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Thieves as Employees, Sheriff Called to Retrieve Stolen Phone
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
POWAY, CALIFORNIA -- DO NOT USE THIS LOCATION! I am not exaggerating when I say that they have thieves for employees. I accidentally left my phone in the car I had rented and went to retrieve it approx. 2 hours later. I knew for a fact that my phone had been left in the rental car. Matt at the front desk told me that the car had already been cleaned out and looked in a drawer with items I am assuming were left behind in the cars and my phone was not there. He handed me the keys to the car so that I could double-check, but it was not there. He tried to get a hold of the employee that cleaned out the car, but could not reach him. We tried calling the phone, but there was no answer. I left my contact information with Matt and he said that he would get a hold of me if he found anything. After not hearing from him for over an hour, I tried calling the office multiple times over the time span of about an hour, but there was never an answer.

I finally called the dealership in which the Hertz office is located inside of and asked if they could get a hold of someone for me at the Hertz desk and they did. I explained my situation and an extremely rude man snapped at me that he had just gotten there because Matt had gone home sick and he would "investigate" and get back to me. At this point, I knew something wasn't right. After not hearing anything again for over an hour, I called back and the same man yelled at me saying that he hadn't had a chance to look yet. I was sick of getting the runaround at this point and told him I would get the Sheriff down there to solve the problem. He hung up on me. I contacted the Sheriff's office and arranged for an officer to come with me to "Preserve the Peace."

On my way down to the Sheriff's office, I received a call on my sister's phone (I left it as my contact number) from the man at Hertz asking which car I had rented and a description of my phone. I gave him the information not expecting much, but he called back 10 minutes later saying that my phone had magically appeared. I retrieved my phone and was so mad and relieved that I just got the hell out of that office. I immediately noticed that the brand new charger I had gotten was stripped at the USB B end. There was a call placed (before I had it shut off), music was listened to and there was obviously no intention of my phone being turned in. The port on my phone was completely destroyed and I was never able to charge it after getting it back. I went for a week without a phone before I could get a new one, which ended up costing me $300 for the same phone as I was not due for an upgrade for another year. The state that my phone was returned in made it useless. I lock my phone now as I trust no one to be honest thanks to Hertz employees.

I will not be using Hertz again as a day rental ended up costing me an additional $300 for a new phone and the realization that customers cannot expect companies to employ people who aren't thieves. I have contacted the Hertz corporate office, but never received any correspondence. The employee who cleaned out the car I rented should have been fired for keeping my phone. Hertz apparently does not look down on breaking the law at work because I know many companies with a zero tolerance for theft in the workplace, whether it's committed against the company or customers.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 11/06/2013:
You should go back to the sheriff's office with your evidence and file charges. Even though you left the phone, the fact that the employee used and broke it with the intent to keep the phone from you constitutes grand theft.
clutzycook on 11/06/2013:
I hate to tell you this, but you would have probably experienced the same thing with any other car rental company. There's a reason why they say that they are not responsible for any items left in the cars after you turn them in.
Old Timer on 11/07/2013:
Had a nice Canon camera stolen under somewhat the same conditions at Dollar in Kaui, HI. I was told it will be in one of the downtown Poipu pawn shops by the next day and I could buy it back! The idiot that said it was serious.

Learned my lesson to triple check the car when turning it in.

(pulled our pics off it the night before, so not all was lost)
Weedwhacked on 11/07/2013:
Your title should actually say that the sheriff was called to retrieve your lost phone, not stolen. You left it yourself.
trmn8r on 11/08/2013:
This story doesn't surprise me. There very well may be employees who will capitalize on articles left behind - which probably happens quite a bit. I always check and double check. Same thing with motel rooms.
Val on 01/15/2014:
Weedwhacked...it becomes a "stolen" item once it is found and not returned. At a minimum it is "Possession of Stolen Property" since there might not be proof of who actually took the phone and didn't turn it in to lost and found.
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Munich Hertz Rental Scam (Holiday Inn Location)
Posted by on
MUNICH GERMANY -- Upset Muenchner
Munich Hertz Rental Scam (Holiday Inn Location)

Warning to all potential rental car customers!

I have been a Hertz Gold # 1 Club member for over 10 years and had no problems renting in USA until I picked up a car in Munich with 15 K miles in November of 2009 with minor damages on both sides and the front. After a week, I brought the car back to the Holiday Inn location operated by a rude single person who did not even bother to come down to look at the car in the garage. I had her stamp my prepaid invoice and walked away. Few weeks later, I noticed on my credit card charges of 429 Euros as 'Non Waivable Damage Excess" ...

My explanations about the fact that I never caused any damage to the rental was not accepted and they sent a frontal photo with a finger pointing to a white spot on the bumper which could hardly be seen (less than 0.5 cm) ... The car in the photo was unwashed and could also very well be dirt. In any case my correspondence did not solve the case and I am very bitter. I never thought that they could just charge any amount on my credit card and get away with it.

I read in some blog that one should take before and after photos. What happened to good old days when everybody was trustworthy...
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 01/24/2010:
No, I don't see damage in that photo. Dispute the charges with your credit card company.
Anonymous on 01/24/2010:
I don't see any finger pointing in that photo.

Is this the photo they sent you?

Anonymous on 01/24/2010:
They scammed you. Try to reverse the charges with the credit card company.
PepperElf on 01/24/2010:
you didn't say... did the bill say WHICH bumper had the mark and what part did?

I only see part of one bumper here so it's hard to tell if this is the area they indicated or not
Soaring Consumer on 01/24/2010:
Supposedly this is the photo they sent the OP, except zoomed in to prove his point.
Anonymous on 01/24/2010:
SC, and the finger is where?
PepperElf on 01/24/2010:
that's a good point. if the photo was cropped then they cropped out the finger too
which means we could be looking at the wrong section of the bumper.

like how sometimes someone will skew a story to encourage people to agree with him or her, while leaving out pertinent facts that would prevent them gaining support.
Anonymous on 01/24/2010:
There is no finger. If this is the photo that was sent by the company then it has been manipulated. Who is trying to scam whom?
Anonymous on 01/24/2010:
"My explanations about the fact that I never caused any damage to the rental was not accepted and they sent a frontal photo with a finger pointing to a white spot on the bumper which could hardly be seen (less than 0.5 cm)"

PepperElf on 01/24/2010:
apparently the finger is the item that can hardly be seen...
Muenchner on 01/24/2010:
This is the photo with the hand !
PepperElf on 01/24/2010:
so the mark IS visible then
Anonymous on 01/24/2010:
If that's all there is then it can be buffed out and shouldn't cost more than a few bucks.
PepperElf on 01/24/2010:
but it does make a difference compared to the first photo. the first photo was very misleading.

I would suggest checking your lease
and keep in mind, they may chose to have it repainted which could mean the entire bumper.
Anonymous on 01/24/2010:
Absolutely Pepper. Big difference between this photo and the first.
Anonymous on 01/24/2010:

Muenchner on 01/24/2010:
The paperwork showed 3 previous damages to the car
two on the sides and one on the front of the car.
These spots may have been there already.
My point is how do you prove who did it...
I could not have seen it even if I looked (the first
photo which I posted - apparently it is not possible to
post 2 photos...)
Muenchner on 01/24/2010:
by the way the 429 Euros came to $702.95
on my CC statement
PepperElf on 01/24/2010:
and again what did your lease say?

I'll be honest, I'm not totally convinced they were in the wrong yet.

and you know I normally review a car and point out damage before renting. I have heard that companies in germany are stricter than those in the us.

if this still isn't up to your standards why not take it to a lawyer?
Muenchner on 01/24/2010:
I was told that the rental office in Munich is privately owned ..
I think hiring a lawyer to settle the case in German courts is
waste of money and time.
Before renting a car in Europe I now look at all options
(train, bus etc.)
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Hidden Charges
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- Hertz charged us for insurance knowing that we had all ready purchased third party insurance through Cheap Tickets. The representative verbally assured us we were getting the best deal while secretly charging us for insurance. Even though she spoke with the third-party insurance representative on the phone to confirm that we had valid insurance. She never reviewed the charges with us. We took her at her word and she still charged us for insurance knowing we had already purchased it somewhere else. DON'T TRUST THESE PEOPLE THEY LIE AND CHARGE YOU WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION.
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User Replies:
Peter on 05/24/2014:
I always read the contract before I sign it. What is confusing is it says you accepted it and declined it. I hope somebody from Hertz contacts you.
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Worst Job in My Whole Entire Life!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DALLAS, TEXAS -- This company is simply a joke! I just recently graduated college and figured Hertz, would be a spectacular company to work for while leaving the job fair, words couldn’t describe the overwhelming joy I felt, that I was about to start my career in an remarkable organized company that has plenty of incentives and great pay, but that was simply a lie. The sole focus of Hertz is "numbers" they don't care about their employees. Yes, I understand when working for a huge corporation your sales/number are an important aspect, but employees require a lot of respect. It was almost like the company was setting you up for failure the moment I started. Working in sales all my life, I figured I would breeze through this job, but was I ever wrong. After, my 3rd week alone at the store, they left at to run the WHOLE store by myself for a week, considering I had a total of 8 days total of "full training" I was usually washing or cleaning cars the entire day. My area manager who had no clue on earth what she was doing (which got promoted into her position by looks) stopped by for a grand total of 30 minutes to check on me she had more important things to do other than show the rookie the ropes, she felt confident I was smart enough to figure things out of my own.

Before leaving she basically said call the other branch manager if I needed anything. The customers who came to the counter always greeted me with a nice warm friendly smile, but after seeing their car they came back in disgust. Our fleet only consisted of about 6 to 10 cars total throughout the day. These cars were beyond ragged out stains, musty odors, and high mileage. I couldn't blame the customers for being outraged at the cars; they were spending their hard working money on thrash. My response for the customers were "I’m sorry guys, but that's all we have" I felt horrible after repeating this line several times a day. Another complaint I would like to address is the over worked hours you get paid for a "professional job" I actually took a pay cut taking this job, it was ridiculous starting at 10.50 an hour. After taxes you were literally making pennies! The moment I opened my pay stub and saw the amount, the manager could see the dissatisfaction in my eyes she would always make me feel better by using the same scam. Ryan, “It will be no time before you will get promoted and get to run your own store and make bigger bucks”. I would get rude responses daily by customers by getting numerous reservations throughout, the day and not having enough cars to supply them with. So they were basically in bad situation while trying to rent with us. They had a few options go to Enterprise, the next closest place (which could be miles away) or call their ride back and be out of luck for the day, I particularly felt sorry for the people who had flights to catch. Lunches were interesting, there were days were I was so stressed out all I would have to look forward is lunch some alone and quite time, I never worked a job where 10 minutes into a lunch, a customer calls your cell phone demanding you to get to the counter because he they didn't have time to wait.

On numerous, occasions I had to throw my lunch away like a good loyal employee would do and meet the customer needs. This goes back to the corporation of course having an understaffed store; I now know why the turnover rate for my particular store was so incredible high 12 employees within in the last couple of years. So here is to anyone who sees a Hertz add, commercial, or billboard don't feed into to their lies, this is not a good corporation to work you are wasting your time if you work for this company. It was a real eye opener for me on how such a so called "great organization" can be so unorganized. It left me at the end of the day feeling drain, exhausted, and stressed from dealing with so many unhappy customers. Not to mention I had to sell some bogus insurance to people and ask them the same question in numerous ways, even if they said no! For some people, they can’t afford it but they put so much stress every morning on how it such a great deal, I not only felt if I was lying to the customer, but I was lying to myself ultimately.
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Deceitful Business Practices
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- My wife were planning a 2 week long trip to California so we booked a compact car through Hertz exactly 1 month in advance.

We took advantage of their "Hertz 50 Plus" discount as we are both older. We chose the "pay now" option to secure a better rate which amounted to about $160. Upon finishing up the reservation on line we received an email confirmation which stated no rate at all. We were needless to say a little suspicious.

When we arrived at the airport in SF about 1am after traveling for nearly 12 hours the Hertz representative acted very confused and irritated and said that she was not familiar with this type of discount in spite of the fact that we had a hard copy of the reservation.,She was back pedaling as quickly as she could.

In order to get out of the airport with a compact rental we were essentially forced to sign an agreement for almost $900 for this 2 week period.

The next day I phoned the same Hertz counter and stated that I'd like to pick up a compact car today for a 2 week period and did not have a reservation. The price they gave me was $200 less than what they had presented to me the night before! What is going on here?

I phoned the national branch and they were sympathetic. They reduced the rate to what would have been the "pay later" option when I initially made the reservation but this was still not fair.

I had legitimately put this charge on my Visa but my credit card company had no record of this charge. This has got to be the first time in my life that a Visa charge did not go through with an in line purchase. I am currently attempting to dispute this over charge but what an uphill battle this has been. Hertz continues to utilize deceitful business practices and I can' t believe that AAA actually endorses them! I will never ever do business with them again.

What a despicable company!! And here's the icing on the cake, the car broke down after a week and we spent an entire day waiting for a replacement. One day of our vacation was taken from us. Shame on Hertz.
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User Replies:
nikalseyn on 11/05/2013:
We stopped using Hertz a few years ago when they treated our youngest son very badly when he came stateside for a two week leave from Iraq. We use Avis whenever we can, and never again Hertz. Avis was wonderful to the soldier and we have always remembered that. As for your situation, good luck and pass the word about Hertz.
ticia232 on 11/07/2013:
I would look at Visa. My mother used her Visa card to book a cruise for her and her sister got a confirmation number and then called up the cruise to find out when she was getting the itinerary (so that she would know exactly when to book the flight to Florida) that she found out that Visa had never paid for the cruise! She luckily had hotel rewards points that helped her and her sister find other accommodations including a Hertz rental car.
Never Hertz Again on 07/28/2014:
I booked 2 vehicles for 10 days for my family members at Halifax Airport. And I got 2 reservations with total price of $2,468.01 on one reservation without price on the other. Hertz insisted charged us $4,936.02 in total. It's like $250 per vehicle per day. How crazy the price is. Are they renting a car or selling 5 star hotel room?
Mitch on 10/20/2014:
I reserved a rental from Hertz in Foley/Gulf Shores AL, almost two months in advance and paid in full. The morning I was to pickup the vehicle I was called and told they had no cars! When my wife called the corporate office she was told that we had cancelled the reservation the previous evening! After a run around we finally received a letter from the office manager stating we would get a full refund. Well I just got the credit card bill and hertz decided to keep the 100.00 cancellation fee. Went back to the store, and the manager refused to see me! Called the FL panhandle south AL manager and he said he's look into it and figure it out. (He knows all about the letter and the full refund) When I gave him a hard time about Hertz and customer service, he said he ran a good business and made over a million dollars in profit last year! I guess that's what you get when you don't care about your customers.
Called the corporate HQ and wasted a morning explaining to various clerks and was told the 100.00 would be returned in 10-14 business days. When ask to speak with a supervisor, I was told one would call me in 2-3 days!
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Hertz Put Me on a DNR for No Reason Again
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I have rented from Hertz for the last 7 years. I was Presidents Cricle about 5 of those years gernerating about 20k or more each year for Hertz. Last year I became Platinum. This April 24th I was placed on a DNR for an incident that happened on August 17th, 2010. almost 2 years later. I had a misunderstanding with a manager [snip] at the Ontario Airport. I did not curse at her or threaten her. I did not want a vehicle she tried to give me so I asked for something different.

She was rude and said no, and if I didn't want the car they had then I could leave walking. ( mind you I am crutches for life ). I told her that I didn't want to argue I just did not like the vehicle they gave me and I wanted a different one. Well long story short she went to the back and called the police and told them to make me leave because I didn't want the car she offered me. WOW. I wrote a letter and complained ( 3 pages of detailed information ). I received an apology from the location Manager on November 18, 2010, saying she talked to the employees and was sorry.

The 20 something of November 2010 there was a request to have me on the DNR. I was DNR on February 7, 2011 for the incident, claiming I made unwarranted comments and threats toward a Hertz employee. I wrote an appeal letter February 19, 2011. the DNR was overturned March 1, 2011. I was fine after that, renting on a monthly basis. Well now comes April of 2012, I needed a truck and called the Ontario Airport to see if they had one. A manager said he would try and locate one. He placed my name on the board stating a Platinum customer [snip]needed a truck. Well [snip] seen the board and flipped, questioning why I was able to rent again and that I should not be able to. So the location manager [snip] called the DNR and had me readded to the list. At this time I had 3 rentals out. One I was driving, my secretary the other, and the wife the other. I have fought and fought for Hertz to realize I was not in the wrong for the incident.

I provided document after document to prove my position. I have [snip]gotten nowhere! I tried dealing with the regional manager, nothing! [snip] at the main office over operations, nothing! My word against their local manager, but mine with supporting evidence. This lady [snip] has some kind of Vendetta against me and I do not know why. But Hertz is being completely unfair towards me. Not sure what else to do. I do not like having me name Tarnished by lies. I am a great person, I volunteer with several non profit organizations, ex military and a mentor to many. I just want Hertz to do the right thing.
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User Replies:
Inat on 05/19/2012:
That's terrible! So why do YOU want to continue renting from THEM? There's plenty of other rental agencies out there and if it was me, I would rather take my business elsewhere
trmn8r on 05/19/2012:
A business can choose not to do business with you - I have had it happen myself. You feel offended, that it was unjust, etc, but it is a fact.

Are there not other rental agencies at the area? I was banned from Red Robin, and afterwards it was like a whole new world opened for me. I found 5 other restaurant chains in the area that also sucked, and learned when to pull the rip cord and go elsewhere.

Good luck at the new company. When one door closes, another opens...
SergioRodriguez on 05/19/2012:
I like Hertz because of the quality of cars. I also gained the highest level of rewards. So my issue with going else where is that I would start from the bottom. Plus I have established several relationships with other locations nationwide. I agree they are acting wrong. I want them to fix it. I am looking into National Rent A Car because I was told they would match my Hertz Status. Honestly my feelings are hurt. I am a grown man, but this situation truly hurt my feelings. Oh I also have about three free weeks worth of rentals in points that are gone.
trp2hevn on 05/19/2012:
Is it possible that you can use your rewards at a different location? Is there only 1 office available to you? It sounds like the manager at that particular location hasn't forgotten what has happened in the past and as long as that person is at that location, you most likely will have these same obstacles.
SergioRodriguez on 05/20/2012:
Not with any Hertz any longer unless I get my name removed from the DNR. all my points are gone.
NigelRoad on 11/02/2012:
I was following your thread on flyertalk, and I think you got hosed... Reading between the lines, I feel like she just didn't appreciate being outdone by a black hispanic man. It sucks but none of the other people in those other forums would notice racism even if it smacked them in the face. Aluta continua... Its not all abt $$$, companies need to have principles too.
Same O Same O at Avis on 11/06/2012:
Wow same thing is happenning to me at Avis-Ontario Airport
I've had the District Manager suggest "I should consider going to another rental agency" Shocked and mostly embarrassed I repeated what he suggested then he confirmed what he stated and added because he believes my standards are too high.
I replied expecting a clean, undamaged steering wheel, fresh not fish smelling , washed, gasoline through vent smell car is Anyones minimum requirements! By the way almost 18 of my recent rentals have had 1-5 issuses...not caused by me but rather pointing it out. Oh and lets not start on the unauthorized billing, profile changes, removing discounts, not honoring coupons....etc. Basically take the car they assign their loyal PREFERRED and AvisFIRST customers, don't review your bill, speaking professional and polite will stress out counter clerks---on and on and on! Yet...at this point I will not leave to another rental agency because he has no right to ask me to do so when I have not done anything wrong! I suggested to use my past incidents as an opportunity to look into possible further employee training of all its departments to avoid future frustrations. Of course that upset him and said he was going to discuss "me" with corporate and have them recommend what to do about me. Now I was more confused and said that would be perfect, that way someone hopefully will know who to fire or correct within Avis. I have never received any comps resulting from my complaints to customer service and told him I PAY for my rentals and I should receive courteous treatment and a decent car that's all. Therefore Avis shape up and look into customer reviews.
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Poor customer service at Hertz when Car Broke Down and afterwards with the our Complaint
Posted by on
March 2008 - Outside of Rome, Italy - our Hertz rental car malfunctioned and broke down on a busy highway in rush hour traffic 8 miles outside of Rome...it was 5 PM - cold and getting dark outside. We are both Senior Citizens - 60+ - one handicapped - Helpful locals pushed the car out of harm's way to a spot off the road. The Hertz representative could not speak English well enough to assist in taking down our details and information to arrange for our rescue. After speaking with 4 of them - we finally got one who seemed to understand. He heard all of our details - contract number, car plate number and our exact location. He promised to send a Replacement car and a tow truck to arrive in under an hour. When 2 hours had passed and they didn't show up - we searched for and found another Italian speaking local who was willing to help us make another phone call to Hertz. Hertz claimed that someone cancelled our pickup - and in the same sentence claimed to have sent help - but to a different city. Both lies and cover ups for their very poor service.

Finally a tow truck did arrive - at 8 PM. Hertz was more concerned that we had filled up the gas tank that our safety. The driver did not bring along a replacement car as we were promised - and stated that was not the regular procedure. He suggested that we find a taxi and take it to Rome - and that we would be paid back by Hertz. ? Where were we to find a taxi at night on a highway outside of Rome? Fortunately the same local bystander was kind enough to call a taxi on his cell phone and stayed with us till it arrived. It cost us $60 for that taxi to our hotel. *** We lost the rest of the day to continue our vacation, were traumatized by the situation of being out there all night on the road without help - and we had no rental car to finish up our Hertz contract.

The next morning we took time to go the Termini Station in Rome - where we had planned on leaving the original rental car - which was originally from the Rome Airport. The Hertz counter representative was verbally abusive and did not want to help in any way. He could not settle our bill or give money for the taxi expense or even give us an Update on what happened to our car so that we could close out the bill. We later found out that the car was towed back to a lot for repair near the airport. The airport assistant manager was called and he Seemed sympathetic to our situation and stated that we shouldn't be charged for the 4 days rental - We are talking about a total charge of about $300 US. He said he needed to speak with his manager when she came in. Back in the USA we called in a complaint about the events and behavior of the employees for the record. After making many calls and sending emails - We were sent a standard apology letter offering no adjustments to our bill.

More phone calls and emails produced an offer for a $100 certificate towards a future Hertz rental from a very disinterested customer service rep. We put in a complaint to our credit card company and more calls and emails to Hertz as we felt the bill should have been adjusted down. Finally Hertz took off one day from our bill - and we have the $100 certificate. Our complaint is that we had to endure more stress in dealing with Hertz - a big company should have taken off all of the charges and given a proper apology without our dozens of emails and phone calls. Additionally, the Hertz USA customer service rep assigned to our issue did not even bother to read our detailed complaint and she thought it was OK because we put on a certain amount of miles on the car and therefore had good use of the car.

It didn't register in her mind that we weren't given the replacement car to continue our vacation or that we lost so much time straned out there on the highway. The counter staff at the airport also was not very pleasant when we first took the car- we had a trainee who really was fluent in English and seemed very confused as to how to process customers. For Reservations in the United States, call 1-800-654-3131
For Reservations outside of the United States, call 1-800-654-3001

Reservation Confirmation

Your reservation number is D87405089C6

Thank you for placing your reservation with Hertz!
The following confirms the information on your reservation.

Reservation Information:
Customer Name: LEVINE GARY
Address: L. DA VINCI AP
Location Type: CORPORATE
Location Hours: MO-SU 0700-2400
Phone Number: 0665011553
Date/Time: SAT 22 MAR 2008 10:00 AM
Address: L. DA VINCI AP
Location Type: CORPORATE
Location Hours: MO-SU 0700-2400
Phone Number: 0665011553
Date/Time: TUE 25 MAR 2008 04:00 PM
Corporate/Association (CDP) Plan: AUTO CLUB OF NEW YORK

This reservation is based on information you have provided
Hertz, including information regarding your current
geographic location. Hertz reserves the right to demand
proof of what you have told us. In particular, if you have
indicated that you are located outside your country of
residence, you may, at the time of rental, be required to
prove where you were when this reservation was made,
through evidence such as an air or rail carrier ticket
receipt, a hotel bill or a utility bill addressed to you at
the location where you say you were. Failure to provide
such substantiation may invalidate the rates you have been
quoted, or invalidate the entire reservation. Providing
false information to Hertz in connection with this
reservation would also breach your rental agreement and
could violate the law.

Rate Information:
Form of Payment:
Rate Code: AFEDMC
Base Amount:


For rate inquiries, including information regarding
applicable taxes and fees, contact Hertz.

Approximate rental charges are based on available
information at the time of reservation. Additional fees or
surcharges may be applied at time of rental.

Inclusions (items that are included in Approximate Rental Charge):
TAX: 20.00 %

Exclusions (items that are excluded from Approximate Rental Charge):

Rental Requirements:


Confidentiality Notice:
This message contains confidential information intended
only for the use of the individual or entity named. If the
reader of this message is not the intended recipient, the
reader is hereby notified that any dissemination,
distribution, copying or other use of this message is
strictly prohibited and is hereby instructed to return or
destroy this copy of this message.

For additional services or details you can access our website at
or call a Hertz Reservations Center nearest you.

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User Replies:
MSCANTBEWRONG on 04/23/2008:
Are you able to file a dispute with your credit card company?
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Treatment of employees
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UNITED STATES, WASHINGTON -- I actually have two informative complaints. The first is Hertz's deplorable treatment of employees. I worked for a Hertz in the Pacific Northwest, and from day 1 was treated horribly by a tyrannical, bullying boss. He wasn't even the branch manager, just an assistant. He basically did no work, had no customer contact(except to fraduantly boost his sales numbers) and treated me and any other new hire like we were subhuman. Hertz later rewarded his horrible behavior by promoting him to manager. I was forced to work 60-75 hour weeks, sometimes 7-14 days without a day off. The managers would only work a few hours a day mon-fri. If I complained, I was threatened with a write-up. I was eventually promoted to assistant manager after a year, but I was honest with customers, and fair with my co-workers. I was constantly talked to by managers saying that I needed to be more "pushy" with my sales and told that sometimes "you have do to shady, backward things to boost revenue." When ordering cars for reservations, we have to call our city's fleet managers. Often, when we had reservations for specific types of cars like suv's or pickups, or luxury, I was told by the fleet managers that there were none, and I had to make due with my tauruses or corollas that I usually had on hand. And even when we were low on regular cars, and I had to call fleet in order to have more brought in, they would just simply tell me that there were none, and I would have to turn people away, and to only rent the remaining cars to high level Gold customers. (After all, they were miles away in their large offices in admin,not on the counter when the out of luck customers came in.) We were also not aloud to give out the phone numbers for the fleet managers to customers, or we would be suspended. Also, often, I had to back up Hertz policies to customers who were trying to cheat our rules, and was sold out by management. The customers were always coddled to, even if they were clearly in the wrong, and I was made to look like a schmuck. When it came time to get our commission each month, Hertz would suddenly raise its level of equation(the sales formula matrix we used for determining the level of commission we received for our monthly sales)making us ineligible for a dime of commission after we had worked extremely hard all month and usually had more than $20k in personal revenue. When it came to quarterly bonuses, we had to sign a waiver stating that the company can withhold all our money for no reason at all if it chooses, so we usually didn't know if we would see our bonuses. Branch and upper management was a total joke. I once had an employee who was physically assulted by a customer who was angry because he didn't give himself enough time to return his car and thus missed his train. The customer threw the keys at my employee, hitting him hard in the head, causing a large welt and bruise. The customer then called us all horrible names, and his reward from the manager was a free rental, and a voucher for a future rental. The employee wanted to press charges, and was taken into the back office and chastized. He was later forced to quit when he did not let the matter drop. I myself was once so verbally assulted by a customer, that I was physically shaken for days. The customer was upset because of the company imposed credit check on debit cards(not MY rule)and proceeded to call me an F'ing B@#%^. He also threatened my family and insulted everything about me including my physical appearance. I was of course alone that day, as management decided to go to a movie and out to lunch with some higher ups.(I am a female and the location is in a large city.) I told the customer to leave or I would be forced to call police. The customer later called the city manager, gave him my name, and told him I had threatened HIM!!. I was forced to write a letter of apology to him, and I was also given a formal write-up, and he got vouchers for free rentals. After the tyrannical boss was finally fired after three years, our new manager came in, and was not much better. He scammed customers by upgrading them into the same class of car that they had booked, and also tricked them into buying coverage they did not need. He also once told me about our auto repair shop accounts, "Getting business from these accounts is of upmost importance. You know how these shop owners and managers are, they are crude. If you are ever sexually harassed, or they make sexual comments towards you in any way, just laugh it off and take it. Because nothing else is important as the money these shops bring into the store." I was one of the lucky ones to do quite well in commission and bonuses, usually making between $80-85K a year(unique to our specific location. most off airport locations((called HLE's)) employees make around $30-35k a year). The problem was that I had learned the system and profiting off it to Hertz disadvantage. They offered me a "promotion" to an insurance company liaison for $26k a year, to which I turned down and told them that I was happy being an assistant manager for the time being. Within a week I was called to admin and told that my position was being eliminated. I was told that I would receive unemployment (to which I was denied-big lie from Hertz) and that I would receive my unused vacation and sick time (to which I eventually had to threaten a lawsuit to collect). So suffisive to say, Hertz likes to kick their employees and kick them down some more. If you have children in college now (A bachelor's is required for employment at all non-airport locations)Tell them to keep walking when they see the Hertz and Enterprise(not much better)booths.

My second complaint is to all of you self-centered, arrogant, crybaby, tantrum throwing customers. I have never met a ruder bunch of people who considered themselves adults and educated in my entire life. Just a word of advice. The world does not revolve around you. There are other people existing along with you. Standing in line is part of life. get used to it. I know that you want a specific car when you make your reservation, but that is just not how things work in any rental car company, it is logistically impossible. Just take what you get.
They are not going to make you keep it. Hence the word, RENTAL!! If you don't like the deposit, extra driver fees, drop fees, underage fees, take public transportation or walk. Those things are just the rules and part of the rental process. Also, give yourself enough time to pick up and return your rental. I can't even begin to count the number of people who were always in an "extreme hurry" Come on for christ's sakes, traveling is not efficient. And also, and this is the most important thing to remember, the person behind the counter is a college educated adult just as you supposedly are. Please treat them how you would want to be treated. And remember that most problems you have are probably completely not their fault (bad management, remember) and out of their hands to fix. And when you do have a problem, please try to be polite and cooperative, even if you are very angry. When people were rude to me, I was rude right back. When people were nice to me, I went the extra mile for them, and even gave them big discounts and extras (such as gas, taxi credit, etc)for free. Besides, would you be nice to someone who was in your face screaming and calling you horrible names? I don't think so. And just one more thing. Hertz and all rental car companies are "for profit" businesses. They are not charities. I can't think of the number of times customer complained about Hertz "just trying to make a profit off from them." DUH! I bet the company you all work for is in business to make a profit, isn't it. So just remember those few little tidbits, and your next rental experience should go smoother, because remember, the agents are being crapped on by their employer even before you walk through the door :)
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firengine103 on 07/14/2007:
Wow! I was starting to feel sorry for you then you turned on me. Makes me want to turn in my Hertz Gold Number One card. I had lived in the Northwest for 40+ years and found the great majority of the people were very laid back and easy to get along with. But then again, I didn't have to live in Seattle.
leopard on 07/14/2007:
The whole thing about people from seattle being some of the most polite in the country is a bunch of bs! My nickname for this place is stuck up city! but you are right. althoug most customers made me want to scream, there were also a lot who were very nice, and pleasant to work with. I am also still friends with a few and speak to them now. Oh, and update, I have a great job now as a fashion buyer. I have to travel a lot, and surprise, surprise, my company uses Hertz. I begged them to let me use someone else, so I use Avis or Alamo. but I think that all rental companies are pretty much the same. they all operate alike.
jktshff1 on 07/15/2007:
I don't think you'll be happy anywhere.
Ponie on 07/15/2007:
Right on, jktshff1. If the poster is so great, why did she endure this so-called abuse for so long? When were you fired? I couldn't even get through the first page without my waders--don't even know what's on the second page and have no intention of finding out.
leopard on 07/15/2007:
Actually, I am happy now. I'm working as a buyer for a retail chain, and its the most wonderful job ever. I got fired from Hertz about 8 months ago, and for those of you wondering why I stayed so long at Hertz, I was basically stuck. Being under 30 and naive, when I suddenly found myself with a fat bank account, I did what any other young person just out of college in a trendy city would do. I bought a condo, an suv, and a closet full of designer clothes. I had to therefore pay for these things, and couldn't find another job that I wanted to do that paid as much, so I was stuck at Hertz. when I got axed, I just happened to be telling a friend how I never again would be willing to do a job I hated, no matter what the pay. she knew someone in the buying office at this retailer, and thought the job would be right up my alley. they were looking for assistant buyers, and I got right in, and within 2 months was promoted to senior buyer when a position opened up. The job is fantastic!(and pays fantasticly) I get to travel, go to fashion shows, and do my favorite thing, purchase designer clothes, except now, its to fill up a whole department in the store! So, yes, I am extremely happy now, and if you walked into any Hertz and asked the employees what they think of their company, every one of them would tell you pretty much the same story as me. Ps, I'm actually a pretty fun gal with a witty sense of humor! check out my myspace at www.myspace.com/smokenmoken
jktshff1 on 07/16/2007:
That's great. Thanks for the update.
DebtorBasher on 09/25/2007:
Good for you Leopard! I'm happy to hear you found something you really enjoy. I know what it's like to be stuck in a company that you hate getting up every morning to go to...I used to work at Chase and it is the worst company I ever worked for. Not only the way they treated the employees, but the way they treat their customers as well...Best of luck to you!
leopard on 09/28/2007:
Thanks, DB. Its good to know there are others like me out there. good luck to you too!
Taygina on 11/01/2007:
WOW, you should check out what's going on in Georgia...
Steve-O on 03/22/2009:
I work for Hertz and this chic is ridiculous. She is obviously a tool that can't handle the pressure of the general public and of demanding employers. Hertz is a great company. Great benefits, room for advancement, friendly people. I live is Washington state and the Hertz employees in this area are great, just like the people we rent to.
leopard on 03/28/2009:
Hey Seve-O, I'm not a tool, I'm THE tool! get it right next time! It's fun playing a B*^#h!
katie on 06/14/2011:
I'm a Hertz employee for 7 years now. every word is true, in fact she gave them break.
sam on 06/19/2013:
This review is spot on. I've worked for Hertz for 3 years and I am unfortunately stuck. This company exploits its employees to the highest degree. They are worked like slaves and get no appreciation from uppermanagement from their 55 hour work weeks. This company runs its employees into the ground, its part of their business structure they want people to quite.
lanette on 08/04/2013:
Oh my goodness I felt your story was hilarious but oh so true! I too work for the company and from the 1st week on the job, I was like what the hell did I due to deserve this crappy job, I mean the job itself isn't that bad, its the toxic environment I was like this people are reallly sad I mean literally almost 3 month on the job and found for the majority it wasn't them but the terrible company they work for we and I am including myself get treated very unfairly, and oh did I mention how it has made employee's bitter and evil and am trying to get it moving it is literally making me sick, working there.So sad on so many levels, where is the(SMILES) Hertz's you need to practice what you preach....
Anon on 01/14/2014:
Every Single Word Is True and I am 2 another stuck employee for Hertz going on about 2 years stuck in the DFW area. I'm literraly miserable everyday oh and don't even think about going to HR with you issues because that's a joke! NO CONFIDENTIALITY AT ALL! Everyday I'm looking for a new job I just can't seem to get away...
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NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- This is the worst car rental ever! When you check in at the counter you are given a key and told what stall your car is in. When I asked about having the car inspected before leaving I was told that they are not available never used. NEVER TAKE THEIR CAR ON GOOD FAITH. When heading out of Nashville towards the Mountains the inside of the window had a run. When driving in the mountains the run went across the window. It was only felt on the inside. It appeared to have started below where you could see it in the dash. We called the national number and was told that we could return it the next morning an hour away. Upon return a complaint form was filled out.

When asked for someone to review the car was once again told that it would be reviewed later. A key was given and told what stall to get a new car from. Once again, no one would go over the car with us. We looked at it ourselves and found no damage to the second car. Here we are almost 4 months later and am now asked to pay for windshield. When complaint was reviewed with customer service and answers asked she kept talking over me and when asked why she wouldn't listen or answer me she said we already went over this. Was referred to my contract and told that any damage from acts of God, hail storms and such are my responsibility. She said she thought that driving in the mountains was an act of God. Go figure.

So I guess they are saying that I will rent you a car to go the mountains and we know something will happen with the attitude change so HA HA on you. You get to fix our car. WHAT a great way to have someone else pay for crap they don't want to fix. So, if a crack comes up on the inside of the windshield that starts below the rubber around it, guess what? You are screwed. Somehow Hertz rental customers are always screwed.
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FoDaddy19 on 12/26/2013:
Did your insurance not cover it?
Pete on 12/27/2013:
Hard lesson. I seldom have anyone inspect a rental car with me when I pick it up. Now I have started taking pictures the entire car AND of the odometer reading so they can't say it happened after I took it.
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Horrible Service!!!
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ORLANDO, CONNECTICUT -- I prepaid for a car rental through Priceline.

The counter person at the Hertz Orlando, FL airport refused to honor Priceline's contract price for my car rental. She was very argumentative, insisting that I HAD to purchase insurance, Neverlost GPS, Sirrius Radio and other add ons. I told her I only wanted what I paid for through Priceline and she said that was NOT possible. I informed her that I already had insurance coverage for the rental car and did not want Neverlost GPS or any other add ons, she said the car comes with the add ons and I HAD to pay for them.

I told her absolutely not and had to make numerous phone calls to resolve the issue until she FINALLY gave me the rental car the way I purchased it through Priceline....or so I thought. I returned the car on time with a full tank of gas and she, without my authorization or knowledge, made numerous charges to my credit card including a charge for gas. After many calls to Hertz, I had all charges reversed except for the Neverlost GPS which the counter person claimed I asked for, because she could not provide proof of this...... a Hertz manager, Dan had this charge reversed.

He also apologized for the very poor service I received at this Airport counter. I rent cars often and I have never experienced such horrible counter service as this! This was the first and last time I will ever rent a car from Hertz!!

Buyer beware when renting a car from Hertz!!!!
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