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Cancelled My Order After 25 Days Of No Movement
Posted by Cauxier on 07/17/2008
First of all, this company does not provide any phone number for contacting them, only a single email for all matters: admin@homebrands.com. While they say orders are generally shipped in 1-3 business days, my order sat stagnant for 25 days. After 12 days of checking the website for any update to my order status, it still said "pending review". I contacted admin@homebrands.com and said I would cancel unless I heard something from them. I got an email saying they would look into it and expedite the order which was being drop-shipped from the manufacturer. 11 more days went by and I never had any follow-up communication from HomeBrands and the order status on the website remained "pending review". I contacted them via email again and said unless I get confirmation (a tracking number) that my product has actually shipped and is en route, then I want my order cancelled immediately. I got a response to the effect of "we'll check with the company shipping directly and see if we can cancel it", to which I responded... "It's not my problem if you cannot determine the status of your order. Cancel it.". I have yet to confirm if I received my refund transaction, since the cancellation email was just received today... but I trust it will go through.

In summary, they did respond to my inquiries and did cancel the transaction at my request, so I would not characterize the company as dishonest. But I give them extremely low marks on product availability, performance and communication. I just opted to pay 25% more to buy the same product from a reputable source who had the product in stock and answered a phone when I called... I'd recommend the same to anyone else.

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Took My Money, Product Not Available, Will Not Return Money... Theft???
Posted by Whocanyoutrust on 03/24/2009
Purchased two pans. Received notice that they pans are not available, yet they have kept the Paypal payment. Unable to reach them or receive any return emails.

I believe this is called theft. I don't know how this gets prosecuted, but I intend to pursue. Businesses like this ruin the marketplace for everyone.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-24:
Contact PayPal and inform them of the situation, and have them reverse the payment.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-03-25:
i had this issue with a paypal payment, i disputed it with paypal, and within days, i had my refund.
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Avoid Them: No Product, No Communication
Posted by Ykru on 02/22/2009
Placed my order on Jan 26. Have not heard from the company, order status still was blank. On Feb 4 sent them an e-mail (no phone customer service available) asking about the status. In their reply was promised the grinder within 1-2 weeks or so if they can find it (they didn't have the item, but item remained on their website as available through out this time).

On Feb 22 or 2.5 weeks after their e-mail still have not had any news on my order.
So I sent them an e-mail asking for cancellation. Summary: no item, no communication!

Avoid dealing with this company!
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They are a Fraud! Don't shop here
Posted by JenS. on 09/28/2008
I ordered a canner from their website on 9/14. As of 9/20 there was no update on shipping status. I tried to contact company and there is only an email address no phone number. I sent an email stating I would like an update on my order and never received a response. I sent a second email stating if the order was not shipped I was requesting to cancel order. It is now 9/28, the order still has yet to ship, I have yet to receive an email response!

Word to the wise-- If you intend on getting your order in this lifetime, DO NOT ORDER FROM HOMEBRANDS.COM! they are definitely far from reputable!!!

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-09-28:
Took a look at the site. It's one of those Yahoo! storefront drop-ship operations. No address or phone number. The site basically says don't contact them unless the order hasn't arrived in 3 weeks. If it hasn't arrived then, you might want to see about contacting Yahoo!.
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No Communications Or Product
Posted by Malpais on 06/15/2008
I ordered a weather station three weeks ago. Nothing has arrived, and emails to inquire as to status and to cancel order are not answered or acknowledged
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-15:
I suggest you do a charge back on your credit card. I can't find a real address for them or a phone number. The web registration address leads to a Chinese restaurant in Bellevue, WA.
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