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Unethical Business Practices
Posted by Fxrman on 01/03/2006
Do NOT order this product!! The initial order is for 1 bottle at 29.95. I was charged 4.95 weeks before my order shipped. 3 days after my account was charged for the first bottle, I am charged for another. The phone number is ALWAYS busy so you cannot speak to anyone. Stay away from this product!
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Posted by flipper on 2006-01-04:
I, too, was taken in by Heart Guardian. Before I had a chance to really try their pills, they sent me another order for $69. I immediately sent it back without opening. I called to tell them and they said I had to get a return number. They were going to charge me $4.95 for the number. I let my credit card company take over, and I just received notice from them that I did NOT have to pay anything. But it took over four months to get it resolved.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-01-04:
Just went to their website. Are you seriously buying pills that come from the people that sell a device called a "Brain Tuner?"
Posted by pussila on 2007-02-01:
I have not opened mine yet. All of a sudden the thought of
Zenichal came to mind. I had tried it, and NOW I have figured out that these are about the same. I figured out
that if the cholesterol disappeared, where did it go. For
Zenichal,turns into a "stinking oil" which eases out of
your rectum without any notice before. Very stinky and
unpredictable. Must stay close to bathroom. M underwood
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Watch Out for sneaky fine print
Posted by C.S. on 12/22/2005
I ordered the first supply of Heart Guardian, and was billed accordingly. A few weeks later, I find my debit card charged again. When I contacted the company I was told it was for an ebook to be downloaded -- but they refunded that, since I HAD NOT ordered the ebook. Additionally, I had an allergic reaction to the herbal compound, itched like crazy, and told the representative that information.

A month later, I get another package with the item inside. I don't open it. When I look at my bank account, I see that I've been charged again. I was angry, contacted the company, said I would send the package back, unopened and wanted a refund.

Guess what? According to their customer service this is how they operate:

"When ordering a single bottle you enroll in the Autoship program. While in this program you will receive a bottle of product each month for the amount of 34.90.

The autoship program can be cancel anytime. Simply contact our customer service office at xxxx Toll Free or simply send us the request via e-mail."

Huh? Yeah, just CANCEL that sneaky little autoship program.

Steer clear of this company!
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Posted by Ponie on 2005-12-23:
It's not 'sneaky fine print.' It's there for all the world to see. If you don't read the terms and conditions of an offer, you have no one but yourself to blame.
Posted by surfinrick on 2006-02-23:
I agree. Thsi Heart Guardian outfit is a scam. I ordered the product once and then was charged a second time. When i contacted the company by email I received no response and I cannot get in touch with them by phone. It's a rip-off.
Posted by P.Yovev on 2011-11-03:
You may try all herbs, prescription medication, homeopatic remedies and etc, you will get better when you change your life style. Dis ease it does star as emotional respond to certain action that you do. Nutrition aslo is very important. It may not working for you ask your self: "Do I like my life, the way it is?" When was the last time that you slept 7-8 ours uninterapted? Or you take vacation that you actually enjoy it? There is much more to it, than you just "pop" a pill and then expect change as you continue to do what you are doing it!
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Bogus charges
Posted by Bearwoman on 03/12/2008
I received my bank statement to find a $59. charge to Heart Guardian. I had no idea who they were. I wrote them an email and they told me that I had been on a 14 day trial which turned into a full charge. I told them I did not want it and they said too bad it has been to late. I did order a product from I guess it is one of their groups. I never received the email they said they sent to me nor the phone call they claim to have made.

I informed them I am going to the better business bureau. I would not buy anything from any of their companies. They are not a company that will work with you or listen to your complaints. I feel that this was done with out my knowledge, They are not an upstanding company in my book.
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Posted by Suusan B. on 2008-03-12:
There is no way that this company could have charged you unless you gave them your account number.
Posted by hayburner on 2008-04-03:
Apparently there is a scam where you buy something online and they steal your info. Wellness Watchers is a valid company (I believe) and is getting a lot of flack. Wellness Watchers MD is the one stealing data. Keep an eye on your credit card charges!

Wellness Watchers gave me the phone number of the bogus company. Reply if you want the numbers.
Posted by hayburner on 2008-04-03:
Apparently there is a scam where you buy something online and they steal your info. Wellness Watchers is a valid company (I believe) and is getting a lot of flack. Wellness Watchers MD is the one stealing data. Keep an eye on your credit card charges!

Wellness Watchers gave me the phone number of the bogus company. Reply if you want the numbers.
Posted by Bearwoman on 2008-04-04:
Hayburner,Yes I would like the number your were given. I do keep an eye on my credit card. that is how I caught this.
Posted by hayburner on 2008-04-06:
Wellness Watchers MD: 800-591-6383 - for Urban Nutrition: 800-515-1070.
Posted by littlemisscontroverse on 2008-04-22:
This happened to me as well I also called the other wellness watchers first and they gave me the numbers and told me to call my bank as well. Wellness watchers Md claims they sent me two emails,a letter, and something in the miracle burn box. I did not receive any of this. I demanded my fees be reversed and they are sending me a form but said IF they do I will only get 50, I wrote a letter of dispute to my bank. Urban Nutrition (Miracle Burn)claims that they do not know what wellwatchers md is doing but it is their affiliate they agreed that they didn't send anything from WW MD. I won't buy anything from either of these companies ever again. Oh yeah both of them acted like they didn't know what I was talking about but the wellness watchers person knew exactly how much it was for and everything and they aren't even affiliated. SCAM.
Posted by koyfoo on 2008-05-19:
They are a scam. They "get" your info from one of their affiliates you purchased you product from. What I would like to know if any of you received a refund from them after completing their form?
Posted by littlemisscontroverse on 2008-06-13:
koyfoo~ I contacted my bank and told them what was up--they refunded everything and dealt with them for me.
Posted by The Doctor Is In on 2009-01-26:
Fortunately for me, this story has a happy ending. Here are the events and steps that I took to resolve this with Wellness Watchers MD:

I got an email informing me of my 1 month free trial, at a cost of $1.83USD, and the email detailed the information about the charge to my credit card. I immediately sent this email to "support@wellnesswatchersmd":

"I've already read the complaints of people being charged $59 without their permission. I want you to cancel my membership. I will be contacting my credit card company to block any further charges from your company. And finally, I will be contacting my State's Attorney General of Indiana. He takes a very, very dim view of business practices like this, and is a pit bull in pursuing companies by initiating legal action. He set up our "do not call" system, and you should see what he does to those companies that violate it."

I then called my credit card company and luckily the $1.83 had not yet posted (thankfully).

I then called the 1-800-591-6383, was put on hold for about 4 mins. before a Customer rep came on the line. He asked for my last name and zip code and then informed me that my account had already been deactivated. I went to my email and sure enough, there was an email from them confirming my account had been deactivated.
Posted by wellnesswatchersmd on 2009-03-03:
Hello, I am with WellnessWatchersMD. We would like to apologize for any problems that some of our customers have been experiencing. We have recently made improvements to our customer service system as well as our phone system. Please contact us via email at support@wellnesswatchersmd.com or by telephone at 1-800-591-6383 and we will resolve your issue promptly. Thank you for your patience!
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Seems a Scam
Posted by AvoidScams on 05/30/2007
PITTSBURG, TEXAS -- Originally came into contact through NewsMax. There was a lot of info, too much, and I got out of it that a free month of CholestroBlock was available. Second Opinion was mentioned, a monthly letter I respect, have subscribed to for a couple of years. The C-Block was to be sent free, and then if one wanted to continue they would be to my Visa card. I gave them my Visa # never suspecting I was at the beginning of a scam.

The next step in the scam is when the Bank of America calls and says my Visa has been charged $1 five times, and wants to know if this is legitimate. I though this couldn't be too serious. I suppose HG is testing my Visa for validity. This is the set up to give HeartGuardian legitimacy. The first month was suppose to be free. Thinking about this development, I called my VISA provider, and told them I wanted no charges to my account from HG. I was passed to Pat Thomas (B of A). This man defended HG with heart and soul over 15 minutes. He talked in circles trying to discredit me. I was so disgusted with this man I told him to close my Visa account. This took most of time of our conversation. He was somewhat disrespectful knowing that it was a MOAA card. I had to insist several times that the account be closed. To make a long story short this was an unpleasant experience.
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Posted by Sparticus on 2007-05-30:
From what I've read it seems most folks don't have much success with this product... Though I have read a few comments on here where it was successful (slightly)... All of these "free" trial scams usually have the details of how you are going to get screwed buried in the small print. Unfortunately most of us don't have the vision required to read the tiny print...
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Posted by Gracie1 on 03/27/2007
I ordered one month supply of Heartguardian and I told them i would try it and if I was pleased I would order again however I never order again after checking it out but they have continue to debit my account so as today I will report them to dept of Commerce and the Federal Trade Commission.

Don't be fooled by these people. You can never reach anyone at the 800 number or if you e-mail them you get response they cannot handle all complaints. Save your self the money don't buy from them. Now I have to close my checking to protect myself.
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Posted by grandma005 on 2007-03-27:
This is why you should use a credit card instead of a checking account.
Posted by poppapia on 2007-03-27:
You don't need to close your account; simply go to your bank and dispute the ACH debits, pay a small fee for doing this, and be careful in doing this in the future.
Posted by Noneill on 2007-03-27:
I think VISA protects your debit purchases as well as credit purchases, but I am not 100% on that.

Consumers think they are placing one-time orders with this company (and a thousand others) when the fine print says they are agreeing to a subscription in reality. You don't get the option of "making another order if you like the product". You have to STOP the orders if you are unhappy with the product. Buyer Beware has never been so true.
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I have never ordered anything
Posted by Starfire774 on 12/14/2007
I have never ordered anything from this company but I have a charge from them on my account for 49.99.

I tried to call them on the only phone number I could find but get only get a busy signal. I sent a email to them requesting a refund but I haven't heard from them. Does any one have any other contact info on this company?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-14:
You mean complaint, not a compliment. Contact your credit card company and dispute the charge.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-14:
PB, where in this post does it say anything about a compliment?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-14:
It did when I first read it. The OP or a mod probably changed it.
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Another Scam
Posted by Postman37620 on 04/27/2005
I tried Cholesterblock for 30 days with absolutely no positive results. I had a lab test completed by my personal doctor to see if this product had lowered my cholesterol and results showed no lowering whatsoever. Do not waste your time or money with this product.
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Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2005-04-27:
In no way do I mean this as insulting.....While on the medication did you alter your diet to low-fat, low-cholesterol and exercise?
Posted by LegalCollector on 2005-04-28:
Part of any cholesteral treatment is exercise. Slob!
Posted by danarae948 on 2005-11-01:
I tried Cholesterblock for 30 days with absolutely no positive results. I had a lab test completed by my personal doctor to see if this product had lowered my cholesterol and results showed no lowering whatsoever. Do not waste your time or money with this product.
Posted by meiling on 2006-03-29:
I have use Cholesterblock for 4 months. My Cholesterol went from 234 to 191. Try. went from209 to 103. LDL from 145 to 125. Ratio from 4.9 to 4.2. So I say it works! My Dr's mother in law takes it and doing the same for her.
Posted by southern girl on 2006-04-24:
I tryed Cholesterblock for 30 days, I did the cholesterblock test and it showed my cholesteral had gone down, so just to make sure I went to my doctor and she did a cholesteral test and it to showed it had gone down, and she highly recammended that I contentue taking cholesterblock my cholesteral was 233 and it is now 220 she was really happy to of seen my cholesteral drop that much in 30 days.I will alway contentue taking cholesterblock as long as it helps keep my cholesteral down.
Posted by pappawlorna@sbcglobal.net on 2006-08-23:
I wholeheartedly agree with your review. Why are these people still in business? I guess it is because of fools such as I. I hope people will research this company first or at least attempt to call them before they order. That line is always busy and unanswered. I am now aware of "free" scams.
Posted by roge05156 on 2007-06-25:
I used cholesterblock and took my first test 3/19/2007.I knew my last test done at a lab was over 300 mg/dl.The results from the free test was over 311.I took Cholesterblock for 3 months.On 6/25/2007 the test results dropped to 223.On 6/27/2007 I will go to the med lab and take a test after fasting to compare results.Niacin did not help.I was on Lipitor before and dropped level to 220.After retiring,I didn't have money to pay for Lipitor and my cholesteral went back to 311.
Posted by Skye on 2007-06-25:
Roge, can you ask your doctor for some samples of Lipitor??
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-25:
Niacin works good and you can get it anywhere. I buy it at SAM club. 500 mg big bottle $6.00 but you also need another kind to go with it and as Skye said you should ask your Doctor.
Posted by mikelly321 on 2007-07-13:
I called just before the 2nd bottle arrived to cancel. they closed the account and didn't charge any further even though I never sent the second bottle (or cholesterol test) back. I was later glad I didn't when I realized that Cholesterblock contains 600 mg of beta-sitosterol which was the same major ingredient as in the Prost-8 formula for men and a whole lot cheaper than that product. So two potential benefits for the price of one: lowered cholesterol and prostate relief. I came across the Add your 3 cents site while googling their site to re-order and saw the complaints and decided maybe I should check them out first. After reading a few of the complaints, I felt obliged to add my "3 cents" to counter some of the negative comments. Perhaps at the time they were written, this company treated its customers poorly. Apparently (at least in my case) they've changed their evil ways. Try Omacor (prescription required) or lots of fish oil for added cholesterol (triglyceride) reduction.

Mike Kelly
Posted by mikelly321 on 2007-07-13:
Posted by mikelly321 on 2007-07-17:
cholest off's cheaper and closer to home when you get the 240 count at Osco, etc. only drawback: takes two tabs which equals 522 mg beta-sitosterol as opposed to 600 mg in one cholesterblock.
Posted by ncdave4life on 2007-08-30:
Lidman, please be VERY cautious using niacin!!

The theraputic dose of niacin is very close to the toxic dose. It should never be used for cholesterol improvement except under the close supervision of a physician. Otherwise, the risk-benefit ratio is very unfavorable.

The dangers of hyperlipidemia are not nearly as great as the dangers of ruining your liver with niacin. If you take more than about 500 mg/day of niacin, without close medical supervision, you are taking grave risks with your health. But if you take less than that, it will have little or no effect on your cholesterol numbers.

Statins and Zetia are expensive, but if you need to save money, or you are worried about side-effects of statins and Zetia, then simply divide the dose. With those medications, you lose only about 6% effectiveness with each halving of the dose.

(Note, too, that you can use Zetia in combination with a statin, for additive benefit.)

So even if you take just 1/8 or 1/16 of the normal dose of Lipitor or Pravachol or Zocor, perhaps with 1/8 or 1/16 of the normal dose of Zetia, you'll still get a good benefit. It will almost certainly give you a LOT more benefit than you would get with Cholesterblock, and it is a LOT safer than using niacin.

See also http://www.burtonsys.com/cholesterol.html

Posted by Sue on 2012-07-27:
I used Cholesterblock for years and it worked very well for me. Not everything is going to work for everyone. Unfortunately, it's no longer available.
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Posted by Jackmax on 05/18/2007
HYDE PARK, NEW YORK -- I ordered a one month supply of Cholesterblock to try it. I had blood work done at my physician's office after receiving the supplement. My cholesterol was 190 and my LDL was 100. I took the product for more than a month because I didn't cancel in time to stop the next delivery. I had my blood work checked in my physician's office again after 6 weeks and my cholesterol went from 190 to 240 and my LDL went from 100 to 150. I contacted Heart Guardian and was instructed to send the finished bottle of Cholesterblock back for a $30 rebate. Four days later I received an e-mail that I did not qualify for a refund but I could have a credit for $30 worth of any other product that they sell. In the meantime I received yet another delivery of Cholesterblock. I sent it back unopened with "return to sender" on the package. I instructed Heart Guardian to credit my charge card. I have not heard another word from them.
Bottom line - do not buy their products!!!
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Posted by Skye on 2007-05-18:
Can you ask your doctor for some samples of, Lipitor? Doctors always have samples, and he/she could provide you with a months supply to help you get your cholesterol down. And then if it's working for you, you can then be prescribed it from your doctor. Why waste your money and be aggravated on something that isn't even approved by the FDA. Sounds like nothing but snake oil. (I hope that's the correct term).
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Unethical business--avoid
Posted by Jeno on 07/19/2007
I ordered Cholesterblock from this company. When I received the product with the cholesterol test kit, the kit didn't work. I contacted them and they told me they would send another kit. I waited to start the product so that I would have before and after test results (required for money back guarantee). Well, to make a long story short, I never got a replacement test kit, kept getting product and couldn't get them back on the phone to cancel. When I finally did talk to them they said they were sorry but it was too late to return the product and I could have store credit for other products (I never found information on any other products). I finally contacted my credit card company and cancelled my credit card and opened a new account to stop the charges from this unethical company.
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Posted by Noneill on 2007-07-20:
Sadly this is another case of not reading the fine print. This is one of those shady products that relies on the customer not reading it. Somewhere it stated that at the time of your order, you agree to subscribe to monthly refills until you cancel. And they never make cancelling easy.
Posted by Jeno on 2007-07-20:
That IS true, and I DID read the fine print which stated that. I did try to contact them to cancel after they failed to fulfill their promise (i.e. sending me the new test kit) but conveniently for them I was unable to reach them to cancel. Also, I received 2 shipments within a week of each other--"monthly"??? shipments. I think not!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-20:
Stand your ground !
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Posted by Lapun on 04/21/2007
PRINSTON, NEW JERSEY -- I ordered from Heartguardian TM (366 Nassau Street Prinston, NJ 08540) on line just one bottle of Cholesterolblock to try it. After one month with this product my cholesterol was not reduced but grown by 30 points. I never ordered additional bottles. Without my permission the Company signed me on the auto-ship program of the Cholesterblock capsules and continuously charged my credit card. When I ordered (by phone) to stop this program they refused to credit me. They demanded to return the unused two bottles. When I returned these 2 bottles of Cholesterblock capsules they again refused to give me my credit. Instead they offered to choose from the list their products other two bottles of probably equally useless products.

Do not be fooled by these people.

They promise you free devices and capsules just for trying their products. They lie.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-22:
Unfortunately you didn't read the terms and conditions for ordering. The link is located at the very bottom of the order page. When ordering you sign up for their autoship program. Even if you order their free sample it's next to impossible to stop further shipments because you have 14 days to cancel. The main problem is the 14 days begins when you order. Never mind that you get the free bottle just before the 14 days expire. By that time they have shipped the first monthly bottle and it's way too late to cancel. Their return policy forbids the return of any product even if not opened. All you can do is stop more shipments but you are stuck for the cost of whatever they've already shipped.
Posted by Ponie on 2007-04-22:
'Unfortunately you didn't read the terms and conditions for ordering.'

You are so right, PassingBy. 99% of the perceived complaints on this forum would not occur if posters would only take the time to read!
Posted by Noneill on 2007-04-24:
What? Heart Guardian did not work? Hard to believe.
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