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Highland Propane's Customer Service
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ROANOKE, VIRGINIA -- I have had service with Highland Propane for a little of two years. They have been told at least twice not to deliver propane until I call them since I do not use a lot of propane during the year. While we were out of state, Highland Propane came and filled my tanks and then sent me a bill close to $400 right before Christmas.

After comparing prices with one of their competitors, Highland is charging around $1.60 more per gallon for their propane. When I called Highland and brought this to their attention, I was told that is the going rate for propane and they "are not Blossman".

I informed them to remove their tanks off of my property and was told they would. I explained to them I would like the tanks picked up before the due date on the bill so I would not have issues with past due bills, and was never told this would be a problem. I have two 120 gallon tanks that are completely full, so not only do they need to credit this last bill; they owe me a check for the additional propane they are "storing" on my property.

After not hearing from them for a week, I called back only to be told they would not come pick them until spring. After explaining that I had an infant in the house and I need those tanks removed so the new ones could be put in, they still refused to do anything about it until spring. When they are through dealing with you, they simply hang up on you, not concerned that your issue is not resolved. I managed to get hung up on three times in less than an hour.

I checked with the local police department to see if they could provide any assistance in getting the tanks removed and was told it was a civil matter and I would have to take them to court. I again placed another call to Highland Propane and asked to speak to a manager. I was transferred to John, explained the situation again, and again was told they would not come get them until spring. I finally told him that I was reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and writing letters to all of the local newspaper editors to let them know of the customer service I am receiving.

My next step would be to take them to court to have the tanks removed. John stated "if you want to waste your damn money on court fees, go right ahead". He then asked for my address and said he would come remove the tanks "my damn self" and promptly hung up on me.

Within an hour, someone was at my house to remove the tanks. In the process of removing the tanks, they cracked the asphalt at the end of my driveway and tried to "hide" a special service charge on the invoice that was never mentioned to me on the phone or by the driver. So now, even though the tanks are off my property, I still have issues that need to be resolved. I call looking for answers and simply get hung up on. In less than 5 hours, I have been cussed at, hung up on, and told they would get to it. John, who I recently found out is the district manager for Highland Propane has also cussed at me and hung up the phone.

Highland Propane'€™s customer service is highly unacceptable and would like to suggest to anyone who is looking to get propane service for their homes to steer clear of them. No customer should have to deal with their "customer service" and I will not recommend their service to anyone.

Propane price
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ROANOKE, VIRGINIA -- I moved to Bedford VA in 2001. The house we bought had a propane gas furnace, cook stove and water heater at the time the price of propane was $1.00. After finding out that highland owned the 500 gallon underground tank that came with the house we were told we had to buy from them or purchase the tank. We decided to buy from them after talking with the rep. Since 2001 the price of propane has steadily gone up. We were on there at will delivery and monthly budget at the beginning it was a little over $100 per month to keep the tank filled.

Sine 2005 our cost has tripled to $300 per month. Now after calling highland we were told that is the price and they can do no better. So I asked how much to purchase the tank so I can buy elsewhere, they said $2000.00. At the time I could not purchase it, so I said "take me off the budget and stop delivery until I call for it." My neighbor told me he was only paying $2.25 per gallon where I had been paying $3.75 per gallon with Highland. I called Highland back and said "shut my account down." I will no longer need their service.

They said they could let me have propane at $3.03 per gallon if I would keep my account open. I said "no thanks" and "I want to purchase the tank", they gave me a price at $1100.00. I bought the tank and have not regretted it. I called just the other day to an independent propane provider and got a price of $2.54 per gallon and that included the delivery. Highland propane has been and continues to rob people blind in Roanoke VA and surrounding areas. I have started a complaint with the VA Attorney General to do an investigation. How can I get propane over $1 cheaper form an independent Co and not a large monopoly like Highland propane.

Just a side note - it took them 3 months to process my payment for the tank, so I could not purchase propane form anyone until I could show them I owned the tank. I had to tell them I was going to their main office to get it myself before they would mail it out to me. Please do your research before buying form Highland propane in Roanoke VA.

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