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History Channel Isn't History at All
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The History Channel used to be full of good informative shows such as "The Most" and "Modern Marvels". But now the cable company has removed. And what's left has been moved to "MHC" (Military History Channel). In its place is a constant screening of doomsday prophecies, relating nothing to history. Bring Mike Rowe back in ("The Most") and let's get back to the real history, in all its interesting fun and glory. And to all you smart guys, and drama queens out there, it's not the end of the world in 2012, just the end of a Mayan cartoon according to their calendar. Enough with the scare tactics and get back to history.

TV Complaints

Why is it the discovery and history channels have resorted to some of the worst shows on TV. Who cares about all these swamp dwelling people who can't hardly talk and bigfoot hunters who are nothing but a joke. I don't care to watch every person in the country do their so called treacherous jobs with their contrived dilemmas every time you turn around.

I used to watch these channels for good information, now it's like watching a stupid tabloid. And what's with the annoying background music on every show that sounds like impending doom. By the way I only see these shows at my brother's house when I visit. You couldn't give me cable or satellite with the garbage that passes for entertainment.

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