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Humiliating Treatment
By -

WILISTON, VERMONT -- I have been a loyal client of Home Depot since 1992. I have spent thousands of dollars in your store fixing six homes, all of them my homes, none for speculation, threw out my lifetime in the United States: a house in Coral Gables, FL, an apartment in Coral Gables, FL, a town house in Hutchinson Island, FL, a row house in Federal Hill Baltimore, MD, a farm house in Berlin, VT, and now a town house in Hindenburg, VT.

I have relied on the expertise of Home Depot for fifteen (15) years every where except in Vermont, where the whole world seems to tick at a different pace. I have had nothing by superb experiences with the knowledge, the willingness to help and the appreciation towards a client spending money in Home Depot that could spend it somewhere else. Obviously, my preference for Home Depot has had been the return policy and the customer service quality, which other competitors either lack or are still catching up with yours.

The following is a recount of an unfortunate incident that took place approximately from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm at the Home Depot located in Williston, Vermont. I am in the process of fabricating slate-covered plywood panels. Eighteen (18) cuts in total. I arrived at your store with the plans in hand. I asked the man in lumber if he could cut it and if he is accurate. He said he could try. He ruins the first 4€™x8€™ by cutting in 2'€ short in length. He did not double check his cut, I did it. He did not think that marking it in advance with a pencil and using a tape (which he said he did not have one) was necessary.

He cut another one correctly in length but one and a half inch (1-1/2'€) longer that the measure (which he did not mark either). Then his answer is "I cannot be too accurate with this machine." That response was so utterly unintelligent, incoherent and ridiculous that I told him that that I have had most of my cuts done at Home Depot for fifteen years, that the machine was accurate to the thickness of the blade and if he and that if he did not know how to use the machine, he should get someone else who did.

His reaction was to remove his protective eye glasses and whatever other gear he was wearing and tell a second person "You take care of him." The other person, who turned out to be skillful, knowledgeable and could make the cuts accurate to the thickness of the blade, by simply following common practice, apparently was not quite willing to help me either. After five cuts, he asked me how many cuts I needed, I showed him the plans. I told him I was not sure. He told me that the policy was, as written in the board, twelve cuts per customer, I said: "That is fine." I get twelve cuts, pay for it, and come back for the rest. And is such a way I would be a new customer.

In the meantime, there was a woman (the only other client in the entire hour that needed a cut) waiting for a cut. He asked me if he could take care of her, and even though the twelve cuts per customer had not happened yet in my request, I said yes, I am not in a hurry. He performed another cut, and then there was as another customer with a question unrelated to cutting, I said "Take care of him," since I was not in a hurry. While he was gone, I took the time to expedite my request by pre-marking my cuts.

Then he comes back and the first thing that he asked again was "€œHow many cuts do you have," but his tone was as if I was doing something illegal, I was unreasonable in my request and as if he was doing my a favor instead of he doing his job. I lost my temper, and told him that I was sick and tired that he keeps asking the same thing, he said "œAm I not helping you?" Well, not really if he disappear to take care of others and comes back as if I was a pest. He asked me how many cuts and I said I don'™t know, twenty! I guess he did not appreciate that I had taken the time to pre-mark the boards, or that I have waited, or that the previous individual had ruined two cuts.

So, he left and in RETALIATION, he sent, ** a 300 lbs bouncer-three times my size, whose first words coming out of his mouth, in an intimidating manner were, "œWe are not going to make those cuts you want."€ He never said or bother to ask what has happened, or how may I help you? I told him: "You were sent here to get rid of me, because of what you were told." He did not ask how many cuts were actually made or ruined.

He gave me the excuse that your store cannot make cuts less than 12 inches, but failed to tell me that the cuts that I needed could be cut out of 4€™x8€ so that the remaining is always 12'€ or more. He was insolent arrogant and humiliating, unhelpful and abusive. I told him that he can cut any size if he really wanted; he just did not want to do it. So he made one cut to put me in my place. I asked him who the store manager was and he said he was the manager. I told him he was not the manager but he refused to give me your name. I went to the Customer Service Desk and a lady gave me your name, told me that you had gone for the day.

On my way out I came across **. I asked him when you and he would coincide in the store, and he told me he did not know, because you were always in meetings. It appears as if no one in Home Depot knows their manager'™s schedule. Quite a disturbing situation for a store that size! Out of this incident my perception is: your employees are there to shot the breeze. They do not give a damn about the customers. They lack proper technical training, they are reluctant to help. Home Depot relies on the lack of competition in Vermont. You could not care less.

They get a job with home Depot because they cannot do anything else in life. They are there until something better shows up. Your customers are not rich people that can spare the trouble pf building by paying others, you are. The goal is to serve the hard working and diligent people that honestly try to do their best in life. You do not hire a bouncer to intimidate and abuse a customers. Home Depot is not a night club, it is a home supply store.

I do not expect or insinuate that these individuals' jobs are jeopardized for this may be the only thing they are able to do in their life to earn a living, and I know how difficult it is to make it in life, but I expect a written apology from the three of them. If such apology does not happen, I will take this incident to higher levels for abusive and humiliating treatment.

Don't Let the Delivery Drivers in Your House.
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- We walked into Home Depot knowing exactly what we wanted. We pointed at the GE Profile Harmony washer and dryer and said, "€œWe'€™ll take it."€ The guy rang it up and told us we had to finish the transaction at customer service. Before we left we told the salesmen to please make sure the paperwork comes up in our name. Home Depot takes great pride in demanding all your personal information and keeping it in their systems. We got up to customer service and sure enough the receipt was not in our name. Same last name, but some other person's first name. They tried to tell us it didn't matter.

We told them if we wanted to get our tax rebate for buying an energy star appliance it needed to be in our name. Back to the appliance section we went. The sales girl rang it up (the original salesman has gone immediately off shift after our purchase). We back up to customer service and none of the price discounts has been included. This meant yet another trip to get it corrected.

We were supposed to have our washer and dryer delivered the first time 2/24/07. The delivery and installation were not going to be easy. They had to be brought in the back of the house, down some stairs to the basement and squeezed into the laundry room. But hey, Home Depot didn'€™t specify any delivery parameters. The delivery guy shows up and tells us our site isn't ready. The plugin is not correct and the plumbing will have to change because the washer machine is so much more powerful (LIE #1), we won't be able to let the washer machine drain into the utility sink, it'€™s much too powerful. That'€™s what he told us.

He suggested we refuse delivery to keep our options open. Because if we refuse delivery Home Depot has to reschedule which would give us time to make the changes necessary. If we took possession Home Depot wouldn't have to do anything for us. Needless to say Home Depot didn't tell us any of this, probably because everything other than the plugin (which was a 5 minute fix) was complete BS on the part of the delivery driver. By this point the delivery driver's helper had taken the washer and dryer out of their protective boxes.

We saw this and said we'€™d take possession after all because we didn't want our $2000 dollar washer and dryer bouncing around in the back of his truck. He assured us it was going straight back to the warehouse and would be protected, but that he just cancelled the order so if we took possession he wouldn't get paid. So once again, like idiots, we trusted this guy. Needless to say we went to Home Depot. To their credit they gave us the dryer plugin we needed and an extra 10% off. They also told us the washer machine used half as much water as normal machines and would have no problem draining into the utility sink (the nice LIE told by the delivery scumbag).

The second delivery was scheduled for 3/3/07. The delivery driver didn'€™t even bother to show up. He called at 5:30pm did not stop by our residence-but called to tell us our merchandise was damaged and did we want to take possession? We were naturally upset as he assured us this wouldn't happen. Once we told him we wouldn't take possession of damaged goods he abruptly HUNG UP. We immediately called customer service and reported him and told them NOT to send this delivery driver to us again.

Delivery was rescheduled for 3/7/07. We waited and no one showed up. We called customer service to ask where the delivery was. It was at this time we were informed that we had been black listed for threatening the delivery driver with a gun. No one from the company had ever called to inquire about this, no police were called and no complaint was lodged with the authorities.

The bottom line is this delivery driver came to our residence the first time and saw how hard the install was going to be and didn't want to do it-what's he care he apparently gets paid either way. He lied to us the first time telling us to refuse delivery because our site wasn't ready. We trusted him as the installer and took his advice only to find out from Home Depot he had lied to us. The second delivery was late on a Saturday. He didn't even stop by and show us the merchandise-only telling us it was damaged via the telephone. This also turned out to be a lie as we have the very same washer and dryer in our home TODAY.

Where is the paperwork from the company saying we refused the merchandise? My entire complaint is that this company took my money for their services, lodged a FALSE accusation against me without any substantiation whatsoever and then refused to follow through with the service I paid for, keeping my money. I thought we were innocent until proven guilty in this country? Threatening someone with a gun warrants a call to the police. Their records say I refused delivery, that's difficult to do when no one shows up. You have to fill out paperwork to refuse a delivery. So where is it?

There is no logical reasoning to their accusation. The driver calls us to tell us our merchandise is damaged and do we still want it and what? We say no and if you bring it here we'll shoot you? I didn't spend 6 years in college to make asinine comments like that. That is the bottom line. The delivery driver stood me up and when I called to complain to his company about his rude behavior he lied about me to protect his job. I want my money back for a service I paid for that they never provided.

I take the utmost umbrage at being accused of threatening someone as gunpoint and I will fight this to the very living end.

This is getting old and I wish consumers would smack these companies down with the power of the purse. We are the customers that are lining their pockets and when they are out right STEALING from us they treat us like DIRT.


Home Depot - Vallejo
By -

VALLEJO, CALIFORNIA -- The Home Depot customer service in Vallejo is appalling. I stopped there and was looking for a specific type of bolting. An employee walked by, who worked in that area, and I asked him if he had the specific bolting I was looking for as it is somewhat unusual. He kept walking and said "yep". I asked him if he could show me as I had been looking for about 5 minutes and he said if I looked hard enough I could find it myself and, he continued to walk away. In all fairness, another clerk came by soon after and saw me looking. He asked me if I needed help and I replied yes, and he attempted to help though he wasn't from that department (yes I did find them eventually.
I have been in the store three times total. Each time I have had problems with their customer service. It is so unusual for Home Depot, as other Home Depot stores do not treat their customers like this. I will NEVER shop at Vallejo Home Depot again, and, I know, they probably don't care.

Do NOT Reface Your Kitchen With Home Depot
By -

I've wanted to fix up my kitchen ever since I moved in my house, so when a sales representative at Home Depot approached me about kitchen refacing, I decided to give it a shot. I figured a large corporation like that would do a good job, I might just have to pay a little more. WRONG. I have a small kitchen, so the quote seemed reasonable enough. I was having the cabinets, drawers, countertop and sink replaced.

The salesman explained that I would be responsible for re-attaching the garbage disposal because the contractors aren't licensed plumbers, but he made it sound easy enough (though I was still a little tentative about that part). Everything else would be taken care of!

Well, the contractor finished up and everything looked OK except the faucet wasn't installed on the sink. I figured I knew someone to help me with that, so I let it go. Turns out, the sink wasn't even attached to the countertop. None of the parts of the sink were together, and the pieces to put it back together weren't even all there...I think some got carted away with the old sink.

So now, after having no sink for 3 days, I have to wait another 4 days...HOLIDAY WEEKEND :( ...to see if someone will rectify this situation or to try to do it myself. So much for only having to re-attach the garbage disposal. When I spoke to Customer Service, he went on & on about them not being licensed plumbers, no matter what I told him the salesman said. And he was not very concerned with my complaints...I think he just called for the "thumbs up, all's good", not to actually make sure I got my money's worth.

Well then I look at the cabinets. The knobs are on all crooked. The knobs on adjacent cabinet doors are off by 2 millimeters in some places, which doesn't sound like a lot but is HIGHLY noticeable. Then there's the molding they tore off and replaced. They replaced the molding with a much smaller piece so that the holes and discoloration from the old piece are now visible. Then I go to use some of the kitchen equipment. The exhaust fan/light above the stove that he took down no longer works!!! The small light above my sink doesn't work!!! What did he do??? I can't figure it out.

So now, I'm supposed to call a plumber and an electrician to fix problems that didn't exist before Home Depot came into my home? MORE MONEY??? I'm a single mom who can do minor projects around the house myself, but fixing these issues is beyond me. Plus there's dust everywhere & chips out of the paint. Good thing I didn't repaint the kitchen before all this happened or I'd be even more furious.

When you do a job, do it right, and don't create extra problems. Don't give the customer anything that would be unacceptable for yourself. That's my view in my line of work. Apparently it isn't Home Depot's. It's the holiday weekend, so I'm still waiting to see how my complaints will be resolved, but I'm not optimistic at all...I will not be returning to this store for ANYTHING. Nails, screws, plants...NOTHING. I should have saved up the money to have a professional completely redo the kitchen. I will NEVER waste money on refacing again. Honestly, it doesn't even look all that good.

Absolutely Dissatisfied
By -

WAITE PARK, MINNESOTA -- We recently purchased a special order, $6000 fence, through Home Depot and were told we would receive it in 7-14 days. My husband is in the military and took time off work, after that projected 14th day, for a week and a half, to be here, along with several friends, to install the fence. After waiting over 2 weeks we called Home Depot to ask about our fence and found out that they over charged us and cancelled the order, then put in a new order. After putting in that new order Home Depot failed to tell us that the company who makes the product was completely out and all of our order was on back-order. They also failed to tell us that they knew this company only produced this fence 1x/month, causing problems because the second order was placed late. After 5 weeks we finally received the product. We received a phone call in the morning stating that someone had to call them back to OK the delivery of our order, which no one did as I was at work and they only called my cell phone. Come to find out, when I got home, they delivered it anyway. Because my husband is in the military and could not take any more leave, we then had to call a contractor for another $3000 minimum to install this fence. After several phone calls and complaints the store decided they could give us approx $500 to help us out. Yeah right! that's not even helping. So the contractor showed up to install the fence, only to find out that the people at Home Depot have no clue what they are doing and didn't even order everything we needed. When I walked into the store 6 weeks prior and said "I have this fence plan, here is the layout, please tell me what I need and I'll give you the money". I expected that they knew a heck of a lot more than I did and would be able to get the order right. So we had no end posts and no corner posts. This caused our contractor to have to get his own posts and router out the holes to make them match our current order. Then, after getting all the posts concreted in, we now realize we are short 3 panels because Home Depot said we could cut the panels to fit, only that isn't what you do at all. So we actually need a panel for each section, whether the section is 6 feet or not. On top of that, the dimensions were wrong that Home Depot advertised for the product and the contractor had to redig the holes that we previously dug, with the intent of installing it a lot sooner. So now the panels will go up but we will have an 18 foot section with no panels. And now we have to re-order 3 more panels and Home Depot can't guarantee that they can get the product to us any sooner than the 1st time. Meaning our dogs will continue to remain chained up when outside and we still can't enjoy our back yard. I am absolutely disgusted with Home Depot and I have and will continue to tell everyone I meet why they should NEVER go to Home Depot!

The continuing saga of the Home Depot Nightmare
By -

The Nightmare at the Corona Home Depot continues
The final chapter with the Corona Home Depot Store #6665. Well, I called the Store Manager Giuliana Scottole on Monday April 5th and discussed the issue I had with Joseph Mcaqs and she assured me she was going to deal with him (but after what happen over the past two days I am sure that was lip service too). I expressed my concern over the way I was treated in the store and she assured me that if I wanted to purchase the merchandise I had originally planned on purchasing; she would personally help me and offered me a 25% discount. I agreed to her offer.
I went into the store at noon on Friday April 9th. We reviewed the materials I wanted in the supplier catalog, provided by Home Depot, which were cement pavers that came in multiple colors. I wanted the Terracotta and Sandstone. She had her employee in the Job Desk (which you would think they knew what they were doing, later I learned she couldn't recognize a piece of wood in a lumber yard) Paula work with me yup so much for the personal help she shoved the responsibility off to a person that was as incompetent as they come. She called the supplier to see if they were in stock and when could I get them. During the conversation I interrupted her at least 7-9 times to ask the supplier if they the two color pavers were the exact same size. Each time she came back and said yes.
Giuliana Scottole then asked me if I had her blackberry number from the previous conversation I confirmed I did she told me at least 4 times during our conversation quote- "I have my Blackberry with me at ALL TIMES, call me if you have problems". I paid the Corona Home Depot #6665 $988.21 for the pavers, pallet deposit and delivery. We confirmed that delivery date of April 19th in the morning.
Sat afternoon at approx 1:30 PM I received a call from Paula, the incompetent employee at the Job Desk that took the order and she informed me the supplier called her and told her the two pavers were totally different sizes not even close to what they advertised in the catalog Home Depot provide their customers. I asked her to call Giuliana and have her call me. At 2:02 PM on April 11, 2010, I also called Giuliana on her Blackberry. (Please refer to the previous quote from Giuliana about her having her Blackberry on her all the time.) Well I left her the information I was given and told her if I did not hear from her by 3:00 PM I was going to cancel the order and get my money back. I did not hear from her by 3 PM nor did I hear from her at all on that Sat. I went back the store #6665 and had them credit my credit card the full amount of the transaction. The jest here is Giuliana LIED to me. So obviously integrity and honesty was not at the top of Giuliani's list of qualified attributes for store manager. To date I was bullied around by Joseph Mcaqs, because he thought he was the manager for the day he was immune from providing customer service. Then I wasted over an hour of my time dealing with a lying store manager and an extremely incompetent store employee (Paula) who totally screwed the entire order up. Giuliana did eventually call me on Sunday morning trying to justify her lying screw up. I listened to her trying to justify all of the errors and screw ups by her and her employees. I finally got tired of listening to her and just hung up.
I drove to Lowes and purchased the same pavers without the 25% discount for $5.00 less. The folks at Lowes were professional, they knew exactly what they were selling, and they were able to complete the entire transaction in less than 30 minutes.
Home Depot you need to study Lowes and learn from them was customer service and professionalism is.
I guess Home Depot is big enough to employee people like Giuliana, Paula and Joseph in order to continually run customers off and continually loose business.


Home Depot Cannot Install Appliances
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Rating: 1/51

MAHWAH, NEW JERSEY -- Do not use Home Depot for appliances delivery and installation. Home Depot vendor for appliance delivery and installation for the New York area is Home Delivery of America. Home Delivery of America has multiple bad reviews all over the internet and lawsuits pending for extremely poor service. I read one on Yelp that was similar to my situation. I wish I had read it before the dishwasher was ordered.

We ordered a dishwasher from Home Depot that was supposed to be installed and the old one hauled away. All we got was 2 bullies with attitude that did not want to do their job. When the workers arrived they quickly determined they could not install the dishwasher. I asked them to remove the old dishwasher and leave the new one for the handyman to install. They said no. I asked if I can sign for the dishwasher so they can leave the new one. They said no.

By then my handyman came up from working downstairs and quickly determined that the dishwasher can easily be installed. It took four times asking the workers to allow me to sign the paper to keep the new dishwasher. My handyman ended up installing the dishwasher and helped me carry out the old one to the curb.

I called Home Delivery of America to complain. It took three times to get through to speak with customer services. Once I did they did not care to hear anything about the situation. I searched the internet and found several lawsuits pending from upset customers. Also, they had several bad reviews from other customers with similar situations. A single delivery did not matter to them.

Bottom line; use a local appliance store for when shopping for appliances. They have friendly, reliable delivery staff and want to satisfy their customers. They understand the important of customer service for repeat business and referrals. Home Delivery of America only cares about delivery volume and are not considered about customer service. Home Depot should take the time to read the bad reviews on the internet for Home Delivery of America. If they had they would not be using them as a vendor.

Don't Buy Home Depot Extended Protection Plan
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Rating: 1/51

CONNECTICUT -- Buyers should be aware that Extended Warranty is not serviced by Home Depot!!! But a Subcontractor who is out to make money from you! Terrible experiences from Home Depot extended warranty service!! This is not first time that I had a BAD EXPERIENCE. I purchased Cub Cadet Riding Lawn Mowers and the extended protection plan. After it went in for warranty service... my lawn mower is cutting the grass unevenly! I had a similar experience 4 years ago with the extended warranty service. The customer service, I should say, is one of the worst I've encountered. I called H.D warranty dept. explaining to them of how my lawn mower wasn't cutting evenly...

Next day BPT warranty company?, not Home Depot called and asked about my tractor. I explained to the representative that the lawn mower was cutting the left side of the grass shorter than the right side. She asked me "Did you check tire pressure?" I answered "Yes." Nothing was wrong with tire pressure and that I did check it. But she ask me 3 times about tire pressure. And her exact words to me,"You need maintenance" and pushed persistently that I needed to have maintenance.

I said "I don't need a maintenance." And that I had this issue previously... Maybe balance needs to be adjusted and requested to have it service (under my purchased Extended Warranty). We went back and forth with the same issue at hand. She did everything in trying to TELL me that I needed to be scheduled for Maintenance. PAY for it of course (this went on for more than 30 minute). She said "THAT'S WHY YOU NEED A MAINTENANCE... YOU NEED PAY FOR MAINTAIN FEE."

I said "You did not even look my tractor yet telling me to schedule and PAY for maintenance." She replied, "I KNOW, I'M DOING THIS BUSINESS FOR LONG TIME... Maintenance mean is oil change, filter change, and belt change..." Lol lol... I went along and asked her,"How is oil, filter, belt change related to the uneven leverage cutting of the grass?" She replied "It does." Does she take me for a fool? Does Home Depot even screen the subcontractors when they pass on the Extended Warranty that their clients purchased?

I strongly advise people from purchasing their Extended Warranty! Just know that when a problem starts from your equipment know that you're not dealing with Home Depot! You will get easy 30 minute of run around and "so called specialists" just trying to rip you off into PAYING for something other than using your warranty! I want to share my terrible warranty service experience with future Home depot extended protection plan buyer.

Don't Take a Job in Refacing Unless
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Rating: 1/51

PHILLY REGION, PENNSYLVANIA -- I started working for Home Depot in Oct with three other--two of which were smarter than me and quit before training was over. Basically 998 out of 1000 appointments that reps go on are people that have no interest in refacing their kitchen they were in buying something else and a lead generator pressures them into taking an appointment.

The problems with this are many, 1) you must be a high pressure salesperson in order to convince someone to spend 12,000-20,000 on prefacing, 2) You must be willing to spend 40.00 a day and travel as much as 300 miles to do this and drive an hour to each appoint. Must be willing to make that commitment and realize that some won't even answer the door because they really didn't want the appointment. Be ready to make this hour drive for an appt at 8pm if you get in the door an appt is a minimum of 2 hours. You will have many bank turndowns for the financing of the kitchen.

Also be ready for 1 of every three sales will cancel the next day. Most of all Home Depot runs this like amateurs. Not only supplying you with completely inadequate train two weeks at an average of 3 hours a day. You will be asked to sell things from a book such as back splash and in the end we were given a black and white sheet of paper that the customer had to use to pick out hardware with because there was not enough new hardware ordered. How embarrassing is it to work for an 90 billion dollar company and people have to pick out hardware for their 15,000 kitchen from a black and white piece of paper.

Last but not least you will never get paid correctly because of your lack of training you will make mistakes that will be deducted from your check you will find this out when you get it because there is ZERO communication between the measure people and your sales manager. Home Depot has no regard for you personally and they will run you into the ground if you let them. They couldn't care less about the quality of the lead because it doesn't cost them anything to send you there. The lead generators will say whatever they have to get the lead even if it i™s not true.

Estes Terrible for Home Depot Delivery
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Rating: 1/51

MARYLAND -- Ordered vinyl flooring from Home Depot online. Estes called to confirm date and time that it was going to be delivered. Estes made it perfectly clear that if no one was home to take the order, we would be charged to reschedule delivery. They never came in the time frame that they stated. I was home ALL DAY.

I called Estes a 1/2 hour before the end of the time frame to see what the problem was and the person who answered the phone was laughing as she answered and said that all the dispatchers were gone for the day, and she could not tell me anything about my order as to whether the driver was on his way or not. This was on a Friday. The following Monday my husband called Estes and the person who answered said that the driver had attempted delivery on Friday - this was a lie. Estes did not attempt to make a delivery, they never showed up and then they lied about it.

They rescheduled the delivery for the following Wednesday. The driver was totally unprofessional...I asked him to please put the vinyl in the garage because it was raining, he refused to do this because he said it was too heavy. He was rude and told me that I was lucky to have him place it where he did, which was just a few feet from the back of the truck.

Why are they delivering things that cannot be delivered properly? I hesitate to EVER order anything from Home Depot again if they continue to Estes as a delivery company. Also when my husband called to find out why Estes did not deliver on the first date, they could not find our order - very frustrating. Estes had no clue that there was merchandise that had not been delivered on the previous Friday.

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