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Customer Loyalty Questionable
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HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT -- Harte Infiniti Customer Loyalty Questionable
Thursday, January 8, 2009
Customer Loyalty

I would like to start with our initial impression of Hartford Harte Infiniti Dealership was one of a relaxed and respectful experience and the compliments will stop there. My wife and I have experienced in our opinion one of the most disrespectful decisions made by a car dealership and their sales manager, whomever will own up to the final decision made to sell a vehicle in which we had verbally committed to out from under us. In respect to the dealership they had no obligation to sell us this vehicle, but please recall that our initial impression was one that we felt that a verbal commitment was sufficient and that a financial obligation was never discussed but would have been made by us if we knew that the vehicle would be sold under us without even a phone call offering us the opportunity to have first refusal.

The following are a chain of events that led up to what had occurred. The vehicle in question had just been taken in on trade and was yet to have been sent through the dealerships service department, so they had yet to know what they had to invest in this vehicle to make a profit, fair enough to me as a consumer, we had made an offer to the salesman and awaited per his direction the final outcome of the service department status as to whether our offer was acceptable or not.

These events occurred beginning on New Years Eve and New Years Day, I had brought my wife to the dealership to test drive the vehicle and get her opinion, we both felt confident in our decision to purchase this vehicle and made that very clear to the salesman, with his guidance and respect to us as valued customers we felt that when we had left the dealership on New Years Day that we would hear back from him within a day or so to let us know what we would have to do to seal a deal and purchase this car.

This opportunity would never come to fruition for us and we feel to this day that this vehicle was sold as an inside deal to one of the employees friends and or family members, we feel as customers who live by the morals of Mr. George C. Harte, Sr. quoted as saying "The Harte Auto Group has been a family owned and operated, community business since 1951 when George C. Harte, Sr. purchased Harte Chevrolet in Meriden, CT. Since then, Mr. Harte's son, George Harte, Jr has acquired multiple locations including 3 Nissan dealerships, 2 Infiniti Dealerships, a Subaru Dealership and Suzuki. George Harte, Jr has never left behind those humble beginnings though and prides his organization on community and service. "

That those who are responsible for the actions/decisions that have occurred at the Hartford Harte Infiniti Dealership do not reflect upon Mr. Hartes intentions to serving the community and the customers in which he relies to support his business.

Shame on those involved in what we feel has cost you and Mr. Harte a reputation of what may be the minority of customers but still have the right to voice to those future customers our less that desirable experience and will forever discourage anyone from dealing with such shallow individuals in which we feel have also convinced Mr. Harte that they share the same values as he is quoted to have and blatantly disregarded for their own self gain in life.
As a successful business owner of twenty five years I can assure you this is no way to conduct business and earning the respect and trust of customer goes much further.

Please feel to free to contact me with any questions you may have in regards to our allegations as this story goes beyond what I have posted and I feel that there is always two sides to every story as the dealership deserves the right to tell theirs. I can be contacted at smksprk4@sbcglobal.net


Anthony R. Lancia, Jr.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/09/2009:
My father taught me to 'never fall in love with a car'. I guess your complaint is one of the reasons why.
Anonymous on 01/09/2009:
Your father taught you well MM. I wish I had been given such advice before the tragic tailpipe incident.
Aerocave on 01/09/2009:
So the dealer traded in a vehicle...you drove it before it was through the shop...liked it but did not put down a deposit at that time and are upset that they didn't "hold it" until you could work out a price (once it was through the shop)? I guess on the consumer side I can see why you are disappointed, but I think you have to look at the other side here as well...It happens a lot where a customer sees something recently traded and tells us that they want to buy this unit once its "through the shop." We call them up when its ready and either they already bought something, or, want to steal the vehicle throwing in the old "because you just traded this, you should want to move it quickly" line...Bottom line, we lose other opportunities "waiting". If you had put a non-refundable depost--that's a totally different situation--but that's not want I'm reading here.
There may be more to the story here, but this is my take based on of your post.
Ponie on 01/09/2009:
Aerocave, I thought I read this complaint the same way you did. However, since I'm not as knowledgeable as you seem to be with these transactions, I didn't post a response. thanks for clarifying it for me.
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Car Never Fixed Still Pd 3400.00
Posted by on
HARFTFORD, CONNECTICUT -- Brought my Nissan Sentra into Harte Nissan for service 1st time 2700.00, stopped running next time 737.00, stopped again now wants another 2000.00 which I cannot afford. They said if I want my car back I need to pay 300.00 for tow and estimate.

You all can keep this car I am not paying another penny to this dealership and really think I am entitled to a refund since it has never run properly since I brought it in. Please reply.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/25/2010:
Contact the Attorney General's office in CT and see if they will look into your complaint. Sometimes a call from the AG's office is all it takes.
ryantom83 on 02/26/2010:
thanks so much for the advice, I will definitely give that a try.
erint on 02/27/2010:
ryantom83 did bring his 2004 Nissan Sentra with 100k miles on it to Harte Nissan. His original bill for $2700 was because that he hit a curb and caused major body damage which included damage to the suspension, rims and tires. The $737 issue was due to a crank sensor problem and the final concern for $2000 was due to a blown head gasket. ryantom83 has declined the last recommendation because he states that he wants to hold off and see if he can sell it. Harte Nissan is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. We are a full disclosure dealership and we take great pride in the fact that our service department is on of the best in New England.

ryantom83- please feel free to contact me directly if you would like to discuss your concerns personally.

Erin Touponse, Director of Communications, Harte Auto Group erint@harteautogroup.com
PepperElf on 02/27/2010:
ahhh. it does make a difference to actually know what the repairs were actually being made on.

though if the OP sells the car he will have to inform the purchaser about the damage, otherwise I believe he can be sued, especially if the current damage causes the next owner to have an accident etc.
ryantom83 on 02/27/2010:
Since it is not running I would have to disclose, but I am not selling to an indivdual. I was going to try to sell it for parts
ryantom83 on 02/27/2010:
to erint(Harte Nisson), if you have any suggestions on what to do at this point I would appreciate it. I can't afford the repairs, I just want someone to take it off my hands. If you don't want to buy it from me I will just have to abandon it. I can't see any other way.
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