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Do not buy from Grossinger Toyota
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I have had the worse buying experience in my life history at Grossinger Toyota, North. 3 months ago, I went in to buy a 2005 RAV4 track car from Toyota. Here is the sequence of events as they happened.

1. Sales Manager, Joe Addante, convinced me to wait for track car - good price, he wrote up quote and I waited.

2. Went back and forth for 3 months, Car wasn't in, wrong car, couldn't find car, until several weeks ago, Joe finally found car at price.

3. Went in and signed paperwork, the next day Joe was fired.

4. New management including Angelo Beltrano, and Allegreti, refused to honor deal. In fact, they would not call me back and they sent back my check.

So, I am left with no car and it is now too late to find another 2005 track car. So, I am basically SOL. At times they were rude to me, they never returned calls, and they showed total indifference to my plight.

Stay away from this dealership at all costs. They can not be trusted.

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Sparticus on 01/12/2006:
I would recommend the Elgin Toyota dealership. I had a good buying experience there and continue to get good service from them for the last 6 years.
Anonymous on 01/12/2006:
If you have a signed buyers order from the dealership with a serial number of the vehicle, they are contractually obligated to honor it. Contact your motor vehicle administration investigative department and/or the state police. Now if you have a piece of paper with numbers sratched on it, you have nothing. Good Luck
Anonymous on 01/12/2006:
P.S. If the dealer claims that the manager who signed the paperwork no longer works there, it will not matter since the person was a represenative of the company when the paperwork was signed.
spiderman2 on 01/12/2006:
Not to be dumb, but what is a track car?
Slimjim on 01/13/2006:
Must have been too good a deal as it sounds like Joe was fired directly because of it, or at least it was the last straw among other events.
Anonymous on 01/22/2006:
Speculating again, Slumdumb?
Almay on 06/14/2006:
I have just been through the same 3 month wait for a 2006 Rav 4, with Angelo Beltrano... and got the very same runaround... promises, promises... and tonight... got a call from George (the general manager... ) who said they cannot deliver the car. For 3 months... I've been told... just another couple of weeks... problems with the order... every excuse in the book. These guys may not be dishonest, but they surely misrepresented themselves to me... I will never work with Grossinger again. period.
SIMPLE on 06/21/2011:
Why do we assume the worse, I know it must be the tails and horns car salespeople have. Or possibly just a bad mistake.
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Purchasing a new Car
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LINCOLNWOOD, ILLINOIS -- On Saturday August 18th my wife and I walked into Grossinger Toyota North Dealership. I was looking into purchasing new Toyota Sienna for my business. I contacted a number of different Toyota Dealerships and it seemed that Grossinger was giving me the best price for the new vehicle. I spoke with Mitchell on Thursday, August 16, 2007 and he told me that his Sales Manager is willing to sell us the car for $23,000 including all taxes and fees. I set up a meeting with him for Saturday afternoon.

We arrived at the dealership and our nightmare had begun. It took the dealership personnel about 45 minutes just to get the car for us to test drive. When I was driving the car I told Mitchell there is something wrong with the alignment on the car. He said that upon delivery they will have it inspected. We came back to the dealership after the test drive, and I went to talk to Angelo about the price and alignment of the wheels. He said that he will have it inspected and final price he gave me was $22.600.00.

After we agreed on all the terms and signed all the paperwork we were asked to sit down. We were waiting for about 1 hour. Nobody came up to us; nobody offered us water or coffee. Then about 1 hour later Angelo came to us and said that they had a computer system problem and he cannot sell us the car for the price they offered; now the price for the car is $1000.00 more. I told him that it is not our mistake and we have the paperwork completed and signed by him already. Angelo told us that it’s our problem and he can change the price and paperwork at any time he wants, and if we don’t like it we can leave and never come back again. Toyota and Grossinger does not need our business. WOW, way to go for the sales manager of Toyota dealership. We did have a final price of $22,600 in writing, signed by [name removed]. I wanted to speak to the General Manager. In about another 45 minutes the General Manager finally appeared without a smile, or without even saying hello. I felt like we owed him something, and we are not the customers he is looking for.

We went into his office and after a long debate he finally agreed to sell us the car for the price they originally quoted ($23,000 including all taxes and fees). We thought this will be the end of our nightmare and we will go home in about 1 hour in our new car; all we will need to do is to see the finance manager to sign all the financial papers.

I told Angelo and Mark that my wife is pregnant and she does not feel good. Is there any way we can do everything faster so we can go home and she can rest. Mitchell was busy with a different customer, so Angelo told car delivery department to help us go through the car and show us the features that the car has and how to use them. We were waiting outside in the rain for about 35 minutes for the person from the delivery department, he NEVER showed up. We walked back into the dealership and ask Angelo where is the car delivery person and when are we going to sign the finance paperwork. He rerouted us to the General Manager, who told us that he is going to check and he disappeared for about 45 minutes. Since the entire building is made out of glass, we saw that Mark was talking to the finance manager all of this time, and only later we found out that Mark told Dan to make everything possible so we will pass on the deal and leave without the car. They did not want to take the loss. Needless to say, that we spent almost 2 hours in the Finance Manager’s office. Dan was sitting at his desk and just staring at the computer for about 30 minutes. He talked to the General Manager on the phone and told him that we are not going to pass on the deal.

Finally my wife asked him if there is a problem that needs to be resolved. He responded positively. They could not find my credit report. He told me that I do not have any credit history, (Dan said people like me are called ghosts) and they will have to give me a higher rate if I still want the car. We asked him to look again. I told him that I own a house, 8 different credit cards with a high limits. Also we asked him to check the spelling of my last and first name, and finally he found me, but still did not want to give me a lower interest rate. There was a Toyota Interest Rate chart with all percentages for different scores in front of him. My score was between 680 and 700; based on his chart with a score like that he was supposed to give me interest rate around 7%. He said they need to make the money back they lost on the deal one way or another and if I don’t want to take the car at 8.95% I don’t have to.

It will be OK with them. He would not even listen that we bought Toyota Avalon last year and financed it through Toyota Motor Credit, and paid it off in 6 month. At that time both of us were ready to explode. I said that I do not care about the rate and I will pay the car off in one month. My initial deposit was $9,500, when I told Dan about it he looked at me like I was lying. He asked if I really have that much money to put down. He ran out of the office and went to talk to the General Manager. I guess we did not look like people who can spend money on a new car. A different guy came in to watch us while Dan was talking to Mark, since we told him that my wife has a degree in finance. While Dan was talking with [the , we were treated like criminals: sitting in Dan’s office and being watched by Dan’s associate. Dan came back in 25 min and asked me 4 times in different ways if I still want the car and if I did not change my mind. Another 35 minutes later they finally decided to close the deal. After we signed all the paper work, Dan told us to wait outside for someone who will show us the car and will install license plates. After 25 minutes of waiting I went back into the dealership and asked for the keys.

It was 7:45 pm and nobody cared to show us what’s in the car and how to use it. I told them that I could figure out how to use the car myself and I will never go back to the dealership again. One of the managers started screaming at me and calling me all the names in his book. [The General Manager] told one of porter to put temporary plates on the car and to close the door behind me because dealership was already closed. I told my wife that if it was the general manager of the Toyota dealership than now I understand why all managers are like that at this place. They have somebody to look up to. I guess he was very unhappy for losing $700 on this deal. I will never come to Grossinger for any repairs on my car because I believe their service department is just as bad as their sales department.

We walked into the dealership at 12:45 p.m. and left at 7:45 p.m. We wasted our entire Saturday afternoon on buying a car, that we already had a price for before we walked into the dealership.

I have never seen such an unacceptable and rude behavior from the Sales Manager, the Finance Manager, and the General Manager. The only reason we did not walk out is because we knew that all of Grossinger Toyota Management wanted us to do that. I do not know if they treat all of their customers the same way, and if they do how do they stay in business. We spent over 7 hours and the dealership and no one even offered us a glass of water. My wife was 3 months pregnant at the time and she was not feeling well and they saw that and I told them that, a couple of times but no one decided to hurry up and get us out of the dealership anytime sooner.

After driving the car for 650 miles I looked at my front tires and they were worn on both sides. I took my car to the Arlington Toyota dealership and asked them to check why tires were in such a bad condition in 650 miles. After service department inspected the car, they told me that alignment was never done on the car and car was never inspected before it was delivered to me. Arlington Toyota service department changed two front tires and completed alignment. Once again it shows how much both managers care about the safety of their customers. I told Angelo about the problem when we came back from test-driving the vehicle. He did not even pay attention to my concern; he just wanted me to leave and for the deal to fall apart.
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MRM on 11/12/2007:
Wow, you spent almost 6 hours at the dealership. But I heard to be prepared to stay at the dealership for hours.
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Deception is an Artform at Grossinger
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I found a vehicle that I liked (Range Rover) and called and spoke to their "internet manager" Michael. We had worked out a deal for the vehicle and he assured me it would be ready for next day delivery. I advised him that I was coming via train Buffalo NY and would need to pick up the vehicle the day I arrived. He assured me again that the vehicle was on the lot and ready to go. I told him that I should be in Chicago no later than 10:00.

Well, 9:30AM the next day as I am on the train, I get a voicemail from Mike that the vehicle was in service at Howard Orloff Land Rover because of a heater sensor. I called him back and he would not answer my call. I spoke to a manager there and I was told that the vehicle has been at Howard Orloff for the past few days and they were waiting for a part. I asked if it should be ready today, I was told 'maybe'.

Well I get into Chicago and take a cab to Grossinger, and when I get there I asked to speak to Mike. I am told he is with a customer and that I am next to see him. I am offered by another salesperson to see another vehicle as I was waiting. I looked at the vehicle and told him that I wasn't interested, he told me that its OK, points to a couple in the showroom and tells me that they are buying that vehicle...OK I was just used to get someone to sign on the dotted line.

Well, after an hour of waiting I asked a salesperson how much longer until I can speak to Mike. I am told he has 6 people ahead of me! What! I came here from Buffalo and this guy is blowing me off. When I saw Mike, he picked up his cell phone and pretended he was talking on it as he walked by me without even acknowledging me.

At that point I was pointed in the direction of a manager by the name of Mike Spence. He told me that Mike was being immature and not wanting to speak to me because of the situation. He told me that the car would be back Monday or Tuesday and said he empathized with me for coming out 500 miles to buy this car but he could do nothing. He told me I could go look at the vehicle at Howard Oroloff but their service department was closed at 2PM. He said he knew this because he used to work there.

After three hours of being there I decided to go and see this car and decide whether I was going to fork over $800 and three days for an extended stay in Chicago. Well, after another cab ride (I was told by Mike that Grossinger doesn't do courtesy transport) I was shocked to see that Howard Orloff Land Rover's Service Department was still open at 4:30pm! I was told by their service writer that they're always open until 6:30. He then tried to find this vehicle for me and told me after a lot of searching that Grossinger Toyota had the vehicle picked up the prior Thursday. I was livid, not only was I lied and deceived to by their "internet manager" Micheal, but also by their sales manager. I called Grossinger immediately and was hung up on several times before speaking to a manager at Grossinger's Autoplex. I was told that he would "speak" to these guys and give me a call back Monday morning. Never heard a thing.

I ended up leaving Chicago the next day, out almost $600 when all was done and said for. I would not have been surprised at something like this if it were not coming from a new Toyota store.
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Bad Experience
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LINCOLNWOOD, ILLINOIS -- About 1-1/2 weeks ago we visited this dealer to test drive a used vehicle that we saw advertised on Upon entering the showroom we were promptly greeted by a salesperson and told her that we did not have a lot of time but wanted to inspect the vehicle. After some searching the vehicle was located on the lot and we were able to test drive it.

A few days later we called the dealership to request pricing for the vehicle. (Since we live about an hour from the dealership we did not want to go there to haggle on price.) The sales manager gave us a good price and we agreed to pay for and pickup the car in about 5 days since we were going to be out of town. We asked the sales manager if we could put down a deposit to "hold" the vehicle. We gave the sales manager our credit card number and were told that for a $300 deposit the car would be held for us. We were faxed a pricing commitment from the dealer showing our deposit.

We received a call from a salesperson one day before picking up the vehicle. We were told that the vehicle would be waiting for us at the front of the dealership when we arrive Monday morning. We drove to the dealership on Monday morning and did not find the car waiting for us. We went inside and the sales manager informed us that the vehicle should have been moved to the warehouse. A few minutes later we were informed that the vehicle was sold Saturday evening at 9 PM by some "inexperienced" salesperson (at least that was the excuse.) I asked why a "sold" sign was not put on the vehicle but I was told that their practice with used vehicles is to never hold them. We were never told about this practice and were lead to believe that our deposit would hold the vehicle until we came in to pay for it and pick it up.

There was very little attempt to apologize to us and only an offer to show us something similar. A salesperson showed us a similar vehicle that had more miles, a lower price and some body damage. We walked out of the dealership.

If you plan to shop at this dealership please be aware that some of the salespeople there are very inexperienced. Also, don't plan on holding a used vehicle. Pay for it right away if it is something that you really want.
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User Replies:
Doc J on 06/28/2006:
You probably have a breach of contract complaint if you wanted to pursue it. I highly doubt that your occurrence was in any way related to "an inexperienced salesman". What's to say they didn't get a better offer for the car and just walk your offer? This is also a classic example of "bait-and-switch" if their intent was to get you back to buy a lesser car at a worse deal. Thanks for the post. Your complaint deserves a walk to the Illinois Attorney General's Consumer Fraud Division. Thanks for the warning.
rhondam718732 on 06/28/2006:
I am from IL and actually bought a car from that same dealership a few yrs ago. The "inexperienced salesperson" line is a line. When you buy a car, the used or new car sales mgr is involved. Was the mgr ionexperienced as well? Someone there knew there was a hold on the car but with no slipped thu the crack or was sold from under you.
miketech on 06/28/2006:
I used to sell cars and it never failed if someone told me they were coming to buy a specific car right then and would be there in 20 minuites, even if that piece of junk had been on the lot a year som other salesman would sell it out from under me.
The used car business is tough and mean and only cash in hand or an approved signed finance contract counts. There are no friends there is no loyalty. This mentality is created as much by lying customers as well as greddy dealers. Not that you lied but believe me others have.
A friend of mine has 15 years in the cars business and is in the process of writing a book. I got his promo pack for agents and I hope it's a hit cause it really exposes a lot of the deciept and tricks used by dealers and customers. It is true stories written as a fiction book so it is very very funny, scary and interesting.
I designed a simple page for him so the publisher could get an idea. Anyone want to take a look and comment please do.
Sorry for the shameless plug but paul is a great guy and what I've read so far could really help some people.
Anonymous on 06/28/2006:
Interesting, everybody. I'm not sure of this applies in all states but if you buy used I would get a pre mechanic to inspect the vehicle, but make sure he's not a shill for the dealer. Grossinger Toyota can shove it.
tander on 06/29/2006:
Car dealers are the shadiest people to deal with, it's all about money. When I walk onto a car lot, I usually don't get out of my vehicle, because they're like leeches, who suck onto you and don't let go. If they have no price stickers on their windows of their cars I drive on through. Just thinking about buying a car makes me cringe!
miketech on 06/29/2006:
Me too Tander and I was in the biz for 2 or 3 years. It was fun but I got better. If my uncle didn't own alittle car lot I would probably ride a bike. He runs one like I think they should be run. He shows the people the cars, tells them the price, lets them drive the one they like and if they want it they can buy it. He puts a 30 day warranty on every car he sells. Sounds simple huh?
Scumbag on 11/19/2008:
Car dealers are as shady as the rest of the business trying to do business. I don't care if you are a doctor,lawyer or any other proffesionals. To generalize is a shame. These people work as hard as the next and are raising their family, just as you may.
simple on 06/21/2011:
To generalize about people is as bad as you can get. People are people, you have good and you have bad.I know several automitve professionals and they are just people like you and I.
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