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A Nightmare
Posted by on
97478, OREGON -- First off, HomeInstead takes more than half of what you pay them and gives the rest to the caregiver. (very little). The turnover rate is high because of this.

Also if the time comes for your loved one to move into an assisted living facility or you chose to go with another company, watch out. They will stop at nothing to continue to make money.

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Anonymous on 05/14/2008:
I guess specifics which would support the poster's 'informative' post was too much to expect.
Another graffiti post.
DebtorBasher on 05/14/2008:
Ghost...I believe this is posted by one of the caregivers...being that it seems more of a complaint about their pay...but, if they're getting half of what a patient or patient's family is paying to HomeInstead, I know these places charges a lot...so, I think it's just a matter of a caregiver who is unhappy with their pay. Being a caregiver is not an easy job and those who really do have compassion for the patients and really does care for them, deserves more than most get paid.
Anonymous on 05/14/2008:
That's why I didn't give it much of a look. It would be easy to assume the OP to be a former, disgruntled and low-paid home health aid. A post from a licensed nurse would bear more credibility. Many home health nurses are very well compensated and very much in demand.
claire86 on 01/27/2009:
Usually caregivers who work for franchises are insured and bonded, which is expensive. Clients are paying more for this. Also, the office staff who screens, hires, schedules caregivers, etc. also need to be paid. Clients who choose to go with a company rather than a private caregiver are usually aware of this, and choose a company due to the benefit of not having to find their own reliable caregiver.
meemaw2_8 on 02/10/2009:
I can only say that I interviewed with Home Instead for a caregiver position in Az. Regarding the pay, they are comparable to other companies in our area and they tell you during the interview how much you will make, so if it isn't enough say no. Don't take the job then complain. I was extremely impressed with the thoroughness of the interview. They leave no stones unturned! Yes you must be bonded. They also offer 401K. They train and certify their caregivers. I would refer them to someone looking for an agency. By the way, I was not hired!! I consider myself to be a good, caring, honest caregiver and had great references, so they must want the best of the best. If I had a complaint it would be that they wouldn't/couldn't tell me why I wasn't hired.
meemaw2_8 on 02/12/2009:
I found a few things out today and would like to add to my prior posting. Home Instead DID NOT call any of my references. Therefore I can only assume they had no intention of hiring me and just put me through a 45 minute interview for nothing. During my interview I was asked if I could lift 200-250 lbs of dead weight which I thought was ridiculous, I said no I could not and asked if it would be demonstrated during training and my interviewer said it would. I think I will call and ask if I can come in and watch that demonstration. As I said in earlier post, I have great references, but also I have nothing criminal in my background, I have a clean driving record, and my credit isn't bad, so I think it must have been my age (I am 55) or the fact that I can't lift 200-250 LBS of dead weight. I just wanted to get this off my mind. Thanks.
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Employee Safety
Posted on
KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I was recently sent into a nursing home..unsuspecting and STUPID..when, after a week into sitting with a patient there..three hours a DAY, was told to go get a TB test..
the test cost me $10...I was told it would be reimbursed...While receiving the test, I was educated about the disease...how it is AIRBORNE...lives in the air for 2 hours or more..patient exhibits coughing and similar manifestations...(which the woman I was sitting with, exhibited ALL..)
and was told my my employer..AFTER the test, and AFTER me telling her of the symptoms of the client, and my discomfort at sitting with her any longer until I was sure that "I" hadn't contacted the disease myself FROM her..to 'go on in' AND, if I didn't, I wouldn't be reimbursed for the test.
Needless to say, I didn't go in..but I am out..so far, $15.00 to this company..have not received one CENT as of yet..for the only pay twice a MONTH...and STILL don't know if I'm EVEN going to be reimbursed for my expenditures as of yet.
This company, to me, is a glorified redention
of a pmp.
They pmp out unsuspecting, NEEDY people..in need of jobs...for $13 an hour or more..the person only receiving $6.50 an hour..at BEST...
What better example of this can there be, than to call it being PMPED???
Same goes for agencies that have the job market so rapped up, in selling people for jobs..
and they wonder why the jobs in America are so scarce? Well, unless you enjoy being PMPED or enjoying PMPING..there isn't' much else left.
I'm not a whre, nor will I be treated like one. Everyone else in the US should stand up to these "companies" and try to wipe them out..maybe THEN our REAL job market will go back to NORMAL.
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ChowderHead on 06/08/2004:
Talk with an attorney. Sounds like you need some serious health assistance. Your company was negligent.
cravenapril on 10/10/2004:
I also work for home instead in pa I do see what you mean about pmping .at least here the pay is $8.00 and they have raises every year..they charge the client $16.00 an hour..
jesikamay on 04/28/2008:
Here in Los Angeles, I worked for Home Instead for 6 months and it was a horrible job. I was fired when I refused to continue lifting the client (100 lbs +) and kept asking for disposable gloves (incontinent and wound care) Exploitation of human beings is their passion and their purpose. After what I experienced as their employee, I would never work for them again. This company is a prime example of economic oppression in America.. They overwork and underpay their employees with the constant implied threat of being fired without notice if they are not sufficiently subserviant.. There is no training, no support, no supplies, no health care benefits and no adherence to OSHA guidlines for employee safety. They very simply don't give one sheesh about their workers. It's a terrible company.
corky621 on 02/02/2009:
I am a current employee of Home Instead in MI. I can tell you that this is not the practice of our office. I love my job as a caregiver. My pay was $8.00 to start and tb testing is mandatory before hire and yes there was reimbursment. I also received special training for safety and training for certain conditions that I may incounter. Sorry to hear you had a bad franchise, but not ALL Home Instead offices are alike.
WimpyKid on 05/28/2010:
Have you ever heard of TAXES, INSURANCE, OFFICE STAFF, PHONES, FAXES, RENT, UTILITIES!!!!! Businesses have to pay ALL of those things and more, much more. Why didn't you put on a mask and go to work. Wouldn't that have been a better solution than quitting your job?
Alain on 05/28/2010:
There is some useful information here if one ignores the emotion. Moving on. Thanks for the review and comments.
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