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Won't Cover Damage to Chair
Posted by Nneiman on 10/08/2013
Brand new chair hit fireplace and caused damage to leather. Guardsman won't cover - it's a scrape not a tear they say. What's the difference?
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The Warranty Plan Is a Rip-Off! Don't Buy.
Posted by Angartist on 10/01/2013
I contacted a Guardsman representative and was told I could download a form and fill it out for repair of a recliner mechanism. They have found every excuse not to honor the warranty. They are con men. If a sales person offers their cover, say no. A waste of $400.00.
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Bought Insurance First Call, Thats Not Covered
Posted by Checkitout194 on 09/25/2013
Spring and frame. Contract stated they it was covered. Had to take a day off for someone to take a picture and tell me it was wear and tear.
Look at the contract what is covered springs and frame. $300.00 and my time for 0-8 on my claims.
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Terrible Customer Service, Does Not Honor Warranty
Posted by Benderboned on 09/04/2013
UNKNOWN (US) -- Bottom line, they will not come out and clean the couch for any reason. despite the fact that their web site paints a utopian scenario where this warranty seems worth purchasing (http://www.guardsman.com/en/furniture_services/protection/). I urge you not to spend a dime with this company.

Here is what I wrote in my feedback on their site:

The claims I have made for the service have been almost fully denied. outside of the customer service representative being totally out of line, the warranty I have purchased is also not being fulfilled. You are 'denying' the body oil and dirt stains on the couch and chaise lounge, when the warranty verbiage on your own web site states "Human and pet bodily fluids" explicitly. Clearly your customer support team has not been trained to provide any level of actual customer service, and does not care about what they are doing to the (per internet reviews) strongly declining reputation of Guardsman. I will be reporting this issue to the Better Business Bureau due to the blatant breech of this warranty. I also plan to make rounds on several web sites to highly discourage anyone from being coerced into this scam of a warranty (which will be easy by simply writing up my terrible experience). I will also be contacting Ashley Furniture to make sure they are aware of the illicit business practices of Guardsman.

Please refer to your web site for a full understanding of the false coverage of the warranty: http://www.guardsman.com/en/furniture_services/protection/
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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-09-04:
Guardsman knows how to collect money and deny any and all claims. What they fail to do is honor their own contracts. Guardsman are a bunch of crooks with a license to steal peoples hard earned money.

By getting the word out on them is the only way to shut them down or possibly change their thieving ways.

Guardsman's only COG's is the people and phones they have to deny every claim filed.
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Denied Claim and Horrible Customer Service
Posted by Psufan20166 on 08/22/2013
Guardsman is an absolute rip-off!! They will find any reason to deny your claim. They actually treated me like I was a criminal and talked to me as though I was an idiot. They are rude and do not and will not help you or work with you regarding a claim. Do Not Purchase Guardsman protection plan it is a Scam!
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Posted by Jay on 2013-08-22:
Some details about your issue would go a long way in helping us understand what you expected vs what you got, or didn't get.

Insufficient information.
Posted by psufan20166 on 2013-08-22:
I called guardsman to inquire how to go about a claim. They told me to submit an online form and take pics then fill out a second form and mail that one. Once they received both they would call to schedule an apt. They called me to verify some information and my husband answered the phone. My husband had no idea I had even started the claim. They asked him the date the incident had happened, he said I don't know may or something. They said well then you are out of the allotted time to make a claim. I called them back and let them know he was wrong the incident had happed late july. They said there was nothing they could do the claim had been closed because the date was verified and it was out of the window. I asked them what were my options and if I could file another claim, they said no. there is nothing you can do. The claim is denied and can not be reopened. I asked them what the name was on the claim and the guardsman rep would not answer the question. I asked him again and asked if it said my name or my husbands name, the rep said he was not going to go back and forth with me regarding this. This is closed and that is final. I have started looking for an attorney to look into this company and based on what I have read there very well could be a class action suit against this company, they have obviously done this type of thing before.
Posted by Ana Perez on 2013-11-12:
Guardsman protection plan did the same thing to me they approved to clean the stains after 15 days, i made the claim a man came to my house took pictures of it and they said it was denied because they were accumulation of stains, I said no I took picture a day after my kid made the mess with the caprisun and now is like three weeks after the stains very remarkable i didn't tried to clean anything but they said no we can not do it is not approved and i think if we all sue them we could make a big case because this company is just taking our money.
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Claims Denied, Horrible Service
Posted by Pelays on 08/19/2013
GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- I bought an expensive couch almost 2 years ago. I noticed the left arm was loose1-2weeks ago, but it was confirmed by another family member a day before I filed the claim.

I called into today 8/19 as I was waiting on a claim that I submitted about a month ago. I was told my claim was denied. I was told that I HAD TO SAY the problem was less than 1 week to be in compliance with the coverage.

What a crock!
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Fraud of a Warranty Product
Posted by Urasweetea on 06/24/2013
FRESNO -- I have been trying to get the company Guardsman Furniture Protection Plan to cover my sectional sofa that I purchased a 5 year warranty on. I contacted them, I went on their website and tried to file my complaint to get my sofa fixed. I tried to upload pictures as they requested. But their site would not work. I contacted them after trying several different times. I contacted the store LifeStyle Furniture in Fresno to get help, and was given the run a round over and over.

Finally being denied due to them saying " I did not report my damages with in the 5 day period" This is bull crap! I have contacted them and I see that they have an A rating on the BBB but interestingly they have 702 complaints against them for warranty and service issues. Go figure. How the heck do you get an A rating with that many complaints? This is fraud, the company LifeStyle Furniture and others furniture companies are selling Guardsman warranties, knowing they will not ever fix or repair the damaged product.

I want my money back for the piece of crap couch and for the money I paid to have the lifetime warranty they sold me.
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False Promises With 5 Year Rug Protection Plan.
Posted by Lg964 on 06/13/2013
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- When we purchased our area oriental rug, we also purchased a Guardsman cleaning warranty that was supposed to get any and all stains out or they would replace your rug. Everytime Guardsman came out to clean a spot they would leave a discoloration on the rug which I was told would fade. Not only did the stain not fade, every additional dog stain in the same spots made the stains worse. The cycle continued with additional staining and additional cleaning attempts that left a mark.

Now Guardsman is telling me that the stains are were left for too long as they are only required to clean spots that occur and are reported within 5 days of the stain. The warranty is totally bogus and a rip off. DO NOT BUY A GUARDSMAN WARRANTY!!! IT IS A RIPOFF!
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Posted by ok4now on 2013-06-14:
Could the cause be the additional dog stains in the same spot left untreated?
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This Company Is a Scam
Posted by Altic26 on 05/23/2013
Guardsman should be put out of business. If you read all the if ands or buts in the plan they don't cover anything. They will try wording their way around everything so they can say it isn't covered. This company should be sued for all the people they have scammed.
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Waste of $$
Posted by Dolphin_711 on 04/17/2013
Guess I'm another unfortunate victim of the scamming company. I purchased the protect-a-bed through Nebraska Furniture Mart, which then uses Guardsman, to carry out their warranty of the product. The damage occurred on the protect-a-bed in October of 2012, but I was pregnant with serious complications at the time, that I missed my 10 day window to return the service request form back to them to get it replaced. When I finally got settled back in at home after the very early and problematic birth of my son, I called Guardsman to make sure I could still submit the paperwork, to which they agreed I could.

Today, I received an email from them denying the request to replace the product due to the service request form not being turned in within the 10 day window of the original damage. So, I called them to explain to them why it took so long and they still said there was nothing they could do. So, I decided to call Nebraska Furniture Mart's furniture department to try to get it replaced or resolved with them. Krista, said NFM could and would not replace it, and also called Guardsman to try to have them resolve the issue with them directly, but they refused.

I paid for this service expecting that if I submit the necessary paperwork, that the product would be replaced. I paid for the 3 package of the protect-a-bed knowing that with a 20 year warranty on the bed itself, that I wanted to keep the mattress in tip top shape to prevent damage with life's events that could damage it. I didn't expect to be so poorly treated by NFM and Guardsman on this issue.

The day of the damage, I washed the protect-a-bed as directed but forgot to change the temp on the dryer from high heat to medium heat until minutes later. By then, the damage had been done. A hole was ripped in the fabric and the two layers of fabric came apart, making it no longer able to protect the mattress from stains, etc. When Krista from NFM called Guardsman, they changed the reason they gave me for denying the replacement from missing the 10 day window to submit the service request form to "it improperly being dried." So, they said the warranty was then voided and I was "out of luck."

I never received any paperwork stating what was and was not covered for warranty claims either. I have since filed a BBB complaint on them.
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