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Horrible Services of any kind
Posted by Gcilluffo on 05/16/2005
PISCATAWAY, NEW JERSEY -- My review could take up a book, so I will narrow it down to:
1. Customer Service is rude and gives you the run around.
2. Managers are rude and never call you back.
3. The send you products to be installed that are defective, damaged, wrong size, etc.
4. Those sent to install said items are untrained and do a horrible job and leave it that way.
5. You have to argue for weeks to get someone to repair you problem(s) and then they have the nerve to charge you additional moneys to purchase correct new item which they ordered wrong in the first place.
6. EVERYTHING is special order and has additional charges even after you call first and they tell you they have it in stock.
7. Every department charges another $65 for delivery of an item, even if all items were purchased at the same time. For instance if you buy a bench that will be $65 delivery for garden dept, and if you buy flooring that will be another $65 for the flooring dept, even though everything is being shipped together to same address!!!!
8. Deliveries of correct items, after they have screwed up the initial order, never arrive on time and can take up to months to come in, and no one calls you to inform you of your installations, so plan on calling them yourself DAILY.
9. When managers know you are complaining about a problem they caused, they run away from you to avoid helping you (literally).
10. Their credit card is high interest and with promotions, if your balance is not PAID in FULL by the time the promotion ends, be prepared to pay back interest totalling hundreds, even thousands.

In conclusion, Home Depot is HORRIBLE and is one big run around, incompetent, inconsiderate, rip off of a store!!!

Thank you

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Posted by you r stupid on 2005-05-16:
Don't lie they don't charge delivery for different depts if you are having everything delivered to the same address on the same day. The only time you would pay 2 charges is if you are having an appliance delivered because it doesn't come from Home Depot it comes from the maker of the applicances warehouse.
Posted by consumeradvocate12 on 2005-05-20:
I agree see my reveiw. I want someone to do a news story on their horrible treatment of customers! ilikenicegems@yahoo.com
Posted by miketech on 2005-12-09:
If you return a broken or non working item to a Home Depot it goes right back on the shelf till someone buys it and doesn't return it. If the box is open don't take it. I have returned stuff there before and told them it didn't work it was broke pieces missing. Guess what 2 days later on the shelf without fail.
Posted by jabber on 2006-01-10:
Think your comments are NOT VALID and most likely any trouble caused was BY YOU! As for the last posters comment, he must have nothing better to do with his time, as he has posted over 90 times on this web site with his stupid comments.
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Knowingly Selling Faulty Products
Posted by D-Man on 04/17/2005
LIHUE, HAWAII -- Well, as a former Home Depot employee, I can attest to the following information. When I became a new employee with Home Depot, I had purchased the pair of Maytag Washer & Dryer. Approximately 2 months after owning the product the washer had a major bearing and drum malfunction; "I.E.- the unit started to gush water out the bottom; The dryer began to squeak LOUDLY!" Now, both of the units are inside, so the environment is not a factor. After having this problem, I asked my boss about the issue and she gave ma puzzled look on my face saying, "huh." To my dismay, later on when the Maytag Rep was on a visit to Kauai, Hawaii, he had mentioned to her (while I over heard) have you had any returns/complaints about the washers or dryers from the first production run. I heard her respond, "NO, NOT SINCE YOU TOLD ME ABOUT THE PROBLEM." What a farse! I immediately came around the corner and asked , "Why didn't you tell me this?" Ofcourse the Maytag Rep confessed his soul and my boss was standing there like no bid deal. Needless to say, I complained at them both, telling them I've been selling faulty product and you knew about this! My boss then has the audacity to tell me, "Oh, just sell them and let the local repair people fix them, who cares about the customer!" WHAT KIND OF DEAl IS THAT? I have since then replaced the washers by returning the faulty units and left the company! This and other issues like, sexual harrasment, discrimination and making us employees throw things like small refrigerators and microwaves in the compactor to fill the land fill in Kauai, Hawaii isn't cool! Just to let you know... I have notified the local agency's and newspapers to the wrongs this company has done to the people on these islands. I'll keep you posted when the results come in...
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Posted by Vet1980 on 03/23/2013
MCKINNEY, TEXAS -- DL's that show you as a veteran and DD-214's are not accepted at Home Depots, this is not isolated but true with all Home depots I have been into. this removes most vets from so called discounts. when you have a friend who does have one due to being active or medical / retired, there excuse is only on certain days. they are getting you there and not honoring this as they say. In fact a lady manager at Mckinney store is down right rude about it, hope see had fun putting up my carts that would have totaled around $1200, at least that was the cost after Lowes gave me a veterans discount whom has every time without question. many vets are already noticing this and have a boycott on the Home Depot for there actions toward vets, not just acceptance, but some of the attitudes in the process of trying to reason with them, as a vet, I and others would like to see them feel the pain of there action by putting a boycott on all Home Depots that refuse to honor what most of us have, DL and or DD-214's.

Unfortunately, rating I can not do, I think of Home Depot as awesome, but due to attitudes and responses toward me as a vet, I degrade them, they should look at Lowe's and see how they deal with everyone, they are much nicer folks and a whole lot more friendly.

Also note, you don't have to ask for help to load, no matter how busy, someone is always there to offer help, not at Home Depot, they are difficult to get to help and have attitudes about it when you do.
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Posted by read the policy on 2013-03-23:
f you ever have difficulty getting your discount, or if you have questions about the discount programs, please call The Home Depot’s Customer Service line at 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), or leave a message on our Customer Service page.

Everyone at The Home Depot extends a very special thank you to all of the men and women who have served and who currently serve our country so bravely to protect our freedoms at home and abroad. The sacrifices of our active military, veterans and their families have made and make for us every day are astounding.

On Labor Day and Veterans Day especially, we wish only the best for all who have served across the country and abroad. We hope that these holidays find you safe and armed with the knowledge that we are all very proud of you in so many ways and that you have our full support in your endeavors.

At The Home Depot we are proud to honor and support their heroism everyday in a number of ways such as employment programs for all military and their families, discounts, supporting a system of military focused non-profits and more.

The Home Depot Veterans Discount Program*

The Home Depot offers a year-round, 10 percent discount, up to a $500 maximum, at our U.S. stores to all active duty military personnel, reservists, retired or disabled veterans and their immediate families. We offer this discount to thank them for their outstanding service to this nation and to help make their homes more comfortable and safe. Customers requesting the discount should present a valid military ID.

In addition, a 10 percent discount is also offered in recognition of Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day and Veterans Day at all U.S. Home Depot stores for all other military veterans.
Posted by yoke on 2013-03-24:
My family and I have never had an issue getting a discount at HD. They do require a government issued ID.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-03-24:
The HD clearly states what they expect you to present: "We do ask to see one of the following forms of identification to verify military status: Common Access Card (CAC), Veterans Identification Card (VIC – Must state “Service Connected” for the everyday discount) or Uniformed Services ID Card (Tan, Red or Blue)."

My memory is a DD-214 is the departure form, so neither that or a DL seems to meet the criteria.
Posted by masterclay on 2013-03-26:
A1, its a fact, most of us who served only got a DD-214, this with a DL will get a discount at Lowes every time, they do have respect for the veterans. My opinion is that home depot is exactly what is said of them, rude and do not accept DD-214 w/DL's, only military ID, only ones that have them are active, retired, or medical. otherwise it is a DD214 only. if you discount veterans then DD214's are what we have for our proof, along w/DL to prove it is us should be enough, and it is almost anywhere except for Home Depot. Sorry, but Lowes will have my business from now on. if you use them and they take yours, you are regular and friends w/someone. DD214's are the officail discharge papers and with an DL should be accepted.
Posted by Ardent on 2013-06-13:
Here in Tulsa, I'm seeing similar results. Lowe's gives the 10% discount every day to Vets and Active/Reserve/Retired with no problem. Oklahoma D.L. will show Veteran if you bring your DD214 when renewing or can have it added for $10 anytime at the tag agent. Home Depot varies a lot from store to store. Some treat the same as Lowe's, other are strictly Active/Res/Retired only except for specific holiday weekends. On a related customer service issue, both give a 5% discount when using their credit card. However Lowe's POS system deducts it automatically when you swipe the card, while at HD you have to specifically ask for it, then they scan a barcode near the register. This really shows a difference in attitude to me.
Posted by Louis Fisher on 2013-06-13:
I have live in the Portland Or area and have not had a problem getting the discount with my stamped Veteran DL at the Beaverton Home Depot stores, the only one that gives me a hard time is the Hillsboro store. They will only accept the "Common Access Card (CAC), Veterans Identification Card (VIC – Must state “Service Connected” for the everyday discount) or Uniformed Services ID Card (Tan, Red or Blue)."
I like that Home Depot store but will not purchase from them anymore. I am a veteran and served my country the same as the military personnel who have the CAC, VIC and Uniformed Services cards. We are no less Veterans than they are and I don't understand why HD won't recognize us as Veterans. Why can they pick and choose which Veterans they will honor the discount to??

Posted by JR on 2013-07-21:
The Gainsville TX Home Depot is very inconsistent and one day as a Vietnam Vereran I get a discount and the Farm and Ranch tax exclusion. The next day I am told that I have to pick one of the two. Now it is "Im sorry they are cracking down on Veterans discounts so I can't give you one". It is hard to get help loading in Gainsville too. It has never been a well run store. Very sad.
Posted by SH on 2013-07-24:
Here in Georgetown, Tx is no different, rude and humiliating. My 8 years active with honorable discharge must count for something. HD may think their policy will profit them
Posted by Jim on 2013-08-04:
I served 22 years and got paid to do it. They don't owe us anything for doing our job. Everybody wants something fo nothing these days. I think its unethical to get discounts for having been a government employee.Firemen and policemen don't get discounts and they risk their lives every day too.
Posted by Sarah on 2013-08-15:
Home Depot honored my AmVets card and DL last week for Round Up and a couple bags of cement NO PROBLEM. Lowe's deny my AmVets card and DL - so I left about $500 in the cart at the self serve as no full cashier service was available at this Lowe's in North Attleboro, MA.
I had just spoken to two guys from roofing about 55 bundles of shingles and delivery. I had planned to check out with paint and wiring items only with my discount and put in a special order of $2,050.00 worth of roofing shingles without any intention of asking for a discount on these as they were already discounted for all.
RESULT.....Possible sale ($ 2,550.00- $50 discount= $2,500.00) Actual sale NO SALE $0 and dishonored two veterans. The real irony in all this is -the material I was going to get was for a house I own in Lakeville that I rent at a discount for another veteran and his family as they lost their house last year. No more Lowe's for this vet!
Posted by Gary on 2013-08-18:
Same situation in Lenoir City,tn.Had my dd214 and went to check out last week.Cashier got plum rude and nasty as if she couldn
Posted by J W on 2013-08-22:
The Home Depot discount is disingenuous at best, misleading at worst. It was formerly advertised as a veterans discount, no longer. DEFINITION: under Federal Law a VETERAN is any person, who served honorably on active duty in the armed forces of the United States. They only offer veteran discounts on said holidays, memorial day, labor day, 4th of July, etc. The everyday discount is for active duty, retired, family etc, as listed above. Most people think of veterans as combat veterans, many people retire after 20 years, never see combat, and qualify. Some get injured, medically discharged before completing basic training, and qualify. Many serve 3 - 6 years, spend half in combat, do not qualify. Im not looking for any special treatment, it was my choice. My question is this, do they do it to actually honor the service members? If so, apply the discount to all veterans or solely the current active duty members. Is it to honor the service members or to draw more business in by misleading the public that they support veterans everyday. It's in the details.
Posted by Ben A on 2013-09-09:
In the Southfield/Farmington Hills, MI area, the Home Depot I go to gives a 10% discount to all vets with an ID (incl the pink ID) with no question. The Lowes used to do so, but now only offer discounts to active duty, retired, and disabled. I now go to Home Depot for purchases over $5-$10. Lowes has missed out on thousands of $ of my money since they tightened their requiremens
Posted by Craig on 2013-11-10:
JW is dead- this is an email I sent Home Depot today:

I was in your St. Lucie West store on Friday and had a pretty interesting interaction with one of your employees. I had approached to pay for a $5 product and inquired about the Veterans Day weekend and if it starts on that day or just for Monday. She stated that no one tells her anything, but asked for my ID.

When she looked at it she noticed that it was expired. I explained it's because Im a veteran and a but too old to be in the service any longer. She went through the HD policy, and when I explained that Lowe's goes the discount year round, she stated that "Lowe's is doing it wrong." I found that funny because I stated that maybe Home Depot os doing it wrong - she then asked me if a store like Wal-Mart gives it year round, I stated no, but plenty do, and there is a substantial list of these establishments online.

She explained that unless I was "...retired or had a service connected injury that..." She stopped there knowing she was about to stick her foot in her mouth. I said, "So if I sat behind a desk for 20-years and just pushed paper for the mission, I was more of a legitimate vet that if I did six months in combat and managed not to get a scratch, but then received an honorable discharge?"

She gave me the $0.50 discount. I am a bit shocked that this is what your company is instilling into your employees. That there are two different types of veterans - survive behind a desk or get a purple heart and you'll get a discount, do two-years and get sent into combat zones for a total of 6-12 months without getting injured, and we'll treat you differently. "

I'll continue to give Lowe's my business.
Posted by Craig on 2013-11-10:
Ben - You have it backwards - you need to look at Lowe's policy and then Home Depot. Home Depot clearly states that unless you are Active, retired, or have a VA Card with "Service Connected" on it, you are only entitled to discounts on Memorial Day, Independence ay, and Veterans Day. For this reason I have spent tens of thousands at Lowe's, most recently having them install a brand new front door and shuttered my entire house. Home Depot offered me Zilch!
Posted by Harry on 2013-11-10:
Jim, you're a better man than most. A company is will to offer a discount in order to get a significant demographic into their store and pay for goods - thats called CAPITALISM! You know, the economy that is part of the Republic which we chose to defend - and they want to compete for that customer because that customer lives in a FREE country that we chose to defend, then by all means why not discuss it since we can due to the US CONSTITUTION that we chose to defend?
Posted by DavenOhio on 2013-12-04:
Just had the same problem at Home Depot, sent and email to HD.

Here is my email, their reply and then my reply.

I am writing to let you know how dissatisfied I am after visiting your Winford Ave store in Hamilton Ohio.
This dissatisfaction is because of my check out experience, the cashier was Joyce JEC0977.
Currently I am remodeling my kitchen and bath on our main home and in the process of restoring a historic home in the German Village Historic District in Hamilton.
In all the visits I have made to HD or Lowe’s I have received my veterans discount for my service. Today I was told that my service was not good enough, the discount is only for certain veterans of whom I am not one of them.
Not sure why my service is less important than another veteran but if you want to discriminate against a certain class of veterans that is your companies choice. However, that does not mean I have to accept it or continue to do business with HD.
Today, I get HD’s policy stated to me and the fact that I am just a regular veteran is not good enough.
I have to be disabled, retired or former POW. So because I did not get shot or step on a land mine, and decided that 20 or 30 years in the military is not a career choice for me I cannot get a discount.
There are many veterans that survived combat missions without injury or capture, retirees that never saw a day of combat. Many veterans just wanted to serve their nation, they had no choice on deployment or the jobs they did. Instead, many served in support roles for combat missions. They loaded bombs and missiles onto planes, handled communications in combat information centers, researched intelligence for the latest information for troops, ships and planes in harm’s way.
So there service does not mean anything to Home Depot?
When I questioned the cashier why I could no longer get the discount I have always gotten I get policy. I will admit I was upset, civil but upset.
I do not think that telling me “go step on land mine if you want a discount, I do not make the policy” was necessary. Yes I did say “so if I stepped on a mine I can get a discount but because I did not I cannot get a discount” I have been going to your stores and enjoyed it, not because of the discount I get that at Lowe’s. Your stores are closer to my homes, Menards’s is closer but I passed it by for HD. Not anymore, if you are going to discriminate against veterans I want nothing to do with HD.
They are going to love this story at American Legion and the VFW. I hope everyone passes it on.

Their Reply

Subject: The Home Depot: Store Customer Service/Customer Care reference number is 52705997 (KMM24560392V5792L0KM)
> Dear Mr. XXXXXX,
> The Home Depot is dedicated to supporting and honoring our men and women
> in uniform through our business practices, recruitment efforts and
> corporate contributions. We are happy to offer a discount to thank our
> nation?s heroes for their outstanding service and to help make their
> homes more comfortable and safe.
> We are terribly sorry if the terms of the policy do not permit all to
> partake in the discount year-round. We certainly do not mean for the
> policy to cause any inconvenience and it is only meant to serve as a
> thank you. The Home Depot appreciates your business and we value your
> comments. We hope that you will continue to write us with your feedback,
> which allows us to improve the customer experience.
> The ?Every Day? 10% Military Discount Policy is as follows:
> - Military personnel and their immediate family members, who present the
> following valid military ID?s, are eligible for the ?Every Day? 10%
> Military Discount.
> -Common Access Card (CAC) - Issued as standard identification for
> active-duty military personnel
> -Veteran?s Identification Card (VIC) - Must state ?Service
> Connected? for disabled veterans
> -Uniformed Services ID Card- Identifies members of the Armed Forces
> or dependent's such as a child/spouse
> Tan - Dependent of active duty member, retiree, or disabled
> veteran
> Red/Pink - Retired reservist and reservist dependent
> Blue - Retiree or disabled veteran - this can include
> civilians who retired from working on a Military Base
> Terms and Conditions:
> -You must ask for the Military Discount at the time of purchase and
> it does not apply to previous purchases.
> -The discount is available on in-stock, special order merchandise and
> online purchases. ($500 maximum)
> -This discount cannot be applied with any other discount, promotion,
> coupon or tax exemptions.
> -This discount is not available for Installation Services or for
> deliveries from the store or the service provider.
> -PRO customers cannot apply this discount to their business
> transactions or pay with their business accounts.
> **If you qualify for the ?Every Day? Military Discount, please feel free
> to provide a copy of this email to the corresponding store. If the
> store has any further questions they may contact Customer Care
> directly.**
> The ?Holiday? 10% Military Discount Policy is as follows:
> - On Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veterans' Day our 10% Military
> Discount is honored for ALL Military personnel and their immediate
> family members. Please present ANY valid Military ID and be sure to ask
> for the discount at the time of purchase.
> Sincerely,
> The Home Depot-Customer Care
> 2455 Paces Ferry Rd.
> Atlanta, GA. 30339
> 1-800-553-3199
> thdCustomerCare@homedepot.com
> If you would like to utilize the Military discount online, please
> contact our Online Customer Service team at 1-800-430-3376. Their hours
> of operation are Monday ? Saturday, 6 am - 12 am EST. and 7 am - 11 pm
> Sunday.

My reply
Thank you for quoting policy to me again. I heard that yesterday.

Although that is policy does not mean I have to agree with it, I do not.

It obvious Home Depot is missing the point altogether, you are trying to be politically correct by offering a discount to veterans. You limit access to the discount for the sake of profit and not because you really care.

Look at your policy, it gives discounts to civilians that have retired from a base, children of active duty service members along with the service member. (Please note that they are not veterans, yet) A veteran may have served four tours of duty in Iraq or Afghanistan surviving numerous fire fights, watching their buddies wounded or dying and they can’t get a discount, but the gardener that worked 20 years at a base can. How is that honoring a veteran?

This policy is designed to give discounts to a very limited number of people. This policy is only to create the perception to the general public that your honor veterans, knowing that the general population will only see the 10% discount to veterans and say Wow! Look what Home Depot does for veterans and not realizing the majority of veterans will never get it.

I was speaking to a veteran at Great Clips on veterans day, (free haircuts to any veteran, no ID required) he was drafted into WW II, landed on D-Day and fought his way into Germany. After the war he stayed in the reserves, he was called back to active duty to fight in the Korean war, but he is not eligible under your policy. He is more deserving than me, any retired civilians or the dependents of any active duty soldier, sailor or airman.

This discriminatory policy appears to be well known, there are web sites about it and even a face book page about it, veterans are catching on to what Home Depot is doing. You are losing my business, I know you could care less but this policy will come back to haunt Home Depot.

I think the most disturbing thing is your failure to even mention the disparaging remark made by your cashier about "stepping on land mine if I wanted a discount". If she did not want to deal with me or my questions she should have called a manager. Would she give the 10% discount to a disabled veteran that has lost a leg to a mine or IED and then ask “what do you need an extension ladder for?”.

When I was in the service we worked as a team to accomplish a mission. Your job did not matter nor did your location, every job was a part of a bigger picture leading to one thing, accomplishing the mission.

Home Depot has belittled me and every single member of the armed forces that is serving, has served or will serve in the future. Home Depot has created a policy that discriminates against the vast majority of armed forces veterans regardless of their branch of service, their vocation or their place of deployment.

Shame on Home Depot.

Posted by brutus on 2013-12-08:
Bravo, well spoken and this vet concers with your statement. Nobody oiwes vets anything, but hd is discriminating vets. Either a vets a vet, or were all nothing....
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How HomeDepot/liberty Mutual treat their employees
Posted by Cooter726 on 12/21/2009
FT MYERS, FLORIDA -- I was injured while working for HomeDepot in 2007. My Dr would not release me back to work till I had surgery done on my back because I broke a bone. I was then terminated and lost both my job and my health insurance. I then hired an attorney. We followed all the steps for filing a lawsuit and in Jan.2009 the Sedwick Insurance Company, Thru Homedepot, settled the case. Sedwick left Homedepot and Liberty Mutual was hired. So of course they will NOT abide by Sedwicks settlement. Liberty Mutual even told my attorney that THEY make settlements a lot faster then Sedwick. This is now the end of 2009 and they will NOT even return my attorneys phone calls. I don't just blame Liberty Mutual, I also blame HomeDepot for treating their employees with such disregard. Because of the way I have been disregarded, so many of my friends and family, will NOT even shop there anymore. I am now reaching out to the media, internet and ANYONE who will listen.

Both these companies should be held accountable for what they do to peoples lives. Us working people are what made their companies what they are. We need to unite against Corporate America, because WE are getting SCREWED.

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Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-12-21:
Seems as if your complaint is with Sedwick... "Sedwick Insurance Company, Thru Homedepot, settled the case." Unless I am missing something here. Were you injured on the job? I am not a fan of Liberty (long story) but what do they have to do with this>
Few more details would be helpful.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-21:
Maybe I'm naive but how is this complaint against Sedwick? They were basically given the boot by HD and any agreements they made with policyholders are out the window. It's basically start from scratch, it sounds like to me.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-12-21:
Judge, they said Sedwick "settled the case". am I missing something.
Posted by Class Advocate on 2009-12-21:
This strikes me as a basic workers compensation case. Am I missing something?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-21:
A pending settlement that apparently wasn't concluded with a payout. The new insurance company came in and obviously cancelled all transactions to review them. This is the way I'm seeing it whether right or wrong. If I were LM, I wouldn't want to pay out of my pocket for a previous insurance company's agreement either.
Posted by Class Advocate on 2009-12-21:
Makes sense Judge. Thanks
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-12-21:
agreed Judge, but it is clearly stated that Sedwick settled the case. Not pending, but settled.
Again, assume means exactly what it spells, the op needs to provide more info.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-21:
WHY is this a complaint about Home Depot and Liberty Mutual? If Sedwick settled then it is Sedwick you have a complaint against. Home Depot and Liberty have nothing to do with this. Liberty be cause they just took over the contract with HD, and HD because that is what they have insurance for.

You also say you were terminated. How long were you to be out of work? When was your surgery scheduled? Some companies do not have leave of absence for certain employees and depending on your job, can not keep on the payroll someone who can not work.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-21:
I think we're gonna have to ask the OP'er to actually define settled then. If it was truly settled, why isn't his/her lawyer arguing this? I again say this was pending, not settled.
Posted by goduke on 2009-12-22:
I agree with The Judge. If it was actually settled -- i.e., documents were signed -- then it would have been a done deal.
Posted by cooter726 on 2009-12-22:
Yes, I was injured at work,at Home Depot. I was told to apply for short term disability. While on disability I was scheduled to have back surgery. Two days before surgery I was informed my insurance was canceled, and because my Dr would not sign forms to return to work, I was then terminated. I hired an attorney. In Jan.2009, Sedwick insurance settled. But before my attorney got any paper work for me to sign, Sedwick left Home Depot and all cases were handed over to Liberty Mutual.Like I said, Liberty Mutual will NOT even answer my attorneys phone calls. There is a proposal now written to go back into mediation, again, Liberty Mutual will NOT respond. Liberty Mutual is trying to say an accident I had when I was 27, I'm now 59 had something to do with this injury. THAT is absurb. My attorney can't go after Sedwick because all their cases now belong to Liberty Mutual.SO, where do I go from here? Who do I talk to? Who will listen?
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-12-22:
"SO, where do I go from here? Who do I talk to? Who will listen?"

I would seem that your attorney is the one being paid to handle these issues. JMO, Sedwick/Home Depot are the "bad guys" here.
Posted by Class Advocate on 2009-12-22:
Cooter, you gotta talk to your attorney. If he is a competent workers compensation lawyer, he will know how to proceed. Your situation is a garden variety workers compensation matter. There are many potential legal issues in your fact situation. Why did it take so long to get the paperwork for your settlement? Must LM assume the commitments of Sedwick? As to this pre-existing condition, it is a factual question for the court. Again, you need to call your lawyer and ask him all these same questions. Many on this board (myself included) can speculate, offer opinion, and otherwise try to help, but it is your life, your job and your health. You need to take charge and demand answers from your lawyer!
Posted by Peter Valiant on 2012-12-04:
I work for THD, as well. I've never had any trouble submitting a claim, or receiving care for that claim. Unfortunately, I've been injured on the job 5 times in 10 years, almost all of those injuries requiring at least stitches and xrays. I haven't had to spare a single dime for any of it. I have a question for you Cooter... Did you report the injury to your store within 24 hours? Or did you wait beyond the 24 hour period before going to a doctor? If you were injured at work, and didn't report it, that is cause for termination (as crappy as that may sound). How do they know when you hurt yourself, or if it happened at work. Then again, you're saying it was the company's insurance that was supposed to be picking up the tab, so that means you were claiming it as a work injury.
So, did you report the "work" injury when it happened or did you file a report after you saw a doctor?
Even with my lower face torn apart and bloody as hell, my supervisor thought to grab the paperwork before rushing me to the hospital.
Maybe, your management team just needs a good lesson in common sense, but it's your responsibility, too.
I probably won't be coming back to this.
I just wanted to put in my "3" cents.
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Home Depot; Anti-American, Anti-Christian
Posted by American Christian on 10/29/2009
Home Depot has decided that it is offensive for it's employees to display patriotism and faith while on the clock. They recently fired an employee for wearing a button that diplayed the American flag with the words "In God we trust". I find it very ironic that they sell American flags. Every time I walk into the store, the flags are the first thing I see. I wonder how much money they have made on flag sales since 9-11? Or is it one word on the button that they find offensive? I personally have spent thousands of dollar at Home Depot. I will not spend another dime there.
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Posted by goduke on 2009-10-29:
You are wrong. Home Depot is very patriotic and has company sponsored, approved pins for employees to wear.

The issue was whether or not an employee can make up their own pin, irrespective of content. The Home Depot answer is "no," as they don't have the manpower to police all the pins that might come up, and don't want to have to create an entire "pin manual." It's a very reasonable position, and the kid could have easily worn the approved, patriotic pins.

It's unfortunate that you are allowing a misinformed view to shape your shopping habits.
Posted by lobo65 on 2009-10-29:
I am a Christian, and it doesn't bother me if a store has a uniform policy as long as it is observed for all religions. Not favoring one over the other.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-29:
Actually the pin had "One Nation Under God" on it and not "In God We Trust". "In God We Trust" is the phrase on the money that Home Depot has no moral qualms accepting.

Here's a statement from a Home Depot Representative, "Keezor was fired for violating the company's dress code, which only allows employees to wear company-provided pins. Expressing such personal beliefs is not allowed."

Expressing such personal beliefs is not allowed? Really. "One Nation Under God" isn't a personal belief. It's a quote from the "Pledge of Allegiance" as codified in United States LAW -- Title 4, Chapter 1 section 4.

How is quoting an excerpt from a federal law expressing a personal belief?

The "Pledge of Allegiance" IAW with United States Law is the official national flag pledge. It makes perfect sense to have a quote from the official United State flag pledge on a pin featuring the United States Flag.

Home Depot acts like they had no other recourse in this matter because you know of their dress code policy. I guess that policy must be written in stone or something because common sense would dictate that here in the United States you don't fire somebody for wearing a pin with the Unites States flag on it with a quote from the official United States flag pledge. That's beyond stupid.

This guy wasn't fired for wearing a pin featuring the United States Flag with a quote from the official United States flag pledge. No, That's just a smoke screen. This guy was fired for his religious beliefs. It's just that simple.

Ya know the with religious holiday Christmas rolling around I think it only fitting that Christmas shoppers not offend Home Depot by spending their religious holiday dollars at Home Depot. Wouldn't want to offend the HD boys with our 'personal beliefs'. Disgraceful.

Posted by goduke on 2009-10-29:
Because, Stew, it's not an approved pin. I can find all sorts of nifty little sayings from the codified laws for the states or the federal government. You can't open the door to saying anything that's written in a law on the books somewhere can be put on a pin.
Posted by andbran on 2009-10-29:
i will not be buying anything from Home Depot. i will spend by religious money at Lowes
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-10-29:
It doesn't matter what was on buttons/pins

If the dress-code states you're not allowed to wear buttons/pins that aren't issued by Home Depot, then he broke the policy.

He needs to learn better ways to bend the rules. Like wearing it on a watch or something like that.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-10-29:
i don't remember lowes having personal buttons allowed... do they?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-29:
Yeah, yeah it's not an approved pin. You still don't fire somebody here in the United States for wearing a pin with The United States Flag on it bearing a quote from the official United States flag pledge because the corporation feels "Expressing such personal beliefs is not allowed".

The fact that HD called an excerpt from federal law a personal belief is very telling in this situation. If HD doesn't like the law then lobby to change it but you don't fire somebody because you don't like what's codified in US Law. That's crazy.

What has become of us in this country?
Posted by goduke on 2009-10-29:
Stew, why are the approved patriotic pins not sufficient for the employee to express his patriotic views?

From the corporate perspective any pin, irrespective of content, is a personal view. It has nothing to do with the content of this particular pin.

I can find ample quotes in the law that have the phrase "sex with minors" in them. Does that mean it's o.k. to wear a pin on the job that says "sex with minors"? It's part of the law.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-10-29:
you're missing the point completely.

the policy says "no" to any non-HD buttons.
It doesn't matter if it's quoting a law or a bible passage

no is no.
it's not "no, unless it's a law" it's "no"

Otherwise, by your reasoning, one could wear a pin emblazoned with the law that in hawaii it's legal to have sex with a 14 year old, as long as you're not older than the him/her by more than 5 years.

or you could wear a pin pointing out that prostitution is legal in nevada

but the official hd answer appears to be "no, only our pins"
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-29:
goduke, Lifting 'sex with minors' from a federal statute would be quoting out of context that is (I hope) the phrase would lose it's original meaning. The quote "One Nation Under God" retains it's original meaning even without it's surrounding text. There is a difference.

You say, "It has nothing to do with the content of this particular pin". Well if that's true then why did Home Depot state, "Expressing such personal beliefs is not allowed". Those are HD's words not mine. Obviously HD thought it had everything to do with the content of the pin.

You asked, "why are the approved patriotic pins not sufficient for the employee to express his patriotic views". Am I to believe that Home Depot, who calls a quote from the US Flag Code a personal view, is any position to determine how it's employees should express patriotic views? I hardly think so.

Goduke, I hear what you're saying about the dress code. It is their policy and I admit they definitely have a legal right to that policy. What I'm saying though is you don't fire somebody in the United States for wearing a flag pin bearing a quote from the US Flag code. As always I respect your opinion but on this one will have to agree to disagree.
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-10-29:
Stew, your responses are some of the best answers I've seen regarding this topic.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-10-29:
what's wrong with obeying the company dress policy?
Posted by old fart on 2009-10-29:
I have to believe that the employee wearing the pin put up some resistance if not an actual stink about taking the pin off...
That's what'll get you fired...

What the boss says, GOES!
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-10-29:
If its not a "personal belief" what is it? One doesn't wear a pin one does not believe in. Obviously, the pin reflects THAT employee's beliefs. Other employees may have other beliefs. In order to stop a "pin war" between competing pins, an employer has a right to say no to all pins other than those provided by the employer. If it is consistent, there is nothing wrong with that.
Posted by Susannah on 2009-10-29:
Moved From Other Review: I agree .... being that Home Depot has seen fit to fire a employee for wearing a badge that included the name of God and the American Flag, I have decided NEVER to spend another penny in any of their stores. Home Depot Execs and management ..... why don't you all recite our Pledge of Alligence? It clearly states ONE NATION UNDER GOD in it. How dare you? Time for our American consumers to stand up and say ENOUGH !! Fight back with your wallets and purses. Kudos to that employee for refusing to deny God and our American Flag.
Posted by parshman on 2009-10-29:
Moved From Other Review: It is absolutely correct that a privately held company can restrict the uniform requirements and prohibit employees from wearing buttons. However, policy and perception are two different things. An employee has the option of wearing the button and losing his job. Personally, I congratulate him on his steadfast beliefs. I, as a customer am going to cast my vote with my wallet. I am returning $350 worth of materials recently purchased because while Home Depot's actions were legal, they offend me, and as an American, I have the freedom to shop elsewhere. On a personal level I think this was a foolish and short-sighted decision. Here are some alternatives. Print a HD "In God we Trust" button. Make it an optional item for wear on the uniform. Our consitution affords us the right to express our religion. The right of a private business to usurp that right may be legal, but that does not make it right.
One American's opinion...
Posted by goduke on 2009-10-29:
It is very unfortunate that the media was able to turn this from an internal dress code/policy issue into a patriotic/religious discussion. I just don't see why it's so hard to say "when at work follow the rules there."
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-10-29:
goduke - exactly!

it's not about what's on the pin, but that he's breaking the company policy

hell we didn't get to do that in the navy. we didn't get to wear any slogans on buttons.

Tho on my first ship the CO did let us wear our own choice in ballcaps - with a $5/week donation to CFC (charity). we still had rules tho - nothing offensive on the hats etc.

I chose to wear the ballcap to the USS Hawkbill SSN 666. Yes I offended someone. No they couldn't do anything about it - the hat was an official military issue ballcap, ergo it was within the rules of what was authorized. >:-)

so yeah, there are always ways to tweak things without breaking rules...
Posted by homedepot_michael on 2009-10-29:
Like a lot of things there is more here than meets the eye. We don’t fire people for being religious or patriotic. When we noticed Trevor wearing his button two months ago, the store worked with him on other ways he could express his patriotism and his religion. He chose to keep wearing his non-approved button on his apron. The issue isn’t whether or not we agree with the belief on the button. We have a policy where only company-provided pins and badges can be worn on our aprons.

Michael, Home Depot Customer Care
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-10-29:
I just think it's a sorry state of affairs we are in, when a button can cause so much trouble. It ain't over yet.
Posted by JINTS22 on 2009-10-31:
Parshman hit the nail on the head.... HD has the right to do what they have done, and they are apparently prepared to take the risk that not many of us will exersize our right to shop elswhere. I sincerely hope plenty of shoppers send a message to Home
Depot... I certainly plan on doing so. By the way, I made a similar button of my own, went into HD, and asked them if they still wanted me as a customer or should I leave.... They were all scared to death to say what they really felt about it.
Posted by American Christian on 2009-11-01:
I appreciate the response from Home Depot and I apologize for the misquote. Under normal times rules are rules. However, we are at war. WE ALL need to support our troops and our country. I fail to see why a man should loose his job, his livelihood, while displaying his patriotism. And it doesn't stop there. He also was expressing his faith in God. How could that ever be considered offensive? Well, I guess I'm just from a part of the country that appreciates people like Trevor.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-11-01:
AC the reason why is because his protest had nothing to do with troop support

the real issue is that he was told he can only wear the company pins while at work and he decided that the rules didn't apply to him because he liked his pin.

business doesn't work that way.

and hell the guy's 20... if he REALLY wants to support the troops, why not go down to the recruiter's office and sign up?
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Posted by Buggs on 01/10/2008
SOUTH, FLORIDA -- As a long term employee of The Home Depot I cannot agree enough with the bad reviews that the stores are getting. All of the newer employees could care less about the customers and know nothing about the products. When Bernie Marcus started the Home Depot he made sure that the employee's were very well trained and actually liked working with all kinds of people. Most people who don't know how to do something seem stupid to someone who knows how to do it. Helping people learn to do things themselves was the reason that people use to work for this company. Now however the jobs go to the person who sill take the least amount of money. Unless of course you want us to do it, they are the specialists and they are very well paid.

Gone are the days that you can go into a Home Depot and get real help from someone who cares, they are getting rid of us little by little and I think anyone who has shopped there for many years can see a huge difference. Management is so out of touch with the regular consumers that it is a joke. I try like hell to help everyone that I can, and show them the least expensive easiest way to fix things. I am a consumer too and love to help people. The way that Home Depot rewards years of hard work and great customer service is by reducing your pay and driving you to the point that you just don't care. I am sorry to all of the people that rely on the Home Depot for help with their projects.

Look at the badges on the employee's, the bigger the number the more they care. Seek out the people who have been there the longest and you can still get help.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-01-10:
yada yada yada
Posted by MRM on 2008-01-10:
La Ti Da
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-01-10:
I have to agree...people (most people)just get through the day for their pay. There is no "love for their job" anymore...there is no pride in what they do because they are doing it for the wrong reason...they do it because they HAVE to work SOMEWHERE...if you don't enjoy the work you're doing, it's going to show in so many ways.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-10:
I must agree as well because most of the people that are supposed to be working and doing their job are on here while they are getting a pay check for doing there job. These people are not a good example when they talk about people that do there job for the wrong reason they are hypocrites.

Good review
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-10:
A good depression will cure people of not caring about the jobs they have. Taking the family out to a soup kitchen will make them appreciate a job again. Stuff really does come easy to people now. Strong work ethic is a dinosaur these days.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-01-10:
Super...you couldn't be more right! Best Answer!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-01-10:
Liddy...I don't take a 15 minute break in the mornings and a 15 minute break in the afternoon. THAT'S my choice...but, I do sign on at lunch time, which is MY time and after lunch I will pull up the screen and scroll the comments and comment now and then...and no way does that little time of popping off an on during the last three hours of the day doesn't add up anywhere near the 30 minutes of break that I don't go outside and smoke on. So, before you refer to me as a hypocrite...get your facts straight. I bring in between one and two million dollars a month into the company...with me NOT taking two 15 minutes of breaks everyday, it is the company that comes out ahead with me because they are getting work out of me when I can be sitting outside and getting paid for it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-10:
Buggs, thanks for the insight.

Superbowl, hopefully we won't have a depression, but I think you're right about people not having a strong work ethic. Both of my kids have a strong work ethic (in their mid to late 20's) and I don't know if it was inherited or instilled. Maybe kids learn it from what their parents do (or don't do).

The old saying that, "A job worth doing, is a job worth doing well," doesn't seem to apply anymore to a lot of people. Very unfortunate, indeed! Everyone wants everything handed to them on a silver platter, or so it would seem.
Posted by runaway on 2008-01-11:
As a former HD employee, I can't agree more...the company has strayed so far from the core values that set it apart that there is little chance of return to the former glory of a great place to shop and learn, where employees and customers alike enjoyed crossing the threshold.
Posted by Alain on 2008-01-13:
Good review! This applies to Lowe's as well. Many employees would like to do a good job, but are frustrated by management. Many customers expect good service from advertisements promising it to them, but are frustrated when it doesn't exist. I wonder if things would change if the corporate executives worked 2 weeks a year in the stores as cashiers, stockers, sales people, etc.? And maybe a week at the Customer Service desk, too!
Posted by squeekyHinge on 2008-02-01:
I know that the cashier at the home depot always knows his stuff. He scans my items and bags my merchandise in a quick and efficient manner. OH! Wait a minute!!!! Every time I go to The Home Depot I"M the friggin cashier!!!!
Posted by rojerdojer on 2008-02-06:
SqueekyHinge...I have to disagree with you, I am the cashier when I go to the store not you! ;-) (oops, did I forget to scane this.... *rolls eyes*.... 8^D ) hehe
Posted by Desol on 2008-02-13:
I tend to agree with the sometimes lack of quality service at a lot of the Home Depots since I visit several different ones as a contractor. However, for the past several years I have been very fortunate to have one within blocks of my home that is great. It's staffed with all these old guys (meant as a compliment), that are very friendly and really know their stuff. This one particular store is more the exception than the rule unfortunately...
Posted by Tinn on 2008-08-02:
Presently I am dealing with the Home Depot corporate office for a job poorly done at the Augusta, Maine Home Depot. Get this.. We I have been tring to connect with them for months now. Just yesterday, the right hand lady to the President of Home Depot asked me what time would be good for me to hold a conference call next week. I said, 12:15 would work for me. She immediately stated..."Oh, thats my lunch time and I won't be able to do that" I said... well you asked me a time that would be good for me didn't you? Can you believe it? Wheres the customer service? After spending $40,000.00 with the Home Depot, you would think they would gladly accomodate us in a TIMELY manner. It is slowly catching up to this company... they won't be in business for too long...
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Pine Straw Matching
Posted by Nmorgan on 07/09/2007
JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI -- I recently had a very poor experience with home depot in jackson, ms. I have always done business with home depot due to being a stockholder in the company. I always felt that if I were going to buy a product for my home, I should buy it from a company I have invested interest in. I recently went to home depot to buy 20 bales of pine straw. They were unfortunately out, I did the unthinkable, I went to the local lowe's store and to my chagrin, I bought 20 bales of pine straw for $1.70 Cheaper per bale. I was happy with the savings and was surprised with the quality of service I received. It was very good! I placed the quality bales in my yard for the weekend and was pleased with my purchase. The next weekend I went to home depot, remember I am a stock holder, to purchase more pine straw. I, of course, priced shopped and made it very clear to the manager, rose, that his pine straw was $1.70 More per bale. He assured me that home depot's pine straw was a higher quality and was much larger, twice the size he claimed. I bought only 10 since I trusted the manager as he was very confident that home depot's was much better for the money. I asked him if he would price match if home depot's quality was not the same and he advised that he would. I picked up my 10 bales and the quality was horrible. They were actually smaller and appeared that they were last years straw. It was the worst looking straw that I have ever seen. I called the manager on the phone and advised him that his straw was not the same quality as lowe's and I wanted him to match their price. He immediately became defensive and said that they have done their research and they would not price match? I could not believe my ears since the previous weekend, I purchased pine straw from lowe's and knew their quality. I advised that I had my own business and when a customer brought a complaint to me I handled it with a serving heart. He advised, "since you are a business man, you should know that it is about the bottom dollar and making the company profitable." I replied back that in my business the customer is always right and it is my job to make sure that I carry out the best customer service I can to meet the customer needs. I asked him if he had personally looked at lowe's pine straw and he advised that he hadn't but assured me that the quality was not the same and one of his guys could vouch for it. He advised that I could drive across town and pay my $3.00 A gallon and bring it back to him and May look at it and May give me the difference. This was stated with extreme sarcasm. As a consumer, you expect a level of professionalism when dealing with a manager. You do not expect a sarcastic comment about $3.00 Gas. You expect that the company you have done business with for years would come through for you and at least hear your concerns and not mock them. With managers/leaders like rose who care only about the "bottom line" it remains clear to me why home depot is struggling as a company. If your managers will not serve don't expect your employees to serve. I will think twice before going into another home depot and my new store of choice is lowe's.

I still own my stock in home depot and am considering selling all of my stock and purchasing lowe's stock.

Disgrunted customer.
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-07-10:
And just this AM, Home Depot announced they expect earnings this year to fall 15 to 18% below last year's levels.
Posted by chemman on 2007-07-10:
As far as customer service goes, I've always found Lowe's to be much better than Home Depot. It also seems that companies with better CS seem to do better in the long haul, so if I were you I'd think about dumping that HD stock for some Lowe's.
Posted by Ponie on 2007-07-10:
I understand your complaint. However, if in your business 'the customer is always right,' I don't hold out much hope you'll be in business for the long haul. Reasonable adjustments? I'll agree to that but not merely for any complaint a customer feels s/he deserves compensation for.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-10:
Ponie has a good point but I think in a "good" business you should treat the customer as though he/she is always right, the try and compromise.
Posted by poppapia on 2007-07-10:
Again, I wish we could hear the other side of this. Management at most companies will treat consumers with respect as long as they are treated the same way, and after reading this post, I'm not sure the consumer reacted appropriately.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-07-10:
I don't understand why you did not go back to Lowes
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-07-10:
You tried to be loyal and pointed out the issue to the manager. It fell on deaf ears but at least you tried. Ban Home Depot and move on to Lowe's. (I myself have never had a decent exp at Home Depot, too unorganized, always roping off aisles to get stuff off tall shelves and the workers' are hard to come by...go Lowes and Menards!!)
Posted by nmorgan on 2007-07-10:
maybe I should rephrase "the customer is always right statement" to "i will listen to any valid complaint and will work towards resolving the complaint." the customers in my line of business generally have a misunderstanding. anyone can sell a product, however the best service it. home depot can't expect to be profitable when they have non empathetic employees who typically care about themselves only. Not all employees at home depot are this way, however the vast majority appear to be this way. this, imho, stems from lack of leadership from upper level management. they are the ones to blame.
Posted by nmorgan on 2007-07-10:
how do you suppose one should react appropriately in this situation? i treated the manager with respect. wouldn't you want the company your dealing with to price match and to confirm that the bales of pine straw were the same quality?
i now only go back to lowe's.
Posted by runaway on 2007-07-10:
Home Depot usually only price matches on the identical brands, that may be why. The manager shouldn't have told you otherwise and back out on it, though.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-07-10:
nmorgan, thanks for the reply. Now sell your stock!
Posted by Starlord on 2007-07-12:
Runaway brought up an interesting thing, the identical item gag. A lot of stores claim they will meet or beat the price of another stores price on the identical item. Let's use boomboxes as an example of how they work. Store X carries the Panasonic 317J boombox for $129.95. Store Y carries the Panasonic 317K for $99.99. You go to store X with your ad for Store Y. they say it is not the identical item, pointing out the J and K. What Panasonic has done (and this is common in electronics) is to make two versions of the boombox, with the only difference being very minor cosmetic changes, selling the J model to Store X and the K to Store Y. Most electronic manufacturers do this, so the stores can pull this idea that one unit is superior to the other, when both are identical inside the case.
Posted by doglovingreviewer on 2011-04-22:
Maybe you should start selling hardware products. It sounds like you would provide much better service than Home Depot.
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Rebate Program - Tuff Shed Purchase
Posted by Kayrow on 01/19/2007
CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I want to express my dissatisfaction with the Home Depot Rebate Program. I purchased a Tuff Shed from them on September 8, 2006. I mailed my 10% rebate in by Monday, September 11, 2006. When I called to check on my rebate on Wednesday, November 21, I was told that the rebate was not received into their system until Friday, November 2nd, almost 8 weeks after I mailed it in. I was told it would take about 8 weeks more to process. I called again on Friday, December 28th, which is exactly 8 weeks later. I was told that the 8 weeks didn't include weekends when calculating when they would send me the rebate, and since I wasn't satisfied with how it was being handled, they were more than willing to just start the entire processing over again, which would start the entire 8 week count all over again. I was told if I was not satisfied, I could call the Home Depot that I purchased the shed from and voice my complaint. I did just that. The manager told me that they really don't have much control over the rebate center, but he would place a call and see what he could do. He called me back and informed me that he talked with a supervisor in the Rebate Center and they expedited my rebate and that I should have it within 2 weeks. Well, it's been 3 weeks since I talked with Home Depot, and, yes, you got it, I still have not received my rebate. This is in the amount of $370.00 so it is a significant amount I have been waiting on. Frustrated, absolutely!!

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Posted by Justusryan on 2007-01-19:
its true, retailers do not have much controll over rebate centers. this is one of millions of posts about rebates.
Posted by SherryH on 2007-01-20:
Send rebates Certified Mail. This creates a paper trail, and when they tell you, "We never got it," you can reply, "Well someone signed for it." I've had luck with that. I am rapidly coming to the conclusion, though, I should accept the price I'm paying for something because I'll have to frickin fight for the rebate. Most of those who offer rebates have no intention of giving them.

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Wedding Registry
Posted by MikeJ on 09/11/2006
US, OHIO -- HomeDepot.com has proved to be the most incompetent online retail experience I (and wife) have ever had. We thought registering w/ HD was a good idea being newlyweds in a house that needed lots of work. I would suggest anyone else (Lowes, DIY, Sears, etc.).

Here are the reasons:

1. Their in-store registry is completely separate from their online registry. Being a IT pro, this seems very strange that their stock is in 2 totally different databases that apparently can't communicate w/ one another.

1.a. Throw out the fact that there even is a brick and mortar store. When dealing w/ just the online registry it would get screwed up. We received 3 hammocks after registering for 1. That's b/c after one person ordered online, the database would not update to show a "0 requested", instead it would still show 1 and let the next person order the same thing. This should be something that happens immediately upon check out.

2. After the above incidents, Homedepot.com customer support has been extremely hard to work w/ and has driven my once easy-going wife to heated arguments w/ total stangers (the HD customer service reps.). We have had these 2 extra hammocks for almost 4 months now.

2.a. Not only will they not pick them up like they promise, but when they do, our returned gifts will have to be credited back to our friends credit cards instead of even giving us a gift card. We will then have to explain to our friends that their generous gift has to be returned and explain that they will be getting credited and hope they don't feel bad and try to buy us something else 4 months after our wedding day.

The whole experience has really soured us w/ Home Depot. And w/ lots of work still to go on the house, will will be driving a little farther to the nearest Lowes. It's a shame to b/c I have been satisfied w/ their store merchandise, staff, and convenience.
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Posted by rhondam718732 on 2006-09-11:
Thats atrocious! If your extra gifts were part of the registry you should automatically be given a store credit! What an awful situation all around. Hope Home Depot gets it straight one of these days. I like Menards myself.
Posted by Nohandle on 2006-09-11:
MikeJ, shame when you've gone to the trouble to make it easy for out of town friends, who want to send a gift and don't have a clue as to what, to go through this hassle. I can't imagine what you would do with 3 hammocks and then be faced with the dilemma of how to go from there. You certainly couldn't very well call the friends who were excited about buying just the thing you two wanted and tell them "Hey, thanks for the expensive gift; however, we got a total of three hammocks and your credit card will be credited...so how about just sending us a check". I hardly think so.

I'm curious, and feel certain you've checked into this, but why would the local Home Depot not accept the two extra gifts as an exchange..not refund..on something else in their store? Do the ship direct items differ from those offered in the local store? I really don't know.

I've gotten so on out of town weddings, I ask where they are registered locally and call the store direct. I select the gift, put it on my credit card and thus far haven't had any problem. Knock on wood. So many among us like to order on line and the way you've been treated is ridiculous. At least you've forewarned others. Thanks.

Rhondam you're right on the money. I too don't understand why a store credit was not issued. If this is their standard policy others might be advised to run for the hills. Money thrown down the drain for duplicate gifts someone doesn't need.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-09-12:
"We thought registering w/ HD was a good idea being newlyweds in a house that needed lots of work"...A house that needed alot of work and you put a Hammock on your registry?
Posted by DORCAS on 2006-09-12:
Congratulations on your Wedding! I never thought of a bridal registry for wedding gifts at a Home Depot or Lowes type of store. You are a smart couple. Many happy years ahead for the two of you!
Posted by CaptainSpaulding on 2006-09-12:
At least where I live, Lowes is actually WORSE than the Home Depot!!! I miss the good old days before these impersonal "big box retailers" started spreading like cancer!!! At one time, you could go to your local neighborhood hardware store and receive personal service from a trusted local businessman. Those days are gone forever...
Posted by MikeJ on 2006-09-12:
Rhondam, I wish we had a Menards around us. But no such luck.

Nohandle, The local HD doesn't accept exchanges for items purchased online. It seems like the in store and online come from 2 completely different inventories. My guess is that they are like an Amazon.com and just drop ship straight from some of these product companies they work w/ and never actually touch anything.

DebtorBasher, I understand your comment. But, I was convinced by others not to put all the stuff we really needed on the registry b/c people wouldn't buy it anyway. Believe me, I wanted to put drywall, paint, fencing, mulch, etc. on their but who would want to buy those for a wedding present. So, that hammock was something fun for me. Plus we did get some tools and lots of gift cards which we used up pretty quick on some little projects.

Dorcas, Thank you.

Heywood, I agree w/ you 100%. You should also put a ? at the end of your name.

I'm trying to find and email address for the CIO Robert DeRodes. Can anyone help?
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-09-13:
MikeJ: Ok...Understood..LOL...and congrates!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-09-13:
If I had a friend in your situtation...getting married and working on a home like that and was registered at HD, I would have taken the safe route and gave a gift card...then the couple could use it for what they really needed, be it drywall, paint or whatever...
Posted by BBast on 2006-11-07:
if you pick out items the local store carries then you can return them for instore credit, no muss no fuss then buy dry wall
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No refund for faulty lawnmower.
Posted by Helian on 04/12/2006
GERMANTOWN, MARYLAND -- I recently purchased a lawnmower at Home Depot. After assembling it, I filled it with oil and fuel and attempted to start it. I found the blade could not turn without hitting its housing, so it was impossible to start the machine. When I attempted to return it, I was informed that it would be necessary for me to empty the gas tank, "because otherwise the machine was a fire hazard." I am nearly 60, have back problems, and have no facilities for emptying lawnmower gas containers. I'm sure most other people have no such facilities. Under the circumstances, many of them are likely to simply dump the gasoline out on the ground, in spite of its known environmental and health hazards. Home Depot's inflexible attitude in this matter and failure to plan for or provide proper facilities to handle returned power equipment shows a pathetically low level of civic responsibility and concern for the community in which they do business. I have purchased several thousand dollars worth of equipment from them over the years. I will never shop there again, and I will certainly encourage my friends and family to shop elsewhere as well. I suggest that anyone reading this shop elsewhere as well.
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Posted by you r stupid on 2006-04-12:
Well my Home Depot does empty gas out for you free of charge if you need to return something with gas or oil in it, but how is it there responsiblity to need somewhere to dispose of gas? Some states don't allow them to handle gas like that and it costs the store to dispose of it. It's not there fault the mower didn't work thats a warrenty issue from who built the mower. If you can't empty alittle gas out of a mower cause you are 60 then you probably shouldn't be mowing either.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-12:
Go to Lowe's or look in the yellow pages and find a small mom and pop shop that sell's lawnmores (but ask as about their warranties dear) it seems customer service here in the states has been rendered to the Philipines or Mexico.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-13:
You r stupid: that’s cold; when you hit 60 I hope someone dumps the gas out on your lawn. Yes it is there responsibility to dispose of the gas and fix the stupid mower that they sold. I don’t care who built the thing, they sold it and there first responsibility is to the person they sold it to.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-13:
Ok I know this is a "girl" question but can't you siphon (note the technical term)the gas out and use it in something else?
If not (and especially if you have to lift the whole lawnmower or something crazy like that to get the gas back out) seems like they should have helped you for sure. My experience with Home Depot is it is luck of the draw and the talent and caring of the person working at that moment. I hate going there or asking too many questions because I know I am a dummy about most of what they sell, some of the people that work there are really helpful and cool though. Maybe call ahead and find out when a manger will be there and go back again, you might get a different outcome.
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-04-13:
I know they can not have that mower in the building with gas in it per fire codes. They probably figure it's easier for you to remove the gas than them. You must have filled it with a gas can. Why not just siphon the gas back into it?
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2006-04-13:
All you have to do is go to any auto parts store and buy a drip pan to drain the gasoline out of. My 75 year old grandfather showed me how to do it. It really isn't that hard. It is not Home Depo's responsibility to drain anything out of the mower. You put it in and you take it out.
Posted by tander on 2006-04-13:
If you can't empty the gasoline out yourself, why don't you ask a neighbor for help, I'm sure someone would help you. We help the elderly on our block all the time.
Posted by you r stupid on 2006-04-13:
Well Lidman first I wasn't trying to be cold with my statement I was just saying that taking gas out of a mower is not hard and if it was so hard for them because there 60 then they shouldnt be mowing cause mowing is harder. Also no its not Home Depots fault the mower didn't work it is a warranty issue thats why they come with one from the manufacture. And Home Depot does offer for it to be fixed but it needs to be sent out which takes sometimes weeks and it gets fixed with the warranty it came with.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-14:
Ok you r stupid while I agree it is not hard to take the gas out of the mower for someone who knows that, it can be hard and scary for someone who doesn’t know how. It also can be dangerous. I agree that its not Home Depots fault the mower didn't work and yes, it might be a warranty issue but Home Depot sold them the mower and they should at least check it out first. The one I go to does check it out first before they talk about warranties. They also will replace it first then send the defective one back for repair. I sell reactors and I use a lot of venders and they all have warranties but I am the one responsible when I sell the thing and I am the one who must fix the machine first because I sold it. If I say it is the manufactures problem and not my responsibility I will be out of business very quickly. Other then that please, be kind to people.
Posted by alphadork on 2006-04-14:
The official policy of the Home Depot is that items with gas in them cannot be returned until they have been emptied. There are a couple of reasons for this policy:

1) It is a fire hazard to have gasoline in the store, especially because Home Depot stores are not equipped with the facilities to safely dispose of gasoline.

2) Home Depot is not a certified handler of gasoline, and therefore it is illegal for them to offer to dispose of your gasoline.

3) Any power tool/equipment is sent back to the vendor for repair, regardless of whether you are given a replacement or you are told that your unit is going out for repair. Vendors will not pick up their product if it has gasoline in it (and yes, they do check.)

Yes, it's crappy that you have to empty it out yourself, but the store should have that policy clearly marked near the lawn mower display. Failing that, a seasonal associate should tell you the policy. It's my experience that people rarely look for or ask about such information.

Perhaps instead of complaining about the 'unfairness' of the return policy, you should feel thankful that the Home Depot acutally cares about customer safety.
Posted by tom on 2013-10-17:
It is unacceptable for a company to claim to put customer satisfaction first and not act in the best interest of customers. Instead they say things to make you drop your guard and not investigate all policies thoroughly. It is clearly a profit generating priority in a most deceptive disguise. But thank you home depot employees for showing your responses here. It has further displayed your general tone towards customers.
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