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Deplorable Customer Service at New Rochelle Home Depot
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Rating: 1/51

NEW ROCHELLE, NEW YORK -- Please fix the extremely poor customer service at your New Rochelle, NY store. I have consistently encountered DMV like service in this store for several years now (And I was going there often). Never ever have I seen such extremely bad, bad attitudes and unwillingness to help in any store. It seems as if it's a store policy help customers as little as possible. Simply do a Google search for poor service at New Rochelle Home Depot. And you will find story after story of people complaining about the really bad customer service coming out of this 1 Home Depot Store.

Based on my search this store clearly has a top national ranking for the worst customer service. I have even read some stories about management taking steps to address these customer service issues going back to 2009 (so obviously you know there is a serious problem with this store, and whatever you tried to do did not work).

Example: About a month ago I ask a clerk for help in the lumber dept. He starts to answer me and in mid sentence he gets a text message on his personal. The clueless clerk proceeds to have me stand right in front of him while he takes 4 minutes to send a volley of text message. No excuse me, no nothing. This experience got way worse but too much to write about here.

Example: Today I wanted to buy some refurbished/reconditioned equipment that they had lined up in front of the store. However all of the equipment was strung together with a wire lock. I go inside and ask if I can purchase the equipment. It take literally 30 min for them to locate someone with the key to unlock the stuff. When we got to do the unlock, the clerk and I also pickup an escort from the store manager.

She proceeds to tell me in a negative tone "you know there are parts missing right?" "Oh... Can you tell me what parts are missing?" She does not know and couldn't care less. "Do you know if the stuff works then?" "No... that's why we're selling them." Me: "Well they do say reconditioned on them." Her: "That means they're used."

I proceed to explain to her the definition of reconditioned. This banter continued for about five minutes. Finally I just said, "Never mind. This is too complicated," and I walked away. Here tone in this whole thing was as if she was annoyed, and bothered by my interest in the equipment (this was the manager). If it's OK for her to act this way, what do you think is permissible underneath her. This is clearly a management issues as it is storewide. The nearest Lowe's is a good 45min ride from this store. I'm a new loyal LOWE'S customer.

Credit Card Issue and Change of Address and Not Receiving Billing
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Rating: 1/51

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI -- My wife and I went into a Home D. store to purchase a ceiling fan. When we went to check out we found our credit card with Home D. wouldn`t go through. When calling from the store the credit dept. we found we had a unpaid balance of $60-$70 from a April purchase. I wasn`t aware of that because I didn`t receive a billing. We had a change of address that I believed I put on a statement when I mailed back to Home D. in March. I don`t use my Home D. charge very often but have had the credit card forever. My past pay report has been outstanding over the last 10-15 years with Home D.

The lady advised me I owe not only the $60, I owe late charges $25 the first month, $35 second month, $40 the next month and so on. I owe more in late charges than my balance on purchases. I also don`t understand why the P. O. didn't forward this bill because once in a while I still get forwarded mail. The lady I talked to was not flexible at all, she wasn't helpful either. She was all business but not really helpful. She wasn't rude or anything just if I wanted the fan I needed to pay the store $95 on my account or something like that an amount. I was getting a little upset and embarrassed with the other customers looking at my wife and I as dead beets.

I told her to look at my pay record over the past 10 years and I pay every month my balance but she advised she couldn`t go back over 6 months. So after going over and over with this credit person and making no progress I told her to send me the bill at my correct address and I will pay for what I purchased but not $100 in late charges. I also advised her I will never set foot in another Home D. store and I will tell all my friends and everyone I talk to how hard it is to do business with Home D. Please also note I pay bills as I receive them like every other person does, I don`t keep track of purchases and automatically pay them if I don`t get a bill.

Look at my credit score, look at my past pay record, then make a decision on cutting me off. I will pay the bill I owe, I will destroy my credit cards from Home D. and never shop there again. I will not pay all those outrages late fees however. When I receive the statement I`ll pay you what do.

Don't Buy Countertops From Home Depot!!!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- We bought $4000 worth of marble countertops from Home Depot. They sent out someone from Home Depot to measure countertops, my wife explained to them exactly what she wanted including a template from the cabinet makers. They say the measurements are wrong from the cabinet maker and say we owe an additional $1600. We paid the difference and we got put off for a month for several reasons but not limited to "the marble is on back order", "the installer cracked the marble when they cut it" and back to "the marble is on back order".

Finally we call Home Depot and tell them we need it installed, it's costing us money, is an eyesore and is very inconvenient! They tell us they will try to expedite the process and they switched installers. The installer shows up, and they have cut the island marble top wrong. The installers tells my wife, "yes it was cut wrong." The installer calls his boss and they tell him to bring it back and they will recut it.

Two months later and after contacting the counter top people at Home Depot, the assistant manager, the store manager, the regional manager, the associate and manager of the installer and making a complaint to the corporate headquarters we are 3 months without counter tops and still counting!!

The installer tells my wife that she signed a piece of paper saying that the measurements were right. My wife didn't sign anything, she doesn't know how to measure counter tops and on top of that it's not her responsibility. That's what we are paying them for! They tell her they will bring her the original top back, but that's it...

I will never do business with Home Depot again! They are a very shady business that does not care about their customers, has extremely bad customer service and its employees and contractors have NO idea what they are doing. The employees have told both my wife and I that they will "call us back" or "get to the bottom of it" but they don't and have no intentions to. PLEASE STAY AWAY!

Lack of Communication
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Rating: 2/51

ONLINE ORDER, NEW JERSEY -- On June 13th I ordered my mother a new washing machine from Home Depot. It arrived on the 20th. My mother attempted to use it two days later only to find that it would not agitate. She was unhappy with the product and did not want another washer like this one. I called Home Depot and they said they would not be able to deliver a new washer for a week. I told them I wanted to cancel the order. The gentleman on the phone said "that's fine, we will have someone out either Tuesday or Wednesday to pick up the washer." Order was canceled. I was told I would have my money back in my account within 36 hours. Washer was picked up on Tuesday the 25th.

OK. Fast Forward two weeks. No refund has been placed in my account as of this moment. Add to this the frustration of spending literally hours on the phone trying to get this straightened out. Also, add the fact that Maytag has since attempted to deliver two more washers to my house (the first time I had to sign multiple papers and talk to an unfriendly dispatcher and this was after I was told by the very friendly Home Depot advisor that "everything was taken care of") I have spoken to at least five people, all of whom have assured me the return number was generated and I would have my money within 36 hours of pick up.

Every time I called the nice operators said everything is taken care of. Well, called back Friday and was told I would have to speak to someone at the store (two weeks in I hear this). Once again, very nice lady tells me I will have my money back before Monday morning. Well, it isn't there yet. Called again was now told seven business days. I can understand mistakes, but I cannot understand or accept the utter confusion that seems to be going on inside this company. They have had the washer for two weeks. It was checked back into the store on the 28th, still I have no refund.

Not a Great Place to Work
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GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- To anyone who is thinking about joining the Home Depot as an employee, please beware. First of all, I left my last job as an assistant manager to join the Home Depot as a cashier. Why? The pay was better and seemed as if everyone worked together. When I went back to fill out my paperwork I was told that the only position that was available at the time was as a Lot Attendant. So the Human Resource Manager told me not worry, that he knows I have management skills, and that he would not forget about me and leave me in this position. So I went from being an assistant manager to a lot attendant. No problem I don't mind working my way up.

On my first day I learn from my co-workers that there are no other lot attendants other than myself. If you didn't know, a lot attendant's duties include loading customers' merchandise, returns of carts to their designated positions, and cleaning of the outer area of the store. As the first month pass by I continue to do my job and what every else someone ask of me to do. I'm always being told that I am doing a great job, but management has not hired another lot attendant to provide me with help.

Around the beginning of June the garden loader associate quits. Now while most companies would hire more help the position is left opened and I am now being called to also do garden loader work inside and outside. Now keep in mind that the pro-loader only works until 4 p.m., so when he is off, I must also pull that load. Okay now I am starting to get frustrated. I now find myself (a lot attendant) inside of the store pulling and cutting wood because there is no pro loader after four and because customers cannot find any lumber associates. So I continue to do my job without complaining.

In the middle of June Home Depot hires another lot attendant, but get this, he is only part-time. I showed him the ropes and what we would being doing and the first thing that came out of his mouth was why are lot attendants treated like dogs. So now I have another lot attendant here, I would go and talk to the Human Resource Manager and let him know that I would like to come inside to be a cashier now. And get this when I went to talk to this guy he forgot who I was and all about what he said in the beginning.

I want to not just because I wanted to get off of the lot, but because we have a great need for cashiers. Many are going back to school, moving back home, or just quitting. He told me that he would get the ball rolling for me to get me moved to a cashier position. Like I said before I was an assistant manager, I had done returns and exchanges at my last job and I have over five years of cashier experience. Instead of bringing me inside to be a cashier they started hiring and bringing in outside help before considering the people they already had. After a while I just got fed up with the process and stopped asking about the position.

So it comes around to my review. I am told that I am doing an excellent job and that the company wanted me to start forklift training and cashier training. So I am excited that they want me to be a cashier, but that's not the point. They want to train me as a cashier, leave me as a lot attendant, and only bring me on the inside when they need help. Many of my co-worker told me to quit, but I am a hard worker, so I stayed.

A couple of days later I learned that my other lot attendant would be leaving to go back to school. He left in the beginning of July and had already let the company know that he was leaving. It is now the end of August and I have not had any help in the lot since he has left. When I take my breaks and come back to work, management whines about the lot being full of carts. But what am I supposed to do, work on my break and lunch? So now I am pissed. This company care little if anything for your well being and getting some decent help. They knew this guy was leaving beforehand and haven't even tried to get me any help.

So last week I was approached by one the managers who told me he wanted to talk to me about my attendance. I had missed a lot of the days because of being dehydrated from constantly working in the lot by myself. He never even talked to me because he did not want to hear my side of the case. I am a lot attendant at the Home Depot and yet I work in lumber, plumbing, garden-inside and out, building materials, hardware etc. So be forewarned about working at Home Depot. They do not possess a great deal for employee care.

Home Depot Credit Card 5% Discount Matching Lowe's 5% Discount
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Rating: 2/51

GARDEN GROVE, CALIFORNIA -- Less than a year ago an associate at a Depot had me apply for a commercial Home Depot credit card telling me that I would get 5% off my purchases. Upon being approved for the card, I was told that at the register I needed to ask for the 5% Lowe's match. When I went to use it in Orange county the stores needed to see my Lowe's card. I have a Lowe's commercial credit which I have and showed them and have ever since with not much trouble.

One time at the Garden Grove store the cashier made me show the Lowe's card and my driver's license and checked the name on all three and told me that she had to make sure that I wasn't using someone else's Lowe's card in order to get the 5% discount. Today at the Garden Grove store I was told that the manager told them that the 5% discount did not apply to the Home Depot commercial credit card.

FYI: At Lowe's the 5% discount is applied automatically when the card is swiped and since it is a "Lowe's American Express" card, American Express gives 2 points for every dollar spent at Lowe's in which for every 2500 points that I cash in I get a $25 Lowe's gift card. This is an additional 2% in perks. CitiBank which issues my Home Depot Commercial card does not give any perks.

Trying To Keep Installers?
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Rating: 2/51

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- We all know the customer isn't always right. Except, when you have lazy, incompetent management trying to get people out of their hair... and they have an installer to blame. Then the customer gets whatever they want. The next time you scream and throw a fit and want your install for free, just remember - even if you say the installers did a great job, they'll still take every dime and then some from the installer to pay you back. Without saying a word - it just comes out of the pay and takes 3 years to fix - if ever.

If they don't ever have to admit they're wrong, they won't. Big box prices with a promised million dollar install, and even when you give it to them some people just won't be happy - I get that. But by the time the messages are passed from 1 middle man to the next, the installer has already been thrown under the bus.

Why aren't there enough installers to get jobs in quickly? Here's a hint - because they don't expect to pay for others' mistakes, and expect to be paid for what they've done. 50 pages of You're a subcontractor, you determine your pay, but I can't get paid for the work I've done? How does that work? How many great installers have you lost because you screwed them over? And the "entitlement" issues at the store - we can treat you however you want, you have to do this job. Good luck.

Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

MANTECA, CALIFORNIA -- Customer Service – Home Depot – NOT! The WORST Customer Service across multiple departments! When I ordered a door with install, I expected it by the contract date. If not I would expect a follow up call to tell me what the problem is. When I make multiple visits to the store to find the door I expect people to make an effort to find it. Third visit the guy went digging a found it! Oh, it's been there for a while!

When the installer comes I expect a call; not show up on the wrong day! When he says he will return the next day (scheduled day) I expect a call and for them to show up... I expect too much! When I go to the store… again, I expect customer service; no such luck! Waited a ½ hour for the delivery person to show up; ½ hour is 5 minutes to Home Depot for a customer waiting! Lowe's here I come because Home Depot has no clue what “Customer Service” means!

5% Discount With Your Home Depot Card "If You Ask for It"!
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Rating: 3/51

WESTERLY, RHODE ISLAND -- A very kind Home Depot cashier "saw" me using my Home Depot credit card today at the self-checkout register. She called over to me and said, (here's the quick conversation): Cashier: "Oh, I'll give you the 5% discount for using your card, sir." Me: "Is that something new or is that just a discount going on today?" Cashier: "It's all the time. You just have to ask for it. I just happened to see you using your card." Me: "Oh! Well...thank you!...but if it is a discount for using your Home Depot card, why isn't it automatic at the register or self-checkout?" Cashier: "You have to ask for it because we have to scan this sheet in order for you to get the discount."

Seriously? All I could think of was why did I not know this? How much money I could have saved in the past year if I had gotten a 5% discount had I known to ask. People do not like to feel that they've been "played" when leaving a store. They want to feel as if they had a good experience. After all, that's usually what brings them back. I'm guessing that if Home Depot made it more obvious to customers that they would receive 5% discount with their card, and allow it to occur automatically when the card is swiped (not hard to do), they would get more business. But, that's just a guess.

Deanna In The Resolution Dept Is In The Wrong Job
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Rating: 1/51

ON LINE, MASSACHUSETTS -- Waited 2 days for a $1,500 delivery that was promised but never came. Was given a lot of excuses like looked like no one was home but never knocked on the door even though a car was in the drive or the second day it was promised delivery was told no lift on truck so couldn't deliver??? I paid a person to be at the house both days for moving the items into the house so now they can't tell me when and Deanna will not authorize the items to be loaded into the house as I now only have my daughter there to open the door and I'm 75 yo and am sick. Doesn't seem like she's much of a resolution person or Home Depot couldn't care less about their customers.

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