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Smoking Charge
By -

WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA -- I checked into a Holiday Inn in Winchester Va. I was in town to perform a catering event. I spent the better part of 2 days in front of a large charcoal grill. Upon my departure I returned my room card and asked if "everything was OK". I was informed "yes" and bid farewell. Two days later, a charge appeared on my bank account for 250.00. When I inquired to the hotel for the nature of the charge I was told that housekeeping detected a smoke smell in the room.

I asked the clerk if that was the basis for generating the charge. She replied yes and there was really nothing she could do about the charge. I asked her, "Did they find cigarette butts, ashes or anything else that might have indicated that there was smoking in the room?" She stated "no" just housekeeping's opinion.

I have at this time filed a formal complaint with the hotel and am awaiting their decision. What a pathetic procedure! You would have thought there could have been a better more tactful way to communicate their concern and hear my side versus just charge the card and we will work it out later. You can bet that if it does not resolve favorably in my case myself, my wife and hopefully my children will never, ever stay at any Holiday Inn or affiliate. P.S. I just booked a room for this weekend. Sorry. HI, you did not get the business, Quality Inn did.

Wedding Proposal Ruined
By -

SOLOMONS ISLAND, MARYLAND -- I made reservations to stay at your Holiday Inn Select (Solomon™s Island, MD) for Friday February 13, 2009 through Sunday February 15, 2009. That weekend was supposed to be a special for me because I had planned to propose to my girlfriend on Valentine's Day. I want you to know that day was somewhat overshadowed by the service that we did not get from your hotel.

We arrived at your location right before midnight on Friday and checked in. When I got to the room, I placed the "do not disturb" sign on the outer door. The following day, we departed the hotel around noon or so and didn't return until 4 pm. To our surprise, when we opened the door to our room, the room was as we left it (unclean). At this point I'm very upset. My girlfriend called the front desk for assistance and the gentlemen said that someone would come and clean the room.

After two hours had gone by, I went to the front desk and the guy said that he had called for room service but they never came. I explained to him how important this day was for us and that we had a dinner appointment in 45 min. I told him that when I got back from dinner, I expected my room to have been turned down. When arrived back upstairs to my room, my girlfriend was on the phone with the guy who I just finished talking to. He was apologizing to her and told her they you were short staffed and no one would clean the room.

At this point, my special night was ruined. My girlfriend then asked if they would at lease bring us clean towels (which they did). Although my night ended as planned, we had the worst stay at any hotel that we have ever visited (which was your Holiday Inn). What happened to us was/is unacceptable. Please fix this so that it will not happen to your next visitor.

Overcharge Of $150 For Allegedly Smoking
By -

NEW BERN, NORTH CAROLINA -- Upon checking into the motel just after midnight on 12-25-08, the night shift clerk informed me that I could smoke in the room but there would be a SMALL fee for cleaning (this is standard with most motels at $15). After just falling asleep at 2:30 am, the night clerk woke me up banging on the door to drop off my bill (which stated the room charge was $124.03). I was very upset about being woken and could not get back to sleep until 5 am. Upon checking out, I tried to complain, but was ignored.

Days later I checked my bank account and there was an additional charge of $150 on top of the room bill. When I called the night clerk, he stated that was for smoking in the room and was very hateful to me. He claims I signed a paper agreeing to pay $150 to smoke, but refused to provide the document. I called the next day to complain to the manager, but the manager would not take my call. I called the 1800 complaint line for the motel. They stated they would have the manager contact me within 48 hrs or the motel would be fined more money than the amount in question.

This did not happen, and the manager still ignored my calls even after leaving a voicemail with my complaint. Two days later I called the 1800 complaint line back and they said I had to allow 24 more hours because of the holiday. After another 24 hrs, I called the complaint line again stating the manager refused to call me and they said too bad that it was not their place to do anything and for me to call my credit card company.

This is very poor practice and they refused to help get me a copy of this supposed statement they say I signed. I have contacted my credit card company to file a dispute, but while I wait my $150 is tied up and is causing me financial grief. If nothing is done I plan to sue the motel for mismanagement.

Holiday Inn Express San Bernardino, CA "The Holiday Inn Promise (sm)"
By -

SAN BERNARDINO, CALIFORNIA -- It's a bit of a read but should guide you on your choice of stay.

emailed via their site 03 April 2008

San Bernadino, CA
22 March 2008
23 March 2008

On my one day stay, there was excessive noise from the floor above. I contacted the on duty staff and nothing was done. The next morning I again contacted the duty staff and the person, a woman, stated that she called the suite above me and there was no answer so she could do nothing else. I asked for the Manager but I got nowhere. I followed up with a call to customer service and again, got nowhere. It has now been over 10 days since I first complained about the service at this location/stay. I was not responded to by the management or by your customer service. I need a reply by Friday, 04 April 2008. If I do not get a positive response, I will contact your corporation. Regards,

The Holiday Inn Promise

Immediate reply on the internet:

We have documented your comments and will review them with the management team at the hotel. We will reply to you by e-mail, telephone or mail as soon as possible (7-10 business days). Thank you for providing us this opportunity to improve our service. We appreciate your patience.

Thank you for contacting IHG's Guest Relations Department. InterContinental Hotels Group PLC (IHG) is the world's most global hotel company. The Group has almost 3,700 owned, leased, managed and franchised hotels across nearly 100 countries and territories. Guest Relations supports all InterContinental Hotels Group Brands which include; InterContinental Hotels & Resorts®, Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts®, Hotel Indigo®, Holiday Inn®, Holiday Inn Express®, Express by Holiday Inn®, Staybridge Suites®, Candlewood Suites® , ANA Hotels & Resorts®.

Reply received 04 Apr 08

Subject: Holiday Inn Express San Bernardino, CA
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008 11:31:55 +0800
From: "+AMER HI-Guest Relations (IHG)" Add Mobile Alert
To: (my info removed)

Dear Mr. (my name removed),

Thank you for contacting Guest Relations regarding your experience with the Holiday Inn Express San Bernardino, CA. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to bring this matter to our attention and apologize for any inconvenience the hotel's staff services may have caused you. We are also sorry for any noise you may have experienced during your stay.

It is IHG's goal to consistently provide superior service and accommodations and your comments are very important to us. The feedback we receive from our valued guests, like you, enables us to target problem areas and take the necessary actions to ensure similar situations can be avoided in the future. We appreciate the candid feedback we receive and welcome any opportunity to improve.

I have forwarded your comments to the General Manager and ownership of this hotel, and I am confident they will take the necessary steps to continue to improve their services. In addition, in an effort to retain your patronage, I have sent you $30 in Guest Coupons, on their behalf. These may be redeemed towards room or restaurant charges at any of the following IHG Brands: Crowne Plaza®, Holiday Inn®, Holiday Inn Express®, Express by Holiday Inn®, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts®, Staybridge Suites®, Candlewood Suites®, and Hotel Indigo®. They are valid for redemption until the expiration date printed. You will receive them under separate cover within the next 7-10 business days.

Once again, we appreciate you taking the time to share your comments with us. We know you have many choices when it comes to lodging and we hope you will continue to choose IHG for your future travel needs.


Cherrie Pinzon
Guest Relations

Phone: 800.621.0555
Fax: 801.975.1846

Sent 10 April 2008

Dear Ms. Pinzon,

I initially complained about problems at the above
stated Holiday Inn Express on 23 March 2008 I have
only been offered promise of satisfaction and

My last contact with your firm was via your email
system to your Customer Relations department, on 02
April 2008.

I have had no further communicaton from anyone either
the Manager/Owner of the Holiday Inn Express in San
Bernardino, CA or the Customer Relations
representative other that the attached email which I
received on 03 April 2008.

Therefore, I am now requesting full refund of my
payment for this stay per your Service Promise.

I am sending a copy of this email to Mr. Chairman
David Webster, Chairman and Mr. Stevan Porter,
President, The Americas, Executive Director,
InterContinental Hotels Group, at the corporate


My Final comment

As of today, 22 April 2008 I never again heard from Holiday Inn, and never received the promised $30.00 in coupons.

The Holiday Inn Promise (sm) states:
Making your stay a complete success is our goal. Just let our Manager on Duty of the front desk staff know if any part of they stay isn't satisfactory. We promise to make it right or you won't pay for that part of your stay.

None of their goals were met. They promise was hollow.

I will use Best Western in the future. I stayed there in their Phoenix, AZ hotel/motel and everything was handled properly and the staff was very friendly.

Excellent Stay - Highly Recommend!
By -

MEADVILLE,, PENNSYLVANIA -- This was my 1st stay at a Holiday Inn Express & I must admit... I was very impressed. We selected this hotel near Allegheny College to help my niece get settled in her dorm. We stayed here in August of 07. I had booked our reservations 2 months in advance for 2 rooms/2 nights & was a little concerned that either our rooms would not be held or our requested room types would not be available even though we had confirmation #'s & a guaranteed late arrival.

After a long 12 hour drive, we arrived at the hotel around 11:30 pm & the very nice young man behind the counter asked if we were the so & so party, stating they were waiting for us since we were the last & final reservation to arrive. Upon checking in, I was very pleased to see that not only were our rooms held but also the exact room types we had booked. Some hotels take it upon themselves to alter your reserved reservations, with no explanation. You book a King Smoking, only to arrive & be told they have none available & put you into a non-smoking queen. So I was very happy to see that Holiday Inn Express actually honors their 100% reservation guarantee!

This hotel is extremely well-maintained, cozy & very clean. The continental breakfast was very good with plenty to choose from. The best part were their rooms. Spotlessly clean, cozy & very comfortable. The beds & pillows were beyond excellent.

My husband & I go on many, many road trips & for years our preferred hotel has always been Hampton Inn's, since we found them to be the most consistent. Though recently we have found Hamptons to be hit or miss, we just had this loyalty to them & wouldn't even consider another Hotel Chain. On our future road trips I can assure you that we will now be looking for Holiday Inn Express. Holiday Inn Express... Outstanding Job! Thank you for a great experience & opening our eyes to another hotel chain.

By -

HUNSTVILLE, ALABAMA -- I travel for a living and I've stayed in over 150 hotels in the past 7 months - room 1123 of the Holiday Inn in Huntsville, AL is the most disgusting room I've ever had to stay in. The shower doesn't drain. The toilet doesn't flush. The internet barely works. It is located in the exit hallway on the first floor, and directly across from the ice machine, vending machine, half a dozen meeting rooms, the customer laundry machines and the gym.

The hallway is constantly loud - ALL NIGHT - and the paper thin walls and doors do nothing to keep the noise out. I might as well be sleeping in the hallway - perhaps it doesn't smell as bad out there...and perhaps the plumbing works out there.

My biggest complaint - this is as much a non-smoking room as I am a sea otter. This room REEKS of stale cigarette smoke! It's like sleeping in a bowling alley! It's terrible! This morning I woke up and there was fresh cigarette smoke coming in through the air conditioner. Speaking of - the air conditioner is broken as well. The fan function doesn't work, and I woke up at 4 am the first night sweating. The thermostat on the wall said it was set at 68, but the thermometer on my clock read 78. I turned it down to 62, and when I awoke later it was - of course - FREEZING.

On the first night I ordered room service. I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich. When it arrived it was fried chicken fingers. By then it was 11:30 at night and I was too hungry to send it back. I paid $15 for the wrong, over-priced meal.

I tried to change rooms on the first day - as soon as I arrived - and then wouldn't allow it because the hotel was full. I don't care if an earthquake has recently demolished half the building, "no" is not an acceptable response in the hospitality industry. Change my room with some other poor fool who hasn't checked in yet to their "non-smoking" room. Instead of changing my room, they sent maintenance to my room with some machine that they claimed would get rid of the smell. I came back 40 minutes later and it smelled the same. And it smelled worse by this morning.

I went back to the front desk this morning and again demanded to have my room changed. They moved me to a room with two doubles - neither of which are large enough for two people to sleep comfortably together. The new room is located next to a den of banshees...or so it would seem, and again, the paper-thin walls do nothing to stop the screeching and magical incantations that they are screaming about over their bubbling caldron of fire. Or so it would seem.

People, I travel for a living! I need very simple things in my life. I need to sleep. I need to bathe myself. I need the internet and I need a toilet. Every one of these simple things were poorly provided by this shoddy hotel. I want all of this sent to the management of this hotel and I want an apology from the highest level of management. Do not send me form letter from some manager on duty. My experience at this hotel was rancid.

UPS Delivery
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Rating: 1/51

CHEYENNE, WYOMING -- I had a debit card delivered to this motel and it was signed for, then lost. I have to go three days maybe more without access to my bank account. I am not happy with the service here. The staff was very indifferent and uncaring.

A Third Rate Hotel
By -

BROOKLINE MA 1200 BEACON ST, MASSACHUSETTS -- My wife, Nancy, and I spent the night of October 31st at the Holiday Inn in Brookline, Mass.

The staff we dealt with were all quite pleasant. The situations we found varied from annoying to ludicrous.

Here is the chronology of our stay:

1--Registered in room 307 after 4pm on the 30th.

2--The TV set would not get channel 4, CBS.

3--Moved to 306, set did get channel 4.

4--Went to bar to order Sam Adams beer. Out of the most popular beers in Boston.

5--Next afternoon spent 1 hr calling the shuttle pick up from New England Baptist hospital.

6--Took a cab to Holiday Inn.

7--When I complained about busy signal, very nice man said he was understaffed.

8--When time came for me to find my car was told by the man at the desk that he was new and did not know how to get to the parking area.

Worst Guest Service
By -

BETHAY, OK -- May 2010 there were 25+ people traveling to OK to attend graduation ceremonies. I booked us into the Holiday Inn Express in Bethany OK. We chose Holiday Inn Express partly for their Priority Club Membership as I knew that I would be traveling quite a bit in up coming months. I paid for my room for 8 days and for two room mights on another 4 rooms for a total of 1200.00 in receipts. The next time I tried to book a room with Holiday Inn I noticed my points still sat at 0. I began to try to get this resolved. I was told at one point that my points would reflect at least my stay @ 5928 and what was added was a little over 3000 points still wrong.

In the mean time I booked 2 room nights in Seattle. I had hoped to use my accumulated points to help lower my rate in Seattle. They refused to settle my account before my stay in Seattle so I decided to go with a 20% off discount for that stay. This discount never got applied to my room there and they will not honor that either. Upon my return home I am informed that because my time frame exceeds the allotted restraints that they will not honor my Priority Club reward points. So ripped off all the way around with Holiday Inn. No guest service here!!!!

Dirty and disgusting
By -

I stayed for a week at the Holiday Inn Select on Viger St. in Montreal. My room was disgusting dirty and smelled really bad. The carpets were spotted. The tile floor was dirty feeling. Furniture smelled and was dirty. There were even con webs. I had a balcony and the sliding door was broken. Exhaust fan in the bathroom was full of dust that Hung from the vent. Towels were smelly and the walls were dirty.

I felt so gross in this room. It is listed as a 3.5 star but should not even be a 2. TV was old and decor very outdated. Cost 160.00 per night! Rip off.

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