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Do Not Waste Your Time and Money
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MECHANICSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- I had an inspector come out to my residence to assist in identifying a possible wildlife problem (bats). Upon completing a full inspection of the house, he identified not only possible entry points of the bats, but various other possible pest situations that may occur if not treated for properly. Two being termites and mice. He quoted us on all treatment options for every situation and at the present time my main concern was rectifying the bat problem. He suggested filling numerous cracks along the chimney and also to replace the chimney cap.

After discussing the option I decided to go ahead and schedule technicians to complete the job. The total price was quoted around $345 and a check was written in this amount. This will be my first complaint of having the check cashed before the work is completed because upon the arrival of the first technician(which he sat outside my house awaiting his partner for almost 2 hours) explained that he was not able to replace the chimney cap and fill all the gaps because of height issues, meaning no ladder he had was tall enough to complete the whole job.

After his partner arrived, maybe 3-4 of the 5 gaps were filled, no chimney cap was placed and now I have a “glob” of filler from the job on the side of my chimney which I’m sure potential buyers on my house in the spring will question. So I ended up paying $212.00 (not sure why because the chimney cap couldn't be completed and all 5 holes as stated on inspection sheet were not filled) for a poorly judged inspection, a tech to sit outside my house for almost 2 hours, a few pieces of mesh and foam filler. I have the receipt from the job totaling the $212 and not the amount my check was cashed for before the work was completed (fail on service provider part). I’m sure if you were to ask any respectable contractor in the area and explain the situation that has unfolded here, I’m sure it may come to the conclusion that I should have called another service other than Home Paramount to complete the job.

Now I am being told from the accounting department that my refund for the chimney cap will take 30 days to find its way to my mailbox, which by the way was noted as ludicrous by my financial institution because the local office should have cash on hand to remedy the situation. When I called the Mechanicsburg office and spoke to the manager on duty, I was told that he called the Corporate Office and had my refund “moved to the front of the line”. Are there really that many refunds to process? Sounds like customer service is anything but “Paramount” as stated in your voice system when callers are on hold. The refund has yet to find its way back to my account. (Another poorly handled situation). One item I have come to realize after all this is I will not be placing a call to this place in the spring to treat for termites as I initially stated before this abomination of service took place. My business will be taken elsewhere.
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Thieves and Liars
Posted by on
We have had a contract with Home Paramount Pest Control for about three years. At the beginning of this year, they inadvertently deleted our account and terminated us as customers, without us knowing this. It was a mistake, but when I realized we no longer had a contract with them, I called to rectify the problem because I still was in need of their service. To make a long story short we had horrible customer service in just trying to get our account set back up... then I was told I would have to back pay for the three months in which we had NO service from them, just to keep our account active and ongoing. Well, I complained about that so one of their representative relinquished and agreed that I would not pay for the three months in which we had NO service. I thought everything was fine until I received my credit card statement and saw that they HAD, in fact, charged me for those three months of service, even though we had been terminated at the time.... I called to complain numerous times and they are still refusing to refund my money. They charged my credit card without my consent, for a service that we never got. I call that robbery.
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User Replies:
wyatt on 10/27/2012:
Well, for goodness sake, I hope you told your credit company about the problem and instructed them not to pay the bill. This is just common sense.
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Home Paramount Pest Control - Don't use their company
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FOREST HILL, MARYLAND -- I paid for a year contract which gives me pest control services every three months. Each time they provided service I received an invoice. The last time I asked if they could fix it in their system so I wouldn't have to call to get them to correct it each time. They said no they couldn't....I would have to call them every time. On Tuesday, November 9, 2010, I received a survey call from this company to rate their recent service. I did not get contacted nor did I have service set up. I answered negatively to each of their questions. The next day on November 10, 2010, I received a call from the Service Manager, Tom. He said he wanted to make sure he got my problems straight with Home Paramount. I told him about the invoice problem and I also explained I don't want someone just coming by my house spraying without my knowledge, knowing that I have dogs. They were the ones that told me that I needed to be careful when letting them out in the yard after they spray. One of my dogs had gotten sick shortly before I received the survey call. I didn't understand what made her so sick. I also explained that I needed service inside the house as well since I have seen spiders. He said he would come out himself to service my residence. We planned for him to come by on Friday, November 12, 2010 at 11:00 A.M. I took off from work on this day. He never showed and never called.

When I called the company, they put me back in touch with him. He said he didn't know what happened, but he had me down for Saturday. He said he would come out right now. I said, "No, you can't because I'm leaving now and I have things to do this weekend as well." I told Tom that I was done with this company. All he could do was apologize....not pro-rate this contract I paid for and return the money I am out now.

I think if this company doesn't want me to tell everyone I know and see how horrible they are, then they should return money that was basically unused because of their screw ups.
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Alain on 11/13/2010:
Instead of a contract, consider only calling someone when you need them.
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Do not hire Home Paramount Pest Control
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Rating: 1/51
FOREST HILLS, MARYLAND -- Contract with Home Paramount Pest Control to solve ant infestation and provide quarterly service beginning July 2011. First treatment in July unsuccessful, service provider contacted 10 days later, second treatment unsuccessful. Service provider comes back one week later to do "quarterly treatment" two months early. We call to protest and refuse any additional service for failure to live up to warranty. We personally correct ant infestation ourselves. Service provider ultimately sends bill to collection agency. In February, service provider is contacted and situation is discussed. Credit is promised as well as informing collection agency to cease contact. In March (and through April) the collection agency continues to pursue non-existent debt; service provider is contacted again in April and again, we are promised this will be taken care of. On April 24, service provider contacts us while we are out-of-town and informs us that it is time for our Quarterly service. (We had not had any contact with service provider except for billing and service issues since previous summer.) We protested saying we do not have any relationship with them anymore; service technician treats anyway and leaves a bill for current treatment and past due treatment. Still attempting to speak to an executive at service provider but getting the same story as the previous two conversations.

Situation referred to Better Business Bureau.
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
WALDORF, MARYLAND -- In the contract it says call before coming. never called just sprayed front of house only and charged me. Asked to speak to a manager 3 months ago to solve the problems and the supervisor never called. Once they get your contact they don't care about you all they care about is the money. This company has the worst customer service. I will never recommend this company to my friends.
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User Replies:
michael67 on 04/25/2012:
Totally agree. Untrustworthy and customer service only provides lip service.
Joyce Pullium on 10/19/2012:
ABSOLUTELY AGREE! We tried for over a year to get them to follow our instructions to make sure someone is home before providing service, but instead now we have cancelled our contract and battling over the last payment THAT AGAIN NO ONE WAS HOME FOR. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!
David on 12/02/2012:
I am an exterminator by trade with close to 15 years experience. I have worked with several companies. It is pretty much hit and miss with all pest control companies. The majority of them have a policy if you do not respond to a service appointment then they ca treat perimeter. Legally, if you sign an agreement it's stated on the agreement they can do that. However, it does not account for poor response on their part, which unfortunately, is not limited to just one company. Customer service in this field in many companies have become very poor and very unprofessional.
Employee on 01/02/2013:
I am a current Employee of Home Paramount pest control in the state of VA. I have been in the industry for some time almost 15 years.
I have to be honest, I have never worked at a company that treats it Customer and Employees worse than Home Paramount does.
I have seen time and time again blatently lie to customers from the top down.
Starting Job and either completing them well beyond the promised time frame or not at all.
I would say the reason for most of the ill treatment towards the customers is due to the intimidation and threat they issue towards their Managers.
It doesn't matter if the job is done correct or if the customer is handled properly, only that they can count the revenue that day.
I wish I could post my real name , but the recourse would swift ! I would not recommend using this company.
TRAM on 01/14/2013:
I had just one kind of moth (but a lot of them) flying around my house one day and I called this company. The agent over phone and the agent who came to my house for initial quote and the subsequent agent who came to do the actual service all of them said one thing common - that I can cancel this service any time and no penalties or anything. BUT BE AWARE: The plan agreement form says at the back in fine letters that you can NOT cancel their one year service plan. If you opt out they will ask you for the reminder of several hundred $$$ of money that they did not do the service for. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. When I opted out of the plan they did not tell me either, but started sending me letter after letter for the balance hundreds of $$$ !! I will never again call this company. Please advice your friends as well.
Kel on 04/08/2013:
There is a common theme, they came by my home, sprayed outside and never called to make sure someone was home. I had my reservations, so I made sure to include a cancel at anytime clause in my contract. Once they get your $, they are comparable to cell phone companies !
david on 05/11/2013:
I used them wow what bad service in raleigh nc I had termites 3 yrs in a row got manager out and even he told me he was to fat to get under my house he would have to get someone else out they have checked my house and taken my money every year but can not get rid of them I now have new company and no termites
Mike Gustoff on 08/20/2013:
I live in Durham NC and have used this company for 3 years. We have been happy with the service and price. The person that does my service is very nice and checks my whole house on every visit. I get a automated call 2 days prior to service to let me know it comeing up and have a option to change it if need be.
AR on 09/15/2013:
Absolutely agreed. JUST STAY AWAY FROM Homeparamount.com
1. Their agents will tell you 'you can cancel the contract any time. It is true, but understand that their very small print in their agreement form says that THEY WILL BILL YOU FOR ONE YEAR EVEN IF THEY DON'T DO A THING IN THE NAME OF SERVICE.

2. They keep sending me repeat false bills to pay them for their "visits" for the services they did not do.

3. Their agents who come to treat your house will say 100 reasons why they WILL NOT treat the insects/bugs. The people who came to my house gave me many advises such as "you have to check with Doctors on why you get bites on your leg", "don't be afraid of the insects , they are not harmful" etc, etc. without making efforts to treat the insects. The same agents will talk very nicely until you SIGN THE CONTRACT.

4. They will NOT respond to any emails you send.

I can go on and on how many emails I have sent them, how I am fighting with their wrong bills, etc. Now I have come to the conclusion that they will not oblige any. I am waiting for their contract to be over.

Bamboo on 10/08/2013:
Do not use this company,all they want to do is sell you unnesesary services so they can make their quata for the week,they lie and scam customers with fear tactics for something you don't need,I would not wish them on anybody who wants honest ethical work done ever.
Mad as a hornet on 10/15/2013:
Wished I would have checked reviews before signing contract ...still having problems after initial 90 days was misinformed and mislead by service tech ..they say all the right things at first ..spoke with company regarding follow up was quoted almost 2x initial cost ..Rep on phone using scare tactics to get contract renewed ..What a bunch of Baloney !!
Me on 11/08/2013:
They suck! A $5 bottle of raid works just as we'll. we were told they would get rid of mice, spiders, ants (which is why we called them), and bees. After 7 months we still have them all, as many as we did before. The first guy put powder down that was for roaches not ants. The other guys put gel in the house and was told wait 5 days, wait 7 days, wait 10 days, and they will die. Two weeks later we still have an outbreak of ants. Wouldn't even spray our crawls space. So called manager came out to "supervise" and never introduced himself, never apologized for the inconvenience, nothing. Kept saying how this stuff happens. Our neighbors have inside animals and no ants, we have an infestation and they even gave my husband a tube of goo and told HIM to go under house and apply and he can do the outside if house as well. We were told they spray under house, in attics, and 10 feet from house. We will NEVER recommend Home Paramount to anyone. We can't wait till our contract is over.
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Horrible company
Posted by on
SHORT PUMP, VIRGINIA -- Do not use this company for your pest control needs! They are not members of the BBB for a reason - they stink! I hired them in April 2005 to get rid of ants in my home and by the time I cancelled them in Sept. 2006 the problem had gotten worse. When I hired another company to come take care of the problem they informed me that hundres of thousands of ants had formed colonies in my crawl space, because Home Paramount had essentially driven them thereby only treating the small number of ants being seen in the house. The ants are in my walls and everywhere now. Additionally, Home paramount could not seem to get their scheduling right. They would either not show up when they said they would or show up without letting me know they were coming. The technician who came to my house would spend about 20 minutes spraying some stuff here and there and then leave. I had to request that he go in the crawl space and spray the yard before he would do it. It almosts seems as if they didn't want to get rid of the ants because then I would be done with them. They offer no guarantees. DO NOT use this company! What a waste of money.
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Don't Use Home Paramount
Posted by on
MARYLAND -- We purchased our house 10 years ago, Home Paramount did our pest inspection. They had a crooked employee who would pass houses off as being okay but in turn have termite problems which is what happened to the house we purchased. When we brought it to their attention, they offered to pay for half of the Sentricon system ($1500) and then we had to pay for a yearly update cost of $250. Doesn't seem fair that we had to pay for their crooked ways. After we cancelled this service, they talked us (against our better judgment) into signing a contract with them for home pest control. We did and have never had more problems with them than we did recently. I tried to cancel my service and was told by their employee that it would be taken care of. It never was and their technician showed up at our house unannounced and claimed to have sprayed the outside of our house. Of course this is something we can't confirm because we weren't there to see it. We've asked them to stop coming to our house and since then, they have sent their tech to our house two more times without being told they were coming. They do this so they can nail you with a bill for services rendered. I can relate to "MADMOM" because her situation sounds similar to us. These companies purposely send out their crews when you're not home to fill their sales quotas. I would never ever use this company again and would never recommend any one to do so either. You will get ripped off, you will be lied to and you will wind up paying for their mistakes.
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User Replies:
grandma005 on 08/23/2007:
Just because you did not have Termites 10 years ago doesn't mean you can't get them later. They fly from one home to another. You can have your house tented one year and still have termites next year.
old fart on 08/23/2007:
I assume that grandma 005 is referring to drywood termites, however the sentricon system is for the control of subterranean termites. If your house was isnpected ten years ago and the termites were found within the first 30 days after the inspection the PC company would be responsible for treament but virtually all government approved termite inspection forms do allow for the fact that hidden damage may occur that would be undetectable at the time of inspection. The Sentricon system is extremely effective and if the monitors show no signs of termite activity, the colonies that were affecting your house are now dead and inactive. If they offered to split the cost of the job, they were probably being more than fair in that regard.
In respect to the outside treatment, unless they have a signed service receipt it's unlikely that they can bill you for services rendered unless the agreement allows them to do service in your absence. Many companies do this because in this day and age it's almost impossible to find someone home during working hours.
I know whereof I speak, having worked in the pest control business for 30 years in Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Indiana, Ohio and Florida.
old fart on 08/23/2007:
Did you request that your service should be terminated verbally or in writing?
moneybags on 08/24/2007:
Your home should have been treated prior to construction with a termite barrier. If you have made any additions, or done any plumbing work around the slab, you probably breached the barrier. Termites burrow through the ground to find food sources. They love moisture. If you have/had repair/replacement coverage on the termite bond, try to file a claim on it. Subterranean termites are awful, but you may actually have wood ants. Here in the deep south, the subterranians are terrible but Formosan termites can bring a house down in weeks as if New Orleans didn't have enough problems. Some of the home improvement stores have insecticide specically for termites. At least you can treat you own home that way. Me? I wouldn't have a home with any wood (framing, trim, fascia, soffits, etc) and not have an up to date termite policy!
old fart on 08/24/2007:
I agree with Moneybags that any structure should have a termite service renewal policy in force at all times, however I would caution against using do-it-yourself materials bought at your local store. Beside giving yourself a false sense of security, the chance that you would actually eliminate a termite problem is slim to none,
not to mention that you'd stand a good chance of mis-applying the material. If you overlay the exterior soil with this type of material the effect is to drive the termites away from the available food source purposely intalled in the Sentricon monitors thereby defeating the purpose of an extremely effective system.
Pay the $250 a year and keep some real peace of mind.
Anothermadmom on 08/25/2007:
Thanks for your comments. Our house was built in 1968, when we had (under the direction of our real estate agent) Home Paramount come back out to reinspect it (bought the house in summer, noticed swarmers in fall), they were actually able to put a 12 inch screwdriver right into the wood (frame of the house). It went right in with no problems.
Paramount Victim on 05/03/2013:
Same bad experience with them. They should not be allowed to do such crooked business practices.

I am canceling my 20 years' policy.
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