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A Purchase from “Home Depot” landed me in “PERGO”tory
Posted by Izamagill on 06/21/2001
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- A Purchase from “Home Depot"left me in “PERGO”tory!
On March 9,2001, I purchased what I believed to be Authentic Pergo Presto flooring. During installation, more than 25% of the total product was found to be defective. It’s an inferior product it does not have the Pergo logo/name on back. Neither, Home Depot nor Pergo will honor the warranty or make right this disaster. I have spent more hours and monies than I care to even admit, gaining no ground, (or floor) Accomplishing NOTHING!!! Shocked... I realized all my hopeful efforts were more like useless dead ends!
I kept trying and believing that my efforts would soon resolve this matter, NOT EVEN. Just more wasted energies!! Its now June, 2001. I have a huge mess, lots of inferior product, and a loan to pay off, ...still, NO FLOORS! This is a nightmare..…
This deceptive cycle has coast others, and myself in more ways than cash.
Doesn’t this warrant some sort of Investigation?!!... Lawsuit, Or Something? I’m in need and interested in pursuing this matter. Apparently many others have had similar dealings and problems with both, Home Depot and Pergo. They sure do not look anything like the image they portray... Home Depot's web page is claiming.” They go the extra mile for you-” and have in place policies that read.... "No Hassle Return Policy” & “ Home Depot stands behind every product we sell. If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied with any purchase, return it for a full refund or exchange, No questions asked.” This has NOT been my experience in fact quite the opposite! They mention: "Opening a new store every 43 hours. “ Beware... CUZ they are the "WORLD'S LARGEST HOME IMPROVEMENT RETAILER celebrating its 1,200TH -STORE MILESTONE" the day this fiasco fades far from my memory I’ll celebrate. Please share with me any similar incidents.

Not a HOME in” PERGO”tory,

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Posted by Anonymous on 2001-07-14:
I couldn't disagree more. I have had many, many countless times when the staff of home depot was wonderfull to deal with. The store is clean and well stocked and carries good quality, namebrand merchandise. We have had to return a few things without receipt and have never heard so much as Boo. Sucks to be you- but Home Depot has been great for everyone I know!
Posted by grandma005 on 2008-12-23:
Hello Izamagill What ever happened to your floor problem? Was it fixed?
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Terrible Customer Service in Dublin, GA
Posted by Lmv13 on 12/02/2005
DUBLIN, GEORGIA -- I have recently had a terrible experience with one of your stores in Dublin, GA. On Wednesday, October 5th, 2005 I went in to begin the process of ordering blinds and installation. The man I spoke to, John assured me that I would get a call to set up a measurement date with forty-eight hours. Once seventy-two hours had passed I decided to go in and see why I had not received a call and he brushed me off saying it will be at least Monday before they call you. I waited for a few days and then called to find out why I still had not been called and had two different people put me on hold, the first apparently forgot about me, for a total of about thirty minutes before I finally hung up in frustration. I went in the store the next day to complain and found the employee, John, to find out why I had not been called. Turned out he had emailed my phone number to the wrong vendor.
After that was fixed I was called later that day to set up a measure time the following Monday, so I thought, hey it should go smoothly now. The man came and measured my windows and said that he would fax my measurements to the store and they would be cut. Another week passed and I went into complain at 12:00pm, at which time I found out that he had never faxed my measurements. I was told that I would get a call within an hour or two and did not receive a call until after 6:00pm from an employee by the name of Danny. He confirmed what type and color, etc. of blinds I would like and said he would call back by 9:00pm with my quote. He did not call until the next afternoon. I went in and paid, $846.76, for my blinds that night and was told that the blinds would be shipped to my home address, at which time I should call the drapery company to set up an install time.
Another week passed and I went into complain to the manager, Tammy, I told her that it was now November 10th and I would prefer to have my money back. She took my receipt to the counter and began to give me some new story about how there was a hold placed on the order. How come I was never told about this? She was not very nice or caring about the whole situation and acted as though I was being unreasonable and insulted my intelligence when I asked a question about the cost of installation. Saying had I read the contract I was given I would have known that, yet I wasn’t given the contract until after I had paid, so how could I have possibly known this information before paying?
My blinds were finally installed on November 17th by a man named Tim, who called me two hours before showing up, causing my son and me to miss his preschool’s Thanksgiving Feast, which I had already paid for, and causing him to cry. Once the blinds were up, Tim informed me that some one had cut my office blinds eight inches too short and that he would have it corrected and set up a new install date for that window. As I am writing it is now December 2nd 2005 and no one has called to reinstall the blinds and not once throughout this entire ordeal did anyone smile, shake hands, or offer any kind of compensation for my wasted time or frustration. They thinly veiled there impatience with words like, “Don’t think we don’t appreciate your business.” Well, if that were true this would not still be continuing on now. I assure you that I will never special order anything from Home Depot again, nor will I step foot inside the Dublin, GA location again.
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Very Unsafe Item
Posted by Nick100 on 04/30/2007
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- I bought the Dana Point 5-piece dining set (patio furniture) last week. I also bought the coordinating Dana Point Umbrella and Umbrella base.

Today the glass table top broke "exploding" in thousands of pieces, hurting my sister in law who got several cuts to her body. A sudden wind gust caused the umbrella to tilt and apply pressure to the center of the glass table top, which broke instantaneously in thousands of sharp pieces that were projected all around, hitting and cutting my sister in law who happened to be the only one person sitting at the table at that moment.

Please be advised that the Dana Point fragile glass table top, in coordination with the heavy Dana Point umbrella, is a very unsafe and dangerous item.

I would suggest that HD consider removing it from their stores until appropriate corrections would make it safer. However, sadly enough, the manager at the HD store was not interested in what happened. The customer service at the local store turned out to be very superficial and even provoking. It is clear that we will have to look elsewhere for our home remodeling business from now on.
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Posted by Pomona Guy on 2007-04-30:
Sounds like the glass wasn't properly tempered. Probably made in China, but hey, it was cheap...
Posted by ejack053824 on 2007-04-30:
Shyt happens!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-30:
sue them
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-04-30:
nick100, thanks for the informative post, doesn't matter how much you paid for it, the glass shouldn't have shattered like that. Have you tried calling the manufacturer directly to a)notify them of the faulty product and b) see if they will refund you?
Posted by grandma005 on 2007-05-01:
Call the manufacture first and then call your attorney. Your sister-law could had been seriously hurt.
Posted by Justusryan on 2007-05-01:
I had the exact same thing happen but with Sears bought stuff.
Posted by nick100 on 2007-05-01:
Thanks all for your feedback. I do understand that bad things happen and it might have been just a single faulty glass top that we happened to buy, but there is enough concern to suspect a bad design of the product overall, IMO. And cheap materials, of course.

That was the main reason I contacted the HD customer center, to let them know about my concerns of serious harm to others. The manufacturer is Hampton Bay, they redirect customer inquiries to the HD customer center. I was surprised at the HD store manager's attitude, I wasn't half way through explaining the details of what happened, that she started interrupting and putting herself on the defensive side, basically saying that whatever happened, it was not their fault; they're sorry for my sister-in-law (she actually used the word "we apologize", huh?) but there was nothing else they could do about it. A defective component would have broken during installation, on her opinion (huh?). She said they would not offer a refund.

I do not care about a refund. I will just build a sturdy ceramic tile table top and use that in place of the glass. We were lucky that the wounds to my sister-in-law were mostly superficial, with the exception of one cut to her foot that would require a couple of stitches. Mostly, it was some blood and a big shock and panic. I am just concerned that more serious harm can possibly come from that table breaking again into someone else's face. I can't help but picturing a kid, as tall as the table, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Again, obviously and unfortunately bad things happen all the time but I still do believe that Hampton Bay and HD should investigate the episode for the safety of their customers. I have informed them of the facts so they can make a decision. Meanwhile, I will use the internet and other means to express my opinion and concerns. I will consider other actions if needed. I am not thinking about filing a proper legal suite but perhaps a complaint to the consumer protection division of the Office of the Attorney General. That would seem to me an appropriate action, any comments on this or other suggestions? I do have pictures and evidence of what happened but am not interested in getting a few hundred dollars refund from HD, they simply have lost a good customer (at least at that particular local store), just want to spread a warning around.
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Wedding Registry
Posted by MikeJ on 09/11/2006
US, OHIO -- HomeDepot.com has proved to be the most incompetent online retail experience I (and wife) have ever had. We thought registering w/ HD was a good idea being newlyweds in a house that needed lots of work. I would suggest anyone else (Lowes, DIY, Sears, etc.).

Here are the reasons:

1. Their in-store registry is completely separate from their online registry. Being a IT pro, this seems very strange that their stock is in 2 totally different databases that apparently can't communicate w/ one another.

1.a. Throw out the fact that there even is a brick and mortar store. When dealing w/ just the online registry it would get screwed up. We received 3 hammocks after registering for 1. That's b/c after one person ordered online, the database would not update to show a "0 requested", instead it would still show 1 and let the next person order the same thing. This should be something that happens immediately upon check out.

2. After the above incidents, Homedepot.com customer support has been extremely hard to work w/ and has driven my once easy-going wife to heated arguments w/ total stangers (the HD customer service reps.). We have had these 2 extra hammocks for almost 4 months now.

2.a. Not only will they not pick them up like they promise, but when they do, our returned gifts will have to be credited back to our friends credit cards instead of even giving us a gift card. We will then have to explain to our friends that their generous gift has to be returned and explain that they will be getting credited and hope they don't feel bad and try to buy us something else 4 months after our wedding day.

The whole experience has really soured us w/ Home Depot. And w/ lots of work still to go on the house, will will be driving a little farther to the nearest Lowes. It's a shame to b/c I have been satisfied w/ their store merchandise, staff, and convenience.
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Posted by rhondam718732 on 2006-09-11:
Thats atrocious! If your extra gifts were part of the registry you should automatically be given a store credit! What an awful situation all around. Hope Home Depot gets it straight one of these days. I like Menards myself.
Posted by Nohandle on 2006-09-11:
MikeJ, shame when you've gone to the trouble to make it easy for out of town friends, who want to send a gift and don't have a clue as to what, to go through this hassle. I can't imagine what you would do with 3 hammocks and then be faced with the dilemma of how to go from there. You certainly couldn't very well call the friends who were excited about buying just the thing you two wanted and tell them "Hey, thanks for the expensive gift; however, we got a total of three hammocks and your credit card will be credited...so how about just sending us a check". I hardly think so.

I'm curious, and feel certain you've checked into this, but why would the local Home Depot not accept the two extra gifts as an exchange..not refund..on something else in their store? Do the ship direct items differ from those offered in the local store? I really don't know.

I've gotten so on out of town weddings, I ask where they are registered locally and call the store direct. I select the gift, put it on my credit card and thus far haven't had any problem. Knock on wood. So many among us like to order on line and the way you've been treated is ridiculous. At least you've forewarned others. Thanks.

Rhondam you're right on the money. I too don't understand why a store credit was not issued. If this is their standard policy others might be advised to run for the hills. Money thrown down the drain for duplicate gifts someone doesn't need.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-09-12:
"We thought registering w/ HD was a good idea being newlyweds in a house that needed lots of work"...A house that needed alot of work and you put a Hammock on your registry?
Posted by DORCAS on 2006-09-12:
Congratulations on your Wedding! I never thought of a bridal registry for wedding gifts at a Home Depot or Lowes type of store. You are a smart couple. Many happy years ahead for the two of you!
Posted by CaptainSpaulding on 2006-09-12:
At least where I live, Lowes is actually WORSE than the Home Depot!!! I miss the good old days before these impersonal "big box retailers" started spreading like cancer!!! At one time, you could go to your local neighborhood hardware store and receive personal service from a trusted local businessman. Those days are gone forever...
Posted by MikeJ on 2006-09-12:
Rhondam, I wish we had a Menards around us. But no such luck.

Nohandle, The local HD doesn't accept exchanges for items purchased online. It seems like the in store and online come from 2 completely different inventories. My guess is that they are like an Amazon.com and just drop ship straight from some of these product companies they work w/ and never actually touch anything.

DebtorBasher, I understand your comment. But, I was convinced by others not to put all the stuff we really needed on the registry b/c people wouldn't buy it anyway. Believe me, I wanted to put drywall, paint, fencing, mulch, etc. on their but who would want to buy those for a wedding present. So, that hammock was something fun for me. Plus we did get some tools and lots of gift cards which we used up pretty quick on some little projects.

Dorcas, Thank you.

Heywood, I agree w/ you 100%. You should also put a ? at the end of your name.

I'm trying to find and email address for the CIO Robert DeRodes. Can anyone help?
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-09-13:
MikeJ: Ok...Understood..LOL...and congrates!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-09-13:
If I had a friend in your situtation...getting married and working on a home like that and was registered at HD, I would have taken the safe route and gave a gift card...then the couple could use it for what they really needed, be it drywall, paint or whatever...
Posted by BBast on 2006-11-07:
if you pick out items the local store carries then you can return them for instore credit, no muss no fuss then buy dry wall
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Home Depot Is Dishonest With It's Customers!
Posted by Customer on 01/12/2005
I ordered 2 products from Home Depot. I printed out the copy of their product and pricing from their web site. I verified that the products were in stock and would ship right away.


Home depot Customer Service management 1-800-430-3376 first lied and told me that the order was at their warehouse (Your other Warehouse) 1-800-947-7000. I checked and it was not. Then they stated that the item was discontinued. I checked and it was not. Then they stated that they could no longer get the item. I checked and they could. Their warehouse management even called them with the order number and requested they send them a fax confirmation so that they could ship the products to me. Then they stated that there was some kind of a mistake on their web site so they had to cancel my order.

The truth was that they had posted a very low price and Home Depot management did not want to honor their word. Home depot management cancelled my order and all of their other customer orders for those product to avoid having to be honest.

One day later, Home Depot tripled the price on the items and started filling orders on them. Customers that called back in, were told that their orders were cancelled, but they could place a new order for the products at the new price.

Home Depot never even apologized to their customers for the fraud they committed.

Home Depot's corporate office (CEO/President -Robert Nardelli)1-770-433-8211 ext 87742 was contacted. Richard's response was that they do not control what Home Depot does, but they would like to see them deal honestly with customers.

This is obviously a real caring attitude from Home Depot Corporate.

-----------WARNING !!!!!!--------------

Do not buy from a company that is this dishonest and corrupt. They have proven that the customer means nothing to them. The almighty dollar is their pride and joy.
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Posted by gradual_grunt on 2005-03-20:
I will support you and never buy from them again.
Posted by jabber on 2005-08-22:
How do you know Home Depot tripled the price and again started to take orders? The public ALWAYS seems to know how business run. I would like to know what item you are speaking about.
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Water Heater Installation Upcharges
Posted by Neveragainhome depot on 07/27/2008
ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- On 7/16/2008, I needed a new water heater to replace the one that went bad.

I decided to go with Home Depot to get the unit installed. The reason for selecting Home depot being that I deal with a reputed corporation, and they would be fair and just in the pricing and that I won't have to face any surprises.

I visited Home Depot, and the CSR walked me through the installation charges, and then mentioned that I will have to call a 800 number and get the order going. She also mentioned that an installer or plumber's rep will visit the site and give an estimate and I order from there.

I went with a 50 gal electric heater priced at $349.00 and the installation charge quoted was $285.00. I felt that this was reasonable, considering that I needed the heater the same day.

So, I came home called the toll free number and ordered the water heater model. During the course of the order, I was asked several questions relating to the current heater it's location, placement, size height, capacity, access to it etc and etc. The order desk quoted the same price I heard at the store ($285 + cost of water heater + permit fee 0f $70). I asked when will the installer come to look and tell me a firm price before I place a formal order. The order desk clerk said, no need to visit.. we have gotten all the information... you should be OK at this price... and if any code related issues, it will be extra and emphasized that it won't be much.

The installer (a husband and wife team) was a good guy and I have nothing to complain except for some additional items he said I needed to get into city code compliance. He said I needed the following items and they are detailed below.

1. A stand to keep the heater above the ground level. It is a galvanized 21" x 21" X 16" high stand capable of supporting the weight of the heater and the water.
I was told that it will be $195.00 plus taxes.
2. I was told I need a pan under the heater for collecting any leaky water. It is an Aluminum pan that looks like a Pizza pan, made of .032" aluminum. I was told that it would cost $90.00 plus taxes.
3. The 3rd and the last item I needed was a ball valve for water shut off, and I was told that it will cost $95.00.

These 3 additional items along with taxes were $391.00. I asked the installer why is it these trivial items are so expensive and I was told thats how much they cost. I had no choice at that time to go myself to the store and buy the 3 items for under $65.oo, because they can't wait while I am shopping. Basically I was put on a spot and had no choice and had to go with the situation I am stuck in.
Since I am dealing with Home Depot, I said I was going to take care of it with them rather than the installer. On calling Home Depot about the exorbitant prices for 3 items ( more than the cost of the new heater), they said they have no control over what contractors charge.
My question is: I pick Home Depot based on the fact that they select contractors based on their work integrity, service ethics, and their honesty and reasonableness of cost of services. I go with them because I feel that I won't get ripped off. In this case it was a grand day light robbery. The gal at the other end at Home Depot couldn't help resolve the robbery.
Just around the time of completion a person introducing himself as Home Depot service manager (with an HD red Apron) stopped by to see if every thing went OK. I brought the above subject on the over pricing, and his answer was that these are fixed by Home Depot... (contrary to what I heard from the gal earlier who wanted to get my credit card approval for extras). He was just a good old boy nodded head and told me to see the store manager.
I found out later according to the HD store clerk that this inspector who came was not a HD employee and he was a private contractor.

Here are my questions to the extras that I was charged for in the name of Code compliance that added up another approx $400.00.

1. The Stand retails at Lowe's for $34.98 (Lowe's model # 40S22U. This is a 1" tall stand rated for up to 65 gal heater and 900 lb capacity.
2. The drain pan 24", retails at Lowe's for $15.98 (Model # 34078). The similar pan in 26" size sells at HD under SKU # 424-804 for $19.97.
3. The 3/4" threaded ball shut off valve that was part of code compliance sells at HD for $7.97 (HD's SKU # A365-297).

The above 3 items (part of code compliance) the material cost is 35 +20 + 8 + $63, where as in the final bill the 3 items were charged at $ 170 for stand, $90 for pan and $ 95 for the valve.
What a rip off! A mark up of 500% on 3 piddly parts.

I called the store manager on Monday 7/20, and he seemed to agree with my plight of over charges and said he will talk to the contractor and come back. He never called back for 3 full days. So finally I called him on Thursday the 24th to find out what he heard from the installer and what his resolution was. His answer was that these are standard charges for the items and it costs labor to install them and that is why the add ons are what they are. Basically in conclusion his answer was I am putting it in quotes as said by the HD store manager.
"Home repair services is a separate division and it is run by contractors, and we at HD have nothing to do, and you should call their number and deal with it". I asked him then why you advertise these services and push it big time in stores and can not monitor or control it or resolve the customer issues. His answer was the same gentle one I am sorry I understand your feeling. these are charges to install the items and you have to deal with them if you have any questions.

I am really upset with the whole thing. My prime reason for using HD was that a big company was backing up the work and I will be safe from fly by and dishonest contractors.

In this case Home Depot totally let me down. I have no respect or regard for these so called big corporations any more. It leaves a very bad and bitter taste after this experience. Each one Home depot and the contractor says the other one is the one that fixes these prices, and Home Depot totally let me down.

The final analysis:
The new water heater was an identical size to the previous one. The final job involved 4/5 soldered joints using flex copper pipe and 4 threaded connections and the re attachment of the wiring besides of course moving the heater to the location and setting it up. For a water heater costing 350 + $60 additional parts + $ 70 permit fee for a total of $480, the final price was $1207.
The labor for 1.5 hrs of work was roughly $727.00, as against a original estimate of $285. My question is what does the original $285 labor quoted get you in terms of services.

I request some one from Home Depot to respond to me their justification for these exorbitant mark ups on parts with no installation labor in the name of "CODE COMPLIANCE".
If Home Depot is honest and sincere should refund the excess, and come out clean.
In the mean time, I will go to every source available on the Internet to publicize this over charge, call local TV stations and media to investigate HD of these hidden surprise up charges and bring this business practice into compliance.

I did not realize that you could make $350 per hour installing water heaters.... may be I should quit my high tech engineering job and move on to this line of work, and choose my own time to do it!

A very upset CUSTOMER.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-27:
Interesting post. About 3 years ago, I opted to buy the 6-year 50G tank from HD. Installing it myself was laborious, but not technically difficult. Of course, when it failed (in warranty) it was up to me to have to call GE several times to get an RA. Then, remove the tank and cart it back to HD and re-install the replacement. If nothing else, if your tank fails HD will be on the hook for replacing it, labor included. Don't blame you for being upset about the additional charges, they sound excessive.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-27:
You really want to bust this plumbers ass? I'd be willing to bet a fair sum that he never went and got that permit from the city that you gave him $70.00 for. It would be almost impossible for him to do this job with a permit the same day you talked to him. If he had permit a city inspector would have come out once the job was complete. Did one? If not, call the city and ask them about the permit that you paid a plumber for. Those guys pocket that permit money all the time.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-07-28:
I would also be curious about the water heater stand being required by code. If it was a gas water heater, that would make sense - a lot of municipalities have added that rule in recent years, especially if the heater is in a garage.

The reasoning is, if gasoline is spilled near the heater, the vapors being heavier than air will stay low to the ground and by raising the heater, any possible combustion source is above the level of the gasoline fumes.

But an electric water heater? With no open flame, I can't see the danger in placing it on the ground. Check with your local code enforcement folks - I wonder if that rule only applies to gas heaters and if this guy lied to you about the need for a stand. Good luck.
Posted by Tinn on 2008-08-03:
My husband and I are also victims of The Home Depot poor practice. We just spent $40,000.00 with them to build our home and we are now being treated inhumane. They over charged our account on many invoices. They kept our money(which was money credited from their overcharges on account and would not refund it except in gift cards.So we were held hostage to have to spend the rest $5,000.00 in their store. In May they delivered wood that we did not order and it is still sitting in our front yard. We ordered cabinets, doors and tile that mistakes were made on and still waiting for the tile ordered in May. We have asked for our money back on the $350.00 tile order so that we can order from another company and they are refusing. At present, I have contacted the attorney generals office for help.Most of all it saddens me that we have been kicked to the curb after making home depot our home for the past 2 years and giving them our money. Try calling the corporate office, they don't know what they are doing there either. for a company this big, I am not sure what is going on.
Posted by Neveragainhome depot on 2008-09-03:
Here is an update to my original complaint.


I finally put together a formal complaint to Home depot pretty much detailing what is posted here in my original complaint along with some pictures of the installation and price chart and the mark ups.
I contact their Toll free number and also a written complaint through the site link below.


Initially, the CSR offerred to refund $150. I refused to take it and mentioned that unless I was refunded $300, which I felt as the over charge on the parts, I don't need the money and they can keep it.
After a couple of days, they agreed to refund $300 but only in the form of a gift card thus forcing you to spend the money at their store. I received the card last week along with a note that said "At Home Depot we take Customer satisfaction seriously and would like to continue for you to shop at HD etc...etc.
getting the refund was not easy... I had to spend considerable time to write a detailed letter and pursue it. Being a big corporation they did respond favorably.
The big question is whether they are going to take my recommendations and implement it. For every one like me there are probably another 100 that think of it as a bad experience and give up their claim. This is where they make their money.
We as consumers need to fight back and keep these kind of practices in check. No body is going to fight for you.
Finally a lesson learned from this is: Always have some one come look at the job site and give a quote free of charge with no obligations and if they won't some one else is waiting to do the same.
Thanks to all those who sympathized with my plight.

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Poor product support for good customers
Posted by Grb on 08/25/2004
REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a lawnmower from Home Depot a few years ago to mow my very small grassy patch about once a month. Twice the carburetor came apart and I took it to the store and they showed my how to fix it. Now I fix it myself. Recently the pull start mechanism jammed when I tried to start it.

I took it back to the store and they sent it out for repair. Their repair people said they don’t fix equipment brands that the store no longer carries. Home Depot said I would have to find a local repair shop and get it fixed on my own money. Speaking to the manager and calling the corporate office produced no change of attitude.

This is the second tool I have bought there that didn’t hold up to very light occasional homeowner use. As I told them the only conclusion I can draw is that I shouldn’t buy products at Home Depot because they won’t stand behind the quality. I estimate I have used the mower for less than a total of 10 hours. That is half the amount of time they allow for each oil change. The oil is original and looks brand new. This mower has not gotten hard use.

According to my records I have spent $3500 in the past three years at my local Home Depot so they are losing a small but regular customer. I thought these large chains had a better customer policy than this for their regular good customers.
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Posted by Notenufftoyz4u on 2004-08-25:
Quit buying from home depot! Also, Home Depot and many other stores do NOT fix the brand names that they sell. You have to deal strictly with the brand that you bought from (such as the name of your mower. I would contact that company and discuss it with them-do you have a warrenty (spelling?) or did you throw that away with the instructions upon purchase?
Posted by LegalCollector on 2004-08-26:
Well said Beetle. Its hard to spike Homey Depot, I love their free how-to classes!!!
Posted by you r stupid on 2004-08-27:
I'm so tired of people blaming the stores for things not working (unless its a brand made by the store itself),your real complaint is with who made the mower not Home Depot. Home Depot will only take back gas powered stuff up to 30 days after you buy it and everything else is 90 days, and they also take stuff back longer then that but they have to draw the line somewhere.
Posted by carann on 2004-11-09:
Perhaps yours is a Home Depot complaint, but I tend to think it is a Poulan Complaint. I purchased a Poulan Pro blower/vac from Lowes at the end of May 2003. I used it approx. 4 times and the pull starter ?broke/jammed. I took it to Lowes for their repair person to fix it and instead they exchanged it for a new one (very nice of Lowes). Unfortunately, I didn't have cause to open or use the new one until May 2004. After 3-4 uses, the same thing happened. It was still under warrenty, so I contacted Poulan and took it to the repair shop they recommended. First, the repair shop said that it was either bad/old gas or oil that caused the problem (?a ring/gasket stuck?) said that Poulan refused to repair it. I told them that it was not old gas and the oil was the bottle that Poulan provided for use with the equipment. I also told them that this exact same thing happened with the last one. The repair shop did call Poulan back and said that they thought this should be covered under warrenty, but Poulan still refused, saying that the problem had to be caused by old gas and/or oil. Finally, the repair shop said that yes, in fact this happens with a lot of the Poulan stuff, that it falls apart and that Poulan will do their best to not honor any warrenties. The shop finally recommended that I not buy anymore Poulan, Weedeater, or Sears Craftsman lawn equip. as they are all made by the same company. I also checked with 3 other repair shops that supposedly did warrently work for Poulan and all 3 had quit doing it for the very same reasons, that the stuff is junk and Poulan will not honor warrenties. They said they were tired of the customers being angry, taking it out on them and felt it was giving their shops a bad reputation.

P.S. Lowes wouldn't take back the second one either. Not sure I blame them, just think that maybe they too should quit carrying the Poulan/Weedeater products.
Posted by Rem Man on 2004-11-17:
Let me get this straight... you used a product for A FEW YEARS and are now upset because they won't fix it for you? Take off the rose colored glasses and understand two things. One, stores are in business to sell stuff... that's what they do and how they make their money. Unless your Home Depot has a lawn mower repair center built in and/or promised you in writing that they would take care of your lawn mower forever and ever and ever. Second, we live in a country that, for better or worse, has a 'use it and lose it' mentality. We import cheap goods because we would rather pay a little as possible over and over again than buy a good product the first time around, take care of it and expect it to last for a few years.

Don't knock the store that sold you the product... they didn't make it! Call the manufacturer and ride them about it.
Posted by jabber on 2005-08-22:
Another stupid consumer. If you would have kept your receipt, and warranty papers, am sure you could have found an authorized repair station who would have taken of your product if fact it was covered under warranty service. Get A Life it is not the retailers who offer repair service, it is the manufacturers and I do NOT understand why the public feels the Retailers have to replace/repair damaged products once they have been utilized for any length of time.
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Don't order from homedepot.com - WHAT A MESS !
Posted by Emsmom on 06/08/2006
We do not have a local home depot. Went to the store 60 miles away and purchased a patio table and chairs. That is all we had room for in our vehicle. Ordered the rest from homedepot.com - to save another trip and borrowing a truck. Had FREE SHIPPING within 5-7 days. Emailed 2 times to check on the order status - never a response. After 12 days, called the 800 number-waited 45 minutes to speak to someone who said part of my order was backordered. The rest was available and would be here within a week. After a week, called 800 number again - waited another 45 minutes to speak to someone - was told ALL of my order was now backordered for another month. I immediately cancelled the whole order and we borrowed a truck and went back to the store and purchased the furniture. That was 3 weeks ago. Last week, received and email that MY ORDER HAD SHIPPED!

Called the 800 number again - waited 1 HR. 45 MINUTES to speak to someone who told me to reject the order when delivered and have shipped back to HomeDepot. It came yesterday and I had UPS immediately take it back. Now I will have to try to get my account credited for what was sent. From my experience so far - that will also be a headache!!
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Posted by Ann5115 on 2006-06-08:
Actually your wrong. Homedepot.com only shipped one order but it was split between two carriers. Phones and emails are backed up so you have to wait the excessive wait times, if you email them you wont get a response for over a week. Call them and speak to the resolution team for expedited credit.
Posted by Jenna8 on 2006-08-24:
Unfortunately I am in the middle of a battle with Homedepot.com regarding an order as well. It has been going on for nearly three months now. I've to every 'team' there is with no resolution. I intend to contact the manufacturer of the item I tried to purchase. I think they will be surprised to hear how Home Depot is representing them and thier products.
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by Home depot hater on 02/16/2005
YUBA CITY, CALIFORNIA -- When we purchased a countertop for our new home, Home Depot sent VSS countertops to our house to install it. In less than 18 months, one of the seams had come up. After 1 month of simply trying to get someone out to look at it, I finally asked 3 other professional installers what to do. When they saw the picture of the 24-inch-seam placed within 1 inch of my sink, all three installers told me the counter was installed wrong. They told me the company had tried to cut corners and unfortunately I had been taken advantage of.
After several useless (long distance) phone calls to Home Depot and to VSS, I wrote to the Better Business Bureau -- twice.
2 1/2 months after my initial complaint, VSS finally set an appointment to look at my counter. When I spoke with the secretary -- SHE even said they had installed the counter wrong. When the VSS rep looked at my counter, HE agreed it had been installed wrong. So what do they want me to do? GIVE THEM MORE MONEY TO FIX THE MISTAKE!! This is a scam!
Home Depot now says they will not pay for the repair because my warranty had expired 6 months before my initial complaint. Neither company will address the fact that the countertop was installed copmletely wrong. I say a warranty is void if the initial job was done WRONG!!
I've sent two complaints to the Better Business Bureau, both of which have just gotten my more useless phone calls from Home Depot to tell me they'll call me back.
NO-ONE from this company has accepted ANY responsibility for the fact that they sent scam artists into my home who installed a countertop improperly and now want MORE MONEY to fix something they messed up.
Their commercials say they send "expert installers" to your home. I scream "FALSE ADVERTISING!!!!!!!!!!" They sent a bunch of unprofessional crooks to my house and now refuse any responsibilty for doing so. Meanwhile, I have 2 year old house with a kitchen counter that already needs to be replaced.
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Posted by vssduane on 2006-02-05:
Its very unfortunate that this customer found it necessary to air their dirty laundry on the internet.

There are only two items (True) in this whole review.
1. Home Depot is the originating Store.
2. Vss Countertops did the Fabrication and Install.
The customer's opinion is that the countertops were improperly installed. All of countertops were done to Industry Standards as posted by Wic and Nkba Best Practices and Standards.
The seam failure happened due to the standing water left on the seam day-in and day-out.
Vss leaves behind instructions about seam care and it specifically states "That water cannot be left standing on any laminated seam. If this occurs, the seam will fail and it will void the warranty.
Because of the relationship Vss has with Home Depot we made this offer even though it was out of the 1 year warranty period and that the seam failure was clearly customer related.
1. Tear-out and Replace the effected area at 1/2 of it original price.
The customer declined this offer because they are not excepting any fault on there part by leaving the standing water, and voiced there displeasure in the review that you have just read.
In my humble opinion they should have wiped up the water every time they used the sink or at least more often.
In closing, Vss installs over 4000 complete Kithen and bathroom countertops per year, and of those Home Depot accounts for 750 to 800 of them.
If the (homedepothater's) review was at the least bit creditable Vss could not be in business for over 16 years and Home Depot would not stand for it either.
Hopefully this sheds some new light to this unfortunate situation.

Vss has a 4 page reference list for anyone to review just request via e/m: duane@vsscountertops.com

Duane Tucker
VSS Countertops Inc.
Posted by consumeradvocate12 on 2006-04-10:
I am sorry to hear your story but not surprised. I too paid Expo design venter to put in a granite counter top for me and the results were horrible.No calls provide relief. No letters and I too contacted the BBB and the secretary of state and attorney general.
The bottom line is they are a bad company that does a bad job. Please info all you can of what they have done to you so it does not happen to them!
Posted by consumeradvocate12 on 2006-04-10:
Forgive the typos! Haha I meant inform everyone you know and hopefully this poor excuse for a business will suffer!
Posted by indy on 2007-02-08:
You should report the situation to the state contractor's board. Some of HD's suppliers are rumored to be scraping the bottom of the barrel because HD nickle and dimes them.
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DO NOT ORDER ONLINE Cant return to store!
Posted by BigBoy2U on 05/04/2006
TACOMA, WASHINGTON -- I am a General Contractor and do a lot of shopping at Home Depot as well as the other home improvement stores. I also do a huge amount of online business buying tools and supplies as well as reselling some of those items. That being said… I was shopping for a job site table saw online and saw that Home Depot had a “refurbished” saw for $100 less than a new one made by a very reputable company and has an excellent warranty. But after calculating the shipping cost ($137.00!!) it was more than going into a store and buying a new saw. Then two days later I get an email from HD saying free shipping from HD online. Ok, great I buy the saw April 4th with free shipping.

10 days later it shows up April 14th, it’s a 144# saw in a lightweight cardboard box (not the original box), the drop shipper leaves it at my door and I look at the box that is all smashed up and ask him what about damage? He says it’s just the cardboard because the unit is heavy and awkward. So I sign the papers and as he is leaving I notice that part of the saw is damaged since there is no packing and table saw is lose in a lightweight cardboard box. I yell at him to wait and he speeds out of the parking lot! I call HD and tell them the story they say so it was “concealed” damage? I say sure was. OK we will get another one right out to you and issue a pick-up of this one. I said look let me drop it off at the local store that is 10 minutes from me. I am told (go read the HD web site) items bought on line can not be returned to a store. (where is Costco when you need them..god I love Costco!)

I wait a week and hear nothing. I call HD online (after waiting about 30-45 minutes per call on hold) April 21st to be told sorry we don’t have anymore of those we are all sold out. I ask when is this being picked up and why didn’t anyone contact me? I need this tool!!! And I have a 144# saw in my living room. I am told that due to the weight of the item, the fact it was shipping damage, I am told to “destroy” the saw and I will be issued a credit in three days, they are not picking it up its not worth the cost. They also sent me via US mail a 10% off coupon. I get the coupon April 24th postmarked April 20th. As of April 30th still no credit. I call HD online and wait 45 mins and I am told that it is being processed and to wait 3 days for it to show up on my credit card. I said I was told that already and was told it had to be “approved”. Well May 4th I call again to see why no credit (I waited for over 55 minutes on hold to get a CSR) I am told the item is pending inspection. I say what do you mean inspection. We need to send someone out to look at the damage. But you told me to “destroy” the saw. I don’t have it anymore I put it out for the garbage man. (Do you really think a brand new table saw sitting on the side of the street is going to last long? My happy neighbor…lol) I told her I did what you said and destroyed it…well gave it to the garbage man. She said I was told to save it for inspection. I said no I was not. I then asked for a supervisor. He then told me it was only flagged as needing inspection but that no one was going to come look at it and for me to “destroy” it. I said I did that already and he said he would issue a credit in three days. Now at this point I am about to lose it. I ask him to look at the account notes and why wasn’t this done before. He said it was because the item required an inspection. I said but I was told to “destroy” it. He again said…yes please destroy the item. Ok fine …did that done…why cant I get a credit now. He says it has to be inspected. OMG I am losing my mind. How can it be inspected if you told me to destroy it? He said we don’t really inspect it that is a term we use. Ok so why cant I get a credit today…yes here it comes…the item needs to be inspected!!!! He then tells me he will by-pass the inspection and send it over to the distribution manager for approval. Wait you cant approve this? No he cant. Someone else has to approve the “return”. I ask to speak to this manager and I am told I cant since they are not in the same department or area. I ask for a written confirmation of this order to “destroy” the item I am told they have no way to do that…what about an email or fax? No can do, but that the phone conversation was being recorded. It was? NO ONE TOLD ME THAT! So I get his name (can only give out his first name and its…its…George…and an extension number. So I gave up. Called Citi-Corp and will go the dispute of the charge on the credit card route. This is the most ridiculous thing I have dealt with from Home Depot. I will not and advise anyone else not to buy online from them.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-04:
Don't ever believe a customer servcie rep over the phone. First you should've saved the saw in the box and reported it to the shipping company. When you first received the saw as is I would've called the credit card to dispute. Ultimately it's their word against yours, who's going to win. Yes, when you buy oneline how do you know your not getting a returned item?
Posted by Amber25 on 2006-05-07:
Ive purchased a lot of merchandise from homedepot.com and have never had any problems. Even when returning the return is handled promptly and the refund is almost instantanous. The only thing im not happy about is the "exchange process". To replace a damaged article or anything you have to purchase a new one, they wont send it out in replacement. And by the way, they tell you that the call is being recorded when you first call in.
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