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No free offers
Posted by on
GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have purchased several items and recently (the last three months) free items with purchase have not been there. They advertise like crazy and promise free gifts. I buy and never get the incentives. No more. I will pay more in other stores and that is that. I called customer no servioce and was told there was nothing they could do. I talked with three different people and they kept passing the buck. Forget it.
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trmn8r on 01/17/2012:
That's unfortunate. I wouldn't be surprised if they use a "while supplies last" excuse, since they can't give away stuff all the time and make money. But they should have a reasonable amount on hand when the offer begins.

What kind of items have you missed out on?
Darrell27 on 01/17/2012:
Several years ago I went to Harbor Freight in Pueblo, CO to purchase several items. When the cashier asked for my zip code, she refused to ring up the purchase because I wouldn't give it to her. I told her I was paying cash. I asked to speak to the manager and he got defensive and told me to leave his store. I told him there was no law requiring me to give them my zip code. Since I was paying cash I told him it was none of his business. I too called their customer service number and never got a response. I also wrote a letter to their hq. Again, no response. So guess what? I have never shopped at Harbor Freight again. They don't care about their customer's.
jktshff1 on 01/17/2012:
I'm with Darrell, unless it involves a warranty or return issue, if I pay cash, it don't make any difference where I'm from or who I am.
Old Timer on 01/17/2012:
Jkt, you remind me of the great Radio Shack fiasco a few years back. They wouldn't let you buy anything without them entering your info into their system first. Even a pack of batteries. They lost millions in sales and a few idiot suits at the top hit the unemployment lines soon after.
MRM on 01/17/2012:
I have seen this free items coupon in the Harbor Freight flyer. With the free items, you have to show the coupon.
traceylynn on 01/18/2012:
At my Harbor Freight they actually keep the free items up front at the register. Ask at the front counter, hopefully they are up there.
yoke on 01/18/2012:
I have had that issue with HF also. I have the coupon and they always say they are out. The worst ones for the "free" item is PINK. They are always out of the free item, I was there one day at opening and they were already out of the free item.
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Customer Service Sucks
Posted on
Virtually impossible to get a reply from their customer service department. Stear clear of these folks.
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Anonymous on 09/13/2003:
Using terms like "sucks" is not going to get anyones attention. Be descriptive and explain why this company has poor customer service. The only thing this company is going to do with your letter is hit the delete button!
Anonymous on 11/23/2003:
I beg to differ with you. It got your attention. Very simply put, succinct, and easy to understand. What's wrong with "sucks"? You apparently understood. Harbor Freight is slow to respond, or will not respond. Their shipping is so slow, that a handicapped person in a wheelchair could almost beat the delivery times, which are up to 30 days to deliver. That sucks. Now do you understand.
jimprice113 on 01/31/2004:
I have to agree with Nikro. A one-liner, with absolutely no information, from an anonymous complainer doesn't cut it. He probably put about as much effort into getting his problem resolved as he did in writing this complaint.

I've spent thousands of dollars with Harbor Freight over the last 25+ years. There have been occasional problems along the line, all of which have been resolved easily. Many times the results you receive depend a lot on your approach and demeanor in presenting the problem.
pissedconsumer on 04/26/2013:
2013 Harbor Freight worse than it was 10 years ago. Have a problem they won't respond to email, they won't read your letter, and click they will hang up on the phone. BBB say's yeah we have a terrible time with them HF. STEER CLEAR OF THESE CROOKS.
Gil Carpenter on 08/29/2013:
Went to their store and there was only one casher and one guy was doing a return and it took her 5 min or more to do it and then a customer had some coupons and she had to get a magnifying glass to read the numbers and that took forever I am never going back there and buy that cheap made crape anymore
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