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Horrible Customer Service!
By -

GREENWOOD, INDIANA -- I recently stayed at the Greenwood, Indiana Holiday Inn Express and noticed an additional charge of $62.50 on my credit card four days after my stay. When I called and spoke with the General Manager ** she explained that the charge was due to a complaint that the front desk received from the room next to where I was staying.

She went on to say that because there was noise coming from my room and the lady who complained was a Priority Club Member they had to compensate her for her room, which was why I in turn received an additional charge of $62.50. Additionally ** was unwilling to work with me in any regard to resolve this issue and told me that the only thing she could do is split the charge with others that may have also stayed in the room.

Furthermore, once we received the first complaint the night of the incident we immediately left the room. In short, once we were told THE FIRST TIME that we were being too loud we fully complied and left the room, not to hear from the front desk or any other hotel staff for the remaining of the evening.

The next morning when I received my bill the only charges that showed were for the two nights that I stayed and had no mention of the noise complaint charge. Nor was I informed of the noise complaint when I checked out that morning.

In conclusion, I completely understand that it is **'s and the hotel's job to ensure that all guests are pleased with their stay. However, my complaint originates from two factors involved with this situation. The first is that we were asked to quiet down and or leave ONE TIME and we did just that, we left. The second complaint comes from the fact that I was not informed of the charge on my bill or at check-out.

Furthermore, the hotel didn't even have the courtesy to at least attempt to contact me to inform me of the charge; they just added it to my credit card. This makes it seem as though ** and or the hotel was trying to get away with adding this charge to my credit card in hopes that I would not notice it.

This being said, I will never stay at another Holiday Inn Express & Suites and neither will the 52 other family members that stayed there for my sister's wedding! I would absolutely suggest the same for all who read this in fear that your credit card may be charged without you knowing for ridiculous reasons!

Beware of the service and charges in Otsego, MN
By -

OTSEGO, MINNESOTA -- Dissatisfaction does not even begin to cover what I experienced at your hotel during my last visit and although I appreciate 4000 courtesy points, they mean absolutely nothing to me and this honestly demonstrates a severe lack of concern for my family and I considering what happened to us if this is actually your idea of compensating me for my losses. I have been to your facility several times with no incident, but what happened during my last stay was inexcusable and I expect to be reimbursement for my loss….

We were treated with disrespect by your staff. The desk clerk used profanity while addressing my wife in front of our children. The kids were unable to use the water park most of the evening due to the cleaning of vomit and feces from the water on two separate occasions that evening and would not go back in when it was cleaned because they were scared.

My entire family was startled out of bed 3 times late that evening due to loud parties above us and we received no support from your team despite multiple pleas for help. He just argued with me and made no attempt to remove the disturbance or to move us to another room.

My wife and I eventually had to pack up 3 little kids in the middle of the night and check in to the Super 8 down the road where we were able to sleep peacefully for the remainder of the night and decided to handle this situation with upper management at a more convenient time.

To summarize, my wife and I were humiliated, my children were traumatized and I had to spend $400.00 between 2 hotels and dining in one evening to get a nights sleep. I don't expect to be compensated for my stay at the second hotel as that was my decision, but I thoroughly expect to be compensated for my short disturbing stay with you. I expect a response from your team with your plan to correct this situation or I will push this to whatever levels I need to until I feel I have been treated fairly.

Holiday Inn SUNSPREE RESORT ORLANDO Poor Customer Service
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I made a reservation with this hotel which later I cancelled due to unbelievably rude and ignorant customer service. I spoke to a total of four people that work for this hotel and one of which who was pleasant and made my reservation for me. HOWEVER, another who talked with me briefly but wasn't trying to be very helpful. One person was downright rude and unaccommodating. This person was supposed to be their concierge service...

They WEREN'T doing a very good job, to put it lightly. She displayed no knowledge of what her hotel offers and seemed to be completely clueless of what SHOULD be expected of her in her position. She talked down to me, interrupted me, and did not answer any of my legitimate questions. This person is in a sense, robbing her company by not communicating with potential customers in a professional, appropriate manner.

So, moving on, I called customer relations to inform them of what had taken place. That person (the fourth individual) had ask me if the concierge I had talked to previously, knew I already had a reservation! Does it matter?? Reservation or no reservation, she treated me terribly. Apparently she doesn't know that without customers she wouldn't be getting a paycheck.

This Resort might profit MORE if they would hire better help, like individuals who would appreciate their position and actually fulfill it. While they may have just a few "sour" employees it doesn't reflect good on them. To the people with authority at Holiday Inn I would suggest you hire more professional individuals who will work hard for your company instead of driving potential customers away. Bottom line here is CUSTOMERS should feel WELCOMED and treated with respect. Employees should be hospitable and informative. Unfortunately I did not have that experience with this particular resort.

Wedding Proposal Ruined
By -

SOLOMONS ISLAND, MARYLAND -- I made reservations to stay at your Holiday Inn Select (Solomon™s Island, MD) for Friday February 13, 2009 through Sunday February 15, 2009. That weekend was supposed to be a special for me because I had planned to propose to my girlfriend on Valentine's Day. I want you to know that day was somewhat overshadowed by the service that we did not get from your hotel.

We arrived at your location right before midnight on Friday and checked in. When I got to the room, I placed the "do not disturb" sign on the outer door. The following day, we departed the hotel around noon or so and didn't return until 4 pm. To our surprise, when we opened the door to our room, the room was as we left it (unclean). At this point I'm very upset. My girlfriend called the front desk for assistance and the gentlemen said that someone would come and clean the room.

After two hours had gone by, I went to the front desk and the guy said that he had called for room service but they never came. I explained to him how important this day was for us and that we had a dinner appointment in 45 min. I told him that when I got back from dinner, I expected my room to have been turned down. When arrived back upstairs to my room, my girlfriend was on the phone with the guy who I just finished talking to. He was apologizing to her and told her they were short staffed and no one would clean the room.

At this point, my special night was ruined. My girlfriend then asked if they would at least bring us clean towels (which they did). Although my night ended as planned, we had the worst stay at any hotel that we have ever visited (which was your Holiday Inn). What happened to us was/is unacceptable. Please fix this so that it will not happen to your next visitor.

Overcharge Of $150 For Allegedly Smoking
By -

NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA -- Upon checking into the motel just after midnight on 12-25-08, the night shift clerk informed me that I could smoke in the room but there would be a SMALL fee for cleaning (this is standard with most motels at $15). After just falling asleep at 2:30 am, the night clerk woke me up banging on the door to drop off my bill (which stated the room charge was $124.03). I was very upset about being woken and could not get back to sleep until 5 am. Upon checking out, I tried to complain, but was ignored.

Days later I checked my bank account and there was an additional charge of $150 on top of the room bill. When I called the night clerk, he stated that was for smoking in the room and was very hateful to me. He claims I signed a paper agreeing to pay $150 to smoke, but refused to provide the document. I called the next day to complain to the manager, but the manager would not take my call. I called the 1800 complaint line for the motel. They stated they would have the manager contact me within 48 hrs or the motel would be fined more money than the amount in question.

This did not happen, and the manager still ignored my calls even after leaving a voicemail with my complaint. Two days later I called the 1800 complaint line back and they said I had to allow 24 more hours because of the holiday. After another 24 hrs, I called the complaint line again stating the manager refused to call me and they said too bad that it was not their place to do anything and for me to call my credit card company.

This is very poor practice and they refused to help get me a copy of this supposed statement they say I signed. I have contacted my credit card company to file a dispute, but while I wait my $150 is tied up and is causing me financial grief. If nothing is done I plan to sue the motel for mismanagement.

Hotel Does Not Believe in Customer Satisfaction
By -

A couple of months ago, my daughter and I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express in BC. We were there on a search for college housing, so we treated ourselves to one night in a hotel on "points". We checked in at 3 p.m., quickly refreshed and left for more "hunting". Returning with a cart-full of luggage at 6 pm we were unable to make the key open the door. My daughter guarded the luggage while I inquired at the front desk. Turns out one of the desk clerks had given our room to another guest by mistake, issuing new keys. A fight broke out between the two desk clerks, along the lines of "It's your fault. No it's yours..."

One of the young men basically shrugged his shoulders, while the other apologized profusely and gave us another room on the same floor. Two days later, at home, I realized that I was missing my favorite casual outfit. I had taken it up to the room the afternoon of our arrival, intending to change clothes, and left it on the bed. I scoured the luggage anyway, called every place I had been, called the housekeeper, who referred me to the manager who referred me to housekeeping, and on and on. I called customer service for Holiday Inn three weeks later, talked to someone who referred me to someone else...

Over the next few weeks I talked to several people at Holiday Inn customer care (I use that term loosely). They expressed regret. They were sorry I had "lost" my clothes, and referred me to someone else. Finally today I talked to a woman, a manager in customer relations, who said Holiday Inn is sorry for my loss, but is not responsible for loss of contents of my room. The fact that I did not "lose" them made no difference. I was not asking for financial compensation. I was simply asking for my points to be reimbursed. Not possible.

So I am left with the conclusion that when I stay in a Holiday Inn, take my key, and leave my temporary "home", that Holiday Inn feels no responsibility to ensure that my belongings are not basically "given" to someone else or that I can feel any measure of security in the fact that I lock my door. I told the supervisor that I was very sorry that she works for an organization that does not authorize her to actually provide "customer care", and that I was aware that she is undoubtedly simply following company policy. It goes without saying that I will never stay in a Holiday Inn again.

Non-Refundable Rooms
By -

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA -- I made reservations online and did not read the fine print till I printed the page. TOO LATE. You guys now get your money regardless of whether I stay with you or not. You have a pretty profitable scam going on with your web reservations. Totally non-refundable, even if you do it within the 3 business day cancellation rule. I don't understand how you can supersede law. Mark my words I will not stay with you again and thanks to the web, I can now do a great job of letting the world know about this scam.

I made the reservations on July 3rd and called to cancel today and lo and behold I still have to pay. So I guess I will try to find a way to make it. Holiday Inn is a scammer. I sent an email & called since my rooms are not due till September, but I will still be charged $355.00. What a scam they have going.

Smoking Charge
By -

WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA -- I checked into a Holiday Inn in Winchester Va. I was in town to perform a catering event. I spent the better part of 2 days in front of a large charcoal grill. Upon my departure I returned my room card and asked if "everything was OK". I was informed "yes" and bid farewell. Two days later, a charge appeared on my bank account for 250.00. When I inquired to the hotel for the nature of the charge I was told that housekeeping detected a smoke smell in the room.

I asked the clerk if that was the basis for generating the charge. She replied yes and there was really nothing she could do about the charge. I asked her, "Did they find cigarette butts, ashes or anything else that might have indicated that there was smoking in the room?" She stated, "No, just housekeeping's opinion."

I have at this time filed a formal complaint with the hotel and am awaiting their decision. What a pathetic procedure! You would have thought there could have been a better more tactful way to communicate their concern and hear my side versus just charge the card and we will work it out later. You can bet that if it does not resolve favorably in my case myself, my wife and hopefully my children will never, ever stay at any Holiday Inn or affiliate. P.S. I just booked a room for this weekend. Sorry. HI, you did not get the business, Quality Inn did.

Unethical Behavior
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- Was thrown out of the hotel in front of guests and employees by the manager name **. He commented that I had lied about my stay in March of 2012. I had voiced concerns about mold and dust in my room to 4 hotel employees. In June when I was checking in he had walked up and thrown me out. He has commented he had offered accommodation and I refused. Guest services are also not a help, I have a right to sleep in a clean room.

I was not relocated to a different hotel by his comment I was thrown out like an animal, in a strange town. I suffer from a disease that mold and dust can put in such distress that I can stop breathing. They are telling me case is closed, and they had not even spoken to me. I have witnesses with numbers, names, I have a recorded cell phone tape of the incident. Holiday Inn has no regards about guest safety, when people call to voice concern they retaliate. Do not stay there. I am going to escalate this matter. The recording will be going to the media, and I have every intention to make sure this does not happen to another guest.

Rude Front Desk Clerk
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Rating: 1/51

MARSHFIELD, MISSOURI -- On June 18th I called Holiday Inn Express in Marshfield Missouri to book reservations for a room and also get details on booking a conference room. When "the girl" answered the phone after I made 3 phone calls she stated she was unable to book reservations I would need to speak with the manager. She was very rude and acted as though I was putting her out. I asked when the manager would be on duty. She informed me it would be tomorrow between the hours of 7 and 3.

I work those hours so that was not possible. I explained to her I have never had to speak with a manager before to make reservations at a hotel. I proceeded to ask her if they had a conference room and she said "NO!" I then made a phone call to Holiday Inn 800 number and ask if this was normal protocol and was told it was not and yes they do have a conference room. I would not book a room with this hotel because of the rudeness and lack of knowledge of the staff. I do not need hassles while having a wedding rehearsal and too many hotels willing to accommodate. I would rather drive 30 miles!!

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