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Bait And Switch Artist And Worst Ever Customer No Service
Posted by on
O FALLON, MISSOURI -- I went online and searched for the best price on a rifle. I found it at Harris Sporting, LLC 1576 Tea Party Ln, O Fallon, MO 63366-5518.

So I placed my order online. Email came and listed shipping as $46 dollars, I called and spoke to Shelby (said he was the owner) I told him his ad said shipping would be actual shipping cost I asked if $46 was actual cost his first words were if you don't want to pay it go find it else where (real good retail store owner) I asked him again why are you not honoring your ad he said come to Missouri and sue me and laughed. Then told me to quit being a cry baby and either buy it or and then hung up...

Here's the problem he low balls the price then jacks up the shipping when his ad clearly states he will only charge actual shipping charges.

Company Response 01/14/2011:
This is NOT a bait and switch. What did I switch him to...absolutely nothing. Simply, he just did not like the shipping costs.

As one gentleman on here said it well, "packaging, time, and shippers charges together would compute to actual shipping costs. You just have to take the total and see who has the best deal."

The ACTUAL COST of shipping. These are real life SHIPPING ONLY costs as prepared by out accountant. NOT product costs or office overhead. Ship ONLY.

USPS or UPS cost which includes freight, signature confirm and insurance. (Insurance is expensive folks.) Salary, taxes and benefits of shipping lady only. Cases of tape and dispensers. Long gun boxes. Fax machine/printer, toner and paper. Phone line for fax. Computer and internet service. UPS printer lease. UPS daily pickup cost. Storage building for supplies. Shelving for storage building. Heater and fuel. Electricity. Tables, box cutters, extra blades, scissors, tape measures, flashlight, etc. Lighting and bulbs for packing tables. Phone in ship area. Receipt books. Fan. Three scales. This does NOT include costs of the roof, floor and walls.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/30/2008:
I would think packaging, time, and shippers charges together would compute to actual shipping costs.
Not knowing those numbers makes it difficult to know if he's way out of the ballpark.
Low price with high shipping is an old eBay trick. You just have to take the total and see who has the best deal.
bakerville on 01/15/2009:
Shelby Harris did the bait and switch on me as well. I would suggest you go online and fill out the internet crime complaint center form.
Savage2025 on 03/20/2012:
IRead this before I did business with this outfit and I was leery but still considered going ahead with it even though the price was a little more than I have seen. Then I notice they listed me as making an offer to buy and not buying. This was for another rifle they had listed last week that I would have bought if they had ever contacted me but for some reason they don't want to go through the listing company as required they try and call which they said they did right! Not only that but they files the complaint against me the same day they sent me an offer to buy another gun I was a backup buyer on. Then when I contact them about it I mention I was looking to trade in my brand new Bushmaster .223 (the gun I was looking to buy was an AR but in 6.8 because I need to move to a higher caliber that is why I would have bought the DPMS .308 they had up last week even before the Ruger 6.8. Anyway they say they have no interest in a trade even though it clearly says so in there posting that they pay 80-95% of blue book on trades. Just another example of bait and switch not to mention when I asked why file the non-purchase complaint and in the same day send me an offer to purchase and the reply was "I have no idea what you are talking about or anything about a .308) that was enough for me to know I wasn't sending 1500 dollars to some outfit in MO like this. I mean they even put in there postings that an offer to buy is a binding contract in MO? I am a non-practicing attorney (that is to say I am licensed but employed by the government so I do not earn a living as an attorney) and that would be covered by Interstate Commerce so MO. law would not be binding in another state. Not to mention it is almost impossible to enforce any contract where you haven’t verified the identity of the other party or had them sign anything. Oral contract can hold up but you better have a witness and usually more than one. However they wrote it anyway, go figure.
63rdm97 on 05/01/2012:
Spoke to someone about a purchase and agreed on a price with shipping and 3% for credit card fee and told him I would call my ffl dealer to see if he could accept the shipment. When I called him back he did not answer. I called him numerous times and left a message on his voice mail saying I wanted to purchase the weapon. No response, then I notice on GunsAmerica that he had moved the price up $100. Still no call back and will not answer the phone. What kind of business is that? In Texas our word is our bond, apparently in Missouri that's not the case.
GDW on 09/03/2012:
Pretty obvious, by the "shipping ain't cheap folks" comment, that this company cares very little for customer service, an is most definitely MISleading their on-line sales with "actual shipping costs", I think he forgot to mention his salary, though, lol, sheesh
birdhunter on 09/24/2012:
buyer beware. google the address. it is a residence and the 3d view shows a FOR SALE sign in the yard...I'm just saying...had a great gun on there I was looking for, but...
LSUfan71 on 10/21/2012:
Amen! Worst customer service ever, beware. Harris Sporting is on Gunbroker as 'bbq05' http://i.imgur.com/pqnNU.png
bob51 on 12/12/2012:
WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!! I read the bad reviews on this business but was interested in a rifle he has so I decided to call & make my own decision. WHAT A JERK!!!! He was so rude during my short conversation with him (Shelby the owner) that I just told him he was rude and to keep it. I was just calling to confirm it was the model I wanted & it was listed correctly prior to buying it. I can't imagine what it would be like to try & resolve a problem with a purchase. Don't spend your money here! With his ultra rude personality he probably does internet sales because he can't interact with people. Do yourself a favor & pay more somewhere else.
Eric321 on 12/18/2012:
Called to inquire about a rifle and had the displeasure of speaking with Shelby who was downright rude and condescending overthe phone. I wouldn't do business with this character if he was the last gun store owner on earth.
Frank on 01/01/2013:
He is the only dealer in the country - that I can find - that has a rifle that I was going to buy for a birthday gift. Due to the current scramble going on he has upped the price by $390 over the price of a few day ago. Definitely will not be doing ANY business with this clown. Price gouger!!!
300 RUM PSS on 01/06/2013:
This guy might have mental issues and the Government might want to look into this guy's behavior.
denny on 01/24/2013:
at a customers request I did a buy it now on a gun, on gunsamerica.com from this guy. got his address from the website and emailed him letting him know the money was in the mail. he called me up about 10 min after all this and started cussing me out for this and that. he gives mentally insane patients a bad name. his poor wife and kids having to live with him. wait a minute no woman would marry an idiot like that. and hes probably been told by local enforcement not to procreate!
Chris on 01/30/2013:
Thanks for the heads up guys. I was going to make a purchase with this clown and now I know better. Karma is a B*TCH!
James R. on 03/04/2013:
Glad I took the time to Read these comment's, I almost made a $500.00 mistake........
robert on 03/20/2013:
Glad I read these comments. I was going to buy a $1149.00 gun,but with shipping and extra fees it would cost $1233.00 or more if Shelby lied. Better check to see if his ffl license is current.
benjamin on 06/04/2013:
Was going to buy a Colt Gold Cup he had advertised. He's only about 10 miles from where I live. Thanks for the comments - I'll buy elsewhere.
texas on 07/12/2013:
I was about to make the same mistake. Thanks for the 411 folks!
Richard H. on 07/27/2013:
I am so glad I read these comments as I was just about to purchase one of this individuals guns.
Unbelievable in this economy and I won't support ignorant rude people no matter how cheap his guns appears.
gj308win on 08/23/2013:
I just purchased 1000 dollar gug with this guy and I am not a happy customer. That's all I can add. Do not buy woth this dealer.
JD1911 on 09/04/2013:
I was about to make a purchase and was doing a little searching when I found this.....thanks for the info!
Beau on 11/25/2013:
Honest - yes. His price was a little high but he had the only one I could find on line. Shipping estimate was a little high too. When he shipped the rifle, he included a check to me saying I had overpaid. Totally unexpected!!
wages4574 on 12/25/2013:
I just purchased a firearm from this dealer last week. I had GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE and experienced no issues in setting up a time for transfer or when dealing with price. I too had reservations from reading this post prior to contacting which is one of the main reasons I wished to post this. I would defiantly do business with Mr. Harris once again and working in a sales role, understand you can not please every customer 100% of the time. If he has what you need, he's defiantly worth doing business with.
Bf864 on 12/27/2013:
Thanks for the heads up on this Guy. He list a gun a wanted to purchase but I will keep looking for another dealer.
Beefy on 01/22/2014:
His name is Shelby but you can just call him DICK. Apparently Nothing is ever his fault.
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Never Had SCAR 17S as Advertised, Still Took Money Days Later
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
OFALLON, MISSOURI -- Harris Sporting had a FN Scar 17S rifle for sale on the GunsAmerica website. I purchased Thursday 12/13 the gun on the website and on Friday, Shelby called to confirm the purchase and exactly which model what I was buying. He even had nerve to ask me if I was going to back out of the deal. I made arrangements to pay by money order and sent it out UPS for delivery on Monday 12/17. Upon getting the money order, Shelby called to tell me that they never had the gun. If this was really the case, he would've checked before contacting me and certainly before having me go through all the trouble to ship a money order next day for $31. I had done business with them before in '08 without issue, but this isn't acceptable and I will pursue legal action - he should've asked what I did for a living before screwing me. I have to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else.
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 12/18/2012:
Two questions:

Is he in the process of getting you this riffle?

Is it legal to purchase firearms through the mail?
leet60 on 12/18/2012:
You can only ship a handgun by common carrier (but not U.S. Mail) and a long gun by U.S. Mail or common carrier to a federally licensed dealer but not to a non-licensed individual. The purchase can be made online or via mail but must be delivered to a federally liscensed dealer and picked up from them.
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Harris Sporting - Has No Stock, Lists Items That Are Not Available
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MISSOURI -- Clicked the buy it now option. Four days pass and get "sorry, already sold and gone. thanks" for a reply.

Interesting thing is the ad is posted up again as though it is available. Ooops?? Looks like standard procedure.

Buyer beware.
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