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CLEVELAND, OHIO -- On April 9, 2008 I requested my husband's health records from Cleveland Clinic to be sent to Vanderbilt in Nashville. His app't was on April 23 at Vanderbilt. I had them sent to my house because they could not guarantee them being sent there on time. On the authorization form in small print, it says I understand the recipient may be charged for the service. Well, I get a bill for $103 for these records. I feel they should inform you of the price before you get them. I would not have ordered them, had I known the price. I would have changed the app't for a time that I know the records would have arrived in ample time at Vanderbilt. I am sure if they were sent to Vanderbilt they would not charge them that much. Plus, they outsourced this to Healthport in Alpharetta, Georgia. All this bs about privacy issues and they send our personal records through another agency. Due to my husbands several surgeries, this hospital has received thousands of dollars, you would think this service would be free. He has a surgery comng up in at Cleveland this month, I feel like getting it done at the other hospital since it is closer and they want our business. I have to pay to stay in Cleveland, plus the deductibles, the travel to Cleveland (700 miles), add another $103 for bs. My husband's condition is so complicated we only have a few healthcare facilities that can do the surgery.
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