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Online Mail Fraud - Scummy Scam
By -

May 2007 I submitted 2 orders for 4 magazines totaling nearly $60 dollars. Like other legitimate magazine services like Delta or BonusMags I expected the 6-12 week wait for them to arrive. September rolls around no magazines.

Series of e-mail complaints to company resulting in generic customer rep names (fake) saying there 'were processing errors' but publishers contacted. 6 weeks later; no magazines. More heated e-mail tickets this time claiming I'd get a refund credit; never came.

Several e-mails of "What's this week's processing excuse?" They stopped responding altogether. I submitted a complaint to BBB in NY. Claimed to send me a refund. Case sent through 2 times. I was FINALLY issued a check for full refund in the mail in October 2007. 6 months after my original order.

In addition to the BBB, I recommend reporting this company to the New York Attorney General Internet Bureau.


It's a waiting game where he's winning because people give up on getting their money back. You can put the same case # through BBB in NY several times, I did. Just be sure to fill out the status forms that the company DID NOT comply so your case stays open.

This experience really ruined my enjoyment of internet shopping. Now,I have don't have many magazines to read as screwed up my renewals which all lapsed!

In closing, keep at this company. I imagine with 700 complaints he makes money even off the interest of the funds he may eventually have to return. And NY AG why have you not taken this individual to court?!?!?

I also contacted Google several times that Half Price Mags should not be a 'Sponsored Link' and Google Check-Out taking my money. They're co-conspiring his theft. They have dropped him as a Sponsored Link I noticed. If they can't take the time to check out these companies don't falsely endorse them to the public.

Half Priced Mags is a Ripoff
By -

NEW YORK -- I ordered a magazine subscription (Real Simple magazine) through the website www.halfpricedmags.com. The order was processed on September 5, 2005 and my credit card was charged $16.49 on that date.

I was originally told to expect my first issue in 6-8 weeks. I waited 10 weeks, and contacted the customer service email address (dan@halfpricedmags.com) on December 13th, 2005, telling them of the problem. I was told there was a "processing problem," that was resolved and I could expect my magazine in 4-6 weeks. I then waited another 10 weeks, contacting them again on February 20th to tell them that I had still not received any magazines a full 5 months after the original order. I received a reply telling me that there was another "processing error," and that I could expect my magazine in a few weeks.

It's now 6 weeks later (7 months total), and still I have received nothing, and Half Priced Mags refuses to answer my emails or phone calls.

I have no idea where the company is located since the website does not give a location. The only info I have is their customer service number which is 888-702-6480, and my credit card statement states New York as the location.

I would suggest anyone reading or that has had problems with them to file complaints with the Better Business Bureau, the Dept of Justice, and most importantly, contact Google because they advertise on Google. Use the form below to complain. If Google gets enough complaints, they'll stop accepting ads from them, killing a lot of their business.


Don't Order from Half Priced Mags it is a scam
By -

I placed an order for 7 magazines back in November of 05, I was also charged that day for the purchase. Three of the seven subscriptions started in December. The website stated it could take up to 10 weeks for a subscription to start. After waiting 14 weeks I emailed the company since there was no number on the website. I received a response very promptly from a man named Dan Conley. He told me that he checked into my order and he had contacted the publishers to take care of the issue. But that this would take 5 to 10 business days. After 10 days I emailed him again. He responded by stating that he had fixed the problem with the publisher and my magazines should be coming in the next few weeks. He told me that my Lucky subscription had to be cancelled and he would issue me a refund but it would take 7 to 10 business days. Well that was 2 weeks ago.

I have contacted the three magazines that I have not received yet and they have no record of an order nor is Half Priced Mags a registered dealer. As of right now, I don't think I will ever get a refund or the other magazines. I think I have been scammed!!! Don't fall for it. If my situation changes I will post it but I don't find that likely.

May be 1/2 priced, but worth ZERO
By -

Like others reviews, I had the exact same experience - Ordered on June 06 and STILL no magazines.

I may, however, have good news.

If you check out the BBB site, you will find that you are in the company of many others (62 have filed complaints about them). The good news is that the BBB has been able to get them to pay up in 61 of 62 cases!

If you've been taken by these guys: please do the following to get your issue settled and help protect others from going through the same thing.

1) File an online complaint at https://odr.bbb.org/odrweb/public/GetStarted.aspx
(you'll see that halfpricedmags it certainly known by the BBB)
2) Let Google know! Google seems to be the primary marketing channel for halfpricedmags.com - both natural search and sponsored links. Google wants consumer's opinions and has the power to blacklist these guys! visit http://www.google.com/intl/en/contact/rate_advertiser.html

Hope this helps!

Paid for Order Never Received and No Refund
By -

In early September 2005, I placed a magazine subscription order with Half Priced Mags.com. The company immediately charged my credit card. I was told I had to wait 10-14 weeks for my subscription to arrive. After 14 weeks, I contacted them, as I never received the order. HalfPricedMags.com responded and said there was a mix-up with my order and said it would be processed. After six more weeks of no subscription, I contacted them a again. They responded and said the order still did not go through and they are unable to process my subscription because it was no longer offered to customers even though it was still offered on the home page of their website! I was told a refund would be issued and I had to wait 14 business days. After 14 days and no refund, I contacted him again at the end of February and they said the "check" was mailed on a Sunday, Feb. 5! After several more inquiries, they said there seemed to be a problem with my order and he was turning over the matter to the accounting department and a refund would be forthcoming. After seven months of paying for a subscription I never received, I will never see a refund. I demanded a credit to my credit card but they refuse to do this. This group lies about processing refunds, and they lie about the services they offer. They take peoples' money and provide no service. HalfPricedMags should be shut down. There are other complaints posted about this company on this site as well as other consumer protection websites. Now, HalfPricedMags will not even respond to my e-mails. I paid for something that I never received and I will never see a refund as others have discovered too.

Ripped off and forced into store credit...
By -

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- My story is a long one so I'll summarize first and get right into the details after. Suffice it to say that Half Price books unintentionally sold me computer games made by Valve software that can only be used once, by the original purchaser. After that the product key that is unique to the disk is registered to that users account, never to be separated thereafter. I informed two representatives of the lesson I learned the hard way. The first suggested I buy a second copy of the game and gave me a smile that made me think of the down syndrome stricken. The second attendant took the game I was illustrating my point with and tried to ring me up for it while I was speaking. When I returned a few days later with my useless game the manager admitted it was their fault but told me I was only to be given store credit because I was outside of the 7 day return policy.

I explained that I work six days a week and could not make it back in time, but this was in vain. I will never buy from them again and I don't suggest anyone else shop their either.

No Delivery...
By -

I placed an order on Halfpricedmags.com in April, 2007 and received a confirmation email of the order on May 3, 2007. The charge to my credit card was $4.09 for one magazine (a good value). The confirmation email stated the magazine will arrive within 8 - 10 weeks. After 12 weeks I contacted their "contact us" link. I received a reply on 8/12/07 stating "I located the orders you are referring to and was able to identify the problem with getting your subscriptions processed. The issue has been corrected." Somehow I don't believe them. I have reported them to Google advertising complaint as they advertise on Google.

My next step if they don't reply to my complaint is to contact the Better Business Bureau and my credit card company.

Terrible Customer Service
By -

KNOXVILLE, IOWA, NEW YORK -- I ordered a subscription for my daughter back in mid-March of 2007. I wanted her to receive it for her birthday in June.

I had not received anything by June and when entering my information (order number and such) on the website, it indicated it could not find an order which matched any of this information.

Concerned, I contacted halfpricedmags.com customer support. I waited a few days and received no response, so I filled out another ticket. I started doing research on the internet and found many people having terrible experiences with this company.

At this point it had been a couple of weeks since I filled out my first ticket and still had no response, so I requested a refund.

I finally got a response from this company, over a month from when I filled out my first ticket. I'm not sure what information "Amanda Smith" (what a generic-sounding name, I wonder if this is even a real person?) located, but her response to me "Dear Customer" indicated that since my order had been placed over six months ago, they could no longer offer a refund.

Maybe I'm really off on my math, but according to my calculations, it has not been over six months since I placed my order. Maybe this is their standard response to anyone requesting a refund? They indicated they could provide a credit. Oooh! Goody! A credit! I probably wouldn't get those magazines either!

Thanks, but no thanks! I'm giving them a week to refund my money and then I'm reporting them to as many customer protection agencies as I can. I urge the rest of you to do the same. Contact the BBB, the Internet Crime Complaint Center at https://complaint.ic3.gov and your local attorney general's office.

Non-Delivery of Purchased Magazines
By -

SOUTH PORTLAND, MAINE -- On June 19, 2006 I ordered Cruising World and Sail Magazines for my father for his birthday. After not receiving them, in October I contacted the Company (via e-mail as there is no phone number to get in touch with them) and was informed that there was a processing error with my order that had been corrected and that the magazines would start coming in the next 6-8 weeks. It is now February, 2007 and my dad still has not received a single issue. The Company is not responding to my e-mails but they had no problem taking my money via my credit card. This company is a scam - DO NOT BUY MAGAZINES FROM IT. I have filed a complaint with Google and also the Better Business Bureau. Don't be a sucker like I was.

Half Priced Mags = Total Scam
By -

Unfortunately, I found about this website too late. In August, I did a Google search and linked to the Half Priced Mags website. Seemed legit, so I ordered 3 magazines. Luckily, I am only out $24. I filed a complaint with Google, the NYS Attorney General's office, as well as the Better Business Bureau. I ordered the magazines on August 4, 2006, and as of November 15, 2005, I have received nothing - no magazines, no refund, no answer to any of the many, many emails sent to them. Good luck trying to get through on the telephone, the message says the mailbox is full. And forget about trying to get the charges reversed on your credit card. The law protects this scam artist - after 60 days, you're out of luck - which is just about the time you realize that you've been had. Hopefully everyone who has been scammed by this company will take the time to file complaints. It might not get our money back, but at least it may stop this company in its tracks.

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