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Discrimination And Poor Services At Hardee's In Jacksonville FL
By -

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I went to Hardee's for breakfast this morning. I sat in the drive through with the line not moving until my daughter was going to be late for work and we had to leave (20 minutes, no movement at all of the cars ahead of me). We left and took her to work. My son and I still wanted biscuits, so we went back. The fact is, they do have the best biscuits in fast food. I went inside because the drive through was still backed up. I get inside and there are two people in line ahead of me waiting to order. I quickly realize there are 15 other people waiting for food they already ordered. An older couple and an older single person say they've been waiting for thirty minutes.

I already gave my order, so now I am waiting too. I wait for 30 minutes while all of these other people wait too; none of the waiting customers have received their food yet. Then a man in line orders and his food is handed to him immediately right there are the cash register while the rest of us keep waiting.

I figure he ordered only one thing and something they had ready? And I keep waiting like the others. More people order and wait. The single older man finally gets his food, he has been waiting 55 minutes for it. Another person comes through and is handed her food immediately, she had three items and one of those items is the same as something on my order that I am waiting for??? I quickly realize all these waiting people are white. The two who got food right away are black. The whole staff in the restaurant is black too, not a white person in it other than waiting customers.

We stand and wait. The older white couple gets their food after waiting 1 hr and 10 minutes. Another black person comes through and gets his food right then, then two more do. And I keep waiting. It is all I can do not to just throw a big screaming fit in protest. Finally, after 1 hr and 27 minutes, yes I timed it, I get my food and leave. There are still roughly 8 whites waiting for food and no blacks. This location does about equal white and black business from looking around at customers, so you can't just explain it by saying more whites eat there. It isn't right for people to discriminate based on color, be it black, white or other.

Hardee's should do better than this. Why is their breakfast always so slow? And why do these employees think it is okay to pick and choose who gets their food??? Hardee's on Merrill Rd. Jacksonville FL: Don't set foot on their property-- boycott this place. If they don't want to service whites, then don't make them.

Customer Service / Sloppy Food
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Rating: 1/51

TULLAHOMA, TENNESSEE -- This was a take out order where I stood standing near the order counter. The shake was handed to me in a cup... no mention of the rest of the order. Another customer was also waiting. After a while I noticed a bag sitting on the counter. Didn't know if it was mine or the other person's. Had to ask. No effort was made to tell me the order was ready.

On top of that the order was taken requesting no Mayo, Pickles or Mustard. When inspected at home it had all this sickening mess with the sandwich sliding apart. I resent being treated like herd animals and fed a sloppy mess. This was a totally unsatisfactory experience and one that I will not repeat.

Horrible Place to Work
By -

I have worked at Hardee's for the past five months. I have several complaints about it that may be appropriate at other Hardee's around the nation. This is directed to both customers and the restaurant itself. Six Dollar Service - Firstly, Hardee's expects their frontline employees to utilize "Six Dollar Service," which means that we must basically serve the customer to the point where it's ridiculous. We carry their food out to them, which is no big deal, but we're also expected to refill their drinks, clean their garbage for them that they can throw away themselves, and basically act like a waitress at a sit-down restaurant.

I refuse to do this for three reasons: a) Hardee's is not CASUAL DINING like they try to pass off to its employees, but FAST FOOD. There is a drive-through. We serve nasty, greasy, calorie-ridden meat traps of death. It is fast food and customers do not expect us to do this. b) Why should I do the amount of work compared to that of a sit-down restaurant and make minimum wage with no tips? I work extremely hard, and I cannot have this added to my list of chores with no reward. There's no point. c) Hardee's customers can use a few good laps around the restaurant.

Rude Customers - Day after day, all employees and managers at Hardee's must deal with extremely rude and intolerable customers. I don't mind dealing with one or two disgruntled re-re's who are upset over a tomato on their sandwich that they swear that they didn't want and we should've read their minds and fathomed their unavailable logic, but almost every single person that comes into the store is crass. STOP TREATING US LIKE GARBAGE. We cannot deal with your fickle attitudes, we cannot decrypt your unstated desires, and REALLY, we don't know what you mean when you say you want a burger. THAT'S BASICALLY ALL WE SERVE.

I swear, the next customer that comes through drive-through saying they just want a burger and yells at me for asking which one, I am giving you the most expensive and dangerous thing we have with the works without telling you. Then, I'll throw it at you while underchanging you by twenty dollars.

Obvious Sexism - This does not just apply to women's rights, but men's as well. At our restaurant, men must stay in the back cooking the food while women must work up front. The only alternative is if you're a manager. There are many guys that I work with that are friendly, but no matter how much they yearn or ask, they are not allowed to work up front. I've always wanted to work in the kitchens, mostly because I don't have to deal with the customers as much, but I'm not allowed to. Why? Because I'm not a man.

Choice of Employees - I work with a few good people, but most, I have no idea why they were even considered in the first place. One girl had a huge drama/multiple relationship triangle with the cooks/managers/customers. Another is a strung-out 16-year old mother who cries at absolutely everything. Yet another girl does nothing but stand around and talk; she loves to do this at around dinner rush. One of our cooks is rude and unnecessarily foul-mouthed, while another hits on every single girl that works there. WHY are these people hired?

So, overall, I hate Hardee's. It's ridiculous. The only way I get through it without the urge of stabbing myself is to laugh at the incredible retardation of the restaurant's logic and about two-thirds of the customers. If you must work minimum wage, don't work at Hardee's. You'll regret it.

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Rating: 2/51

TRENTON, MISSOURI -- I go to this restaurant a lot with my family and we order. There is this one manager that is just lazy and rude to everyone, to the workers, and to my family. One of my son wanted curly fries instead of regular fries, the manager led out a big noise and was OK. Then I had a boy in college and he order, but then realize he could free drink and fries. He had told her and she got mad again. Then we tried to complain to the head boss there ** and she didn't do anything about it. I know because I tell some people in town and they say that they had complain to her about the same manager and nothing was done.

So I hope you guys do something, but poor everyone who is there when she is. Then we are eating our dinner and she comes while she is working and sits down. She isn't on break because she watches the workers. Now I have told the head manager that she is lazy and is rude. Nothing was done so hopefully this will work. Watch her on the cameras, all she does is yells and everyone and sits. You can definitely see the look on the workers faces that they do not like it. Thank you for your time. I hope something is done about it.

Dissatisfied Customer
By -

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA -- I have been a patron of Hardee's restaurants for over 25 years. I have never had to call out for someone to take my order. Everyone had their backs to the customers. After receiving part of my order I had to return to the counter only to have to wait again for someone to turn around and notice me so that I could get my coffee cup; to which the cashier says, "I gave you one". Made my coffee at the dirtiest and most unsafe beverage bar that I'd ever seen.

Returned to my food to find that I had no utensils to eat with. Returned to counter and was eventually noticed and given utensils; to which the cashier tells out, "I thought I gave you some". Now I go back to my food and discover what appears to be only part of an egg. Again, return to counter to see if this something new with the breakfast platter. The cashier tries to convince me this normal. Keep in mind I have eaten here and many others for quite a while. I said nothing. I went back to my cold food and wrote this. I'm leaving now, never to return to THIS ONE ever again! Watching my step!

They can't get anything right
By -

KERNERSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I usually don't eat at Hardee's because of previous bad experiences, but I just wanted a drink. Drove through the D/T - paid for the order. The employee at the window had artificial nails (3 inches long) and they were all different colors. How unsanitary is that? Put the straw and then drink while driving off and the tea was sour ($1.89) and the milkshake like milk ($3.11). This Hardee's in Kernersville N.C. does not know customer service, and nothing about sanitary. Do they not know how many germs and dirt is under those nails and working around food? Someone needs to call the health department and close them down.

Customer Satisfaction
By -

OCOEE, TENNESSEE -- My complaint is in conjunction with Hardee's #20 in Ocoee, TN. My husband and I stopped for a sandwich on 10/17/10. There was loud rap music playing. And I do mean L-O-U-D music. I asked the cashier to please turn it
down or off. She told me that they were not allowed to do that, it was orders from corporate headquarters to play this, and the volume control was set by the manager. Although she did admit that a lot of people had asked
to turn it down. It seems that it is not favored music.

If music is not pleasing to the ear, then it's just noise. If it is so loud that you can't hear your party across the table, it is uncomfortable noise. Hardee's goes to great length to promote "great customer satisfaction". Why don't they consider our feelings in the atmosphere of the dining room? I have complained many times to the store, to no avail. I guess the next step is to stop going to Hardee's and find some place with a better dining experience.

TV Advertisement
By -

I have recently seen a commercial on TV about Hardee's. The ad is likely to cause me to not want to visit this restaurant until the ad is removed. Showing a lady eating a sandwich. She dresses sexy, pulls up her dress, Showing most of her legs. Shows too much of breast. Then she acts like she is eating on a sex toy when she puts the bacon in her mouth. Then she takes her finger to get something that fell out of sandwich on her leg. Puts it in her mouth in a sexual suggestive manner.

I would not want my children to see this sexual content of a commercial. Should be on x-rated only TV. Why does this restaurant need this kind of commercial to sell a sandwich. I and my family will stay far from this restaurant. If the commercial is allowed, makes one wonder what they do to the food they prepare.

You Suck
By -

PERRYVILLE, MISSOURI -- I went to Hardees in Perryville Missouri the other day and I got my order. Naturally it was wrong. When I back to get it fixed there was only one employee in the entire building and that was the manager. This establishment is the worst I have ever been in.

The food sucks the management sucks and the employees are all wearing dirty uniforms. They don't wash their hands when prepping food. They don't even wear gloves. They have been caught smoking pot in the dumpster area on several occasions. The GM goes to the customers before they are done eating and takes their trays. This is very unacceptable. I will never go to this place ever again. I personally feel it needs to be shut down.

Water Cup
By -

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I recently visited the Hardee's restaurant on 3926 Asheville Hwy in Knoxville, TN 37914. I wanted to get water with my meal. I was told when I ordered my breakfast sandwich that there was not a water cup available and that the only option that I had was bottled water at the same price as soda. This is the only restaurant that I have ever visited that has this unfair policy. I should not have to pay for bottled water when tap water is available. I hope that the franchise owners fix this oversight and provide a water cup in the future.

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