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Consumer Warning
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If you are planning to buy a freezer, refrigerator, air conditioner or other electrical appliance made by a company called "Haier", yes I said Haier, made in China, you may want to think twice and then think twice again.

The following may seem long, but trust me, the time you spend now may save you many days of tension, aggravation and frustration later.

On may 26,2009, we purchased a 13.2 Cubic foot freezer made by "Haier". On July3, 2009, the freezer stopped operating.

We called "Haier",spoke to liz and she said that the earliest she could send a repair person was "11" days later. When we told her that all the food would spoil. She expressed total indifference. When we asked to speak to a supervisor, she said no one was available(sound familiar) but that one would call us back. Needless to say no one did.

Liz did give us the name and telephone number of the company coming out. The name of the servicing company was "a & e" factory service. Make a not of the name because this company is owned by world famous "Sears". Make a note of the name because the following may cause you to think twice before buying any brand name appliance that uses this company to service their products.

We asked to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to the escalation dept. We were told that they could do nothing to reduce the "11" day wait. We asked for the name of the president of "a & e" factory service, but we were told that he doesn't talk to consumers.

After throwing out all the food in the freezer and waiting "11" days, a repairman showed up. After working on the unit he said it was fixed and that we should fill it up with food as it would freeze faster. He also said if there was a problem to call him on his cell phone and he would hop over shortly. Within a few days the freezer stopped working and "2" calls to the repairman's cell phone were never returned.

We called "a & e" factory service on July 20th and they said it would take "5" days to send another repairman and then only between the hours of "8-5". Nine hours to wait for a repair person.

After throwing out the new food, the repairman said it would take between 4-6 days to get the required parts. After waiting 10 days and not hearing anything, we called A & E Factory Service and were told "oh didn't anyone call you and tell you that those parts are no longer being made and are not available.

We called Haier's corporate office and asked to speak to the president. His assistant told us he was not in, but that she would transfer us to the president of customer service.

When asked for his name, she refused to give it. However, she said that the last caller that she transferred was not picked up by him anyhow. Instead a [snip] called, listened to what had taken place and said he would get back to me.

The next day he called, insulted my intelligence by offering to replace my damaged unit with a new exact same model freezer. This demonstrated the hypocrisy of "Haier" by offering me an identical freezer which if it breaks it cannot be fixed.

The whole idea behind telling this experience is to alert you to the perils of dealing with "Haier" and "A & E Factory Service". Maybe forcing them to accept responsibility, treat customers with respect and dignity, otherwise they do not deserve to remain in business.

Thank you for reading this and be doubly careful when you see the name "Haier" on a product or any other product that is ultimately repaired by "A & E factory service".

I SUED Haier and WON!
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NEW YORL, NEW YORK -- We bought a Haier TV in January of 2012. In November 2012 the TV had a green line that formed on the left side of the TV from top to bottom. Haier sent a repairman to our home and he informed us that the TV couldn't be fixed - that it needed to be replaced. Haier insisted that I return the TV BEFORE they would send a replacement. I sent it back January 8, 2013 via Fed-Ex. I NEVER GOT ONE BACK FROM HAIER! After months of calling Haier I got on the internet the end of February to find out if I could sue Haier in small claims. I found out that I could! Just to make sure, I called a consumer attorney for a quick consultation. Not only did he tell me that I COULD sue Haier but that he could represent me and it would cost me NOTHING. It took over 4 months but TODAY I got my check for the original purchase price of the TV and a little extra. Haier also had to pay my attorney over $2100 for his services, not including what it cost Haier to have their OWN attorney representing them to settle the lawsuit.

DON'T LET HAIER MESS WITH YOU. If they are not honoring their warranty or their products then SUE THEM!

Products Are Junk
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OHIO -- I have bought a Haier chest freezer 5.0 cu ft I have had it for 1 year. Now it does not work. I gave $239.00 for it they do not make a part for it any more. Then a person who works on them told me the freon is not going through right says replace the compressor is all you can do.

I am going to tell everyone I can not to buy your product and I mean everyone. Thanks for nothing.

Worthless Warranty
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Purchased dehumidifier with "5 year warranty" 6/2008. It quit working Spring 2011-not even 3 years old. Fan and Motor worked, but no dehumidifying capability. (probably the sealed compressor) First call to service: received several repair numbers to call in my area. None would work on this product, or they were out of business. Called customer service, was given new #s to call. Again, no such business, or would not work on this product. I sent a letter to the company(unable to find an email address), after MUCH discussion and several phone calls, they gave me one more # for A&E factory service and said I could use them or they would replace the dehumidifier for 40% of the original purchase price. Just checked out A & E online--you would be amazed at the number of complaints about that company! I called them anyway, and guess what? They do not work on this Haier model HDN 455 dehumidifier! FYI- do NOT count on this company's warranty-it is pretty much worthless! should I really have to pay 40% of the purchase price to have a "warranted" working dehumidifier?

Haier Wine Cellar - Worthless!
By -

TUCKAHOE, NEW YORK -- Got this as a wedding gift. Its started out OK, but made a very louse running noise every 45 seconds. My friend has one and said hers didn't make that noise. The motor hardly ever shuts off, and when it does, it will for about 15 seconds and then start again. And this was while it was on its lowest setting for reds. Plus the motor is not "whisper quiet" as they claim. Kind of sounds like a small fan running. NOW it totally just died. Doesn't run at all nor does the light work, and I barely even turned on the light! This thing cost my family $300!! what a waste! Their customer service better do something about it.

In any case, I've now been reading other reviews and it appears everyone has the same problem!

Extremely Poor and Unacceptable Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Purchased new wash machine May 2013 for second home. Had issues. Haier would not authorize repair, even though under warranty. The retail seller would do nothing since it was under warranty. Haier was going to give me a credit and I had to have it repaired on my own. I spent from Dec. 31, 2013 to May 21, 2014 trying to get my credit payment. I talked with 25 different customer service, supervisors, and managers trying to get my payment. I heard every lie, story and excuse one could ever imagine. Finally received payment. Haier is worst company ever.

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