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Customer Dis-Service - Delivery
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I will never purchase another thing from Home Depot. The first item we purchased was a John Deere Lawn Mower. It was delivered missing critical parts. Home Depot is happy to act as a middle man. They are happy to take your money but they do not stand behind what they sell. If something goes wrong you have to call the manufacturer directly, even if you get an extended warranty. Now the wheel housing is cracked and Home Depot has done nothing to help us.

Two days ago we bought a refrigerator that cost $1000.00. We heard nothing from Home Depot regarding delivery of the appliance in spite of the immediate removal of funds through our bank account. My husband had to call to get a delivery date. In spite of all the information he entered into the existing account, they didn't even have his phone number.

I waited all day long for their promise of a call 30 minutes prior to delivery which never came. There was someone at the house the entire day. We have a dog that was kept downstairs out of the way of the front door and out of the path of delivery. My dog barks if someone next door starts their car. The dog never barked. No one called. No one attempted to even come to the door. We would not even have had time to empty out the old refrigerator as a courtesy to them. They said they came by at 3:45 pm. Well, they never called.

They didn't even have the correct number in spite of it being provided to them online and over the phone personally to the representatives at the 1-800-455-3869 repeatedly. They never came by... never knocked on the door... Someone was here the entire day. They tell you via the aforementioned number (customer disservice) that you have no control or say so as to when they will deliver the appliance. THEY TELL YOU WHEN THEY CAN DELIVER IT AND EXPECT YOU TO PUT YOUR LIFE ON HOLD FOR IT!

Particularly unhelpful and downright rude were Michelle (Employee #**) and her supervisor, Viviane (Employee #**) who don't listen, make you repeat everything twice, treat you as though you are the one who is wrong and stupid in having to do so, and then telling you there is absolutely NOTHING they can do to help you... that YOU have to call back "tomorrow" because even though they wasted an entire day and all my time up to 6:45 pm (the delivery period was supposed to be 2:45 pm to 6:45 pm and they were to call 30 minutes prior), it was 7:01 pm when I called and the "HD Department is closed for the day."

Is anybody there actually accountable??? Does anybody have the power to do anything for the customer??? No!!! I am cancelling the purchase tomorrow because I'm told I have to wait an additional seven days for what doesn't even constitute an ATTEMPT to deliver anything.

Larger Tool Rental Breakdown and Lack of Repair
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Rating: 1/51

MADISON, TENNESSEE -- Needed a large trench digger for a few hours. My elderly parents needed to have their water lines replaced from the meter to their house. They had a plumber at their house ready to do the work. Since I have the vehicle w/ a tow hitch I had to deliver the machine. I dropped off the machine and went to run some errands. I get a call within 30 minutes stating that the chain/teeth on the digger wasn't spinning once engaged.

I immediately went to Home Depot to discuss with manager to see what options we had instead of putting it back on the trailer, securing it, and bringing it back. I am then told that Home Depot does not own their equipment, it is contracted out. They called the gentleman who owns or operates the business that services the equipment. I get him to show up to the house to service the equipment over 2 hrs later, and after an hr of making adjustments we are told the machine doesn't work properly and needs to be returned.

I could not be available to pick-up / return the machinery the next day and I'm the only one that can deliver the equipment. The serviceman says he would meet my parents at a different Home Depot early the following morning and deliver and return the unit when finished since he felt bad the machine didn't work. After an extremely aggravating and non-productive day, I return the machine to Home Depot, there was no charge (as should be) and Home Depot only said "sorry". They never offered a discount on a rental of a different unit.

The following morning my parents woke early and go to a Home Depot that is farther away to meet the serviceman for Home Depot's equipment where he said he would meet them and deliver and return the machine. After waiting over an hour and many phone calls, the serviceman never showed, called, nor answered his phone. My parents are left without water for the 3rd day. I have owned a few business, and I know for a fact, if I had people representing me in this manner and poor customer service on both ends of Home Depot and their servicemen, I would not expect to be in business very long.

This was just an EXTREMELY horrible experience. Home Depot's part and whoever owns the equipment. They should test each unit when returned for proper function before letting it leave the lot. This was on a trailer, definitely not a "throw in the back seat type of rental". I will not be renting anything from them again. Also, there was a lot more to this, but it is somewhat abridged. Hope this helps.

Deplorable Customer Service at New Rochelle Home Depot
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Rating: 1/51

NEW ROCHELLE, NEW YORK -- Please fix the extremely poor customer service at your New Rochelle, NY store. I have consistently encountered DMV like service in this store for several years now (And I was going there often). Never ever have I seen such extremely bad, bad attitudes and unwillingness to help in any store. It seems as if it's a store policy help customers as little as possible. Simply do a Google search for poor service at New Rochelle Home Depot. And you will find story after story of people complaining about the really bad customer service coming out of this 1 Home Depot Store.

Based on my search this store clearly has a top national ranking for the worst customer service. I have even read some stories about management taking steps to address these customer service issues going back to 2009 (so obviously you know there is a serious problem with this store, and whatever you tried to do did not work).

Example: About a month ago I ask a clerk for help in the lumber dept. He starts to answer me and in mid sentence he gets a text message on his personal. The clueless clerk proceeds to have me stand right in front of him while he takes 4 minutes to send a volley of text message. No excuse me, no nothing. This experience got way worse but too much to write about here.

Example: Today I wanted to buy some refurbished/reconditioned equipment that they had lined up in front of the store. However all of the equipment was strung together with a wire lock. I go inside and ask if I can purchase the equipment. It take literally 30 min for them to locate someone with the key to unlock the stuff. When we got to do the unlock, the clerk and I also pickup an escort from the store manager.

She proceeds to tell me in a negative tone "you know there are parts missing right?" "Oh.... Can you tell me what parts are missing?" She does not know and couldn't care less. "Do you know if the stuff works then?" "No... that's why we're selling them." Me: "Well they do say reconditioned on them." Her: "That means they're used."

I proceed to explain to her the definition of re-conditioned. This banter continued for about five minutes. Finally I just said, "Never mind. This is too complicated," and I walked away. Here tone in this whole thing was as if she was annoyed, and bothered by my interest in the equipment (this was the manager). If it's OK for her to act this way, what do you think is permissible underneath her. This is clearly a management issues as it is storewide. The nearest Lowe's is a good 45min ride from this store. I'm a new loyal LOWE'S customer.

Credit Card Issue and Change of Address and Not Receiving Billing
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Rating: 1/51

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI -- My wife and I went into a Home D. store to purchase a ceiling fan. When we went to check out we found our credit card with Home D. wouldn`t go through. When calling from the store the credit dept. we found we had a unpaid balance of $60-$70 from a April purchase. I wasn`t aware of that because I didn`t receive a billing. We had a change of address that I believed I put on a statement when I mailed back to Home D. in March. I don`t use my Home D. charge very often but have had the credit card forever. My past pay report has been outstanding over the last 10-15 years with Home D.

The lady advised me I owe not only the $60, I owe late charges $25 the first month, $35 second month, $40 the next month and so on. I owe more in late charges than my balance on purchases. I also don`t understand why the P. O. didn`t forward this bill because once in a while I still get forwarded mail. The lady I talked to was not flexible at all, she wasn`t helpful either. She was all business but not really helpful. She wasn`t rude or anything just if I wanted the fan I needed to pay the store $95 on my account or something like that an amount. I was getting a little upset and embarrassed with the other customers looking at my wife and I as dead beets.

I told her to look at my pay record over the past 10 years and I pay every month my balance but she advised she couldn`t go back over 6 months. So after going over and over with this credit person and making no progress I told her to send me the bill at my correct address and I will pay for what I purchased but not $100 in late charges. I also advised her I will never set foot in another Home D. store and I will tell all my friends and everyone I talk to how hard it is to do business with Home D. Please also note I pay bills as I receive them like every other person does, I don`t keep track of purchases and automatically pay them if I don`t get a bill.

Look at my credit score, look at my past pay record, then make a decision on cutting me off. I will pay the bill I owe, I will destroy my credit cards from Home D. and never shop there again. I will not pay all those outrages late fees however. When I receive the statement I`ll pay you what do.

Home Depot Credit Card 5% Discount Matching Lowe's 5% Discount
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Rating: 2/51

GARDEN GROVE, CALIFORNIA -- Less than a year ago an associate at a Depot had me apply for a commercial Home Depot credit card telling me that I would get 5% off my purchases. Upon being approved for the card, I was told that at the register I needed to ask for the 5% Lowe's match. When I went to use it in Orange county the stores needed to see my Lowe's card. I have a Lowe's commercial credit which I have and showed them and have ever since with not much trouble.

One time at the Garden Grove store the cashier made me show the Lowe's card and my driver's license and checked the name on all three and told me that she had to make sure that I wasn't using someone else's Lowe's card in order to get the 5% discount. Today at the Garden Grove store I was told that the manager told them that the 5% discount did not apply to the Home Depot commercial credit card.

FYI: At Lowe's the 5% discount is applied automatically when the card is swiped and since it is a "Lowe's American Express" card, American Express gives 2 points for every dollar spent at Lowe's in which for every 2500 points that I cash in I get a $25 Lowe's gift card. This is an additional 2% in perks. CitiBank which issues my Home Depot Commercial card does not give any perks.

Turned Into an Indictment of Home Depot Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- This review was inspired by a poorly designed and manufactured Thomasville floor that we purchased at Home Depot and had professionally installed by Home Depot in our dining room. It turned into an indictment of Home Depot Customer service. After months of contact and runaround I felt obligated to send the letter enclosed and post it so others can be better prepare when having a problem with Home Depot.

"Although it seems Home Depot has already made a decision on this matter I felt I had to respond to the way it was handled. At first it was made to look as though the representatives from Home Depot were looking to find a cause for the problem, but in time we realized they were just handing the problem off from one person to the next. Most of what had been promised, regardless how small such as “Pick up touch-up pen at store from counter person” were met by a glazed look from the person at the counter that was never told.

They gave us phone numbers to call and called them manufacture representatives or Home Depot managers in charge of the flooring department, or buyers for the floor department, or the best joke of all, “Home Depot customer service manager”. But when we thought we heard it all, they told us Home Depot will be sending an insurance appraiser that we later found out specializes in auto insurance.

Of course we had a problem with a Thomasville floor, not something normally found in a car. He did not show up for the first appointment that he set up date and time for his convenience, then arrived on his second try with a preconceived conclusion as to what the problem was. His brilliant conclusion was although we had pads on each leg of each chair and pads on each leg of the table, they were not new enough and that made us reasonable for the damage.

I realize I'm not an insurance appraiser with specialties in auto insurance, but even I was able to determine that the material in this Thomasville floor was too soft to support furniture of any kind and that made it totally useless as a dining room floor. We know other customers left negative feedback on this floor with at least one stating it marked so easily, only air furniture should be used. I'm sorry I had to write a negative review. I much rather Home Depot would have worked with the suppliers and us to come to a fair conclusion for everyone, but instead they decided it was best to waste not only my time but the time of the store employees.

Two things have come from this experience, first I will drive by a Home Depot to get to a Lowe's in the future and second I will post a copy of this letter on any space that will have it.

Don't Buy Countertops From Home Depot!!!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- We bought $4000 worth of marble countertops from Home Depot. They sent out someone from Home Depot to measure countertops, my wife explained to them exactly what she wanted including a template from the cabinet makers. They say the measurements are wrong from the cabinet maker and say we owe an additional $1600. We paid the difference and we got put off for a month for several reasons but not limited to "the marble is on back order", "the installer cracked the marble when they cut it" and back to "the marble is on back order".

Finally we call Home Depot and tell them we need it installed its costing us money, is an eyesore and is very inconvenient! They tell us they will try to expedite the process and they switched installers. The installer shows up, and they have cut the island marble top wrong. The installers tells my wife, "yes it was cut wrong". The installer calls his boss and they tell him to bring it back and they will recut it.

Two months later and after contacting the counter top people at Home Depot, the assistant manager, the store manager, the regional manager, the associate and manager of the installer and making a complaint to the corporate headquarters we are 3 months without counter tops and still counting!!

The installer tells my wife that she signed a piece of paper saying that the measurements were right. My wife didn't sign anything, she doesn't know how to measure counter tops and on top of that it's not her responsibility that's what we are paying them for! They tell her they will bring her the original top back, but that's it...

I will never do business with Home Depot again! They are a very shady business that does not care about their customers, has extremely bad customer service and its employees and contractors have NO idea what they are doing. The employees have told both my wife and I that they will "call us back" or "get to the bottom of it" but they don't and have no intentions to. PLEASE STAY AWAY!

Lack of Communication
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Rating: 2/51

ONLINE ORDER, NEW JERSEY -- On June 13th I ordered my mother a new washing machine from Home Depot. It arrived on the 20th. My mother attempted to use it two days later only to find that it would not agitate. She was unhappy with the product and did not want another washer like this one. I called Home Depot and they said they would not be able to deliver a new washer for a week. I told them I wanted to cancel the order. The gentleman on the phone said that's fine we will have someone out either Tuesday or Wednesday to pick up the washer. Order was canceled, I was told I would have my money back in my account within 36 hours. Washer was picked up on Tuesday the 25th.

OK. Fast Forward two weeks. No refund has been placed in my account as of this moment. Add to this the frustration of spending literally hours on the phone trying to get this straightened out. Also, add the fact that Maytag has since attempted to deliver two more washers to my house (the first time I had to sign multiple papers and talk to an unfriendly dispatcher and this was after I was told by the very friendly Home Depot advisor that "everything was taken care of") I have spoken to at least five people, all of whom have assured me the return number was generated and I would have my money within 36 hours of pick up.

Every time I called the nice operators said everything is taken care of. Well, called back Friday and was told I would have to speak to someone at the store (two weeks in I hear this). Once again, very nice lady tells me I will have my money back before Monday morning. Well, it isn't there yet. Called again was now told seven business days. I can understand mistakes, but I cannot understand or accept the utter confusion that seems to be going on inside this company. They have had the washer for two weeks. It was checked back into the store on the 28th, still I have no refund.

By -

MCKINNEY, TEXAS -- DL's that show you as a veteran and DD-214's are not accepted at Home Depots. This is not isolated but true with all Home depots I have been into. This removes most vets from so-called discounts. When you have a friend who does have one due to being active or medical / retired, their excuse is only on certain days. They are getting you there and not honoring this as they say. In fact a lady manager at Mckinney store is down right rude about it, hope she had fun putting up my carts that would have totaled around $1200, at least that was the cost after Lowe's gave me a veterans discount who has every time without question.

Many vets are already noticing this and have a boycott on the Home Depot for their actions toward vets, not just acceptance but some of the attitudes in the process of trying to reason with them. As a vet, I and others would like to see them feel the pain of their action by putting a boycott on all Home Depots that refuse to honor what most of us have, DL and or DD-214's.

Unfortunately, rating I cannot do, I think of Home Depot as awesome but due to attitudes and responses toward me as a vet, I degrade them. They should look at Lowe's and see how they deal with everyone, they are much nicer folks and a whole lot more friendly. Also note, you don't have to ask for help to load, no matter how busy, someone is always there to offer help. Not at Home Depot, they are difficult to get to help and have attitudes about it when you do.

Home Depot Furnace Bait and Switch
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Rating: 1/51

NATIONAL, ILLINOIS -- In November I called the advertised number, 855-295-3767, for Home Depot furnace installation after seeing an in-store sign for a 65k BTU furnace for $1900 installed. I gave the phone representative my information and she said a local HVAC company would call within a few days to schedule an estimate. After more than 2 weeks with no call I call Home Depot. They blamed the local co. and said they would get them right out. Another week passed.

Finally I called the local co. and set up a time. They came and measured and said H. D. would get me an estimate in a few days. Another week went by. I called Tina at H. D. Once again, she said she had the est. and would get right back with me. 3 weeks later--no estimate. I called H. D. and spoke with Tina's manager, Lynn, told her the story and she said she would investigate.

5 hours later she called and said she had my estimate--$2744... almost $1000 more than the advertised price for the exact same furnace. I asked why they didn't give me the price shown at the store and her only reply was that that price was the "starting at" price. She had no idea why mine was so much higher. Nor did she seem to care that it took 2 months just to get me an estimate. All in all, a horrible experience with Home Depot, and more so, the company they hire to set up furnace installs. I will also be contacting other consumer protection agencies.

Update: Sure I understand all installs are different and that an estimate is needed, but my case couldn't be any simpler unless it was on ground level. They have to take it down one set of stairs and replace it with the exact same size set up. No new ductwork, no gas lines to run. Remove the old, install the new. It seems excessive to think the additional $1000 is for taking it up/down one flight of stairs to a finished basement. In any case, thanks for your comments.

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