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Employee mistreatment
Posted by 2dye4you on 12/08/2005
ST. PETERS, MISSOURI -- Home Depot is mandating that each store garden area stay open REGARDLESS of weather conditions just so that they can sell a few cheap christmas trees. A cashier must stand out in the cold and wind for a few sporatic sales at least until 8 pm. There was a 60+ year old cashier standing outside for 4 hours yesterday in a wind chill of 6 degrees, with forecast of below zero temps tonite. Management refused to close it citing corporate orders and said they are checking store cameras to make sure all garden departments are open and will be in trouble if they see them closed early.It's not humane to make employees stand out in frigid weather when there are warnings that pets shouldn't even be outside.Interesting note-Corporate is in Atlanta -THEY aren't the ones freezing their butts off down there. Please buy christmas trees elsewhere-maybe they'll stop selling them.
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Posted by WHITECRAKER on 2005-12-08:
Oh please ...........they have a booth they stand in and it has a heater in it. And when you get a job there as a cashier you know there are garden registers so you knwo in summer its gonna be really hot and in winter its really cold. The garden associates have to be out there selling the trees and other stuff outside too.
Posted by Slimjim on 2005-12-08:
They're selling Christams trees in MO. in December. Are they suppose to wait till March to sell them?
Posted by alphadork on 2006-02-23:
Not too sure on the policy of that store, but the Home Depot I work at didn't force anyone to go to the outside Garden cash.

All of the cashiers who were outside at my store volunteered to take a one hour shift. We were provided with coats, hats, a heater and all the free hot chocolate we could drink.
Posted by Senfel on 2007-10-17:
at my store a cashier requested a bathroom break, 2 hours later she called the head cashier to inform them that if she didin't get a break she was going to close the garden register, lock the door and just go to the bathroom. she got her bathroom break.

two days later she was called back in to the office to discuss her behavior, and to be informed that she should encourage the other cashiers to stop calling in sick.

she works at lows now, getting two dollers more per hour and head cashier position.
Posted by Hellosunshine on 2007-12-15:
Hummm WhiteCracker... I'm not sure you've seen EVERY Home Depot Stores Garden Area... I've worked at two Home Depots and one did have a heated booth to stand in, but we had "conditions" and the other DID NOT have one. I was told I wasn't allowed to stand in the booth unless it was below 30 degrees... And as for the Garden associates being outside, LOL Yeah right... During christmas the cashiers were required to take the Christmas tree course so they could learn to use the chainsaw and how to bag it... Our Garden associates stayed in the Inside garden area... And Not every store is nice enough to provide hot chocolate, you must work in a dream store. One time I was told by a manager that we weren't suppose to stand in the booth and I told him that in the Home Depot handbook it clearly states that it is Home Depots responsibility to provide adequite shelter, so if he wanted me to stand outside, when I had NO customer, that I would make a call to the 1800 number... He never told me not to stand in it again... but did tell other girls not to. And the cold isn't the only problem... when you're out in 100 degree weather with a little fan and no water is pretty stupid... I stayed outside onetime my whole 8 hour shift and got so sick from the heat I was drained when I got home and couldn't spend the evening with my sister... Thankfully she is also a Home Depot Employee and complained and for a good 2 weeks we were on 1 hour shifts in the heat, but then it went back to how it was. Home Depot treats their employees like crap and hire lazy untrained people. I'll never work for them again.
Posted by ddashtrois on 2008-03-12:
i work @ homedepot. ive been a cashier in the past and always volunteered to go outside and sell trees... i had a heated booth to be in. also, around this time of year it was very festive, and the smell of trees is very delightful ^^. also u dont have to deal with that many people. if they had someone out there in subzero temps thats a bit rediculous, but in our store if the head cashier thought it was too cold we just wouldn't open it. F*** the corporate office.
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Install of a Gas Pipeline from house to BBQ
Posted by Goth on 09/17/2005
KINGSTON -- In June 05 I purchased an outdoor Ducane BBQ from Home Depot and as part of the purchase requested that they arrange installation into the house natural gas line. I understand they went to their subcontractor Gasman (Toronto, Canada), who again subcontracted the job to a Mr. Mike Calamusa in the Belleville/Kingston area. The job of installation was done over the period 21-22 June 05. This led to me making a customer complaint with Home Depot which has gone unresolved as far as I am concerned. The gas piping used was an obnoxious yellow non-flex type. On the outside of the house it is not flush with the wall in the patio area, there is a large bend in the pipe and it does not seem to be very sturdy to me. In fact I was surprised, when pointed out to me, that the pipe is supposed to be for underground use (“Gas Guard” 5/8” Type L MH48231 Primary Carrier Pipe For Underground & Sump Use 50 PSI/80 IN-LB For Use With Compression Fillings/Installed Per Gas Guard Instruction B1 01-28-04). I was further informed by acquaintances, with experience in construction, that it really should have been cut, threaded properly and a solid steel or brass type of piping attached to ensure it was completely flush with the house. I was concerned about the safety issue, because if somebody or something catches the protruding bend it could pull loose. When I questioned the colour and size of the pipe, the installer suggested that to cover the yellow pipe I could just paint it? This after I paid $900.00 for the installation. I have since had other installers and local government inspectors come and take a look. Unfortunately for me, they say that the pipe does technically meet standards. However, both gentlemen did say that the work could have been completed to a higher standard. In fact the Government Technical Standards & Safety Authority Inspector stated that a drip valve on the outside or inside should have been installed, which of course it wasn’t. In my ignorance I did sign-off on the work form as the supposed tradesman left, not fully understanding or realizing what he had done.

Secondly, and more importantly, on completion of the work there was a gas leak from our fireplace into the house as the pilot light went out when they shut down the gas for the pipe install. We did not discover the leak until later, when we had people down in our finished basement area for a get together. It was lucky someone noticed the smell and we found the leak, as we went on two weeks vacation a few days later. The house was all sealed and locked up of course. I believe as a certified installer he should have checked all of that. To us this all seems like substandard work, and could have contributed to a major accident or health problem for our family and neighbourhood. The problem as far as I am concerned was the fact that the installers seemed to be in one big hurry.

When I contacted Home Depot they took the complaint and put me in contact with Gasman. I still do not understand why I had to deal with the sub-contractor and not them. When I called the Service Manager at Gasman the attitude was dismissive as far as the leak went and that the work was alright as far as they were concerned, and that I had signed off. This was completely unsatisfactory, and I informed Home Depot so. They sent out their local store Installation Manager who took some pictures. They then called back and had the nerve to say that it was all okay. As the installation fee was $900.00, I told them that Home Depot’s response was totally unsatisfactory. They actually had the nerve to offer us $100.00 in a shopping certificate in compensation for the leak. When I called the Head Office in the USA I received the same condescending and uncooperative attitude.

Up to this incident I had been regular customer (almost exclusively buying home/garden improvement products) at Home Depot, even going so far as to get one of their Credit Cards. In fact I had spent $3500.00 purchasing the BBQ and Patio Set at the same time. I have now cut-up the card and will have nothing further do to with this shoddy outfit. Home Depot is a disgrace, and I would not recommend anyone to shop there and definitely not to deal with their installation service. I intend to send this story to the consumer advocate in the local paper, so that other people in the community are made aware of this issue and safety ramifications.
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Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2005-09-17:
You signed off on the work. This may be hard to get around. You should have refused to sign until someone was able to sit down with yourself and explain to YOUR satisfaction what was done.
Posted by calgal on 2013-06-13:
I had another unhappy experience with Home Depot in Belleville. I ordered new laminate flooring and paid for it. When it was to be delivered, I was told that it had inadvertently been sold to someone else. I was then given an alternate laminate flooring.
I also requested a new kitchen design. I was told in July that the kitchen wouldn't be installed until October. I walked across the street to Rona and the kitchen was installed the next month. I would never order anything from Home Depot again.
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Home Depot has awfull customer service and will waste hours of your time for the penny you save.
Posted by ChazD on 05/22/2005
FREMONT, CALIFORNIA -- I am extremely unsatisfied with the poor level of service I have gotten on my special order. I will report this the BBB, on line posting of store reviews, and will tell any one who is willing to listen about my awful experience at Home Depot. This is not my first bad experience with Home Depot but my third and the one that drove me to action.

On Monday 5/16/05

I went in and selected a BBQ Grill model # 418-306 to order for a price of $398. The store display advertised Free Assembly.

It took about 15~20 mins standing in line before the one and only clerk on duty was ready to enter my order. She was very nice but seemed not so sure about how to enter my order, she constantly had to ask people around her to enter my order. I wanted to pick up the assembled grill on Friday 5/20/05 @ 5:30 PM so I could have it for the weekend. The clerk enters the order charges me and writes up a red SOLD tag with my name, pick up date 5/20, and the instructions to assemble the grill. Satisfied I leave the store with Special Services Customer Invoice in hand. TOTAL TIME = 50 minutes

On Friday 5/20/05 at 6:00 PM

I had gotten delayed getting back from a business trip and would not be able to pick up the grill. I wanted to inform the store that I would be a day late in picking up. I called in and was placed on HOLD for over 20 mines from my cell phone. Got frustrated and eventually hung up before being able talk to anyone about my order.

Saturday 5/21/05 The Big Day to BBQ.

Around 11:30 AM I call in and talk to someone from the special services desk. They check my Spec Svc. # and assure me that the grill was assembled and READY for pick up anytime.

At 4:30 PM I go into the store and at the SS Desk am asked to sign a Customer Pick Up Confirmation. Two calls go out over the PA system before someone from Garden comes over to help me load the Grill into my van. He goes back and can't find any assembled grill. I go back with him into the aisles and the Carton with the SOLD Label, my name and instructions assemble for will call 5/20/05 is sitting there UNOPENED.

I am upset by now I have been standing around the Special Services Desk for almost 40 mins by now. They call over another lady from the Garden/ Outdoors department and she apologizes and says this has happened before to other customers many times and she has informed her manager and her second level manager that the process is broken but nothing has changed. She has to deal with people on weekend all the time for the same problem and she usually recommends people buying grills to take them home and assemble them themselves. I ask why do you advertise Free Assembly if its not being done?

I ask to speak to the store manager and it takes about 10 mins before an ASM named Julie shows up.

She offers to have the grill assembled by Monday and offers a 10% discount towards future purchases. I explain that I was expecting to use the grill this weekend and am flying out on Monday morning and would not be able to pick up the grill for two weeks at the earliest (Sat June 4th).

I ask for a full refund. I also want to get back the Customer Pick Up Confirmation that I had signed saying that I had picked up the merchandise. At no point did I have possession of the grill.

They can't find the confirmation and I am extremely upset and speaking in a loud and am asked to leave the store or they will call the police. I leave the store at this time.


I have not picked up the grill.

Even if I wanted to I can't pick up the Grill until Saturday June 4th.

At this point I am so disgusted with Home Depot; the ineptness of their employees, and the slow, bureaucratic way the store is run I WANT A FULL REFUND. I am in touch with my credit card company to dispute and reverse all the charges.
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Posted by jabber on 2005-08-23:
It's customers like you that we associates at Home Depot do NOT want to deal with. All you do is complain, complain, complain. You come into the store wanting to be served NOW, and expect everyone to drop what they are doing to take care of your purchase. Am sure while the associate was trying to handle your order, several other customers were asking that person questions and taking up their time trying to deal with your sale. It also appears that you raised your voice, and were told to leave the store, or the police would be called. I wish MORE of the Home Depot Managers would do this with the customers we have to contend with, and maybe people like you would get the message that we too are people and do not need to take the crap dished out to us. Go cry in your BBQ Sauce.
Posted by consumeradvocate12 on 2006-04-11:
Please ignore and block this jabber character. All his posts are in the same week against those that complain about Home depot. I believe he was hired to do this.
For me I am sorry for your predicament. I despise Home Depot and Expo along with everyone I know and have never had a positive experiance with them and yet I kept going back as the store was so close by. Now I drve to lowes and ace.

Continue to let all you know about this horrible merchant and hopefully one day they will rethink the way they treat customers or better yet go out of business.
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Tile Installation
Posted by Robert.d.mccorkle on 03/10/2002
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I have been struggling with a satisfactory completion of a bathroom tile installation I had done by my Expo store which I hope you can help resolve.

To summarize a very long story, heavy grout remains over the entire surface of the bathroom tile leaving an unsatisfactory finish. I have contacted the store many times in person and by phone, and received various responses ranging from 'do-it-yourself' instructions which did not work, to an inspection by a salesperson who agreed that the installation was unsatisfactory. He turned the matter over to store management who has completely ignored both his attempts and my phone messages for some type of resolution.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

Simply, I would like this tile installation completed to a satisfactory manner under the terms of the original contract or the Lifetime guarantee whichever is appropriate. If Home Depot is unable to complete this work, then I would like reimbursement for the cost of an outside contractor to correct the situation.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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Custom Closet Nightmare - Stay Away!!!
Posted by Rachel M on 06/03/2009
LANHAM, MARYLAND -- Wow! It's almost comical the issues we have had. Typical hard sale but little follow through. If you want to order custom closets for your home, I would recommend going with the smaller companies that specialize in this service. Not Home Depot and their U.S. Remodelers, a. k.a. U.S. Home Systems, a. k.a. Deck America.
I was told the closets would take 4 weeks, but they would put a rush in and I could possibly see them in 2. But no promises. Now these sales guys were about the nicest, clean cut guys you could imagine. Had absolutely no issue believing them and didn't worry a thing about dropping $2600 until 2 weeks later when no one knew anything about a supposed 'rush'. That's when I found out these closets typically take 6-8 weeks. What???!!!
I was told they were really sorry but they would put a rush in and I was being put on the top of the list. All other projects were being put on hold and I would get my closets as fast as they could make them. Great but that didn't happen so I went ahead and terminated the contract. My contract said 4 weeks and after my many conversations with Darryl Robin, Dave Pruett, and Greg Laws (northern VA US Remodeler Con-men) I felt confident they were truly apologetic and would ensure these closets would be here ASAP.
Guess what? Didn't happen. I got tired of no return phone calls (Darryl), the 'Mrs. M, they are being shipped and we can get them installed next week, we promise'. Or even better, a $100 gift card to Home Depot for their sales people lying to me (but I was still under the impression I would get the closets rushed). I'm currently being charge $1100 for terminating this contract.
So if that actually happens, my mission in life will be to ensure that my experience costs these companies 10x's what they cost me to fall for their deceptive sales practices.
I feel really badly about this whole experience and wish it could have ended well, but integrity always wins. Had they been honest up front with us we wouldn't be in this situation.
Please learn from our mistake and stay away from any Home Depot Istalled Service because more than likely it will be U.S. Remodelers taking care of you.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-03:
When did you order the closets, and when did you cancel the contract?
Posted by Rachel M on 2009-06-03:
Ordered them April 25th and I just cancelled yesterday. The order hadn't even been ordered (manufacturer's side) until May 20th. Good luck.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-06-03:
You said the four weeks was written on the contract. Since they did not deliver within that time frame, they were the ones in breach. You should not have to pay a termination fee.
Posted by Rachel M on 2009-06-03:
I hope not. I talked to someone at Home Depot yesterday and they are forwarding the issue to a supervisor so I'm supposed to get a call tomorrow. I'll keep you posted on what the outcome is.
Posted by Rachel M on 2010-06-14:
Update! I was contacted and the issue was resolved! Even the deposit was returned so I'm happy. Thanks.
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Home Depot Opinion Survey
Posted by Speedyg on 05/07/2008
This is the worst survey I have ever seen. It just goes on and on and keeps wasting time trying to figure out exactly where it i. What's going. I never did. What a scam I'll stay away from your store from now on.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-07:
I feel your pain! Don't you just hate it when they send out a goon from the store who stands with a gun to your temple and forces you to take the survey? I'm going to stop shopping there too!
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-05-07:
i love the surveys. it makes me feel as if i did actually make a difference.
Posted by Sparticus on 2008-05-07:
Funny related (but unrelated) story. Today at Target the cashier handed me the receipt and went into a 3-4 minute speech about the online survey I could take on the receipt to help make a difference in how the store operates. For instance if I wanted Target to start selling stamps, I could say that, and if enough folks asked for stamps, maybe Target would start selling stamps... and she went on and on with many other examples.

I found this quite odd since she obviously was not getting anything in return if I filled the survey out or not (or maybe she does? How would they know?). Anyway, I could see the other folks in line getting visibly irritated so I promised her I would do it...

By far the most dedicated Target employee I have ever come across...
Posted by T-Double on 2008-06-10:
Home Depot sponsors Tony Stewart...nuff said right there. i won't spend a dime there.
Posted by Silverskater145 on 2009-09-15:
Actually, Home Depot uses those online surveys. The customer's voice is brought up in all of the meetings and everything is scrutinized.

On second though, I don't exactly get what your problem is. You're not very coherent, nor are you calm or rational. Did you really get upset over an optional survey at home?
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Home Depot Expo Design and Thermador DON'T DO IT
Posted by Paulf on 09/20/2007
MAHWAH, NEW JERSEY -- I spent mega bucks at Expo in Paramus NJ, on Thermador appliances, 48" range+grill, exhaust, dish washer, refrigerator. WHAT A MASSIVELY DISAPPOINTING EXPERIENCE, HERES WHY.

1) The sales reps at expo were totally ill-informed about the Thermador products, I was not told that installation was an extra charge, we were led to believe that the install was covered in our sales price, what a shock when 20 huge boxes show up with no one to install them. The hood that was ordered was not the correct hood for the range (wrong style so doesn’t match the range and too little power for the grill so I cant use the grill for anything substantial)

2) EVERYTHING SHOWED UP BROKEN. The delivery company dropped the stuff off in boxes and split. Every item was badly damaged the refrigerator had to be replaced; the hood motor didn’t work properly it only worked on speed 1 and 3 and sounds like a jet engine and BTW it still doesn’t work after 4 months. The back splash was smashed in, the oven doors were out of alignment. It was like the stuff fell off the truck as it was going down the highway.

3) THERES NO ONE WHO CAN HELP!!! HD Expo out sources everything so you spend many hours and days on the phone going from one person to the next, my salesman "Chris" never spoke to me again he just told me to call Thermador, Thermador told me to call the delivery service and the delivery service told me to call the expediter at expo, what a bunch of BS. My wife was in tears going through this for 4-5 weeks.

4) Thermador support kept us holding for a min of 20min each time we called, and, they were rude when they finally picked up. In the end they did nothing but "create file" for me that their senior management might read, but, they cant guarantee that. I still haven’t heard from a manager at Thermador, I don think they really care.

5) The delivery service vanished and never did anything to help. In fact we don’t even know who the service was, they dropped the stuff off and left in under 20min while my wife was at the bus stop waiting for my daughter.

6) The local repair service is so busy fixing issues that we have gone for months without working appliances.

My feeling is that HD-Expo should not be allowed to sell this merchandise or any other high end merchandise, and, Thermador needs to rethink whom they let sell their products. Also, if you are considering high end appliances from a chain like Home Depot then realize that this might happen to you.

Paul F

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Posted by Slimjim on 2007-09-21:
You're last paragraph has some valid points. Unfortunately, some high end lines that wanted to stay exclusive to appliance dealers were hurt by not being available at places like HD where builders would do their buying regardless. Heck, I remember when Sears first took on other brands besides theirs and Maytag wouldn't sell to them. I think that lasted a year, but an example of business dictates that brands make themselves available where buyers are. Bottom line, lesson learned and correct of you to pass it on. Buy appliances through servicing dealers, not lumber yards.
Posted by paulf on 2007-09-23:
My point is that a place like Expo that outsources everything and has no solid understanding of the product line shouldnt be allowed to sell any high end brand. Lets say you should have to get a license to put this stuff in your show room. I agree with you on buying appliances at lumber yards, I will never do business with expo again.
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Humiliating Treatment
Posted by WilistonVT on 09/03/2007
WILISTON, VERMONT -- Monday, September 3rd, 2007

Home Depot
759 Harvest Lane
Williston, VT 05495
Attn.: Mr. Christopher Howard, Manager

RE: Humiliating Treatment by Store Personnel

Dear Mr. Howard:

I have been a loyal client of Home Depot since 1992. I have spent thousands of dollars in your store fixing six homes, all of them my homes, none for speculation, through out my life time in the Unites States:

1. A house in Coral Gables, FL,
2. An apartment in Coral Gables, FL,
3. A town house in Hutchinson Island, FL,
4. A row house in Federal Hill Baltimore, MD
5. A farm house in Berlin, VT, and now
6. A town house in Hindenburg, VT

I have relied on the expertise of Home Depot for fifteen (15) years every where except in Vermont, where the whole world seems to tick at a different pace, I have had nothing by superb experiences with the knowledge, the willingness to help and the appreciation towards a client spending money in home Depot that could spend it some where else. Obviously, my preference for Home Depot has had been the return policy and the customer service quality, which other competitors either lack or are still catching up with yours.

The following is a recount of an unfortunate incident that took place approximately from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm at the Home Depot located in Williston, Vermont.

I am in the process of fabricating slate-covered plywood panels.
Eighteen (18) cuts in total
I arrived at your store with the plans in hand
I asked the man in lumber if he could cut it and if he is accurate.
He said he could try.
He ruins the first 4’x8’ by cutting in 2” short in length. He did not double check his cut, I did it. He did not think that marking it in advance with a pencil and using a tape (which he said he did not have one) was necessary.
He cut another one correctly in length but one and a half inch (1-1/2”) longer that the measure (which he did not mark either).
Then his answer is “I can not be too accurate with this machine”
That response was so utterly unintelligent, incoherent and ridiculous that I told him that that I have had most of my cuts done at Home Depot for fifteen years, that the machine was accurate to the thickness of the blade and if he and that if he did not know how to use the machine, he should get some one else who did.

His reaction was to remove his protective eye glasses and whatever other gear he as wearing and tell a second person “you take care of him”.
The other person, who turned out to be skillful, knowledgeable and could make the cuts accurate to the thickness of the blade, by simply following common practice, apparently was not quite willing to help me either.
After five cuts, he asked me how many cuts I needed, I showed him the plans. I told him I was not sure.

He told me that the policy was, as written in the board, twelve cuts per customer, I said: ‘that is fine I get twelve cuts, pay for it, and come back for the rest. And is such a way I would be a new customer.

In the mean time, there was a woman (the only other client in the entire hour that needed a cut) waiting for a cut, he asked me if he could take care of her, and even though the twelve cuts per customer had not happened yet in my request, I said yes, I am not in a hurry.

He performed another cut, and then there was as another customer with a question unrelated to cutting, I said: - take care of him since I was not in a hurry.
While he was gone, I took the time to expedite my request by pre-marking my cuts.

Then he comes back and the first thing that he asked again was “How many cuts do you have, but his tone was as if I was doing some thin illegal, I was unreasonable in my request and as if he was doing my a favor instead of he doing his job.

I lost my temper, and told him that I was sick and tired that he keeps asking the same thing, he said “Am I not helping you?

Well, not really if he disappear to take care of others and comes back as if I was a pest. He asked me how many cuts and I said I don’t know ,twenty!
I guess he did not appreciate that I had taken the time to pre-mark the boards, of that I have waited, or that the previous individual had ruined two cuts.

So, he left and in RETALIATION, he sent, Steve a 300 lbs bouncer-three times my size, whose first words coming out of his mouth, in an intimidating manner were, “We are not going to make those cuts you want” He never said or bother to ask what has happened, or how may I help you?

I told him: “you were sent here to get rid of me, because of what you were told. He did not ask how many cuts were actually made or ruined.

He gave me the excuse that your store can not make cuts less than 12” inches, but failed to tell me that the cuts that I needed could be cut out of 4’x8” so that the remaining is always 12” or more. He was insolent arrogant and humiliating, unhelpful and abusive.

I told him that he can cut any size if he really wanted; he just did not want to do it. So he made one cut to put me in my place. I asked him who the store manager was and he said he was the manager. I told him he was not the manager but he refused to give me your name.

I went to the Customer Service Desk and a lady gave me you name, told me that you had gone for the day.

On my way out I came across Steve. I asked him when you and he would coincide in the store, and he told me he did not know, because you were always in meetings. It appears as if no one in Home Depot knows their manager’s schedule. Quite a disturbing situation for a store that size!

Out of this incident my perception is:
1. You employees are there to shot the breeze
2. They do not give a dam about the customers
3. They lack proper technical training
4. They are reluctant to help
5. Home Depot relies on the lack of competition in Vermont
6. You could not care less
7. They get a job with home Depot because they can not do anything else in life
8. They are there until something better shows up
9. Your customers are not rich people that can spare the trouble pf building by paying others, you are to goal is to serve the hard working and diligent people that honestly try to do their best in life.
10. You do not hire a bouncer to intimidate and abuse a customers
11. Home Depot is not a Night Club it is a Home Supply Store.

I do not expect or insinuate that these individuals’ jobs are jeopardized for this may be the only thing they are able to do in their life to earn a living, and I know how difficult it is to make it in life, but I expect a written apology from the three of them. If such apology does not happen, I will take this incident to higher levels for abusive and humiliating treatment.


Alejandro Fuentes

CC: Home Depot Head Quarters
Enclosures: Plans
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Posted by bigboxworker on 2007-09-03:
If you want very precise cuts, you should avoid big box retailers like Home Depot and Lowe's. These places have a cutshop mainly to help you cut your wood and other materials into smaller sizes so it'll fit in your car.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-09-03:
I agree with bigboxworker.

I hate when people try to get around limits by walking out then walking back in. That is the most annoying thing EVER.
Posted by Pomona Guy on 2007-09-03:
Buy a Skilsaw and start making your own cuts! And isn't a bit cold in Vermont?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-04:
Home Depot has bouncers?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-09-04:
If you are fabricating the panels, why is hd cutting them?
sounds as if you are taking advantage of a service they offer.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-09-04:
Something tells me there is another side to this story......
Posted by spiderman2 on 2007-09-04:
I didn't know HD had bouncers either. I think the OP is a bit full of himself.
Posted by Alain on 2007-09-05:
Really, you should cut the wood yourself. I do things like that just so I know my little jobs are done right. You definately have a problem with this store. No one should have allowed this situation to get nasty. Since it did, you might try calmly taking it to a higher level and you probably shouldn't bother to deal with this store again. It would be better for you and them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-05:
Second, the cultural Marxism of Political Correctness, like economic Marxism, has a single factor explanation of history. Economic Marxism says that all of history is determined by ownership of means of production. Cultural Marxism, or Political Correctness, says that all history is determined by power, by which groups defined in terms of race, sex, etc., have power over which other groups. Nothing else matters. All literature, indeed, is about that. Everything in the past is about that one thing.
Posted by Jacq2121 on 2007-09-06:
" 7. They get a job with home Depot because they can not do anything else in life" With comments like this it's apparent why they didnt want to help you. I agree w/ Hugh there is another side to the story....
Posted by John511 on 2013-02-15:
The problem with the Home Depot ,everyone wants to be a manager . As you can see,nobody is smarty enough.
Posted by Efffyou on 2013-12-03:
I would have given you a lesson on respect if you said anything to the effect of #7 on your list. You have no idea what the person providing you service has accomplished in their life, and no right for being so inappropriate. Yet, Old folks talk bad about MY generation... I'm sure your parents are proud to raise such a gentleman. Have a great day, and as always, thank you for shopping at The Home Depot!
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Pine Straw Matching
Posted by Nmorgan on 07/09/2007
JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI -- I recently had a very poor experience with home depot in jackson, ms. I have always done business with home depot due to being a stockholder in the company. I always felt that if I were going to buy a product for my home, I should buy it from a company I have invested interest in. I recently went to home depot to buy 20 bales of pine straw. They were unfortunately out, I did the unthinkable, I went to the local lowe's store and to my chagrin, I bought 20 bales of pine straw for $1.70 Cheaper per bale. I was happy with the savings and was surprised with the quality of service I received. It was very good! I placed the quality bales in my yard for the weekend and was pleased with my purchase. The next weekend I went to home depot, remember I am a stock holder, to purchase more pine straw. I, of course, priced shopped and made it very clear to the manager, rose, that his pine straw was $1.70 More per bale. He assured me that home depot's pine straw was a higher quality and was much larger, twice the size he claimed. I bought only 10 since I trusted the manager as he was very confident that home depot's was much better for the money. I asked him if he would price match if home depot's quality was not the same and he advised that he would. I picked up my 10 bales and the quality was horrible. They were actually smaller and appeared that they were last years straw. It was the worst looking straw that I have ever seen. I called the manager on the phone and advised him that his straw was not the same quality as lowe's and I wanted him to match their price. He immediately became defensive and said that they have done their research and they would not price match? I could not believe my ears since the previous weekend, I purchased pine straw from lowe's and knew their quality. I advised that I had my own business and when a customer brought a complaint to me I handled it with a serving heart. He advised, "since you are a business man, you should know that it is about the bottom dollar and making the company profitable." I replied back that in my business the customer is always right and it is my job to make sure that I carry out the best customer service I can to meet the customer needs. I asked him if he had personally looked at lowe's pine straw and he advised that he hadn't but assured me that the quality was not the same and one of his guys could vouch for it. He advised that I could drive across town and pay my $3.00 A gallon and bring it back to him and May look at it and May give me the difference. This was stated with extreme sarcasm. As a consumer, you expect a level of professionalism when dealing with a manager. You do not expect a sarcastic comment about $3.00 Gas. You expect that the company you have done business with for years would come through for you and at least hear your concerns and not mock them. With managers/leaders like rose who care only about the "bottom line" it remains clear to me why home depot is struggling as a company. If your managers will not serve don't expect your employees to serve. I will think twice before going into another home depot and my new store of choice is lowe's.

I still own my stock in home depot and am considering selling all of my stock and purchasing lowe's stock.

Disgrunted customer.
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-07-10:
And just this AM, Home Depot announced they expect earnings this year to fall 15 to 18% below last year's levels.
Posted by chemman on 2007-07-10:
As far as customer service goes, I've always found Lowe's to be much better than Home Depot. It also seems that companies with better CS seem to do better in the long haul, so if I were you I'd think about dumping that HD stock for some Lowe's.
Posted by Ponie on 2007-07-10:
I understand your complaint. However, if in your business 'the customer is always right,' I don't hold out much hope you'll be in business for the long haul. Reasonable adjustments? I'll agree to that but not merely for any complaint a customer feels s/he deserves compensation for.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-10:
Ponie has a good point but I think in a "good" business you should treat the customer as though he/she is always right, the try and compromise.
Posted by poppapia on 2007-07-10:
Again, I wish we could hear the other side of this. Management at most companies will treat consumers with respect as long as they are treated the same way, and after reading this post, I'm not sure the consumer reacted appropriately.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-07-10:
I don't understand why you did not go back to Lowes
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-07-10:
You tried to be loyal and pointed out the issue to the manager. It fell on deaf ears but at least you tried. Ban Home Depot and move on to Lowe's. (I myself have never had a decent exp at Home Depot, too unorganized, always roping off aisles to get stuff off tall shelves and the workers' are hard to come by...go Lowes and Menards!!)
Posted by nmorgan on 2007-07-10:
maybe I should rephrase "the customer is always right statement" to "i will listen to any valid complaint and will work towards resolving the complaint." the customers in my line of business generally have a misunderstanding. anyone can sell a product, however the best service it. home depot can't expect to be profitable when they have non empathetic employees who typically care about themselves only. Not all employees at home depot are this way, however the vast majority appear to be this way. this, imho, stems from lack of leadership from upper level management. they are the ones to blame.
Posted by nmorgan on 2007-07-10:
how do you suppose one should react appropriately in this situation? i treated the manager with respect. wouldn't you want the company your dealing with to price match and to confirm that the bales of pine straw were the same quality?
i now only go back to lowe's.
Posted by runaway on 2007-07-10:
Home Depot usually only price matches on the identical brands, that may be why. The manager shouldn't have told you otherwise and back out on it, though.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-07-10:
nmorgan, thanks for the reply. Now sell your stock!
Posted by Starlord on 2007-07-12:
Runaway brought up an interesting thing, the identical item gag. A lot of stores claim they will meet or beat the price of another stores price on the identical item. Let's use boomboxes as an example of how they work. Store X carries the Panasonic 317J boombox for $129.95. Store Y carries the Panasonic 317K for $99.99. You go to store X with your ad for Store Y. they say it is not the identical item, pointing out the J and K. What Panasonic has done (and this is common in electronics) is to make two versions of the boombox, with the only difference being very minor cosmetic changes, selling the J model to Store X and the K to Store Y. Most electronic manufacturers do this, so the stores can pull this idea that one unit is superior to the other, when both are identical inside the case.
Posted by doglovingreviewer on 2011-04-22:
Maybe you should start selling hardware products. It sounds like you would provide much better service than Home Depot.
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Poor Staffing
Posted by Papa Smurf on 05/20/2006
WINNIPEG -- The Home Depot in my area doesn't care about customers,nor keeping them. It has the worst sales in our province,(According to inside information)Winnipeg Manitoba CANADA. I've spoken with store owners, corporate offices in Canada,and the U.S.A. head office. They tell me sales are down or they cant find enough employees to hire. WRONG!Sales are down because they don't keep the store adequately staffed!I've spoken to the few employees they do have on staff,and they tell me there are plenty of part time people waiting to get hours,the store wont give them any!I see THEY'RE home page no longer has a spot for customer complaints.

I've been in the home building industry for 30 years,and have a pretty strong voice in the community. I just keep telling people to boycott Home Depot until they choose to put the CUSTOMER first.
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Posted by Ann5115 on 2006-05-20:
I work at Home Depot and its never gonna happen. All the customers are to us is a paycheck.
Posted by miketech on 2006-05-20:
Home Depot seems to have decided to invest in advertising over all. I can beat most of their prices now at local hardware stores and get actual service. I'm a small time contractor and I don't need Home Depot.
Posted by tawanda on 2006-05-20:
Home Depot was founded based upon Christian beliefs and principles. It's very sad to see what they have transformed themselves into...
Posted by tander on 2006-05-20:
I'd rather shop at Menards!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-21:
Posted by batzion7 on 2006-05-21:
Well my my...I have not had a problem with our Home Depot.....I think folks in my area are just nicer than in other places.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-05-22:
I also shop Menards. I used to patronized HD, but got tired of their employees running by at 200mph and avoiding eye contact with customers so to avoid being asked a question. Customer Service, at least in the two I've been in, at Menards is (for me) better.
Posted by mally on 2006-06-09:
The home depot in Shrewsbury is the worst. Its a mess and the managers or BG's,Ms's, HC's. Mg's, or whatever the H*ll, they like to be called are all jokes. Its not the cashiers or floor help that are the problem. Its the unqualified management. I think that they could not get a job anywhere else so they went to HD. The high school and college kids know more and have more repsect for cutomers then the MG's, HC's, AS's etc. If they quit trying to impress the little peons (because their the only ones they can impress
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