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DO NOT ORDER ONLINE Cant return to store!
Posted by BigBoy2U on 05/04/2006
TACOMA, WASHINGTON -- I am a General Contractor and do a lot of shopping at Home Depot as well as the other home improvement stores. I also do a huge amount of online business buying tools and supplies as well as reselling some of those items. That being said… I was shopping for a job site table saw online and saw that Home Depot had a “refurbished” saw for $100 less than a new one made by a very reputable company and has an excellent warranty. But after calculating the shipping cost ($137.00!!) it was more than going into a store and buying a new saw. Then two days later I get an email from HD saying free shipping from HD online. Ok, great I buy the saw April 4th with free shipping.

10 days later it shows up April 14th, it’s a 144# saw in a lightweight cardboard box (not the original box), the drop shipper leaves it at my door and I look at the box that is all smashed up and ask him what about damage? He says it’s just the cardboard because the unit is heavy and awkward. So I sign the papers and as he is leaving I notice that part of the saw is damaged since there is no packing and table saw is lose in a lightweight cardboard box. I yell at him to wait and he speeds out of the parking lot! I call HD and tell them the story they say so it was “concealed” damage? I say sure was. OK we will get another one right out to you and issue a pick-up of this one. I said look let me drop it off at the local store that is 10 minutes from me. I am told (go read the HD web site) items bought on line can not be returned to a store. (where is Costco when you need them..god I love Costco!)

I wait a week and hear nothing. I call HD online (after waiting about 30-45 minutes per call on hold) April 21st to be told sorry we don’t have anymore of those we are all sold out. I ask when is this being picked up and why didn’t anyone contact me? I need this tool!!! And I have a 144# saw in my living room. I am told that due to the weight of the item, the fact it was shipping damage, I am told to “destroy” the saw and I will be issued a credit in three days, they are not picking it up its not worth the cost. They also sent me via US mail a 10% off coupon. I get the coupon April 24th postmarked April 20th. As of April 30th still no credit. I call HD online and wait 45 mins and I am told that it is being processed and to wait 3 days for it to show up on my credit card. I said I was told that already and was told it had to be “approved”. Well May 4th I call again to see why no credit (I waited for over 55 minutes on hold to get a CSR) I am told the item is pending inspection. I say what do you mean inspection. We need to send someone out to look at the damage. But you told me to “destroy” the saw. I don’t have it anymore I put it out for the garbage man. (Do you really think a brand new table saw sitting on the side of the street is going to last long? My happy neighbor…lol) I told her I did what you said and destroyed it…well gave it to the garbage man. She said I was told to save it for inspection. I said no I was not. I then asked for a supervisor. He then told me it was only flagged as needing inspection but that no one was going to come look at it and for me to “destroy” it. I said I did that already and he said he would issue a credit in three days. Now at this point I am about to lose it. I ask him to look at the account notes and why wasn’t this done before. He said it was because the item required an inspection. I said but I was told to “destroy” it. He again said…yes please destroy the item. Ok fine …did that done…why cant I get a credit now. He says it has to be inspected. OMG I am losing my mind. How can it be inspected if you told me to destroy it? He said we don’t really inspect it that is a term we use. Ok so why cant I get a credit today…yes here it comes…the item needs to be inspected!!!! He then tells me he will by-pass the inspection and send it over to the distribution manager for approval. Wait you cant approve this? No he cant. Someone else has to approve the “return”. I ask to speak to this manager and I am told I cant since they are not in the same department or area. I ask for a written confirmation of this order to “destroy” the item I am told they have no way to do that…what about an email or fax? No can do, but that the phone conversation was being recorded. It was? NO ONE TOLD ME THAT! So I get his name (can only give out his first name and its…its…George…and an extension number. So I gave up. Called Citi-Corp and will go the dispute of the charge on the credit card route. This is the most ridiculous thing I have dealt with from Home Depot. I will not and advise anyone else not to buy online from them.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-04:
Don't ever believe a customer servcie rep over the phone. First you should've saved the saw in the box and reported it to the shipping company. When you first received the saw as is I would've called the credit card to dispute. Ultimately it's their word against yours, who's going to win. Yes, when you buy oneline how do you know your not getting a returned item?
Posted by Amber25 on 2006-05-07:
Ive purchased a lot of merchandise from homedepot.com and have never had any problems. Even when returning the return is handled promptly and the refund is almost instantanous. The only thing im not happy about is the "exchange process". To replace a damaged article or anything you have to purchase a new one, they wont send it out in replacement. And by the way, they tell you that the call is being recorded when you first call in.
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Employee mistreatment
Posted by 2dye4you on 12/08/2005
ST. PETERS, MISSOURI -- Home Depot is mandating that each store garden area stay open REGARDLESS of weather conditions just so that they can sell a few cheap christmas trees. A cashier must stand out in the cold and wind for a few sporatic sales at least until 8 pm. There was a 60+ year old cashier standing outside for 4 hours yesterday in a wind chill of 6 degrees, with forecast of below zero temps tonite. Management refused to close it citing corporate orders and said they are checking store cameras to make sure all garden departments are open and will be in trouble if they see them closed early.It's not humane to make employees stand out in frigid weather when there are warnings that pets shouldn't even be outside.Interesting note-Corporate is in Atlanta -THEY aren't the ones freezing their butts off down there. Please buy christmas trees elsewhere-maybe they'll stop selling them.
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Posted by WHITECRAKER on 2005-12-08:
Oh please ...........they have a booth they stand in and it has a heater in it. And when you get a job there as a cashier you know there are garden registers so you knwo in summer its gonna be really hot and in winter its really cold. The garden associates have to be out there selling the trees and other stuff outside too.
Posted by Slimjim on 2005-12-08:
They're selling Christams trees in MO. in December. Are they suppose to wait till March to sell them?
Posted by alphadork on 2006-02-23:
Not too sure on the policy of that store, but the Home Depot I work at didn't force anyone to go to the outside Garden cash.

All of the cashiers who were outside at my store volunteered to take a one hour shift. We were provided with coats, hats, a heater and all the free hot chocolate we could drink.
Posted by Senfel on 2007-10-17:
at my store a cashier requested a bathroom break, 2 hours later she called the head cashier to inform them that if she didin't get a break she was going to close the garden register, lock the door and just go to the bathroom. she got her bathroom break.

two days later she was called back in to the office to discuss her behavior, and to be informed that she should encourage the other cashiers to stop calling in sick.

she works at lows now, getting two dollers more per hour and head cashier position.
Posted by Hellosunshine on 2007-12-15:
Hummm WhiteCracker... I'm not sure you've seen EVERY Home Depot Stores Garden Area... I've worked at two Home Depots and one did have a heated booth to stand in, but we had "conditions" and the other DID NOT have one. I was told I wasn't allowed to stand in the booth unless it was below 30 degrees... And as for the Garden associates being outside, LOL Yeah right... During christmas the cashiers were required to take the Christmas tree course so they could learn to use the chainsaw and how to bag it... Our Garden associates stayed in the Inside garden area... And Not every store is nice enough to provide hot chocolate, you must work in a dream store. One time I was told by a manager that we weren't suppose to stand in the booth and I told him that in the Home Depot handbook it clearly states that it is Home Depots responsibility to provide adequite shelter, so if he wanted me to stand outside, when I had NO customer, that I would make a call to the 1800 number... He never told me not to stand in it again... but did tell other girls not to. And the cold isn't the only problem... when you're out in 100 degree weather with a little fan and no water is pretty stupid... I stayed outside onetime my whole 8 hour shift and got so sick from the heat I was drained when I got home and couldn't spend the evening with my sister... Thankfully she is also a Home Depot Employee and complained and for a good 2 weeks we were on 1 hour shifts in the heat, but then it went back to how it was. Home Depot treats their employees like crap and hire lazy untrained people. I'll never work for them again.
Posted by ddashtrois on 2008-03-12:
i work @ homedepot. ive been a cashier in the past and always volunteered to go outside and sell trees... i had a heated booth to be in. also, around this time of year it was very festive, and the smell of trees is very delightful ^^. also u dont have to deal with that many people. if they had someone out there in subzero temps thats a bit rediculous, but in our store if the head cashier thought it was too cold we just wouldn't open it. F*** the corporate office.
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Install of a Gas Pipeline from house to BBQ
Posted by Goth on 09/17/2005
KINGSTON -- In June 05 I purchased an outdoor Ducane BBQ from Home Depot and as part of the purchase requested that they arrange installation into the house natural gas line. I understand they went to their subcontractor Gasman (Toronto, Canada), who again subcontracted the job to a Mr. Mike Calamusa in the Belleville/Kingston area. The job of installation was done over the period 21-22 June 05. This led to me making a customer complaint with Home Depot which has gone unresolved as far as I am concerned. The gas piping used was an obnoxious yellow non-flex type. On the outside of the house it is not flush with the wall in the patio area, there is a large bend in the pipe and it does not seem to be very sturdy to me. In fact I was surprised, when pointed out to me, that the pipe is supposed to be for underground use (“Gas Guard” 5/8” Type L MH48231 Primary Carrier Pipe For Underground & Sump Use 50 PSI/80 IN-LB For Use With Compression Fillings/Installed Per Gas Guard Instruction B1 01-28-04). I was further informed by acquaintances, with experience in construction, that it really should have been cut, threaded properly and a solid steel or brass type of piping attached to ensure it was completely flush with the house. I was concerned about the safety issue, because if somebody or something catches the protruding bend it could pull loose. When I questioned the colour and size of the pipe, the installer suggested that to cover the yellow pipe I could just paint it? This after I paid $900.00 for the installation. I have since had other installers and local government inspectors come and take a look. Unfortunately for me, they say that the pipe does technically meet standards. However, both gentlemen did say that the work could have been completed to a higher standard. In fact the Government Technical Standards & Safety Authority Inspector stated that a drip valve on the outside or inside should have been installed, which of course it wasn’t. In my ignorance I did sign-off on the work form as the supposed tradesman left, not fully understanding or realizing what he had done.

Secondly, and more importantly, on completion of the work there was a gas leak from our fireplace into the house as the pilot light went out when they shut down the gas for the pipe install. We did not discover the leak until later, when we had people down in our finished basement area for a get together. It was lucky someone noticed the smell and we found the leak, as we went on two weeks vacation a few days later. The house was all sealed and locked up of course. I believe as a certified installer he should have checked all of that. To us this all seems like substandard work, and could have contributed to a major accident or health problem for our family and neighbourhood. The problem as far as I am concerned was the fact that the installers seemed to be in one big hurry.

When I contacted Home Depot they took the complaint and put me in contact with Gasman. I still do not understand why I had to deal with the sub-contractor and not them. When I called the Service Manager at Gasman the attitude was dismissive as far as the leak went and that the work was alright as far as they were concerned, and that I had signed off. This was completely unsatisfactory, and I informed Home Depot so. They sent out their local store Installation Manager who took some pictures. They then called back and had the nerve to say that it was all okay. As the installation fee was $900.00, I told them that Home Depot’s response was totally unsatisfactory. They actually had the nerve to offer us $100.00 in a shopping certificate in compensation for the leak. When I called the Head Office in the USA I received the same condescending and uncooperative attitude.

Up to this incident I had been regular customer (almost exclusively buying home/garden improvement products) at Home Depot, even going so far as to get one of their Credit Cards. In fact I had spent $3500.00 purchasing the BBQ and Patio Set at the same time. I have now cut-up the card and will have nothing further do to with this shoddy outfit. Home Depot is a disgrace, and I would not recommend anyone to shop there and definitely not to deal with their installation service. I intend to send this story to the consumer advocate in the local paper, so that other people in the community are made aware of this issue and safety ramifications.
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Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2005-09-17:
You signed off on the work. This may be hard to get around. You should have refused to sign until someone was able to sit down with yourself and explain to YOUR satisfaction what was done.
Posted by calgal on 2013-06-13:
I had another unhappy experience with Home Depot in Belleville. I ordered new laminate flooring and paid for it. When it was to be delivered, I was told that it had inadvertently been sold to someone else. I was then given an alternate laminate flooring.
I also requested a new kitchen design. I was told in July that the kitchen wouldn't be installed until October. I walked across the street to Rona and the kitchen was installed the next month. I would never order anything from Home Depot again.
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Home Depot has awfull customer service and will waste hours of your time for the penny you save.
Posted by ChazD on 05/22/2005
FREMONT, CALIFORNIA -- I am extremely unsatisfied with the poor level of service I have gotten on my special order. I will report this the BBB, on line posting of store reviews, and will tell any one who is willing to listen about my awful experience at Home Depot. This is not my first bad experience with Home Depot but my third and the one that drove me to action.

On Monday 5/16/05

I went in and selected a BBQ Grill model # 418-306 to order for a price of $398. The store display advertised Free Assembly.

It took about 15~20 mins standing in line before the one and only clerk on duty was ready to enter my order. She was very nice but seemed not so sure about how to enter my order, she constantly had to ask people around her to enter my order. I wanted to pick up the assembled grill on Friday 5/20/05 @ 5:30 PM so I could have it for the weekend. The clerk enters the order charges me and writes up a red SOLD tag with my name, pick up date 5/20, and the instructions to assemble the grill. Satisfied I leave the store with Special Services Customer Invoice in hand. TOTAL TIME = 50 minutes

On Friday 5/20/05 at 6:00 PM

I had gotten delayed getting back from a business trip and would not be able to pick up the grill. I wanted to inform the store that I would be a day late in picking up. I called in and was placed on HOLD for over 20 mines from my cell phone. Got frustrated and eventually hung up before being able talk to anyone about my order.

Saturday 5/21/05 The Big Day to BBQ.

Around 11:30 AM I call in and talk to someone from the special services desk. They check my Spec Svc. # and assure me that the grill was assembled and READY for pick up anytime.

At 4:30 PM I go into the store and at the SS Desk am asked to sign a Customer Pick Up Confirmation. Two calls go out over the PA system before someone from Garden comes over to help me load the Grill into my van. He goes back and can't find any assembled grill. I go back with him into the aisles and the Carton with the SOLD Label, my name and instructions assemble for will call 5/20/05 is sitting there UNOPENED.

I am upset by now I have been standing around the Special Services Desk for almost 40 mins by now. They call over another lady from the Garden/ Outdoors department and she apologizes and says this has happened before to other customers many times and she has informed her manager and her second level manager that the process is broken but nothing has changed. She has to deal with people on weekend all the time for the same problem and she usually recommends people buying grills to take them home and assemble them themselves. I ask why do you advertise Free Assembly if its not being done?

I ask to speak to the store manager and it takes about 10 mins before an ASM named Julie shows up.

She offers to have the grill assembled by Monday and offers a 10% discount towards future purchases. I explain that I was expecting to use the grill this weekend and am flying out on Monday morning and would not be able to pick up the grill for two weeks at the earliest (Sat June 4th).

I ask for a full refund. I also want to get back the Customer Pick Up Confirmation that I had signed saying that I had picked up the merchandise. At no point did I have possession of the grill.

They can't find the confirmation and I am extremely upset and speaking in a loud and am asked to leave the store or they will call the police. I leave the store at this time.


I have not picked up the grill.

Even if I wanted to I can't pick up the Grill until Saturday June 4th.

At this point I am so disgusted with Home Depot; the ineptness of their employees, and the slow, bureaucratic way the store is run I WANT A FULL REFUND. I am in touch with my credit card company to dispute and reverse all the charges.

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Posted by jabber on 2005-08-23:
It's customers like you that we associates at Home Depot do NOT want to deal with. All you do is complain, complain, complain. You come into the store wanting to be served NOW, and expect everyone to drop what they are doing to take care of your purchase. Am sure while the associate was trying to handle your order, several other customers were asking that person questions and taking up their time trying to deal with your sale. It also appears that you raised your voice, and were told to leave the store, or the police would be called. I wish MORE of the Home Depot Managers would do this with the customers we have to contend with, and maybe people like you would get the message that we too are people and do not need to take the crap dished out to us. Go cry in your BBQ Sauce.
Posted by consumeradvocate12 on 2006-04-11:
Please ignore and block this jabber character. All his posts are in the same week against those that complain about Home depot. I believe he was hired to do this.
For me I am sorry for your predicament. I despise Home Depot and Expo along with everyone I know and have never had a positive experiance with them and yet I kept going back as the store was so close by. Now I drve to lowes and ace.

Continue to let all you know about this horrible merchant and hopefully one day they will rethink the way they treat customers or better yet go out of business.
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Tile Installation
Posted by Robert.d.mccorkle on 03/10/2002
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I have been struggling with a satisfactory completion of a bathroom tile installation I had done by my Expo store which I hope you can help resolve.

To summarize a very long story, heavy grout remains over the entire surface of the bathroom tile leaving an unsatisfactory finish. I have contacted the store many times in person and by phone, and received various responses ranging from 'do-it-yourself' instructions which did not work, to an inspection by a salesperson who agreed that the installation was unsatisfactory. He turned the matter over to store management who has completely ignored both his attempts and my phone messages for some type of resolution.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

Simply, I would like this tile installation completed to a satisfactory manner under the terms of the original contract or the Lifetime guarantee whichever is appropriate. If Home Depot is unable to complete this work, then I would like reimbursement for the cost of an outside contractor to correct the situation.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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Custom Closet Nightmare - Stay Away!!!
Posted by Rachel M on 06/03/2009
LANHAM, MARYLAND -- Wow! It's almost comical the issues we have had. Typical hard sale but little follow through. If you want to order custom closets for your home, I would recommend going with the smaller companies that specialize in this service. Not Home Depot and their U.S. Remodelers, a. k.a. U.S. Home Systems, a. k.a. Deck America.
I was told the closets would take 4 weeks, but they would put a rush in and I could possibly see them in 2. But no promises. Now these sales guys were about the nicest, clean cut guys you could imagine. Had absolutely no issue believing them and didn't worry a thing about dropping $2600 until 2 weeks later when no one knew anything about a supposed 'rush'. That's when I found out these closets typically take 6-8 weeks. What???!!!
I was told they were really sorry but they would put a rush in and I was being put on the top of the list. All other projects were being put on hold and I would get my closets as fast as they could make them. Great but that didn't happen so I went ahead and terminated the contract. My contract said 4 weeks and after my many conversations with Darryl Robin, Dave Pruett, and Greg Laws (northern VA US Remodeler Con-men) I felt confident they were truly apologetic and would ensure these closets would be here ASAP.
Guess what? Didn't happen. I got tired of no return phone calls (Darryl), the 'Mrs. M, they are being shipped and we can get them installed next week, we promise'. Or even better, a $100 gift card to Home Depot for their sales people lying to me (but I was still under the impression I would get the closets rushed). I'm currently being charge $1100 for terminating this contract.
So if that actually happens, my mission in life will be to ensure that my experience costs these companies 10x's what they cost me to fall for their deceptive sales practices.
I feel really badly about this whole experience and wish it could have ended well, but integrity always wins. Had they been honest up front with us we wouldn't be in this situation.
Please learn from our mistake and stay away from any Home Depot Istalled Service because more than likely it will be U.S. Remodelers taking care of you.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-03:
When did you order the closets, and when did you cancel the contract?
Posted by Rachel M on 2009-06-03:
Ordered them April 25th and I just cancelled yesterday. The order hadn't even been ordered (manufacturer's side) until May 20th. Good luck.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-06-03:
You said the four weeks was written on the contract. Since they did not deliver within that time frame, they were the ones in breach. You should not have to pay a termination fee.
Posted by Rachel M on 2009-06-03:
I hope not. I talked to someone at Home Depot yesterday and they are forwarding the issue to a supervisor so I'm supposed to get a call tomorrow. I'll keep you posted on what the outcome is.
Posted by Rachel M on 2010-06-14:
Update! I was contacted and the issue was resolved! Even the deposit was returned so I'm happy. Thanks.
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Water Heater Installation Upcharges
Posted by Neveragainhome depot on 07/27/2008
ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- On 7/16/2008, I needed a new water heater to replace the one that went bad.

I decided to go with Home Depot to get the unit installed. The reason for selecting Home depot being that I deal with a reputed corporation, and they would be fair and just in the pricing and that I won't have to face any surprises.

I visited Home Depot, and the CSR walked me through the installation charges, and then mentioned that I will have to call a 800 number and get the order going. She also mentioned that an installer or plumber's rep will visit the site and give an estimate and I order from there.

I went with a 50 gal electric heater priced at $349.00 and the installation charge quoted was $285.00. I felt that this was reasonable, considering that I needed the heater the same day.

So, I came home called the toll free number and ordered the water heater model. During the course of the order, I was asked several questions relating to the current heater it's location, placement, size height, capacity, access to it etc and etc. The order desk quoted the same price I heard at the store ($285 + cost of water heater + permit fee 0f $70). I asked when will the installer come to look and tell me a firm price before I place a formal order. The order desk clerk said, no need to visit.. we have gotten all the information... you should be OK at this price... and if any code related issues, it will be extra and emphasized that it won't be much.

The installer (a husband and wife team) was a good guy and I have nothing to complain except for some additional items he said I needed to get into city code compliance. He said I needed the following items and they are detailed below.

1. A stand to keep the heater above the ground level. It is a galvanized 21" x 21" X 16" high stand capable of supporting the weight of the heater and the water.
I was told that it will be $195.00 plus taxes.
2. I was told I need a pan under the heater for collecting any leaky water. It is an Aluminum pan that looks like a Pizza pan, made of .032" aluminum. I was told that it would cost $90.00 plus taxes.
3. The 3rd and the last item I needed was a ball valve for water shut off, and I was told that it will cost $95.00.

These 3 additional items along with taxes were $391.00. I asked the installer why is it these trivial items are so expensive and I was told thats how much they cost. I had no choice at that time to go myself to the store and buy the 3 items for under $65.oo, because they can't wait while I am shopping. Basically I was put on a spot and had no choice and had to go with the situation I am stuck in.
Since I am dealing with Home Depot, I said I was going to take care of it with them rather than the installer. On calling Home Depot about the exorbitant prices for 3 items ( more than the cost of the new heater), they said they have no control over what contractors charge.
My question is: I pick Home Depot based on the fact that they select contractors based on their work integrity, service ethics, and their honesty and reasonableness of cost of services. I go with them because I feel that I won't get ripped off. In this case it was a grand day light robbery. The gal at the other end at Home Depot couldn't help resolve the robbery.
Just around the time of completion a person introducing himself as Home Depot service manager (with an HD red Apron) stopped by to see if every thing went OK. I brought the above subject on the over pricing, and his answer was that these are fixed by Home Depot... (contrary to what I heard from the gal earlier who wanted to get my credit card approval for extras). He was just a good old boy nodded head and told me to see the store manager.
I found out later according to the HD store clerk that this inspector who came was not a HD employee and he was a private contractor.

Here are my questions to the extras that I was charged for in the name of Code compliance that added up another approx $400.00.

1. The Stand retails at Lowe's for $34.98 (Lowe's model # 40S22U. This is a 1" tall stand rated for up to 65 gal heater and 900 lb capacity.
2. The drain pan 24", retails at Lowe's for $15.98 (Model # 34078). The similar pan in 26" size sells at HD under SKU # 424-804 for $19.97.
3. The 3/4" threaded ball shut off valve that was part of code compliance sells at HD for $7.97 (HD's SKU # A365-297).

The above 3 items (part of code compliance) the material cost is 35 +20 + 8 + $63, where as in the final bill the 3 items were charged at $ 170 for stand, $90 for pan and $ 95 for the valve.
What a rip off! A mark up of 500% on 3 piddly parts.

I called the store manager on Monday 7/20, and he seemed to agree with my plight of over charges and said he will talk to the contractor and come back. He never called back for 3 full days. So finally I called him on Thursday the 24th to find out what he heard from the installer and what his resolution was. His answer was that these are standard charges for the items and it costs labor to install them and that is why the add ons are what they are. Basically in conclusion his answer was I am putting it in quotes as said by the HD store manager.
"Home repair services is a separate division and it is run by contractors, and we at HD have nothing to do, and you should call their number and deal with it". I asked him then why you advertise these services and push it big time in stores and can not monitor or control it or resolve the customer issues. His answer was the same gentle one I am sorry I understand your feeling. these are charges to install the items and you have to deal with them if you have any questions.

I am really upset with the whole thing. My prime reason for using HD was that a big company was backing up the work and I will be safe from fly by and dishonest contractors.

In this case Home Depot totally let me down. I have no respect or regard for these so called big corporations any more. It leaves a very bad and bitter taste after this experience. Each one Home depot and the contractor says the other one is the one that fixes these prices, and Home Depot totally let me down.

The final analysis:
The new water heater was an identical size to the previous one. The final job involved 4/5 soldered joints using flex copper pipe and 4 threaded connections and the re attachment of the wiring besides of course moving the heater to the location and setting it up. For a water heater costing 350 + $60 additional parts + $ 70 permit fee for a total of $480, the final price was $1207.
The labor for 1.5 hrs of work was roughly $727.00, as against a original estimate of $285. My question is what does the original $285 labor quoted get you in terms of services.

I request some one from Home Depot to respond to me their justification for these exorbitant mark ups on parts with no installation labor in the name of "CODE COMPLIANCE".
If Home Depot is honest and sincere should refund the excess, and come out clean.
In the mean time, I will go to every source available on the Internet to publicize this over charge, call local TV stations and media to investigate HD of these hidden surprise up charges and bring this business practice into compliance.

I did not realize that you could make $350 per hour installing water heaters.... may be I should quit my high tech engineering job and move on to this line of work, and choose my own time to do it!

A very upset CUSTOMER.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-27:
Interesting post. About 3 years ago, I opted to buy the 6-year 50G tank from HD. Installing it myself was laborious, but not technically difficult. Of course, when it failed (in warranty) it was up to me to have to call GE several times to get an RA. Then, remove the tank and cart it back to HD and re-install the replacement. If nothing else, if your tank fails HD will be on the hook for replacing it, labor included. Don't blame you for being upset about the additional charges, they sound excessive.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-27:
You really want to bust this plumbers ass? I'd be willing to bet a fair sum that he never went and got that permit from the city that you gave him $70.00 for. It would be almost impossible for him to do this job with a permit the same day you talked to him. If he had permit a city inspector would have come out once the job was complete. Did one? If not, call the city and ask them about the permit that you paid a plumber for. Those guys pocket that permit money all the time.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-07-28:
I would also be curious about the water heater stand being required by code. If it was a gas water heater, that would make sense - a lot of municipalities have added that rule in recent years, especially if the heater is in a garage.

The reasoning is, if gasoline is spilled near the heater, the vapors being heavier than air will stay low to the ground and by raising the heater, any possible combustion source is above the level of the gasoline fumes.

But an electric water heater? With no open flame, I can't see the danger in placing it on the ground. Check with your local code enforcement folks - I wonder if that rule only applies to gas heaters and if this guy lied to you about the need for a stand. Good luck.
Posted by Tinn on 2008-08-03:
My husband and I are also victims of The Home Depot poor practice. We just spent $40,000.00 with them to build our home and we are now being treated inhumane. They over charged our account on many invoices. They kept our money(which was money credited from their overcharges on account and would not refund it except in gift cards.So we were held hostage to have to spend the rest $5,000.00 in their store. In May they delivered wood that we did not order and it is still sitting in our front yard. We ordered cabinets, doors and tile that mistakes were made on and still waiting for the tile ordered in May. We have asked for our money back on the $350.00 tile order so that we can order from another company and they are refusing. At present, I have contacted the attorney generals office for help.Most of all it saddens me that we have been kicked to the curb after making home depot our home for the past 2 years and giving them our money. Try calling the corporate office, they don't know what they are doing there either. for a company this big, I am not sure what is going on.
Posted by Neveragainhome depot on 2008-09-03:
Here is an update to my original complaint.


I finally put together a formal complaint to Home depot pretty much detailing what is posted here in my original complaint along with some pictures of the installation and price chart and the mark ups.
I contact their Toll free number and also a written complaint through the site link below.


Initially, the CSR offerred to refund $150. I refused to take it and mentioned that unless I was refunded $300, which I felt as the over charge on the parts, I don't need the money and they can keep it.
After a couple of days, they agreed to refund $300 but only in the form of a gift card thus forcing you to spend the money at their store. I received the card last week along with a note that said "At Home Depot we take Customer satisfaction seriously and would like to continue for you to shop at HD etc...etc.
getting the refund was not easy... I had to spend considerable time to write a detailed letter and pursue it. Being a big corporation they did respond favorably.
The big question is whether they are going to take my recommendations and implement it. For every one like me there are probably another 100 that think of it as a bad experience and give up their claim. This is where they make their money.
We as consumers need to fight back and keep these kind of practices in check. No body is going to fight for you.
Finally a lesson learned from this is: Always have some one come look at the job site and give a quote free of charge with no obligations and if they won't some one else is waiting to do the same.
Thanks to all those who sympathized with my plight.

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Home Depot Opinion Survey
Posted by Speedyg on 05/07/2008
This is the worst survey I have ever seen. It just goes on and on and keeps wasting time trying to figure out exactly where it i. What's going. I never did. What a scam I'll stay away from your store from now on.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-07:
I feel your pain! Don't you just hate it when they send out a goon from the store who stands with a gun to your temple and forces you to take the survey? I'm going to stop shopping there too!
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-05-07:
i love the surveys. it makes me feel as if i did actually make a difference.
Posted by Sparticus on 2008-05-07:
Funny related (but unrelated) story. Today at Target the cashier handed me the receipt and went into a 3-4 minute speech about the online survey I could take on the receipt to help make a difference in how the store operates. For instance if I wanted Target to start selling stamps, I could say that, and if enough folks asked for stamps, maybe Target would start selling stamps... and she went on and on with many other examples.

I found this quite odd since she obviously was not getting anything in return if I filled the survey out or not (or maybe she does? How would they know?). Anyway, I could see the other folks in line getting visibly irritated so I promised her I would do it...

By far the most dedicated Target employee I have ever come across...
Posted by T-Double on 2008-06-10:
Home Depot sponsors Tony Stewart...nuff said right there. i won't spend a dime there.
Posted by Silverskater145 on 2009-09-15:
Actually, Home Depot uses those online surveys. The customer's voice is brought up in all of the meetings and everything is scrutinized.

On second though, I don't exactly get what your problem is. You're not very coherent, nor are you calm or rational. Did you really get upset over an optional survey at home?
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Poor Staffing
Posted by Papa Smurf on 05/20/2006
WINNIPEG -- The Home Depot in my area doesn't care about customers,nor keeping them. It has the worst sales in our province,(According to inside information)Winnipeg Manitoba CANADA. I've spoken with store owners, corporate offices in Canada,and the U.S.A. head office. They tell me sales are down or they cant find enough employees to hire. WRONG!Sales are down because they don't keep the store adequately staffed!I've spoken to the few employees they do have on staff,and they tell me there are plenty of part time people waiting to get hours,the store wont give them any!I see THEY'RE home page no longer has a spot for customer complaints.

I've been in the home building industry for 30 years,and have a pretty strong voice in the community. I just keep telling people to boycott Home Depot until they choose to put the CUSTOMER first.
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Posted by Ann5115 on 2006-05-20:
I work at Home Depot and its never gonna happen. All the customers are to us is a paycheck.
Posted by miketech on 2006-05-20:
Home Depot seems to have decided to invest in advertising over all. I can beat most of their prices now at local hardware stores and get actual service. I'm a small time contractor and I don't need Home Depot.
Posted by tawanda on 2006-05-20:
Home Depot was founded based upon Christian beliefs and principles. It's very sad to see what they have transformed themselves into...
Posted by tander on 2006-05-20:
I'd rather shop at Menards!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-21:
Posted by batzion7 on 2006-05-21:
Well my my...I have not had a problem with our Home Depot.....I think folks in my area are just nicer than in other places.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-05-22:
I also shop Menards. I used to patronized HD, but got tired of their employees running by at 200mph and avoiding eye contact with customers so to avoid being asked a question. Customer Service, at least in the two I've been in, at Menards is (for me) better.
Posted by mally on 2006-06-09:
The home depot in Shrewsbury is the worst. Its a mess and the managers or BG's,Ms's, HC's. Mg's, or whatever the H*ll, they like to be called are all jokes. Its not the cashiers or floor help that are the problem. Its the unqualified management. I think that they could not get a job anywhere else so they went to HD. The high school and college kids know more and have more repsect for cutomers then the MG's, HC's, AS's etc. If they quit trying to impress the little peons (because their the only ones they can impress
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Where's the help?
Posted by Consumeradvocate12 on 04/10/2006
I live 1/2 mile from a Home Depot and go there often to purchase items for my home. I can honestly say in the over 50 times I have been there not once was I offered help and when I asked someone in the area I was always told it is not my area.They never took the time to take me to the person whos area it was!

They stack items very high. If you want to buy them it is a real chore to try and get someone to get the item down. It took over 2 hours to get a mirror down once.All the while the employee was acting rude I asked.

Everyone knows that home depot employees are in general unhappy with their jobs and working conditions and sadly it is taken out on the customer.

If you want some assistance and better service I suggest a smaller more intimate store such as Ace.

The frequency of complaints about Home Depot and Expo is so enormous they had to hire people to defend them on these boards.

The number of real complaints against this company is surely 10 times what we see on the net as most people don't express their dissatisfaction in this manner.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-10:
How tall are you?
Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-04-10:
The Home Depot by my house, the employees are friendly and help when asked. I shop there all the time. Maybe go to another Home Depot, they are popping up all over the place like Wal Mart.
Posted by consumeradvocate12 on 2006-04-10:
I am 5'6 thanks and very cute. Most stores rush to my assistance. I have been to 5 home depots and get ignored at all as everyone else I know is too.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-10:
The home depot in my town is full of unhappy little trolls but on the other hand you can't beat thier prices.
Posted by you r stupid on 2006-04-10:
The Home Depot's by me are great I have never had a problem getting help. There has been times I have had to wait for something to be brought down for me or where I have had to wait while the employees helped people in front of me but I'm patient and each customer deserves to get there questions answered for there project so I patiently wait my turn because I know they will be spending whatever time I need. The problem also is most people think they are more important then the next so they want employees to jump and forget about the people they are already working with.
Posted by Timboss on 2006-04-11:
The employees at Home Depot near me have always been helpful. They do not just stand around waiting for you but anyone I flag down is more than willing to try and help me. I hope your Home Depot shapes up.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-11:
5’6” that can explain a lot, I to am 5’6” and get over looked a lot it is a fact but I’m not very cute like you. I get a little loud at times just to get someone’s attention that works for me and the next time they see me coming. We are not short; we are normal, average if you will. That is why we must be a little louder at times so we will be taken serious. I have a home depot I go to and new they all know me and it is great service. But like you at first I had to get noticed. It works for me! Good Luck
Posted by consumeradvocate12 on 2006-04-11:
Maybe I will just stuff my bra!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-12:
consumeradvocate12 (04/11/2006)
Maybe I will just stuff my bra!
That could work !
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-12:
Lidman, that is a bunch of crap! Heighth doesn't play that big of a part. Sometimes the help will ignore you so YOU have to get THEIR attention. Using your theory lidman, why don't you wear some "platform shoes" when you go? I bet you'll get noticed right away then. (LOL)
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