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Extremely Poor Service
Posted by on
I still can't believe the situation I was in a few weeks ago. I checked into the Holiday Inn Select in Clearwater, FL. It was late but I had a lot of work to do. The wireless internet had a problem. Since I was on the 4th floor, I called downstairs to the lobby to have them fix it. They told me that they would reset the wireless router. I had momentary access and then it went out again. It was out the rest of the evening. I called downstairs several times and received empty promises that something would be done. It wasn't.

The next morning, I called downstairs and was told that there was nothing wrong with the internet. Why? Because the front desk told me that they were on the internet. I told them that the connection to the internet may be fine for the hotel but the wireless access point on the fourth floor was somehow faulty. They were willing to do nothing. Well, I asked to be transferred to the manager. The manager got on the phone and proceeded to tell me that there was nothing he could do because he was on the internet in his office. Again, he was on the first floor. I asked why didn't anyone call tech support as I had asked last night or this morning and he told me that there was no need. Then, he told me that there was nothing he could do for me.

Well, I got dressed, went downstairs to leave for the day to find a wireless network to get some work done. But, before I left, I stopped by the front desk to get the name and number of the hotel manager so that I could file a complaint with Priority Club. The Manager came out from his office as if he were going to hit me. He asked what the problem was (very loudly) and I told him how I didn't appreciate sitting in my room all night without internet access. When he again tried to explain to me his view on the situation, I told him that I do this for a living. I am an IT professional with 20 years experience. I know wireless network outages. The hotel just didn't follow up with the complaint.

He again tried to say something. That's when I stopped him. I told him that all I need is his name and number so I can complete my complaint. He THREW his business card at me and starting yelling stating that he could put me out of the hotel by calling the police. I told him to go ahead and try. He didn't and I left.

Now the worst part of this story comes when I tried to call Priority Club to complain. Priority Club said that they would call the hotel and get to the bottom of what happened. They did, the manager lied and said that I was irate and yelled at people and acted out of control. Complete lies. But, because of what he said, Priority Club said that there was nothing that they could do and they support their hotels. So, I said I would never stay at another Holiday Inn. Ever!
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jktshff1 on 07/21/2009:
Sounds as if you were as much a jerk as he was. With 20yrs of IT experience, you should know stuff happens any time any place and can't always be fixed "upon request".
Those of us who depend upon the internet on the road know that you always have a back-up. I use an AT&T air card when the hotel is having problems. Little slower but it's never failed me.
This is helpful only that it shows how not to act.
Anonymous on 07/21/2009:
jkt +1.12

I would have opened my computer on the counter of the front desk to verify that you indeed had a connection on the first floor, if indeed you did. That would prove a problem isolated to your floor. I would then have calmly let him know what your diagnosis was, based on your 20 yrs. of experience.
Now, I will tell you what I DO know.... I personally know the person who installed that, and every other wireless internet system at every Holiday Inn, and a couple other chains, in FL. If there is a problem that cannot be resolved with a reboot, the hotel contacts him. He will log into the system, diagnose the problem, and determine the way to cure it. If it requires replacement, he will ship a new access point and walk the maintenance man through the procedure once they receive it, and slip him a few bucks. Maybe a reboot, maybe a cable, whatever. 9 times out of 10 this is how it goes. Doesn't get fixed in a jiffy. May take 3 or 4 days if parts are required. Keeps my buddy from boarding a plane though.
This maintenance is performed after the initial install for the incredibly low price of $2 per room, per month.
Yeah, he's banking some serious cash.
Anonymous on 07/21/2009:
C2O, is he single?
Anonymous on 07/21/2009:
lol! Not anymore. He's married to a doctor. A very hot doc.
Anonymous on 07/21/2009:
Never stopped me before
Anonymous on 07/21/2009:
So you want to earn $2 per room? lmao!
Anonymous on 07/21/2009:
What?! I'm worth more than that
Anonymous on 07/21/2009:
That's what they all say.
jktshff1 on 07/21/2009:
LMAO at ya'll!
I always told my sister that she was sittin on sumpthin that will sell when cotton won't!!
Anonymous on 07/21/2009:
Dang jkt! +1.999 on that one! Heck of a thing to tell a sis!
jktshff1 on 07/21/2009:
Ya do what ya got to do! Luckily, my daughter is a nurse and I haven't had to explain that to her.
Anonymous on 07/21/2009:
Thank God! If you did I'd hate to be on the receiving end of her care. lol
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Poor Billing Policy and Poorer Customer Assistance from ICHotels
Posted by on
Do Not use Holiday INN Priority Club on line booking. It is too easy to miss fine print if it's there and be charged for your stay in full with no cancellation or ability to depart early, for any reason. This is like a legal internet scam. They get your card number to open an account and use it however they please. I see on this site that a fellow who's plane was canceled due to weather from England to the US was charged $520.00 a night for each room with no refund even though it was beyond his control and he called before 6pm. Even if you arrived and the hotel was in poor condition or blown up, the Holiday Inn corporation customer service state on the phone they will stand behind the chain's right to charge in advance..

I was booking to stay at the above the Hotel for March 1 to 11, 2009, through the priority club, on line reservations site. The hotel is independently owned and charged for the full 10 day stay. I didn't realize this was happening, it charged my card on file with Priority Club, didn't ask me to enter one. Like many here, I was told to wait 48 hours for the Hotel to respond as they can't help me prior to that. I have spoken to everyone I can and also sent a letter of complaint to the Hendersonville, TN BBB in hopes of getting my 10 days credited back. The worst thing about this is I am going for work and I told the hotel I just wanted a normal reservation for the 10 days that can be altered, in case the company cancels or changes dates on the start up. They wouldn't switch it to a normal reservation and there will be 4 rooms for 10 days reserved, not just my room they stole the money for.

In short. Don't book through the online booking. It's very deceptive and occasionally will charge for full stays and does not make it clear. I'm sure my work won't pay me for the reservation I made for next month until I've stayed there. There is no assistance through customer service, they told me they back their hotels not the customer. This has happened repeatedly from what I can read on this site. So avoid the Holiday Inn Scams.
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User Replies:
woodsk1 on 02/12/2009:
How is it a scam? I reserve all the time on the site and its clear on the siteand before you confirm the reservation its non-fundable ( You have to check the box).. Might want to slow down and read next time...
Ben There on 02/13/2009:
Read what you are paying for next time or book through a corporate travel agent.
Old Boot on 02/13/2009:
I think you mis understand. I book on this site 200+ times a year. I spent $90,000 with Holiday Inn last year on business travel for myself and others. If you have a credit card on file the site did not ask for it to be entered it just said reserve. I hit reserve. I said use credit card on file for reservation, I click yes. After completing it says in very small print, you will be charged the full value. I reserved from an incorrect area apparently. But when scrolled down to find your room you can not see this was an advanced purchase and when you have info on file it just shoots it through automatically. This is a business trip for 4 gentlemen. The dates could easily be changed or job go longer or shorter. I only paid for one room thank goodness. No hotel should be able to run this way and charge in advance without clearly stating, you are paying the full amount now.
woodsk1 on 02/13/2009:
it states to click for details on the rate. I have mine on files as well, and you have two box at the bottom you have to check to reserve and it states you are agreeing to the terms..
Anonymous on 03/23/2009:
what a fool you are. You say you book 200+ resv. a year and spent X ammnt. of money at Holiday Inn last year alone; yet one mishap and you completely shun the chain altogether. Because I cannot say for sure who was at fault here, I can guarantee either way that they tried to resolve the problem and if you did not get your way, it's a fact there was a reason for it.
Old Boot on 03/24/2009:
Think what you want, but what they did is different from what they have done and even calling customer service immediately they would not resolve the issue. I listed the issue with the Better Business Bureau in Hendersonville and they would not speak to them to either. The company put the price first,it came up under best price, charged my credit card on file that is kept as I'm an elite member in the top 1% of stays of all Holiday Inn users. The management at this particular franchise would not respond to the complaint or issue, even put in 5 minutes after booking on a new advanced purchase (it just brought up the best rate and I clicked reserve, but it was a purchase). It did not show purchase until it was done and said charging card on file $1256.00 a month and half before my job there. They would not alter the reservation when the plant I was heading to changed the start up date and the price had to be paid whether I stayed 2 days or the 10 even with a full month and half notice. I am guaranteed a room if reserve even 72 hours in advance but reserve out of courtesy to the hotels immediately when I know. BBB in Hendersonville has lodge the complaint, marked it unsettled and that the management will not respond to the customer or them. That's not good management and the Holiday Inn customer service did nothing either, so I just went and stayed and I am back at the TN job right now and I'm staying at Hampton from now on. They seem to be more ready to solve issues for their customers.

The hotels should not charge on line unless it comes up and clearly has you put in a credit card number and makes it very clear you are being charged for your entire stay, not a deposit and not just to hold the room for you. They do not do it clearly at all. Whether you were fortunate enough to read the fine print and you computer did not bounce a pop up that said it, you were lucky, but many many people are complaining of the practice as one it is booked they will not alter or give the money back for any reason with any amount of notice.
Didi on 06/26/2013:
I was scammed by Holiday Inn in the same way. I made 2 different online reservations for the same hotel. Made them one right after the other, a minute apart. Reservations were for two different weekends. The reservation processes for the two different reservations were indistinguishable. Got the email confirmations and looked at the first, which had a cancellation policy with no charges if cancelled one day prior to stay. I didn't look at the second reservation email...why bother since I made two identical reservations differing only by date. Well when I had to cancel both I found they charged me for the second reservation! It had been listed as an advance non refundable booking, but there was NOTHING on the website to alert me it was different from the first reservation I made. I think this is simply a scam, in which some reservations get a random assignment to nonrefundable with no warnings or identifiers. If you don't notice it and manually opt out, they ding you with no recourse. Holiday inn is simply siphoning cash off the next dupe. I stayed at that Holiday inn every year and was in their club. But I never will again, or at any other Holiday Inn
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Holiday Inn Express San Bernardino, CA "The Holiday Inn Promise (sm)"
Posted by on
SAN BERNARDINO, CALIFORNIA -- It's a bit of a read but should guide you on your choice of stay.

emailed via their site 03 April 2008

San Bernadino, CA
22 March 2008
23 March 2008

On my one day stay, there was excessive noise from the floor above. I contacted the on duty staff and nothing was done. The next morning I again contacted the duty staff and the person, a woman, stated that she called the suite above me and there was no answer so she could do nothing else. I asked for the Manager but I got nowhere. I followed up with a call to customer service and again, got nowhere. It has now been over 10 days since I first complained about the service at this location/stay. I was not responded to by the management or by your customer service. I need a reply by Friday, 04 April 2008. If I do not get a positive response, I will contact your corporation. Regards,


The Holiday Inn Promise

Immediate reply on the internet:

We have documented your comments and will review them with the management team at the hotel. We will reply to you by e-mail, telephone or mail as soon as possible (7-10 business days). Thank you for providing us this opportunity to improve our service. We appreciate your patience.

Thank you for contacting IHG’s Guest Relations Department. InterContinental Hotels Group PLC (IHG) is the world’s most global hotel company. The Group has almost 3,700 owned, leased, managed and franchised hotels across nearly 100 countries and territories. Guest Relations supports all InterContinental Hotels Group Brands which include; InterContinental Hotels & Resorts®, Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts®, Hotel Indigo®, Holiday Inn®, Holiday Inn Express®, Express by Holiday Inn®, Staybridge Suites®, Candlewood Suites® , ANA Hotels & Resorts®.


Reply received 04 Apr 08

Subject: Holiday Inn Express San Bernardino, CA
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008 11:31:55 +0800
From: "+AMER HI-Guest Relations (IHG)" Add Mobile Alert
To: (my info removed)

Dear Mr. (my name removed),

Thank you for contacting Guest Relations regarding your experience with the Holiday Inn Express San Bernardino, CA. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to bring this matter to our attention and apologize for any inconvenience the hotel's staff services may have caused you. We are also sorry for any noise you may have experienced during your stay.

It is IHG's goal to consistently provide superior service and accommodations and your comments are very important to us. The feedback we receive from our valued guests, like you, enables us to target problem areas and take the necessary actions to ensure similar situations can be avoided in the future. We appreciate the candid feedback we receive and welcome any opportunity to improve.

I have forwarded your comments to the General Manager and ownership of this hotel, and I am confident they will take the necessary steps to continue to improve their services. In addition, in an effort to retain your patronage, I have sent you $30 in Guest Coupons, on their behalf. These may be redeemed towards room or restaurant charges at any of the following IHG Brands: Crowne Plaza®, Holiday Inn®, Holiday Inn Express®, Express by Holiday Inn®, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts®, Staybridge Suites®, Candlewood Suites®, and Hotel Indigo®. They are valid for redemption until the expiration date printed. You will receive them under separate cover within the next 7-10 business days.

Once again, we appreciate you taking the time to share your comments with us. We know you have many choices when it comes to lodging and we hope you will continue to choose IHG for your future travel needs.


Cherrie Pinzon
Guest Relations

Phone: 800.621.0555
Fax: 801.975.1846
Sent 10 April 2008

Dear Ms. Pinzon,

I initially complained about problems at the above
stated Holiday Inn Express on 23 March 2008 I have
only been offered promise of satisfaction and

My last contact with your firm was via your email
system to your Customer Relations department, on 02
April 2008.

I have had no further communicaton from anyone either
the Manager/Owner of the Holiday Inn Express in San
Bernardino, CA or the Customer Relations
representative other that the attached email which I
received on 03 April 2008.

Therefore, I am now requesting full refund of my
payment for this stay per your Service Promise.

I am sending a copy of this email to Mr. Chairman
David Webster, Chairman and Mr. Stevan Porter,
President, The Americas, Executive Director,
InterContinental Hotels Group, at the corporate

My Final comment

As of today, 22 April 2008 I never again heard from Holiday Inn, and never received the promised $30.00 in coupons.

The Holiday Inn Promise (sm) states:
Making your stay a complete success is our goal. Just let our Manager on Duty of the front desk staff know if any part of they stay isn't satisfactory. We promise to make it right or you won't pay for that part of your stay.

None of their goals were met. They promise was hollow.

I will use Best Western in the future. I stayed there in their Phoenix, AZ hotel/motel and everything was handled properly and the staff was very friendly.
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User Replies:
darlingnikki on 04/23/2008:
#1: They should have upheld their promise.
#2:They could have moved his room.
#3:All promises made after the complaint was received should have been upheld. The owners/GM should have done everything within reason to placate this guest.I have worked in hospitality industry for 11 years, and yes, there are some people that you just can't please, but , unless they are abusive or irrational, you HAVE TO exhaust all options.
Rater on 04/30/2008:
30 April 2008

Holiday Inn finally responded to my complaints. Unfortunately they sent their response to the wrong address but as I live in a small town, the Postman found me. I don't know if "3 Cents" helped but I want to think that it did.

Bottom line, they finally agreed to refund my payment for the night's stay. Refund pending.

It was like pulling teeth. They need better charge of their owners and managers.
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Unethical Behavior
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- Was thrown out of the hotel in front of guests and employees by the manager name Robert. He commented that I had lied about my stay in March of 2012. I had voiced concerns about mold and dust in my room to 4 hotel employees. In June when I was checking in he had walked up and thrown me out. He has commented he had offered accommodation and I refused. Guest services are also not a help, I have a right to sleep in a clean room.

I was not relocated to a different hotel by his comment I was thrown out like an animal, in a strange town. I suffer from a disease that mold and dust can put in such distress that I can stop breathing. They are telling me case is closed, and they had not even spoken to me. I have witnesses with numbers, names, I have a recorded cell phone tape of the incident. Holiday inn has no regards about guest safety, when people call to voice concern they retaliate.

Do not stay there. I am going to escalate this matter. The recording will be going to the media, and I have every intention to make sure this does not happen to another guest.
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User Replies:
jonthethird on 07/01/2012:
Hope you have an agreement from the Holiday Inn representative when you recorded the call. If not, you can be charged with a felony.

A question: if you were unhappy with the Holiday Inn in a previous visit, why stay again? There are many hotels in SF that would be happy to have your business.
biomajor on 07/01/2012:
Why would Holiday Inn relocate you? Did you prepay for the Holiday Inn?
Susan on 07/01/2012:
If the presence of mold and dust can potentially prove fatal to you then I don't understand why you would risk your life by staying in a motel or hotel. No lodging facility can guarantee that their rooms are free of mold and/or dust.
copper_works_ on 07/01/2012:
I'm not sure I understand this. A manager asked you to leave private property. Is that the complaint? Or that they didn't call you a taxi to get to another hotel? Or both?
If you are in some kind of Holiday Inn rewards club or something, I'm pretty sure there would be other Holiday Inns in a huge city like that.
olie on 07/02/2012:
If you were unhappy with your stay just 3 months ago, why did you book at the same establishment?

Your health issues may inspire you to look into a more upscale hotel. (Not that there's anything inherently wrong with a Holiday Inn.) Sure, you'll pay a higher nightly rate. But you may find that staff will be more responsive to your needs.

Especially if you make those needs known in advance. Call the hotel directly, not through the website or 800 number. Do this during "normal working hours"-- 9 to 5, hotel time zone. Then, ask that the hotel confirm your exact requirements via e-mail.

I know that it might be a pain to call a long-distance number during your own work hours. But your health is worth the cost.
MRM on 07/02/2012:
The manager has seen you as a person that is difficult to satisfy, even when they tried to accommodate you and you refused. On your next visit, they remember you very well and they threw you out, hoping to avoid another fiasco.
FoDaddy19 on 07/02/2012:
I have to agree with the others. If you have major allergy sensitivities that a bit of dust or mold will cause life-threatening reactions, then why would even consider staying a hotel/motel in the first place? And why would you go back to a hotel that you had issues with before?

I can see where you might a different definition of what constitutes a clean room, but realistically you're not going to get a completely dust/mold free room no matter where you go.

I seems apparent that the manager didn't feel like dealing with you, that's his prerogative, as MRM mentioned he might see you as a customer that impossible to please. If that's the case then all I would expect him to do is to refund the cost of the room, and send you on your way.
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Rude Front Desk Clerk
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MARSHFIELD, MISSOURI -- On June 18th I called Holiday Inn Express in Marshfield Missouri to book reservations for a room and also get details on booking a conference room.

When "the girl" answered the phone after I made 3 phone calls she stated she was unable to book reservations I would need to speak with the manager. She was very rude and acted as tho I was putting her out. I asked when the manager would be on duty she informed me it would be tomorrow between the hours of 7 and 3. I work those hours so that was not possible. I explained to her I have never had to speak with a manager before to make reservations at a hotel. I proceeded to ask her if they had a conference room and she said NO!. I then made a phone call to Holiday Inn 800 number and ask if this was normal protocol and was told it was not and yes they do have a conference room. I would not book a room with this hotel because of the rudeness and lack of knowledge of the staff. I do not need hassles while having a wedding rehearsal and too many hotels willing to accommodate. I would rather drive 30 miles!!
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User Replies:
lexophiliac on 06/18/2012:
"I would not book a room with this hotel because of the rudeness and lack of knowledge of the staff." Most hotels are independently owned and operated but there is a corporate feedback site for you to relate your experience on. Also, you can keep calling the hotel directly until you reach the manager or owner and let them know how the employee represented their business and lost yours.
copper_works_ on 06/18/2012:
Why did you call three time before trying to book a room? Just wondering.

Also, you have to talk to the person who books the conference room. There are many details that a regular reservationist wouldn't know. Deposits, tables chairs what kind how many, or maybe even extra insurance. Lots and lots of papers to go through.
copper_works_ on 06/18/2012:
Was it this one? Because I don't see a conference room listed. There is a meeting room but those are smaller than a conferance room.
FoDaddy19 on 06/19/2012:
The person at the desk for whatever reason may not have had the authority to make a reservation. She may just be there to answer the phone and nothing else or she may have been one of of the housekeeping staff.

"I work those hours so that was not possible"

You get a lunch break don't you?

clutzycook on 06/19/2012:
FoDaddy, when have you ever seen a housekeeper answer a front desk phone at a hotel?
front desk clerk on 01/07/2013:
I agree with this guest front desk clerk is the heart of the business housekeepers or front desk clerk we know what is at the place where you work at no matter who answer the phone if you work their well there is no reason we should not know or say let me transfer you to someone who could help you with that there were no reason to be rude to the guest I run into these problems all the time and you can handle them without being rude to the other party because no matter what according to the policy the guest is always right no matter what even when we know they are not those are the rules in the red book. I have been a front desk clerk for almost 16 yrs inthe eyes of the company the guest is always right.
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Worst Hotel
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
VALDOSTA, GEORGIA -- I will never stay at this hotel ever again I did not get greeted right and the maid had a nasty attitude and so did the managers of housekeeping. you should not have people like that working
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User Replies:
TLSmith on 06/17/2012:
So what happened?
trmn8r on 06/17/2012:
I've heard that good attititude is one of the elements of a successful business.
danie1442 on 06/18/2012:
What is the street location of the hotel? I too would like to know more information about your dissatisfaction. I see that you feel as if you were not greeted correctly. Were you ignored or was the person nonchalant and seemed as if they did not want to help you?
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A Third Rate Hotel
Posted by on
BROOKLINE MA 1200 BEACON ST, MASSACHUSETTS -- My wife, Nancy, and I spent the night of October 31st at the Holiday Inn in Brookline, Mass.

The staff we dealt with were all quite pleasant. The situations we found varied from annoying to ludicrous.

Here is the chronology of our stay:

1--Registered in room 307 after 4pm on the 30th.

2--The TV set would not get channel 4, CBS.

3--Moved to 306, set did get channel 4.

4--Went to bar to order Sam Adams beer. Out of the most popular beers in Boston.

5--Next afternoon spent 1 hr calling the shuttle pick up from New England Baptist hospital.

6--Took a cab to Holiday Inn.

7--When I complained about busy signal, very nice man said he was understaffed.

8--When time came for me to find my car was told by the man at the desk that he was new and did not know how to get to the parking area.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 11/01/2011:
when I stay at Holiday Inn's, there are many channels that I do not get to view. channels are set by locale and service provider.

not sure how Holiday Inn is responsible for the shuttle service unless it was the hotels shuttle.

bars do run out of products, and can be affected by the delivery agent.
jonthethird on 11/01/2011:
Did you confirm that channel 4 was on channel 4 at the hotel. Often the channel lineup is remapped so you might find CBS on channel 12 or anywhere it was mapped to.
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Worst Guest Service
Posted by on
BETHAY, OK -- May 2010 there were 25+ people traveling to OK to attend graduation ceremonies. I booked us into the Holiday Inn Express in Bethany OK. We chose Holiday Inn Express partly for their Priority Club Membership as I knew that I would be traveling quite a bit in up coming months. I paid for my room for 8 days and for two room mights on another 4 rooms for a total of 1200.00 in receipts. The next time I tried to book a room with Holiday Inn I noticed my points still sat at 0. I began to try to get this resolved. I was told at one point that my points would reflect at least my stay @ 5928 and what was added was a little over 3000 points still wrong.

In the mean time I booked 2 room nights in Seattle. I had hoped to use my accumulated points to help lower my rate in Seattle. They refused to settle my account before my stay in Seattle so I decided to go with a 20% off discount for that stay. This discount never got applied to my room there and they will not honor that either. Upon my return home I am informed that because my time frame exceeds the allotted restraints that they will not honor my Priority Club reward points. So ripped off all the way around with Holiday Inn. No guest service here!!!!
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User Replies:
azspots on 06/14/2011:
You cannot accrue points for anyone other than yourself, regardless of who is paying. The airlines have the same gig.
Anonymous on 06/14/2011:
What AZ said. You could have booked every room in the hotel, but will only get the points for your stay, not anyone elses
trmn8r on 06/14/2011:
I don't know all the details, but you booked 8 nights for you, and a total of 8 nights (2 x 4) for someone else.

That would mean you should get roughly half the points you expected (since you don't get points for rooms you didn't stay in).

This could take you roughly from 5928 to 3000.
Churro on 06/14/2011:
I don't know about Holiday Inn because I don't use them but I do know from experience that Hilton and Marriott will let you rack up points for multiple rooms on the same visit. Heck I've gotten points for multpile rooms when I was even present.

I say dump Holiday Inn and go with Marriott or Hilton. You'll be glad you did.
Old Boot on 07/16/2011:
As a Platinum member at HOliday Inn and past Diamond member at Hilton. In my opinion, Hilton corporate does far more to back up their customer and settle their complaints, on the other hand, Holiday Inn tends to get you free rooms fast if you are willing to suffer their lack of customer service. More for the points, but less service at Holiday Inn. I was a Biggest Loser winner during the Holiday Inn competition for whom lost the most when Hilton changed their point structure and Holiday Inn awarded me several free nights for being a Biggest Loser Winner. I still say, their customer service does not meet the Hilton Standard but I tend to stay at Holiday Inn for the points accumulation and just realize that if I have an issue, I'll not get help with it.
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Dirty and disgusting
Posted by on
I stayed for a week at the Holiday Inn Select on Viger St. in Montreal. My room was disgusting dirty and smelled really bad. The carpets were spotted. The tile floor was dirty feeling. Furniture smelled and was dirty. There were even con webs. I had a balcony and the sliding door was broken. Exhaust fan in the bathroom was full of dust that Hung from the vent. Towels were smelly and the walls were dirty.

I felt so gross in this room. It is listed as a 3.5 star but should not even be a 2. TV was old and decor very outdated. Cost 160.00 per night! Rip off.
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User Replies:
Skye on 06/11/2011:
Did you ask for another room? Maybe there may have been one that at least had been cleaned for guests.

Thanks for the warning.
Anonymous on 06/11/2011:
That sounds gross, more like a seedy motel. Thanks for the warning, but my expectations for Holiday Inn aren't that good in the first place.
madconsumer on 06/11/2011:
I only stay at Holiday Inn across America. I agree some are cleaner than others.

make sure to call and give your opinion to corporate. I have found they will often times give you a discount on your next stay.
Venice09 on 06/11/2011:
For one reason or another, the worst hotels I've stayed in were all Holiday Inns. I wouldn't even want a discount or free night in a place that is so disgusting. I'd rather sleep in my car. At least I know who's been in it.
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Mad ex-employee
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QUINCY IL, ILLINOIS -- There is two so called want a be bosses at this hotel that needs a rude awaking about how to treat there employees. one is male and one is female. the female daughter works in housekeeping where I used to. her daughter has started stuff there sense day one. and her mother believes everything she says. six weeks before I was fired I was chewed out by these two people over the daughter of the female boss. the males favorite word to use is very bad for 45 minutes of this word coming out in every sentence. he threaten to throw me out in the street and I would never work in the hotel business again.
all I did was do something my supervisor ask me to do. and yes they talked to her that way to. 03/15/2011 I was wrongfully let go because of the female bosses daughter went running to her mother and told her that me and another housekeeper was talking about her. instead of coming to us and talking to us she wrote the other girl up and fired me. there needs to be something done about them. the male boss is the president of the restaurant association. good leader. the other housekeeper is afraid to go to work if she sneezes wrong she'll get fired. there should be a rule do not hire family. that hotel is nothing but family ran anyway. I will not recommend anyone to work there stay there or eat there at all.
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Anonymous on 03/20/2011:
Not a good idea to talk about your boss's daughter on the job, unless it was political flattering, lol.
clutzycook on 03/20/2011:
My mom always told us when we were kids, "If wisdom's ways you wisely seek, five things observe with care: To whom you speak, of whom you speak, and how and when and where."
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