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Worst Company to Buy a Home With
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Rating: 1/51

PACE, FLORIDA -- I bought a house from Henry Company Homes in 2005. We did a walk through and said some of the trees needed cutting back, they said no problem. About 6 months after we signed the deed they had an open house in our subdivision and I asked them about when they were going to clear out the trees. The sales representative started yelling at me about he never said that when in fact I had a witness who was with me - my father (who is a good friend of the owner). I was mortified that the sales representative would do that in front of customers.

That is not even the only problem we have had with our new home. The septic leach field does not work and every 3-6 months we have to have it pumped out. The A/C is too small for the house and half the house does not get cool (the master bedroom is in the part that does not gets cool), and we had to replace the unit with a bigger unit. I have called, wrote and even stopped by the offices and all you get is the runaround. For an owner to treat the child of his friend this way should let anyone know they will treat anyone that way.

I Should Have Listened Part III
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PACE, FLORIDA -- Back in early 2000 I had heard of a disgruntled homeowner who lost a case against HCH, didn't give much thought to it until I bought my own. I gladly include my address for those of you that would really like to see a Henry Home. I also have retained all the email communications that I had with this company from sales agent to VP, makes for a good read even the 1 the sales agent accused me of having an affair with another buyer in a different subdivision. See me first before you buy.

Bought my house in 2009. It held up just until the check cleared the loan office. Anytime you try to call you get the run around from HCH, how I should be responsible to keep up the maintenance, yes I do mow the lawn but the faulty electrical I didn't install & think someone should take a look at it before the house burns down. At 1st I thought it was my grandfather trying to communicate to me from beyond the grave.

I had problems with slider & mould around slider, of course now it looks kind of rotten like HCH building practices. Carpet is only 3 yrs old & looks like Ed Henry's hair piece, ratty. As far as paint goes, I would say more like water with a stick of chalk added for tint, flakes off when the dog farts, OBTW you won't be provided with any touch up. Why? Because they don't even make any paint to cover that crap. Several neighbors have called around trying to match & paint stores say it's sooooooo cheap, nobody carries it.

Here's a good one, I paid extra for my premium lot, yep my premium water logged lot, they forgot to tell me about the natural spring (river) running down 1 side and across the whole back side, wet consistently so that any privacy wood fence you install will rot faster than the carpet.

O HCH VP & supposed engineer, who is not listed on the FL engineer license, told me it was my entire fault because I put up the privacy fence. I changed the slope of the land he said which is now making the natural spring? Really I work with Military Engineers & they said I could have built a skyscraper on the land & it wouldn't have done that. If you don't believe any of this I guess HCH was stupid enough to think no one would keep the email between myself, the agent, HCH VP & everyone else I dealt with, I've covered my ass. Can they cover theirs. Beware this is the worst builder to buy a home from & they don't even care enough to make it right.

Henry Company Homes - Breaking the American Dream & Bank
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PACE, FLORIDA -- If you are thinking of buying a Henry Company Homes home because they are the best priced - STOP!!! You will pay in the long run. My husband and I purchased our first home from Henry Company Homes in the Magnolia Lakes Subdivision and have had numerous problems that Henry Company Homes is referring to as "homeowner maintenance issues." The home was built in 12/2005 we purchased the home in 05/2007 - first buyers so it sat for 1.5 years vacant.

Anyhow, the back sliding-glass door has leaked ever since we moved in. Henry Company Homes sent someone out to caulk the door even more and dry up the carpet. Well that was nice of them, but how about actually fixing the problem and not just putting a bandage on it!!! The door still leaks and the track fills up with water. There is mould around the door on the baseboards and in the carpet and it's just getting worse.

Henry Company Homes will not help so we had a door and window company come out today and look at it and that company stated that #1 this is the cheapest door that could possibly be used; and #2 it was incorrectly installed. If it was properly installed they wouldn't need globs and globes of caulk around the door on the interior. Looks like the "savings" we made on the home purchase is about to be spent on a new door and flooring.

On another note, if you plan on doing any upgrades to the house, like replacing fixtures, be prepared to patch up drywall. It seems they don't have time to center their cuts. Also when you paint, the texture is going to peel off the walls, so get ready to fix that too. I know that I am not the only house in the neighborhood having problems since I have seen signs placed in the neighbors' yards that say DON'T PURCHASE FROM HENRY COMPANY HOMES. Wish I saw those signs before I signed on the dotted line.

We purchased our first home from Henry Company Homes in Magnolia Lakes Subdivision 05/2007. Learn from our mistake and purchase from an honest, reputable builder that will FIX their bad; not one that will stand by his crew's shady workmanship and let THEIR MISTAKES drain your bank account.

Never Buy A Henry Home
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MILTON, FLORIDA -- Please do not purchase a Henry Home. My husband and I purchased a brand new Henry Home two years ago. This was the worst decision we have ever made. When we bought our home, the neighborhood was still being developed. We were told that our home would be the smallest home in the neighborhood (1980 sq. ft.) All of the newest homes in the neighborhood range from 1200-1800 square feet. Henry Company Homes refuses to fix up the entrance to the neighborhood or maintain any of the empty lots. There is trash, building materials, toilets, and spare tires throughout the neighborhood (empty lots), which Henry Homes refuses to upkeep.

All of the neighbors have begged Henry Homes to keep up the common areas of the neighborhood, but they refuse. My husband and I have personally lost $30,000 in equity in two years. The neighborhood is absolutely horrible and we will have problems ever selling this home.

In addition, our roof is leaking!!! Henry Homes refuses to fix the roof. We have mould growing in our office and the sheet rock is bowing out. We were told that our home was warrantied for 10 years. However, Henry Homes is now saying that they will not fix the roof or repair the damage. This home was built so poorly. None of the light fixtures are centered properly, the trim around the doors is uneven, and now the roof is leaking. Please listen to me, NEVER BUY A HENRY HOME!!!!!

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