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DO NOT USE HERTZ - Advertised Prices Are False

Posted by on 2013-06-30
Rating: 1/5
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ST GERMAINE EN LAYE(NEAR PARIS), FRANCE, COLORADO -- My experience was so bad that I felt inspired to write a review before I'm sure that my interaction with Hertz is over. I say this because I don't believe that they will not charge me after I have returned the rental car for whatever fee, charge, voucher, or other name they can come up with for money.

The struggle began when I went in to pick up the rental car after prepaying on line. The agent claimed that their computer system was down, though I couldn't see why it mattered because I had called ahead and they said that I was all set to pick up my car. So after a lot of huffing and puffing about how little I had paid and that the price could not be right - they let me go with a handwritten contract (probably a mistake).

Ah, but do not forget to get the walk through with a visual inspection of the existing damage to the car and get your copy. Be very thorough - including chips on the windshield if any. This is how they will charge you exorbitant amounts up to a month after returning your car.

So, upon returning my car - again there is a problem with the price. They can't believe what I've paid is the full amount and they want to charge me triple the original fee. They want to see the email confirmation that says that I have paid - but of course the email from Hertz says "Total approximate charge", though the amount in the email is exactly the amount that they have already charged my credit card. So the agent tells me that I must call Hertz customer service to have them email me something comparable to a receipt of payment - saying that I have paid in full for the rental car. This of course makes no sense, since I am speaking directly to a Hertz agent - why can't they tell me that I have paid in full?

So I call Hertz customer service, which can be summarized in one word: worthless. I eventually asked to speak to the manager, who similarly said that they could do nothing for me because of some hoodoo about my rental not being in their system because it is still active.

I return to the agent at the rental location, and give her a print out of my email "receipt" from Hertz. I believe because she was tired of arguing with me (and because I brought some friends) she relents and says that I can go. I was not given any receipt and when asked if Hertz would be charging me more she just shrugged her shoulders.

Long story (already) short: Hertz has built a broken system designed to encourage their agents to charge as much as they can for anything they can upon return of the rental. Do not use Hertz.
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saj80 on 2013-07-01:
I can't be certain, but it appears that you didn't have a copy of your online reservation and payment confirmation. I always take a copy whenever I make arrangements online (hotels, airlines, rental cars, etc.) so I have proof of my reservation and payment.
Val on 2014-01-15:
There is something going on with Hertz and their employees. Last year a counter rep added in the "insurance" after I had already declined it. The 800# basically called me a liar and wouldn't refund me. Then I spoke locally where I picked up the car. The manager acknowledged they had an employee doing that and quickly credited my card. I'd almost bet Hertz fired that manager for being so honest. I was told this company completely changed when they moved their Headquarters from NJ to Florida.
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