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Service dogs
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Rating: 1/51

I wanted to visit my daughter and was going to take the Greyhound but then found out that Greyhound is trying to play doctor and would not let me take my dog Skipper. They said that even though I have a prescription from my doctor stating that Skipper is my emotional support service dog that they did not recognize that as a medical need.

Now Greyhound does accept service dogs, they just do not recognize emotional as a service dog. He is a small dog and would not have used up any extra space but that is beside the point. My doctor prescribed him to me and that should be enough. Please somehow get this taken care of if not for me for others in my situation. I was going to be gone for several weeks but cannot do it without my companion.

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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- Had a great trip from Jacksonville, Fla. to Ashland KY. Left Ashland, KY happy, all the way to Charleston WVA. Changed drivers from Charleston, WVA. to Columbia South Carolina. It was a trip from hell. For 8 hours we froze to death, and asked the driver several times to turn on the heat, he ignored our plea. We did not get a break for 8 hours, no stop for eating, stretching our legs, or using other facilities. I am diabetic, and without water, I could not take my meds. I have trouble with the mesh implant, and on Antibiotics, 4 times a day until the 25th of January I could not take them either. Now my Doctor, had to call in the same prescription for 10 more days.

When we changed drivers in Columbia South Carolina, that's when we began relaxing again, with the sweetest driver, during the whole trip to Jacksonville, Fl. I have always tried to avoid this driver in the past, he is worse this year than 4 years ago, a lot worse now. Thank You for listening. Left Jax, Fl. going to Ashland, KY 1/11/2012 - returned to Jax from Ashland, KY 1/25/2012.

The company that left us stranded in Atlantic City!
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On 8/26/11 I purchased a round trip ticket from Greyhound Lines Inc. knowing that I my trip coming back was paid already. However, on Friday, the day I was to return home, which was a beautiful day, and hearing about the storm coming on Saturday, me and my friend decided to leave early Friday morning, just to find out that Greyhound service was closed, and not coming to pick up any customers. I always believe in Greyhound. This really made me see just what this company feel about their customer.

I had to turn around and purchase a ticket from Academy which I might be using as my new travel company on getting to Atlantic City. I had to pay another $35.00. On Friday this company didn't have a problem getting into Atlantic City.

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The buses are ALWAYS LATE. I missed my connections several times. Many of the drivers were unprofessional and talked on their cell phone or used headsets to listen to music while driving through heavy traffic (isn't that illegal and unsafe?).

I have seen a customer service manager loudly discuss her personal business on her cell phone while customers were waiting in line (Denver Colorado) or they are more interested in gossiping with their co-workers than assisting customers (St. Louis Missouri).

I could not believe how filthy, dirty and grimy the Greyhound stations were, especially the restrooms. Even after the buses were "cleaned" there is still dust everywhere and stains on the seats. The air on the bus is a combination of roach spray, air freshener, piss, feces and that blue stuff in the toilet.

On the newer buses the Internet seldom worked and there were few working outlets. They all had the same "low" air quality. Often I witnessed passengers "fist" fighting, pickpocketing, stealing luggage, verbally loud, or cursing on their cell phones and the drivers did nothing. There were many great drivers that were experts when it came to driving the bus and controlling the passengers. The majority of drivers were impatient and unprofessional.

Greyhound Doesn't Make U-Turns....
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I am a regular consumer of Greyhound. I purchased tickets for my daughter and grand to come visit for Christmas. She changed her mind, so I asked Greyhound for a refund. First they said that I would need to purchase another ticket in order to get the money back. Or I could use the ticket within a year. Well in March my daughter decided to visit. So I called Greyhound and was told to purchase another ticket that I could not use the credit, but once a new ticket was purchased that I would get my refund within 7 to 10 business days. Well today makes it about 100 days still no refund. I will never use their services again.

Don't leave the driving to Greyhound!

My mom went to the Greyhound Bus Station in Anoka, MN to buy me (her 15 year old daughter) two 1 way tickets. The first ticket was from Minneapolis, MN leaving at 1:00 p.m. and arriving in Odem, TX at 9:40 p.m. the next night, which had one transfer. The second ticket was from Corpus Christi, TX to Minneapolis, MN with 3 transfers. I have never rode on a bus for that length of time before and I was very excited after hearing the news, that my mom had bought me these tickets. I actually had no idea what was ahead in this VERY long journey.

We arrived at the Minneapolis Greyhound Bus Station and I got in line to board my bus. By the time the bus actually left the station, it was about a half hour late. No big deal really, at least I was on my way. We got to Des Moines, IA, about 45 minutes late. Our 45 minute stop was turned into a 15 minute stop so the bus driver could catch up on his “time”. We started off again and were about half way to Dallas when we stopped in this parking lot, which was not a stop on the schedule even. The bus driver let this poor little girl come on the bus and try to sell us all food and drinks.

Once she went up and down the bus a few times she realized that no one was going to buy her stuff so she got off. Then a woman came on the bus and talked to the bus driver for a little bit and the bus driver finally told her that we have got to get going so she got off and we left. This was very rude since we were already behind schedule but why should he care? He is just driving us to Dallas anyway. So we finally arrived in Dallas, TX about 1 hour and 45 minutes late. I had my only transfer there and I was not to worried, I thought it was going to be the same as it was in Minneapolis.

I got off the bus and asked the bus driver where I go to pick up my luggage. He told me that they would take care of it and not to worry. I insisted that I needed my luggage and asked him if he was sure about this. He reassured me that my luggage would be transferred to my next bus and to hurry and get in the station because our bus was behind schedule. I went inside the station and looked around for my line. I did not see anyone who could help me decide which line to get in, so I decided for myself. I got into the line that I believed was mine.

I looked around and seen that everyone else had their luggage with them, and there I was, a confused 15 year old girl with one carry on bag. My mom called and asked me if I had my luggage with me and if I was in the right line. I told her what the bus driver said and she told me that he was wrong and to get out of line and ask someone for help. I told her that I didn’t want to get out of line because there was so many people behind me and I didn’'t want to be the one sitting on the floor of the bus like the people who had to do so on my way to Dallas.

Eventually I got out of line and went up to the service desk. Of course, all the employees were standing in the back office talking and it was so loud in the station, they couldn’'t hear me asking for help. Finally, a lady came out of the office and asked me what I needed. I showed her my tickets and she said, “"Get in line, you are going to miss your bus. Get off that cell phone and pay attention.”" (My mom was on the cell phone with me and she could hear everything that this rude lady was saying.) I asked her "what line am I supposed to go in?" And she took my tickets and said, “"Where is Odem? I don'’t even know where that place is.”" I said, "It is down by Corpus Christi."”

She printed out new tickets and said, "“Hurry get in your line now.”" I asked her about my bags and she said, “"NO YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO GET YOUR BAGS OFF THE BUS!!! Hurry up and follow me."” I replied to this comment by saying "excuse you but you are supposed to be helping me, not making this even harder." I was fed up with this woman'’s rude attitude towards me and I believe that I had a very good reason to act the way that I did. At this point I was crying because I was about 3 hours late, I had no bags, no bus, nowhere to go, and a rude employee telling me what to do.

You have to remember that I was a 15 year old girl traveling by myself, lost in an unfamiliar place, and to top it all off, I was being yelled at by this lady. I followed her as she went outside and got my bags from the lost and found area. She told me to be quiet and to quit my crying. We came back inside and she put new tags on my luggage. She brought me back outside and put me right on the bus. The bus driver complained a little bit about me getting on before scheduled time. HELLO, we were about 3 hours behind schedule anyway, so what'’s the difference?

So finally we left Dallas and arrived in Houston. We caught up on time and we were about an hour late. I had a 45 minute delay and was ready for a little rest. I asked the bus driver if it was okay if I left my carry on bags on the bus since I would be getting back on in 45 minutes. He said that would be okay. They took all of our luggage off the bus and I asked them why they were doing that and the man told me not to worry about it and to go back inside. We were all standing inside waiting for them to reload the bus, when the bus left without us! I ran out there and told him that my carry on bags were on there and he told me that the bus would be back in about 15 minutes.

He had to go get gas. Okay, so the bus got back and we all got on the bus. The bus wouldn'’t turn on so we all got off the bus again. A new bus came and we got on that one. Finally, we left the station and about 30 minutes out, the bus driver said that the speedometer wasn'’t working so we had to go back to get on a new bus. We went all the way back to Houston and got on another bus. We were off again and we reached Wharton, TX when we stopped at a red light. The light turned green but we weren'’t moving, the bus broke down. So we were stuck on the side of the rode.

Here I was, a little girl, stranded on a bus at 9:00 p.m., in the dark, all by myself. That’'s not very safe at all. We sat there for a good 2 hours before the bus driver announced, "“Go eat if you want, we aren'’t going anywhere for a long time.”" He didn’'t speak very good English, at least, not to me. I was not about to get off that bus for any reason unless we got a new bus, so I sat there the whole time. My cell phone was just about dead, which shouldn'’t have been a problem because at this time I should have already been to my destination. So I was sitting there, with no one to talk to, all by myself.

My sister'’s husband eventually called the bus driver and was talking to him. The bus driver announced that there would be a new bus coming to pick us up in about an hour. Finally the new bus came, we got our luggage on the bus and we were on our way again. I reached my destination about 4 hours late. I was not ready to go on my long journey back, considering that I had 3 transfers and my transfer on the way there was bad enough. My mom and I believed that it was to unsafe for me to ride the Greyhound back so they had to purchase me a plane ticket. We called the Greyhound Refund Service number and asked if we could get a refund.

They told us no because it was a ticket bought in advance. I don’t care if I bought it yesterday or a year ago, I never used the ticket and that was their fault so I should be able to get a refund. I still sent in the ticket with a letter of complaint, hopefully, I will get a response and a refund but if not, I will proceed further in this because I was treated unfair and do not think that is right.

Bus Trip
By -

MODESTO, CALIFORNIA -- I bought a roundtrip ticket from Modesto CA to Salinas CA. On the return trip I had to go all the way to Los Angeles CA. Three hundred and something miles to get to Modesto CA. I was stranded with no money for food. 19 hours to get home.

Always Late
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95th Greyhound is always too late for my trip downtown. It is always too late. Why? They say no returns. Too old to keep spending time at a bus station.

Long delays
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Waiting for departure buses not being told the truth, these people will have you to just wait in the most uncomfortable settings, with no idea how long, there has been instances of people left for 10 to 15 hours. I mean it's understood if the weather is bad but I'm talking good weather and excellent driving conditions. Someone needs to be held accountable.

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