greyhound Lines, Inc. isn't a company we can trust. After booking my ticket online, I arrived at the Shreveport Bus station where I at the misfortune of having **, an older lady who apparently has been working at this bus station for a number of years and has gained the reputation of "she'€™s just mean."€

Usually I write down my confirmation numbers for things, however, I didn't find the Greyhound ticket confirmation number among all the other numbers I wrote down for my trip to Panama. **, who apparently didn'€™t want to provide any assistance which would take her away from being able to watch her Television show or do anything that required thought wasn'€™t able to find my ticket information. I'm sure it's because she didn'€™t know how to utilise the computer system.

Then it was a 15-minute wait on the Greyhound 800 number before I was able to reach a live person to provide assistance. I was finally able to obtain my confirmation number (**) and returned to the then extremely long waiting line at the ticket counter. It seems that ** and ** were more involved in having a conversation about personal things and watching the television than assisting customers. And ** kept going back to the other office and didn'€™t help with the long line of customers.

Almost everyone in line was complaining about the bad service. I was finally able to reach the counter after a 20-minute wait and obtain my ticket. I'm not sure what the form was that I signed, but I believed it was the confirmation signature for my ticket purchase.

The time came to board the bus, so again I waited in line. I set my large backpack in the line for the baggage handler to load it on the bus. I waited to watch to make sure it was actually loaded on the bus, which it was along with a number of other bags. Thirteen hours later I arrived in Atlanta, the first stop that required a change of buses and where I was to claim my large backpack so I could check it on the next bus. However, my backpack had been taken off the bus that I was on somewhere along the trip. I complained at the ticket counter, they sent me to a man in customer service and he sent me to check with a man in the baggage department.

My backpack wasn'€™t to be found. Not one of the employees of Greyhound were concerned that my backpack had been taken off the bus and informed me that I couldn't file a complaint until I reached my destination. While I was complaining to the baggage handler he proceeded to inform me of Greyhound'€™s policy about baggage, that they would often remove bags from a bus to make room for their express package deliveries, or other bags and then put the removed bags on another bus which would arrive at a different time than the bus I was on.

On Tuesday, May 13th, I arrived in Orlando, Florida, and wasn'€™t surprised that my backpack wasn'€™t there. I complained at the ticket counter and was finally able to get a complaint form, but according to the form it was to be completed by a Greyhound employee and not the customer. I completed the form and handed it to the lady at the ticket counter who just threw it on the counter. The only employee that even tried to provide service was ** in Orlando. No one at Greyhound was able to inform me when my backpack would arrive and because I was supposed to be catching a flight early the next morning for Panama I couldn't wait.

Well, this and the fact that while on the bus someone stole my wallet and the bus driver (**) wouldn'€™t stop to allow me to file a police report and if he would have stopped then I would have been able to recover my wallet from one of the three people who stole it on the bus. Thus I had to call my family collect to get them to buy a return ticket (Conf. # **) to Shreveport while I awaited my lost backpack and reorder all of the missing items from my wallet. I left Orlando on Greyhound at 8:50 pm that same evening very frustrated, upset, and distraught over the lack of customer service by Greyhound.

I could have continued with my trip had my backpack arrived with me, but since I didn'€™t know when it would arrive I had to return to Louisiana. I arrived Wednesday, May 14th, in Shreveport over an hour late. Thursday was spent filing a complaint online through the Greyhound online system and trying to reach a live person with Greyhound to find my lost backpack. After a 30-minute wait on the Greyhound 800 number I was given another number to call (214-849-6246 the Package Department). I called and spoke with a woman who provided me a Customer ID number (**) so I could always use that number to talk to anyone at Greyhound.

She wasn'€™t able to inform me where my backpack was located so I insisted upon her providing me a number to talk to a supervisor. She gave me 214-849-8218, which is only a recorded message where you can leave a voice message. I left a message and waited for a return phone call. Friday I was even more upset so my sister suggested I call one number up or down from the other number, which I did and was able to reach an operator. (She refused to give me her name and said that her name didn'€™t matter, but I spoke to her at 4:42 pm.) And she, like all the other employees of Greyhound, didn'€™t know what customer service was and refused to help me.

She just transferred me back to the voice message system. I called back and asked her to connect with me a live person, I didn'€™t care whom, but someone who could help me. I finally reached Mrs. ** in the Executive Offices. Mrs. ** was reluctant to provide me with her name. I gave her my customer ID number, she looked it up and said that my backpack had arrived in Orlando on May 15th. (That'€™s one whole day after I had arrived and it arrived after I would have caught my flight, the same flight I had to cancel because Greyhound lost my backpack.)

I informed her that there was no legitimate reason that my backpack should have been taken off of the bus that I was traveling upon and that my luggage should always be on the same bus I was on. She then stated that it was Greyhound'€™s policy not to consider luggage lost for 24 to 48 hours after it was reported missing. According to the official Greyhound Package department after they receive a complaint they have 30 days to send you a letter in the mail with your Customer ID number before you would be allowed to contact Greyhound, and I informed Mrs.** that that time frame was unacceptable.

She said that she would have my bag put on the next bus to Shreveport, but that they would not deliver it to the address where I was waiting. I requested a refund of the two tickets and she told me that Greyhound would not refund for lost baggage. I informed her that if Greyhound was responsible for me not being able to take my 7 month backpacking trip then they were responsible for refunding the ticket prices.

Thus, after several days of calling the Shreveport bus station my backpack arrived today, Thursday, May 22, 2008. Upon my arrival at the Shreveport bus station I didn'€™t find anyone at the ticket counter. I called out for someone and ** peeked her head around a door and said that I would have to wait 30 minutes because she was on her lunch break. I told her that was unacceptable, especially after everything else I had been through with Greyhound. I could see my backpack sitting just past the counter. I walked around the building looking for a door to go get my backpack, but they were all locked.

I returned to the ticket counter and told ** that I supposed I would have to crawl over the counter to get my backpack, and she said she would call the police and have me arrested. I told her to go ahead that I was sure that the media would just love to hear all of this horrible tale, which she was now making worse by refusing to provide any level of service. Angrily she approached the counter and took my baggage claim ticket (**), returned through a side door and threw my backpack on the floor some ways away from where I was standing and then disappeared again. I checked the backpack to make sure everything was still in it and left.

To date I am out the following funds because of Greyhound's baggage policies, the fact that they lost my backpack, and were responsible for me not being able to make my flight connections: First Bus Ticket: $68.00; Second Bus Ticket: $168.00; Airline Ticket: $420.00 (non-refundable); Change of Airline Ticket: $75.00.

It seems that any company that isn'€™t capable of responsibly handling people'€™s baggage, and from my research there are many such stories, then they shouldn'€™t be allowed to operate. It is time that Greyhound was held accountable for the number of people'€™s lives they have hurt because of their corporate policies.

Therefore I hope you will consider assisting me in a Call to Action against Greyhound. You can read more on the website I'€™ve created to bring together all of the people affected by Greyhound. Part of the website is to provide a comprehensive listing of other bus services that people can take so no one ever has to take a Greyhound bus again. Either we get Greyhound to change their policies or we run them out of business.

Trickiest Company I've Ever Dealt With
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Rating: 1/51

KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA -- DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. Their buses doesn't show up at intermediate stations and they will refuse anyhow to reimburse. They first ask you, "What time arrived you to the bus stop?" And then when they see you were on time, they'll tell you that the bus showed 15 minutes before and that was in the contract. TRICKY COMPANY, LIARS. I sent all documents proving and they didn't reimburse. THEY WANT YOUR MONEY...That's it.

Travel Experience
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Rating: 1/51

Don't bother depending on timely departures. Out of Laredo, Texas the bus was an hour late. Also, the buses can be very old with no WIFI. One of my drivers wanted to share his religious conviction when using the loudspeaker to address the occupants. There is no other line that I know of between Austin and Laredo. Don't expect much.

Unorganized Rude Attendants and Rude Disrespectful Bus Drivers
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Rating: 1/51

MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA -- On April 5, 2012, I was on my way from Pensacola, Florida to Nashville, Tennessee. I arrived at the Pensacola bus station at 10 P.M. to purchase a ticket that was supposed to be $112.00, but ended up paying $133.00 because it was Easter. I reminded the bus attendant Easter wasn't till Sunday. I arrived at the Montgomery, Alabama bus station at 3:30 am to wait for my bus going to Birmingham at 5 am. I watched the rude attendant sell about 8 or 9 tickets for the same bus I was waiting for.

We all lined up to board the bus, and when it came to the last 8 people, which I was one of, the bus driver says, "my bus is full and I can't take anymore passengers." I said "what the ** are the rest of us to do?" His response was that's not his problem.

I was very upset, the attendant should not have sold any seats to that bus because it was already full. She rudely told me I would have to wait for the 10:15 bus or I could take a bus at 7:50 A.M. to Atlanta and then back to Nashville, a 5 hour delay in my trip. She then went on to say I needed to hurry up and decide which trip I was taking because she didn't have all day and she was getting off at 6.

I then expressed how upset I was about the un-organization and the delay in my trip, and she said if I didn't watch my mouth, I would not be going on a Greyhound bus period. I do not appreciate being talked to like I'm a nobody, nor threatened when the mistake was her fault to begin with.

No one apologized or tried to accommodate the passengers left behind. I will never travel Greyhound again. When I did get on the bus to Atlanta, that bus driver was also rude, nasty, a real **, and very unprofessional. He talked to all passengers like we were dogs. Hey Greyhound, are you running a bus line to accommodate customers or your rude ** employees. Never again. I am not a racial person and I expect the same respect from black people.

Greyhound is unfair to solving a problem they made.
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- Greyhound services are unfair. I paid them $168.48 for myself and 2 children to ride from Marietta, Ga to Birmingham, Al about a $14.00 ride. The bus came late. When I arrived to Atlanta's station at 1:15 am instead of 11:45 am the bus to Birmingham Al had already left. The cashier told me the next bus will arrive at 7:00 pm. I asked for my money back because I'm diabetic and couldn't stay at a station for that long with also my children and luggage. She told me that I will need to write Greyhound explaining why I didn't ride the rest of the way. So I had to pay my uncle to come get me and take me home.

When I get back called the number they told me to send them a copy of my tickets. Months went by and they sent me a voucher to ride Greyhound good for rest of year, I called and told them I want my money back cause I now have a car and have no use for Greyhound. Waited months and they sent me a letter saying, "Thank you for expressing your concerns. We will not be able to honor your request." I called them and asked why. His voice changed and disorderly, he say "well we don't give refunds" then changed it around and say that "ticket was nonrefundable."

And I say "if the tickets were nonrefundable, then I say you wouldn't have sent me this voucher free for the rest of the year." I also asked to speak with Ms. **. And he hurriedly tried to get me off the phone and was saying there is no Ms. ** that I could speak to and, but her name is signed at the bottom of the letter. He basically said they couldn't do anything for me. EVEN IF I CANNOT GET MY MONEY BACK THAT I AM OWED IT'S THE PRINCIPLE OF RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS IN THE CORRECT MANNER BECAUSE THIS IS GREYHOUND'S OWN FAULT. If you could do anything to help me bring justice to this situation I would be most obliged. Thank you.

By -

I am blind in my left eye, my left hand is damaged to the point that it does not work properly. I am also going deaf. I did not hear the driver say to remove ticket from envelope. When I went to the door to get on the bus, the driver was very rude about me not having my ticket out of the envelope and the man asked me if I could not hear, sarcastically. It took me about 30 second or so to get the ticket out of the envelope due to my left hand. He told me "see this is why you were supposed to have ticket out of envelope. You are holding up all the people behind you because you were too lazy to take out the ticket." I tried to explain to him that I am going deaf and he just said "whatever".

On the way to my destination, he stopped 2 times and it was an express. Sometime during the trip he called the bus depot that we were supposed to go to and told them that they had no one going to Waco. The guy at the counter let the bus go because of the call. The driver had read the ticket in Fort Worth and knew I was going to Waco. When I arrived at Waco, the bus had already left due to his phone call. I was stranded in Waco for 15 hours and I only had to go 30 miles before I reached my destination. I believe the driver did it maliciously because I could not hear him about the envelope.

When I approached the counter at the bus depot, I talked to the guy behind the counter. The bus driver was behind him. He took my ticket, gave a little smirk and threw the ticket at me. I did not appreciate the way I was treated and if I can find another bus line to travel by, I will use them. I believe that if you are going to deal with public in a professional state, you should be courteous at all times and not maliciously cause problems for the consumer.

I Thought I Was Going To Die
By -

I was on the Greyhound going to Charleston SC and we had to make our first stop at Virginia and our bus number was 6437. The driver name is ** and she did not know where she was going straight out of Greyhound port. The first thing she did at 6:09 pm was ask the customers how do she get to the i95. We thought she was joking but she was not. At that moment we all pulled out our cell phones for gps then a older man came from the back to help her.

At 7:19 she pulled over to talk to her boss and smoke a cigarette then she walked away from the bus for 2 mins and when she returned at 8:23 she drifted off the road and one min later she almost hit a car then at 8:39 she almost hit another car. At 8:50 she drifted off the road again. She was trying to find the Greyhound rest stop. We asked her to just stop at any rest stop. She said Greyhound is not allowed to stop anywhere they want like in Louisiana they can not stop there. At 8:55 she said she needs her meds. At 9:01 she made the wrong turn going back towards the Delaware bridge and then she pulled in to a shopping center to turn around.

She was yelling people, was smoking on the bus with babies on the bus. People was yelling going crazy out of fear for their safety. 9:15 she almost side swiped another car then at 9:17 she was yelling "damn damn these people act like children." She said she used to drive a school bus for 10 years. We pulled up at a rest stop and we saw another Greyhound driver who said he was going to lead us to our stop. We asked him can we board his bus he had a lot of empty seats, he said no, we told him we was afraid and he said everything is going to be OK and we need to stay on our bus. The number to his bus was 6577.

I was in fear for my life and I've been calling Greyhound all day. Was put on hold for 2 hours and they hung up the phone on me. I cannot believe this is going on with all the crashes and things that has been going on in the city and around the world. I trusted Greyhound and this is what was going on!!!

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