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Holland Makes Out on It's Cancellation Policy
By -

My mother and I, sister and brother-in-law booked an Alaska trip through a local travel agent but it was Holland's cancellation policy that I am completely disgusted with. I've never cancelled any major trip so didn't even consider buying insurance (mainly because I think of insurance for other reasons - medical care while on the trip, weather, etc). Shame on me. BUT, my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer (no symptoms, not a smoker) and strongly recommended she have surgery immediately. This meant she could not take the trip and I was only traveling via this scheduled method because it was the easiest on her at 83.

We had to wait for the results of tests and her doctor appointment to make our decision which put us 4 days beyond only paying a $650 penalty and into the 50% penalty time period, creating a loss for each of us of about $2000. I learned that Holland filled every room on the ship so my question is - how greedy do they need to be???? They basically get 150% of the price of the trip whenever someone cancels. Gee, don't we all wish we made profits like that on each product we sold.

If Holland had not been able to book our rooms, I would understand it but when they are able to, why not charge a 10-15% fee like most companies do for products, like a "restocking fee"? This BURNS me as mom lives on a tight budget and this trip meant so much to her and losing that much money just put that much sting into an already sad situation. Shame on you, Holland, and any other cruise line with a similar policy. Don't expect me or any of my family or friends to ever book one of your ships.

Holland America Taking Our Money - Poor Customer Service
By -

In June we booked a cruise for my mother's 80th Birthday. A week later, based on a variety of circumstances she realized she couldn't go and Holland America refuses a refund, in spite of the fact that they could easily fill the cabin. This company has managed to turn what should be a time of celebration into a hardship for the entire family. I have never before encountered such cold-hearted and poor customer service. All they'll do is quote their no-refund policy at us without any element of human understanding... I've called my local TV station who is looking into it and I guess I have no choice but to voice my frustration wherever possible to warn others.

Holland's Predatory Insurance Sales - Shame On You!
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- HA needs to review their "policy" of predatory insurance sales. Grandma books a cruise for February of 2008... She is told she MUST BUY INSURANCE at the time of booking. Grandma cancels 10 months before the cruise departs, and HA refunds only the cruise portion of her deposit and POCKETS $600 for the insurance. HA has 10 months to sell the cabin to someone else. I could see 90-120 for non-refundable insurance, but 10 months?

Yes, I've heard that the rules are "on the website", but Grandma doesn't do the web. SHAME ON YOU! Stealing Grandma's money like that. The least HA could do is give her a credit for a future trip. I hope the Shameless Commerce Division of HA is satisfied!

Bed Bugs in Stateroom of Veendam
By -

Bed bugs where found in stateroom. Move to another room but clothes were not taken care of as asked and only 100 dollars given for the situation. Treatment was worse and there were other cabins affected also. Stateroom was lower in value, and a whole day at sea was lost. Ship overall was dirty and lack of crew in all areas. Bathroom was not working right for several days. Was not told about problem until after room was being taken apart. Overall service was very poor.

Price Fixing
By -

WASHINGTON -- Three months ago, Holland America accepted a reservation from my wife and I for a cruise on March 10, 2007. Two weeks ago, they contacted my agent to tell them the pricing was incorrect and it would cost us an additional $1200 to keep the reservation. This was after I made all the plans around this cruise including paying $138.00 for travel insurance which I was told was non-refundable. I think this is outrageous and without merit. I am now without a vacation and lost money due to Holland America's inability to make a compromise of any sorts!

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