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Posted by Pandaman on 11/11/2009
Having rented from Hertz regularly for six years and being a gold member, my most recent AND FINAL rental with this company concluded with me returning a fully fuelled vehicle to them and being given a ticket confirming the fuel status.

Hertz then proceeded to debit my credit card a tankfull of fuel because the FPO option was selected on the rental agreement. SO REGARDLESS OF THE FUEL STATUS OF THE RETURNED VEHICLE THEY CHARGE FOR ANOTHER TANK FULL !!! BEWARE !!!
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Posted by trp2hevn on 2009-11-11:
Is FPO the same as prepaid fuel option? If so, then why did you return it full when you agreed to prepay and should have returned it empty?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-11:
You signed the agreement!
Posted by MaggieMcT on 2009-11-11:
They followed the agreement you signed, is that surprising?
Posted by redmx3racer on 2009-11-11:
The fuel charge would be on the intial rental agreement. I doubt Hertz added on the PRE-purchase fuel after the rental was returned. Maybe-if you are a goldmember (hehe)-the option to take the fuel is part of your master profile-and since as a goldmember you would not have to sign a rental agreement you may have not been aware.
I'd contact Hertz directly and speak to them about the issue and see if you can get a refund. Sounds like a misunderstanding to me.
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-11-11:
The FPO product is an add-on to your rental purchase, supplying a discount flat price for total gas in lieu of charging a higher per gallon rate for whatever amount of gas they would need to restore the tank to full once it's returned. It is not sold no intended to be an "if Needed" or "only if it benefits the renter" service. You can't cancel it after you return the car simply becuase you found the time or good price to fill it up yourself anyway.
The value to a renter adding FPO is the game of trying to return the car as empty as possible, pushing it in being preferred. It really made no sense to fill your rental yourself.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-11:
You signed the agreement to the charge. Then you decided to fill up the car on top of that.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-11:
I'm a Club Gold member so I'm familiar with the program. To expedite the process they store your ID and preferences: ie fuel, coverage, car size/type, accessories, etc.
Did you check your stored preferences?
You may have a legitimate grievance if your preferences don't indicated pre paid fuel.
Posted by fiddlindave on 2011-08-11:
I'm 72 and have trouble with small print. I recently rented from Hertz at Seatac airport. I told the clerk I would fill the tank before I brought the car back. She said "They are charging 3.89 per gal out there. We have a plan where you only pay 3.33 per gallon." She DID NOT say it was the FPO plan where they charge you for a full tank regardless. I relied on what she said and told her that was I slam dunk. I'll go for the 3.33. I only only used about four gallons in the four days and wound up paying about 15 dollars a gallon. Yes I signed the contract, but the clerk should have said what the plan was, and I obviously would not have opted for that.. Caveat Emptor, Buyer Beware. I'll go back to enterprise.
Posted by jay on 2013-08-26:
Hertz, first time renting, last time as well. Sounds like a terrible experience for my wife. DO NOT RENT FROM HERTZ!!!!!
Posted by Kass Negash on 2013-12-06:
Rental Record#544915210

Dear customer Service Manager:

Last week I got a call from your office about the above referenced rental car. I called back spoke to one of your agent. Since then I was waiting a respond on your finding.

On Dec. 29, I rented a car for two days from Washington National Airport to be returned on Dec. 1, 2013 at 3PM at Union Station in Washington D.C. I returned the car at 11:06 AM FOUR hours before my return time.

When I arrive at the Union Station there was one red car before me for return. The lady before me on the line was waiting for the agent and I did the same standing behind the first car. Your agent sow as and was on personal/business phone call. After several minutes I walked to the agent and the agent came out off the boat and check my car for mileage and gas. When I returned the car the mileage on the car as marked by your agent is 1366 and the gas was full. (I have the paper with me).

Now I need explanation from Hertz

1. why I got a disturbing call and

2. Why you respond to my phone request?.

Hertz should have make customer service email address. Shame on Hertz.

Till to day I didn't hear from you. Please take time and tell me your findings. Thanks.


Sincerely, Kass Negash
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Hertz staff STEALS your belongings and doesn't own up to it!!
Posted by on 07/21/2009
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- When I dropped off my car at the San Diego Hertz facility at 3202 North Harbor Drive (somewhat early in order to avoid an additional day charge) I later realized I had mistakenly left a few items in the car. After returning to the Hertz location only AN HOUR LATER to retrieve my items I was informed by the staff that they were “unable to be located.”

I was told that cars are routinely moved between locations, and after I had waited approximately 45 minutes for them to radio various individuals AND after speaking directly with the onsite manager, I was told there was nothing found in my rental car. This situation is simply NOT possible unless the employees had thrown my items in the trash, or (more likely) had stolen them. Although professionally courteous, the somewhat blasé response (with the exception of the onsite manager) I received from Hertz regarding this whole event was infuriating to say the least. These items were worth approximately $200USD which is not an insignificant amount.

It took TWO WEEKS for Hertz to address my complaint by email which basically said “too bad, so sad.” Due to this experience, not only will I NOT be renting from Hertz again regardless of their pricing, I will also be informing my entire company of my experience and advising our travel agency to cease renting from Hertz in the future.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-21:
Hertz stole nothing from you. You have to look at this from the viewpoint of Hertz as well as the other rental agencies. They probably get many calls from renters who claim items were left behind. Some of these calls are simply lies in an attempt to get the agency to pay for nonexistent forgotten items. If you represented Hertz how would you handle the calls? Send a check to each and every claim? Not likely. Without any actual proof that something was left behind there's nothing that can be done.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-21:
They throw away stuff every day that is left in cars. No one there has time or is paid to analyze the value of the items, unless it is obvious. Most stuff just gets blown out and thrown away. Carelessness on your part, does not constitute theft on their part.
Posted by i_am_canadian on 2009-07-21:
And I'm sure your travel agency will cease business with Hertz based on a single complaint which originated from your carelessness. Next time don't forget your belongings.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-22:
Wow, I didn't expect such backhanded responses to my complaint - even worse than the treatment I received at Hertz.

First of all, there is NO excuse for a car rental company to have employees who trash or steal personal belongings. Second, there is NO excuse for a customer with such a complaint to be treated with suspicion and apathy when they have a legitimate complaint regarding the loss of valuable items.

I don't know where the hostility is coming from in the comments, but it's not like you people haven't forgotten something and would have liked to have had it returned as opposed to stolen from you.

Car rental agencies deal with this ALL THE TIME. People are in a rush to catch their flight and may overlook something they packed in the car. How much effort would it take for the attendant to spend 15 seconds to look in the trunk and glove compartment to ensure the vehicle is clear?

And yes, I have informed my entire company of my experience and they will not be dealing with Hertz San Diego in the future.

If anyone would like to offer something actually constructive to say here I would appreciate it.

Posted by Eloise on 2009-07-22:
If you had kept track of your own property this situation would have never happened. Own your responsibilty in this situation. As for not appreciating the above comments, than don't read them. If you put it out there, than people have every right to call you on the carpet.
Posted by i_am_canadian on 2009-07-22:
I did offer you my constructive opinion. The procedure with most of these car rental companies seems to be, unless something is of obvious extremely high value such as a laptop computer or jewellery, out it in the trash it goes. Noone stole anything from you, and to accuse the employees of such a thing without proof is totally inappropriate.
The solution is very simple, next time don't forget to check for your personal items, no matter how big of a rush your'e in. Deal with what happened and move on, I don't know why that's hard for you to understand.
And what did your travel agent say when you told them to stop using Hertz? Or was it too hard to tell over the laughter?
Posted by Eloise on 2009-07-22:
IAC once more your comments are right on the money!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-22:
FR, I don't have anything constructive to add to this thread but here is a box of Kleenex, some violin music and a pat on the back.
: )....
Posted by Principissa on 2009-07-22:
Am I the only who reads the fine print on these rental agreements? They all clearly state that they are not responsible for items left in the rental after it has been dropped off. I cannot stress how important it is to check, check, double, even triple check the rental to make sure that you are leaving with everything you had in there. It is your property and it is your responsibility to make sure what you have on your person at any given time stays on your person at any given time.
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-07-22:
I wouldn't have as much a problem with Hertz, as more like this location. They couldn't hold on to the belongings in a lost and found bin for an hour? Knowing there was a good chance the items were not abandon on purpose, would it have killed them to hold them? I' would too guess they were taken by an attendant upon the return of the car. Hertz can't react any other way and it does ultimately fall back on the poster for leaving them. I would hope though, a manager has a private conversation with whomever cleaned the car and lets him/her know he doesn't expect to have a complaint of missing items again.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-07-22:
It's amazing how many OP complaints are a direct response from their failure to read the fine print.
Posted by Principissa on 2009-07-22:
My issue with a lost and found bin is that anyone can come into claim an ipod or camera as their own and honestly there is no real way to prove if it is or isn't. Yes you could provide the rental agreement or a license, but someone could easily walk in and say "My friend sent me to get his camera that he left in his rental."
Posted by i_am_canadian on 2009-07-22:
We don't even know for sure if there was any 'missing' items or if so, what those items were. As someone said earlier, people run scams like this all the time. And I would hate to think that someone got fired or reprimanded over an accusation of theft which they did not commit.
Hertz is in no way responsible for these missing items, as stated in the rental agreement which he apparently did not bother to read. End of story.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-07-22:
Principissa and IAC best answers!
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-07-22:
I think this would be a good Investigative Reports for a local channel to do. I'd love to have a camera installed in the car when its being detailed with items left in it...
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-22:
Pretty much as I have been suspecting from this site, it's filled with angry people who take great pleasure from trolling others and their misfortune. BokiBean has provided the only truly useful comment on this thread - I think going to the local TV station that runs consumer investigative reports is an EXCELLENT idea. Usually it takes an expose to get a business to clean house and revamp their business practices.

For the record, I DO assume responsibility for my loss. What I don't appreciate is the poor customer service and the fact that my items were stolen/discarded.

The rest of you should learn a little bit about empathy, respect, and community. Your attitudes are truly pathetic.
Posted by Principissa on 2009-07-22:
I'm a troll. You got me. And here I was thinking nobody would notice. Back to my bridge...:(

In all seriousness though, just because people don't agree with you does not make you right or them wrong. I don't think that the rental company should be held accountable because 1. you have no proof and 2. you should have checked your belongings to make sure you had everything you came with before you handed in the keys.

Personal responsibility has gone the way of the dodo. Nobody wants to be accountable for their own actions, they want someone to spoon feed them and coddle them. And when they get upset when someone tries to tell them something other than what they want to hear they call you names and resort to acting childish so that they can feel better.

This is not the fifth grade playground, this is life, live it and learn. It's a hard game to play, it sucks sometimes, but you know what, you get over it. And right now, I think you need to man up and get over it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-22:
1) Frustrated the SKILLET, meet Mr. POT!!!!!!!!
2) Cry Me A Rental!
3) It's Her Rental (and she'll cry if she wants to).
4) Big Girls Don't ......You want more?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-22:
Yes ZZ
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-07-22:
Frustrated, no one is trying to bash or shame you. You have to understand the companies are forced into these type policies because of people claiming to have lost or left something to scam. Not to repeat, but the lessor is completely responsible for items left. That's just the way it is.
Personal responsibility is becoming a hard lesson learned now a days, rather than a lesson taught to you by your parents.
Good Luck
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-22:
This is crazy. It's not like it's a mystery as to the owner of left behind stuff. Hertz knows exactly who the stuff belongs to and also how to contact that person. In my book it is theft no different than if a house guest left a wallet behind after a visit then I kept it because of the fine print warning in the bathroom stating not responsible for left behind articles. (Note to self put fine print warning in bathroom)

What are we becoming in this country when not only do we accept these types of practices but there are many who actually defend them? Eh, what can you do?
Posted by Principissa on 2009-07-22:
Because it's my responsibility to make sure that I leave with everything I went with. A five minute long check of the car would have prevented me from leaving anything behind. Being in a rush is not an excuse for not using common sense and good judgment.

Sure Hertz could pay this guy for the items, but it's up to the renter not the company to prove those items were even in the rental to begin with. How many times do you think these people have been told they left a camera or cell phone or expensive jewelry in a car? How many of those times did they actually leave something and how many of those times was it just a scam to get them to give them money?

Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-22:
Here it goes:
5) I lost my umbrella in a rental.
6) California Steamin'!
7) This Zirconia ring just isn't mine anymore!
8) If you love a vanity case, set it free.
9) Caring is sharing...
10) You didn't need that horrific looking pantsuit anyway!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-07-22:
Yep crabby, but it works both ways. The key is the fine print. The companies do not want to be responsible for their employee's actions. My thoughts would be to call the police and file a police report. I would think that the company could tell the police the employees that had contact with the vehicle after it was dropped off.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-22:
BA Princi. There are a lot of dishonest people in this world who are just looking for ways to rip companies off. I'm not saying that the OP is doing that, but companies can't just take a customer's word anymore.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-22:
I agree Jkt and good comment.

Companies today do not care to take responsibility for anything. I guess my upbringing was whacked because I was always taught responsibility was a good thing.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-22:
Indeed Yaya the customer is the enemy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-22:
BA Princi? Really?! I thought she was height and weight proportionate.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-07-22:
Princi....we need a picture!!!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-22:
That's not what I said crabbie
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-07-22:
The only problem I have with the OP's complaint is that he's not going to use Hertz anymore, and yet they ALL do this...to me its nothing short of theft. They do it because they CAN.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-22:
Once again Boki you're back on track and once again you 'Get It'.
Posted by Principissa on 2009-07-22:
I'll take one when I'm feeling better. I decided to go blonde this summer with some pretty funky highlights. My salon got me a special sulfate free dye, it looks cute.
Posted by lauriem925 on 2013-08-24:
I rented with Hertz and forgot my makeup bag. When I returned they gave it to me....minus all my Chanel makeup. Obviously it was stolen!!! I will NEVER rent from them again and will be filing a police report.
Posted by MikeP on 2013-10-01:
I am literally on hold with Hertz now about something that I admittedly left in the car. For all of the trolling idiots on here the fine print does not mean it's valid. When a hotel posts "Swim at your own risk" it does not relieve them of any incidence of responsibility. Most people would not know that, but if you do some digging you will find the "fine print" is not always enforecable.
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Refueling Charges
Posted by on 11/02/2002
I rented a car in July from the Hertz agency in Duluth, MN. I filled the car up with gas within ten miles of the airport. I later got a letter from Hertz saying they had charged my credit card $6.71 or refueling charges. After I wrote them telling them I filled the car up before I returned it, I got a letter that stated the following:

After return ever vehicle is brought to our gas pump regardless of whether or not the gas gauge shows "Full." If a vehicle accepts one gallon or less, no correction in charges is made. If a vehicle accepts more than one gallon, the charges are corrected...After return of your rental the car accepted 1.4 gallons." Since the car "accepted" 1.4 gallons I was charged $4.79 a gallon for 1.4 gallons for a total of $6.71. Under their policy you can't rely on the gas gauge. Unless they start putting gas stations in the airport parking lots, I don't know how you will avoid this charge. They had better start issuing one or two gallon gas cans with their car for those who want to pay less than $4.79 for a gallon of gas.

Last time I rent a car from Hertz.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2002-11-13:
Next time fill it up and don't just fill it until the gauge says F.
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Hertz Has Hidden Fees
Posted by NurseRachel81 on 12/09/2009
ESCHBORN, GERMANY -- I rented a car from the Hertz agency at Ginnheimer Strasse 4 in Ramstein (just off the Army Post) for roughly one month in October 2009. I got a nice midsize Mercedes that ran beautiully all over Europe. It came with its own GPS and had all of the nice little perks--seat warmers, rear windshield wiper, automatic lights, etc. Plus the price was reasonable. So all in all, I was a satisfied customer...

...until I got home. I received an invoice from Hertz telling me my credit card had been charged for an addition 23.80 Euro. I checked my credit card bill and saw that I had actually been charged TWICE! When I called the rental car place in Germany about this, I was hung up on. So I called the Hertz Customer service number and was informed that the charges were for two (supposed) separate speeding incidents that occurred while I was in Germany. Apparently I had run into one of those automatic speed cameras and it recorded my license plate. HOWEVER, I was not being charged for the actual tickets--this was just a service charge from Hertz for providing my name and address to the German government. They charged me 23.80 Euro EACH time! This seemed like an outrageous fee to me just for providing some info that was obviously easily accessible in their computer system. It's not like Hertz has to pay for the speeding ticket or anything. Plus I still have not received any actual tickets from the German government (two months later) so how do I even know that they exist?! I was told that I had to email the Hertz customer service department if I wanted to try to get a credit.

Well it took me three nasty emails before the customer service department finally agreed to refund ONE of the charges (which is why I give them a two out of five star rating instead of just one), and they still maintained that they were in the right and I was in the wrong. No one ever could tell me where in the rental agreement it states that Hertz will charge this fee and it really bothered me that they went ahead and charged my credit card without my consent. Plus, no one has been able to give me any in-depth information about the tickets or provide me a copy of them.

So in short, you have been forewarned when renting with Hertz, that they not only aren't upfront with some of the potential charges, but that in the end they really care about money first and their customers second.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-09:
It seems you were caught by the speed cameras but the authorities may have decided to waive the charges when Hertz told them you were not resident in Germany. But it appears that you did speed because those cameras are activated by a speeding vehicle, and you put Hertz to the trouble of dealing with it even if it was just to provide your name and address and for that they charged you a minimal service charge. I don't see your problem. Next time don't speed. Airlines make a cool $150 just for the two minutes it takes an agent at their call center in India who works for 25 cents an hour, to transfer you from one flight to another.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-12-09:
plus it might be in the contract that they'll do that too
Posted by NurseRachel81 on 2009-12-10:
James & PepperElf--1) Hertz has never provided any proof that I was speeding. 2) I do NOT think that $75 is a "minimal service charge," which is what they charged my credit card for providing my name and address. I'm sure it took all of 2 minutes for an employee to look up in their computer. 3) No one at Hertz could show me in their contract where it says they will charge a fee for this and 4) I don't know what airlines and call centers in India have to do with my rental car complaint???
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-10:
Nurse, do you not get paid for your time? Regardless whether you think $40 per hour is too much, that is what I charge to look at a computer. Not fix, but LOOK. Time is money. They obviously thought their time was worth $20 odd EU.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-12-10:
i asked if your contract had any fine print that allows them to do this

and the proof would be easy enough to find - the statements from the german speed-trap system
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-10:
Nurse, you didn't say what process they used to communicate the information to the authorities. It might have been by mail. The employee would have to check the computer for your information, write it into a form that came from the police requesting the information, then someone has to go out and post it. And this happened twice. If they were "charges" and "tickets", is there any doubt in your mind that you were speeding? Did you ask Hertz to fax you the tickets to see what they say?

The reference to call centers is just to show that companies charge for their time and it could be a hefty charge
Posted by Class Advocate on 2009-12-12:
I do know that in the US rental car companies specifically provide that they can charge an administrative fee when a renter gets a parking ticket and even if the renter fails to pay a toll. Moreover, in the US, the rental company will also use your credit card to pay the fine. In all instances though, the administrative fee must be connected to payment of the underlying violation. Nurse, you may want to check the jacket your contract came in. Often times the terms and conditions for the rental are contained on the jacket and not in the actual contract.
Posted by Filipe on 2013-06-03:
I guess I am going through the right same thing. I rented a car in Germany in March 2013 and now I got 2 times 30€ charged in my credit card. That came out of nowhere. I contacted them by email and got no response till now. I bet this is it. I probably got flashed by a camera in Switzerland. One thing is for sure, I didn't give them permission to use my CC. I wasn't notified. And I will cancel the credit card and issue a fraud investigation by my bank.
Posted by Sean on 2013-08-27:
Hello. The same experience happened to me. I rented a car from Hertz for six week (June-July 2013). When I returned home to the U.S is August, I received a letter from Hertz stating that they charged my credit card for a parking citation and a speeding violation. Both of these charges totaled approximately $80.00.

When I received my American Express bill, I notice three charges from Hertz (both of the previous charges and an additional charge of$218.54).

I attempted to contact Hertz to no avail. So I simply contacted my credit card company (American Express) and told them to withhold payment and file a dispute.

I've been told by someone who travels to Europe frequently that he has always disputed and not pay for vague charges from European auto rental companies forcing them to provide additional information if they want a positive resolution.

In every instance, they never respond or challenge the dispute(non-payment) and simply write it off.

The funny thing is that my friend disputed a charge from Hertz and then used them again next year for another rental and never encountered a problem because of his previous dispute (non-payment).

So my suggestion would be to advise your credit card to withhold payment (if possible) and force them to provide additional information if they want it resolved.
Posted by A person who will never rent from Hertz again on 2014-01-29:
Amazing coincidence, or not. Rented a car from Hertz in Germany for one week in August 2013 and disputed their damage claim for a scratch under the car which is not on any inspection list in the world when you rent. Our credit card company told us this was resolved. Now in January we have an invoice from Hertz for a parking violation that we actually did not get. We left car in the hotel lot and went into Munich on the train. Our credit card must have rejected this charge as it hasn't shown up. But we have never received a parking ticket in any form, not in Germany or US later. How do you actually track the ticket to the authority if you never got one?
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Bogus Fuel Charge
Posted by Louloubelle on 01/23/2009
How can a company bill my credit card for bogus charges and think they are going to get away with it?. Dropped off our rental at FLL airport and got our bill in the mail with $83 extra charged. I called the service number and was told it was a fuel and service charge. I told the lady I had filled the car up before returning it. She then asked how far away I was when I filled it up. I told her it was 1 1/2 miles from the airport and I could show her my credit card bill if she didn't believe me. She then said she would credit the amount back to my card. How do they get away with this?.

Let's say for arguments sake the car was empty even at $4 a gallon it still isn't $83. What a scam. I will never use Hertz again.
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Posted by leopard on 2009-01-28:
First of all, a fuel and service charge isn't the same thing as gas prices listed at the pump. The "service" part is the car rental company actually having to take time to go and fill that car up, which can usually take 30 min or more, depending on traffic and logistics. Not all rental co's. have their own onsite pumps. Second of all, hertz isn't the only rental company that has this policy, so if you rent from say enterprise or thrifty, and don't replace the gas, you'll get a f&s charge from them as well. And thirdly, I don't think we're getting the whole story here. I think the OP has left part of the story out. I think she maybe refilled the car the day before, and drove around for a day before returning the car, or something to the like.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-01-28:
Actually, Hertz made a big deal of moving to a "consumer friendly" refueling policy in June of 2008. To me, that basically acknowledges that they knew they were giving customers the high hard one.

Maybe it had something to do with Maryland's Attorney General threatening to take legal action. Either way, after about 6 months (this past December), they very quietly went back to the old policy and now their customers are probably going to have to be vocal about it again before anyone notices.
Posted by Dunn Thatt on 2009-02-21:
I'm not sure how far the Maryland State AG could have gotten with legal action, as past
court cases have been in favor of car rental
companies, on the grounds that since the renters
signed these contracts, they were well aware of
what they had agreed to as far as charges. Secondly, the rental companies could appeal on
interstate commerce grounds, i.e. because many
vehicles are rented in one state and dropped off
in another, it would be the federal government,
not the states, that would have the power to enforce refueling charges. That said, I cannot
see the feds adopting a "one size fits all" policy when it comes to car rental charges.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-02-21:
I get what you're saying, but while Maryland was reaching an agreement with Hertz about refueling policies:

According to The News Journal, Maryland's action drew attention in neighboring Delaware, whose Attorney General Beau Biden said: "This kind of price gouging will not be tolerated."


At that same time, apparently Hertz was worried enough to enact a nationwide (and Canadian) refueling practice that was much more consumer friendly.

They've since gone back to gouging people, maybe based on the rationale that you described above, I dunno. But I'll bet they're not gouging folks in Maryland.

Good post, thanks for the input!
Posted by Jonathan on 2012-03-12:
I had exactly the same problem with Hertz when travelling in South Africa this month. I filled up my rental car outside the airport, the guage read above full, I drove into the Hertz lot and got a charge for fuel. The statement from Hertz was that they charge for fuel regardless of the fuel gauge reading. Avoid using Hertz under all circumstances.
Posted by Dustin on 2012-08-15:
7/5/2012-7/11/2012 Rented a Volvo from Hertz for vacation in California. On the last day of vacation stayed at LAX, were I rented the car, filled it up at 8am on 7/11/2012 returned the care the attendent marked full gage as full. 8/12/2012 received a charge of 122.00 on credit card. Receved a letter days later explaining although when returned the fule gage read full it took an additional 12.69 gallons to fill. Full of crap.
Posted by Cree on 2013-08-14:
I had the same problem with a rental in my neighborhood in NYC. The place I filled the car up was exactly 1 mile from where I dropped it off and I turned it in immediately after filling up. I told the car attendant when I returned it that it was full. Still there's a charge for $25.36. Most annoying--you have to call back during bus. hours. So I lose working hours correcting this which costs me even more.

I don't know anything about legal actions. What I do know is that Hertz is always the most expensive, always has the most miles on their cars and their No.1 Gold service has never worked for me, despite 3 calls to customer service.

Hertz consistently chooses their own financial interests over customer needs so I wouldn't be surprised if their gouging you. You can't call yourself an informed traveler if you use Hertz.
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Rental Privileges Taken Away After Verbal Argument With An Employee...
Posted by Dashaun29 on 07/13/2008
DALLAS/ FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I rented an Expedition at Hertz and they tried to charge me for an extra day, after deciding to keep it one more day, the manager and I got into a heated argument, he wanted to fight but instead wrote a report on me and had me placed on the do not rent list and after that I disputed it with Hertz and they decided it would be best to leave me on the do not rent list and I am a Presidents Circle renter.

I feel that they handled the incident in a very one sided manner and I am currently pursuing legal action, noting happened to the employee whom I had words with.
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Posted by BobJohn on 2008-07-14:
I hope there is more to this story than you telling.

You said " I rented an Expedition at Hertz and they tried to charge me for an extra day, after deciding to keep it one more day..." Uhh, I'm confused. You kept the car for one more day and you didn't expect to pay for it?

"..the manager and I got into a heated argument, he wanted to fight but instead wrote a report..." You were arguing that you should not have to pay for the extra day and he realized you were almost out of control, so he did the only logical thing. Stopped the argument and documented what happened. I think you are lucky the police were not called and you kicked off the premises.

So to summarize, you kept the vehicle for one more day than you had planned for and you were charged for that day. Now you get into a heated argument with the manager because you think they should have given you the extra day for free. (You don't explain why you deserve a free rental day.)

I wonder if rental companies share this 'do not rent' information, maybe you won't be able to rent anywhere.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-14:
You mention you are in the President's Circle. I don't know what that is, but you thought it entitles you to a free rental day without Hertz agreeing to it first. Obviously, it didn't. If companies are starting to make lists of people they don't want to deal with instead of adjusting the rules and making it harder for the rest of us, this is a good thing. A very good thing.
Posted by Mrs. V on 2008-07-14:
Hurtz President's Circle

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Your upgrade invitation is valid until August 8, 2007, for the annual fee of $450. We look forward to welcoming you into the President's Circle
Posted by spiderman2 on 2008-07-14:
What exactly would your damages be if you won a legal action?
Posted by dan gordon on 2008-07-14:
There is another poster on here that didn't get the size suv he 'requested' from Avis. As this poster exemplifies even though one is scheduled to be returned, some people won't comply as they want to keep the car longer. Shows how difficult allocating cars in rental fleets are and also why they only promise a class of car but not a specific type. There have probably been 5 or 6 posts on here lately dealing with I didn't get a specific car etc.
Posted by WK on 2012-06-01:
OMG happened to me in Dallas (forest lane location). they have the worst i mean worst customer service ever. They need to be fired. Crazy manager and brandi the employee is psycho.
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VERY Poor Business Practices
Posted by on 07/21/2006
TOLEDO, OHIO -- On June 2, 2006 I was set up with a rental car from Hertz after a car accident. Due to lengthy repairs to my own car, the shop responsible for the repairs to my car agreed to cover whatever costs exceeded my rental coverage limits. The body shop notified Hertz of this, as did I.

I returned the car on June 30, 2006.

Upon viewing my bank statement online the following week, I noticed there were "authorizations" to my card (a debit card from my primary banking account with a Mastercard logo). I called the local office I rented the car through on July 6, and was assured that this was just because it was a debit card, and that the money would not actually be withdrawn.

To my surprise, I found out on July 8 that my card was charged $173.63. On July 10 I called to inquire about these charges. I was told it would be looked into, and someone would get back to me.

It is now July 21, and I have spent 2 weeks making phone calls to this same location. I'm always told someone will check into it and get back to me, and my phone calls are NEVER returned.

When I visit this location in person to inquire about my refund, I'm always greeted by 2 agents, sitting at their desks, not looking so terribly busy that they couldn't look into this issue (or, at the least, return my phone calls in the manner promised).

During my numerous phone calls and visits, I've been told different stories by different people. At first, it will take a week or so for the money to be returned to my account. A few days later, the estimation turned into 1-2 weeks. During my last visit, I was told it's usually 2-3 weeks before I see the credit back to my account.

I've asked why this transaction takes so long, and I was told because I used a debit card, and it's cash we're dealing with, not credit. Since when does CASH take longer to "clear?"

I keep being told that it's a problem with my bank and the type of card I used, but this makes absolutely no sense to me. Anytime I've returned something purchased on this card, the transaction is posted to my account, and funds are available, within days. The problem is not with my bank or my card, it is with HERTZ.

I should have NEVER been charged, and now I've wasted time and energy fighting to get my money back. I've encountered overdrawn fees with my bank for money I was assured WOULD NOT LEAVE MY ACCOUNT.

Perhaps $173 doesn't seem like a lot to Hertz, but it is to me.

Not only did they collect money for this car rental from 2 different sources, but their follow up and attention to resolving the matter has left much to be desired. Both are unacceptable business practices in my opinion. It has been made very apparent to me that my money, and my business, is of little significance to Hertz.

It is now July 21, and to date, my money has not been returned to my account.
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Thieves as Employees, Sheriff Called to Retrieve Stolen Phone
Posted by La_chusa on 11/05/2013
POWAY, CALIFORNIA -- DO NOT USE THIS LOCATION! I am not exaggerating when I say that they have thieves for employees. I accidentally left my phone in the car I had rented and went to retrieve it approx. 2 hours later. I knew for a fact that my phone had been left in the rental car. Matt at the front desk told me that the car had already been cleaned out and looked in a drawer with items I am assuming were left behind in the cars and my phone was not there. He handed me the keys to the car so that I could double-check, but it was not there. He tried to get a hold of the employee that cleaned out the car, but could not reach him. We tried calling the phone, but there was no answer. I left my contact information with Matt and he said that he would get a hold of me if he found anything. After not hearing from him for over an hour, I tried calling the office multiple times over the time span of about an hour, but there was never an answer.

I finally called the dealership in which the Hertz office is located inside of and asked if they could get a hold of someone for me at the Hertz desk and they did. I explained my situation and an extremely rude man snapped at me that he had just gotten there because Matt had gone home sick and he would "investigate" and get back to me. At this point, I knew something wasn't right. After not hearing anything again for over an hour, I called back and the same man yelled at me saying that he hadn't had a chance to look yet. I was sick of getting the runaround at this point and told him I would get the Sheriff down there to solve the problem. He hung up on me. I contacted the Sheriff's office and arranged for an officer to come with me to "Preserve the Peace."

On my way down to the Sheriff's office, I received a call on my sister's phone (I left it as my contact number) from the man at Hertz asking which car I had rented and a description of my phone. I gave him the information not expecting much, but he called back 10 minutes later saying that my phone had magically appeared. I retrieved my phone and was so mad and relieved that I just got the hell out of that office. I immediately noticed that the brand new charger I had gotten was stripped at the USB B end. There was a call placed (before I had it shut off), music was listened to and there was obviously no intention of my phone being turned in. The port on my phone was completely destroyed and I was never able to charge it after getting it back. I went for a week without a phone before I could get a new one, which ended up costing me $300 for the same phone as I was not due for an upgrade for another year. The state that my phone was returned in made it useless. I lock my phone now as I trust no one to be honest thanks to Hertz employees.

I will not be using Hertz again as a day rental ended up costing me an additional $300 for a new phone and the realization that customers cannot expect companies to employ people who aren't thieves. I have contacted the Hertz corporate office, but never received any correspondence. The employee who cleaned out the car I rented should have been fired for keeping my phone. Hertz apparently does not look down on breaking the law at work because I know many companies with a zero tolerance for theft in the workplace, whether it's committed against the company or customers.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-11-06:
You should go back to the sheriff's office with your evidence and file charges. Even though you left the phone, the fact that the employee used and broke it with the intent to keep the phone from you constitutes grand theft.
Posted by clutzycook on 2013-11-06:
I hate to tell you this, but you would have probably experienced the same thing with any other car rental company. There's a reason why they say that they are not responsible for any items left in the cars after you turn them in.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-11-07:
Had a nice Canon camera stolen under somewhat the same conditions at Dollar in Kaui, HI. I was told it will be in one of the downtown Poipu pawn shops by the next day and I could buy it back! The idiot that said it was serious.

Learned my lesson to triple check the car when turning it in.

(pulled our pics off it the night before, so not all was lost)
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-11-07:
Your title should actually say that the sheriff was called to retrieve your lost phone, not stolen. You left it yourself.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-11-08:
This story doesn't surprise me. There very well may be employees who will capitalize on articles left behind - which probably happens quite a bit. I always check and double check. Same thing with motel rooms.
Posted by Val on 2014-01-15:
Weedwhacked...it becomes a "stolen" item once it is found and not returned. At a minimum it is "Possession of Stolen Property" since there might not be proof of who actually took the phone and didn't turn it in to lost and found.
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Deceitful Business Practices
Posted by Andrewgiehl on 11/05/2013
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- My wife were planning a 2 week long trip to California so we booked a compact car through Hertz exactly 1 month in advance.

We took advantage of their "Hertz 50 Plus" discount as we are both older. We chose the "pay now" option to secure a better rate which amounted to about $160. Upon finishing up the reservation on line we received an email confirmation which stated no rate at all. We were needless to say a little suspicious.

When we arrived at the airport in SF about 1am after traveling for nearly 12 hours the Hertz representative acted very confused and irritated and said that she was not familiar with this type of discount in spite of the fact that we had a hard copy of the reservation.,She was back pedaling as quickly as she could.

In order to get out of the airport with a compact rental we were essentially forced to sign an agreement for almost $900 for this 2 week period.

The next day I phoned the same Hertz counter and stated that I'd like to pick up a compact car today for a 2 week period and did not have a reservation. The price they gave me was $200 less than what they had presented to me the night before! What is going on here?

I phoned the national branch and they were sympathetic. They reduced the rate to what would have been the "pay later" option when I initially made the reservation but this was still not fair.

I had legitimately put this charge on my Visa but my credit card company had no record of this charge. This has got to be the first time in my life that a Visa charge did not go through with an in line purchase. I am currently attempting to dispute this over charge but what an uphill battle this has been. Hertz continues to utilize deceitful business practices and I can' t believe that AAA actually endorses them! I will never ever do business with them again.

What a despicable company!! And here's the icing on the cake, the car broke down after a week and we spent an entire day waiting for a replacement. One day of our vacation was taken from us. Shame on Hertz.
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Posted by nikalseyn on 2013-11-05:
We stopped using Hertz a few years ago when they treated our youngest son very badly when he came stateside for a two week leave from Iraq. We use Avis whenever we can, and never again Hertz. Avis was wonderful to the soldier and we have always remembered that. As for your situation, good luck and pass the word about Hertz.
Posted by ticia232 on 2013-11-07:
I would look at Visa. My mother used her Visa card to book a cruise for her and her sister got a confirmation number and then called up the cruise to find out when she was getting the itinerary (so that she would know exactly when to book the flight to Florida) that she found out that Visa had never paid for the cruise! She luckily had hotel rewards points that helped her and her sister find other accommodations including a Hertz rental car.
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Horrible Service!!!
Posted by Vitocloe on 09/28/2013
ORLANDO, CONNECTICUT -- I prepaid for a car rental through Priceline.

The counter person at the Hertz Orlando, FL airport refused to honor Priceline's contract price for my car rental. She was very argumentative, insisting that I HAD to purchase insurance, Neverlost GPS, Sirrius Radio and other add ons. I told her I only wanted what I paid for through Priceline and she said that was NOT possible. I informed her that I already had insurance coverage for the rental car and did not want Neverlost GPS or any other add ons, she said the car comes with the add ons and I HAD to pay for them.

I told her absolutely not and had to make numerous phone calls to resolve the issue until she FINALLY gave me the rental car the way I purchased it through Priceline....or so I thought. I returned the car on time with a full tank of gas and she, without my authorization or knowledge, made numerous charges to my credit card including a charge for gas. After many calls to Hertz, I had all charges reversed except for the Neverlost GPS which the counter person claimed I asked for, because she could not provide proof of this...... a Hertz manager, Dan had this charge reversed.

He also apologized for the very poor service I received at this Airport counter. I rent cars often and I have never experienced such horrible counter service as this! This was the first and last time I will ever rent a car from Hertz!!

Buyer beware when renting a car from Hertz!!!!
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