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Horrible, Stressful, Left Without a Car, False
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Rating: 1/51

POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA -- We made reservations on Expedia for a car rental at 2471 North Federal Highway and went there to get our car after 12 hours of travel. At the location they told us that they are a satellite location and sent us to 1000 NFH location. The location was already closed by the time we got there since they would not wait for us. Called Customer Support who did not know anything except that there is no more cars like the one we booked and that we need to pay more for a smaller car. I would call this false advertising..

It Hurts to Rent From Hertz.
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Rating: 1/51

MAUI, HAWAII -- I have rented a lot of cars over the years but never had an experience like this one. Our first car had a bad transmission. First gear was going, going, gone. I wasted 3 hours of my vacation day trading it in for a new one. The "new" one was even smaller than the first and smelled like body odor like you would not believe. Instead of wasting another 3 hours of my vacation, we bought a bottle of Febreeze. Every time we turned off the car, we sprayed down the inside to try to get rid of the smell.

After using about 30 ounces of spray, it started to fade a little but if the car was left in the hot sun, forget it. When we returned it, the attitude of the check in people was simply, "sucks to be you". No offer of a discount, a refund, or even a simple "sorry". With any luck, Hertz will be out of business soon. I will never rent from them again.

Worst Job in My Whole Entire Life!
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- This company is simply a joke! I just recently graduated college and figured Hertz, would be a spectacular company to work for while leaving the job fair, words couldn't describe the overwhelming joy I felt, that I was about to start my career in an remarkable organized company that has plenty of incentives and great pay, but that was simply a lie. The sole focus of Hertz is "numbers" they don't care about their employees.

Yes, I understand when working for a huge corporation your sales/number are an important aspect, but employees require a lot of respect. It was almost like the company was setting you up for failure the moment I started. Working in sales all my life, I figured I would breeze through this job, but was I ever wrong. After my 3rd week alone at the store, they left at to run the WHOLE store by myself for a week, considering I had a total of 8 days total of "full training" I was usually washing or cleaning cars the entire day.

My area manager who had no clue on earth what she was doing (which got promoted into her position by looks) stopped by for a grand total of 30 minutes to check on me, she had more important things to do other than show the rookie the ropes, she felt confident I was smart enough to figure things out of my own. Before leaving, she basically said call the other branch manager if I needed anything. The customers who came to the counter always greeted me with a nice warm friendly smile, but after seeing their car, they came back in disgust. Our fleet only consisted of about 6 to 10 cars total throughout the day. These cars were beyond ragged out stains, musty odors, and high mileage.

I couldn't blame the customers for being outraged at the cars; they were spending their hard working money on trash. My response for the customers were "I'm sorry guys, but that's all we have." I felt horrible after repeating this line several times a day. Another complaint I would like to address is the over worked hours you get paid for a "professional job". I actually took a pay cut taking this job, it was ridiculous starting at 10.50 an hour. After taxes, you were literally making pennies!

The moment I opened my pay stub and saw the amount, the manager could see the dissatisfaction in my eyes she would always make me feel better by using the same scam. **, “It will be no time before you will get promoted and get to run your own store and make bigger bucks.” I would get rude responses daily by customers by getting numerous reservations throughout, the day and not having enough cars to supply them with. So they were basically in bad situation while trying to rent with us.

They had a few options go to Enterprise, the next closest place (which could be miles away) or call their ride back and be out of luck for the day, I particularly felt sorry for the people who had flights to catch. Lunches were interesting. There were days were I was so stressed out, all I would have to look forward is lunch, some alone and quiet time. I never worked a job where 10 minutes into a lunch, a customer calls your cell phone demanding you to get to the counter because he, they didn't have time to wait.

On numerous, occasions I had to throw my lunch away like a good loyal employee would do and meet the customer needs. This goes back to the corporation of course having an understaffed store; I now know why the turnover rate for my particular store was so incredible high 12 employees within in the last couple of years. So here is to anyone who sees a Hertz add, commercial, or billboard, don't feed into to their lies, this is not a good corporation to work.

You are wasting your time if you work for this company. It was a real eye opener for me on how such a so called "great organization" can be so unorganized. It left me at the end of the day feeling drain, exhausted, and stressed from dealing with so many unhappy customers. Not to mention I had to sell some bogus insurance to people and ask them the same question in numerous ways, even if they said no! For some people, they can't afford it but they put so much stress every morning on how it such a great deal, I not only felt if I was lying to the customer, but I was lying to myself ultimately.

Thieves as Employees, Sheriff Called to Retrieve Stolen Phone
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Rating: 1/51

POWAY, CALIFORNIA -- DO NOT USE THIS LOCATION! I am not exaggerating when I say that they have thieves for employees. I accidentally left my phone in the car I had rented and went to retrieve it approx. 2 hours later. I knew for a fact that my phone had been left in the rental car. ** at the front desk told me that the car had already been cleaned out and looked in a drawer with items I am assuming were left behind in the cars and my phone was not there.

He handed me the keys to the car so that I could double-check, but it was not there. He tried to get a hold of the employee that cleaned out the car, but could not reach him. We tried calling the phone, but there was no answer. I left my contact information with ** and he said that he would get a hold of me if he found anything. After not hearing from him for over an hour, I tried calling the office multiple times over the time span of about an hour, but there was never an answer.

I finally called the dealership in which the Hertz office is located inside of and asked if they could get a hold of someone for me at the Hertz desk and they did. I explained my situation and an extremely rude man snapped at me that he had just gotten there because ** had gone home sick and he would "investigate" and get back to me. At this point, I knew something wasn't right. After not hearing anything again for over an hour, I called back and the same man yelled at me saying that he hadn't had a chance to look yet.

I was sick of getting the runaround at this point and told him I would get the Sheriff down there to solve the problem. He hung up on me. I contacted the Sheriff's office and arranged for an officer to come with me to "Preserve the Peace." On my way down to the Sheriff's office, I received a call on my sister's phone (I left it as my contact number) from the man at Hertz asking which car I had rented and a description of my phone. I gave him the information not expecting much, but he called back 10 minutes later saying that my phone had magically appeared. I retrieved my phone and was so mad and relieved that I just got the hell out of that office.

I immediately noticed that the brand new charger I had gotten was stripped at the USB B end. There was a call placed (before I had it shut off), music was listened to and there was obviously no intention of my phone being turned in. The port on my phone was completely destroyed and I was never able to charge it after getting it back. I went for a week without a phone before I could get a new one, which ended up costing me $300 for the same phone as I was not due for an upgrade for another year. The state that my phone was returned in made it useless. I lock my phone now as I trust no one to be honest thanks to Hertz employees.

I will not be using Hertz again as a day rental ended up costing me an additional $300 for a new phone and the realization that customers cannot expect companies to employ people who aren't thieves. I have contacted the Hertz corporate office, but never received any correspondence. The employee who cleaned out the car I rented should have been fired for keeping my phone. Hertz apparently does not look down on breaking the law at work because I know many companies with a zero tolerance for theft in the workplace, whether it's committed against the company or customers.

Terrible customer service, overcharge, unbelievable behavior
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DUBUQUE, IOWA -- On Thursday Oct. 7, 2010, I returned a rental car to Hertz Rental on Collision Drive in Dubuque Iowa. I had this rental from August 16. The manager of the Collision Drive Rental (**) told me I could keep this rental overtime as my credit card had been lost and had to be replaced. When I arrived in Dubuque, I was told the extended price of the rental was $1887. It had been pro-rated and this was the total that ** had given me.

It was my intention to either re-rent or to rent another vehicle on this day. As there was no reason to suspect a problem, I had no ride home. I live about a thirty minute drive from said rental. While I was there exchanging the cars, ** informed me that the charge for the card did not go through. The $1194 for the new vehicle went through but the $1887 for the prior vehicle hadn't. I immediately realized that the problem was that the total had gone over the daily $3000 limit on my Paypal Mastercard.

At this point I said, “OK ** void the charge for $1194 and I will just rent the car for two weeks and then come back and renew.” At this point ** informed me that there was nothing he could do to void the charge. He asked me if I had any cash. I had some but also had another debit card with several hundred dollars on it and said I can make up the difference with this. He then said that it all had to be cash or from one account, that I couldn't pay from two different accounts even though he had asked me this to begin with. At this point I said, “OK I will call my credit card company and see if they can lift the limit.”

As I was looking up the number ** became very rude to me and started saying that if I wasn't going to pay him that my name would be on a list and I would never be rented to again. I said that I was trying to sort this out if he could please just give me a moment. My card company said they could lift it for the next day but not immediately. ** repeated that I was going to be on a list if I didn't have the money. I said I do have the money I am just figuring out how to get it to you. He raised his voice to me when he said this and embarrassed me greatly. His tone and his stance made me feel like I was in trouble with a street punk loan shark.

I will also add that I rent cars constantly and that I have spent upwards of 10k at this particular Hertz location this year alone. At this point ** very heatedly told me that I was not taking a car off of his lot. So I was stranded thirty miles from home, in a rural industrial type area of Dubuque. There were no sidewalks even to go anywhere and it was dangerous to walk on the highway. It didn't apparently matter that I had offered to pay with another card.

He would not take my money and he would not offer me a ride either. I was really afraid. I just moved here and I don't know very many people. Since I had been a loyal customer for so long I thought at the very least I would have been offered a ride into town. I was not. I was in tears. I was very ill and had this one small errand to run that day and then was going to go back home to bed.

I finally got a hold of my cleaning lady who came to my rescue and took me home. She had to drive 50 miles out of her way to accommodate me and then she had to drive home. I paid her $100 for a day of work and some gas. When I got home there was a message from ** on my voicemail saying that he would cancel the charge for $1194 and this would take effect at midnight on Thursday and then he would charge the $1887 to my card on Friday and I could come pick up a new car on Monday.

I returned his call. I said I have just finally gotten home and he snickered. I honestly couldn't believe it. I said all that is just fine but I will not be coming back to rent a car on Monday. I was livid. Then he said, “Oh, can I have your credit card number again?” I said when the original charge is removed you can call me and I will give you my credit card number again.

I couldn't believe that he'd lost it but at this point I didn't trust him at all. So, the charge for $1197 did not disappear from my account until Tuesday. Then, I was charged $2032.36. When I called the office to tell them I had been over charged I was informed that ** was not there this week. I don't know why this man was so mean to me. I don't know why as a loyal customer I was treated like a criminal especially when I had the money to pay, it just wasn't all in one account.

I was contacted by Hertz on Friday asking why I had not yet returned the car. I told her I had and I also told her about how I had been treated and what had happened. The woman on the phone said she would look into it. That this wasn't right. I have yet to hear from Hertz corporate again. I was overcharged. I was embarrassed and I was stranded. This is really ridiculous.

Dishonest Sales, Misleading Explain and Insulted Threaten
By -

Let me tell you my story about my FIRST time rent car experience. I'm a customer who was sent to get a loaner car from my car dealer through Hertz Rent-a-Car South Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando, FL. But unfortunately, when the sales person explained to me about their LOSS DAMAGE WAIVER (LDW) costs $19.99 and PARTIAL DAMAGE WAIVER (PDW) costs $31.99 policies, she used the Misleading and Dishonest Sales Presentation. She tried to mislead and confuse me that I had to accept either WAIVER above, which means I CAN'T decline both. Actually, I do have the right to decline both of them, they are OPTIONAL.

She dishonestly lie to me that both WAIVERS above will be ONLY charged when I hit something besides human, such as Door, Tree and Wall etc, which means I DON'T need to pay any payment unless I hit something. I ended up to be charged LDW $19.99 which I forced to pick by dishonest presentation. The whole story suddenly changes after I signed the paper when she did mislead me to. As a sales representative, she NEVER acknowledge client that these policies will be charged immediately, therefore it causes me can't realize in time that everything that she explained were all misleading to misunderstanding. The LDW or PDW will be charged immediately no matter you hit something or not.

After this happened; there is NO Branch Manager to call back for details. All it's happened is just let her to call me back for another dishonestly explanation. Without any apologies and she even threat me to let me take 3 options. First: accept $10.00 credit back. Second: accept $25.00 Gift Certificate. Third: GET NOTHING. She actually threatened client for her mistake and let client shut the mouth up, leave it or take it.

This behavior was completely against a business regulation in any type of industries, in any countries, especially in a democracy country like United States. That's a Hertz Rent-a-Car which is big and famous in their business field. But for what their staff did was totally unprofessional and unacceptable. Other clients like me should have rights to know what really happened and deserve a fair justice. Her colleague and somebody else, even you, might ask why she would do this. Because she heard my conversation with another clients that I came from another foreign country and it is my FIRST time to rent a car.

That could be or actually was her original intention which she just wanted to simply take advantage of people who like me. Then again, even I'm a newcomer (the truth is I have been US for years) and I'm a new user for rental car (because I always have my own car) should NOT give her any chances or excuses not to only do the business by cheating and misleading, but also for her horrible and insulted way to deal with the issue caused by her during the after sale service.

For what she had done went away too far and it does cause the damage of trust and Hertz's reputation. I hope Hertz Headquarters can help to do warning for all of the FIRST TIME USER or the INTERNATIONAL CLIENT to watch out what they are going to go through.

Hertz @ SeaTac Airport, Seattle WA Employee Theft & Lack of Customer Service on Road
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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Although our family has had many easy transactions with Hertz over many years, in the last few years there has been a slight change to customer service that resulted in two unhappy experiences. The first was three years ago when we returned a car rented in Portland to SeaTac airport in Seattle and I accidentally left a digital camera in the car. The camera was loaded with family photos of our son's 21st birthday with us. We'd all traveled to meet him in Oregon and it was the first time we'd all been together since he left home. Right after I passed security for my plane I realized I'd left the camera in the car.

At the first opportunity, I called Hertz and reported it. The employee who took the car from me and the employees who cleaned the car all denied finding the camera. Hertz did not follow-up with me despite my filing a complaint with them, contacting lost and found at the airport and filing a theft complaint with the Port of Seattle Police (the Port of Seattle Police didn't care and blew me off). The camera was right there. An employee found out it and stole it instead of turning it in, and despite my husband's Gold Membership with Hertz, Hertz had no interest in our loss at all.

Second, approximately a year-and-a-half ago we rented another car in Portland and drove to WA for the funeral of my MIL. On the way to WA, shortly before we arrived at our hotel, the engine trouble light came on and stayed on. According to the fine print in the contract, we could not keep driving that car with that light on or we would be financially responsible for any damage to the engine. As soon as we checked-in to the hotel, I called Hertz. As expected, customer service told us not to drive the car and to replace it with another one.

I was then told I had to make a two hour trip to pick up another car instead of Hertz delivering us a new one locally! We were getting ready for a memorial that evening and did not have the time to make that trip even IF I would have accepted Hertz forcing us to do so when it was their responsibility! The only thing that saved us was that after I started getting angry and was switched to a local office (only after I asked for it and insisted), the young man who answered happened to be someone who grew up with our daughter and he recognized me.

He was a savior in that moment, delivering us a great vehicle within the hour and taking away the problem vehicle, no fuss, no muss. That was to his credit though, not Hertz. Until I talked to him, Hertz was insisting we make the drive to get a different car and did not care at all that we were grieving and on the way to a loved one's memorial service. Hertz, the best-known and expensive, is slipping too, following the same cutthroat path as the others. I'm so sick of the loss of almost all customer service ethics in this country!

Hertz ripoff for 3rd time
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PARK RIDGE, NEW JERSEY -- For almost 20 years I was a highly satisfied Hertz Gold customer. Now in less than three years, I have experienced three highly unsatisfactory rental experiences with Hertz. In the summer of 2008, during a 3-week vacation rental, I had a flat in Colorado nearly 200 miles from the nearest Hertz office. I paid for the tow truck to take me to a station where the spare could be put on the car (again, my expense) because they had no means to repair the flat.

I then spent a full vacation day (over 8 hrs) round trip going to and from Colorado Springs, where the Hertz office gave me a smaller replacement car than I had rented. Because of the smaller size I had to rent a small trailer to accommodate the luggage we had been able to place in the larger car. Later, I received an exorbitant bill from Hertz for what they claimed was a ruined tire (not according to the service station manager).

Last month I rented a one-way car for two days for my wife to go from Waco to the San Antonio, TX airport so she could attend a wedding and then join me in Grand Junction, CO. for the JUCO World Series. She had a flat inside the airport less than a mile from the Hertz location. Hertz instructed her to lock the keys and the contract inside the car and said they would come get it. Hertz originally billed us for 7 days ($750.48) and claimed the car had not been turned in for a full week after it was due.

When that was finally straightened out and credit was given for the 7 mischarged days, they added a $79.91 towing charge. The final invoice sent shows mileage driven of 571 miles, when the actual mileage at the time of the flat was 259. Obviously, the car was leased to someone else during the time they claimed my wife still had the car. I have repeatedly asked for a copy of the contract, but they claim it cannot be located, and they refuse to make any additional adjustment.

On 6-16-10, I rented a one-way car from Dallas to Waco when AA was late from Philadelphia and I missed my connecting flight (last of the day). The rental clerk illegally added optional services to the contract, telling me that was the only way they would rent a one-way car, which turned out to be a total lemon of a car. (She had my Hertz profile in front of her on the computer which plainly showed I decline these optional services.)

The following day, after seventeen (17) calls to various Hertz numbers, I finally got someone to agree to adjust the charges. (During several of the calls, I was put on hold after I described the problem, but no one would return to the call. The people I did manage to have some conversation with clearly had a CYA attitude.) I still have not received the promised copy of the final adjusted invoice (but the adjustment has shown up online on my credit card). Over a week ago, the area manager promised a copy and some courtesy certificates to make up for the inconvenience. Nothing has come in the mail, but I was not surprised.

I have spent untold hours on these three problems, and my Hertz Gold card is now cut into a myriad of pieces. I will never under any circumstances use Hertz again. I see them as Hertz Lead. A lady in the billing department told me counter personnel are on commission to sell as many additional services as they can, which (she added) creates "a lot of customer abuse." Never again at my expense.

Poor Customer Service
By -

HIGHLAND, INDIANA -- Upon renting a vehicle for a couple of days to visit family and friends in Northwest Indiana, I continued on to Cincinnati, Ohio. I was told upon returning the vehicle in Cincinnati at the predetermined location that I was going to be charged approximately $150 more on my card than previously agreed upon. When I questioned the validity of this charge with the individual taking receipt of the vehicle, he said that the charge was for another "full day" because the vehicle was three hours late in getting returned.

When I told him I didn't know what he was talking about he said it was to be turned in earlier that afternoon, the same time of day I rented the vehicle. I explained to him that I told the guy from whom I rented the vehicle that when asked when and where I would be returning the vehicle, I said I was going to be returning it to the airport in Cincinnati in the evening on this day. And in fact, I not only returned it on time, but even a little earlier than what I had told the Hertz representative in Indiana.

This representative agreed that the charge was excessive, not necessary, and that the individual from whom I rented should have expressed that the vehicle was to be turned in at that particular time. He said if it were him he wouldn't expect a full days charge and that although he was unable to make that adjustment, I should contact the store from which I rented the vehicle and they could do so. I have called the store from which I rented the vehicle twice.

The first time, the individual I spoke to said he understood and that the individual I rented from should have gone over the details of the contract and expressed everything such as the turn in time in order to avoid instances such as these. He said he also agreed that the charge was excessive and that he wouldn't like to be charged a full day for an extra three hours, especially when as a customer he didn't realize the mistake made on the contract. He said he would talk to his manager and get back with me that day concerning the situation. I never heard from him again.

A few days passed and I called back. This time I spoke with a woman who said she could make that adjustment but that she wouldn't because the time was written in the contract. I explained that her representative did not put down the time that I told him, and I did not expect to have to go over each detail of the written contract written by her representative given that I expressly stated at the time of rental the time and location of which I was returning the vehicle.

I further explained that I was a loyal and repeat customer of Hertz and that in light of her customer service representative putting the incorrect turn in time on the contract, and further failing to inform me of the time he placed on the contract for return, I would still meet her halfway and not expect a full refund of that day but agree to a pro-rated charge for the three hours because I didn't read the contract in detail and catch it. I thought this to be a fair and satisfactory solution for all involved and would satisfy me enough to have the company work with me on this that I would rent from Hertz in the future. Never again.

The representative on the phone told me even though she "can do that, I won't" and went on to further slow her speech referring again to the contract as if to speak to me in a childlike manner. I explained to her that I was a grown man and not to be treated like a child and she said then you should stop acting like a child. I asked her how expecting to be treated with fairness and respect after being a loyal and repeat customer was acting like a child. She had no answer to that question.

I asked her to look at it from my perspective and that if she unknowingly returned a vehicle past its due time, would she expect to be charged for a full day given that the vehicle was three hours "late". She said of course not, she wouldn't expect or appreciate a charge like that. I thanked her for her honesty and said, "Then why are you doing it to me?" She said, "That's the policy and I can't make an adjustment." I said no, you can make an adjustment but you won't. She then admitted that was true.

Admittedly, I should have looked over the details of the contract much closer. And one can bet in the future I will. However, their representative did not put the correct time on the contract for return, did not return calls they said they would, refused to assist me in coming up with an acceptable solution, and further went on to insult me during our last phone conversation. This was completely rude, disrespectful and inappropriate behavior all around for which I will never rent from Hertz again.

Wrong Decision to Choose Hertz, but Lucky Enough to Survive
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Location: Orlando International Airport, FL. Rental length: 17 days, August, 2009. Nightmare started: From the minute we told the representative at the check-in counter that we were from New York City and we did not drive often, our nightmare started. Basically, the representative did two things during our check-in process. At first, he wanted us to buy their fuel purchase plan. To this purpose, he lied to us that the oil price in Orlando is over $4/gallon, while through that plan, we could enjoy the rate of $2.51/gallon. We did not drive often but we were not idiots. We gently turned down this offer.

Then he wanted us to sign for an insurance package that cost more than $900, without even asking us whether we need it. Since we were pretty sure that our own insurance company has covered most of the listed things, he started his "persuading tricks" by saying all horrible things about the safety issue in Orlando. For a moment we almost wanted to cancel this reservation since it sounded like we would be killed once we step out of that Hertz building. Finally, my husband called our insurance company to make sure that we can survive throughout this vacation, and at last we did not buy that insurance plan. Then I saw perhaps the most "disappointed" face I have even seen in my life. We almost ran out of that building to get away from that cold face a.s.a.p.

Nightmare continued, and got worse: We thought the hard time was over, but we were clearly wrong. Our car was a 2008 Volkswagen Beetle, without any manual. We drove that car for 3 days, and every time the brake was applied, we felt that the entire vehicle was vibrating. Since we still have 2 more weeks to go, we decided to change the car. I guess we were really, really lucky for making this decision. We did not go to Disneyworld during traffic hours as usual. We took one day off, and chose to drive back to Hertz around noon.

However, we did not make it back to Hertz (only 13 miles from our hotel) due to the break failure. Fortunately, the failure happened in the parking lot of a buffet. Finally, we called Hertz emergency line and get our car towed back. Thank god no one was injured. One thing I cannot stop wondering is, Hertz staffs should know that the car had some break problems, since the symptom was pretty obvious to them (although not so obvious for us who had never experienced a break failure before), why did they still rent that car to us who were supposed to use it for 17 days. Were they (or the "disappointed" staff) trying to kill us?

Nightmare continued. Anyway, we get a replacement, a 2009 Toyota Camry. We were in general happy with the car except for the slippery tire when driving in the rain (it almost rains everyday in Orlando during our stay). Since we did not want to go back and change for another car again (with a chance that we would get a even worse car), we tried to reschedule our trip to avoid driving at raining evenings. However, slippery tire was not the only thing wrong with the car. After driving for about 10 days, the maintenance requirement light was on. The engine oil needs to be changed.

We could risk driving this car for the rest of our rental days, but we basically did not trust Hertz anymore, and we did not want to take any more risk. So we went back to get our car replaced again. This time, the question I am keeping thinking about is, do they ever check their cars? When I returned the Camry, we only drove it for about 300 miles. This means when they rented us this car, they should have changed the engine oil already.

Nightmare ended (hopefully). I really want to finish my story now, but since we haven't received the final bill from Hertz after our trip, I am not sure whether the nightmare has ended already. I do not even want to say how bad this Hertz rental experience is. I just want to pray for all future customers that choose to use Hertz.

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