Highline Motors

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Highline Motors
1150 Westford St
Lowell, MA 01851
978-970-2016 (ph)
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The worst experience ever!!
By -

RAMSEY, MINNESOTA -- In May of this year, I needed a car. I went to Highline Motors and found something I liked.... So I decided to buy it. An assistant sales person in this dealership rushed us through paperwork, because there were many people waiting in the lobby. She told us that the actual sales person was out and could not take care of us, so she would be stepping in. I told her that I had a pre-negotiated price already determined with the other sales person. She said that she can not adjust the price other that selling it for full sticker price. I told her that is not what I agreed upon. So she said "just sign the contract and take the car." I questioned this so she verified this with the actual salesperson over the phone and responded 'yes . . . just take it!' After looking at the contract after I left the dealership, I noticed this had us paying an additional amount of money on top of what I already paid in cash. Well, 2 weeks into buying this car I have already had it into the shop because of multiple mechanical issues totaling around $1,300!!! Plus I have had to rent a car in the meantime. I called the dealer and told him I wanted them to pay half of the repairs because the mechanic said these items were clearly pre-existing and if anyone that knew cars would have noticed them. The sales person either knew about it or lied when he said he had a full inspection. Well it turns out; he would not pay half of the repairs and threaded to repossess the car if I did not pay him. I ignored this for a couple weeks. Then he sends an obnoxious repo/construction worker guy to my office unannounced speaking loudly in my place of business about repossessing my car. I was strong armed into paying on the spot. I am so angry that they did this. Yes, I should have had the car checked out, but I trusted him to do the right thing. I had never bought a car from a dealership like this before, and thought that I was getting a good deal. And he basically lied to me.

Do not consider ever working with this company. Consider this a waring.

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