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Employee Safety
Posted on
KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I was recently sent into a nursing home..unsuspecting and STUPID..when, after a week into sitting with a patient there..three hours a DAY, was told to go get a TB test..
the test cost me $10...I was told it would be reimbursed...While receiving the test, I was educated about the disease...how it is AIRBORNE...lives in the air for 2 hours or more..patient exhibits coughing and similar manifestations...(which the woman I was sitting with, exhibited ALL..)
and was told my my employer..AFTER the test, and AFTER me telling her of the symptoms of the client, and my discomfort at sitting with her any longer until I was sure that "I" hadn't contacted the disease myself FROM her..to 'go on in' AND, if I didn't, I wouldn't be reimbursed for the test.
Needless to say, I didn't go in..but I am out..so far, $15.00 to this company..have not received one CENT as of yet..for the only pay twice a MONTH...and STILL don't know if I'm EVEN going to be reimbursed for my expenditures as of yet.
This company, to me, is a glorified redention
of a pmp.
They pmp out unsuspecting, NEEDY people..in need of jobs...for $13 an hour or more..the person only receiving $6.50 an hour..at BEST...
What better example of this can there be, than to call it being PMPED???
Same goes for agencies that have the job market so rapped up, in selling people for jobs..
and they wonder why the jobs in America are so scarce? Well, unless you enjoy being PMPED or enjoying PMPING..there isn't' much else left.
I'm not a whre, nor will I be treated like one. Everyone else in the US should stand up to these "companies" and try to wipe them out..maybe THEN our REAL job market will go back to NORMAL.
A Nightmare
Posted by on
97478, OREGON -- First off, HomeInstead takes more than half of what you pay them and gives the rest to the caregiver. (very little). The turnover rate is high because of this.

Also if the time comes for your loved one to move into an assisted living facility or you chose to go with another company, watch out. They will stop at nothing to continue to make money.

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