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WASHINGTON -- "power play" is a pay-in-advance unlimited rental membership through Hollywood Video. On Oct. 12th, 2009, my card was charged the membership fee. Hollywood Video closed the store on Oct. 13th. Should not have happened! Nothing but run-around & hoops trying to get stolen money back. I had to actually "apply" for a refund! Still waiting!
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Anonymous on 2009-11-05:
So file a charge back with your card company. Store closures sometimes come unexpectedly. The tax man shows up one day and locks your doors til you settle the bill.
redmx3racer on 2009-11-05:
Hollywood Videos have been closing left and right. To be honest-I can't remember the last time I rented from a brick-and-mortar rental place-it's all about Netflix and redbox for me.
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Stealing money
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CONCORD, CALIFORNIA -- Hollwyood Video is a thieving corporation! They have stolen $120 from me, and I don't even have an account there! I have been transferred back and forth between their corporation and the store manager, both of which claim they can't help me. Plus, every time I talk to them, their story changes as to why they charged me money. So, I have no clue why they stole this money from me! On person told me it was because I do have an account there, set up on May 19th. The funny thing is that I was in Kentucky that week! How could I have possibly signed up for a Hollywood account in Concord, CA when I was in Kentucky?!

Their employees don't know how to do their job and they steal money. I suggest everyone go to Blockbuster!
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jktshff1 on 2007-08-05:
Go to a local owned video store.
BlockBusters is anti 2A
grandma005 on 2007-08-05:
Please explain how and why they stole money from you? How did they get your credit card number?
Starlord on 2007-08-05:
Sounds like you have been the victim of Identity theft. Ask The local store if they have a security camera setup in the store. If they do, obtain a copy of the security tape for the date in question. You can go to Small Claims Court, and get a subpeona duces tecum for all documents pertaining to this account. If they can not or will not produce these records, the judge will have no choice but to find in your favor. Go to your bank and obtain your bank records for that month and go over them carefully, as this may not be the only funds taken from you. Good luck.
doescustomerserviceexist? on 2007-08-05:
Store will NOT credit any money back unless they feel threatened. You must contact the merchant from where your money was stollen. Claim fraud and you card carrier will look into the problem for you.
runaway on 2007-08-06:
If you aren't a customer, how did they get your information? Sounds like you should check into who could have used that info fraudulently.
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Deceptive pricing
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BELMAWR, NEW JERSEY -- I saw a bill board to unlimited tanning for one month for $19.95. There were listed no restrictions at all! I went to my local hollywood tanning salon in Belmawr NJ located on the black Horse Pike and was told that it was only good if I paid for 3 months totaling approx. $67.00. I was quite upset about this as your ad says nothing about a min. of 3 months. I have talked to other people and they have run into the same problem. This is false advertising and I am contacting the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint against your company. I will never use your service again and will advise my friends of your deceptive advertising. Denise
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Anonymous on 2007-05-13:
Look at the silver lining... they have probably saved you from skin cancer twenty years from now.
Anonymous on 2007-05-13:
The billboard probably does say something about the 3 months but it's probably printed so small that you'd have to stop the car and walk up to the sign to read it.

p.s. Hollywood Entertainment Corporation does not operate tanning salons. They own Hollywood Video and Game Crazy.
grandma005 on 2007-05-14:
These are scam artist. Stay away from them and all tanning salons. Avoid the sun. Period. When you get to be a granny you will have beautiful skin. I look like I am about 25 years younger than I really am because I don't sunbath, wear sunscreen when I go out. Suntan lotion is my makeup. Don't over do makeup either. It clogs your pores and your skin can't breathe. Over the years it turns your skin into leather. But nothing and I mean nothing ruins your skin more than the sun and lights. You should send them a thank you note for preventing you from ruining your skin.
Ponie on 2007-05-14:
grandma, I've seen some leather furniture that looks pretty darned good. :)
grandma005 on 2007-05-14:
I love leather furniture. I just don't want it on my face.
Anonymous on 2007-05-14:
I never understood these tanning places.Lay out under the sun.
honesty on 2007-05-15:
I was just lokimg for a little color for my daughter's wedding. By the way I am only 48 and have great skin and no there was NO other wording on the bill board saying it was for 3 months!
honesty on 2007-05-15:
I was just lokimg for a little color for my daughter's wedding. By the way I am only 48 and have great skin and no there was NO other wording on the bill board saying it was for 3 months!
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