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LIARS LIARS LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TAMPA, FLORIDA -- This company called me after filling out a free insurance quotes on line. If its too good to be true, then it usually is! They said I was purchasing a United health care policy. complete with 80/20 coverage, prescriptions coverage, even a 200,000 accident policy. they said I would have a 20.00 co pay, If I wasn't happy with my coverage before ten days was over I could cancel with a refund. WELLLL, it took them 3 weeks to get me any kind of paperwork to me. After I read what I had bought I realized I had been took BIG time. Not a united health care policy, its more of a weird memership to get discounts at various places more like a travel and gym memberships!!!!! That's NOT what these liars told me over the phone, Run or HANG up the phone if they contact you. Don't give them any information about your bank account or don't give them any money it is a SCAM.
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User Replies:
Alain on 02/14/2012:
Thanks for sharing this unfortunate experience. You might want to go to (Quick Links on the right hand side has 'File a Complaint' at the top of the list) and to at least make an official report on this company.
Lisa76 on 11/19/2012:
This company does lie about their policies. They also tell you they are recording your application for verification and to just hold any questions until the end. Then they read the information very fast and ask if you understand. You reply yes because you think you can ask more questions at the end, as instructed. Then they cut off the recording and swear you said you understood everything. This company has an F rating by the BBB in Middle Florida. DO NOT TRUST THEM!!!! I have requested my money back, so now I just have to wait and see. . . .
Lisa J Jan 2013 on 01/15/2013:
I went down this road with another company, AWA. As I was going through the recorded conversation to purchase the plan I got a very uneasy feeling. They specified that it is not a major medical insurance plan, but a membership. I hung up and called my credit card company, AmEx immediately to stop the charge and dispute the transaction. The charge had already been posted. Thankfully, AmEx got me a credit. They also lied saying they were top rated. They were not even rated with the BBB. I looked online and saw many complaints exactly like this company. I was smarter this time and asked for Health Insurance Innovations to send me something via email for my review and they would not, and said they could not until I signed up for the plan. I ended up arguing with the man, as he continued to use the hard sell wanting me to purchase today. Beware, I think they are probably a lot of companies out there like this one.
Jan on 03/18/2013:
Let me tell you what this company has done to me...I bought a short term health insurance policy through HII--three days later I was having difficulty swallowing--went to the doctor. He thought I had an irritation, so prescribed me a GI cocktail. Ten days later, I could not swallow water. I had 2 emg scopes at hospital, and was told that I had Barretts esophagus..sent home but condition worsened. I was admitted into hospital and was scoped again. Pathology report came back positive for esophageal cancer!!! After ambulance ride for surgery-chemo port-j-tube I began intensive chemotherapy and radiation. I had an Ivor-Lewis esophagectomy on 6-25-12 to remove cancerous tumor. Insurance company did not pay claims for 4 months, then finally paid claims. In October thay said I had a pre-existing condition and wanted all their claim money back. Well, because of their practice of post-claim underwriting I am on the hook for over $300,000.00 because 1 doctor said I had symptoms..symptoms of what?? I had twenty other doctors that concurred with everyone else. The 1 doctor made an error, but here I am with EC and no money to pay. I now have no insurance because of this company, therefore I probably am dying. They acted in bad faith. One of their claims personnel told me I was covered--it depended when I was diagnosed. So there you go. Pretty sad isn't it??
NP on 05/06/2013:
I worked for the scums United. Let me tell you, this company is nothing but pieces of XXXX. They will try to lie and cheat their way through anything they can. Please do NOT believe anything that comes from them!!!!! Mr. nice guys? Ha ha that's a big laugh.
PISSED OFF on 06/19/2013:
They lied to me as , leaving me stuck with thousands of dollars of medical bills for SIMPLE visits. Then after policy was RE instated, everything became PRE EXISTING!!! NOT COVERED!!! Complete SCAM! They would NOT COVER ME TO GET A REQUIRED MRI ON BREAST AFTER BAD MAMOGRAM AND ULTRA SOUND! Save your money and try to at least make deal with hospitals or Drs...
Agree with their talking fast recording...The girl who sold me the plan ( and LIED) was already gone when I called back to complain!
Tunde on 08/07/2013:
The info was quite helpful. Was searching for affordable health insurance...guess I'll shred the quotes.
Lennie Boyce on 12/19/2013:
I am telling any one that comes across this message....DO NOT MESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!
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