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$10,000.00 Worth Of Cabinets Purchased And Installed
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HIALEAH, FLORIDA -- I purchased and paid for the cabinets in good faith. The cabinets were installed, the cabinets looks good however, when you start to place canned goods in the pantry cabinet it begin to fall apart. I called the company and they sent me a 4-pack shelf rest metal from their warehouse. These clips were designed to hold up the shelves, they were not for the pantry cabinet with the problem my pantry was improperly installed and they refused to correct the problem. I have taken pictures and am willing to share these pictures with any one.

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RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- I ordered a set of kitchen cabinets in February of 2007. I gutted my kitchen. The installer came in, but not all the parts were there, even though we had someone from Home Depot check the order. The installer wanted us to sign of that he had installed all the cabinet even though he had not. We did not. After looking them over, it was clear the doors did not match the trim. Someone from Home depot came out. Then someone else came and then someone else came. Finally I was told it was a quality problem with the cabinet manufacturer, Mills Pride, and I would have to deal with them, even though I bought the cabinets from Home Depot.

It is now June 19th. I do not have cabinets, I do not have a counter, I do not have a kitchen sink. No one at Home Depot wants to take ownership of this problem. No one at Home Depot cares. I have been on the phone for hours and at this point, June 19th, Home Depot has not offed me any resolution to this problem. If you order any installation work do so at your own risk. If anything goes wrong, they are better at avoiding helping you than any organization I have ever come in contact with. They do not care about their clients.

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SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA -- I went to home depot because I believed that they had good prices and people that knew what they were doing while designing a kitchen. I ordered my cabinets on 2/26/05 and after one delivery that had the wrong sizes and another delivery with broken cabinets and warped fillers, I am still waiting for the replacement items before I can start to install them. The whole experience has been a nightmare, they charged me to come out and measure my kitchen and after five different times they still had the wrong measurements.

Whenever I would try to get answers the so called designer would pass the blame to somebody else and would tell me that he would take care of my concerns, which he still hasn't done. I was not even interested about whose fault all the problems were I just wanted help. He gave me three different sets of drawings to work off of and if I had, my kitchen would have been a joke, his answer to a lot of my concerns are "well I assumed you knew". He changed the design without ever discussing it with me and says things that are not at all true or accurate. He's not aware but since I have a bad memory, I record just about every conversation that I have when it concerns important things.

Ever since the first wrong delivery I have recorded every conversation so that I would be able to review them at a later time. The employee is disrespectful and dishonest. I was a regular home depot shopper and just in the past three months have spent over $10,000.00 there. I will definitely let my family and friends know how bad my experience was with home depot this time around. It's june 1st and I can't even get an answer when I asked about the remaining pieces that I'm missing. I would much rather have paid the extra money and received professional service.

I would say "you pay for what you get", but their prices are not much better than other stores like I once thought. I have taken the drawings to other stores and even to a couple cabinet shops and they all had a good laugh when I explained what I was being told by home depot. The mistakes are in black and white but they only see what benefits them.

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