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Do not order from Home Depot
Posted by on
MISSOULA, MONTANTA -- Dear wonderful Home Depot :
To who it may concern I would like to share my concern with your customer service at the Home depot in the Missoula city. I am a General contractor from California and work with your customer service as well as the store manager on issues at my home store in San Luis Obispo, Atascadero and as well in Santa Maria. I have to tell you I have never meet such an individual as the store manager you have in Missoula , Orrion French who flat out lies to your face and tells you he will do anything to please you. His actions and the lies he tells you provide the proof he is not customer service oriented.
I am telling you this information first so you will understand what I have been dealing with for the last three weeks. I am in the town of Annaconda working on a one and only master bathroom for my aunt, with my dad, and his two other brothers. This required installing new drain lines, new copper lines, new flooring new framing, new insulation, new bathroom fan, new cast iron Kholer bath tub and new Swanstone surround. All of these materials were purchased at Home Depot with no hesitation. Now the fun starts. The tub was ordered along with the Swanstone tub surround on 9th of August 2010 with your sales associate Greg Bennett at your Missoula Home Depot. We asked for a time frame for delivery Greg at that moment said let me call and ask, he call your distributor on the phone who stated that 5 – 7 days it would arrive as its destination. The Swanstone tub surround would arrive 2 weeks later. OK Greg asked so it may arrive by Friday but possibly by Monday, but definitely would arrive on Monday. The distributor on the phone said yes that is correct. The order was placed and the time frame seemed to be working with the timing on the bathroom work. Greg did not post on the order under notes who he talked, when the time or the date when he talked with them, big mistake.
Friday came and went, Monday, Tuesday then on Wednesday 18th of August 2010 at 1:35pm we called Home Depot and asked where was our tub that was supposed to be delivered. They, fist Phill who was working in the department and later Orrion French asked for the order number to check on the order and to talk and ask the distributor about the order. Now I would assume that they would pull up the invoice and read the entire invoice – especially the notes at the bottom that stated ship the tub as soon as possible. It was in stock when we ordered and was still in stock when Phill and Orrion French called and inquired. We were told by your store manager Orrion French that the tub was placed on hold waiting for the delivery of the tub surround and that they are going to ship just the tub it and it will take two weeks to reach us now. Now I have dry wall installers asking if they can start work, and I have no cast iron tub to install – to finish drywall down to continue with the progress of the bathroom. I was told by Phill and by Orrion French that there is no way that Home Depot can get the tub any quicker than two weeks. I asked and inquired no you can overnight, expedite or express ship anything you want – please help me out and get it expedited so I can continue my project. Again your representatives told me there are no way they can get it any quicker than two weeks.
On Thursday, mad about the situation that the project is in – since in two weeks my vacation / work helping my aunt would be over my dad and I drove 120 miles 1:45 mins to get to Missoula to confront your representatives who were pushing me off. Orrion French and Phill of coarse are unreachable at the moment so at 8:15 am we start the scenario over with a new representative Tanya Kuhl. Who after a little bit of time actually has a good head on her shoulders and is very will to help customers in the store. Big help – she tells us let’s call the vender and find out what is going on. So she calls and finds out that they did send it out regular shipment- no express or no send this out rush. Nice Phill and Orrion French you did me a big favor. She asked if the tub could be returned and shipped faster, the distributor stated that it was just put on the truck and the truck had not left but was still being loaded. She was also informed we could overnight ship it, rush or expedite ship it to the store in Missoula and was amazed that Phill or Orrion French did not offer this to us.
For the next 4hrs, yes my dad and I stayed there in the Missoula Home Depot to get this tub – it was that important. We worked asked questions, inquired and waited for responses from the distributor and from Tanya kuhl the Home Depot representative on the availability of the tub getting shipped faster. So from 8:15 am until 12:15pm my dad and I worked with Tanya to get this tub. Orrion French realized that Tanya was helping us with our order, 9:30am in the store, that he messed up and told us “oh good Tanya is helping you, she will do right by you and get your tub quickly – no worries”. What in the world does Orrion French do in Home Depot besides hide out and just walk around? Placed and expressed over night order with your vender made possible through Tanya and Jill in your ordering and express shipping department. No at 12:15pm the order was in, it was approved and agreed by Home Depot that the distributor would pick up a large portion of the cost to ship the tub since they made the mistake and did not read the paperwork to send the tub. Home Depot would pick up a small portion of the cost to ship the tub. No the really fun part - 15 minutes later ( after we did some banking) while going for some lunch thinking that the tub issue was resolved and that we received a call from Orrion French the store manager that he personally canceled the order and that the tub would arrive 5 – 7 days from today. I told him you have to be kidding do you understand how much work we did to get the tub by Friday. He told me, you will just have to wait – that is the best we can do, but we could refund you money and give you +10 % and you could go order from Lowe’s. Let me understand this correctly first you mess up my order, don’t help me when you are at fault then you are paying me to go to your competitors’ because your unable to fulfill an order, interesting. I really wonder how often Orrion French does this because he was sure quick to offer this.
On that note I am still waiting for my tub that should have arrived 5 – 7 days and thinking that Orrion French needs to be fired from Home Depot and that Tanya needs to be promoted. I mean all Orrion French did is tell us lies in the store and on the phone. The following picture’s show the work order and the order number (note also the notes at the bottom of page) and a picture of the bathroom minus the glorious tub.
At this point I wish to show my concern with others visiting your store. First I will have to give them this letter and they can read the following instructions .
#1. Ask the person you are dealing with how long they have been in the department. In Missula they move people around to cover the different departments. I personally watched ten individuals from other departments work in the kitchen area taking orders and answering questions.
2. Ask the person you are dealing with how long they have been working in the department – more so how long have they been training. A lot of Home Depot employee’s get a shotgun introduction to work in the department they are working in – in other words the guy your ordering from may only have 4hrs experience training in their department.
#3. Ask about their name and department number – there may be several phill’s in the store and remember that may not be his regular department he works in .
#4. Ask if he or she is going on vacation or what days and hours he or she works. You want to reach them since you have spent hours placing and deciding on your fixtures and their color scheme.
#5. Find out if Orrion French is the store manager or works there or worse your in the Missula Home Depot – if he does run for the hills , your order is going to get messed up and he will stump any progress in you getting your fixtures on time. Go to Lowe’s – learn from my recent mistake.

T. Edwards Construction
Credit card holder, Pro products purchaser – how much longer ?
P.S. Maybe others can buy pass Home Depot and go directly to Lowe’s and eliminate the headaches that I am having. Maybe even order from their home town building supply shops, which I should be looking in to once I get back home.
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User Replies:
Alain on 08/29/2010:
Missoula is probably a different district than your store in San Luis Obispo, etc. Contact Home Depot corporate, via their website, about this problem since they may not be aware of it.
rockfishing on 08/29/2010:
Most times your better off paying extra and using a plumbing supply or kitchen and bath outfit to get your material. Both Home Depot and Lowes are unreliable. I last had to buy a 14 inch rough in toilet. Home depot was a lost cause, Lowes found one with a couple week wait. I check Amazon dot com and fount one for $150 less than
THD_Daniel on 08/30/2010:

My name is Sheronda and I am with the Home Depot Customer Care department. I apologize for your experience and I would like to look into it further for you. Would you mind emailing me your order number and contact information? My email address is sheronda_care@homedepot.com. Thank you.

Social Media Specialist
The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA 30339
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You Need To Understand
Posted by on
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- EDIT(3/11/08): after having this article posted for 3 days a letter showed up in our break room addressing confidentiality and reminding all of us that we signed a paper when we started working there saying we wouldn't give out any confidential information, or details as to how the store runs in an outside environment. I found that kind of funny.

I work for Home Depot, and all morning I've been reading these complaints. There's so many people that think all the associates there are bad people, or just suck at their jobs in general, or that we're out to get you ??? YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND %90 of the time the reason for our bad customer service is related to lack of people on the floor. The way Home Depot works, as well as hundreds of other large corporations I'm sure, is off of graphs... That's right, your customer service depends on graphs. Depending on the sales from previous dates, months, weeks, last year, etc. a computer makes a decision as to what the customer flow will be on this week. The district managers sends out sales plans to all the managers in his/her districts, and the managers take those daily/weekly plans and divvies the dollars up between departments to form something called a Forecast. then the scheduler has a graph on his computer that is representative of how many hours we can schedule due to the amount of dollars we are supposed to make.

what this amounts to is about 15 departments(including pro desk, service desk, receiving, and cashiers) that are only being covered by anywhere from 4 to 7 people, plus an Assistant Manager or some sort of key carrier(this person isn't there to take care of customers though). There is NEVER EVER EVER 1 person per department, or nearly enough people to make sure that you will get the service you need.

the fact of the matter is, Home Depot is putting itself into a self-cyclical down spiral. they're not putting enough people on the floor to service customers, so therefore we don't make as much money as we need to. then we schedule even less people because we're making even less money, and the cycle goes on and on. At some point the higher-ups are going to have to make that investment to fill the stores with associates so that even if theres only 1 person in the store, that person will get taken care of.

I love working at Home Depot when it is fully staffed, and I LOVE providing great customer service to people when they come into the store I work at, but I cannot help but be frustrated, and sometimes even give attitude to customers. For example, when we are ridiculously understaffed, and I'm trying to do my job, but have customers coming up to me asking me to order windows for them at 6:10 in the morning. So I would kindly say "well I'm not experienced with ordering windows, but I'm sure someone at our Millwork desk can take care of you" (I HAVE NO CLUE HOW TO ORDER WINDOWS AS ITS NOT MY JOB AND I DON'T EVEN WORK IN THAT DEPARTMENT) so I would walk them over to the millwork desk. but guess what, no one is scheduled in millwork for 3 hrs, so I'm out of luck. So I would say to the customer "I apologize, there's no one here now, maybe somebody up at the Pro Desk can help you". Then I would walk them up to the Pro Desk. But wait, we don't have anyone at our Pro Desks until 7 or 8 in the morning. So guess what? Theres actually nobody in the store that has the knowledge, or EVEN the access to the computer program that allows you to sit down with somebody, ask them about their specific house and practice the trained skill of being able to sell windows to them. So then after I realize I can't help this customer I would probably say something like "Again, I apologize, this is really ridiculous that we have no one here to help you, I'm sorry about that, if you come back later our Millwork associate will be here and I'm sure he can help you" This is where customers get ticked, AND RIGHTFULLY SO!! I know I would be ticked off if I had to deal with this type of crap, but the thing is there's nothing as associates that we can do about it, but we're the ones who then get flipped out on by the customer. And let me tell you, I've had some absolutely brutal customers, that take all their anger from home, work, and whatever else is going on in their lives and just open the flood gates on you. I'm a grown man and I've been talked down to by people to the point where I almost want to cry, or start a fight with them(and obviously never have or would because its really unprofessional) I can joke about it after, but it sucks at the time it happens. And the thing is, once you have to deal with someone like that so early in the morning, you get aggravated, and it ruins your day, and sometimes effects the way you act to your peers and other customers.

At Home Depot, I'm an inventory Manager, you know those several associates that walk around with the mobile cart workstations in the early hours. My job is to make the shelves full by creating lists for the departments to work and get things down stocked. I also order merchandise (TO AN EXTENT) and also do all the price tagging for my specific departments, which are "kitchens and bath" and "plumbing". This brings me to my next point.

WE AREN'T trying to rip you off by having the wrong prices on things, or by not giving you coupons, or rebates, or informing you of specials. Also we don't just NOT order things and leave the shelves empty on purpose, or because we're lazy.
As far as price tags go, every day when I get on my machine it says if I have price changes to do or ads that are starting or ending. So I will walk the isles and change the prices. As I put through these changes they are updated at the registers so everything is in sync. The thing is, there are many mornings where the ads or price changes that come up are "Overdue". when a price change is overdue that means the company or vendor of that product wanted/needed the price changed so badly that they had our people in Atlanta change the price in our system before we got to change the price on the shelf, or it CAN mean someone was lazy and didn't do the price change by the date it was supposed to be done. An example would be, Kohler realizes their sales have been down all year and want to spend the last 3 weeks of the year making up for it.. Therefore to make up in the loss of sales they send a price change to the stores immediately to up the price on every toilet we sell by 13 cents or whatever they need to make up for that loss of sales. we try to get these price changes done before the store opens or at least in the very early morning hours but mistakes happen or sometimes there are just MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO(safety checklists, cleaning the store, doing whatever the heck the manager on duty wants you to do before I can do things I need to do). it causes problems for the customers who technically ARE being lied to, but also problems for us because we AREN'T the ones lying. Now as far as coupons and things of that nature, half the time associates aren't even fully aware of events or specials or advertisements being promoted on the radio or television. Why? you ask, because it usually just isn't made aware by anyone... Yes I know when we're having major clearance events or if EVERY appliance is 10 percent off, but when theres small things like rebates or whatever, no one ever comes up to me and says, "oh just for your information, Honeywell Thermostat Model# YCBJ8Y has a $25 mail in rebate" It just doesn't happen like that. and as far as telling customers about these things, WE DO NOT PRACTICE HIDING ANY TYPE OF DISCOUNTS OR COUPONS ON PRODUCTS because that just wouldn't make sense. If there is something big going on having to do with a discount, it is gone over at the morning meeting and we are highly encouraged to help our customers save money as a tool to heighten sales. never are we told to try to hide rebates or coupons. Now as far as Out of stocks in the stores. people are always complaining we're out of stock on this, out of stock on that. in most cases there's nothing we can do to get a product in any quicker than its' scheduled and many times don't even order the products ourselves. theres 2 types of ordering essentially. 1 is "regular", where any time I can pull up a vendor order for any product sold by that vendor in my department, and order what I want. but the majority of things ordered, especially high dollars things, are controlled by the buying office and are under an order type known as CAR -Circulatory Auto Replenish. I have no control, my store manager doesn't have much control(he can speak with a District manager if he has issues with certain products being out of stock for long periods) but besides that, it's a waiting game. Some people come in EVERY day asking if the product they want came in, even though we said it wouldn't be here for 10 days. People think that because we're such a big company, we order things and they are there the next day and its so far from the truth. the thing is sometimes I go out of stock on something and the company that makes it doesn't manufacture it fast enough to replenish all our stores... so as the product is made the buying office and buying captains team up and distribute this stuff to where they think it will sell the best, resulting in not having some products for 15-60 days, and I've seen longer.

There's many other things I'd love to explain, but I can't think of them all at once. I guess my point is please don't think all of the people who work at these stores are lazy or always in a bad mood, we're actually thrown into really crappy situations a lot of times with already angry customers and don't have the tools we need to solve the problems. I understand some people spend tens of thousands of dollars at Home Depot and in return they get a ridiculously low grade job or product in return and that is just plain wrong and I have nothing to defend it. Also, so many people come to these sites to complain about things with our company, which is understandable because it is a third party company, but there is a service provided by Home Depot to leave your opinions and suggestions about. its homedepotopinions.com ....every single week we get pages and pages of the comments customers have from excellent to absolutely poor terrible service. these are placed right on our break room tables for everyone to read. people are written up if there are bad things said about them and the store manager does his best to change what he can. the manager will even call people and try to resolve issues if he has the power to.
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User Replies:
thensider on 03/05/2008:
Working in retail can really suck, I agree. it is so hard to keep up a good attitude after someone rips your face off, first thing in the morning! Thanks for sharing your story!
Anonymous on 03/05/2008:
Thank for a good posting. My major complaints against Home Depot are the great number of employees who have only a general idea of where merchandise is located in the store and those who don't have a clue of how to use the merchandise. But I will say that those who work the contractor desk do know about the merchandise.
Anonymous on 03/05/2008:
Thank you for posting. I must say that my experiences with the employees in Home Depot have always been great, and because of this I always go to your stores first for my Home Improvement needs. Recently, when my husband was working on installing plumbing & a sink, he sent my 17-year-old son to Home Depot with a part that needed to be replaced. My son, not very knowledgeable in this field, simply showed it to an employee and they found it on the shelf and handed it to him. Just then, my husband phoned my son on his cell phone. He needed another part. As my son was trying to understand his description, the helpful employee asked my son if he would like for his dad to talk to him instead. So, the employee listened to my husband on the phone, found the part, and my son was out of the store in a matter of minutes. That's great customer service.

By the way, later when I had to make the run to the store, I believe I had the same employee help me. I made a point to mention my satisfaction to the manager on my way out.

Keep up the good work, Home Depot employees!
bargod on 03/05/2008:
Now doesn't it feel good to get that stuff of your chest.
Mario The Great on 03/05/2008:
Wow, someone said something positive. The lack of associates is at every retail store now. I was in HD, Lowe's, Kmart, Sears, Best Buy, JCPenny and Dillards over the last 2 weeks and I don't think I saw more than 1 associate per 5,000 sq. feet. JCPenny had 50 customers and 4 visible associates, including the checkout girl last SATURDAY afternoon. Wow! Anyway, Kudos to you.
Crown Jules on 03/05/2008:
Excellent post, ddashtrois! Working retail can suck when you are an associate on the floor and are handed down directives from managers and other higher-ups who sit in their offices with charts and reports and computer programs and have no idea what it is like to deal directly with customers.

I believe everyone should be forced to work in a retail job for one year so they can see what it's like on the other side of the register. Maybe then they'll be more understandng and more willing to cut people some slack.
sunshine619 on 03/05/2008:
Good post. I don't work in retail but absolutely understand the position of those who do. Some people just need to accept that the world doesn't revolve around them, and learn how to be polite and patient. P.S. I've never had a problem with the HD employees and I shop there quite often.
Anonymous on 03/05/2008:
thensider is right. Heaven forbid you ever start your day by crossing paths with a purple greeter eater. I hear they're straight from hell.
Anonymous on 03/05/2008:
Very good post and info, thanks!
Alain on 03/19/2008:
Good review. Retail work is not fun. I did it and will never do it again. We (there are several 'Alains') used to work at Lowe's. All of us left and found better paying jobs with better management.
DumdHead on 03/31/2008:
You have to love working in a low volume store. Just think the IMA's are going away. If you stay with the company read your job discription.
Sivart on 04/05/2008:
What about the attatudes and never knowing anything and telling me "I Don't work in this department,
I'm on Break". And my favorite part Telling me that other retailors don't carry that.(Because I'm so stupid only Home Depot employees Know things)Well thank God For Them.Because it would be a joyful experience to shop at Menards or Lowes and we cannot have that.
johnsonjosh223 on 04/06/2008:
All the stores(Home Depot, lowes, Menards) are identical just different name color package. Fact is we only cary the common items that will sell. If customers need something specific we can order it or try to find a shop locally who might have it. I work at Lowes my biggest problem is when we don t have the item(out of stock or just don't carry it) customers blow a gasket like I have super powers and can make it appear out of no where. the reason why you cannot get good customer service is people are not willing to spend money on a good product so we carry the cheap stuff. In turn we still sell the same amount but we make less money cannot afford employees so get rid of them. that's the way it is. I agree with you 100% thanks for the post!
ddashtrois on 04/12/2008:
Sivart wrote: "What about the attatudes and never knowing anything and telling me "I Don't work in this department,
I'm on Break". And my favorite part Telling me that other retailors don't carry that.(Because I'm so stupid only Home Depot employees Know things)Well thank God For Them.Because it would be a joyful experience to shop at Menards or Lowes and we cannot have that."

I actually kind of explained some of the attitudes, and things like that. theres not always an excuse for people's bad customer service, and that's not what I was trying to say. and as far as saying other places don't have things, I've never done that before, and in fact I recommend the local tractor supply as well as our local plumbing supply company to people all the time. sounds like u want employees to know not only the 30,000 items we stock but also the ones of all the other stores. if u went to Menards or lowes u'd be dealing with the same thing. it's called corporate America. I wish snotty customers like you would just go to Lowe's right off the bat
Bernie57 on 04/25/2008:
Did my time at HD,new to retail and amazed what customers would say. HD states, if you don't work in that dept. say so, you cannot leave your own dept. Talking to a customer on break is a no no. If you punch out and talk to a customer,your working off the clock. Your time is clocked to the minute. One person wanted my attention,instead of asking, they just grabbed my apron and pulled, I lost my balance but they got my attention, and a tongue lashing. And lastly,an irrate customer screamed they were going to lowes, and I like a good worker, was quick to give them directions. Complain to someone who makes the rules, workers just follow them.
tumtum45 on 05/11/2008:
I've worked at Home Depot for amost a year and I love my job, but it's nice to hear the other side of the story instead of just customer complaints, so thank you for posting that.
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Humiliating Treatment
Posted by on
WILISTON, VERMONT -- Monday, September 3rd, 2007

Home Depot
759 Harvest Lane
Williston, VT 05495
Attn.: Mr. Christopher Howard, Manager

RE: Humiliating Treatment by Store Personnel

Dear Mr. Howard:

I have been a loyal client of Home Depot since 1992. I have spent thousands of dollars in your store fixing six homes, all of them my homes, none for speculation, threw out my lifetime in the United States:

1. A house in Coral Gables, FL,
2. An apartment in Coral Gables, FL,
3. A town house in Hutchinson Island, FL,
4. A row house in Federal Hill Baltimore, MD
5. A farm house in Berlin, VT, and now
6. A town house in Hindenburg, VT

I have relied on the expertise of Home Depot for fifteen (15) years every where except in Vermont, where the whole world seems to tick at a different pace, I have had nothing by superb experiences with the knowledge, the willingness to help and the appreciation towards a client spending money in home Depot that could spend it somewhere else. Obviously, my preference for Home Depot has had been the return policy and the customer service quality, which other competitors either lack or are still catching up with yours.

The following is a recount of an unfortunate incident that took place approximately from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm at the Home Depot located in Williston, Vermont.

I am in the process of fabricating slate-covered plywood panels.
Eighteen (18) cuts in total
I arrived at your store with the plans in hand
I asked the man in lumber if he could cut it and if he is accurate.
He said he could try.
He ruins the first 4’x8’ by cutting in 2” short in length. He did not double check his cut, I did it. He did not think that marking it in advance with a pencil and using a tape (which he said he did not have one) was necessary.
He cut another one correctly in length but one and a half inch (1-1/2”) longer that the measure (which he did not mark either).
Then his answer is “I can not be too accurate with this machine”
That response was so utterly unintelligent, incoherent and ridiculous that I told him that that I have had most of my cuts done at Home Depot for fifteen years, that the machine was accurate to the thickness of the blade and if he and that if he did not know how to use the machine, he should get someone else who did.

His reaction was to remove his protective eye glasses and whatever other gear he as wearing and tell a second person “you take care of him”.
The other person, who turned out to be skillful, knowledgeable and could make the cuts accurate to the thickness of the blade, by simply following common practice, apparently was not quite willing to help me either.
After five cuts, he asked me how many cuts I needed, I showed him the plans. I told him I was not sure.

He told me that the policy was, as written in the board, twelve cuts per customer, I said: ‘that is fine I get twelve cuts, pay for it, and come back for the rest. And is such a way I would be a new customer.

In the mean time, there was a woman (the only other client in the entire hour that needed a cut) waiting for a cut, he asked me if he could take care of her, and even though the twelve cuts per customer had not happened yet in my request, I said yes, I am not in a hurry.

He performed another cut, and then there was as another customer with a question unrelated to cutting, I said: - take care of him since I was not in a hurry.
While he was gone, I took the time to expedite my request by pre-marking my cuts.

Then he comes back and the first thing that he asked again was “How many cuts do you have, but his tone was as if I was doing some thin illegal, I was unreasonable in my request and as if he was doing my a favor instead of he doing his job.

I lost my temper, and told him that I was sick and tired that he keeps asking the same thing, he said “Am I not helping you?

Well, not really if he disappear to take care of others and comes back as if I was a pest. He asked me how many cuts and I said I don’t know ,twenty!
I guess he did not appreciate that I had taken the time to pre-mark the boards, of that I have waited, or that the previous individual had ruined two cuts.

So, he left and in RETALIATION, he sent, Steve a 300 lbs bouncer-three times my size, whose first words coming out of his mouth, in an intimidating manner were, “We are not going to make those cuts you want” He never said or bother to ask what has happened, or how may I help you?

I told him: “you were sent here to get rid of me, because of what you were told. He did not ask how many cuts were actually made or ruined.

He gave me the excuse that your store can not make cuts less than 12” inches, but failed to tell me that the cuts that I needed could be cut out of 4’x8” so that the remaining is always 12” or more. He was insolent arrogant and humiliating, unhelpful and abusive.

I told him that he can cut any size if he really wanted; he just did not want to do it. So he made one cut to put me in my place. I asked him who the store manager was and he said he was the manager. I told him he was not the manager but he refused to give me your name.

I went to the Customer Service Desk and a lady gave me you name, told me that you had gone for the day.

On my way out I came across Steve. I asked him when you and he would coincide in the store, and he told me he did not know, because you were always in meetings. It appears as if no one in Home Depot knows their manager’s schedule. Quite a disturbing situation for a store that size!

Out of this incident my perception is:
1. You employees are there to shot the breeze
2. They do not give a dam about the customers
3. They lack proper technical training
4. They are reluctant to help
5. Home Depot relies on the lack of competition in Vermont
6. You could not care less
7. They get a job with home Depot because they can not do anything else in life
8. They are there until something better shows up
9. Your customers are not rich people that can spare the trouble pf building by paying others, you are to goal is to serve the hard working and diligent people that honestly try to do their best in life.
10. You do not hire a bouncer to intimidate and abuse a customers
11. Home Depot is not a Night Club it is a Home Supply Store.

I do not expect or insinuate that these individuals’ jobs are jeopardized for this may be the only thing they are able to do in their life to earn a living, and I know how difficult it is to make it in life, but I expect a written apology from the three of them. If such apology does not happen, I will take this incident to higher levels for abusive and humiliating treatment.


Alejandro Fuentes

CC: Home Depot Head Quarters
Enclosures: Plans
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User Replies:
bigboxworker on 09/03/2007:
If you want very precise cuts, you should avoid big box retailers like Home Depot and Lowe's. These places have a cutshop mainly to help you cut your wood and other materials into smaller sizes so it'll fit in your car.
*Brenda* on 09/03/2007:
I agree with bigboxworker.

I hate when people try to get around limits by walking out then walking back in. That is the most annoying thing EVER.
Pomona Guy on 09/03/2007:
Buy a Skilsaw and start making your own cuts! And isn't a bit cold in Vermont?
Anonymous on 09/04/2007:
Home Depot has bouncers?
jktshff1 on 09/04/2007:
If you are fabricating the panels, why is hd cutting them?
sounds as if you are taking advantage of a service they offer.
Hugh_Jorgen on 09/04/2007:
Something tells me there is another side to this story......
spiderman2 on 09/04/2007:
I didn't know HD had bouncers either. I think the OP is a bit full of himself.
Alain on 09/05/2007:
Really, you should cut the wood yourself. I do things like that just so I know my little jobs are done right. You definitely have a problem with this store. No one should have allowed this situation to get nasty. Since it did, you might try calmly taking it to a higher level and you probably shouldn't bother to deal with this store again. It would be better for you and them.
Anonymous on 09/05/2007:
Second, the cultural Marxism of Political Correctness, like economic Marxism, has a single factor explanation of history. Economic Marxism says that all of history is determined by ownership of means of production. Cultural Marxism, or Political Correctness, says that all history is determined by power, by which groups defined in terms of race, sex, etc., have power over which other groups. Nothing else matters. All literature, indeed, is about that. Everything in the past is about that one thing.
Jacq2121 on 09/06/2007:
" 7. They get a job with home Depot because they can not do anything else in life" With comments like this it's apparent why they didn't want to help you. I agree w/ Hugh there is another side to the story....
John511 on 02/15/2013:
The problem with the Home Depot ,everyone wants to be a manager . As you can see,nobody is smarty enough.
Efffyou on 12/03/2013:
I would have given you a lesson on respect if you said anything to the effect of #7 on your list. You have no idea what the person providing you service has accomplished in their life, and no right for being so inappropriate. Yet, Old folks talk bad about MY generation... I'm sure your parents are proud to raise such a gentleman. Have a great day, and as always, thank you for shopping at The Home Depot!
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Don't let the delivery drivers in your house.
Posted by on
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- We walked into Home Depot knowing exactly what we wanted. We pointed at the GE Profile Harmony washer and dryer and said, “We’ll take it.” The guy rang it up and told us we had to finish the transaction at customer service. Before we left we told the salesmen to please make sure the paperwork comes up in our name. Home Depot takes great pride in demanding all your personal information and keeping it in their systems. We got up to customer service and sure enough the receipt was not in our name. Same last name, but some other person’s first name. They tried to tell us it didn’t matter. We told them if we wanted to get our tax rebate for buying an energy star appliance it needed to be in our name. Back to the appliance section we went. The sales girl rang it up (the original salesman has gone immediately off shift after our purchase). We back up to customer service and none of the price discounts has been included. This meant yet another trip to get it corrected.

We were supposed to have our washer and dryer delivered the first time 2/24/07. The delivery and installation were not going to be easy. They had to be brought in the back of the house, down some stairs to the basement and squeezed into the laundry room. But hey, Home Depot didn’t specify any delivery parameters. The delivery guy shows up and tells us our site isn’t ready. The plug in is not correct and the plumbing will have to change because the washer machine is so much more powerful (LIE #1), we won’t be able to let the washer machine drain into the utility sink, it’s much to powerful. That’s what he told us. He suggested we refuse delivery so keep our options open. Because if we refuse delivery Home Depot has to reschedule which would give us time to make the changes necessary. If we took possession Home Depot wouldn’t have to do anything for us. Needless to say Home Depot didn’t tell us any of this, probably because everything other than the plug in (which was a 5 minute fix) was complete BS on the part of the delivery driver. By this point the delivery driver’s helper had taken the washer and dryer out of their protective boxes. We saw this and said we’d take possession after all because we didn’t want our $2000 dollar washer and dryer bouncing around in the back of his truck. He assured us it was going strait back to the warehouse and would be protected, but that he just cancelled the order so if we took possession he wouldn’t get paid. So once again, like idiots, we trusted this guy. Needless to say we went to Home Depot. To their credit they gave us the dryer plug-in we needed and an extra 10% off. They also told us the washer machine used half as much water as normal machines and would have no problem draining into the utility sink (the nice LIE told by the delivery scumbag).

The second delivery was scheduled for 3/3/07. The delivery driver didn’t even bother to show up. He called at 5:30pm– did not stop by our residence-but called to tell us our merchandise was damaged and did we want to take possession? We were naturally upset as he assured us this wouldn’t happen. Once we told him we wouldn’t take possession of damaged goods he abruptly HUNG UP. We immediately called customer service and reported him and told them NOT to send this delivery driver to us again.

Delivery was rescheduled for 3/7/07. We waited and no one showed up. We called customer service to ask where the delivery was. It was at this time we were informed that we had been black listed for threatening the delivery driver with a gun. No one from the company had ever called to inquire about this, no police were called and no complaint was lodged with the authorities.

The bottom line is this delivery driver came to our residence the first time and saw how hard the install was going to be and didn’t want to do it-what’s he care he apparently gets paid either way. He lied to us the first time telling us to refuse delivery because our site wasn’t ready. We trusted him as the installer and took his advice only to find out from Home Depot he had lied to us. The second delivery was late on a Saturday. He didn’t even stop by and show us the merchandise-only telling us it was damaged via the telephone. This also turned out to be a lie as we have the very same washer and dryer in our home TODAY.

Where is the paperwork from the company saying we refused the merchandise? My entire complaint is that this company took my money for their services, lodged a FALSE accusation against me without any substantiation whatsoever and then refused to follow through with the service I paid for, keeping my money. I thought we were innocent until proven guilty in this country? Threatening someone with a gun warrants a call to the police. Their records say I refused delivery, that’s difficult to do when no one shows up. You have to fill out paperwork to refuse a delivery. So where is it?

There is no logical reasoning to their accusation. The driver calls us to tell us our merchandise is damaged and do we still want it and what? We say no and if you bring it here we’ll shoot you? I didn’t spend 6 years in college to make asinine comments like that. That is the bottom line. The delivery driver stood me up and when I called to complain to his company about his rude behavior he lied about me to protect his job. I want my money back for a service I paid for that they never provided.

I take the utmost umbrage at being accused of threatening someone as gunpoint and I will fight this to the very living end.

This is getting old and I wish consumers would smack these companies down with the power of the purse. We are the customers that are lining their pockets and when they are out right STEALING from us they treat us like DIRT.

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User Replies:
Wildhairedwoman on 05/04/2007:
I had problems with lowes and the first thing you need to do is......Did you put this on your Home Depot card? or A different Charge Card? No matter what you used go the back of tyour credit card statement....where it says Special RULES for CREDIT CARD PURCHASES read it USE IT!!! Then go online and report this to your state atty generals office consumer complaints, keep a copy and also report it to thr Better Bus Bur. Go on home Depots Site and Email them a copy of your complaint here and tell them how many hits it has had( You can aggerate if need be ) When I did those 3 things after months of fighting with Lowes a simialar situation I got immediate action!!! persistence is the key but letting them know you are broadcasting to the world makes them usually try to make you happy! GOOD LUCK! DO Not GIVE UP!!
Wildhairedwoman on 05/04/2007:
Oh One more THING!!! Call the Billing Number on your charge card first......Because the address they give you to use sometimes under that special purchase rule Is usually not the correct one........Make the calls..get names of who exactly handles that part of the charge card...And please excuse my spelling I did not check my comments very well ! But believe me you can win this! Lowes took 1000 dollars off of a defective floor that they sold me And I Chose to keep it but they were willing to take it back! Please let me know how you do!
Anonymous on 05/04/2007:
I agree that the delivery person was too lazy to do the job,but I've said this time and time again,DO NOT BUY APPLIANCES FROM HARDWARE STORES!Go to an appliance store that offers service as well as sales.
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Home Depot Customer Service
Posted by on
Top executives at Home Depot don't seem to understand the concept of customer service. Home Depot seems to have the worst customer service of any major company. From what I read, this problem goes all the way to the CEO, Bob Nardelli.

If you have a problem with Home Depot, I suggest you contact the administrative assistants ("admins") of all Home Depot top officers. You probably can't get hold of Robert Nardelli's administrative assistant. If you have trouble with Home Depot's operator robot, just say "Operator," and you will be transferred to a live Home Depot switchboard operator. Then ask to speak to the administrative assistant of a top officer from the list below.


Home Depot Inc. (HD)
2455 Paces Ferry Rd.
Atlanta, Georgia 30339-4024
Tel: (770) 433-8211
Fax: (770)384-2337

Robert L. Nardelli - Chief Executive Officer, President, Chairman of the Board
Frank L. Fernandez - Secretary
Carol B. Tome - Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
John Costello - Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer
Robert P. DeRodes - Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Executive Vice President, Business Development - Blake, Francis S.
Tom Taylor - Executive Vice President
Senior Vice President, Operations - Rice, Troy A.
Brad Shaw - Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications
Millard Barron - Senior Vice President
Craig Menear - Senior Vice President
Bill Lennie - Senior Vice President
Carl Liebert III - Senior Vice President, Operations
Dan Kneip - Senior Vice President
Carl Liebert - Senior Vice President, Operations
President - Merino, Bruce A.
William E. Patterson - President
Jim Stoddart - President
Eric Peterson - President
Paul Raines - Vice President
Diane Dayhoff - Vice President, Investor Relations

See what Home Depot Associates themselves say:


Sales associate

Poor management, rude bosses, and general disrecpect among fellow employee. Go in with eyes open....

The managers can't manage, the supervisors can't supervise, there's no hot water in the restrooms,

Management is at best high school rated. "I don't like you, you will never advance" (HRM quote)....

Pro Sales
In the beginning employees were hired because of their backgound in the construction field. Later a...

Was great until Terry Dilts left. The store has been going down since then.



The company as a whole has a solid outlook. Business is good but I think that eventually Lowes will beat them out due to superior customer service.

This company is going downhill fast. Management is in denial about everything.

Special Servies Associate
Like listed above, The Home Depot sometimes does not hire educated individuals to fill their manage...

Depts Manager
After many phone calls e-mails to the top brass I was never contacted in any way there is nothing on...

Senior Human Resources Manager
Business outlook is grim with the current culture. It may have worked in the past but today's consum...

Home Depot Horror Stories

Home Depot horrendous customer service

The plan also counts on Home Depot winning back customers alienated by its notoriously dysfunctional customer service. Although the company has implemented a service performance improvement plan to increase efficiencies in customer service--and says it has already seen improvements--damage has already been done. Failing to improve customer service could also throw a spanner in its expansion into services: Why, after all, would anyone who has already had a bad experience at a Home Depot willingly subject themselves to further torture by enlisting its services for pest control?

The Home Depot: Inept Customer Service
I'm not shopping at The Home Depot again. Their absolutely inept customer service combined with poorly trained cashiers has resulted in $164.48 in triplicated charges to my credit card. These charges have not yet been refunded.

Posted By: Elssie (Dallas, TX)
Home Depot Customer Service (Credit Card)sucks. - Home Depot Credit card

Carl of Paris TX:
On May 5, 2004 I went to The Home Depot to get one sheet of 3/4" plywood. When I got there there was one customer at the checkout stand and nobody else could be found. After waiting for aboutt 30 minuets the supposed-to-be employee finished with the customer he was helping. I found the plywood I needed and it was about 6 feet off of the floor. I asked the supposed-to-be helper if he could help me get the piece down. He told me that there was no one there at the time to run the forklift so I would have to wait.

I know that one piece of plywood is not very much but in the past I have spent several thousand dollars with The Home Depot. I did not say anything to the young man. I just walked out. Since I will have to wait until tomorrow to get to work on my project more I will go to Paris Lumber Company to get all the materials I need for the job and I probably will never go back to the sotore again.

I don't know how the store stays open in Paris because all that I ever hear anyone say about it is that they can not get any service there. I have worked in service departments or had my own business all of my working life (I am retired) and not one of them would accept the kind of service that I have gotten (even in the past) at Home Depot.

Miguel of Atlanta:
I made a purchase on May 01 2004 before the 2:00 p.m. deadline for delivery the next day. Delivery never showed up. Had to call to figure out what had happened. Everbody was rude saying I was wrong with the time and that the order had been set up for May 04 2004. My receipt shows 2:00 p.m. and the salesperson said he would have the materials delivered on Monday the 3rd.

Had the workers all day waiting to install the 600 river red bricks.

Richard of N. Providence RI:
On May 27 of this year I spent 3-1/2 hours in Home Depot. Of this time I spent 3 hours of this time waiting and trying to locate people to help me. I finally left this store with my order of $850.00 of materials. The following day I returned to change my special order for doors.

After waiting for 25 minutes for someone at the special order desk I gave up and asked to see the manager Sean. After waiting for 20 minutes I finally gave in and left another $400 in materials at the pro desk. I will never spend another penny at a Home Depot.

Linda of Portland OR:
I had purchased 2 light fixtures for Kitchen/dining area, about 3 years ago. I had them professionally installed. Two months ago the one in the kitchen area fell to the ground without any real cause that was apparent. It put a hole in my hardwood flooring and scared me to death. My handyman put the fixture back in and could not see any true cause.

Last night just after preparing dinner (I was directly under the fixture) it came down again, once more leaving another hole. This appears to be a very dangerous fixture and could have actually killed me.

I returned it today and upon speaking with the 1st customer service agent she instructed me to go get a new one and she would scan that box. I did and when I returned there was now a new very young person who wasn't helpful in the least and gave me a most difficult time not wanting to exchange the fixture. I asked for her manager who was a toothless person who told me that my electrician must have sawed off the end of the attachement that goes into the base. You can clearly see that it add not been sawed.

When I suggested they may have modified the fixture of the past 3 years, he said they "never do that". How could I keep from laughing...crying or yelling. I then asked for his boss, now the new fixture has been completely dismantled, he removed the fiber glass and it went everwhere ... his boss hears the story and told them to just box up the new one for me.

Now why couldn't they have just done this in the beginning rather than waste 1/2 hour and treat me so poorly?

My floor now has 2 holes from the fixture falling, I am only grateful that it didn't hit me, the last fall was a near miss. My flooring is a swedish hardwood made for commercial dance floors and can take a great deal of abuse.

Imelda of Chihuahua, Mexico, was unhappy when a Home Depot employee suggested an off-the-books transaction:

Yesterday, an employee at the Lee Trevino St. store in El Paso, TX, tried to sell me a product at a cheaper cost. This person just took the product out of the store and tried to charge me for it without paying at the cashier. I could not believe my eyes of what was happening and made him turn the product back to the store to be paid. When this happened, I was in a hurry to go back to Chihuahua, so I did not report him to the manager, but I feel it is my obligation to report it some way. Home Depot's own employees are taking products and selling them outside the store without any type of hesitation.

Gareth of Stanford, CA, writes:
On May 22, 2001 at approximately 6pm, I went to the Home Depot to buy a 6'x8' piece of carpet padding. After finally locating a sales associate (Nancy) in the carpet department, I told her what I needed and she proceeded to get a 6' wide roll and cut an 8' piece of the roll. She then wrote up the sales slip which said it was for 10.5+ square yards. When I questioned the math, Nancy proceeded to get very surly and said she got the figures off "the chart" and they were correct.

I told her there was no way that a 6'x8' piece of anything was 10.5+ square yards. She then asked if I wanted to speak to the Manager, which I did. We then went to the "Service Desk" to see the Manager, who was summoned from another part of the store. While we waited for him (Billy, Assistant Store Manager), I tried to explain to her that it was just a simple math problem. She then informed me that she no longer wanted to discuss the matter with me and I could "leave the store", which I refused to do.

When Mr. Kibbe arrived, he took Nancy into a back office. When he came out and approached me, he told me that he didn't accept anyone who "berated" his employees. When asked what he meant, he said that Nancy told him that I'd "called her every name in the book". When I told him that none of that had transpired, he told me he "did not need my business." When I explained to him that, over the years, I have spent many thousands of dollars at his store, and didn't feel that his comment was proper, he informed me that "I don't care if you've spent a million dollars in this store, I don't need your business".

Billy rewrote the sales slip for the correct square yardage with no apology for either his or Ms. Straight's behavior. This type of treatment in a retail store which purports to have "great customer service" is baffling. I will now tell everyone who asks me my opinion of the Home Depot exactly what I think of them and their "customer service".

James of Lake Grove, NY:
Three months ago I purchased some power tools at Home Depot. One of the tools I bought was a porter cable jigsaw. I needed this item for a big job that started 01/10/01. The first time I used this tool it was not working correctly. So I went to the Home Depot in Setauket, New York on 01/13/01 to return it or get an even exchange. I had my original receipt, and in addition I had my ID card and my Home Depot commercial charge card.

I was told by a return personnel employee named Katy that she couldn't do anything because the tool wasn't under warranty. She said the tool was two years old. I didn't understand; I had just bought this tool three months earlier. I asked her if I could speak to a manager. "What don't you understand," she asked me. "There is nothing we can do." I asked once more to speak with a manager. She told me I was wasting her time and ordered me to leave the store. She then took my tool and threw it off her counter.

I asked another worker to get me a manager. The manager, Steve, came over to me and I told him what had happened. He replied, "Sir, I really don't think she would throw your tool. Maybe she lightly dropped it by accident." I then showed him the tool and receipt. He looked at it and laughed at me and said, "What is this, stolen?" He said this to me in front of other customers. He stated that he wouldn't take it back. I asked him why and his response was simply, "Because I don't feel like it." I told him that I didn't like the way he was speaking to me, and he told me to "take the tool and get out."

I was disrespected, humiliated, and embarrassed in front of customers. I also have other tools that have been sold to me "no longer under warranty." I would appreciate any help you can give me.

Rodney of Irvington, NJ:
Here is a copy of the letter I sent Home Depot. My name is Rodney and I am a manager with Verizon in the Residential Sales and Service Center. I want to relate to you one of the most demoralizing, dehumanizing, and abusive situations I have ever experienced. Sounds like I've just been released from a foreign prison? This actually happened at a Home Depot Store located in Bloomfield, New Jersey. I will try to be as brief as possible. I am currently working on the nursery for my child due in March. I have been buying all the materials from your store. Fortunately, I have always had the good fortune not to ever have to return anything until Thursday January 11th. Under the advice of one of your representatives, I purchased some material on the above mentioned evening but as fate would have it turn out, it was the wrong item. About twenty minutes later, I returned to the store undaunted, thinking that I could still wrap this project up that evening. I asked the woman at the counter to allow me to exchange the item as opposed to returning it, because I had used my debit card to make the purchase and did not want the funds held up on my account up to five business days. She flatly stated that this was impossible to do. After several minutes of me trying to convey to her that these funds being held may hinder my purchasing more, she finally called a manager who in the span of thirty seconds, advised her to send me to get the items I required, which would have added up to more than my previous purchase, and then I would pay the difference then. Fine. I then proceeded to the department to get the item I needed. I asked a young lady could she help me find it. She was a very pleasant young lady. Unfortunately, she couldn't help me but got on the loudspeaker to call someone for me. I stood by the desk in the department and asked each employee that walked by were they there to help me and each responded no and went on their way. This went on for a total of fifteen minutes before the above mentioned young lady returned and asked had they helped me yet. I responded no and she got on the "horn" once again and called for someone again. I waited for another ten to fifteen minutes until she returned again and said she would help me. She tried but couldn't and we proceeded together to find someone who could. To my relief, we found someone two aisles over but to my disappointment, he never looked up to acknowledge us and simply stated "What's there is there." I am finished because at this point, I have spent almost forty five minutes in this location with no satisfaction. I resigned myself to the idea that I would not finish the project that night and I would just get my money back and try my luck at a more "customer friendly" location. I went back up front to the woman and said to her that I would require a refund because after all the time I spent in the store, no one had helped me and to be perfectly honest, had not earned the money that Home Depot had of mine. She began to process the return. I had a sales receipt. The cashier who rung me up was a few feet away. This woman asked me for ID. I am astonished that after being inconvenienced by all the above mentioned items, they now want me to prove I am who I'm supposed to be? In haste to get back to the store, I took the contractor's truck and forgot my drivers license. I was informed that it is impossible to process a return without it. Impossible? To quote the cashier, "We cannot just return anything to just anybody!" . . . All the way home, I thought about how the manager had spoken to me. He was condescending and made it obvious that I was beneath him.

Jacqueline of Bronx, NY:
I called Home Depot to see if my Armstrong commercial tiles came in.. During the phone conversation a customer service person informed that my merchandise was not pay for. In order to get special color tiles you must pay when you place your order. This customer service person then told me that I never paid to have my tiles delivered which, in fact, I did.

I then got into my car and drove to Home Depot in Yonkers. I saw the salesman in flooring who helped me and explained to him what happened. The salesman stated that the customer service lady had looked on the wrong screen on the computer, that my order was paid for.

I than asked the salesman about the delivery of my tiles. He spoke with the assistant manager whose name is Ed from flooring. This assistant manager did not take the time to look on the computer screen to see that I had paid for delivery before he stated so rudely that I did not pay for delivery. Then he stated that I could not get delivery until sometime on Saturday between the hours of 7am and 2pm.

I asked could he give me a window time and once again he displayed a very nasty disposition towards me. I asked to speak with another manager and he stated he is the manager and there was no one else who could help me. I feel that it is very disturbing that it this big store there was only one nasty manager who talks like he had no upbringing. It makes me wonder if I was a different color would he have talk to me in the same manner.

I don't I would want to shop at Home Depot any more after I was treated in such a way.


Home Depot appalling quality from the manufacturer extremely poor customer service from Home Depot

Home Depots down fall will be because of its customer service. I worked for HD for 2 years before leaving for a better paying job. I really didn't want to leave because I really enjoyed my job helping the customers and passing on the knowledge I had in the department that I worked in.

When I started working at HD, Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank were still in charge and they really motivated you to do a great job for the customer. They were proud of their employees and there number 1 priority was taking care of the customer. We had plenty of store associates to cover the floor. You always found an orange apron whenever you turned the corner. And the stores were turning good profits.

Then Bernie and Arthur stepped down and hired Bob Nardellie to take over. That's when the stores went down hill. In came the grafts that stated how many associates you needed on the floor per hour depending on the sales your department did during that time. (BULLS@#T). You cannot honestly tell me that you only need 2 associates on the sales floor on a Saturday afternoon in the Garden Department on a beautiful spring day..... Get real.... HD used to hire associates that actually knew something about the department they work in. But not anymore. I guess if they hired someone who actually knew what they were talking about they would have to pay them a decent wage, but that is not going to happen. You can forget about overtime. I have seen associates actually stop helping the customer because their shift was over and they had to clock out or they would get in trouble with management because now they had overtime. Many a time I would constantly get called into the managers office and be "counseled" because I had more than 40 hours. But my work ethic is to make sure my job is accomplished before I go home and believe me they put a lot on the associates to do besides helping customers.

I can understand your displeasure with the associates who walk with their head down avoiding eye contact with the customer, probably because management has them doing something else, but this is no excuse not to stop and help the customer.

I perfer HD over Lowes any day of the week. Fortunatly for me I can do a lot of the home improvement projects myself so I really don't need an associates help when I go to HD,so they can help customers who are more in need of help than I am.

To those associates who really enjoy their job, I feel your pain because I've been there and done that keep up the good work.


R - Columbia, South Carolina
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User Replies:
you r stupid on 03/12/2005:
Every company has issues on bad management bad employees and poor customer service and one problem a lot of times is customers expect way to much and have no patients to wait there turn to be waited on. Most people for some reason think there more important then the guy waiting next to them, but I can clearly see that you are patient and also have no life what's so ever to be bothered typing such a long piece of information. Maybe you should get a job there and try to change it.
LegalCollector on 03/13/2005:
"Too much time on your hands" comes to mind
consumeradvocate12 on 04/10/2006:
Thanks so much for compliling just a tiny sample of the way Home Depot/Expo Desisn Center abuses their customers. Continue to spread the word on this poor excuse for a business. Peace
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Home Depot - Vallejo
Posted by on
VALLEJO, CALIFORNIA -- The Home Depot customer service in Vallejo is appalling. I stopped there and was looking for a specific type of bolting. An employee walked by, who worked in that area, and I asked him if he had the specific bolting I was looking for as it is somewhat unusual. He kept walking and said "yep". I asked him if he could show me as I had been looking for about 5 minutes and he said if I looked hard enough I could find it myself and, he continued to walk away. In all fairness, another clerk came by soon after and saw me looking. He asked me if I needed help and I replied yes, and he attempted to help though he wasn't from that department (yes I did find them eventually.
I have been in the store three times total. Each time I have had problems with their customer service. It is so unusual for Home Depot, as other Home Depot stores do not treat their customers like this. I will NEVER shop at Vallejo Home Depot again, and, I know, they probably don't care.
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User Replies:
momsey on 12/07/2010:
Wow, that is one crappy worker! Good review.

By the by, I have family in Vallejo!
clutzycook on 12/07/2010:
did you report that worker to the manager? not that it would have done much good.
THD_Daniel on 12/10/2010:

My name is Sheronda and I am with Home Depot Customer Care. I apologize that you had that experience from one of our associates. That's not how we want our customer's to be treated. Please email me any additional details that you may have as I will be forwarding your comments to store management. Thanks!

Social Media Specialist
The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA 30339

jktshff1 on 12/10/2010:
Very Helpful. Well written, not a rant. I like the pic at the bottom of the post.
Anonymous on 12/10/2010:
Wow what horrible service. Wonder if that employee was on break or lunch. But still, it would have taken that employee a few seconds to point you in the right direction. Glad you found what you were looking for
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Absolutely Dissatisfied
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WAITE PARK, MINNESOTA -- We recently purchased a special order, $6000 fence, through Home Depot and were told we would receive it in 7-14 days. My husband is in the military and took time off work, after that projected 14th day, for a week and a half, to be here, along with several friends, to install the fence. After waiting over 2 weeks we called Home Depot to ask about our fence and found out that they over charged us and cancelled the order, then put in a new order. After putting in that new order Home Depot failed to tell us that the company who makes the product was completely out and all of our order was on back-order. They also failed to tell us that they knew this company only produced this fence 1x/month, causing problems because the second order was placed late. After 5 weeks we finally received the product. We received a phone call in the morning stating that someone had to call them back to OK the delivery of our order, which no one did as I was at work and they only called my cell phone. Come to find out, when I got home, they delivered it anyway. Because my husband is in the military and could not take any more leave, we then had to call a contractor for another $3000 minimum to install this fence. After several phone calls and complaints the store decided they could give us approx $500 to help us out. Yeah right! that's not even helping. So the contractor showed up to install the fence, only to find out that the people at Home Depot have no clue what they are doing and didn't even order everything we needed. When I walked into the store 6 weeks prior and said "I have this fence plan, here is the layout, please tell me what I need and I'll give you the money". I expected that they knew a heck of a lot more than I did and would be able to get the order right. So we had no end posts and no corner posts. This caused our contractor to have to get his own posts and router out the holes to make them match our current order. Then, after getting all the posts concreted in, we now realize we are short 3 panels because Home Depot said we could cut the panels to fit, only that isn't what you do at all. So we actually need a panel for each section, whether the section is 6 feet or not. On top of that, the dimensions were wrong that Home Depot advertised for the product and the contractor had to redig the holes that we previously dug, with the intent of installing it a lot sooner. So now the panels will go up but we will have an 18 foot section with no panels. And now we have to re-order 3 more panels and Home Depot can't guarantee that they can get the product to us any sooner than the 1st time. Meaning our dogs will continue to remain chained up when outside and we still can't enjoy our back yard. I am absolutely disgusted with Home Depot and I have and will continue to tell everyone I meet why they should NEVER go to Home Depot!
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Weedwhacked on 06/17/2010:
I would have taken the $500 even if you don't regard it as any help at all.
THD_Daniel on 06/17/2010:
Hello HLEY,

I'm sorry to hear about the poor customer service with your fence order. I'd like to look into this further. Would you mind emailing your contact information and order number to daniel_care@homedepot.com?

Social Media Resolution Expeditor
The Home Depot
Atlanta, GA 30339

spiderman2 on 06/17/2010:
The lesson here is to never order something like this from Home Depot. Find a store that specializes in something and use them. We bought a shed from HD because we had gift cards for it and found out that when there were issues with it, HD didn't care one bit. I will never again buy anything from them that I can't carry out of the store and use immediately. They are not knowledgeable and they are not contractors. Buyer Beware!
Sales 101 on 06/27/2010:

I have learned from some years of shopping with HD... Look for the HD associate with YOS (years of service) badge over 10+ years...
Never start the project until ALL of the merchandise is on site... If HD says it will arrive in a week call it to weeks, their vendors often over promise
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The continuing saga of the Home Depot Nightmare
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The Nightmare at the Corona Home Depot continues
The final chapter with the Corona Home Depot Store #6665. Well, I called the Store Manager Giuliana Scottole on Monday April 5th and discussed the issue I had with Joseph Mcaqs and she assured me she was going to deal with him (but after what happen over the past two days – I am sure that was lip service too). I expressed my concern over the way I was treated in the store and she assured me that if I wanted to purchase the merchandise I had originally planned on purchasing; she would personally help me and offered me a 25% discount. I agreed to her offer.
I went into the store at noon on Friday April 9th. We reviewed the materials I wanted in the supplier catalog, provided by Home Depot, which were cement pavers that came in multiple colors. I wanted the Terracotta and Sandstone. She had her employee in the Job Desk (which you would think they knew what they were doing, later I learned she couldn’t recognize a piece of wood in a lumber yard) Paula work with me – yup – so much for the personal help – she shoved the responsibility off to a person that was as incompetent as they come. She called the supplier to see if they were in stock and when could I get them. During the conversation I interrupted her at least 7-9 times to ask the supplier if they the two color pavers were the exact same size. Each time she came back and said yes.
Giuliana Scottole then asked me if I had her blackberry number from the previous conversation – I confirmed I did – she told me at least 4 times during our conversation –quote- “I have my Blackberry with me at ALL TIMES, call me if you have problems”. I paid the Corona Home Depot #6665 $988.21 for the pavers, pallet deposit and delivery. We confirmed that delivery date of April 19th in the morning.
Sat afternoon at approx 1:30 PM I received a call from Paula, the incompetent employee at the Job Desk that took the order and she informed me the supplier called her and told her the two pavers were totally different sizes – not even close to what they advertised in the catalog Home Depot provide their customers. I asked her to call Giuliana and have her call me. At 2:02 PM on April 11, 2010, I also called Giuliana on her Blackberry. (Please refer to the previous quote from Giuliana about her having her Blackberry on her all the time.) Well I left her the information I was given and told her if I did not hear from her by 3:00 PM I was going to cancel the order and get my money back. I did not hear from her by 3 PM nor did I hear from her at all on that Sat. I went back the store #6665 and had them credit my credit card the full amount of the transaction. The jest here is Giuliana LIED to me. So obviously integrity and honesty was not at the top of Giuliani’s list of qualified attributes for store manager. To date I was bullied around by Joseph Mcaqs, because he thought he was the manager for the day he was immune from providing customer service. Then I wasted over an hour of my time dealing with a lying store manager and an extremely incompetent store employee (Paula) who totally screwed the entire order up. Giuliana did eventually call me on Sunday morning trying to justify her lying screw up. I listened to her trying to justify all of the errors and screw ups by her and her employees. I finally got tired of listening to her and just hung up.
I drove to Lowes and purchased the same pavers without the 25% discount for $5.00 less. The folks at Lowes were professional, they knew exactly what they were selling, and they were able to complete the entire transaction in less than 30 minutes.
Home Depot – you need to study Lowes and learn from them was customer service and professionalism is.
I guess Home Depot is big enough to employee people like Giuliana, Paula and Joseph in order to continually run customers off and continually loose business.

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Alain on 04/12/2010:
Lowe's gains one and HD loses one. Probably later with someone else the reverse will occur. Glad you finally got what you wanted at a better price.
Ytropious on 04/12/2010:
Uhh, how do you know she wasn't TOLD wrong information on the phone by an "incompetent" person on the other side? You just assume poor Paula is to blame with absolutely no proof. Also you act like this manager is available 100% of the time. She may have been on another call, not ignoring you or anything.
clutzycook on 04/12/2010:
At least they called you and informed you of the size discrepancy before they were delivered. Imagine how ticked off you would have been if you weren't made aware of the mistake until they were at your house.
i_am_canadian on 04/12/2010:
You vowed 'Never to return to Home Depot again' in your last review as well.
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Home Depot? - Home De NO!
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PEARLAND, TEXAS -- My husband and I decided to make some improvements on our master bath. We shopped HomeDepot and the lady in Kitchen and Bath Remodel was very nice... a little too focused on finding the cheap way out, but nice. We ordered our items and that's when it began. HomeDepot will only sell the granite and installation service together. You have to use their installation service. Fair enough, we thought. But the installation was a nightmare. We were told that after the measuring we would need to go to their facility to choose the piece of granite we wanted. That helps you get more of the color pattern you want since every piece is different. When the guy came to measure the vanity, we were informed that that privilege was for people who purchased 20 feet or more. We only needed about 6 feet. The day of the installation finally came, the cutting took place on my front lawn and the workers left chunks of the product and shards all over the yard. The guys banged up my freshly painted walls on both sides. The holes bored for the faucets were too small. They said they only do them one size; standard. These were the “professionals” that did not come cheap. The job looks unfinished. It looks more commercial than residential. The horizontal edge is beveled but not the backsplash side walls that face front. They’re just there with the cut edge exposed.

The piece of granite chosen for us does not have the amount of gold inflections that was represented in the sample piece so none of our accessories look good with the countertop. I could have gotten a better installation service from the day workers on the side of the road. The next problem was with Home Depot’s delivery service. I think they must really have some unhappy employees in that department and they are beating up the merchandise or trying to destroy the company from the inside out (LOL). Everything we ordered came in damaged. Our bathtub, vanity, one of the mirrors; all damaged. Every time we had to reorder something, our project was delayed. We went to pick up our re-ordered bathtub after receiving a call that the replacement was in.

When we got it home, we found it was not the bathtub; it was the damaged vanity we had taken back the week before. We finally gave up and just kept the damaged vanity. My sister is having major problems with a kitchen cabinet installation. I don’t know if Lowes is any better, but we ended up getting our bath tub from them without incident. It seems Lowes is more for the homeowner. Even the look and feel of the store is different. Knowing what I know now, I WILL NEVER GO TO HOME DEPOT AGAIN.
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The Home Depot on 02/21/2014:

We would very much like to look into this experience. Please email us your customer agreement number and additional information to teamsocial@homedepot.com. Also, please be sure to include the names of anyone you may have worked with. Thanks for your feedback!

Home Depot Customer Care-Team Social
Paul on 02/24/2014:
I use both Lowes and Home Depot for products as an avid DIYer. I have had 4 granite/quartz installations by independent fabricators. Each granite/quartz installation had flaws or errors. Not flawed stone but poor cutting or faulty installation. The trick is to catch the problems before installation and send the installers away before the stone is placed or have them remove the stone because you are unhappy. Home Depot may be able to help you with a possible replacement.

As far as flawed materials....welcome to home renovation. Delays because of poor materials needing to be re-ordered has been very common for me. I feel sorry for contractors who must deal with these issues every day.

Good luck on your future renovations.
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Don't Take a Job in Refacing Unless
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PHILLY REGION, PENNSYLVANIA -- I started working for Home Depot in Oct with three other two of which were smarter than me and quit before training was over. Basically 998 out of 1000 appointments that reps go on are people that have no interest in refacing their kitchen they were in buying something else and a lead generator pressures them into taking an appointment. The problems with this are many 1 you must be a high pressure sales person in order to convince someone to spend 12,000 -20,000 on prefacing 2. You must be willing to spend 40.00 a day and travel as much as 300 miles to do this and drive an hour to each appoint. Must be willing to make that commitment and realize that some won't even answer the door because they really didn't want the appointment. Be ready to make this hour drive for an appt at 8pm if you get in the door an appt is a minimum of 2 hours. You will have many bank turndowns for the financing of the kitchen. Also be ready for 1 of every three sales will cancel the next day. Most of all Home Depot runs this like amateurs. Not only supplying you with completely inadequate train two weeks at an average of 3 hours a day. You will be asked to sell thinks from a book such as back splash and in the end we were give a black and white sheet of paper that the customer had to use} to pick out hardware with because there was not enough new hardware ordered how embarrassing is it to work for an 90 billion dollar company and people have to pick out hardware for their 15,000 kitchen from a black and white piece of paper. Last but not least you will never get paid correctly because of your lack of training you will make mistakes that will be deducted from your check you will find this out when you get it because there is ZERO communication between the measure people and your sales manager. Home Depot has no regard for you personally and they will run you into the ground if you let them. They couldn't care less about the quality of the lead because it doesn't cost them anything to send you there. The lead generators will say what ever they have to get the lead even if it’s not true.
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The Home Depot on 02/04/2014:

We would love to look into this experience further. Thanks you for taking the time out of your day to leave us feedback. Please email us additional information to teamsocial@homedepot.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Home Depot Customer Care-Team Social
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