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Hertz car accident - charged 2 additional weeks no one answers
Posted by Mary.ccoeljo on 01/16/2014
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I rented a Nissan Altima from the 30th st. station location on November the 27, 2013 for a three day period to be returned on November the 30. On the 30th, I suffered an accident with a deer rendering the vehicle immobile. Two state troopers assisted me and I immediately called Hertz to report the incident, relaying towing information and the car's location. I was informed that I have supplied all the necessary information. The following day I emailed the instructed .pdf reporting the incident. A few days later I received a phone call from your location and explained the situation, the Hertz employee stated that the information was likely not in the system yet. This is the only time your office has contacted me.

Since that time, I have had numerous automated inquiries from Hertz looking for the vehicle and subsequently, spent hours on the phone attempting to resolve the issue. In the last month, I have called Hertz corporate and the 30th street location dozens of times. Finally I, through Hertz Vehicle Control, resolved the issue of the car being collected.

A few days ago if I received a bill from the 30th street office for over $2,000 with the rental agreement. I am strongly considering legal action, but will certainly be filing with the Consumer Protection Agency as we'll as taking action with the Better Business Bureau.

Has anyone else has this problem? I need help in fighting Hertz
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Expresslane Outrageous Fees From Hertz
Posted by Gc101 on 12/26/2013
I rented a Hertz car and took it on the Expresslanes in California because I was told by Hertz that Hertz would take care of the tolls and bill them to me - then I got a notice from Hertz that they were billing my credit card $30 for tolls, which I thought was ok - but then I got bills from Expresslanes for $115 because Hertz did not pay the tolls!!!
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Posted by Kansasrn97 on 12/26/2013
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- This is the worst car rental ever! When you check in at the counter you are given a key and told what stall your car is in. When I asked about having the car inspected before leaving I was told that they are not available never used. NEVER TAKE THEIR CAR ON GOOD FAITH. When heading out of Nashville towards the Mountains the inside of the window had a run. When driving in the mountains the run went across the window. It was only felt on the inside. It appeared to have started below where you could see it in the dash. We called the national number and was told that we could return it the next morning an hour away. Upon return a complaint form was filled out.

When asked for someone to review the car was once again told that it would be reviewed later. A key was given and told what stall to get a new car from. Once again, no one would go over the car with us. We looked at it ourselves and found no damage to the second car. Here we are almost 4 months later and am now asked to pay for windshield. When complaint was reviewed with customer service and answers asked she kept talking over me and when asked why she wouldn't listen or answer me she said we already went over this. Was referred to my contract and told that any damage from acts of God, hail storms and such are my responsibility. She said she thought that driving in the mountains was an act of God. Go figure.

So I guess they are saying that I will rent you a car to go the the mountains and we know something will happen with the attitude change so HA HA on you. You get to fix our car. WHAT a great way to have someone else pay for crap they don't want to fix. So, if a crack comes up on the inside of the windshield that starts below the rubber around it, guess what? You are screwed. Somehow Hertz rental customers are always screwed.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-12-26:
Did your insurance not cover it?
Posted by Pete on 2013-12-27:
Hard lesson. I seldom have anyone inspect a rental car with me when I pick it up. Now I have started taking pictures the entire car AND of the odometer reading so they can't say it happened after I took it.
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Not the Company They Used to Be.
Posted by Vkktd on 12/12/2013
EVANSVILLE, INDIANA -- For years, Hertz was the only company I would rent from. They had top of the line service and pricing. Since June of 2013 they are not even close to the company they used to be. Even an employee agreed and stated this began when Corporate relocated their headquarters. On one occasion the clerk added insurance to my invoice when I declined that option. When I called the 800 number to speak about this, I was basically called a liar. She said "you signed the paperwork". Well, yes, I did, but the screen you sign doesn't provide the details of what you are signing. You can only rely on the clerk to enter the correct information, so they refused to reimburse me. I then called the local branch and they confirmed they had an employee doing this. Now, they have doubled their prices (at least in Evansville, Indiana). Really a shame since I was renting from them every month.
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Beware of Hertz Car Rental
Posted by Fullerton1525 on 12/01/2013
MESA, ARIZONA -- Worst rental company ever. Was very happy about the price for our PREPAID/PER CHARGED rental but after we arrived at the airport on 11/3/2013 was told by a very rude employee of Hertz that we also needed an additional $200.00 deposit on our major credit card. He told us it was in the fine print, which it is not. Left us stranded at the airport as we didn't have the additional funds on the card. Now 8 days later we still have not been credited for the amount charged and upon calling was put to 4 people and was told we were a NO SHOW at the airport. We have witnesses at both Enterprise and Alamo as they were trying to help get us in a rental after Hertz was so rude.. Bottom line DO NOT rent from Hertz....go to ALAMO!!!

**As an update today is 12/1/2013 and still have not been credited or even contacted by any member of Hertz.

Even a 1 star rating is too much for this company.
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Hertz Was Very Helpful
Posted by Alexliberman.personal on 11/29/2013
NORWOOD, MASSACHUSETTS -- I needed a minivan to rent on Thanksgiving week. I made a reservation for it (or so I thought) at Hertz in Norwood, MA. There happened to be a miscommunication in reservation and when I came to get the van they didn't have it. It was a disaster for me but the staff made a really good effort and found me a large SUV that actually worked out pretty well for me. More so, they charged me the same price they quoted me earlier for the minivan even though the SUV was more expensive. So whatever the original problem was they went an extra mile and found a good solution for it.
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Rental Dept Unprofessional
Posted by Koolkat on 10/27/2013
Hertz rent a car is the most unbelievably stupid rental company I have ever done business with. There hours are bank hours so god forbid you need them for something after those hours. They also believe that threatening their clients gets the answers they want in a cordial manner.... Hertz rentals can kiss my [snip]! And beware they are out like vampires to the little man!!!!
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Dirty Car Rental
Posted by Larry01 on 08/19/2013
BRIGHTON, MICHIGAN -- Picked up my rental at the Brighton, MI office. I should have known by the Dollar Store air freshener hanging on the mirror that something was up. Took the car home and spent an hour cleaning the interior (pop spills, bottles and cans in the pockets, vacuuming the interior) just so my wife and Grandkids could ride in it. I would have declined the car, but it was the only small suv available. Drove it for the week and the air stopped twice in 90 degree plus weather. The brakes squealed at every stop. The Sirius radio was set for hip hop music and we couldn't get it off so we listened to fm all week. I don't think I'll rent from Hertz again.
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Posted by cmthru on 2013-08-19:
When you inspected it before accepting you didn't bother to look inside? They would have cleaned it out. You could also have called to tell them the A/C was not working and about the squealing brakes.
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Return of Lost Article
Posted by Mudd0053 on 08/14/2013
PORTLAND, OREGON -- After returning my Subaru Outback to the return station and going through airport security, I discovered that I had left my Asthma rescue inhaler and the Leather carrying case that contained it on the front seat of the vehicle. I called the desk and the agent on duty offered to go to the car and look for my lost inhaler. He located it and brought it to the airport security station where the airport security supervisor took it from him and returned it to me. I feel that the agent went well out of his way to help me recover my lost property.
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They Rented Me a Car Which Automatically Locks the Door, and the Key Was In. They Wanted to Charge Me $85 to Unlock Their Car.
Posted by Doris_777 on 08/05/2013
CLEVELAND, OHIO -- I rented a car from the Hertz at Cleveland Hopkins Airport. When I was loading the car to drive back to the rental return and catch a flight, the car automatically locked. The key was laying on the seat. I had to call Hertz Roadside service and they informed me that they would charge me $85 to unlock the car.

I then called my AAA and they opened the car. Too late, I missed my flight, and had to rent their car an additional day to catch a flight the next day. It was a nightmare.
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Posted by Strwy2Hvn on 2013-08-06:
What probable sense would make you believe that Hertz or any other rental car company wouldn't charge for a lockout? Lockouts, flat tire changes or any other non-mechanical related service has a service charge.

Please understand that I am not a Hertz employee or representative of such, just a person that realizes there are charges associated.

FYI, if you bring a rental car back in a dirty fashion, they can and in some instances charge for excessive dirtiness.

Just saying.
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