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Rude Front Desk Clerk
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Rating: 1/51

MARSHFIELD, MISSOURI -- On June 18th I called Holiday Inn Express in Marshfield Missouri to book reservations for a room and also get details on booking a conference room. When "the girl" answered the phone after I made 3 phone calls she stated she was unable to book reservations I would need to speak with the manager. She was very rude and acted as though I was putting her out. I asked when the manager would be on duty. She informed me it would be tomorrow between the hours of 7 and 3.

I work those hours so that was not possible. I explained to her I have never had to speak with a manager before to make reservations at a hotel. I proceeded to ask her if they had a conference room and she said "NO!" I then made a phone call to Holiday Inn 800 number and ask if this was normal protocol and was told it was not and yes they do have a conference room. I would not book a room with this hotel because of the rudeness and lack of knowledge of the staff. I do not need hassles while having a wedding rehearsal and too many hotels willing to accommodate. I would rather drive 30 miles!!

A Third Rate Hotel
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BROOKLINE MA 1200 BEACON ST, MASSACHUSETTS -- My wife, Nancy, and I spent the night of October 31st at the Holiday Inn in Brookline, Mass. The staff we dealt with were all quite pleasant. The situations we found varied from annoying to ludicrous. Here is the chronology of our stay: Registered in room 307 after 4pm on the 30th. The TV set would not get channel 4, CBS. Moved to 306, set did get channel 4. Went to bar to order Sam Adams beer. Out of the most popular beers in Boston.

Next afternoon spent 1 hr. calling the shuttle pick up from New England Baptist Hospital. Took a cab to Holiday Inn. When I complained about busy signal, very nice man said he was understaffed. When time came for me to find my car was told by the man at the desk that he was new and did not know how to get to the parking area.

Worst Guest Service
By -

BETHAY, OK -- May 2010 there were 25+ people traveling to OK to attend graduation ceremonies. I booked us into the Holiday Inn Express in Bethany OK. We chose Holiday Inn Express partly for their Priority Club Membership as I knew that I would be traveling quite a bit in upcoming months. I paid for my room for 8 days and for two room nights on another 4 rooms for a total of 1200.00 in receipts. The next time I tried to book a room with Holiday Inn I noticed my points still Sat at 0. I began to try to get this resolved. I was told at one point that my points would reflect at least my stay @ 5928 and what was added was a little over 3000 points - still wrong.

In the meantime I booked 2 room nights in Seattle. I had hoped to use my accumulated points to help lower my rate in Seattle. They refused to settle my account before my stay in Seattle so I decided to go with a 20% off discount for that stay. This discount never got applied to my room there and they will not honor that either. Upon my return home I am informed that because my time frame exceeds the allotted restraints that they will not honor my Priority Club reward points. So ripped off all the way around with Holiday Inn. No guest service here!!!

Dirty and disgusting
By -

I stayed for a week at the Holiday Inn Select on Viger St. in Montreal. My room was disgusting dirty and smelled really bad. The carpets were spotted. The tile floor was dirty feeling. Furniture smelled and was dirty. There were even cobwebs. I had a balcony and the sliding door was broken. Exhaust fan in the bathroom was full of dust that hung from the vent. Towels were smelly and the walls were dirty. I felt so gross in this room. It is listed as a 3.5 star but should not even be a 2. TV was old and decor very outdated. Cost 160.00 per night! Rip-off.

Don't Be Fooled by HI Rewards Program.
By -

A very bad phone conversation just occurred with me and a foreign representative trying to pass themself off as an American named Ann. Well, "Ann" believed that Boston was in Texas, that was my first hint that my complaint was not going to go far. As for being transferred to a representative in the USA, that wasn't going to happen.

My complaint stemmed from the bait and switch rewards program that Holiday Inn has. My eleven days spent at the hotel chain were not going to count because it was booked through a third party process. This was not at all revealed on any of the signup page or where any normal individual would see this. Not till you went to terms and agreements in fine print and buried in three pages of text do you find this.

Normal booking rates were twice the amount that a third party would give, but I did select Holiday Inn as my preferred choice, thinking that I was part of a rewards program. Please don't sign up for this program unless you would like to pay top rate price to earn a free night down the road. I am disappointed that this occurred, I would have liked Holiday Inn to be my first choice when booking.

Non-Pet Friendly Hotel May Cost You $250.00!
By -

We recently booked a room through Priceline on our 2400 mile holiday travels. We booked a room at Holiday Inn, Fairview Heights, IL. We arrived late at night on Dec. 21 to find that the hotel did not accept pets. The only choice we were given by the hotel and Priceline was to lose the money we already paid and go to another hotel or leave our little dog in the car. We chose to leave the dog in the car and did so for several hours, however with dropping temperatures and an impending winter storm, we brought her into our room for a few hours.

When we checked out in the morning the front desk said all was well and the credit card we had given them for incidentals would be deleted. When I opened our credit card bill yesterday I found out that 10 minutes after we left, the Holiday Inn charged us $250.00 for having our pet in the room. When I spoke with the manager all she could offer was that was their "Policy". Whatever happened to a little compassion and a port in the storm??... It's not at Holiday Inn. FYI - along our journey we found 4 hotels, LaQunita, Days Inn, Drury Inn and Ramada, that were all pet friendly... They will be our future choices, not Holiday Inn.

Holiday Inn Rewards Program
By -

I am a frequent traveler and usually stay at another brand of hotels. I decided to give Holiday Inn a try because of a free nights promotion they were running. I earned 5 free nights and later booked them for my son's wrestling tournament. The tournament was cancelled and I lost all 5 of the free nights due to a rule that these particular reward nights could not be cancelled once booked. This rule was not publicized during the promotion, and I only found out the hard way. Their response to my complaint took 6 emails. And ended with them just telling me "too bad".

Holiday Inn Doesn't Give Priority Points for "No Shows" but They Do Charge You!!
By -

Our company is on the road 365 days a year, and I ALWAYS stay at Holiday Inn. Without going into full detail of the work I do, there are nights when I am up working all night and can't make it to my hotel room. It is not fun, but sometimes I'm up for a couple days. I didn't realize "THE SCAM" that Holiday Inn pulls on its Priority Members until just recently. If you book a room, and don't end up checking into it then they charge you and don't reward you any points!!!

WHY IS THIS? They don't even have to clean my room, so I'm saving them money by not showing up. They don't have to wash my towels, make my bed, or do anything!! WHY CAN'T YOU JUST REWARD THE PRIORITY POINTS?

I was given the runaround by the Holiday Inn Headquarters (1-800-314-2621) about how the hotel has to pay for the points... Okay. What is your point? If you are going to pick a hotel group to become a Priority Member at, then don't pick InterContinental Hotels Group. FYI, I'm Priority Club member: ** and my stay was Oct 22, 2010, so feel free to give my points. Thanks.

Reservation Transfer
By -

We had a reservation with hotel HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS WASHINGTON DC, NORTHEAST. On the 23rd October we contacted the Central Reservations Call Center and asked if we can transfer our booking from HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS WASHINGTON DC, NORTHEAST to HOLIDAY INN WASHINGTON-CENTRAL/WHITE HOUSE in Washington DC and if there was any penalties, taking into account their cancellation policy. The call center assured me I could make the transfer without any penalties and all I had to do was pay in the rate difference of $263.00 US Dollars.

I then received a confirmation e-mail under my old Reservation Number but NOW showing my hotel as HOLIDAY INN WASHINGTON-CENTRAL/WHITE HOUSE which is what I wanted. It now seems that this reservation was cancelled, thus me losing my full payment of $721.35 US Dollars and a new reservation was opened under a new reservation number and the amount of $985.00 US Dollars was taken off my Credit Card by HOLIDAY INN WASHINGTON-CENTRAL/WHITE HOUSE.

I never cancelled this Reservation. I transferred my accommodation as advised I was allowed to do by a Holiday Inn representative at Holiday Inn Central Reservations. I am now over $700 Dollars poorer for an issue I did not make. Holiday Inn's representatives made a mistake, not me. I inquired, was informed and I am not going to pay $ 1,706.35 for two hotels when I am staying at only one.

But I have contacted Guest Relations and get no help, I have spoken to the Hotel and get told no there is no way they can transfer bookings, Central Reservations was wrong. But nobody is willing to refund me the $700 dollars. It seems that it is nobody's problem!

Get a Grip!
By -

This is to all you travelers out there! Holiday Inn Express is just a brand, just like Fritos. They are individually owned and operated. Which means that the brand has a standard. But not all owners follow it. Unfortunately some of the owners are VERY CHEAP! Which means they underpay employees. So you get what you pay for!!! I repeat you get what you pay for!

You pay minimum wage you get a minimum wage worker! Not someone who would be vested in the company. I work for a Holiday Inn Express, have for 6 years. We are employee owned, which means I OWN IT! Therefore I WILL go out of my way to make each guests stay INCREDIBLE! Why??? I am vested. I will make sure my company makes money!

And just one more thing, when you complain, you catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar!!! Sometimes it's not that you complained, but the way you did it! I respond to people the same way they treat me!!! THINK ABOUT IT!

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