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Is convenience of HomeDepot or Expo worth a future trouble?
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PARAMUS, NEW JERSEY -- I have purchased omega kitchen cabinets from home Expo, Paramus, NJ, worth of 11,500$, spent most of my savings hoping to enjoy the beautiful cabinetry. Cabinets arrived 90% damaged. Home Expo gave me a very hard time to replace damaged cabinets. My pantry that arrived damaged never got repaired and still at the store, same situation with 27 inch cabinet. After 2 months (!!!) the replacements arrived! (pls. note, not all of them), but damaged again!

At this point I ask for a total refund, after a long wait, district manager refused to give the money back. Then I tried to get new replacements, but now the company saying that "no one could guarantee me any time frame". Meaning replacements could take another 2 months or even longer.

Today July 8,2005 I had a meeting with two assistant managers Steve and Orrin they were agreed to pick up damaged cabinets, but immediately started telling me that they will send a person who will be will determining what have to be replaced what not. In real life it means if this person decided that cabinet look "OK" even do for a normal person it will look damaged and could not be used, this cabinets will not get replaced. At this point I'm very frustrated and upset, but I know that it is exactly home Expo's goal to make give up. Only now I have realized that as soon as this company got my money I was out of the picture.

I don't exist for them as a customer any more. And believe you me no one is trying to resolve this issue in a reasonable time manner. Store manager ** I was dealing with got fired not long ago. Till this day store have no manager: Everything is a mess. Two assistant managers have no knowledge of what is going on themselves and more than that no authority to make any decision.

In a mean time a recent interview with CEO of home Expo Mr. Bob Nardelli clearly showing how proud he is of the company, braving himself of becoming rich every day. Yes it is no doubt that he is becoming rich. Does he know what is really happening in his stores? Answer is "yes" he do, but the truth is he does not care, his goal is to get people to his store to spend savings of our life's and if any problem occurred you are in your own. You could ask "wait a second, but isn't that true that his company have a big customer resolution center in Atlanta with the customer service support and legal department?" Yes it is true. I have contacted them all.

Outcome is zero. Customer service is listening to my problem apologizing for inconvenience, promising to get back with the result in a day or two. But no one really do. Legal department: I have written a letter, but no one got back to me either. And never will. Is it obvious that bob nardelli created those departments not to help customers, but to protect himself from them? Remember the ad on a TV "we can do it, we can help!" with a nice smiley clean looking guy at the Home Depot store? Now when I see it I would like to rephrase it: "yes, we can spend your money, but after that we cannot help!"

I would like to warn a people, pls. think before you spent your money with this store. Is convenience of Home Depot or Expo worth a future trouble? Would you like to step in into my shoes and say "goodbye" to 11,500$?

Home "Creepo" Depot
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Rating: 1/51

CREEPY ST -- Thought about having HD reface a small kitchen. OMG their estimate was close to $20,000!!! ARE THEY NUTS??? And, to make matters worse, I had to sign up NOW!!! I couldn't think about it overnight or wait for the wife's input. What creeps HD has working. Over 2 1/2 hours to FINALLY get to a bottom number that I had to agree upon NOW!!! Or the price would go up 2,000. No more HD for us, thanks.

Kitchen Cabinet Install 3 Months and Still Not Complete
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Rating: 1/51

OVIEDO, FLORIDA -- THEY SIMPLY DO NOT CARE about their customers! They get your money and expect that you will work on their time frame, not yours. They hope you will accept faulty work, they don't even act sympathetic, they treat you like you're the problem not their hired people. I could not be any more upset with this situation and the workmanship they tell you you're going to get is a lie. I will NEVER BUY from HOME DEPOT again, I surely will not recommend anyone use their INSTALL services they are not qualified people.

$10,000.00 Worth Of Cabinets Purchased And Installed
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HIALEAH, FLORIDA -- I purchased and paid for the cabinets in good faith. The cabinets were installed, the cabinets looks good however, when you start to place canned goods in the pantry cabinet it begin to fall apart. I called the company and they sent me a 4-pack shelf rest metal from their warehouse. These clips were designed to hold up the shelves, they were not for the pantry cabinet with the problem my pantry was improperly installed and they refused to correct the problem. I have taken pictures and am willing to share these pictures with any one.

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SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA -- I went to home depot because I believed that they had good prices and people that knew what they were doing while designing a kitchen. I ordered my cabinets on 2/26/05 and after one delivery that had the wrong sizes and another delivery with broken cabinets and warped fillers, I am still waiting for the replacement items before I can start to install them. The whole experience has been a nightmare, they charged me to come out and measure my kitchen and after five different times they still had the wrong measurements.

Whenever I would try to get answers the so called designer would pass the blame to somebody else and would tell me that he would take care of my concerns, which he still hasn't done. I was not even interested about whose fault all the problems were I just wanted help. He gave me three different sets of drawings to work off of and if I had, my kitchen would have been a joke, his answer to a lot of my concerns are "well I assumed you knew". He changed the design without ever discussing it with me and says things that are not at all true or accurate. He's not aware but since I have a bad memory, I record just about every conversation that I have when it concerns important things.

Ever since the first wrong delivery I have recorded every conversation so that I would be able to review them at a later time. The employee is disrespectful and dishonest. I was a regular home depot shopper and just in the past three months have spent over $10,000.00 there. I will definitely let my family and friends know how bad my experience was with home depot this time around. It's june 1st and I can't even get an answer when I asked about the remaining pieces that I'm missing. I would much rather have paid the extra money and received professional service.

I would say "you pay for what you get", but their prices are not much better than other stores like I once thought. I have taken the drawings to other stores and even to a couple cabinet shops and they all had a good laugh when I explained what I was being told by home depot. The mistakes are in black and white but they only see what benefits them.

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