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THE BEST Insurace Company I've Ever Had
Posted by Jxp1676 on 03/05/2004
INDIANA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Just wanted to recommend The Hartford insurance company to others. I have their auto insurance but they also offer home, etc. I am 19 and finding cheap car insurance is not easy. My rate from Hartford of $150 a month is very reasonable, I think, compared to Progressive's $320 a month for the EXACT same coverage. I recently had some damage to my brand new car (over $1,500) and the Hartford was so east to work with. They did all the investigating, covered the damage, and even waived my $500 deductible since it was not my fault in any way. They got me a rental car and everything. I am extremely satisfied. The staff is very pleasant, and they make me feel like a customer, not just a number.

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Posted by lwadkins14 on 2004-03-17:
ONE COMPLIMENT -------TEN COMPLAINTS. Not very good odds!
Posted by Karri on 2004-05-13:
Lucky you!
Hartford has been a horrible experience for me!
nasty customer service, too much to write!
horrible horrible horrible!!!!!
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Over 100% increase in automobile insurance
Posted by Kota on 06/11/2010
Being long time members of AARP, my wife and I were pleased to have the opportunity to join The Hartford and get the advertised cost reduction on our car and newly purchased home. My wife and I are the only drivers and each of us have driven for nearly sixty years without a traffic violation, not even a parking, speeding, or a stop sign violation. We have never filed a claim in our fifty-two years of marriage. On January 8,2010, on a foggy, rainy night around 9:30, I was leaving the Safeway parking lot. After stopping and making sure the way was clear, I entered the three lane street, turned right, and was crossing over to get in the left lane for a "U" turn about about 100 yards away. Suddenly, a car sped by and clipped my left front bumper just as I was entering my turn lane. I saw nothing coming, so I can only assume the car had made a "U" turn an entered the left lane after I had checked to make sure the way was clear. I stopped and talked to the girl who was driving her grandma's car, gave her my insurance info, and got the info on her grandma, s car. Police were not notified since there was no injuries, and damages were so slight. In fact, my car has such minimal scratches that I had to point them out to my wife when I got home. My car still has the scratches, and practically unnoticeable. I contacted AARP- The Hartford, gave them all the info, and notified the state insurance office. The representative who I talked to at Hartford told me that he would be in touch if anything was made out of the incident. So, it was all but forgotten until June 9th when we received a notice from Hartford showing that our auto insurance policy had increased by more than 100 percent. Since hearing nothing for over five months, the new rate was shocking. I immediately contacted Hartford and was told that the increase was due to the January accident. The person who I talked to said that Hartford had paid $10,000 to repair the other car. Remember, we heard nothing for over five months. I'm still trying to figure how the other car could require $10,000 in repairs while my car requires nothing. Leads me to only one conclusion - that is, someone padded the bill, big time. Tomorrow, Hartford will be notified to cancel our car and home insurance, because we have purchased our insurance with another company. Oh, by the way, we were told that the first accident would be forgiven.
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2010-06-11:
The moral of the story is always call the police and get an accident report written, no matter how minimal the damage might seem. The other driver could have sideswiped a phone pole on her way home and then claimed you did the damage and you have nothing to disprove their claim.
Posted by sanah on 2011-05-14:
Oh yes, I was told that too, but it didn't happen...I have not had any accidents but found a dent they repaired for $484.00 was put on my record as 'an accident' (close encounter with a snow/ice bank) and then when the tread came off my tire and beat the heck out of my bumper, they tried to call it a collision, even though it wasn't. They cancelled me when I only paid the regular monthly amount instead of the triple amount they wanted as 'a deposit' after being a customer for many years. Never been cancelled in the 41 years I have has incurance. They are thieves taking advantage of people who trust AARP
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Hartford Insurance Claim
Posted by 2199frob on 07/19/2008
I, too, have extremely disappointed with the service received from Hartford after a car accident. The claims handler was rude and treated my phone call as a complete inconvenience. A week later my car was still in the tow yard and no one had looked at it. I called again and talked with a woman named Josie Medina who was outstanding. She listened and truly cared. She helped me set up a rental car and gave me the number of the claim handler's supervisor. But the supervisor did nothing more than apologize and made promises that she didn't follow through on until I started calling every day.

Finally my car was picked up and taken to Denver which is 5 hours away. A week later an adjuster called and said the car could be fixed, not totaled as the computer had designated. He agreed to have the car brought back to my hometown to be fixed. His boss called later and said they didn't want to bring the car back but would have it fixed in Denver. I reminded him that according to my policy it is my choice. He unhappily agreed to have the car hauled back. An hour later he called again and offered to buy me out. Thankfully I got the offer in writing via fax.

Two weeks later the person who was to cut the check called, only the price he quoted was two thousand less than the offer. He all but called me a liar when I told him the real offer, until I told him I would be happy to fax him the quote that had been faxed to me in writing.

It took over a month and numerous phone calls to poorly trained, uncaring "customer service" people before the claim was settled.

As a 54 year old Human Resources professional, I deal with stressful issues all day long but have to say that by the time my claim was settled, I was pretty damned fed up!

But it didn't end there. When I purchased a new vehicle, I was told that the wrecked car was still on the policy, and that I was to have called to have it removed. The claims handler does not do that. As per my call, the premium for the wrecked car would be backdated and deleted.

But lo and behold, I get the endorsement and the wrecked car is still on the policy and I am being billed for coverage. I call again and am assured it will be taken care of, and that I will be refunded the two months premium I'd already paid on the wrecked car. Then another bill, the car is still on it. No mention of a refund. All three premium amounts have been different, the one over the phone, the first endorsement bill, and then the next. And each one higher than the previous.

Enough I say, cancel the policy and go with a certified agent here in town.

I got a letter in the mail today from Hartford. Yes, they are charging me a 10% cancellation fee. Well worth every penny to be done with such an incompetent organization.

Bottom line, stay away from insurance companies that only offer 800 number service. With any claim, write down who you talk to and when, and get whatever you can in writing.

As for AARP, as long as they endorse a company that writes policies without the resources to back them up, I will not belong to that organization. Thankfully I was young and savvy enough to jump through all the hoops and FINALLY get my money. Thankfully this did not happen to my mother. I can only imagine how hard it would have been for her.

Wake up AARP, do a complete audit of what is really going on with the company that you are endorsing.
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Posts on My 3 Cents
Posted by Dokarisson on 05/23/2001
Wow...I read the posts from consumers addressing your company, so sad to see that your company is worse than I thought.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2001-06-27:
Hartford is a heartless company.
Posted by Anonymous on 2001-07-06:
This company does not even deserve a "ONE" STAR rating.
Posted by Anonymous on 2001-09-20:
This company is Not Dependable.
Posted by Anonymous on 2001-09-28:
Wal-Mart employees are wasting their money on this insurance.
Posted by imperial357 on 2011-04-05:
Whenever you have an accident with your vehicle, there are several indispensable do’s and don’ts that are important for you to remember. Close adherence to the following will make your dealings with insurance companies easier and in some cases, faster.

•Do make certain to get in touch with your insurance agent as quickly as possible after your injury or accident takes place.
•Do make sure you understand the type of insurance coverage you have so that you are able to determine exactly what claims you need to file after your accident or injury.
•Do attempt to get photos of the damaged vehicles and any of the injuries suffered by you as well as the other driver. Witnesses can be an important part of your insurance claim, so try to get their names and numbers on paper for future reference.•Do write down the name, number, and insurance details of the person in the other vehicle. •Do take notes when speaking to or dealing with anyone who is involved in the processing of your insurance claim.•Do keep all bills and receipts for medical expenses due to the accident as well as any repair work done on your vehicle.Don’ts
•Don’t acknowledge any fault on your part, but calmly relate just the facts to law enforcement and insurance agents.
•Don’t give a written statement to either your insurance or that of the other party involved unless you are thoroughly understand both your own policy and the claim you are filing.
•Don’t allow too much time to pass before filing an insurance claim. Most companies have a specific time frame after the accident or injury takes place during which you must file.
•Don’t take the amount of an insurance settlement as fact without doing some research on your own. Insurance companies will usually make their loss estimate an amount that is less than what you really lost.
•Don’t accept a check from the insurance company unless you are satisfied that the amount offered is enough to fully compensate you for your losses.
•Don’t automatically sign any documents that appear to be a type of waiver or release unless you are sure you understand what you are signing.
Posted by ok4now on 2011-04-05:
Imperial: A well written informative post. Allow me to elaborate on your "don't accept a check from the insurance company." One trick they use is to send the claims adjuster to your home to estimate the damage. The adjuster will then cut you a check on what THEY estimate the damage to be. They're trying to cut their losses before the vehicle is even seen at the body shop. Once at the body shop the cost of repair is always higher to do a proper repair job. The insurance company wants to use after market parts that are cheap and do not fit right. To do a proper repair OEM parts are needed. It's far better to have the vehicle at the body shop and have the claims adjuster see it there. The body shop can explain & argue what the true cost of repair is.
Posted by Starlord on 2011-04-05:
I once had a 1953 Chevy POS that got hit by an Army truck while the driver was opening a candy bar and driving with his elbows. He crossed two lanes of traffic before his bumper gouged my right rear quarter panel. On the advice of a friend, I called Fort Benjamin Harrison and reported the accident, as well as the Indianapolis PD. The PD decided to let the Army handle it. Within two hours, an OD sedan pulled up in front of my house, and a soldier with the rank of lieutenant got out and examined the car. He wrote on the clipboard he was carrying and showed me a chaek for $1,000 with the payee left blank. I had supplied him with the numbers that I could get off the truck and a rough description of the driver. He asked if the amount was acceptable. He said with the war in Viet Nam, the Army did not want to inflame citizens with being 'chintzy.' I accepted the check, we shook hands, and he left. I never heard another word about the incident. BTW, the check was as good as gold.
Posted by ok4now on 2011-04-05:
Starlord: In 1953 did a new Chevy even cost $1,000? You made out like a fat rat on that deal. Good post.
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Underwriters Of Hartford Insurance Does Not Make Mistakes
Posted by Judithcollins1 on 07/23/2010
When we received our renewal for our insurance on our vehicles we was shocked it had double with no explanation to why it had gone up. This happened in April of this year. We live on a fixed income and this really hurt. So like a dummy we kept trying to pay it but each month it has become harder to do, with all the prices on food and utilities going up. I decided to call and ask why this was done to us, come to find out they had the wrong mileage down on our vehicles and did this. Instead of reissuing a new policy they told us we would have to continue to pay the price they had on the policy until April of 2011 and when our policy started over they would put it back at the right amount. There was no mention of paying back our money which will be over a $1000. My point is would you or anybody like to donate your money to a insurance company because of their underwriters mistake so be aware and if something is not right on your insurance policy at renewal time call right then so the lazy underwriters don't rip you of like they have us.

The reason I say this that was what we were told we should have done. This has been a hard lesson for us to learn and do not want any one else to have this done to them.
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Posted by Skye on 2010-07-23:
Good advice. And they really DO NOT care about us. It's all about the almighty dollar. And whatever you do, don't you dare even attempt to file a claim if needed. This goes for all insurance companies, for auto insurance.
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Dishonest and unfair
Posted by Ccqmrp on 03/30/2007
I was in a car accident in October 2006. An old lady ran a stop sign and I hit her at the intersection (I did not have to stop). At first they said that I was 15% liable because I should have seen her coming. I argued that down to 5% based on the layout of the intersection (cars parked along the road, house makes side streets not visible until you are in front of them). On principle I would have argued it lower, but I wanted to get it over with. After the accident, when I called the insurance company they stated that they would not agree to pay for a rental car until liability was established. I explained that the vehicle that was damaged was our only vehicle for a family of five, and that we needed that to get to work, the children to school, etc. The representative stated that once liability was established that the car rental would go retro. I agreed that I would put the rental on my credit card and then seek compensation from them with the settlement once liability was established (there was no doubt in my mind that liability would be on their insured). To make a long story short, when it came time to pay for the rental car, they stated that they would not pay for the rental car until liability was established, and that it would go retro (from that day that we were having the conversation back to the day that liability was established). I explained that was not what this exact same representative had told me, and that that was not retroactive. I explained to her that the fact that liability hadn't been established at that point did not make them any less liable in the situation, but she still said they could only pay after liability had been established, which was more than a week after the accident (were they dragging their feet to get out of paying more???). I spoke to her supervisor and expained the situation AGAIN, stating that we didn't have another vehicle and that I was entitled to a rental since their insured and made my van undriveable. She agreed to pay for the rental back to the day of the accident. Then she argued about the towing and storage. I told her that I couldn't have parked my car at my home because of city ordinances regarding inoperable vehicles, and the two body shops that I had called (the two that I would actually let work on my van in the area) said that if they were not contracted for the work that they charged storage, which was, in fact, more expensive than the storage charged by the towing company. I explaned this, and she still refused to pay for storage beyond the three day window from when they sent the letter. I didn't know if the van was totalled, which is why I didn't have it taken to the body shop.

Anyway, getting ANYTHING from them was a nightmare, and in most cases I just settled because I was tired of dealing with it. Now I have medical bills going to collections because they agreed to pay medial bills for the 30 days after the accident, and those have not yet been paid. I've been begging the creditors not to send them to collections, but I'm guessing they've waited enough, and I suppose they're right.

I have nothing good to say about The Hartford. Nothing at all.
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Posted by Sparticus on 2007-03-30:
Insurance companies (claim agents) are trained to give you a hard time... banking on the fact that you will give up eventually and save them a few bucks! I use to work at an insurance company and I overheard a conversation in the elevator regarding this exact topic... they were discussing and laughing how the rule of them is to always deny a claim first regardless of what it is... pathetic. Anyway, next time I wouldn't give them a dime extra... you pay your insurance premium every month for this coverage... they owe you what you pay for. Don't let them talk you out of it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-30:
Thanks for the heads-up about Hartford. Thanks also to Sparticus for the interesting info.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-30:
File a suit in court against the lady and Hartford. This business about you taking some of the liability is absolute bull. She ran the stop sign, not you. If the police issued her a citation and none to you then you are guiltless.

Imagine if all insurance companies used this 'admission of liability' in all claims. They'd never have to pay a dime. Let's say you're driving late at night and a car without any lights comes towards you and causes a collision. Using this liability excuse they would say that even though their client had no lights on you should have known they were on the road (even though you'd never seen them before) and should have never left your own home. Therefore it would be your fault.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-03-31:
Well, I hope you didn't sign anything accepting that liability. Even if you didn't... you just posted it here so I guess it wouldn't matter anyway.

Is this your insurance or her insurance? You could try going through yours and then what'll happen is that they will go after the Hartford to get their money back.
Posted by CDB33 on 2010-04-23:
Partial liability is a valid and commonly used equasion within the insurance industry. If you have worked for an insurer or know someone in the industry and they dont know of the term they are a bafoon and dont know their business. Just because you have the right of way doenst mean that you arent able to avoid the accident. and in some cases you are not able to avoid being in an accident. This became law several years ago because there were (and still are) a lot of people out there that make a living out of insurance fraud... they create a situation where they get into a "not at fault" accident and sue the insurer & insured. These rules and laws are not only to protect the insurance company, but also the public not only from fraud but from price increases in insurance. If the insurance companies paid 100% on every claim, especially fraudulant claims, your insurance bill would be more than your carpayment and rent. based on my experience in the field I thin that the people at the Hartford treated you pretty well... sometimes you may get rep on the phone that may be new and fresh out of training and still learning (the retro example you gave on the rental)- but overall you didnt experience anything out of the ordinary or unethicle. the Hartford is rated as the most ethicle insurance company for 3 years now, the only 3 years that ethisphere has been rating copmanies on ethics.
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Scam Artists and Liars
Posted by Don31 on 12/26/2011
ARKANSAS -- I live in Arkansas, I went to Michigan where the frame broke. I traded for another car and Hartford canceled my Arkansas Policy and opened a Michigan policy. At a much higher rate. I told the woman I didn't live in Michigan, wasn't going to be living in Michigan. Said she would correct the mistake. I got a bill charging me $75 for "closing my account and re-instating it". The woman in accounting is such a smart alex, and Hartford doesn't make mistakes. She needs to be fired. I told her I'd move my auto and home owners to another company. She couldn't care less. I'm surprised the company doesn't care! Plus, when I added my Homeowners, they told me I'd get a discount on my auto insurance. Instead, they increased it. They lie as bad as DirecTV
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Posted by Alain on 2011-12-28:
My guess here is, that since insurance follows the car and not the person, when the car was purchased in Michigan it had to be insured in Michigan until you got back to Arkansas to register it and get plates there.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2011-12-28:
My understanding is that when you purchase a replacement vehicle, it is covered for 14 days to 30 days on your old policy. This would have allowed you time to get back to Arkansas on a temporary tag and get both tag and insurance resolved in Arkansas. I wondered if maybe the person was spending more than a few days in Michigan, but was in fact staying there for some time.
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Hartford cancells auto insurance without notifying me and sends premiums back
Posted by Vtechh on 10/30/2010
I insured one of my vehicles with Hartford last year. Right from the start I had issues with them... first of all premiums were not delivered to me on several occasions causing a lot of work to try to straighten things out so they would not cancel me. They tried to cancel me one time due to non payment when they did indeed have my payment and this year I paid the entire years premium by the end of March to try to avoid any future premium problems with them and on 10-30-10 I received a check from them for $240.00 and all that it said was that it was a refund due to my insurance being cancelled on 10-04-10 which means that I was driving uninsured for 3 weeks. No letter or phone call from them explaining what their latest issue was. They simply cancelled me and sent me a partial refund 3 weeks later.

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Posted by idontthinkso on 2010-10-31:
Wow.. Sounds like half a story, but that's pretty unprofessional.
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Bait and switch
Posted by Parrottr4 on 09/08/2010
Hartford Auto Insurance used a "Bait and switch" tactic on my premium.
With no tickets or claims they increase my premium by 25%. This is unfair and Hartford should not be endorsed by AARP. AARP should be protecting seniors against this tactic.
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Posted by carl on 2012-09-12:
I have auto insurance with AARP when i signed up with them i thought they are here to help out the over 55 age and over. I signed on for auto insurance for the year 2011-2012 have no ticketts or violations and cost me 400.00. Now for 2012-2013 they want 600.00 for same policy good drivers record not even a parking tickett.So i called them thinking they made a mistake,they told me "no mistake" to take it or leave it. SO DO NOT GO WITH BAIT AND SWITCH. STAY AWAY FROM AARP they are not here to help you ,just themselves to your money.
Posted by Thomas on 2012-10-30:
I have been insured with Hartford on both house and autos for several years. No surprise that my home policy has been increasing substantially each year even with the auto/house discount. However, last April I was told that my auto insurance premiums would be less with comprehensive insurance rather than just liability, so I took the bait. I just received my next 6mos, premium which has increased by another $30 dollars--and after signing on to their website as a new subscriber discovered that their liability only offer is much cheaper than carrying comprehensive. Four other insurance carriers offer liability only at even lower premiums. This is definitely "bait and switch" with Hartford! Insurance shoppers beware! I talked to an agent with Hartford who reassured me that comprehensive is still less expensive than liability coverage, even though it isn't. UNBELIEVABLE!!
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Hartford Insurance problems through AARP
Posted by Reesorian on 02/27/2010
SOUTHINGTON, CONNECTICUT -- During a recent storm some months back a large limb approx one thousand pounds broke from a perfectly healthy tree swinging in a pendulum motion striking my glass enclosed spa and deck causing major damage. The limb broke in half over top of the structure causing it to move sideways. I called the insurance company as soon as possible and was informed to take any measures I could to minimize further damage. I immediately drained the spa and secured deck to another large tree with a come along and chains to keep it from falling over and losing the spa on the ground that was five feet down. While doing this I pulled the deck back to original spot as good as possible. The insurance company sent out a contractor to inspect the deck followed by a engineer that without a level found that deck was not level, DAAA, so there claim for not wanting to pay full amount of claim is that a deck that was built years ago is not up to code because it is not level now after being struck by a thousand pound limb sideways. I have code up grade insurance. I have contacted adjusters and there supervisors numerous times with very few responses. They then sent me a check for approx one tenth of the amount of the claim.
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