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Don't be fooled by HI rewards program
Posted by on
A very bad phone conversation just occurred with me and a foreign representative trying to pass themself off as an American named Ann.
Well, "Ann" believed that Boston was in Texas, that was my first hint that my complaint was not going to go far. As for being transferred to a representative in the USA, that wasn't going to happen. My complaint stemmed from the bait and switch rewards program that Holiday Inn has. My eleven days spent at the hotel chain were not going to count because it was booked through a third party process. This was not at all revealed on any of the sign up page or where any normal individual would see this. Not till you went to terms and agreements in fine print and buried in three pages of text do you find this. Normal booking rates were twice the amount that a third party would give, but I did select Holiday Inn as my preferred choice, thinking that I was part of a rewards program. Please don't sign up for this program unless you would like to pay top rate price to earn a free night down the road. I am disappointed that this occurred, I would have liked Holiday Inn to be my first choice when booking.
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Anonymous on 01/30/2011:
The rewards program is a joke. I too love to stay at Holiday Inn's. Well, the Holiday Inn Express to be more precise. But you NEVER seem to accumulate enough nights or points to earn a free stay. They always seem to have an excuse for it though. There excuse for me was that each hotel you stay at has a different rate of exchange for the point value system. I straight out asked them how many nights in a row I would have to stay in order to receive a free night. Simple enough? NOT! They kept saying, it all depends on each hotel you stay at and redirecting the question.

jktshff1 on 01/30/2011:
Just before Christmas I cashed out $300.00 in gift cards from HI. No problems. Ya got to deal with and understand the system.
Anonymous on 01/30/2011:
I still stay at their chains, because I enjoy the quality of their service and rooms, but I gave up on the points system. I'll transfer mine to jktshff1:)
Obsfucation on 01/30/2011:
Did you ever cross your mind that may be Ann thought you said Austin? Which is, indeed, in Texas.
When my brother and his wife had their twentieth wedding anniversary, I used my HI points to send them to Australia, so they're OK in my book.
Anonymous on 01/30/2011:
Obs> +100 on the keen annunciation observation. I would've never picked up on that one.
Obsfucation on 01/30/2011:
Thanks DIRM, I'd like to claim to be astute, but truth is that I am from Boston and that has happened to me on occasion.
Ben There on 01/30/2011:
Austin and Boston get mixed up a lot because they can rhyme depending on how you can say it.
Linda10 on 06/14/2011:
My sentiments exactly. I am going back to Choice Hotel Brand. At least I can talk to someone when I have a complaint.
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Non-pet friendly hotel may cost you $250.00!
Posted by on
We recently booked a room through Priceline on our 2400 mile holiday travels. We booked a room at Holiday Inn, Fairview Heights, IL. We arrived late at night on Dec. 21 to find that the hotel did not accept pets. The only choice we were given by the hotel and Priceline was to lose the money we already paid and go to another hotel or leave our little dog in the car. We chose to leave the dog in the car and did so for several hours, however with dropping temperatures and an impending winter storm, we brought her into our room for a few hours. When we checked out in the morning the front desk said all was well and the credit card we had given them for incidentals would be deleted. When I opened our credit card bill yesterday I found out that 10 minutes after we left, the Holiday Inn charged us $250.00 for having our pet in the room. When I spoke with the manager all she could offer was that was their "Policy." Whatever happened to a little compassion and a port in the storm??'s not at Holiday Inn. FYI- along our journey we found 4 hotels, LaQunita, Days Inn, Drury Inn and Ramada, that were all pet friendly...they will be our future choices, not Holiday Inn.
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azRider on 01/10/2011:
almost all hotels require an extra fee for pets. as a traveling pet owner I'm surprised you did not know this. I've had dogs for 30 years and they travel with us. I have found that Ramada is regional on that rule. we once stayed in one in Calif and they had a no dog policy. so alway call ahead if you travel with pets. ask if there is a fee. else, buy a motorhome and travel. much cheaper than hotels. nicer beds too.
ChuhBaca on 01/10/2011:
Thanks OP, for the heads up! We travel with our dog too, sometimes.

azrider, I've encountered additional fees too, but not $250 for what sounds like one night! The last time I think it was $10-$20 a night extra to have our dog with us.
karleebarlee on 01/10/2011:
Did you ask them before you came if they accepted pets? It's always a good idea to make sure.
Skye on 01/10/2011:
We always make all of our own reservations. Third parties give people nothing but headaches. This is a site, we always used when we travelled with our dogs and bird. We also always made our reservations way ahead of time. No surprises late on, with any of the pet friendly places we stayed at. Hope this helps for future travel plans.
yoke on 01/10/2011:
You brought the dog into the room and were charged a pet fee, what is the issue? I could see being upset if the dog was never in the room, but that is not the case. The room had to be cleaned differently to get the pet dander out. Some people stay in pet free hotels because they are allergic to dogs/cats and can get very ill if around them.
Sparticus on 01/10/2011:
Wow thanks for the heads up. $250 is ridiculous! I've stayed at pet friendly hotels where they charge $25/day extra... not $250!
yoke on 01/10/2011:
Spar, this was NOT a pet friendly hotel.
Anonymous on 01/10/2011:
The website Skye mentioned is great, but since you used Priceline, why didn't you just check the "Pets Allowed" box when you were searching for a hotel?

Sparticus on 01/10/2011:
Ah I see. The $250 was a penalty I take it? Or is that how much it costs to de-dander a room? Probably a little of both.
spiderman2 on 01/10/2011:
This wasn't a port in the storm. This was a stop you planned ahead of time or you wouldn't have used Priceline right? You failed to make sure the hotel met all of your needs. Not all hotels allow animals. If you are traveling with a pet, I would think you need to know all the pet friendly places you can stay.
PepperElf on 01/10/2011:

you're complaining that you knew you were breaking one of the hotel rules and that ... you're upset that they caught you and dared to charge you the fee according to their policy?

Ytropious on 01/10/2011:
Same thing with smoking. If it's a non smoking hotel and you are caught smoking in the room, you are assessed a fee. Pet friendly hotels charge 10-20 bucks extra for the pet. NON pet friendly hotels charge it as a penalty fee, much like smoking. I see no fault with the hotel here. This is a choice YOU chose to make and now you have to deal with the consequences. I would NEVER leave my dog in the car, I would have gone to a different hotel and dealt with it later.
ChuhBaca on 01/10/2011:
First, Skye, thanks for the website!

I agree, that if I had my dog with me, I probably would have moved on, given the choices. Then the OP would be writing about how they had to forfeit money because they booked through Priceline and showed up to lodge where their dog wasn't allowed. I think I would like to know if this can be specified as a parameter on Priceline.
Anonymous on 01/10/2011:
No pet policy was stated. You brought your pet in regardless. They charged you for that breach of policy. End of story.
Anonymous on 01/10/2011:
ChuhBaca, it can...I checked the Priceline site and as I noted earlier, you just have to check the "Pets Accepted" box to find pet friendly hotels. Hopefully next time the OP travels they will do that, or better yet use the site Skye mentioned and book direct.
olie on 01/10/2011:
It was OK to leave a "little dog" in the car, but no human thought to bundle up and snuggle with the dog in the car....
momsey on 01/10/2011:
You tried to get around a rule and you got caught and you're complaining?
trmn8r on 01/10/2011:
The average minimum temperature in December in that area is 26 degrees, and in the past month I believe temperatures were at or below average. Did you really leave your dog in the car?
PepperElf on 01/11/2011:
that's the other horrifying thing trm...that they originally planned to leave the dog in the car just to save a buck.

The OP violated Illinois animal law 510 ILCS 70/3. Animal abuse just to save some money. Good thing they finally came to their senses and brought the dog in. The fines for animal abuse in IL can be up to 1500 for the lighter convictions. (with up to 6 months in jail)

Owner’s Duties are defined as: “provide for each of his animals: sufficient quantity of good quality, wholesome food and water; adequate shelter and protection from the weather; veterinary care when needed to prevent suffering; and humane care and treatment.” Conviction is a Class B Misdemeanor, with a second conviction a Class 4 Felony with each day that the violation continues being a separate offense. In addition to other penalties provided by law, the person may be required to undergo psychological evaluation and treatment.
Anonymous on 01/11/2011:
PepperElf, You simply don't have enough information to make such an inflammatory accusation.

BTW the low for Fairview Heights, IL on the Dec 21st was 29 degrees. Believe it or not dogs survive just fine in 29 degrees. Holy smokes if they didn't then they would have been extinct eons ago.

City folk never fail to crack me up. LOL.
trmn8r on 01/11/2011:
I agree the accusation is unwarranted, but I feel leaving a dog in a car at 29 degrees is as well. I wouldn't do it to mine, but each responsible dog owner behaves differently.

My dog cuddles up when the temperature dips below 66 degrees. Above that she does not. And she has a very thick double coat of hair.
Sheldonrs on 01/11/2011:
Lord Rothschild, SOME dogs can survive in cold temps. Not all. The OP refers to her a "Their LITTLE dog". If it's a Chihuahua or something similar, I doubt it would have survived the night.

The reason dogs have survived all these eons is because most of them have been bred and KEPT as indoor pets most of the time. Even working dogs come inside at night.

Country folk never fail to crack me up.
trmn8r on 01/11/2011:
Hey, I'm country folk.
bhskittykatt on 01/11/2011:
Why did you not book a pet-friendly hotel ahead of time?

It takes a lot to clean a room after a pet has resided there. All the bedding must be washed (those blankets aren't washed daily...they quickly add up to take a great deal of resources to be cleaned.) Carpets have to be shampooed and deodorized. Sometimes, pets will damage furniture. If a guest with a pet allergy stays in the room afterwards, even the slightest remnant of pet dander can cause them misery. This is why many hotels simply choose not to accept pets, because it is too much hassle.

The hotel was well within its right to charge you for your pet. You agreed to these terms when you signed your registration at check-in.

There are a lot of pet-friendly chains that cater towards guests travelling with pets and will accept pets for little or no fees. You should book with one of these chains in the future. is a good reference site.
jktshff1 on 01/11/2011:
You and me both trm......
momsey on 01/11/2011:
Lord, if it's a little dog, it is quite possible that he or she is not going to survive being exposed to below freezing temperatures. I don't know if I'm a city folk or just someone that knows that domesticated animals are not equipped to survive in extreme conditions. That's why there are animal cruelty laws.
Anonymous on 01/11/2011:
Best to research local laws.Short haired or single-coated breeds left out in this weather should be reported immediately. Many jurisdictions have laws that require an owner to bring the dog in if the weather is unsuitable to that particular dog and most of them enforce it. Most if not all jurisdictions also require shelter from the elements, like a dog house so they don’t sleep on any snow or ice and can get out of the wind. if a doghouse is considered compliant, would a car be considered shelter from the elements?

Anonymous on 01/11/2011:
Homeless people sleep out in the elements all the time but we should be concerned about a dog left for a couple of hours in a car in 29 degree weather. Seriously? Also I would like to point out that there is nothing presented by the OP that would suggest any sort of animal abuse.

Quite frankly the dog is the OP's property and what the OP chooses to do with their property is none of my concern and in a truly FREE country it would be none of the government’s concern either. But as I get older I realize your average American doesn't desire to live in a truly FREE country.
momsey on 01/11/2011:
Yes, we should be concerned about it, because that's what makes us human. Worrying about animals does not preclude us from worrying about humans as well.

Quite frankly, the dog is the OP's property? That's a very cold way of looking at it.

The OP is the one who asked for compassion. Leaving a dog in a car in freezing weather is not compassionate.
PepperElf on 01/11/2011:
LR interesting phrase you use. That 'property' excuse is often used to justify abuse.

Anonymous on 01/11/2011:
I was going to say something similar, Lord.

Not only that, but who are we to be assuming the OP doesn't properly care for their dog? The dog could have had a blanket to sleep on, dogs have fur, the breed wasn't disclosed..a small dog doesn't necessarily mean anything. I have a small dog, and she prefers to stay outside, even when the temp dips below 29. Should I force her to stay indoors for fear of being charged with animal cruelty?
GreenEyedHawk on 01/25/2011:
Personally I think it just comes down to the fact that if you intend to travel with your pet, the onus falls on you to find out whether or not the hotel you want to stay at accepts them.

As a dog show exhibitor, every year I find it harder and harder to find hotels that allow pets because of junk like this, where people break rules and sneak pets in, or think that an extra charge to house a pet is unfair. The extra fee is there because regardless of how careful people are with their pets, cleaning a hotel room that's had a dog in it takes extra time.

Bottom line is, it's your own responsibility, when traveling with pets, to make sure that the hotel can accommodate one.
jktshff1 on 01/25/2011:
Nice thing about being handicapped (hearing assist) is my pup can go with me anywhere. That being said he minds better than most kids I know (and smells better too LOL) That being said, a 180 lb Anatolian Shepherd draws a lot of attention and is better than a handgun :)
XBP on 03/13/2011:
I would have checked with the hotel if they were pet friendly. Booking with third party sites, will give you very little flexibility. Call hotel directly and describe your needs. Just don't book it on bases of price, see if they meet your needs first.
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Holiday Inn Rewards Program
Posted by on
I am a frequent traveler and usually stay at another brand of hotels. I decided to give Holiday Inn a try because of a free nights promotion they were running. I earned 5 free nights and later booked them for my son's wrestling tournament. The tournament was cancelled and I lost all 5 of the free nights due to a rule that these particular reward nights could not be cancelled once booked. This rule was not publicized during the promotion, and I only found out the hard way. Their response to my complaint took 6 emails. And ended with them just telling me "too bad".
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User Replies:
olie on 01/06/2011:
That info would have been included with your voucher for the 5-night stay. And probably in the "program details" you received when you signed up.
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Thieves as well as money hungry
Posted by on
50 EIGHTH ST, SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- Me and my aunt and a friend of the family went a little trip to San Fransisco. My aunt booked us in at the holiday day inn three days the three of us spent there and I'm the only one who didn't enjoy my stay there. The cleaning staff if that's what you call wiping down surfaces with a watered down rag. Where rude and invasive, impatient people. Two make matters worse the day Me and My party left the heartbreak hotel I found out my camera was missing. at the air port I called two times right before I left the city no answer from the cleaning manager. I called one more time right after I got off the plane No answer leaving messages was no help. When I arrived home I told my mom of the runaround I was getting from the front desk and the cleaning manager. she then got the number form me and had to get a little bit more less than professional to finally get the manager on the phone herself. It seems that there office does not close until 5:00 pm I got of the plane a little after 2:30 why he couldn't get back to me after my 4 phone calls is beyond me. Telling him what I had misplaced there the manager insured me that there staff was highly trained to give it to the manager if the found anything seeing how I know I misplaced my camera on the bed it would be pretty hard to miss it unless the cleaning ladies are totally incompetent. None the wiser he said they did not find anything and to them that was that. I have sent several complaints to the company it's self and it seems that everyone in that hotel franchise are looking for easy merchandise.
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Horrible Customer Service!
Posted by on
GREENWOOD, INDIANA -- I recently stayed at the Greenwood, Indiana Holiday Inn Express and noticed an additional charge of $62.50 on my credit card four days after my stay. When I called and spoke with the General Manager Farah, she explained that the charge was due to a complaint that the front desk received from the room next to where I was staying. She went on to say that because there was noise coming from my room and the lady who complained was a Priority Club Member they had to compensate her for her room, which was why I in turn received an additional charge of $62.50. Additionally Farrah was unwilling to work with me in any regard to resolve this issue and told me that the only thing she could do is split the charge with others that may have also stayed in the room.

Furthermore, once we received the first complaint the night of the incident we immediately left the room. In short, once we were told THE FIRST TIME that we were being too loud we fully complied and left the room, not to hear from the front desk or any other hotel staff for the remaining of the evening.

The next morning when I received my bill the only charges that showed were for the two nights that I stayed and had no mention of the noise complaint charge. Nor was I informed of the noise complaint when I checked out that morning.

In conclusion, I completely understand that it is Farah’s and the hotels job to ensure that all guests are pleased with their stay. However, my complaint originates from two factors involved with this situation. The first is that we were asked to quiet down and or leave ONE TIME and we did just that, we left. The second complaint comes from the fact that I was not informed of the charge on my bill or at check out. Furthermore, the hotel didn’t even have the courtesy to at least attempt to contact me to inform me of the charge; they just added it to my credit card. This makes it seem as though Farah and or the hotel was trying to get away with adding this charge to my credit card in hopes that I would not notice it.

This being said, I will never stay at another Holiday Inn Express & Suites and neither will the 52 other family members that stayed there for my sister’s wedding! I would absolutely suggest the same for all who read this in fear that your credit card may be charged without you knowing for ridiculous reasons!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/12/2010:
Check-out is just that. It's final. I would definitely seek help past the front desk and day/night manager. It is against the law to bill you after the fact, and without notifying you of the charges. When you check-out and sign the paper at the desk, that is commencing the deal between you and the hotel/motel.
Anonymous on 05/12/2010:
I would dispute the charge with your credit card ASAP. Also, I don't see how the hotel can choose to waive someone's bill on account of a noise complaint and then hold you, the person who allegedly caused the noise, financially responsible for her bill. They made the choice to comp her room because of her "status". Even if you did cause enough noise to ruin the other party's stay, all the hotel can do is ask you to leave and if you refuse, have the cops evict you. I hope you call your credit card company and dispute the charge immediately. If the hotel is unwilling to deal with you, let the credit card company handle it.
moviebufff on 05/15/2010:
I had a similar problem many years ago along with a few more at a Holiday Inn. The room wasn't clean, finally after a hr wait, they decided to give us a room in a bldg called the Executive bldg, when we got in the room, the faucet on the shower/tub didn't work, we called for maintenance, they never came, my husband finally got out his tools and tighten something and we were able to take a bath, of course we missed a dinner reservation, when we checked out, guess what.... our bill was incorrect. Telephone calls and other things added from someone elses acct. We caught it before me drove out of the parking lot, went back and it was corrected which was about $50 deduction.

I would suggest if any room has a satisfy/opinion form, please take it and fill it out. Usually on the form is the address of the headquarters. I would also recommend that you write directly to the headquarters, write a letter, giving the times. This is what I did and after reading all of our problems, they sent a one night day with a complimentary dinner at any Holiday Inn which included in our town. So please don't ignore any complaints write a letter and complain. It couldn't hurt.
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Holiday Inn SUNSPREE RESORT ORLANDO Poor customer service
Posted by on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I made a reservation with this hotel which later I cancelled due to unbelievably rude and ignorant customer service. I spoke to a total of four people that work for this hotel and one of which who was pleasant and made my reservation for me. HOWEVER, another who talked with me briefly but wasn't trying to be very helpful. One person was down right rude and unaccommodating. This person was supposed to be their concierge service... they WEREN'T doing a very good job, to put it lightly. She displayed no knowledge of what her hotel offers and seemed to be completely clueless of what SHOULD be expected of her in her position. She talked down to me, interrupted me, and did not answer any of my legitimate questions. This person is in a sense, robbing her company by not communicating with potential customers in a professional, appropriate manner. So, moving on, I called customer relations to inform them of what had taken place. That person(the fourth individual) had ask me if the concierge I had talked to previously, knew I already had a reservation! Does it matter?? Reservation or no reservation, she treated me terrible. Apparently she doesn't know that without customers she wouldn't be getting a paycheck. This Resort might profit MORE if they would hire better help, like individuals who would appreciate their position and actually fulfill it. While they may have just a few "sour" employees it doesn't reflect good on them. To the people with authority at Holiday Inn I would suggest you hire more professional individuals who will work hard for your company instead of driving potential customers away. Bottom line here is CUSTOMERS should feel WELCOMED and treated with respect. Employees should be hospitable and informative. Unfortunately I did not have that experience with this particular resort.
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User Replies:
trp2hevn on 09/09/2009:
"Employees should be hospitable and informative."
I agree, after all, it is the hospitality industry.
CSD on 09/09/2009:
There are not much details as to what happened.
JR in Orlando on 09/09/2009:
Everyone in Orlando is friendly. I am sorry you met the three that were not. What always amazes me is that customers call the first thing Monday morning and the last thing Friday afternoon, probably the 2 busiest times of the week. If they called mid-week, I could take plenty of time to discuss the matter in detail. If you called about the hotel amenities and had a million questions during a busy period, it might be that the staff was not as informative as you liked. They should not, but that is human nature.
MichaelsGOTC on 10/13/2009:
Chances are you were talking to someone at the hotel who already had one or more people in front of them. I guarantee that most, if not all, of your legitimate questions could have been answered by going to the hotel's website. That is possibly the most frustrating part of our job. We can only do so much at once.
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Non refundable rooms
Posted by on
SAVANNAH, GEORGIA -- I made reservations online and did not read the fine print till I printed the page. TOO LATE. You guys now get your money regardless of whether I stay with you or not. You have a pretty profitable scam going on with your web reservations. Totally non-refundable, even if you do it within the 3 business day cancellation rule. I don't understand how you can supersede law. Mark my words I will not stay with you again and thanks to the webb, I can now do a great job of letting the world know about this scam. I made the reservations on July 3rd and call ed to cancel today and lo and behold I still have to pay. So I guess I will try to find a way to make it.
Holiday Inn is a scammer
I sent an email & called since my rooms are not due till September, but I will still be charged $355.00 what a scam they have going.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/07/2009:
What scam? When you made the reservation you had to scroll down to find two check boxes above the confirm reservation button. You didn't bother to read before checking each box. In fact just above written in red is the Modify/Cancel Policy. Yes, the type is slightly smaller but not impossible to read.
Anonymous on 07/07/2009:
Well said Passing By. Not reading the T&C is not a valid excuse for a refund on something non-refundable.
saj80 on 07/07/2009:
Exactly what 3 business day cancellation rule are you referring to? The standard 3 day cancellation rule only applies to using your primary residence as collateral for a loan (not purchases) or a sales transaction that is offered and accepted in your residence. It does not apply to some nitwit that fails to read the terms of an online agreement, even though, as previously mentioned, it is prominently displayed in the reservation process.
dan gordon on 07/07/2009:
the 3 day rule applies to purchases you make away from the main office of a firm. Things like at state fairs, hotel room presentations etc. There is no 'automatic' 3 day recission policy. You like many others have the wrong impression. You could have selected a higher cancellable rate but obviously you saved some money but it contains restrictions.
Ben There on 07/07/2009:
If nonrefundable travel products were illegal then airlines would not have been doing it for decades. Read what you are purchasing next time...
Eloise on 07/07/2009:
Did you read what you wrote char4u2luv. YOU didn't read the fine print. Holiday Inn isn't the scammer you are for expecting Holiday Inn to change printed policies. Why don't you place the blame on the person responsible YOU! Grow Up!
Truly Annoyed on 07/08/2009:
If you made your reservation online w/Holiday Inn: not a search engine site...then they should have been able to refund them through the actual property you intended to stay at: if you were nice :-)

If you had pruchased them online through Expedia, Travelocity...etc., then no: the hotel cannot give a refund because they have the contract through that online company. The hotel gets their money from the company; not would have to go to back to Expedia...etc. to try to get a refund.
Better Judgement on 07/08/2009:
Read before you sign. I teach that to my 10 yr. old. Sorry but your fault not Holiday Inns
Ben There on 07/08/2009:
Truly Annoyed, Holiday Inn offers nonrefundable rooms directly to the consumer, just like the online sites offer refundable options. In theory HI could refund the money to the customer, but they normally don't as that would dilute the value of the slightly more expensive refundbale rooms. The customer has a choice to pick the cheaper rate and a choice to not read all the info provided.
BokiBean on 07/10/2009:
Well, that comment definitely has a lifespan, and it ain't long...
Anonymous on 07/10/2009:
I think a lot of sweber's comments won't last long
Eloise on 07/10/2009:
Even if there was a magical three day "refund" period, guess what it expiered on the 6th not the 10th. So not only can't you READ but you can't do MATH either. I guess it's a good think that stupidity is free.
Anonymous on 07/10/2009:
Too many flaggers for the sweber's in this world
sweber25 on 07/10/2009:
It's called the First Amendment and I am allowed to say as I please in case you have forgotten. The problem with human beings is that they get all defensive and offended when the truth is actually spoken.
BokiBean on 07/10/2009:
Good luck with that First Amendment rahrah on a private site. Read your TOS.
Anonymous on 07/10/2009:
Boki babe, you took the words right out of my mouth
BokiBean on 07/10/2009:
Oh I wish it had been one of those tortillas! I'll be craving Mexican food now til I break down and go eat some... :D
Anonymous on 07/10/2009:
I'll have to beg my sis to make some tortillas and beans this weekend
Anonymous on 07/10/2009:
Lie low sweber. You've picked up a stalker along the way.
BokiBean on 07/10/2009:
Another pot/kettle. Fancy meeting you here...again.
Anonymous on 07/10/2009:
Why's that? You're always here.
BokiBean on 07/10/2009:
So much for being able to say as you please....
BokiBean on 07/10/2009:
In this thread? News to me...and the only way you could know I was always here is if you were always here...watching me. zzzZZZzzzz
Anonymous on 07/10/2009:
And the flagger wins again! Congrats beaner.

Every single time I log on, at least one out of five recently added comments are your's.
BokiBean on 07/10/2009:
Are you pouring over the little time stamps again? ;)
Anonymous on 07/10/2009:
Probably too late C2O, think his name is already on the marquee.
Anonymous on 07/10/2009:
Probably so SB. Those trolling flaggers will put a poster's name up in lights.
BokiBean on 07/10/2009:
You sure pay a lot of attention to my business. If I didn't know you were a heavy drinker, I would think you had nothing better to do. Have a cold one on me, and let it go..gooooosefrabbah.
Anonymous on 07/10/2009:
You know nothing about me. I, on the other hand, see you have no life outside of this website.
What's wrong? Can't take what you dish out?
BokiBean on 07/10/2009:
Can't take it? I'm not even smart and I can run circles around you..I can take it just fine. I just thought you were due for another beer..
Anonymous on 07/10/2009:
You start running those circles with your flag in your hand, and I'll grab a cold one. Now, we are both one handed.
Let the games begin.
BokiBean on 07/10/2009:
Drink up!
Anonymous on 07/10/2009:
I'm not your husband. Try a different line.
BokiBean on 07/10/2009:
No, my husband isn't as obsessed with me..he's a pretty normal guy. He's looking at the cubbie highlights right now. :D
Anonymous on 07/10/2009:
That puts him in a house with at least 2 losers.
BokiBean on 07/10/2009:
You're tap dancin' a little too hard...the night is young.
Anonymous on 07/10/2009:
Too early for you to run those circles?
BokiBean on 07/10/2009:
Nah, its just that I'm worried if you're going full throttle this early you might end up in a sobbing heap in the corner sooner than later... :(
Slimjim on 07/10/2009:
hmmm, this doesn't look like one of those "not getting personal" debates. I have an obligation to ask if you all would consider picking this up in the forums?
BokiBean on 07/10/2009:
True Slim. And glad to know who's moderating! *mad agrees* :D

I got to do some dishes anyway.
Anonymous on 07/10/2009:
My apologies slim. It bored me quickly anyway.
Anonymous on 07/10/2009:
Before you leave I'll take a grey hound with •Grey Goose if you're still pouring.
oms on 07/23/2013:
the cancellation policy I got said I would be charged for 1 night if I cancel after 7/28/13. In a separate, subsequent paragraph it said I would be charged if I cancel before 7/28/13. This is misleading - the fist statement suggests you can cancel without any penalty before 7/28. If the reservation is non-refundable, why not just say so? I'll tell you why - because some people will read the first paragraph only and get screwed by you! HIE is a cheap business!
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Smoking Charge
Posted by on
WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA -- I checked into a Holiday Inn in Winchester Va. I was in town to perform a catering event. I spent the better part of 2 days in front of a large charcoal grill. Upon my departure I returned my room card and asked if "everything was OK". I was informed "yes" and bid farewell. Two days later, a charge appeared on my bank account for 250.00. When I inquired to the hotel for the nature of the charge I was told that housekeeping detected a smoke smell in the room. I asked the clerk if that was the basis for generating the charge. She replied yes and there was really nothing she could do about the charge. I asked her did they find cigarette butts, ashes or anything else that might have indicated that there was smoking in the room. She stated "no" just housekeepings opinion. I have at this time filed a formal complaint with the hotel and am awaiting their decision. What a pathetic procedure! You would have thought there could have been a better more tactful way to communicate their concern and hear my side versus just charge the card and we will work it out later. You can bet that if it does not resolve favorably in my case myself, my wife and hopefully my children will never, ever stay at any Holiday Inn or affiliate. PS I just booked a room for this weekend. Sorry HI, you did not get the business Quality Inn did.
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User Replies:
MRM on 05/19/2009:
┌∩┐(°_°)┌∩┐ This is for you Holiday Inn!
Anonymous on 05/19/2009:
This happened to me at a Hampton Inn once. When I was a teenager, my grandfather died of lung cancer. On his deathbed, he made all of us grand kids promise NOT to smoke.

I am not a smoker and had no guests in the room for the two days I stayed. I fought the charge through three appeals with my credit card company and finally won.

Very, very annoying scam hotels play.
Anonymous on 05/19/2009:
Good scam by the hotels - it really comes down to your word versus theirs. Good luck with this one.
Soaring Consumer on 05/19/2009:
File a chargeback through your bank. Obviously this is a bogus charge.

Documentation from your doctor that you don't smoke would definitely help your case.
CrystalSword on 05/20/2009:
This is why I don't use a credit/debit card at motels....I pay cash. Neither of use smoke, I quit well over 20 years ago and its been 2 1/2 years for Starlord and the dogs aren't permitted to roam in motel rooms so they don't pick up anything possibly missed by housekeeping...dropped pills, syringes kicked under the bed, etc. We crate the dogs in motel rooms for their safety and our peace of mind.
Anonymous on 05/20/2009:
The smell housekeeping complained about was probably on the clothes you wore while bbqing. Some fabrics seem to absorb the smell quite nicely. If it was cold and you wore a coat, that probably was the culprit.

As far as Holiday Inn goes, I would definitely not let them get away with this. Your credit card company should definitely be able to help you out with the dispute.
BokiBean on 05/20/2009:
I think the BBQ defense is better than a twinkie defense anyday!
Nohandle on 05/20/2009:
Did it ever occur to anyone the smoke smell in a hotel/motel room could very well be caused by someone in housekeeping? Yes, an employee puffing away in a room, observed a supervisor coming along and all of a sudden the guest caused this. I really think some of this has become outrageous. Anyone ever seen an individual with one of those portable ashtrays? The small containers with a snap top so the smoker won't be tossing butts on the street. It's my understanding if housekeeping observes cigarette butts in the trash there automatically is a charge to the guest because he obviously was smoking in the room.
Anonymous on 05/20/2009:
Crystal, where have you stayed recently where you were not required to provide a credit card number? I paid cash the last time stayed at a Hampton Inn as well as Marriott. Both times, I was still required to provide a credit card to be used only fro "damages", etc. That's how hampton Inn got me with their phony "smoke" claim. ( see my above post)
Anonymous on 05/20/2009:
Holy smokes that doesn't seem right. I agree file a charge back. Let us know how it turns out. Good review!

CrystalSword on 05/21/2009:
Raven, we stayed at a Comfort Inn, Red Roof Inn, Motel 6, and Super 8....the end of July, first of August last year. We had 3 dogs with us the first night at Comfort Inn, no deposit...just the room charge, I paid night, I paid cash at Red Roof Inn, plus a $50 deposit which we got back the next morning....manager went down, opened the door and left again, down to two dogs here, no problem getting refunded on deposit. Next night, stayed with friends, fourth night at Motel 6...paid for room with cash, no deposit of any kind, fifth night at super 8...paid cash, was charged a non-refundable "cleaning deposit" for the two dogs...their feet never touched the floor, carpet was filthy....paid cash, paid a cash deposit but got it back in the morning.
Anonymous on 05/22/2009:
OH! that explains it. I have never stayed at any of those hotels except for a Comfort Inn. They did require putting a credit card on file, even though I paid cash.
CrystalSword on 05/22/2009:
Super 8 was still wrong to charge a cleaning deposit for service dogs!
Anonymous on 05/22/2009:
Actually, I think they legally can do that. I recall an ADA case on something similar a few months ago, but the details are fuzzy. I will dig around.
Cinnamin on 07/15/2009:
No. That's plain THEFT.

Sue em
jktshff1 on 07/15/2009:
I would suggest to anyone that uses a non-smoking room, to insist that a member of staff come by and verify the smoke free room BEFORE you check out, especially in cases as above or if you are a smoker and are put in one, your clothes alone will leave a smell.
cckysc on 02/14/2010:
Hi. I work in the hotel industry and I know all about the smoking charge. (I don't work for Holiday Inn) When a non-smoking room is inhabited by a smoker (even one who doesn't smoke in the room, but who smells of smoke from clothing, etc) the room has to be cleaned. Our industry standards dictate that a HAZMAT crew must come in and clean the room. There are people who have severe allergies to smoke. At my establishment we strive to make sure that every non smoking room is a true smoke free environment.

We have a lot of workers come through with situations similar to the one you described. I would recommend that you speak with the front desk staff when you make the reservation and again when at registration. Inform them that you are not a cigarette smoker but will be working near smoke and see then what their smoking policy dictates.

I know this doesn't help to alleviate the anger you feel, but maybe it could help to prevent it in the future.... and maybe you can take a little comfort in knowing why most smoking policies are in place.
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Wedding Proposal Ruined
Posted by on

I made reservations to stay at your Holiday Inn Select (Solomon’s Island, MD) for Friday February 13, 2009 through Sunday February 15, 2009. That weekend was supposed to be a special for me because I had planned to propose to my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. I want you to know that day was somewhat overshadowed by the service that we did not get from your hotel.

We arrived at your location right before midnight on Friday and checked in. When I got to the room, I placed the “do not disturb” sign on the outer door. The following day, we departed the hotel around noon or so and didn’t return until 4pm. To our surprise, when we opened the door to our room, the room was as we left it (unclean). At this point I’m very upset. My girlfriend called the front desk for assistance and the gentlemen said that someone would come and clean the room. After two hours had gone by, I went to the front desk and the guy said that he had called for room service but they never came. I explained to him how important this day was for us and that we had a dinner appointment in 45min. I told him that when I got back from dinner, I expected my room to have been turned down. When arrived back upstairs to my room, my girlfriend was on the phone with the guy who I just finished talking to. He was apologizing to her and told her they you were short staffed and no one would clean the room. At this point, my special night was ruined. My girlfriend then asked if they would at lease bring us clean towels (which they did).

Although my night ended as planned, we had the worst stay at any hotel that we have ever visited (which was your Holiday Inn). What happened to us was/is unacceptable. Please fix this so that it will not happen to your next visitor.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 03/19/2009:
This has got to be a hoax.
First, you put a do not disturb sign on the door. Just what in the heck did you expect. The staff did as told.
Second, no offense to anyone, I guess times have changed (and I'm old) seems as if the "charm" of proposing went out the window with a night in a hotel room together.
RestaurantGuy on 03/19/2009:
Have to agree with jkt on this one. You put a do not disturb sign up and then get mad at them when they do not disturb you. Also I am not sure I would let the fact that they didn't clean my room which you didn't want them to do in the first place (remember the do not disturb sign)and I quote you "At this point, my special night was ruined" really that ruined your whole night.....
dan gordon on 03/19/2009:
you emphasized that you put a do not disturb sign up but conveniently failed to mention that you removed it before leaving. You would have been upset over that intrusion as well. I don't see this as a valid issue.
Slimjim on 03/19/2009:
Of course this is a joke. Why would the poster go out of his way to specifically mention he put a do not disturb sign up in his very complaint about no one coming in the room. I mean, come on. Not to mention, they got in late and stayed one night there, so how dirty could the place be. His whole proposal gig was ruined because the bed wasn't made? Pick up a corner of the blanket antally and take the two seconds to make it yourself. You're going to find out soon enough there will be expectations from you on stuff like this.
Anonymous on 03/19/2009:
Slim and others above, spot on as always. Antalley, sorry your special night was wrecked but it is what it is on this one.
Anonymous on 03/19/2009:
Did she say "yes?"
Slimjim on 03/19/2009:
Would you?
jktshff1 on 03/19/2009:
In the room or when he proposed??? LOL!
Anonymous on 03/19/2009:
I can't say "yes" to a proposal unless my hotel room is clean. I'm OCD like that
BokiBean on 03/19/2009:
If the do not disturb sign was on your door the morning after you checked in, then I don't know how you can expect the staff to ignore it and come in and clean. At worst, you were staying in your own mess...which shouldn't have been too bad considering the length of time you spent in your room.

If you wanted to have a romantic proposal, there are many places besides a Holiday Inn room that would better qualify, clean or not.
Anonymous on 03/19/2009:
I once forgot to take a Do Not Disturb sign down when I left a hotel in the morning. They didn't clean my room. Since I don't change my towels everyday at home and I'm entirely capable of making my own bed, it didn't bother me. How this ruined your proposal, I don't know.
Chris721 on 03/19/2009:
Hotels/motels that I have been in put more than one day's worth of towels in the bathroom. If you and your girlfriend have your special time ruined by an unmade bed, maybe you should try living together first. Marriage takes work and compromise...sometimes you just got to go with the flow and make the best of things. There will be a lot more devastating experiences to come.
Anonymous on 03/19/2009:
I'm with financiallyfit, that has happened to me to. In Europe, I've hung up my towels to be used again, and made my own bed.
Nohandle on 03/19/2009:
I loved this story antalley. Please tell another.
Anonymous on 03/19/2009:
Don't hold back Alley, LOL.
Soaring Consumer on 03/19/2009:
I think the main issue is not that the cleaners didn't come in the first place because the OP accidentally left the sign up, but the fact that they were promised that somebody would come to clean later on and they never did.
RestaurantGuy on 03/19/2009:
All hotels have cleaning services. They work certain times cleaning each room. If the cleaning service comes to a room and the do not disturb sign is on the door they will move on to the next room. The cleaners do not work 24 hours a day so if you have a do not disturb sign on your door they will pass you by and your on your own as you didn't want to be disturbed
Ben There on 03/19/2009:
Too bad you are not married already cause making the bed is the wife's job:)
jktshff1 on 03/19/2009:
Ben, you are goin to take a slammin for that!!!LMAO
Ben There on 03/19/2009:
It gives her something to do between trips to the fridge to get you another beer.
Anonymous on 03/19/2009:
Ooooooooooooooh, BEN!!! My husband prefers whiskey.
jktshff1 on 03/19/2009:
MM, so do I.
Starlord on 03/20/2009:
My wife once worked in housekeeping before she was forced to quit due to her severe allergy to marijuana. when a guest puts the Do Not Disturb sign on the door, housekeeping will not enter that room. Usually, the flip side of the Do Not Disturb sign indicates maid service is needed. Make sure you have the side you intend facing the outside. If you expect fresh bedding and towels,etc,. be sure the sign says Maid Service Required.
Anonymous on 03/20/2009:
I read this complaint differently then the majority I guess. I read it that when they arrived around midnight the first night, they put the DND sign on their door.

The following day they left around noon, and the DND sign was removed. When they came back, they discovered their room had not been cleaned, and my guess is that by noon, housekeeping had already been on their floor, saw the DND sign up and moved on. They were then told they would get housekeeping to their room, and later told they wouldn't b/c the hotel was short staffed.

A simple solution to this issue probably would have been to stop by the front desk on your way out around noon and let them know then that your room was vacant and ready to be cleaned.

I do have to agree with the others though, I don't know how this could have ruined your stay/ just wasn't that big of a deal.
Anonymous on 03/23/2009:
As these people have so eloquently put it "Do not Disturb means Do Not Disturb" This is universal. No matter what hotel you go to, if you have a DND the housekeepers will not disturb you. After the maids go home, all the front desk can do is bring you fresh linens.
poopbuttcowboy on 05/16/2009:
It's amazing to me that I agree with everyones posts. Cool. I'm glad that everyone here understands hotel etiqutette.
What does amaze me is that everyone is so fast to tip a waitress, but blows off a tip for a housekeeper. A hskpr for your hotel room relies on his/hers tips, just as a waiter/waitress does. You would be surprised how your room is cleaned when you don't leave a tip.
Ponie on 05/17/2009:
poop, how would a person know how the room was cleaned if a tip was/was not left? Since its customary to leave the tip at the end of the stay, who goes back to check? I'm in agreement with you that a tip should be left for housekeeping but I do so after an extended stay not prior. Just a thought...
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Overcharge Of $150 For Allegedly Smoking
Posted by on
NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA -- Upon checking into the motel just after midnight on 12-25-08, the night shift clerk informed me that I could smoke in the room but there would be a SMALL fee for cleaning (this is standard with most motels at $15). After just falling asleep at 2:30am, the night clerk woke me up banging on the door to drop off my bill (which stated the room charge was $124.03). I was very upset about being woken and could not get back to sleep until 5am. Upon checking out, I tried to complain, but was ignored. Days later I checked my bank account and there was an additional charge of $150 on top of the room bill. When I called the night clerk, he stated that was for smoking in the room and was very hateful to me. He claims I signed a paper agreeing to pay $150 to smoke, but refused to provide the document. I called the next day to complain to the manager, but the manager would not take my call. I called the 1800 complaint line for the motel. They stated they would have the manager contact me within 48hrs or the motel would be fined more money than the amount in question. This did not happen, and the manager still ignored my calls even after leaving a voicemail with my complaint. Two days later I called the 1800 complaint line back and they said I had to allow 24 more hours because of the holiday. After another 24hrs, I called the complaint line again stating the manager refused to call me and they said too bad that it was not their place to do anything and for me to call my credit card company.

This is very poor practice and they refused to help get me a copy of this supposed statement they say I signed. I have contacted my credit card company to file a dispute, but while I wait my $150 is tied up and is causing me financial grief. If nothing is done I plan to sue the motel for mismanagement.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 01/03/2009:
Something's not right here, Holiday Inn's do not bang on your door, they slide under the door(matter of fact I don't know of any chains that do). If you took the time to read the paper you signed upon checking in, you would have seen the room cleaning charge for smoking.
Stayed at HI over 100 different times in almost as many places last year. Followed the rules no problems.
Anonymous on 01/03/2009:
While the sound of the bill being slid under the door has indeed woken me up on occasion, it's a pretty far stretch to call it banging on the door. It makes the rest of the complaint sound questionable.
Anonymous on 01/03/2009:
I'm taking it that you announced to the clerk that you would be smoking in a non smoking room? Why? Packing a $4 can of Oust and keeping your plans to yourself seems like a better way to go.
grandma005 on 01/03/2009:
Call your credit card and dispute the charge. It is the only way to find out if you really did sign the paper. If not the credit card will credit your account.
DebtorBasher on 01/03/2009:
If a person gets a smoking room, but doesn't smoke in it...they should be fined for not following policy....just as smoking in a non smoking room...right? Sure I'm right and even Stew can't argue that one!
Anonymous on 01/03/2009:
Interesting point DB. I may have to try that and write a review on the outcome.
Anonymous on 01/03/2009:
I wish someone can explain this to me.

Even when I was a smoker, I stayed in nonsmoking rooms. I didn't smoke in my house, either. I just walked outside. Is this really so hard?

Slimjim on 01/03/2009:
Your $150 should not be tied up at all. A charge in dispute is generally suspended until an investigation has it removed permanently or it is considered valid and placed back on the balance.
Anonymous on 01/03/2009:
You knew there was a fee for cleaning, and you assumed it was $15.00. Did you happen to ask for an exact amount or read the agreement that you signed to be sure? I think you are going to find out that you are in the wrong here...but do let us know what happens.
mic247 on 01/29/2009:
When I checked in, I never asked about can I smoke or not. The clerk just told me straight out I could smoke in the room (he never stated it was a no smoking hotel and the fact he said you could smoke is why the assumption of $15 to clean like many other hotels) and there would be a 'small fee' for cleaning the room ($150 is hardly a small fee). I did ask for a copy of the check in agreement to verify if there was any dollar amount actually listed on it, but they has failed to provide a copy and also refuse to return all of my calls.
As for the banging on the door, there were 3 loud bangs. They were not normal knocks on the door...but more like the clerk was trying to make sure to wake me. He refused to comment about the banging on the door part of this and acted very snide about the bill part of the situation.
Have any of you researched the web for other complaints about Holiday Inns? While looking for options on how to handle the situation, I found several people who went through the smoking charge situation and those people don't even smoke. This makes me think of how cops run red lights to meet their buddies for dinner...some people abuse their position.
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