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Scam Letter
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Rating: 1/51

FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS -- Received a letter from Guardian stating my vehicle factory Warranty may have or soon to expire, that this is their first and FINAL attempt to contact me and if I do not contact them by the respond date they listed, I risk not being able to obtain protection. I called to find out why I received this letter when I have extended vehicle protection through the dealer. The representative kept trying to tell me I did not understand, cut me off when I told him I had extended warranty, and kept stating that it did not cover me as the coverage date began in factory and not when sold.

I tried to tell him I purchased additional coverage and he kept telling me not to interrupt. I finally hung up the phone and called the dealer. The dealer verified my extended 5 year policy and stated these companies get our information from the DMV. They are marketing and trying to sell their warranty. What a SCAM. Their representative was argumentative and contradicted everything I said. They should be closed down. No, I do not need them to contact me EVER.

Scam Experience
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Rating: 1/51

I answered a solicitation phone call for an extended warranty for my car. It sounded good so I accepted. When I realized my current extended warranty was still good for several more months, I called Guardian to cancel. The sales representative assured me he had canceled the policy which I had previously agreed to. I was charged 3 consecutive months, $440. Obviously the sales representative never canceled the policy. Bad business practice.

Any way to avoid paying a claim
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WILKES BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I bought a Subaru on Monday, May 2nd, 2011 from Clear Choice Auto in Mechanicsburg, and the GWC warranty came with the car. 3 months or 3000 miles. When I bought the Subaru I noticed it had an alarm, but no remote, so I called the local Subaru dealership and made an appointment to get one the next Monday. Around Wednesday I noticed my car was starting to have hesitation when shifting it into drive, and as the rest of the week progressed, the car also started shifting really hard from time to time. But it's a Subaru and it's only had 88000 miles on it, and they go forever, right?

So I take it to the dealership and ask them while they're at it, would they check the transmission fluid because it's shifting wonky and I explained to them what it was doing. They set up my remote and then came out and gave me a whole laundry list of things that were wrong with the transmission. I asked them if they accepted my warranty, and they said they would call. I had to speak to the GWC rep, who treated me like I was trying to pull some sort of scam. Why didn't I go back to the original dealership? Why was I at a real dealership? Did any lights come on? What exactly did I mean by shifting hard?

Did I understand that I would have to pay the difference between this place's hourly rate and the allowance that GWC has for hourly rate? Actually, I didn't know much because the original dealership didn't provide me with any more information than my policy number. But I did know that this GWC representative was treating me like I did something wrong. So I explained to him that I didn't expect there to be anything serious wrong with the transmission, I thought they would check it and say it was low on fluid, or was just being wonky because the car sat for some time before I bought it.

So the guy on the phone decides he needs a fax, which my dealership provides. After the first hour, my dealer calls and leaves a message asking them what's going on (they don't answer phones very often, I've tried calling them myself). He reminds these people that I am sitting here and have been for some hours. The second hour goes by and they finally call back and say their adjusters need to come and see the car.... tomorrow. My dealer says that he would like approval to give me a rental car so that I can go home. They admit that my policy does cover rental cars, but they refuse to pay until their adjuster comes. So I wait another hour for the shuttle to take me home.

The next day, the adjuster doesn't arrive until after 3 and fools around until about 4:30. I get a call from the dealership around 4:45. The adjuster has agreed that everything they have shown him is in bad shape. He made a call to his office but says he can't make a determination until he talks to his superiors (then wtf is he doing being an adjuster?). SO, the company gets yet out of paying for a rental car for me for a 2nd day.

I am hopeful that I will get some sort of answer from these jackwagons tomorrow. I need to have a vehicle, and I am absolutely livid that they are dragging their feet like this. According to their website they work with "reputable dealers". Let me tell you, the place I bought my car from was not a "reputable dealer". The day after I bought it, I took it to get new tires because I wanted to have good tires on it, I bought a Subaru so I would be able to drive it in all sorts of weather.

I knew when I bought it that the tires weren't all that great, and I don't expect GWC to cover the tires. What I also didn't expect was when the service people at the tire place said that the dealership I bought it from should not have inspected it in the first place because one of the tires didn't match the other 3. Not legal here.

But that's not really my point. My point is, if they pay for repairs at "any reputable dealership", then what is the holdup? Their adjuster saw that the parts were bad. Either the place I took it to is reputable, or it is not. There should be no issue here. I am not over the mileage limit, nor the time limit, and the transmission is supposed to be covered under my contract, by their own admission. So when he came, the work should have been approved, or I should have been told where to take the car. And I should NOT be sitting here without a vehicle when he plainly admits that the parts are indeed bad. But they did their best to make sure they haven't had to pay for a rental.

My next call will be to the attorney general and I am filing a report with the BBB and any other organization I can get to listen to me. Being a single female, I am sure there are plenty of women's consumer protection places that would love to hear my story. The automotive industry has ripped women off left and right for years, and GWC is no different

Cannot cancel my warranty
By -

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- Two weeks back I bought a used car from a car dealer in Baltimore, MD. The dealer conned me into signing up for a 1yr extended warranty for $850. as is clear from many other posts on this forum, this company is rip-off. I checked this company on the net only after I signed :(. I didn't have high hopes but still tried to get it cancelled just to discover that the terms & condition say that it can be cancelled only in case of "total loss, theft or recalled by lien holder." None of these apply. So I am stuck with it.

I had to get some repairs (timing belt, spark plug etc) done immediately after buying the car and of course both the dealer and warranty company backed up. All this happened within 2 weeks of buying the car. Not a pleasant state of affairs at all... So beware and do not sign up Guardian.

The Customer is Never Right!!!
By -

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- I had my car towed to an auto repair shop referred to by this warranty company on Tuesday June 20, 2006. No one looked at my car to see what was wrong with it, even after numerous calls, until Friday June 23, 2006. Even though they had looked at the car, NO CLAIM HAD BEEN FILED. This now makes one week without a vehicle to drive. I called the warranty company to seek advice on how to hurry the "the shop they referred me to" along. They were of no assistance. In fact everyone in the company was down right rude and unhelpful. Finally on the following Tuesday the claim finally came through.

The warranty company never called me to tell me to go to get a rental car, seeing that I had already been out of a car for 2 weeks. I had to call them to see if I was covered. This job being done was scheduled for 16 hours. This amounts to 2 days of work in my book. My car has been there in excess of 4 business days and it is still not ready. This warranty company does not want to extend my rental stating that they have no control over the shops busy schedule. This sounds like a circle of people that rip you off and laugh in your face. If you can change your extended warranty company NOW!!! They will not be there to help you.

Guardian Warranty Corp - BEWARE!!!
By -

We purchased a warranty from Guardian for a used vehicle. After 5,000 miles the car started to have problems. We followed the contract rules and obtained prior approval and even took the car to the repair shop they recommended. The mechanic told us that the motor needed replaced. The car was burning a quart of oil per 100 miles and had a knock in the motor. The engine and all lubricated parts was a covered component in our warranty. When guardians inspector came to review the car his report stated that "nothing was wrong with it." We ended up paying almost $200 for the diagnosis fee.

Now a few months later the car is definitely in need of a new motor. Not only were they jerks at the company every time we called but were also ** to the secretary at the repair shop they recommended! A rep. there actually said he was "tired of dealing with our **! I wouldn't buy a warranty from them - definitely go through a company backed by a large insurance company. (ie. Nationwide, etc.)

By -

I paid $1500 + interest for extended warranty service on used vehicle purchased. Intake gasket went bad causing cylinder wall to crack in only 33,000 miles of my ownership. Under warranty but refusal to pay. Agrees to only pay for intake gasket & nothing else. Although engine is covered per contract with no exclusions on policy. These people are a rip off. Now I will see them in court. Anyone out there whom has had similar case paid by these people please notify me.

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