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2+ months and no resolution to customer services issue
By -

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I stayed at the Hilton Salt Lake City Center in December for 2 nights (12/14/2006)- overall the hotel is nice and a great location. However I had a rather disturbing experience in my room that resulted in the front desk manager offering me a free night stay. The down comforter is not fully encased in a duvet cover they wrap it in 2 flat sheets and after a night of sleep I woke up to the down comforter unwrapped and looking at blood on the comforter - this was old blood from whom knows who. I accepted the offer of the free night stay however I explained to the front desk manager that my reservation was made through my corporate travel agency so I would need a certificate mailed to my personal address. She had to confirm they would be able to issue me a "be my guest certificate" and this was done the next day. The hotel took my personal information and said I would receive it in about 3 weeks.

About 5 weeks went by, no certificate, I called the manager at the hotel, was told she was unavailable, then she came to the phone about 5 min later. She told me she didn't work in the same job but would look into the status of the certificate. 1/22 or 1/23 I left a VM for the original manager and her direct manager. I received one call back from the original manager saying she still didn't have a status. 1/25 I called and left another message, no return calls. 1/25 I sent an email to Customer Service through the corporate website. on 2/1 I received a confirmation email that said to please give them 4 business days to contact the hotel regarding my complaint. I emailed back and said why did it take so long for them to get the complaint via email to begin with... no response. 2/8 I still have no response to my voice-mails, emails, etc so I call the corporate Guest Services and speak to a CSR she reviews my file and says it looks like the issue is resolved. The original managers manager had noted she had called and spoke to me and a Be My Guest Certificate was being issued. I was horrified at the lie and asked the CSR to look into the email delay, lack of follow-up and we also uncovered an incorrect mailing address. She said she needed to make sure she got the right mailing address to the accounting dept that issues the certification because based on the notes they were issuing it that day or the next. 2/20 no certification, no phone calls, no emails, I call and speak with another CSR who says the file indicates the certificate was mailed to me on 2/19 and I ask her to make sure my concerns regarding the lack of service levels are addressed and I would expect nothing less than a phone call from a supervisor and I would also appreciate a representative of management from the Salt Lake Hilton call me to apologize. 2/26 - no phone calls, no certification still nothing... so I call and speak to another CSR, who puts me on hold to review the history, says she will transfer me to her supervisor - I am transferred to voice-mail... the supervisors voice-mail indicates he is on vacation through 2/23 so I attempt to get back to a CSR but I'm caught in their phone system. I call back, wait on hold, get another CSR who puts me on hold to review my history... she says the certificate was mailed to (says the mailing address) and of course it is the wrong address! She has my address on file but not in the correct field on her computer and an incorrect zip code. She then proceeds to tell me that they will issue a new certificate once the current certificate is mailed back to them! I am now so upset and at a loss with the Hilton I could scream. I tell her that is not acceptable - she says they can't issue another one without the current one returned and I tell her, yes you can ... I'm sure you can cancel the current one.. put a stop on it.... At this point I probably deserve at least 3 nights stay anyway. I ask to speak to a supervisor, not his voice-mail, she cannot guarantee that he will answer his phone, I say that is crazy that you can't get up to let a supervisor know you have a very angry customer on the phone, she says she is in a call center and just can't get up ... I tell her that it's 2007 and call centers all over the world have technology and ways of ensuring customer service is performed without continuing to create new customer service issues however it appears that the Hilton is still operating in 1975, there are no SLAs, no QA, no commitment to customer service and obviously no one at the Hilton that cares if Customer Service is being performed to the customers satisfaction. I don't even know what to do at this point. I was transferred and of course received his voice-mail, left him one and told him if he returns my call - he'll be the first!

Hilton Is Now Starting to Use Your Money
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Rating: 2/51

ALL, TEXAS -- Hilton is now charging your room directly with a swipe charge. They are now charging your card directly with a $25 or $50 "credit check" charge instead of placing a hold on your charge. The charge doesn't come off your card for a week. So now they get to use this money free for a week, times all their bookings. Great scheme, so long Hilton, it was my last stay.

Hilton Hotels Does Bait-And-Switch, And The CEO Doesn't Care!!!!!
By -

MCCLEAN, VIRGINIA -- Driving East with my family this past July 2011, to visit relatives and see the USA, a loyal customer of Hilton chain, discovers serious roadwork being done on the road ahead which requires a routing change. Wife makes reservation change via Hilton's telephone reservation center and pre-pays for the changed reservation. E-mail confirms room type and cost. Family arrives at new destination after 18 HOURS OF DRIVING in very hot areas of USA. Family checks in, and the hotel manager says, “Sorry, sir. We don't have a room like this reserved for you. We DO have a 1 King bed room for your family of 4, though.”

To this we say, “Not acceptable” and proceed to show our PRE-PAID confirmation from earlier in the day, for a 2 Queen bedroom. Manager then says, “Well, I CAN sell you a second 1 King bed room for ½ price.” What can we do? The family needs a place to sleep comfortably, and it is 10 PM. We asked if he could comp us with the second room; he says, “No can do.” Meanwhile, we see other customers arrive after us receive other rooms which would have worked for our family. Our deduction: We have been ‘Bait-And-Switched' by the Hilton chain.

Now, I figure that a simple e-mail memo to the Hilton Customer Care office, requesting a refund for the room cost, will suffice. Send the first e-mail request, immediately sent a follow-up snail mail letter, wait 2 weeks, no response. Not yet agitated, but… so, fire off a second letter to Customer Care, with the same results. Now I am getting aggravated; isn't Customer Care supposed to do JUST THAT? CARE FOR THE CUSTOMER!!!

I wait 3 more weeks, still no response from ANYONE IN THE HILTON CHAIN! Now I am beginning to lose my patience, as I have spent over 6 hours on my own (research, copying, thinking of how to address the situation, and writing/mailing.) with this issue. So, next I send a Certified Letter to the CEO of Hilton International. Does this receive any attention? ABSOLUTELY NOT A SINGLE CALL, LETTER OR E-MAIL!!! Can you blame me if I am PISSED OFF???

At of the time of this writing, 3+ months have elapsed since my botched hotel stay. I have written a second Certified Letter to the CEO, and received the same results. Thus, I am reporting that the Hilton Hotel chain doesn't give a ** hoot about their best customers! I certainly hope that the Better Business Bureau, and the attorney generals of my state and the state where my hotel stay was can help me deal with this problem!!!

Ran Out of Options, Please Help
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Rating: 1/51

GREENBELT, MARYLAND -- I'm writing this based on an issue I am having with the hotel listed above. I made reservations on Saturday, June 30 because I had a power outage at my house. Less than 30 mins after I arrived, the hotel's power went out. I waited for about another 30 mins and I requested my money back. The power outage caused financial hardship and if I had to sit in a hot dark room I would do it at home based on my circumstances. After 45 minutes of back and forth with the front desk I was told I could only get 50% refund. I thought that was a bit unreasonable and I couldn't understand why the manager was being so rude.

I took it as maybe she was just overwhelmed but I figured half was better than nothing. I went to go check out and was told the computers were down and to write down my email. I asked the front desk clerk how long would they be down because I didn't feel comfortable leaving with just my email jotted and expect my refund. I was told it was no guarantee when they will be running but was promised a refund and email confirmation. I have been calling since Monday July 2 (9281053) and each day I am told they will refund me by the end of the day.

When I called on July 5 I was told my money was refunded on the 2nd. Once I told her I just got off the phone with my bank and I actually had a copy of my statement in front of me she told me to email her a copy as proof (**). I told her I would send it by the end of the next day. I called back that morning to get mr. ** fax # and was told by someone else that faxing a statement wouldn't help because it takes 7-10 business days to show up.

I tried to explain that I already made arrangements with someone to look at my statement. She basically told me to call back in a week. I travel often and have stayed in many hotels and have never been so inconvenienced by a one night stay. I'm more frustrated at the fact that I had a coworker have the exact same issue at another hotel after 3 hours and had no problems recovering. $57 may not seem like much but I'm having a very hard time right now. And I would like to receive my refund in a timely matter. Please help, my reservation # was **.

By -

LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA -- I arrived at this hotel on Friday. We arrived at about 3:30 at which time I valeted my car and proceeded to the front desk. I was greeted by a nice lady who explained check in was at 4 pm but she would go ahead and get the check in process finished so all we had to do was come back up at 4 pm to pick up our room keys. I explained to her I had dinner reservations at 6 pm at the marine room for my mother's birthday which was the ONLY reason for me coming to La Jolla. I went up to the front desk at about 4:15 to get the keys at which time they said there were no rooms available and they would call us when it was ready.

At about 5:00 pm we go back up there again to explain we still have not had a call and our reservations are at 6 pm. They tell us to wait more. I come back up IRATE at 5:30 at which time I am told there are still no rooms. I start to complain, I then meet with the manager who at that time tells me she would "take a room" from another person and check us in right away. Obviously at this time we missed our dinner reservations. So we go to our room and order room service since we couldn't eat or make it to my mom's birthday dinner.

Then when the room service comes up they forget to bring us water with our meals. We then order dessert, and for the 2nd time in the same night they forget to bring us water with our meals. The next day rolls around and I order breakfast before we leave. The food that comes up is literally uneatable. The eggs are running and mind you these eggs are scrambled, and the sausage is barely cooked. The toast is not toasted and my horrible stay continues. At about 10 am the TV just shuts down mid show which I called to complain about. I call the valet to get my car so I can get out of this hotel as if it was on fire, and they say they will have my car ready.

I come down 20 min later, car is still sitting in the same spot. I ask them, can I please get my car? He said there was some confusion about what room number it was. THEN to top it all off, my girlfriend forgets her sweater there. We call the hotel and ask if they can check on it. They say "yes we will give you a call back soon." We go on an hour hike, get back and SHOCKER still no call. We call again they say "we will check on it, and will call you back soon." We get home to orange county after a 1 hour and 30 minute drive, and SHOCKER still no call.

Not a good experience
By -

LINTHICUM, MARYLAND -- Not a good experience and I would not recommend this hotel. After a storm I lost power and I had to fly out the next morning. So I thought I would stay by the airport and I would have all the amenities that I was without do to the power loss. When I got to the Hilton they confirmed they had rooms and I checked in. I went to the room and turned on the AC and started to get ready for the 4 am flight. After about an hour the room was still hot and I called down to the front desk to inquire about the AC. They gave me the normal trouble shooting speech and told me to call back if it was not working in 10 min. It did not work in 10 min so I called back and asked for another room.

This time the guy that I spoke with said that the AC was not working in any of the rooms. Now I was getting upset. "Did you know this when I checked in an hour or so ago?" "sir it has been this way all day." So, the question is, why would a hotel like Hilton allow guests to check in, when they know full well that they cannot offer the amenities that we are expecting? I could have stayed at my house for free and not had AC. I tried to work something out with the night manager but she was incapable of seeing where I was coming from.

I left with a completely different view of Hilton and they will now be a last resort in my book. All I was looking for was some understanding and maybe a break on the room rate considering I was not going to get what I was paying for.

Rude Behavior of Sales Manager
By -

I wish to inform you of the deplorable way my wife and I were treated by your sales manager, Al, at Parc Soleil, Hilton Grand Vacations Club, in Orlando, Florida. Our stay there was booked by a telemarketer, from Feb 12 through Feb 14, 2010. We were to attend a sales meeting on Feb 14. Our initial salesperson was a Mr. ** (do not know his last name). After his presentation, we felt we had some questions, before we were ready to sign. He called in the above named individual.

During the conversation that followed, ** asked me if I had ever stayed at a Hilton, to which I answered in the positive. However, when I asked him if I could speak to some satisfied customers of this plan, he became irritated, and stated in a patronizing way, that perhaps I should be 'staying at a Marriott or a Wyndham', rather than a Hilton. I took offense at this statement, and informed him that he had no business telling me where to stay, and that I was no longer interested in either talking with him, or buying into Hilton. I informed him also that I was extremely upset by his remarks and intended to report this to Hilton Corporate Headquarters.

At this point, a corporate representative, ** approached me, and tried to defuse the situation. I apprised him of the above facts, and asked him if he would forward my complaints to Hilton, which he promised he would. I feel very strongly, that this kind of behavior by sales managers, or sales agents that represent Hilton, is reprehensible, and deserves condemnation. If Hilton is concerned about its image, persons like ** have no place in representing Hilton. I have already made my concern known in the survey sent to me after my stay.

By -

We booked a weekend in a Hilton Hotel near the sea and were looking forward to getting out of the city. Upon arrival, the hotel was surrounded by police and we were passed on to different police at different entrances and were unable to get into the hotel. When (after about half an hour) the manager did condescend to come outside to talk to us (there was a political party conference and no rooms were booked) he told us that there had obviously been a mistake made as we were booked into the London hotel - not the one in Brighton that we had booked.

Having traveled 60 miles, we were then faced with paying quite a lot more money (most hotels were fully booked) which we did and managed to secure a place. I then phoned the Hilton on 3 occasions and the people I spoke to were unable to help tell me whether I could have the difference in the price that I had paid for the room refunded (the manager had arranged for the room to be refunded). The telephone operative had obviously made a mistake when booking the wrong hotel.

On arriving back, my husband e-mailed the hotel in line with their procedure and received - absolutely no response whatsoever (this was 11 days ago). I also e-mailed them yesterday but we have still not received any response - let alone an apology or an offer to refund the money that we were forced to pay. The whole episode was a nightmare and this was through no fault of ours. Not only did the telephone operative make a mistake but the Hilton has refused to take any responsibility by contacting us to try to put things right. We have stayed at the Hilton on many occasions and even got married there.

We would now recommend to anyone staying in a hotel - make sure you have your booking number with you when you check in, phone the day before (as hotels like the Hilton obviously don't care if they haven't got a bed for you when you arrive - so best to find out in advance if they have made a mistake) and if you are staying at the Hilton, and wish to phone them - be prepared to run up lengthy phone bills and receive zero satisfaction for your efforts. Unfortunately that has been our experience.

Hilton Hotel - Poorest Customer Service on their Loyalty Program
By -

I am a member since 2004 and I would like to state that you have a poor program and poor customer service. I have received this email telling me that my tier level was downgraded and at the same time point were all taken away. On my July 9 statement, as copied below for your reference I still have 21,443 points and maintaining a Silver VIP. I thought Hilton is better compared to other Hotel rewards program only to find out it is the worst and provide very poor customer service not even par with other consumer products out there i.e. Best Buy, Blockbuster, Marriott, etc.

My case in point, why in the world in would be downgraded without notification that I need to do something about my membership? There was NO email that I have received to inform about the upcoming expiration. Here I am, checking my last July 9 statement I still have my points and status booking for my vacation this year just last month on 2 locations for 2 rooms each and knowing that I can keep my account active on a yearly basis. I stayed in 2008, and stayed again 2009. But I was told that it expired Jul 21 because of a 12-month inactivity from my last booking of Mar 9, 2008.

You don't need to be a genius to see that I would have been notified or the MyWay account statement of July 9 should already have notified me Not August if the 12 month policy was enforced or at least a prior notification in Feb, Mar or April or any notification that it will expire soon via email would have help a loyal customer or member that he is about to lose his/her points - this is really a poor customer service from a world renowned Hotel brand.

I called up your office but nothing happened as expected they are not empowered to take care of your customers/members or to deal with real issues and feedback. I just requested fir my membership to be cancelled since you are not able to reinstate both my points and status. I hope in this writing you would improve your company for the good of the many. I know I maybe just one of your millions of customer but a fire always start on a simple spark.

Don't Go To The El San Juan Hotel
By -

I have stayed at this hotel prior to this review twice before and this time (I arrived home yesterday) there is no service. This hotel is now like staying in a Holiday Inn and I like Holiday Inn but not when it represented as a resort and how they the management want this to be a spectacular experience and bla bla.

I book a specific room online 3 weeks prior to arrival. On arrival they wanted me to stay a cabana (it was a garage with the dirty laundry bins outside my room and mold inside this shower room. They were to move me to the room I had original requested. The next day first problem. After returning to the front desk and asking for a manager suddenly the room was available. CD player didn't work and had to wait 2 hours (of my trip) for the person to come and change it (I don't speak Spanish and he didn't speak English oh boy). Well the next afternoon the hallway in front of my room was wet. I could see a trickle of water coming down the wall. I called front desk to notify them.

Well by Saturday morning I was getting flooded and I placed another call go out for dinner Saturday night. I stepped into 4 inches of water and had to go back and change my shoe. I called again and asked if they were going to build me a bridge and I also needed an umbrella because now the ceiling was leaking in the hall and I had to dodge the rain. By morning it was in a swamp. The front desk acted as if they knew nothing.

I was given a 100 credit only because they thought I was leaving so when I asked what they were going to do (the party in the next room had already been moved at I was informed by a staff member) the girl was surprised and I was put on a list for room moving. I was promised I would go to the head of the list and be updated. I gave my cell # and this was to happen by 3. 330 the call never came.

This used to be a shining star in pr. Now I tell everyone it is like a bad Holiday Inn - staff no "hellos", "good morning". Terrible. If you don't speak Spanish don't go there. You are treated like an alien. The property is dirty, unkempt. The pool is kept open late. A lot of noise. I will never ever pay Hilton 1$ again.

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